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tv   Local 5 News at Six  ABC  November 2, 2015 6:00pm-6:28pm CST

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started his position at the university today. how did he handle it, and how did students react? take nat protesters made lots of noise monday. marching from the pentacrest to the iowa memorial union, at one point even gathering outside harreld's office. " we are standing in unison to say the university of iowa is not a corporation, we're a public institution" protesters say they're upset with the board of regents for picking harreld because he has no academic administrative experience, and they fear he will cut programs that don't make money. " it's not enough just to know where you got to go, you got to get there, and getting there means you have to make some pretty clear, direct, bold decisions and build a culture to be action oriented, but that's still yet to come" during a meeting with the media prior to the protest, harreld told reporters he's very aware of the criticism surrounding his hire, but he's ready to move on and is a bit frustrated with some people not willing to sit down and talk about their
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differences. "they're going to have a hard time figuring out how to move forward here, so i'm more concerned about them, what are they going to do, what's their option here? i'm waiting for the feds to approve his plan to privatize the state's medicaid system. four out-of- state companies will be taking over the program by january 1st if all goes smoothly. there is some concern about the deadline being too ambitious for hospitals to get on board and for medicaid customers to shop around for new care providers. but the governor's confident it will get done and the state's medicaid will be part of a
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system... which better healthcare for people who are program. "without coordinated care, we have one provider basically medicatin, another, times are in conflict with eachother and the hopital or emergency room. " stephanie: also says the 51-million dollars once the through... office has not numbers or the math to explain how they came up with the numbers. the department of human services says they used actuaries and a formula to predict the potential cost savings. stephanie: numbers are one thing... real life is another. tonight we're introducing you to a family that depends on medicaid services for the well being of their children. local five's chief political correspondent amanda krenz reports. "with some help from his mom, it's time for jacob anderson to take his daily stroll through the neighborhood. (((nats of walking/mom talking if we have it))) it's part of a new routine, doctors orders after jacob's recent surgery to correct his scoliosis. jacob is no stranger
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to health services. the 16-year old has autism and is also intellectually disabled. 31:37 i have to have the best care for my son and get him the services he needs. jennifer anderson is able to get jacob, his medications, services, and therapies, through the help of their family's secondary insurance provider, medicaid. 13:38 there s no way we could manage what we need to manage without that assisstance. now that governor branstad has announced an overhaul of how the state run's its medicaid program, jennifer is worried about the changes it will mean for her family. specifically, the case worker that they've worked with for almost ten years who knows jacob's healthcare needs inside and out. 17:50 that means i'm losing amember of my family. she's been with me for so long, that is my biggest fear. jennifer says no
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matter what changes take place due to the governor's plan to privatize medicaid, she'll find a way to get jacob the services he needs. but it's hard to move forward with little information, families don't yet know what the new out-of-state companies that take over iowa's medicaid are going to offer. all the changes are supposed to take affect on january 1st. 31:47 i'm ok with changing plans, you have to give us information, we can't go into this blindly. in urbandale, amanda krenz, local five news, we are iowa. jack: it's four years in the making. and the city of west des moines is about to finalize a master bike plan . local five's jacob peklo has more on what bikers can expect to see. "gary scott, parks and rec director: "there won't be an immediate, like tomorrow, the universe will not change and all of a sudden bikers will overrun west des moines. it's not quite like that." since 2011, the city of
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west des moines has taken a few big steps to improve its biking experience. and riders like jay morrison, say since the city has added things like sharrows and bike lanes, it has made cars pay more attention. jay morrison, west des moines resident: "i think they're getting used to the idea, you know. at first, you know, it's a big surprise and once you get to know the lay of the land, there's room of the road for both of us, i suppose." on monday night, city council signed off on the latest advancement, which will add more signage, based on traffic patterns and the speed of the cars that go through each area. jay morrison, west des "intermingling the two is the hardest part, you're forced to go on and then, but that's that's why city leaders say there's still a done, including adding more lights to some of the busier intersections and make those crossings more seamless. gary scott, parks and rec director: "our trails and on-street bike facilities to create a biking network, so you can get pretty much anywhere in the community you want to go." in west des moines, jacob peklo, local five news. we are iowa. right now, city leaders say
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they've built about as many trails as they can. the only way they could add more would be to annex land to the city. jack: okay, let's check in with local 5's sports director jon schaeffer who's in van meter covering the second round of high school football playoffs. how's the atmosphere out there, jon? jon: thanks jack. a great night for some playoff football. i'm here in van meter where the bulldogs will try to take down the madrid tigers. madrid with a stud at running back in michael santi-- he's ran for more than 2 thousand one hundred yards this season. number two in the state. but he is number one in yards per carry with 11 yards per touch. van meter's ben trent has tossed the ball for 17 hundred yards this season-- and he'll look for another big number tonight in what could be a high scoring affair. of course we'll have highlights of 13 games local 5 news at six... 10 republican presidnetials in
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des moines over the weekend. how they used one event to take on an entire news network. jack: and.... will changes come to upcoming debates if enough candidates protest? "your watching local 5 news at 6 in hd with
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edwards, and local 5 sports with sports director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 6. we are iowa." anim stephanie: iowans got to see 10 republicans running for president over the weekend...and all in one place. stephanie: more than two thousand people gathered on the iowa state fairgrounds for party of iowa's first ever opportunity all of the candidates republican ticket were represented at the party, with decorated booths and themed games. ten candidates took the stage throughout the day, telling iowans their goals for the country and calling out c-n- the way they debate. branstad also the party, and of the group iowans have to choose from this year. iowa republicans are candidates to decide
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who they want to suport. they see a lot of talent, a lot of people who they're seriously considering." jack: there could be changes coming to future republican presidential debates. candidates' staff and gop leaders met yesterday to discuss what they want to see changed in upcoming debates hosted by major networks. many candidates and their staffs want to eliminate "gotcha" questions and change the structure of the debate into two equal panels of candidates. the next debate is on november 10th in milwaukee, and will be hosted by fox business and the wall street journal. jack: meanwhile republican presidential candidate john kasich is back in the state today after not campaigning in iowa for more than a month. kasich has been low in the polls since announcing back in july, but says his record as a congressman and current ohio governor sets him apart from the pack. " and when we get the power back here we are all going to have to work together and
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you are going to have to challenge a lot of things like you are challenging presidential candidates." jack: kasich will finish his time in iowa with a stop in dubuque tomorrow. stephanie/wxcdl: jack/wxcdl chief meteorologist brad edwards is here now... brad:wxcdl ( local 5 weather is ( local 5 weather is coming up next. brad:wxcdl ( local 5 weather is coming up next. "now, we are iowa's most accurate forecast with chief
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weatherrate the independent weather experts" brad/wxc: welcome back. i'm local 5 chief meteorologist brad edwards. brad: let's take a look at we are iowa's most accurate forecast. brad/wxwall: weather adlib: put script here in green so far, november has been unbelievable! we hit 76 sunday and 78 today, which tied the record high for november 2 set back in 1938! well, it looks like we can keep this indian summer weather going for a couple more days at least! tonight will be mild with temps cooling into the 60s this evening and then the 50s overnight. tuesday should be another warm day with near record highs in the metro. the record for tuesday is 76 and we should be pretty close to that by afternoon with southerly winds of
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with warm and windy weather and highs in the mid 70s. thursday will still be warm by november standards, but there will be clouds rolling in during the day with some rain possible alter in the afternoon and evening. much cooler tps will roll in here for the end of the week with high friday in the low 50s and we might not even reach 50 on saturday! although, it does look like we will have another nice bounce back on sunday with highs reaching the 60s in the afternoon- that's warm enough to grill in my book! brad/2wx: that's all for my forecast. check out for
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the latest in weather . stephanie/2wx: thanks brad.
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sports director jon schaeffer is jack: sports director jon schaeffer is live in van meter covering the jon schaeffer is live in van meter covering the second round of high school football playoffs. jon? jon: coming up in sports we show you how playing football for pleasantville has stayed in the family for a lot of their players... "now, local 5 sports with jon schaeffer. we
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jon: the pleasantville trojans head into tonight's 2nd round playoff game against gladbrook- reinbeck, just two wins away from their first trip to the dome since 1995. and while most schools have a rich tradition on the gridiron, football in pleasantville is to the next; but in pleasantville, it's taken to a whole different level. "i'm the fifth, but it goes way back to the early 1900s." that's right, ethan worthington is a fifth generation trojan! his dad played for pleasantville, so did his dad, so did his, all the way back to ethan's great-great grandfather who
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played on one of the school's first football teams. "it's kind of weird to think about actually, i've never actually thought about, until this year or put it in perspective, how long my family has been playing football in this town and it's just really cool that i can just keep it going and i hope to bring a 6th generaton of worthingtons back to this town." but it's not just the worthingtons, generations of familes in pleasantville have seen fathers and sons take the field on friday nights. "i don't know the exact numbers, we have 53 kids and i'd probably say close to 40-50 percent have family that played here at pleasantville. i do that our starting offense, out of the 11 players, 10 of them have dads that played on a pleasantville trojan football team." that includes, qb zeb adreon and center carter cook. both of their dads wore the black and orange, but here's where the story gets weird. "my dad was the center when carter's dad was the quarterback and then vice-versa here." you can't make this up, zeb adreon's dad robb snapped the ball to carter cook's dad jeff.
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"zeb's dad said something to my dad about 'isn't it funny how 30 years ago we were in the complete opposite situation and it's just funny how things come full circle." "it's really cool. my dad, zeb's dad, carter's dad, they're all still close friends too, which is really cool because i feel like we'll all have that same bond when we're out of high school, out of college and we all have jobs. because i think we'll all stick around pleasantville, we'll all hopefully, we'll all have our kids play football together here someday too." "one of the sayings we say all the time, we break down with one team, one family." nats "and with these kids it almost really is. i think these kids have heard about the pleasantville tradition, their whole lives from their dads and i think it's finally their time that they want to try and create their own." "ya that's our ultimate goal is to get to the dome and reach the championship and ultimately bring home the state title. and if we were able to do that i think that would eclipse what they were able to accomplish in their time." "no team has ever made it to that finals game
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and so day 1 our goal was state title and that's what we've been working step by step all season. and so hopefully at the end of the season we can say we have that and that's something that no one can take away from us and we'll have brought a state title back to pleasantville." the trophy case already has an empty space cleared out, waiting for the hardware. the only thing left to do is bring home the title. in pleasantville, jordan furbee local 5 sports we are iowa. jon: pleasantville is at home tonight against gladbrook- reinbeck in a huge class a tilt. we will have highlights from that game as well as 12 others including here in van meter as madrid comes to town-- a handful of 4a and 3a games. we'll be up in gilbert tonight as the tigers take on norwalk. down in mt. ayr as well. so be sure to tune in at 10:35 to the blitz playoff edition as jordan, binger and i break down the action-- again 13 games total on the half hour special tonight only on local 5. stephanie/sx3s jack/sx3s we'll be right
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we'll be right back... you're watching local five news at six.
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don't forget to visit local 5 on the web. we are iowa dot com is your home for the latest in news, weather, and sports. jack/2shot: before we go tonight, local 5 news crews are working hard to bring you even more stories that affect how you
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live. stephanie/2shot: tonight at ten... local 5 is going indepth on student debt. right now , the department of education says americans owe 1.3 trillion dollars in federal student loans. and that number is just expected to grow, new grads are leaving college with mortgage like debt. and in many cases...not making enough money in their field of study to make those high loan payments. we look into why students are shouldering so much debt and how a local man is trying to keep more of them from becoming broke, busted and disgusted. jack/wxhang: now one last check of your weather, with chief meteorologist brad edwards. brad: weather adlib: so far, november has been unbelievable! we hit 76 sunday and 78 today, which tied the record high for november 2 set back in 1938! well, it looks like we can keep this indian summer weather going for a couple more days at least! tonight will be mild with temps cooling into the 60s this evening and then the 50s overnight. tuesday should be another warm day with
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blake and gwen's pda. blake shelton and gwen stefani's hollywood romance. they're seen holding hands and more. >> plus, a rare look inside brad and angelina's marriage. >> it's what's coming up right now. >> on entertainment tonight." >> that's what ten years of marriage will do to you. >> candid and side by side wlachlt she is sayingbout her cancer scare and brad looks on.
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>> whatever's got to be done.
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