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tv   Local News at Ten  ABC  October 22, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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team and we st your forecast first." brad/wx wall weather adlib: our weather seems to be going back to "normal" which means a little cooler and a little wetter. tonight will be mainly cloudy with
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mainly dry conditions in central iowa and a few showers out west. our rain chances go up big time friday with rain and a little thunder likely throughout the first half of the day. after 2 pm the showers will be more scattered, so some areas will have some drying. temps will stay in the 50s overnight and then be back in the 60s friday. the last batch of can be worrisome. coming up, learn how one metro community is trying to keep you safe during your transactions. stephanie: plus, food poisoning closes down a school in des moines. find out just how many people were sent home sick. jack: but first, the hearing date to decide whether or not to build the bakkan pipeline through the state is approaching. tonight, one iowa county is putting their foot down. why they say no to the project in tonight's big story. " local 5 news at 10 in hd starts now. we are iowa" stephanie/2shot good evening. i'm stephanie angleson. jack/2shot
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and i'm jack miller. tonight-- an entire county says no to the bakken pipeline. we've heard from individuals, we've heard from farmers. now officials in boone county are urging the iowa utilities board to say no too. jack: local 5's kattey ortiz joins us now with the latest. kattey: this is the first time an entire county has stepped up to the plate. yesterday they adopted a resolution against the project ... and they say the people of boone county are behind them. "we essentially pulled a hail mary" in a last-ditch effort, the boone county board of supervisors signs a resolution saying "no way" to the dakota access, or bakken, pipeline. "what we're concerned about is property rights, and the environment and the resources that would be affected by the line." the resolution was adopted at a board meeting wednesday with dakota access officials. boone county chairman chet hollingshead says not a single person from boone county at the meeting supported the controversial project. "we can send a message to the iowa utilities board like hey, we're not in favor of this, and maybe other counties along this route will follow suit
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in webster county ... the board will be meeting with dakota access officials next week to adopt their resolution. they'll have strict rules for the company to follow to protect their drainage systems. but don't count on them to say no too. "we are not against or for a pipeline. in our opinion that pipeline is a private negotiation between a landowner and a private business. we're not here to be endorsing them or against them. we're here to protect our roads and our drainage system here in webster county." still ... hollingshead hopes their opposition will open the gates for more counties to step up too ... before it's too late. "i would think if you had strong messages coming from county supervisors along the route, i would hope that that would have an impact on the decision making process." kattey: this resolution doesn't necessarily mean the pipeline would be a no-go in boone county. ultimately that's up to the iowa
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they will make their decision on november 16th. in the studio kattey ortiz we are iowa. jack: but first ...the iowa utilities board will hold their public hearing on november twelfth at the boone county fairgrounds. moving to cherokee county landowners eminent domain the pipeline. but the ruling from the judge didn't swing in anyone's favor, and that made the plaintiffs upset. the decision was that they didn't have enough to back up their lawsuit yet. the court advised that they exhaust all avenues through the state first. the agrument from the farmers is that since dakota access doesn't service electricity, water, natural gas, tv or internet, these landowners are arguing it is not a utlitiy company, and therefore cannot use eminent domain. stephanie: developing now, a house is reportedly engulfed in flames. stephanie: it's happening south of the metro down in
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thayer iowa. the union county sheriffs office confirmed with us that they have a deputy on scene. they told us that the home is vacant right now and there are no injuries. we have a crew on there way. look for more information on good morning iowa tomorrow morning. stephanie: it was a really strange reason to let out an entire school. but something in the lunch may have made dozens of people sick. local five's jacob peklo joins us now from outside roosevelt with more. jacob? jacob: stephanie, it's an amazing statistic. 58 teachers, or about half of educators at roosevelt high school, were out sick today. some called in at the beginning of the day, while others tried to push through but couldn't make it past lunch. it truly created an unusual situation.
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about it, and i was like, heehee, haha, because i thought everyone was joking." but it was no laughing matter. half of the teachers were out sick on thursday, most pointing to food poisoning. phil roeder, district communication manager: "seems like the one common denominator for it, is that all the teachers who got it attended a staff luncheon yesterday." while the food is the primary suspect, district officials decided to play it safe by giving students the final two hours off, ahead of their scheduled three day weekend. phil roeder, district communications manager: "you really just need to call it quits for the day, you really can't keep up with substitute teachers. let the students go home a little bit early." buses were fired up early, while other kids waited for their parents to come pick them up. deanna besougloff, parent: "i guess because they're high schoolers, they think they're old enough to take care of themselves." the health department will investigate the events around the luncheon over the weekend to determine if food poisoning is the true culprit. phil roeder, district communications manager: "if there is kind of a silver lining in all of this, is at least it appears to be an isolated incident to this single event that the teachers attended.")>> jacob:
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the parent- teacher conferences that were scheduled for tonight were canceled, as well as all other activities here at the school. tomorrow is a teacher's work day, but now the question is how many will be well enough to attend that. live in des moines, jacob peklo, local five news. we are iowa. stephanie: all of the extra- curricular activities scheduled for tomorrow, including the football game against lewis central in council bluffs should go on as scheduled. jack/1shot: pleasant hill police want to know who broke into some cars tuesday night and stole credit cards.... and they need your help. so take a good look. surveillance video shows two men walking into the walmart on east 14th. one of them tried to use the stolen cards but failed. both walked out of the store with one man carrying stolen merchandise. police are asking if anyone who
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recognizes these men to call 515-265-1444 jack: a safer way to sell your stuff--local police departments are trying to keep online exchanges from going wrong. just last week, the johnston police department decided to put up these signs signaling for their "safe zones" it's a place where people can come to exchange items they've bought online or other ways. johnston police say it's even useful for families picking or dropping off kids. ankeny has done this for about a year... and now other police departments are following suit. " " it gets used i would say every day. i can say when im pulling through, i always see people back there. weve had cars, motorcycles sold here, all sorts of things" " jack: the safe zones are under 24- hour surveillance video in hopes to make everything a little safer. stephanie: coming up on local 5 news at 10...
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"for the last 10 years he's said, this is my last year farming but he says this fall, maybe i'll do it one more year." stephanie: tonight--meet one iowa farmer who's been working the fields for more than 70 percent of his life....and keeps going! jack: then--meet the father-son duo that's leading the pella christian football team to new heights. stephanie: and...can these caterpillars really predict the winter weather? we've got the answer after the break. brad: ((ad lib weather toss)) tomorrow on good morning iowa... christmas may still be weeks away... but plenty of people already have their holiday shopping started...and we have some tips to help you get yours done. plus... no one likes being served a ticket from a cop...but how about a burger? we'll explain why officers will trade their ticket slips for food orders. that's tomorrow on
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meteorologist brad edwards and local 5 sports with sports director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 10. we are iowa." stephanie: welcome back, if you've been outside recently, you may have stumbled across one of these furry little catapillars. there's an old wives tale that claims the orange band on the woolly bear catapillar will predict the upcoming winter. the larger the
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band the harsher the winter. today, we spoke with the iowa dnr to see how true this myth really is. "well, i don't know that i'd trade stocks and bonds based on those types of indicators, but, you know, i think it's something that's fun and if it's something that gets people outdoors and prompts discussion, it's not necessarily a bad thing." stephanie: so brad, how much stock would you put into that myth? brad would you put into that myth? brad (adlibs about myth and winter) .....taking a look at your myth and winter) .....taking a look at your myth and winter) .....taking a look at your forecast...
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weather adlib: our weather seems to be going back to "normal" which means a little cooler and a little wetter. tonight will be mainly cloudy with mainly dry conditions in central iowa and a few showers out west. our rain chances go up big time friday with rain and a little thunder likely throughout the first half of the day. after 2 pm the showers will be more scattered, so some areas will have some drying. temps will stay in the 50s overnight and then be back in the 60s friday. the last batch of showers should come through before midnight friday night and then we will have some clouds hanging around into saturday morning. by saturday afternoon we should have some sunshine with a typical
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blustery october afternoon. sunday is looking like the better day with lighter winds, more sunshine and milder temperatures. next week is also looking about average for late october with highs in the 60s then 50s. some rain could fall on tuesday or wednesday. right now, i think halloween is looking decent for trick-or-treaters! brad stephanie: jack: jack:
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friday night blitz, we're shining the spotlight on pella christian football team. later in sports, meet a player who was practically born for the sport. stephanie: but next....for one iowa farmer, harvest time is less of a chore and more of a passion. and it better be...he's been doing it for over 60 years. we'll introduce you to this extraordinary man after the break. "your watching local 5 news in hd. home of
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plan on working? the answer for some people is turning a certain age, others have a dollar amount age, others have a dollar amount
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they need to have in their bank account. still, there are a selct few who say age and money aren't enough to take them away from what they love. for one man near eddyville - farming is his life elias johnson reports. nat tractor starts up it's a sound when combined with others create a symphany nat beans unload and signals a special time of year at the maloy family farm near eddyville randal maloy "you get up before 6 and i've got chorse, i feed cattle." the fall harvest is in full swing - and if he's lucky - randal may call it a day by 8:30 tonight randal maloy - eddyville farmer "two extra pairs of hands helps me out a lot." luckily the extra pair of hands he relies on, have been doing it for more than 6 decades randal maloy - eddyville farmer "it's the only thing he knows. he has no hobbies... alta mae maloy "he does that every day." randal maloy - eddyville farmer ...farming is it. if it wasn't for farming he probably wouldn't be here." for 62 of his 85 years on this earth, randal's father, don, has been
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working this hallowed ground, through good yields and bad don maloy "farming will never change. high prices and low... don maloy you have your good years and the so, so years." while most farmers today rely on technology like automated g-p-s computers for efficiency - don, prefers the hand on approach nat yeah - its the younger guys who do that." nat - pulling out paper a bill of sale he keeps in his pocket from a combine he purchased long ago nat "1963" reminds don how different farming is today "isn't that something?" nat - combine rolls the only thing he's worn more years than overalls - is a wedding ring alta mae maloy "sixty-five" don maloy "65" alta mae maloy "he's no one to sit around the house. he has to be up and a going and doing something." don maloy "of course i always say yes and that's the reason we're still together - haha" elias asks: "did you ever go to the bahamas or take a fancy vacation?" -"hah - no, we never go nowhere." "no?" "i'm satisfied right here." one question don's family no longer asks, is how long he'll keep going alta mae "no they don't ask becuase they know he's gonna keep a farming just as long as he can."
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randal maloy - eddyville farmer "but it wont be today - probably wont be next year either." don maloy "you know i was thinking the other day. i've got four kids and if i can go another five years we can all retire together - haha" and why go loking for something better, when you're peffectly happy with what you got... randal maloy "he can't sit in a house, he'll never do that. he loves what he's doing. he told me once, i haven't got it perfect yet so i'll keep on doing it." near eddyville elias johnson local 5 news, we are iowa stephanie: don isn't alone in his dream to keep on farming. his wife - alta mae - who you heard from, still serves as the book keeper for operation. she still does this the old fashioned way computers needed. jack/2bam: jon joins us now and pella christian's
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grew up around football-- it just runs in his blood. jon: yeah jack-- david kacmarynski is a top level quarterback coming up on local 5 sports hear why he was predestined to play on the gridiron when we come back. " now, local 5 sports with jon schaeffer. we
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welcome back-- des moines hoover has already locked in a playoff spot-- but carrying some momentum into e post season is key-- so they're looking for a win tonight on the road at sioux city west. hoover won this matchup by 41 a year ago down in des moines... it's 14-7 huskies late in the 2nd...jerry ziaty...tries to go right up the gut, he gets cut off but finds a seam up the left side...17 yards to the house to make it 20-7. west looking for the answer before half...noah mcwell...what a dual threat he is...a big chunk of yards, but the drive would stall and that would be our halftime score. second drive of the second for hoover...wilfrid kouakou puts it up for patrick sullivan who makes a nice snag...that would set up a short touchdown run. late in the third west gets the answer...mcwell hits jalen roseland for the 72 yard pitch and catch...but that wouldn't be enough...hoover ends west's playoff hopes with a 34-14 win. jon: pella christian's offense has taken flight this
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season. they've thrown for over two thousand yards and almost all of it has been from the arm of david kacmarynski. but success on the gridiron is kind of expected when you carry that last name. " you could say football and pella christian's david kacmarynski were meant to be together. the story goes when i was born the doctor looked at me and he said oh he's got the number 34 on his back referencing my father's collegiate number. my mom's first words were he doesn't have to play football if he doesn't want to. sure enough even without his parents pushing him to play i think my wife and i have encouraged him to be active in a lot of things honestly we tried to get him involved in music that didn't stick. david found a passion for the sport his dad-- rich-- excelled at-- rich was a runningback for central and is now in the hall of honor. "i looked at my uncles who had success, my father just grew up around the game with going to so many practices as a young child i just kind of grew up enjoying football." now david is excelling
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under center for the eagles-- leading the state in touchdown passes with 26. and his dad has been right there on the sidelines for every single one as pella christian's head coach. "he's made a lot of better decisions he's also made more plays with his feet this year which has been good. i've been really proud of how hard he has worked. i'm really proud of how hard he has led this team. that's been fun to see as a coach and as a dad." but it's not always easy having dad as a quarterback. percent great it's been obviously you've got dynamic going on." "i haven't always been quiet with my opinion on stuff but that can be a hinderance when it's your father and you feel comfortable with the coach." together though they're hoping to achieve a state title. and even further down the road-- david might follow his dad's footsteps and play at the next level. "something that if the opportunity presents itself and i enjoy the college that offers
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me the opportunity something i'd definitely look at because i enjoy football that much that i'd enjoy playing at the next level." but until that time comes-- this father son duo will enjoy the time the have together on the field for pella christian. tune in to good morning iowa tomorrow as elias will be live from pella christian from 6 to 7. then binger will be live at 6 tomorrow night-- as their matchup against i.c. regina is our friday night blitz game of the week. it's the final week of the season as the friday night blitz begins at 10:35 here on local 5 before we jon/3shot (wrap sports) stephanie: jack: we'll be right back... you're watching local
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watchingbe mainly cloudy with mainly dry conditions in central iowa and a few showers out west. our rain chances go up big time friday with rain and a little thunder likely throughout the first half of the day. after 2 pm the showers will be more scattered, so some areas will have some drying. temps
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