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your forecast first." brad/wx wall weather adlib: jack: 15-20 degrees above average today thanks to those warm, strong sw winds. look for it to stay warm and windy tonight with partly cloudy skies. tuesday will still be mild, but there will more clouds around with a slight chance for some t-showers mainly in the afternoon/evening hours. jack: also coming up, after shooting an unarmed man this summer... a decision is made about a des moines police officer.
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stephanie: is it something inappropriate or just a misunderstandin g. why an iowa coach and teacher is out of a job tonight. jack: but first--parents trusted her. but tonight she's admitted the unthinkable. hear what really happened in a pleasant hill daycare from the babysitter herself. " local 5 news at 10 in hd starts now. we are iowa" stephanie/2shot: a pleasant hill woman accused of abusing the kids in her daycare appeared in court today. good evening. i'm stephanie angleson. jack/2shot: and i'm jack miller. 29 year old christina williamson was arrested back in may, accused of abusing kids in the daycare she ran out of her home. today in court, the parents who trusted williamson with their kids were very emotional. stephanie: local five's kattey ortiz was in court for her trial and has more in tonight's big story. a quiet and visibly weary christina williamson appeared in polk county court for the start of her trial. she was arrested in may after her husband secretly recorded surveillance video of her running a daycare out of her home. "i handled the children roughly. i handled a-n
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today ... she admits to roughly grabbing a child by the arm. "i handled nr roughly to the point where one was crying and you could tell there might have been potential injury." but it gets worse. "when you say handled her roughly what did you do? after i changed her diaper we were excersing and i had laid her on her chest with her legs out." while a baby was sitting upright with her legs out ... she admits to pushing her and holding her down ... essentially folding her in half. "do you agree by doing that, that was an intentional act? the act of pushing her down? yea. do you agree that was an unreasonable use of force torture or cruelty? yes." she also admitted to shoving rags and towels into their mouths in some cases
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williamson never offers a reason why ... but admits to having a series of mental health problems. "i was in the intensive outpatient at lutheran for six weeks. tell me what that is. they help you learn to deal with your bipolar, your anxiety, your depression, your ptsd and your eating disorders." stephanie/2shot: the video that her husband turned over to police hasn't been released yet. williamson is out on bond until her sentencing on december 8th. she faces up to seven years in prison. jack/2shot: and we're still waiting for a verdict in the trial of pete polson..... as we continue to look at news from the courtroom. jack: prosecutors say polson went on a shooting spree in pleasant hill last november, seriously injuring two people and nearly missing a third. he faces three attempted murder charges, two willful injury charges on top of other drug and weapons charges. there were 40
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witnesses - 37 of them coming from the prosecution. polson himself took the stand, telling the jury he doesnt remember anything from midnight the night before the shooting until the police arrested him the next morning. no verdict has been reached. they'll continue tomorrow morning. look for the latest here on local 5. stephanie: new tonight at ten, clear of all charges after an internal investigation of an officer involved shooting. stephanie: senior police officer vanessa miller shot a man back in june. a grand jury didn't press charges back in august after their investigation. we're learning tonight that des moines police cleared her as well. during a routine traffic stop, another vehicle pulled up to the officers car, blocking the sqaud car's doors. the driver of that car got out of his car and was acting erractically, then drove off sparking a low speed chase. he pulled a u- turn and approached officer miller's squad car. she fired at him, he died from that wound. local 5 will sit down with des
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moines police tomorrow for the full details of their internal investigation, this will include the dash cam video of the incident. jack: taking a look around iowa, a coach and teacher accused of inappropriately sleeping next to a student. jack: the head football coach and social studies teacher from sibley- ocheyedan (oh- chee'-duhn) in western iowa was fired after he was found asleep in a classroom with a student. but some say the situation is not what it seems. kyle ewinger was fired on thursday, after the superintendent bill walked in on him sleeping next to an elementary student in his middle school social studies classroom. during tonight's school board meeting, ewinger said this student is more like his son. he says they got back late from an away football game and the student's grandmother's house was locked so they slept in the classroom. "he corrects all of his homework, he has football kids tutoring him, he got him to summer school every day, he feeds him, he gives him allowance...he does all of the things
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sloot, parent of three in the sibley- ocheyedan district. jack: the school board voted four to one to terminate the teacher tonight, on the recommendation of school superintendant bill boer. the county sheriff was notified of the situation, but no criminal investigation is being done. "after their investigation, if they felt some kind of criminal charges would've been appropriate, then i assume that the probably will contact us then" says kevin wollmuth, chief deputy. jack: until then, the school is conducting itsr own internal investigation. stephanie: policy and procedural errors unearthed after an indepth investigatoin into the iowa state penitentiary. it all happened after inmate justin kestner escaped on july fourth. the warden says those errors allowed a dangerous inmate to escape without being decteced for hours. kestner gave a detailed route of his escape, and told investigators he made several practice runs to time the escape during the fourth of july fireworks.
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he was found walking along the road in illinois about 110 miles from the prison. jack/ots: governor branstad wants to privatize medicaid. that plan has some iowans and state senator rob hogg asking how this will benefit everyone. hogg is also the chair of the state senate oversight committee. in an email to governor branstad, hogg asks for specific details on his plan. hogg says that he and other iowans doubt that this plan will save money and on behalf of the oversight committee he is formally asking for evidence that privatizing medicaid will save the state millions of dollars. jack: local 5 asked the governor about his plan during his weekly press conference today. under the umbrella of medicaid, is a program called hawk-i. it's an option for families who need insurance for their kids. "22:48:51- why would you consider transferring the administration of that program to out of state companies? 22:49:10 branstad - we're doing what 25 other states have done. going to a manages care system to better coordinate benefits. " jack:
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the hawk-i board was not asked if it approves of the governor's decision to try and privatize the hawk-i program. some of the board members, including state senator janet petersen, are not happy about it. "13:03:20 i imagie most members of hte hawk-i board would say if it's not broken why fix it. i would imagie if we had an opportunity to vote on it, we'd keep the existing program as it is. " jack: there could be a legal issue here as well. the iowa attorney general is looking at whether the governor overstepped when he made the decision to privatize hawk-i without approval from the board. but none of this is a done deal, even though the out of state companies have been picked. the federal government has to give the okay on these changes. stephanie: coming up on local 5 news at 10...30 years ago, a magical moment happened at kinnick stadium--it's one fans will never forget. we'll have a hawkeye flashback to 1985. jack: but next, a dry spell and lots of wind is causing the perfect conditions for
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field fires. we'll show you just how many happened across the state today. brad: ((ad lib weather toss)) take sot tomorrow on good morning iowa... it should have been a bride to be's happiest day....but an absent groom didn't stop her and her family from making it a special night for those in need plus... sam has your weather forecast... ((wx ad-lib)) that's tomorrow on the all-new good
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"yforecast with chief edwards and local 5 sports with sports director jon schaeffer. this is are iowa." jack: haybails catch on fire just south of the metro in warren county. luckily the flames were doused before they got to the family's home. but that wasn't the only place in iowa dealing with sparatic field fires. jack: fires were reported in several counties in eastern iowa. in washington county, a filed fire burned a large plot of land and a barn. another happened in oelwein. in withrop, a fire took out a field of corn. and finally 120 acres burned after a fire in
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least three homes. firefighters and 12 farmers helped stop the fire before it made it to those homes. stephanie: now brad this is why the national weather service puts out those red flag warnings correct? brad (adlib) brad: weather adlib: temperatures were 15-20 degrees above average today thanks to those warm, strong sw winds. look for it to stay warm and windy tonight with partly cloudy skies. tuesday will still be mild, but there will more clouds around with a slight chance for some t-showers mainly in the afternoon/evening hours. brad
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average today thanks to those warm, strong sw winds. look for it to stay warm and windy tonight with partly cloudy skies. tuesday will still be mild, but there will more clouds around with a slight chance for some t-showers mainly in the afternoon/evening hours. brad
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average today thanks to those warm, strong sw winds. look for it to stay warm and windy tonight with partly cloudy skies. tuesday will still be mild, but there will more clouds around with a slight chance for
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some t-showers mainly in the afternoon/evening hours. brad stephanie: jack: jack: jack: coming up on jack: coming up on local 5 news at ten, how does iowa state plan to forge ahead with the rest of its difficult big 12 schedule?
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next.... a magic moment at kinnick staduim. it's one that has us going back to 1985... re-live it after the break. "your watching local 5
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jack: hawks win, hawks win. another victory over northwestern on saturday takes the team to 7 and 0. did somebody say playoffs? jack: the fan base is obviously excited about this season. stephanie: and for good reason... the hawkeyes are now 12th in the associated press poll released sunday, and 13th in the usa today coaches poll. this is iowa's highest ap ranking since 2010. and it's pretty fair to say this won't be their last win. they're expected to win a majority of the remaining games. stephanie: but remember when the hawkeyes were always playing big games? and none were as big as the game with michigan 30 years ago today. jack: iowa was ranked
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michigan-- number two. and as this story aired 30 years ago by our sister station in cedar rapids shows, it came down to one magic moment. taking a look at the archives, john campbell has the story. (no closed captioning available) stephanie: jack:
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stephanie: jack: sports tease intro here jon: sports words here jon: coming up on jon: coming up on local 5 sports we'll hear from paul rhoads and what he thinks of the third straight high powered offense the cyclones will see.
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jon: welcome back we're still in the middle of the football season and even though i know how loyal isu fans are-- there's a little excitement stirring up for the basketball season to get started. tomorrow we'll get a glimpse at big 12 expectations from all teams-- and to bring you those thoughts we have jordan furbee down in kansas city.
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" kansas city is buzzing over the royals heading into tonight kansas city was just two wins away from heading to the world series and as you can see behind me everybody is across the street over at power and light watching the game but starting tomorrow the sprint center is the place to be for the big 12 media days. i'll be here for all of your coverage for iowa state steve prohm, naz long, jameel mckay, georges niang and monte morris are all scheduled to attend. we'll catch up with the gang get caught up on their thoughts on expectations of the upcoming season we'll also talk about the big 12 it's been 7 seasons since the conference last had a national champion. we'll get everybody's thoughts on that draught all of the coverage coming up tomorrow only on local 5 but for now outside of the sprint center in kc i'm jordan furbee for local 5 sports we are iowa. bottom 2nd, 1-0 royals..... ryan goins (blue bottom 2nd, 1-0 royals..... ryan goins (blue
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to left off johnny cueto (royals) with runners on second and third for the go-ahead 2-run single score: 2-1 blue jays bottom 3rd, now 3-2 blue jays..... with two men on, troy tulowitzki (blue jays) takes johnny cueto (royals) way back to left for the 3-run home run score: 6-2 blue jays bottom 3rd, 6-2 toronto..... kevin pillar (blue jays) splits the gap in left off johnny cueto (royals) with a man on for the rbi double....that would knock cueto out of the game score: 7-2 blue jays : bottom 3rd, 7-2 blue jays..... josh donaldson (blue jays) goes deep to left off kris medlen (royals) with a man on for the 2-run home run jon: iowa state's schedule isn't doing the cyclones any favors. this week they have to try and take down the best offense in the nation. today the team talked about being ready for the challenge, embracing it, and shock linwood the big 12 leading rusher who is overshadowed by a high powered aerial attack. " the last two teams we just played are two and three like i just told you 700 yards is a
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does. we got a great challenge our kids understand that and as always they look forward to the weeks work and what will be at the end of it. it's a big challenge mentally but if you're a football player you love competition we'll be up for it and our defense is up for it. you gotta come out and play every weekend when you're in a 3-4 defense just like we came out flat against tt we knew we couldn't do that against tcu so we're in a 3-4 defense so the linebackers gotta run. the outside linebackers gotta run and when we can out run them it'll lead to success. put some game film on and watch him go the distance get handed the ball. their receivers are so good and that's why i think they overlook their running game they got a complete offensive team. linnwood is a great player, a great player, he's strong he's fas he's powerful he's got a great one cut ability. he's got outstanding vision so find it where is it. and yeah their offensive line is pretty dang good too. " i think you gotta start with the pass first and force them to run the
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ball because they got so many weapons on the outside with those group of receivers. you get people deployed to defend a coleman you get a one on one tackle situation in space in the field and he makes a guy miss or he doesn't make a great tackle and there's no body else but the back judge and he ain't made a tackle yet. jon/fullscreen iowa state takes on baylor with a kickoff set for 11 am saturday morning from waco. tune in to cyhawk rewind as jeff woody helps me break down on the game film. jon/fullscreen akrum wadley-- iowa's sophomore the big ten of the week with 26 carries for 204 yards and four touchdowns a huge day against northwestern this past moves up to ap football poll. jon/3shot (wrap sports) jack: we'll be right
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watching local
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tonight with partly cloudy skies. tuesday will still be mild, but there will more clouds around with a slight chance for some t-showers mainly in the afternoon/evening hours. stephanie: jack: thank you for spending your time with us tonight.
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stephanie: a crash monday morning sent several people
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmmmel live." >> guillmo: jimm so beautiful here. >> jimmy: this is my favorite spot. >> guillermo: where are we? >> jimmy: we're in the greatest borough in the world, guillermo. you know what a borough ? >> guillermo: a donkey. >> jimmy: yes, but no. we're in brooklyn. brklyn, new york. >> guillermo: hello, brooklyn, i
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