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tv   Local 5 News Late Edition  ABC  October 24, 2015 10:30pm-11:00pm CDT

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michigan state game and the michigan game at the end of the year, but i think their experience from a year ago will definitely help them keep their focus against teams that they should be expected to be able to take care of. >> chris: rutgers, you go to wisconsin and to michigan the next two games. you get nebraska. and they're going to be boararring a major surprise, struggling to get back to 6-6 and try to get bowl eligible here. and the heat, perhaps, will be turned up on kyle flood after a lopsided loss against the number one team here tonight. final ticks, seconds tick away. one final cannon shot. and it's 49-7 for urban meyer's team in his first visit to this stadium. all the buckeye playmakers got involved, including thomas, who had a big night. elliott, another 100-yard game.
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marshall. mentioned the sack for bosa. 528 yards total offense for urban meyer's team and he's with heather. >> heather: chris, thank you so much. ban, all week, really all season, everybody's been talking about your offense. so, let's shine the spotlight on your defense a little bit. minor blip in the last minute, but 59 minutes of some pretty great football. >> i thought they played grgreat. i thought -- it's been coming. because our defense has been playing well. you look at the last few games, other than a couple big plays and we eliminated the big plays against a veryood throwing team. i think in the second or third-ranked offense in the big n, so, very pleased. >> heather: how could you describe the additional sort of elements that j.t. brought to the field tonight? >> i don't want to be unfair to cardale and i think j.t. was great. j.t. is a great leader, he's a great player and he madee those around him better today. it was a g good teamin. >> heather: waiting for a smile. there's a smile. so, how much fun is it as a
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coach to be able to spread the weal offensivery like ryly like you were tonight? >> well, you always want to get guys touches and try to watch that. i'm glad zeke got 100 yards and mike thomas got 100 yards. i try to reward the warriors. they deserve to touch the ball. >> heather: coach, on a night where two unbeatens went down, you may not know this, utah and florida state both lost and your winning streak continues at 21. how would you describe the chemistry of this team? >> i love these kids. they're good people. i just like going to work every day and chance to go 9-0 is all 8-0 is. that for you. coach, thank you. >> chris: meyer getting to 150 career wins against just 26 losses by far, the top active winning percentage and goes to 26-0 at ohio state in games october and november. back to heather with j.t. barrett. >> heather: j., describe what
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i just try to do my best to get the ball to the play maker that we have on offense and we executed well on offense today, which was reaeally good. >> heather: how could you describe how your perspective has changed this week moving from a red zone specialist to a starter? >> i mean, not really. i play -- starting quarterback last year. it wasn't really a big change or anything like that. now just making sure -- i was preparing well, but i mean, just a little bit more, watching film he and there, this and that before the game, so, i mean, nothing really changed. >> heather: kirk upstairs in the booth in the fourth quarter talked about how this felt like a turning point for this team. yes, you are undefeated, but it felt different. did it feel different to you? >> i think it was a turning point for us. we have to keep on pressing. got to keep on going. not get comfortable. but i think as an offense, as a team, we executed both sides of the ball, special teams, as well. i think it was good team win for us, but we know we can get
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better. that's t the goodhing about it. >> heather: congrats. enjoy it. >> appreciate it. >> chris: heather, thank you. indiana was a tough 0opponent for ohio state. maryland, they gave up 28, but we've seen a shift in gears against penn state a now ruers in the last couple games. >> kirk: yep, and, you know, we talk so much about j.t. barrett and the offense. what's getting overlooked, i think, is the way this defense has been playing. and urban meyer just made a great point to heather. this rutgers offense, you could say whatever you want about their record. they've been scoring points on people. almost on every team they have played. tonit, they were control. they had a nice opening drive. other than that, ohio state put the clamps down. it's because of the way the defensive line has played in the man coverage they play on the outside. the reason i feeeel thi is a turning pot isn't just the 49-7 win over rutgers. it's because their guy, their leader is back on the field end executing this offense and leading this team and he is providing abilities to make a
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lot of plays, running and throwing. >> chris: you can call it a turning point. that go from pretty good to really, really good. still undefeated, still on course for the showdowns in november against michigan state and michigan. wrap up the cannon crew. only a couple of shots tonight fofor rutgers. plenty from ohio state. next saturday, 8:00 eastern on abc, the fighting irish visit philly and undefeated temple. looking forward to that one. hope you'll join us. for kirk and heather and our entire team here on the banks of the raritan, chris fowler saying good night from piscataway, the ford wrapup show coming now and robert flores. all right, chris, thank you. welcome inside our college football studios. last week in ann arbor, it was michigan state that had the improbable win. this weekend, it is georgia tech anboth coming via special teams. here we go. number nine florida state. going for the game-winning field goal. instead, it i iblocked. and that's when lance austin
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does his thing. >> austin is returning it down the left sideline. >> he's got blocks. >> inside the 20 -- >> you goto be kidding me! >> and he scores! he scores! lance austin picked up the blocked kick and returned it all the way to the house and the north end zone! >> georgia tech radio on the call. seminolesuffering their first loss in 28 straight acc games. utah, previously undefeated. they go down, as well. cody kessler t juju smith. usc rolls, 42-24. their first win against a top three team since 2006. staying in the pac-12, right now on esp, it is stanford witith just one loss, but rolling. taking on washington. kevin hogan to austin hooper. right now, it's 14-0, cardinal, second quarter. also on the watch espn app. in the big 12, baylor beat iowa state despite scoring a season-low 45 points.
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suffered a broken bone in his neck. he'll be re-evaluated later. they win, 45-27. lsu takes on western kentucky. third quarter. brandon harris, tyrone johnson. 61 yards for the score. tigers win it 48-20. leonard fournette, 150 yards and a touchdown. tigers are 7-0. couple of s.e.c. schools. tennessee and alabama. peyton manning watching his vols to alabama. derek henry, 14-yard go ahedad touchdown. alabama wins it 19-14. number six clemson beat u up miami. the hurricanes, bless their hearts, they're just bad. deshawn watson. a little bit of a trick play here. ltzes in. clemson han miami their worst loss in school history, 58-0.
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cook, threw for 395 yards, three yards away from the school record. michigan state pucks away from indiana, 526. hey, and the university of houston cougars remain undefeated. they won 59-10. hey, gameday, next month, memphis and houston from h-town. you should be there! see you next week. (nature sounds) she can rage, and roar, and crack, and storm. but mother nature can't stop us. the new 2016 ford explorer.
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"you're watching local 5 news at 10 in hd .we are iowa's most accurate weather team and we start with your forecast first." bree/wx wall we will continue to see clearing skies and calming winds across the state as we go through the evening and overnight. it will be a cool one tonight with lows in the 30s and 40s. sunday will be a beauty! there will be sunshine, calm winds and comfortable temperatures in the 60s for central iowa. the work week will start off dry, despite the increase in cloud cover, and temperatures will again be into the 60s. we won't last too long without the umbrella, however, as rain moves back into the forecast by late in the day on tuesday. fall- like 50s move back in by forecast by late in the day on tuesday. fall- like 50s move back in by mid-week as well. nikki also coming up on local five news late edition. democratic presidental contenders are bringing their best to des moines for the jefferson jackson dinner.... we've got the highlights. nikki but the name of the dinner itself has caused some controversy... and that's forcing a change for next year... we'll tell you more. nikki and tradegy at oklahoma state... how a homecoming parade ended with four dead including a two year old child.
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" local 5 news at 10 in hd starts now. we are iowa" nikki: good evening. welcome to local 5 news i'm nikki davidson. glad you're with us tonight. nikki: iowa is back on the mainstage this weekend with the jefferson jackson dinner in des moines. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley all took center stage tonight at hy-vee hall. it's the state's largest gathering of democrats with thousands of tickets sold. nikki: tonight more than six thousand people filled the sold out hyvee hall. each candidate had their own special sections of supporters with lights, and signs and their own chants... bernie sanders caused a huge commotion when he walked through his crowd up to the stage for his speech. ".. incarceration nikki: hillary is the last to speak tonight... nikki: along with the event-- came a lot of pre-game action for all
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three candidates as they rallied support before the dinner. local 5's jacob peklo joins us live in the studio with more. jacob/bam each of the candidates had a very different game plan when it came to attracting an audience. bernie sanders summoned drum lines, martin o'malley serenaded and hillary clinton wanted to make sure her latest big name backer's roar could be heard loud and clear. nats with 100 days to go until the february 1st caucus, the three remaining democratic candidates are pulling out all the stops. nats sanders... unparalleled to the rest of the campaign trail. patrick burgwinkle, press secretary: "we feel really good about where we are, we feel like we can win and go the distance in the caucuses." nats "katy perry" it meant lots of dancing...and singing in the streets, to get their message across. patrick burgwinkle, press secretary: "lot of people excited to see katy perry perform and hillary at the jj tonight. it's a the energy and
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enthusiasm." hillary clinton pulled out two of her biggest name supporters...former president bill clinton and music superstar katy perry. bill clinton, former president: "somebody who will do his or her best to stop big and bad things from happening. believe it or not, the headlines are bad, but the treadlines are good." martin o'malley sought the approval of the crowd, by picking up his guitar and singing with them nats donna crummond, mills county democratic chair: "he appeared to be extremely honest. he knews his answers when he was asked a question right away, and they were all very, very good." while bernie sanders brought a drum line to the party. yosava robinson, rock island resident: "just a whole lot of different things to get the energy way up there. once bernie comes, out mr. sanders comes out, everyone's feeling that motivation." and as stars make their impassioned plea for their candidates, many of these fans are just enjoying the show. jon smith, oskaloosa resident: "for people
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as big as hillary clinton and katy perry to be here, it's just mind blowing to me." jacob/bam one thing that all of the candidates are pushing is a get out the vote rally. jacob peklo local 5 news we are iowa. nikki: the jefferson- jackson dinner has been a long standing tradition in downtown des moines, but soon the dinner will have a different name. for next year's dinner.. the party is working to get a name that's more in tune with its current political ideals. thomas jefferson and andrew jackson were both slave owners, and that's caused many within the party to question whether that's the best name for the dinner. instead, they're hoping to decide on a name that signals iowa. " what won't change about the dinner no matter it's name is the type of energy that's right here behind me. there are so many enthusiastic democrats here right now who are passionate about getting democrats elected up and down the ballot next november. that's not going to change. " nikki:
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currently taking submissions for the new name. they're hoping to have something in place by early spring. nikki: while today is a big day for democrats... republican front-runner dr ben carson was in the state as well. he's currently on his book tour.. but he took a break to head to the agrigulture fraternity at iowa state, alpha gamma rho. carson spent a lot of time talking about the economy... education, and the state of the country, he also spoke about medicare and medicaid... clarifying his statements.. saying he wouldn't get rid of the programs, but would instead offer an alternative.. health savings accounts... where recipients of the program get 2-thousand dollars a year that they use for healthcare. local 5's sabrina ahmed was there to follow-up. " " how do you plan to implement health savings plan, timeline as we explain health savbing acct and plp become comfy, theyll see it far excededs traditional medicare medicaid, so they will rapidly move to it on their own but i wont force anyone out of it, if they want to stay they can stay. at what opoimt will it
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admin, and our dhs irons out details, within a year within a year the hsp would become absolutely. nikki: republican bobby jindal was also in iowa, and with local 5 for "this week in there's speculation that jindal wouldn't show up for the second tier republican debate next week. but he confirmed to us he'll be there. tune in tomorrow morning for the one on one interview right here on local 5. nikki: an amber alert has been cancelled for a missing ottumwa teen. she has been found safe.
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this was the teen that was missing... 13 year old paige johnstone. ottumwa police issued the alert this afternoon and believed paige johnstone was headed to fort pierce florida with a teenage abductor. investigators say was with 19 year old kevin toala ramirez no other details are being released at this time. nikki/lam a developing story out of oklahoma tonight. a deadly crash during a homecoming parade killed three people...and a two-year-old child died later at the hospital. one woman is under arrest. abc's devin dwyer has the latest. sot - broadcastify "page out disaster page for this station. page out disaster page for this . " a horrific scene at a homecoming celebration. the oklahoma state university cowboys' annual parade?turned into chaos? after a car plowed straight into the crowd. sot - broadcastify "we're gonna need a bunch of help. car through a crowd up here. we're gonna need extra help - c'mon." stillwater police, firefighters and e-m-s? who came to celebrate with the community - immediately rushed into action? sot - broadcastify "at least 10 patients. some red. going ahead and set helicopters
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up." nats - "?.chopper taking off?." medivac choppers landed one after another? eight in total - taking the most critically wounded to nearby hospitals. but three people never made it off the scene? killed in the impact. (nns - kwtv-kotv sot - capt. kyle gibbs / stillwater police dept. "the driver of the car was arrested at this point for driving under the influence. here at the police department." police say the 25- year-old woman behind the wheel was driving this 2014 hyundai elantra? the front of the car visibily damaged.. metal crumpled? windshield shattered. investigators say she first hit an unmanned police motorcycle - then careened into spectators. (nns - kwtv-kotv sot - mayor gina noble / stillwater, ok "we are heartbroken at this tragedy - hearts and prayers with the families." as the community reels and police investigate? o-s-u decided the football game against kansas should go on? (nns - kwtv-kotv sot - v. burns hargis / president, oklahoma state university "the cowboy family pulls together - we've done it before and we will do it again."
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devin dwyer, abc news, washington. nikki: coming up on local 5 news late edition texas and mexico are experiencing more than a foot of rain in just one day... the weather is causing severe flooding concerns.. nikki: next.... just in time for halloween... a two thousand pound pumpkin! we'll tell you how one man grew it. bree
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independent weather experts " we will continue to calming winds across the state as we go and overnight. it will be a cool one tonight with lows in the 30s and 40s. sunday will be a beauty! there will be sunshine, calm winds and comfortable temperatures in the 60s for central iowa. the work week will start off dry, despite
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the increase in cloud cover, and temperatures will again be into the 60s. we won't last too long without the umbrella, however, as rain moves back into the forecast by late in the day on tuesday. fall- like 50s move back in by mid-week as well.
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plus... coming up
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high water rescue teams in the texas and mexico region are staying busy... after the area has been hit with record rainfall. nikki: next.... a nearly 2000 pound pumpkin has a whole town excited. we'll tell you the growers secret... "your watching local 5
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