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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 3, 2015 1:07am-4:18am CST

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in tsa at times square for gma later on this morning. president obama in the meantime took a few jabs at the republicans last night in new rk. the president said the candidates had promised to straighten out vladimir putin but he said they couldn't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. if you can't handle those guys i don't think the chinese and russians are going to be too long worried about you. there you have it from the president. >> it's election day and one of the major items to b be decided on in san francisco is the future of the so-called sharing economy, speak comri proposition f which would cap short term housing rentals done through websites. the limit wok 65 days a year and internet hosting company would have to pull the listing. airbnb has spent millions opposing the campaign. in ohio today, voters decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana. if approved it would join
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as states where it is legal. colorado voters will be asked to decide what the state should do revenues. blue bell ice cream products are returning to shelves in more cities. consumers in the dallas fort worth and waco areas as well as the oklahoma city and tulsa areas can now get their fix. blue bell pulled a products after a listeria outbreak that killed three people in kansas. google hopes to using drones to deliver packages to customers' doorsteps by 2017. that's according to the leader of the drone project called project wing. other retailer including amazon and alibaba are experiment issing with drone delivery. >> here's an animal. bentley a great dane living with owners ms. pennsylvania. >> so bentley is 38 inches tall and weighs about 228 pounds.
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his owns are are in the process of applying to get bentley into the guinness book of wld records as the world's tallest living dog. he's 5 and seems to still be growing. >> i think by the vets, they're actually shocked on the size that he was because they said they never saw one his size either. once they told me don't let him get over 240, i started to then realize he is a large one. >> bentley's favorite party trick is getting his own ice directly from the freezer. >> wait. >> look at that. >> but you can't use that, kendis. >> his ownerer shod find out before thend of the year if bentley's picture will be in the next edition of the guinness book. >> i surure hope so. they say he it's about 30 pounds of food a week, 120 pounds of food a month. >> sense of where my mind is. i wonder if a dog is that big, is it reflective of their poop size, as well.
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>> next time youou say to give you a reflection o of my mind, remind me to say we need to go to commercial break. >> yeah, okay. >> coming up in "the skinny," perfect scores on danci with the stars. >> and jimmy kimmel's nasty annual halloween prank. >> also ahead, sleep deprivation. wewe thought we knew everything about it till now. the impact it has on your body and a health alert. >> it could be one of the hottest holiday gifts this year. private drones. wait till you see who set up their own backyard sport with these flying machines and today's forecast map, 66 and rainy in atlanta where we have wsb, channel 2. "world news now" weather, brought to you by mucinex fast max. my sinuses are killing me. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. tolate, we're about to takeke off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... wait, what?!
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a new study lunches sugary drinks and heart failure. men who drank two servings a day had a 23% higher risk of heart failure than men who had none. the drinks include sodas and sweetened coffee and juice although the study was long-term and researchers factored in a number of variables, they only looked at men in sweden. the results show an association, not a causation. >> heree on the overnight shift, sleep is usually in scarce supply. which is why this next story really caught our attention. >> what isththat, sleep? it's overrated. we've all heard about the importance of getting enough sleep. as becky worley tells us, not getting enough changes how our body works. >> reporter: we are a sleep deprived nation and those suffering the most, the 15 million american who's work late night and early morning shift work. working these maurs can be so
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detrimental that the work has been classified as a probable cause of cancer. >> lack of sleep can lead to an increased risk for cardiovascular disease or alert and blad vesselisease to increase rick for diabes and weight gain. >> when you're deprived your body thinks there's something wrong. in one study where participants dieted those that slept least saw their body consume lean muscle mass instead of fat. >> in shift work ares when they eat many calories during the nighttime, the body is not as well able to cope with the fund and not t to process it in the right way. >> rorter: to show this i head to a lab here in san francisco. i'm here for a glucose test. i've had eight hours of sleep when i drink the sweetened test liquid. my body does what it should and con virts the sugar into fuel that cane use right away to power my body. my glucose level only goes up about 6%, well within my body's ability to process it with
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insulin. in a study where sleep was restricted insulinost its efficiency by 21% from even one night's bad sleep and over time, this increases diabetes risk. >> it's unnatural for your body to be up andwake a and eating during the nighttime. >> while the doctor recommends shift workers eat meals during regular daytime hours the reality for those working the graveyard shift, exhaustion and possible wait gain may be all in a night's work. becky worley, abc news, san francisco. >> thanks, becky. i thought it was just because i was eating a berger. well, coming up, the soulful singer shattering yet another record. >> and what happens when parents tell their kids they atate all of theieir halloween candy? it's not good. "the skinny" is next. "world news now" continues
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statio. everybody has a dream. mine was to see the ocean. and with a little help...
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tt2watv#@6d bt@q:98 tt2watv#@6d "a@q*5\ tt2watv#@6d bm@q!>p tt4watv#@6d " dztq ;!0 tt4watv#@6d " entq k%p tt4watv#@6d " gzt& r"( tt4watv#@6d " hnt& b,d tt4watv#@6d " iztq (e< tt4wv#@6d " tq :5\ tt4watv#@6d " lzt& "x skinny, so skinny >> leading us off this morning, the narrowing field of talent on "dcing with the stars." it was a good night. >> it was a good night. a lot of great performances. and one of the show's most talented competitors got the boot. >> into the ball roop we go for week eight of competition. and once again, near the top of the leaderboard fan favorite
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pulled in a 28 out of 30 for their hot fox trot here that brought the crowd to its feet. >> yeah. tamar braxton and partner val copied their streak of consistency, also getting 28 for their paso doble but it could have been higher. judge carrie ann knowed she lifted her foot during the routine. >> and she wouldn't have beaten mick carter because he got a perfect score. his emotional contemporary routine with partner sharna was a tear jerker with carrie ann saying it was the best dance ever. >> he made news at the end of that saying that he and his wife are expecting a baby boy. >> huge congratulations to them. >> unfortunately, andy gramr did not have the best dance. his routine was judged harshly earned him a prompt see you later. >> what a great night. it's been so fun to watch every week. as many of you have heard, the
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>> after a long hiatus her newly released single broke a record already. "hello" is the first to sell over 1 million downloads in is first week. >> she shatters flow riders previous record of 636,000 for "right round" >> "hello" is her first single from her forthcoming album and the fourth song to reach number one into flow rider hd the record on the previous? >> last night, we were treated to a seasonal favorite. parents tricked their kids into thinking they eta all their halllloween candy. >> jimmy kimmel does it every year. last nightht he did not disappoint. >> are you kidding me, dad? if i see no candy, you are in
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>> i ate it. >> d did you eat the -- >> i ate all of it. daddy, too. >> i don't want to see you ever again. go get a job. >> oh. >> you know, it breaks my heart to see this but i can't take my eyes off screen every time i wah this. >> they don't whine like that about veggies. >> they sure don't. finally "star trek" is officially returning to tv kind of. >> nearly 50 years after the original series, starring william shatner and leonard nimoy premiered a new edition of the sci-fi empire has been announced. producers are looking for the casting and the writer first. >> the pilot episode will premier on cbs in 2017 but quickly beepe up to its subscription sfraeming service. >> look forward to that.
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>> coming up, the latest new racing sport. >> no wheels necessary.
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we'll have to download that. soso they're one of the most sought after pieces of technology and more and more drones are probleming to have many, many different uses including racing. >> and with cameras taped it's just like getting into your car with your favorite nascar driver except you're in the air. here is chris davis from our station in harrisburg, pennsylvania. >> what i'm going to do is. >> reporter: steve lleyton is plotting. > we're using soccer cones. >> reporter: a dotted path forms behind his footsteps. >> the idea is they're going to follow the white ones.
1:26 am
>> reporter: it's by no means a professional affair. >> this is just something that i bought at a home depot. >> reporter: but that doesn't matter. > never done it before but hoping it works. >> reporter: he formed the harris harrisburg area motor rotor races. >> this is our first race. >> in three, two, one. fly. >> rorter: it's a new sport. the first governing body multigp formed in february, but it's quickly catching on among hobbyists. >> they're all guys like mee with kidsen a normal job and they want to come out and have fun. >> reporter: and see what their machines see. cameras being first person video in their goggles. >> cool. >> jeff drove an hour and a half to be here. >> i can't do it every weekend possible. >> reporter: he knows there's something of a stigma around his choice of actity. he says that comes from a select few who don't follow the rules.
1:27 am
>> there's a lot more to be gained from it than the few bad instances that come up. >> oh. >> sometimes that's all it takes to win. just be the guy who hasn't hit something. >> reporter: the wrecks rick nothing but equipment. >> who put that tree there? >> we're not hurting anybody or the grass. we're just using some air space. >> reporter: and steve says finding common ground among nerations. >> we're just normal people just trying to have some fun. >> reporter: working for you, chris davis, abc 27 news. >> that was beautiful. >> kind i have cool. >> you likike it? >> absolutely. i'm a geek though. you need your dramamine lookingng at that video but it's kind of cool. >> i know what to get you for chstmas. >> i can see lewis hamilton signing up for this in racing. > i can see you losing a finger with this. >> and hen some. don't miss our updates on facebook at >> this is abc's "world news
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two decades. good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." >> debate demands. some gop candidates are rejectingn agreement on a list of rules before going head to head for the fourth time. donald trump says he'll conduct his own negotiations as b carson takes the lead in the latest national poll. it's confirmed. the wreckage found off the bahamas is that of the cargo ship el faro. the search continues for the black box as more families file lawsuits against the ship's owners. >> vw's accus of using software to cheat emissions tests on thousands of models. vw denies those luxury cars cheated the tests.
1:29 am
world sees trophy with them today during a victory parade and rally. ficicials i kansas city say they expect about 200,000 people to show up to celebrate the teamam's firstitle in 30 years. those are some of our top stories on this tuesday, november 3rd. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we say hello to you. we get start the this half hour with the fight for control of the gop debates. candidates making demands on everything from the time on the stage as ll as theemperature in the room. >> some people would say temperature matters. >> as know. >> donald trump is among those not signing the agreement as he trails ben carson by six points in a new national poll. it's your vovoice, your vote. tom llamas is following the republicans. >> reporter: as many of the republican presidential candidates unite, hoping to take control of future debates, donald trump says he'll negotiate for himself. >> the networks are making a fortune with the debates. we should be like a basketball
1:30 am
player. we should go on strike and say, we want money for wounded warriors, or we want money for a great charity. >> reporter: trump isn't signing a letter many other campaigns plan to send to television networks. an ear draft includes demands for at least 30 seconds of opening and closing statements. no "gotcha" lightning g rounds. and no show of hands questions. and remember how some of the candidates were sweating under those bright lights? they now want keep the debate hall below 67 degrees. someone who has gotten a big boosfrom the debates, senator marco rubio. trump slamming him as a lightweight. >> i think he's an overrated person. i don'n't think 's going to make it. >> reporter:r: jeb bus rubio's close friend, taking a swg >> the challenges we face as a nation are too great to roll the dice on another presidential experiment. >> reporter: jeb bush says republicans should move forward with a debate on telemundo which is partnering.
1:31 am
criticized cnbc debate but bush says it should happen. >> police in chicago are looking for a suspect after a 9-year-old boy was shot 0 death. they say the shooting was not an accident but the result of an altercation. hillary clinton has met in chicago with the mothers who lost their children to be gun violence. among those were the mothers of tamir rice andichael brown and trayvon martin's mother, as well. another apparent twist in the effort to build the controversial keystone pipeline, the proposed pipeline everybody canada to the gulf coast. the company behind it asking the u.s. government to pause its review of the project pushing the issue past next year's election likely leaving it to the next president to decide. severe weather on both sides ofof the coury this morning, the gulf states shaken by 18 confirmed tornadoes over three days. th worst outbreak since july. homes, schools damaged from texas to georgia by windsds up to 115 miles an hour. heavy rain across the southeast
1:32 am
this morning with fog and flood watches in effect. rain moves up the et coast today. meanwhile, wintry mix battering the west. high winds and dust triggering this multicar accident near bakersfield california. at least 15 vehicles involved. no one seriously injured. the same front delivering snow to the rockies. accuweather's molly cochran tracking it all. morning to you, molly. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and reena. we continue to have some unsettledns across the southwest dealing with some snow in the higher elevations. we did experience some heavy accumulating snow as the sierra nevadas. next stop northern nevada. aside from the know and the rain, we're also going to be impacted by some strong winds through tuesday. salt lake city back to las vegas. taking a look at the snowfall totals anywhere between 6 to 12 inches in the higher elevations of the northern rockies.
1:33 am
kendis and reena, back to you. >> okay, molly, thanks. > overse investigators are not ruling anything out as they look into the mysterious crash of a russian passenger jet that slammed into the egyptian desert. the airline insists the crash was caused by what they call an external impact not technical failure or pilot error. officials say it's too soon to tell. the remains of most of the 224 people on board have been flown backing to russia. happening today in south africa, prosecutors making their case againstst oscar pistorius in a court of appeals hoping to have the manslaughter verdict against the former olympian for the death of his girlfriend changed to a murder conviction. pistorious was released from prison last mononth to serve the rest of his sentence under house arrest. it's unear when the decision from the appeals court will be delivered. lawyers for bill cosby say they'll appeal a judge's o order
1:34 am
defamation suit being brought by form super model janice dickinson who claims he drugged and raped her. his attorneyy called the allegations outlandish. cosby faces two similar suits in massachusetts and pennsylvania. >> investigators in detroit are looking into the possibility that propane may have caused a huge house explosion. the home's occupant is in critical condition this morningng following the blast. here's abc's alex perez. >> reporter: a investigation into a home explosion in a suburb near detroit. so powerful, the home flattened. >> whole side of the house was gone, man. >> reporter: just a block away, a surveillance camera capturing the blast. the impact blowing debris as far as a thoususand feet the explosion felt up to three miles away. >> we hear this big kaboom and the tv and everything goes off, the power goes off. >> reporter: one man was injured in the blast. he was badly burned and is now in a burn center.
1:35 am
township saying there was no active natural gas line to the home, but investigators looking at the propane tanks visible in the aftermath as a possible cause. 5.5 million homes are heated by propane in the u.s. it's odorless, with a rotten egg smell added for safety. and if you smell something suspicious, do not use your cell phone inside your house. static enenergy in o phones can cause a spark and lead to an explosion. instead, get somewhere safand then call 911. alex perez, abc news, illinois. >> jimmy carter's cancer fight hasn't taken him away from his favorite chaharity. the e former psident and his wife were in memphis to help bid a home for habitat for humanity. look at him there. he's sawing away the carters have been involved in nearly 4,000 building projects for the charity in 14 countries. he was going to travel to nepal at one point. it was called off. cancer has not slowed this man
1:36 am
m michelle ama is in the middle east nation of qatar. while there, mrs. obama will visit the members of the military at an air force base used to fight against isis. tomorrow she's addressing a education summit. there the first lady moves onno jordan to visit a school and a u.n. world herititage site. and we do say happy anniversary to the international space station. it was 15 years ago that the first permanent crew moved on board. sincthen, 220 people have come and gone representing 17 countries. the current crew made up of russian, japanesend american crew members planned a special dinner celebration. of course, scott kelly is up there, spending a year in space. >> will there be cake to separate? >> it be tang flavored cake. > or space ice cream. ben & jerry's and a craft brewery are working on a unique
1:37 am
>> brilliant i think. >> it's called sald caramel brown a ale. >> notice the slight difference there. >> the ice cream features swirls of salted caramel. that's good. brown nois, that's good. the ice cream is made with new belgium belgium's ale. it uses roasted and caramel malt and koko and vanilla powder during the brewing process. i leave final valuation to actually the taste test. we've got to try. >> beer is good w with everything. >> we can g geta taste test. we need a tasaste test. >> thank you. >> coming up, those calorie coun posted at restaurants, do they really help diners make healthier choices? >> i think them do, no? >> i don't know. >> also ahead the modern couple hooked on old fashioned -- owed school fashion. they turned it into a victorian lifestyle. why they're f facing criticism.
1:38 am
>> a and later the football play that's beyond inspirational. that touch down that turned a losing high school team into real winrs but that is after our forecast map. i do want to note that billings has made a rereturn. it is 41 degrees. >> oh, boy. "world news now" weather, brought to you by what do you got to offer us today? balance transfer that's my game bank you never heard of, that's my name haa! thank you. uh, next. watch me make your interest rate... disappear. there's gotta be a better way to find the right card. whatever kind u're searching for, lets you compare hundreds of cards to find the one that's right for you. just search, compare, and apapply at a one, a two, a three percent cash back so how ya doing? enough pressure in here for ya? ugh. my sinuses are killing me. yeah...just wait 'til we hit ten thousand feet.
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remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free [decision guide] and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long . does listing calories on menus encourage healthier eating? a new study finds they don't. researchers tracked customers over five years in new york city. the first city toll require calorie listings. and they found no change in the nutritional content and higher calorie counts in the items purchased. food for thought. since obamacare requires calorie listings nationwide by the end of n next year. >> we were talking about this earlier. i still like to know -- how many calories are in.
1:42 am
watchers on your apps to check calories. it's nice to plug that in and keep track off it. >> it makes a b difference in whether you get a large fry or medium fryatt mcdonald's. >> you never opt for the small fry. >> no. >> eating at chipotle is not an option in two northwest states pendnding the results of an investigation into an e. coli outbreaking. >> health officials suspect contaminated produce may be to blblame re. brandi hitt with the latest. >> reporter:chy poe lay xwlers in oregon and washington state are being turned away. the food clan closing i doors after an outbreak has sickened mo are than 20 people. >> the excruciating pain was something i never experienced. >> reporter: most of the victims say they had eaten at a chipotle in the portland area and in western washington the past few weeks and severed severe cramps and vopting.
1:43 am
all the problems hit at once. >> reporter: chipotle has vovoluntaril shut down all 43 locations in those twos states out of 17 restaurants nationwide. saying the safety and well-being of our customers is always the highest priority even though the vast majority of these restaurants have no reported problems. >> people can still become ill even if the risk is no longer present because the incubation period can be up to ten days. >> reporter: health officials on scene are now trying to pinpoint the exact source of this e. coli outbreak. >> when i did this, it almost always ground beef. from ltuce and some from salsa. salsa can be tough. >> eight people have been hospitalized but no deaths reported. health officials spec the number of cases to rise in the northwest as they hear about the outbreak and see their doctor. >> that's good to know.
1:44 am
it's a really, really big deal considering how many chipotle there are out there in washington and oregon. for them to be shut down is definitely going to have a financial impact. >> the company says the reopening will be determined by the pace of the investigation. it's going to affect a lot of candidates on the campaign trail. hillary clinton loved a good pur rit toe bowl. >> that's right. when she did her launch to her campaign, she stopped in at chipotle to prove politicians are just like that. >> i thought you were going christie with that. >> come on. the cple that will prefers life in the slow lane. >> and the husband and we who party like it's 199 even though women couldn't vote back then. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues
1:45 am
stations. [male narrator] the coast guard protects, defends and saves lives. [male radio operator] coast guard mayday... [narrator] we are the coast guard foundation and we support our united states coast guard. we provide scholarships and grantnts help make college dreams a reality. we provide equipment and geaear to promote fitness and health. and when the unthinkable happens, we're there providing relief to families of the fallen. go to coast guard foundation dot org to help support coast guard members
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>> this is our royal music, right? the royal sound track we like to use. >> in the age of the selfie, it might be refreshing to put down the smartphone for a while. but the coupleou're about to meet are diving head first into life in the 19thth century. >> and onn this election day, their feelings towards wip's rights to vote might be a little dead. we're up "up all nightline" with abc's an deoo tee roy. >> sarah and gabriel might have
1:47 am
wearing fashion statements that would make a hipster envious. a chat lane that functions as a vingtorian version of a swiss army knife. >> i do everything by hand. actually a woman in the 1880s would have already considered me old fashioned because they has sewing machines. >> the victorian era is everything. sarah and gabriel choose to focus othe last decades that have period when eves, electric light bulbs and cars were first troduced. walking through their home in washington state, you're struck by the antique an palestines. a wood fired stove set, a literal icebox. >> sohe meat gets put right on the ice. >> and an oil lamp. >> we're going to go around. >> reporter: if you listen closely, y you won'tear the sounds of a washing machine o or a dryer. no microwave or mixer preparing meals which made one particular sound -- >> that sounds like a modern phone. >> it is.
1:48 am
>> seem especially out of place. gabriel has a master's in library science but works at a bike shop and sarah works here at home as a writer. >> we don't completelyion computers. we use them for research. i don't want to be controlled and don't want to have my life defined by computers and technology. >> reporter: but sarah started writing her book "this vicictorian life" by hand with an eye dropper fountain pen. >> i make no work for myself. there's no ed door in the world who accept a handwritten manuscript. them in. >> what's the point of wearing the corset? >> it holds the back up straight. it makes t waist look smaller. it accentuates the different sexual cracteristics between men and women. >> reporter: these tokens of the past causedn uproar online when she wrote about her lifestyle for some on twitter mocking her and websites joining in to point out
1:49 am
right to vote back then. >> what's so big about a vote? >> that's the life line i've democracy. >> not necessarily. >> america started with a lot less voters than they've eventually become. conception of who should vote has evolved over time. again, it's something we don't necessarily see as being the most important thing in the world. >> but you do agree thattomen should vote? >> well, i had i that -- i think that voting in general is overrated for everyone. >> they say they aren't tryg to force their lifestyle on be anyone, just embracing the overlooked knowledge from a time in history that s seemingly simpler. >> it's the difference between reading about a different country in a book and going there. >> i'm adititi roy in washington. >> you know i do like a good corset. >> i like a goodair of spanx myself here. >> there we are. >> hello, jeeps. >> what do you call it, the fu-man chu. >> lord. that's a different era.
1:50 am
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well the old saying it's not if you win orlose, it's how you play the game is an imptant lesson for athletes to learn. for the team in rochester, new hampshire, that sentiment rings true. >> their captain has a lot more to tackle than just the other team's players. that's why when he scored on the field it meant so much more than just points. here's kristin core rosa from
1:54 am
our manchester station. >> reporter: this is a moment the spaldg high school football team won't forget. the team's honorary captain teigen house got into the end zone and made a tou down for the first time. >> one of the players handed me the ball and i went running down the field and they were tackling players behind me so they couldn't get me. i was super excited and all the playersere happy and cheering and excited for me to do this. >> teigen h has muscular dystrophy and is losing muscle control and confined to a wheelchair. >> there was nothing but pride when i saw him take the field. >> his special moment ce during the last football game of the season. it's been a tough season to get through. they didn't win one ga.r watchining teige that doesn't matter anymore. >> better than winning any game, any championship and've never heard this crowd louder. >> i keep thanking these boys and the boys turn it around and say you don't know how much he's impacted our lives. >> teigen's mom says one day
1:55 am
last year, three players approached him at lunch and since then, they've made him a part of their lives. the players eat lunch with him pre day. started coming to birthday parties and exchanges gifts on holidays. she says they see him for who he is. >> he's honestly probably one of the toughest kids i've met. >> he's been on the sidelines for every practice and an game cheering can the players on. when he finally got his chance to get into the end zone, it changed his life and lives of these players forever. >> i think w we all learned that there's something a little more than wins and losses in life and i couldn't be prouder of the way this team came together. it's one of those things that you treasure for the rest your life. >> wmur, news 9. >> that's powerful. >> our thanks to kristin there. the team didn't win the gagame. they haven't won a game this season but i think it doesn't matter at all. >> i likee how the other team didn't just let them win.
1:56 am
>> that's t this morning on "world news now," extreme weather from coast to coast. >> from the first mountain snow to t worst tornado outbreak in months. the storms taking a destructive toll and the latest from accuweather. under investigation, the jet crash in egypt's desert that killed more than 200 people. the heart broken families and the big question, was it an act of terrorism. >> caught on camera, the assault on an uber he car service driver. details emerging about the suspect in that back seat and the prominent job that he just lost. >> and later, oscar buzz. the movies you must see by the end o of the year from the martian" t to "jobs" to bridge of spies" a hollywood inser here with her picks on this tuesday,
1:57 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." tuesday. >> i'm kendis gibson. we made it to tuesday. segment about the movies. >> can you believe the oscars are about 117 days away, about, exactly 117 days away. we're talkingng about all of the oscar worthy movies. time. but to know ahead of time these are the movies that are buzzing kind of makes it easier. >> i being november, we're behind the ball on a lot of those movies. >> i still have to catch up on other movies and weather is a huge impact on the reasons to stay in and catch up on the movies. i can't believe the weather around the countrtry. >> pretty wilild for early november. severe weather on book ending the country todaday. in the west, the first big wintry storm of the season. in the east, it was an evening of alerts for tornadoes and a flood watch in place at this hour into one of those spots is raleigh, north carolina.
1:58 am
relentless rain made for a treacherous evening commute. the morning drive looking to be about as bad. abc's clayton sandell has it all. >> reporter: a blast.wind -- water and worry in sunny hills, florida. >> oh, my gosh. this come out of nowhere. i think this is like a torno. >> aeported tornado damaging at least one house 18 twisters from texas to georgia striking since friday. the biggest tornado outbreak nce july. out west, more high winds. this 15-vehicle crash near bakersfield,alifornia, injuring more than a dozen people. how many cars are in this accident? >> reporter: a woman recording the aftermath, in disbelief. in alabama, 70-mile-per-hour winds took out this high school. and in north carolina, rains crashed the commute. in florida, these drivers powered through the flood waters. texaxas took ithe worst. at least six people are dead. streets vanished underwater and rvs floated away. south of houston, troy e elmore's me security camera captured
1:59 am
family's backyard. >> it was freaky. >> reporter: dozens of homes in the area were damaged. >> all this was up against here. it happened so quick, that -- it's hard to prepare for it. >> reporter: the tornado that for the roof off this house was packing winds of 115 miles per hour. but the damage here is pretty random. this house right next door -- completely fine. clayton sandell, abc news, laporte, texas. >> somebebody turned the air-conditioner on super high. snow is falling in higher elevations in california. >> trying to get you prepared for winter. >> i don't like cold and snow. >> snow finally making an impact on the sierra nevada. a few inches f fell yesterday and more is expected in the ski resores today. molly cook rab continues our coverage. good morning. >> good morning, kendis and reena.
2:00 am
unsettles tez continues for tuesday. we're looking at rain and snow to continue, coming along with it are powerful winds. salt lake city tooas vegas, definitely could cause a few flight plans to be hindered. wind gusts to get near 40 to 55 miles per hour. here's a look at our snowfall total map through wednesday. any of the dark blue shades indicate 6 to 12 inches of snow mainly above 6,000 feet a also mainly on nonpaved surfaces. this disturbance continues to shift eastward. hard hit texas round after round of rain coming in and that's going to be coming bk out to play for thursday and friday. kendis and reena, back to you. >> molly, thank you so ch. turning to egypt and the myery surrounding that doomed passenger jet breaking apart and plummeting 31,000 feet into the desert. the airline has ruled out technical flure and pilot error blaming it on what it calls an external impact.
2:01 am
officials have dismiss the findin as premature. aviation experts say the real answers may have to come from the wreckage. >> this airplane came apart instantaneously. ere may not be any data that would show us whatat really happened on those black boxes. >> the 224 people killed when ththe pla went down were mostly russianvationers. as many of the bodies arrive in st. petersburg, investigators are not ruing out toix as a possible cause. >> the ntsb confirmed the umpgen enchage located over the weekend is that of the el faro cargo ship. it went down last month during hurricane joaquin. all 33 people on board were lost. crews will continue to search for the black box t try to provide clues into the sinking. more lawsuits have been filed on behalf of the victims. >> there were numerous russ opportunities for the ship to turn around and numerous opportunities for the company to pull that ship back, but had he neglected to do it.
2:02 am
remains of their loved ones can be located in order to ensure a proper burial. there's growing outrage or a u.s. funded gas station in afghanistan. it ended up costing taxpayers more than $40 million. how exactly did this happen? here's abc's martha raddz. >> reporter: they don't call it the world's most expenensive gas station for nothing. 43 million u.s. taxpayer dollars spent on a remote highway stop that should have cost no more than $500,000. the idea? afghanistan has lots of natural gas reserves. so, to become less dependent on costly foreign oil imports, build the country's first compressed natural gas station, and then convert cars to run on the fuel. but it costs $700 to stch er cacato nal g. re tn thavere afan kes a yr. >>his simy mise o taxpers'oney all thiwoulsuggt th
2:03 am
oseced. repter:t th pengon i coeratg winvesgato bu tyave noxplationo fa an we w'tet ooonince th gro behd the pject clos sho s nthso. shinon. > volwageisccusf eati on dselmissn stsor aecon ti the a clasvw inslled sowareo rig tts on10,0 wuxurehics soln th u. iludi audnd psha mode wit sixylinr dsel ennes. e 5 thohmak tel us the cid navehe ftwa. vw hasdmitd11 mlion veclesheat tes. > aomatraki aed by e vernnt t its ring syst. th syem.digne toelp coumer ideifyhe mos imrtan safy tolies new cars tomac bking wns drirs of a colsionndngaghe vecle'rake autaticly
2:04 am
if arive dsnot. it wld b aed t tatin stemtartg wit 2018 mode. >> puic hlth iestitors inashitonnd ogonxpec w casf ecolio be rerted toy. chotleaslose4 staunts tilthe rults a in vestator belve t outbak me lked pruce. aman i gng ret opin its fst bri a rtartore thi morng in seatealle aman oks. it wltock abo 00 tles inclingest slers and a doneustor voris. the maj difrenc fro tradionatoreach bking wi fe oathe tha bei ghtl staed wit onl the spin shing. husnd spe a l of ney onbook plse dot telhim thews. the oeriffencerom tritiol btore it' opengs opsed clong do for good >> kinof d.
2:05 am
>> kd ofetrof em. >> ielie inuppoing the loca mom andop stos, t. andhat'whatmazois. >> h abo spostartg th areatonda nig footll . e undeated ptherere up 23-6n th fouh quaer agait t col whe indiapol mntedurio comeck. col quaerba andrew lu tew touchown sses gulaon te pire bo tms kked fie go. anths ierceionet tm up forhe wi at ce thasingoraha gaknow 52-yd fld go. roli sta defeed wh a 296 win. uotoaveower in tho legsf y wano d that >>rork onou thy mter in may heoes u thi maer. theorldhampnshi royss e bk he and rdy tarty
2:06 am
cal hool dtric kw s ma kidoulde ouhey cled f the d. 200,0 pele eecteto atte the spen was theirst wor sers 0year f the's one d t ccel hoolit'shenourity wins theorld ci. it'sultul ment. theye portt. >> comg upogs dmiss fromhe and ur cnceo adt th. als ahd, the veota tack oanber ive. at wearn aut tan der arrt a the pmine jobe lost >> atunng sht f couter a balf fi ligingp the sky d th spelatiing out whatell eth. is ihed? d lat- 'mrae drak senrdito from rten omats. itscar bz tim and fro "thearti" t brie o spie wii hav ely predtionandhe movssou haveo se
2:07 am
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2:09 am
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2:10 am
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2:11 am
tha hae psengas now be fir a an ecuti for ta be. he aoacin aault chges. matt gutn wh mo. repter:edar c b ud riveorber [ eleti ]. repter:ut aer ts beatgot ymor ssenr benjin. goen wloshg fr sid to slen th bk seat ca b saye seed sorunk coun't tel his stinion. >> cdude y'veot tgive merectns. >> wn h ssolde beg cuint hie turdis dacam arod antoldolde ub rid iser. >> iickiou out. >>eporr: t dhcam tchihe brage o puhes. butaaan fhts back tch h peprpray h assaant. ban say tis a saf beusehey he a partion tweehe dver d paenge. bu wn youse urt h your na,our pneumbe a your cretard mber >>eporr: wve beeunab eacholde who fes chars ossau a
2:12 am
formg hs nanneor life on uber mattgutm, a ws, s anles. >> the was steme fro co bl sayg ttivenhe havi of e iividl is cleaeould no lonrork for us we'v als oerednd encoaged himo se ofesonalelp. >> ty'rehereomeort of helhat ieede sen-ye veran of co bell theyoved quilyin g gting rid of m. he sin st dow all o his lied in, socl mia profes. > i our nexalf ho, h ck o sepan afft yr heal. theany tngseopl wit odd hour havtoat outornd how ssleephang how yr dy rks. >>ut fst, ardseasos mosterehicheans n is th tim whe osc wthy movi areeingelead. arounp otheost buzd
2:13 am
now. oday1 ouof ery ameran ks isispac.thameanman ofhe fure ctor w wilcareor , e eninee o wi bui ouritie e scntis anentrrenes oour untr cabe yr kis. allnow w ha its foyou senthemo clege thiss whwe wt yo o kn y y aret ale, and ery y, moreeoplsuppt yo tmaket haen. manyuppt yoandhe hpani sclarsp fu lps u prare pl, anpay
2:14 am
prfwithummelockster seas now jus aista merp werell null sng io osca mov ason. can u bieve it? ere e aeadyome maj contdersn theersdy wirettstuf cpeti o th y. inin us nsotte mato senr etor gra dre. od tsee you. heo. >> s it rts me t kw wre coleteast smer thi far ongande're talng aut the oar ctends. thas rit. say od-b to uropco flks a sello two threhourunimes >>ith b tles i kw aittl elyn erer w man movsetti om oar bz tt ce o ts fa. wh are we hringbout w? tre's smanyood fms this ye.
2:15 am
intestin awa ason righ beuseou'vot movs cam tittl wle bk lik "thearti," erybo was imesse "brge ospie" evenpielrgnscar gnet >>nd t hank of urse the's movs lik"t danh rl,"eopl hen'teen yet. thiss a hug mie becse itncreblyimel wre die rmaynis pyingilly ba. e's ansgderonee so it' tic i o nsnd a vie thaeals whhis issu wit greensivitynd it's somhing whoul ae wahing aheovie th isurwod. wn't bac ithe ear 1900 >>o ede rmaynlays tranende in thi vie? >> ye and i thi thi heen roug lik theestil ciuit. 's bn getng a lfbu. yes. becae yknowdd rmayn is s traoinar extly. >>nd aciaave onde is
2:16 am
so ithe lm. wee sner i"t man fro cle. thers sethibohe fil th'so beaifulhat ihink 's gngoaptu the atntio of allheoter >>"t danh gi," comg ter o thi mont wh els de ve? >> welhere somhinghat i thk isoingo beeall rely b ctend durg awds sson b ihink se pele aoing to aueith . aryou rdy f this >>okay are u rerri tonyovie th srs rya reolds i'd finily aueh yo hanklly i'mt. wee singim f who hersegmt. "sr wa" t forwake. youeust saygt becse u're he. i'm soxcit abo. y're aheothe sh. younow at? tnkhatt's gng tet a t of awas bause is a l li " othe ngs. it'sfanty. itas ahole bchch oftarsn it. the's smuchomenm behd it le everody' excid.
2:17 am
tersrexcit for "st wa." >> isdo. so i thit's gngo win techcal awds. hink wll s i actlly pop a l morthane've seen "st warenti a t osrs befo. our pk for bespie ghtnow,er pic for bt piure 20 istarars"g. jararwh >> a ilso dwant to me an offial cl f seen ititg, be way. >>or . for ts awar t f "st war but f ste js. m calng. 's gng t wi or scrn wring. > de al. the are a l o pple sang tt this ntasc. an fbend canoorong thesdays obvislye'll pbabl get a minaon f besctor >> i tnk . in a cwdedfiel hat onef thines reen pla tt i tnk cnts as adted. andexptiol. it of th mosxcitg
2:18 am
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2:19 am
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2:20 am
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2:21 am
ress outnd mh haper becae y're n tryg to one of erybo elsithour otos >> gd fher. we'l tak you follers. >> y le yr sial dia. >> y, wdo t. >>ot bable to getouo g of >> dyou er g to e airrt see e a dogando iant ef thos >>sure >>ow youca tss givg u for aptio so ofhere nine ta a lkt tse guy coue, y wod. ey'rlookg f newomes thatogs areitr retedr st dn'tuiteakehet. the dog ran i a fm 2 . anyiven y,bout t 24 do are ailab f adtion >> areheseogs at wen thughprram? >> se have ey mhte decti bbs ound the use. >> that'sn ext use >>eah,ou he anxtra use fo em thas eat. yocano onttheawebse. yeah a fi t dshat youeed adoing.
2:22 am
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2:23 am
2:24 am
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2:25 am
's tsdaynoveer 3. >>frombc ns, ts is "wor newnow. d weo sagoodorni toou oa bu tueay rnin i'm ndisibso >> i ree nin. we bin wh a sterand nfusn ov theussi pla crasin egypt 224 ves st ijustn inant. >> t airne qcklylace blamon aexteal iact nounng tre w notng wronwithhat ane self buthe russn vernme a aviaon eertsay is to so to le athinout. mo nowrom c's ex rquat. repter:he vt dert n litted wh chred wrecka ansignof t vicms. chils sh andasspts. w myery irli arod wh oughthe ane wn. e u. notenyi the possilitof trori aftean is-lied gup claid reonsility doeisisave e abity to shdownn aiiner it'unli, t i uldn le iout. repter:he fght ll
2:26 am
uris toooff 6:0a.m. satday om srm e shei, egt, f st. peteburgruss. befo boaing,he pentsf 10-mth-o posng ahoto herith e caion, asseer ichie" is fher d dahtermili ashey lkedp thstep afr rehing1,00feet23 nuteaftetakef, i dippead fr rad witho diressall. thories ree,he lge deis fld, ght uaua les,eanshat e ple oke in e aiand t on thgrou. buwhy? ree in torieemerng. firs a msile oughhis sn'teen led t, iellince ficis sa milints therea en't own havweaps th can reh th hig a bo on ard. the emlinot lingut someype terrism and e aiine,etrot, sistg th extnal fluee iso ble, n chnil faure pil err.
2:27 am
ssibity. rerds so sw in001,he ple's il h theway own a tl stke. thblacboxerecored the cr sit areaid to in goodondion b onegyptn avtionfficl sd thathe sult of e iestition coul tak up to a ye. alex mar gud, abcews,ha el sikh,gypt >>nd bk inhis untr the iseverweatr onoth des the.s. is mning thgulftateshak by coirmetornoes er t la thr day the rst tbre sin jul hos anschos daged om xas geoia bwindup t 115 les hou avy in aoss e soheas is mningith g anfloo watcs inffec thatain ves theast coastoda the st ithe anti is gettg itfirsblasof wiry wther highindsnd dt trgeri is mticaaccint nr barsfid, cifora. at lst 15ehics iolve i thatnen souer lifoia. rtunely oughno o seouslinjud. e sa fro is liveng
2:28 am
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2:30 am
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
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2:33 am
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2:34 am
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2:35 am
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2:36 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
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2:39 am
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2:40 am
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2:43 am
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2:44 am
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2:45 am
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2:46 am
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2:47 am
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2:48 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
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2:51 am
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2:52 am
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2:53 am
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2:54 am
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2:55 am
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2:56 am
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2:57 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
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3:00 am
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3:01 am
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3:02 am
that beyd iniratnal. thetohdow tha tned a sing higscho tea int re winns,ut tt isfter ouforest m. do wt toote at billis has de aetur it i41 drees oh,oy. "wor newnow"eath, brght youy credcardcom. do u go off us day? balae trsferthat my me bankou ner hrd of, at'sy na hathk yo , ne. tch makyourntert rate. dippeathe's tta a bterwato fd thrighcard whater kd yore srchi for,rediardsom ts y comre huredsf cas finthe e th's rht f youstearc comre, d apy atrediardsom. a on a t, a reepeent sh bk so ha ing? engh pssurin he foya? ug my nuseare llinme. ye...jt wa 'tiwe h n thsandeet. m goa ta mucex sinumax.
3:03 am
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3:04 am
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3:05 am
remeer, dica doe't cer erytng. e re is to u. ll n, reest ur fe ecisn gue] anstargathing e formion u ne to hp yokeepolli wit coen. lon . > do lisng corieon stoo resuran men enurag hlthiatina w sty fis no, th dot. rearchs trked stoms ov fivyearin n yor city d th firity t reqre caloe liingsby t way antheyoundo chge ithe tritnal ntenand gher caloe cots ithe ems rchad. fo forhoug. sincobamare quir calie stin natnwidby t end nexyear. >> wwerealki abo thi rlie caloes a in. lotsf pele dweig
3:06 am
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3:07 am
>> rorte chitle s luntily ut dn al43 catis i tho t stass ou of 00 rtaurts natiwide singn th stemen he safynd ll-bng our c ctomes wa t hhestriory en thgh t vas morit of eseestaantsave port proems. >>eoeoe caill comell en ithe sk ino lger esenbecae thincution peri cane upo tedays >>eporr: hlth ficis on scenare w trng tpinpnt e ext soce othis. co outbak. whei dithisit aost wagrou bri. fr letce a somfrom sals salscan tou. ateast eht peleave bn spitizedith e. li b no deat repted. >>ealtoffials pecthe mber of ses risin t nortest thehearbouthe oureaknd s the docr. >>hat'goodo kn. hat' alreaeallig
3:08 am
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3:09 am
atio. [malnarror]thcoasguarprotts, defes ansavelive [me rao opator ast ard yday. arrar] we a thecot gud fodati d weuppo ouruned stes ast ard. werovi holahipsnd gnts helmakecolle drms aeali. werovi equmentnd gr prote fnessnd hlth.and en e uninkae ppen we'rther ovidg reef t mili of e faen. tocot gud fodati dot orgtoelp ppor ast d mber
3:10 am
>>his ouroyalusic ght? throyasountracwe le to e. in e agof t sele, i mighbe rreshg tout dn thsmarhoneor ahile but e le y're out et a divg he fir int li in e 19 cenry. andn th eleion y, thr feings towdsom's ghtso vo mig be litt dead 're "upll nhtli" wi abc'aditroy. >>eporr: sahndabri istm mig he bn bn in
3:11 am
ke ast enous. >> ddy ha, cortedarbnd a chataine thafuncons a a ctorn veron oa sws my kfe. >> io evythi by nd. actuly aomann th1880 woulhavelrea condereme olfashned caustheyas wingachis. theictoan e is everhing fro 17 - 17 to 19. rah d gal ooseo fos onhe lt dedes at peri whe elericight bbs anca werfirsintruced lkinthroh thr ho in shinon ste, u'retruc by t antue aliances. a od fed sve s, a teraiceb. >> so thmeatets t rit on e ic >> a an l la. >> wre gng tgo aund. >>eporr: iyou sten clely,ou w't hr th soun of washg maine a yer. micwaver mir prarin mes whh ma oneartilar sod -- >> tt sods le a dern phon
3:12 am
it . se espiallout pla. briehas mast's i libry scnce t wos at bi shoand rah rks re atome a wter. >> wdon'comptelyhun mputs. arah sai we e th for rearch i dot wa to conolle and n't nt thavey li dened comtersnd by thnoly. repter:ut sah srted wring r bo "th vicrian fe" hanwithn ey dropr fotainen. >> ictuay ma mor wor f mylf thi w becsehere no edirn th wor w acce a hdwrien m kne scri. haveo ty theup tturn themn. >>hat'the int weang e coet? it lds e ba up straht. alsmakethe ist alle itccenateshe dfere seal cractisti beten men d won. >>eporr: tse tens the pastausean uoar line whensarawrotabouher lifeyle r vocom. reacon on entert wen ralith som o ttt a mockg h and wsite joing
3:13 am
didn evehavehe rht 0 teack en. >> wt's bigbout vot t tt's theife ne oa mocry. ameca srtedith lot ss vers an ty've evenallyecom conctionf whshou vot haevold ov tim ain,t's methg weon't cessily e aseinghe st iorta thi in e wod. >> b youo age th wom ouldote? wel ihihat votg in geral oveatedor everne. >>he chriansayhey aret tryi toorce the liftyle yone jus embcing t erloed ne fm me in histy th waseemily mple >>t's e dieren beten adinaboua dieren couny in booand ing ere. younow do le a od i le a od pr ofpanx myse her >> tre ware. hel, jees. >> wt doou cl itthe fu-m chu lor that a dfere era >> iike poo slees a myat.
3:14 am
andi nexto y. >> sious, whare u so --yocan'te?, yocan'voteand ck st chs ha l asmble looinsi youoven but u'velean offll thbakeon sine fromealpa th ey-of thenly ing ey s is th bigbeauful rd. "mmm" go aad. le'em dge. malennouer ]pprohing mecareligility dot puoff ecki out youredice opons til . nois aood me gethe broing. medire oy y versut % ofart medil cos. thrests upo yo that whe aarmedire suleme insancelans
3:15 am
ey cld hp sa you inut-opock medal cts. tang iormestepreal makea dieren lat. th's wt iteans go ng. ca nownd ruesthis ee desionuide anexple thrange of aarp mecareupplent ans. alplanlikeheseet y choo any docr orospil th accts micarpatits. the e thonlyedice suppmentnsurce pns enrsedy aa. ca nownd ruest yourree cisi gui anstargathing the formion u ne to hp yogo lg. [cou, coh]mi? jat? coh ifou c heame. n't en tnk aut i tookucin dm r myphgmy ugh. ye...b whaaboumike he h thadry ratc thg gog on ess at?itorksn hicougtoo. ugh!gus wh? it wks ohis ugh o. wh? st! don'pulle! spler ert! she esn'maket! onlyucin dm liev botweand y cohs f 12 urs th t medinesn onpill
3:16 am
art e reef. ditcthe sery let'end is. i kn b bryinies ha, bui'm ver nna op. causnow ve g panne ampoand nditner e prv foula cksmoisre iide hai and e dage fm 10blowriess go.
3:17 am
> we, thold yingit's t ifou w ose, 's h yoplayhe ge isn imrtan lson foroung ateteso ar and forhe aldi isigh scho fooall tm in roeste newampsrethat sentent ngs ue.
3:18 am
that whyhen scod onhe fid iteanto mu morthan ju pois. he's o manestestatn. >>eporr: ts is momt thspalng hh scol foll tm wot foet. e te's horarcaptn teen hse g intthe d ne a mada uchdn fo the rst me. >>ne othe ayerhand me thballnd ient nnindown e fid antheyere ckli ayerhi me the codn'tet m i s sur exted d althe plays we hap andheerg d exted r meo dohi >> tgen s muularystrhy d isosinmusc conol a isonfid to whechai >> tre w notng but pde congut o me when iaw h ke tt fid. >>is scialomencame duri theast otba gamof thseas. 's bn a ugh asono ge thugh. ey dn't n ongame buthey sayfter wchin igenthatoesn matr anore. betr th winng a gam anchamonsh and'v'vneve ard is cwd lder. i kp thkingheseoys and theoys kpurni it arnd a say no,, no,ou don' knoow mh he pact ourives tein's m sa oneay st yr, tee pyers
3:19 am
apprchedim aluncand nce en, ey'vmadeim a rt otheilive thplays ealuncwithim ery y, staed comgo rthdarti and excngin gis onolids. e say thesee igenor w hes. >>e's nest probly e of e tohestids ve m. >>e's en othe delis fo eve prticend ery gameheerg the pleron whene filly t hichan toet io thend ne, chged his fe aivesf the plers reve i tnk wall arnethat thers sothina lile me th winand ssesn li and i codn'te prder theay is tm ca togher. it onef the thgs tt you treaseor t res of yolife >>ur, ws 9 >> tt wapoweul. >> o thas torist the. thteamidn'win e ga. th hav't w a ge th seas but thi it esn' maer aall. >> iike w thotheteam didn juslet em w. thas tr. th wertoug >>hat'the ws f this half
3:20 am
3:21 am
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3:22 am
vemb 3rd >>frombc ns, ts is "wor newnow. >>goodorni on is esda m rea nin. i'mendigibs. weade to esda >>'m lkingorwa to ur seent out e moes. >>yean y bieve the osca arebout 11days way, abou actl117 ys ay. wee taing out all ofhe car rthyovie i fl alof uhaveimited ti t tonow ead timthes arthe vieshat e buing nd omakeit eier. >> ibeinnoveer, 're behi theall a l of ose vies i sll he toatchp on otr moes a weaer ia hu impt onhe rsonso ay iand tch on e movies. i cat beeve e weher oundhe cntry >>rettwildor ely noveer. at'sheree're goi toet stted,f cose, sere atheonook dinghe cotry day. inhe wt, t fir big wint sto of e seon.
3:23 am
theast,t waan ening of arts r toadoeand ood tch pla at is ho. >> o o tho spo is raigh,ortharola. relelessain de f a eachous enincomme. thmorng dre loing be about bad abc'clayn saell s it l. >>eporr:ne of edest war a weaer isunn hill flo. >>h, mgosh thisome t ofowhe. i ink is ilike tordo. a rortetorno daging lea oneouse8 twters fromexaso gegia riki sie fray. e biest rnadoutbak sincju. t we, mo higwind this5-vecle ash ar kerseld,alifnia, juri morthan doz ople >> h mancarsre ithis accint? >> rorte a wan rordi the termh, idisbief. alama, -milper-ur windtookut ts hi schl. and nor carina,ains ashethe mmut floda, ese iver wererougthe ood
3:24 am
lea sixeoplare ad. stets vishe uer wat and rvfload aw. soutof hstontroylmors me sity meraaptud th tordo rpinghrou his faly bacard. >> iwas eaky >> rorte dozs ofomesn e ar werdamad. >>ll ts waup ainstere. it hpeneso qck, at - 's hd torepa fort. >> rorte theorna tha re t rf offf th hse sacki wds o115 le pehour but e dage he isrett rand. th hou rig nexdoor- colete fin aytosandl, a new larte,exas >>omeby tued t aicondioneononuperh. snows faing higr elevionsn caforn. >>ryinto g yourepad fowint. >> ihink so bause don keold. i n't le sn. >> sw filly kingn imct onhe srra vada a w ines fl yeerdaand mores eecte se t s sorttoda
3:25 am
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3:26 am
findgs apremure. th bck b is cai. avtionxper sayhe rl aners y ha to me fm thwrecge. thiairpne ce apt inantaousl thermay t beny da th uld apppria orould sh us whaeallapped on ose ack xes. >>he 2 peoe ki wn plple weown re mtly ssiavacaoner as my ofhe bies riven stpeteburginveigats arnot ing t teorisas a ssib cau. > th nts honfied t nkenreckeocat ove t weekd ishat of the efaro rgo ip. it wt do lasmontduri huicanjoaqn. al33 pple boa wer lost ews ll ctinuto srch r thblacbox tryo prove cls in theinki. mo lawits ve bn fid on halff thvicts. >> tre weumers
3:27 am
d nurous opptuniesor th comny tull tha shi ba. butheyegleed tdo tt. famy meers pinghe mainof tir led os ca be latedn orr tonsura prop burl. >>thers gring tragor a u.s.undegas atioin ghantan. end up stintaxpers re tn $4milln. hoexacy dithisappe here abc mara raatz. >> rorte thedon'callt e wod's st eensi gas atiofor thin 43illi u.staxper dlars ent a rote ghwastop th shod ha cosno me th $50000. thidea afanisn halotsf naral s rerves so, bece le depdentn coly feignil iorts bud thcouny's rst coress natal g staon, and en cvertars runn thfuel buit cts $0 towitcover a r toatur gas morehan e avage ghan makein aea >>his simy mise o taayer mon.
3:28 am
d frd out toe precut. >> rorte the pengon i coopatinwith vestator butheyave expin sfar. and won getne sn sie thoubehi theroje cled sp simont ago mart radtz, c ne, waingt. >>volkagens acsed cheang odies emiion tes foa send te.e. e epclai vw stald sowareo riteston 10 new xuryehics so in e s. iludi audand rsch mode witsix lind diel ennes. thutomerellsbc ns thoscars d notave e softre. hasdmitd 11illi veclesheat tes. tomac bring ded the vernnt tits ting syem. at stem sign to lp consers enti theost impoant fetyechnogiein necars aumatibrakg was drers a clisi andngag the vecle'brak autaticly a dver es n. itoulde add tohe ring
3:29 am
stemtartg wi 201 mode. >>publ heah instigors wasngtoand egonxpec w cas of. co to rertedoday chippotl hlose 43fts staunts ll t rts a in. peoe hadeenickened b not l ofhem. instigors lievthe tbre maye lied t prode. >>amaz is ing tro oping s fit brk an rtartorehis rninin attlcall aman bos. 1 ll sck 1000 tles, inudinbestelle andm doneustor farite e mar dieren fro tritiol stes eh boing ll fe ourath thabein tighy stked th oy th spin shong. myusba spe a l of ney onooks plea do t tell himhe ns. >> t oth difrencfrom tritiol bostor it' eninas oosedo cling wn f goo
3:30 am
andhat'whatmazois. allrit. w abt se orts starng wh a gat "nday ght otba" ga. thundeatedanths we up -6 in the urthuart agnst e cos wh inanapis mnted furus meba. >> cts qrterck andwuck thretwo uchdn pass. gulaon te exred. bo tea kicd a eld al. pantrs ierceion t th up f thein. thatamehank toraha ga's 5yardieldoal. carona sys uefead wi a 296 wi you t toave wer tho gs iyou nt tdo tt. ororkn yo thimast. may he doe use
3:31 am
ighmter. the worhampnshi yalsre bkk he aneadyo partwithans. kaas cy wi hon t t cham wita pade a ral toy. lol scol dtric kneso ny ks wod beut, ey osedor t day 200,0 pele eecteto tendhe snt. washeirirstorlderie in 3year >>f the's e dato ccel scho, it wheyourity ns thworlcity it's culral ment cultal mentsre portt. ll, comg , ds dismsed om tsa and you chce tdoptth. >>alsohead- t vidtape atck oan ur dre. whe lened out e ma undearre andhe pmine job los > a stuing ght r comms. a ba of re lhtinup t y anhe spelatibout whatellrom t ear. is ithe d? and lar -- i'mrae ake,enioedit fr rotn totoes it osc buztimend fm "t maran" "brge o spie we ve ely pdictns anthe viesououave ee.
3:32 am
if y're e 50o 85 th is imptantessa. soleas wre do theumbe youscre. the ck iant tal to y abo n't e onon yr do. it a re lo r yo lifinsunce th guanteeyourate canevego uat a tim for y reon. but carul. manyolics yosee notave e, but u caget a feti ratlockhrou thcoloal pn prram. ll ts nuer toearnore. th plawas sign wi a re lo r pele oa fid inme whwantfforble fe iuran that sime toet. vera optns for st $95 aonth lesshan cen a d. act now and ur re wi be loed ifor fe. wilneveincrse. yourovere canevebe ccell lonas y pay yourremis, and ur aeptae guantee witho heth qstio. yocann be rnedown beuse youheal. ll f youinfoatiokit
3:33 am
bothre fe, wi no ligaon. dot wa, ca thinumb now hey ddy,et'set tsedauil quidels d go but ese quidels e ne mucix fa max 's t samdiffence the armultsympm. ll sare ese. thisne imax reng andfits mus. at ooe't. uh..hinkast! u drped methg. oh.i'lput bac onhe slf.. nefromucin fasmax. the ly cd anflu quidel that maxtrenh anfigh muc. stt threli. ditcthe sery let'end is. willive e lifef no th t ski ofhen ol tot effts vitan-enched toighthe 7signof ang.
3:34 am
4 wks,sk loo to yea yoger. in 1romthe worls #1 ay. ur besteautul yo cler mos wot st theco andlu. budisiecti witlysocan. sol pes d spy ar apoved kilmoreypesf ges th clox. helkeepour milyhealy, lysothat i ta prisec c ea morngfomy fquenhearurn becae yocan'beatzeroeartrn! ah theweetastef viory! ilos otc e pi eacmorng. hou.
3:35 am
>>a spectacur sce in bangk, tilan caut by dashoardamer at's susctedeteo blazg ov theity liev be e send meor ying overhe ti catal two mohs. noyourormadriv nelesso sa d wee leningore aboue vient atta cgh onamerof arunkasseer ttinhis er dver om t backeat. >>hat ssenr hanow en fireas aexecive r ta bell.
3:36 am
chars. ma gutn wi mor >> rorte ed rcab useto dre fouber expleti ] repter:ut aer ts beatg noanyme. passger njam. goen w s sshinom se to slidin t bacseat cabasayse seed sdrunhe codn'tell m hi destatio coodudeyou' goto gi meirecons. >> wn heays ldenegan cursg atim, turd hi dacam oundnd td goen er re isver. >> i kicng y out >> rorte theashc tchi thearra of nche but ban ghtsack. tch m peer say h sailt. ban ys tis a saf beuse ey he a rtitn beeen e drer a paenge. buwhenou u ubeit h yo nam youphonnumb and ur cdit rd nber. repter:e'veeen able
3:37 am
drunnnesbut er h infoed hs nobann for lifen ub. ma gutn, a new loanges. >>hereas atatent fm ta belsayi thagivethe bevi of e invidu it' cleahe cld nlong wor r us we'valsoffer and enurag himo se pressial hp." >>eallthers so sor ofelp at ineed. seveyeareter of co ll. th mov quily in gettg riof h. he sin shudownll ohis nkedn, sial dia priles ourext lf hr, h la of eep n afct yr heth. thmanyhingpeop witodd urs ve twatcout r an w le sle chaes h you bodyorks >>but rst, ards asons alst he whh mes nois the me wn osr wohy
3:38 am
aboufilmis nt. yorechin"wor new no annncer "wod ne now coinueafte thifromur abc atio oday1 ouof ery ameran ks isispac.thameanman ofhe fure ctor w wilcareor , e eninee o wi bui ouritie e scntis anentrrenes oouuntr cabe yr kis. allnow w ha s foyou senthemo clege thiss whwe wt yo o kn youre t ale, d ery y, moreeoplsuppt yo tmaket haen. manyuppt yoandhe hpani sclarsp fu lps u are pl, anpay
3:39 am
prf th sumr blobust seas nowust disntme, > wi thescareaso now ju a dtant mery, ware al nowull ing to oar moviseas. can u beeve ? herere aeadyome jor ntenrs in thte aeady withrettstufcompitioon thway. ininus n is tten tomaes sior itorrae ake. od tsee u. hel. so hur me knowe'r mplely pt suer ts fa alonand 're lkinabou thoscacontders >> tt's ght. say od-b to ur pcorn icksnd s hel to o threhourun tes. witsubtles. so inow litt ear on therwere manmovietti omscaruzz at ce outhis fa. at a we arinabounow? the's smanyood lms is yr. i ink 's gng tbe rlly
3:40 am
intestinawarseas, rit? beuse u'veot mies me oua lile wle bk li "t maran,"verydy w imesse"brie ofpies sten selbe an car gnet andom hks. >> ocour. the's viesike he dish rl,"eoplhavet se yet thiss a hugeovieause 's irediy tily wre eddiredmne iplayg liy el. o's e of- she a trsgenrione. sot's topiin o newand movithatealsith is sue th gat ssitity a it'sometng wshou alle wahingt thmovi. thiss ouworl it wn't ck ithe rly 00s. >>o ede reaynelays trsgenr inhis vie? >>ep. >> ok. ani thk ts h bee throh li theestil ciuit. 's bn geing lot buz yes beuse u kn, ede reayne
3:41 am
>>nd aciacoer ialso i e fi. wee se hern "t manrom uncl" the's methg abt thfilm at'so betifuthat thi it goi to pturthe atntio of a the vo. >> "the dish rl,"omin o ter thimont wh elsdo whave >> wl, tre'sometng tt i thk isoingo be reay rely b connderurin awar sean bui thk so peop areoingo are wi me are u rey fothis >> oy. e yorefeing anyovie thattarsyan ynol? i'defitelyrgueith u. thafulli'm t. 're vingim f a wa otr seent. tar rs" e foe awens. >>ou'rjustayinit bause u'reere. >> i so citeabouit. youe athe mher ip. younow at? i ink at is gog toet a t ofwardbecae it a likelordf thring it'santa. has who bun of s it. ere'so mh montumehin itike eryby's cite ev theld wte me acemy vote arexcit f f "st
3:42 am
it'done >>o i think 's gng twin tenicaawar. i ink 'll e itctuay p aot me th we' se "st war menon athe carsefor >>our ck f bespicte rit no herick r be ctur2016s "sr wa." > r jawho? ani al do ant makan ofcialall r scen itin by e wa >> f wha >> f thiawar not r "sr wa" bufor eve jobs m caing . it goi to n. >> f scrn wring. > ne dl. the are lotf pele sayi thathiss faasti and sbenr cado nwron the da. obouslhe'lprobly g a nomitionor bt acr. >> a film. in crowd fid. thais o of e fist reenlayshat thincoun as apted and ceptnal. it of thmostxcitg moes ie ev seewherall
3:43 am
peop d dis jtalk >> ge dre fr rotn totoes
3:44 am
no" wh do u go off us day? balae trsferthat my me bankou ner hrd of, at'sy na hathk yo , ne.wah meake ur ieres te..disaear. thers goa be betr way finthe ght rd. whater kd yore srchi for,rediardsom ts y comre huredsf cas finthe e th's rht f youjustearc comre, d apy a e, awo, thre rcencashack id y knothers a ugh liqd thatlastfor welv hou? trdels welvhourough liid. itadvaed fmulaeleaspowful dici thaactsast
3:45 am
ryelsy >>hey,ow is ti forthe mi" ere e alsortof canse ju sar dox. whatbout sele soal mia dex? it'shat e mol in aurali an-yeaoldl, ght ere tkhesehoto an decedo edithe caions betifumode she itedhem to refct wt acallyent . the yes ofosti difrent phos oinstram. 500,0 foower stea sheauncd on mio. is ithe deo heritho e maup.
3:46 am
e reizedfter weeof ing is onot stinbein so aive socl med, sh reizedhe ltenemorend shhad re te anwas ss ress outnd mh haier causyou' notryinto o up oeverody se wh yo phos. goofor. wel ta youfollers. youike ur sial dia. >>es, do . >>ot bableo geyou get f. >>o yoevero tohe aport e thtsa gs a go want one tho? sur nowou c. tsis ging fordoption so of eir nine ke aook at the guy coue, y wou. ey'rlookg fonew mes at ds areith reted o justidn'quitmakehe c. thdogsangen agfrom to 10. on a giv dayabou12 t24 gs a avaableor aptio >> a the dogthatent throh thprogm? >> some have. they might be detecting bombs around the house. but, yeah, you have an extra use for them. >> that's great. you can go onto the tsa website. >> yeah, and find the dogs that
3:47 am
i'm going to check it out. i think i'm getting a dog. elevator rides no longer company. you don't have to worry about silence or bad music. this is a rosetta, a creative agency out of san francisco decided to upgrade their elevator. this one might be disco mode. psychedelic, scary, it's gone viral. >> i want the karen carpenter one. check out this guy. josh davis was so confident last tuesy that the mets would win it all, he decided to get a tattoo. >> no, he didn't. >> yes. >> whoops. in his tweet he sent out beforehand, be he said about to make a big mistake possible. that's the tattoo he ended up with. he says he doesn't regret it at all.
3:48 am
other side, making news in america this morning, debate debacle, the gop candidates in disarray over their demands. the president now taking jabs. >> they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. >> the republican effort f debate reform crumbling. live in washington with details. severe weather from coast to coast, rain and snow in the west being blamed for a massive mile one and flooding rains on the move in the east. we're tracking it all. quality concerns. the air in your workplace and its negative impact on your health. jimmy kimmel back with his
3:49 am
the out bursts. well, good tuesday morning, the republican presidential candidates are now battling amongst themselves over debate demands in it appears the consensus is collapsing the candidates' united effort crumbling in a series of late nighght announces from several campaigns. >> and now president obama is slamming the republican field for their complaints with "your voice, your vote," abc's lana zak is live in washington. lann lana, good morning. >> reporter: several republican candidates sensing this is their opportunity to portray their rivals as unable to answer tough questions. >> they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. >> reporter: overnight president obama poking fun at gop presidential candidates and their debate demands. >> if you can't handle those guy guys, you know, then i don't think the chinese and the russians are going to be too worried about you.
3:50 am
>> reporter: after initially banding together the republican alliance is coming apart at the seams. donald trump says he prefers to negotiate for himself. here he is speaking to bloomberg tv. >> we should be like a basksketball player. we should go on stri. >> reporter: also refusing to sign on john kasich, chris christie and carly fiorina whose campaign has opted out of the debate controversy from the start choosing, quote, dinner at the applebee's in pella, iowa, instead and now ben carson abandoned by many of his fellow contenders on the defensive when asked if his campaign led debate reforms are backfiring. >> that's a bunch of garbage. >>eporter: carson pushing forward with demands that includes no show of hands question and require that the temperature below 67 degrees. as republicans debate the next debate, another poll shows carson in the lead, six point as head of trump nationwide, marco ruo in third place with 11% and ted cruz and jeb bush
3:51 am
rounding out the top five. and based off the results of this pollll, the same ten candidates are likely to make it to the main stage for the next debate. whatever form that takes. but it's really bad news for governor bobby jindal who had less than 1%, may even be cut off from the undercard debate. reena, kendis. >> okay, the clock is tick. we look forward to the next debate to see how it unfolds. lana zak live in washington, thanks so much. there is severe weather on beet sides of the country this morning. >> heavy rai is moving across the southeast. dense fog and flash flood watches are in effect. it's a remnant of deadly storms that swept over the gulf this weekend. 18 confirmed tornadoes battered the region from texas to georgia. the worst outbreak since july. and t take a look, the radar shows the trouble spot, the storm front and the heavy rain they're on the move up the east coast today. >> on the other side of the country a first taste of winter. hard to believe but snow falling
3:52 am
in season, meanwhile, high winds and dust triggered this multicar against near bakersfield, california. at least 15 vehicles involved. accuweather's molly cochran has the western forecas good morning, molly. reena. the unsettledness continues across the southwest tuesday. looking at rain and snow to continue coming along with it are some powerful winds, salt lake city to las vegas, definitely could cause for a few flight pla to be hinderered looking at those wind gusts t get near 40 to 55 miles per hour. here's a look at our snowfall total map through wednesday. any of these dark blue shades indicates 6 to 12 inches of snow mainly above 6,000 feet now this disturbance i going to continue to shift eastward. hard hit texas round after round of raincould go in and that's going to be coming back out to play for thursday and friday. kendis and reena, back to you.
3:53 am
turning to egypt and the mystery surround that doomed russian passenger jet, breaking apart and plummeting 31,000 feet to the sinai desert. interfax is reportiting that unusual sounds were heard on board just before the plane disappeared from radar. among the possible causes of the crash, a missile, a bomb or mechanical failure. u.s. officials are refusing to rule out isis involvement. the 224 people killed when the plane went down were mostly russian vacationers. there's growing controvsy over what's being called the world's most expensive gas station. 43 million u.s. taxpayer dollars spent on a remote stop in afghanistan. e idea was to build that country's first compressed natural gas station and then convert cars toun on that fuel. then the costs began to mount. >> this is simply misuse of taxpays' money. all of this would suggest that
3:54 am
and fraud ought to be prosecuted. >> when investigators asked questions about all of this, the defense department said everyone who worked on the project was gone and therefore unable to answer. major developments this morning in that controversial pipeline proposed to run from canada to the gulf coast. the company behind the keystone pipeline has now asked the obama administration to suspend its year-long review of the prproject. some say it's because the administration was preparing to rejecthe project and the company would prefer to delay that decision until after the presidential elecection. to whington now and a portrait of former houston dennis hastert has been removed from the capitol. it had hung there for years removed on orderss from new house speaker paul ryan and came down just days after hastert pleaded guilty to breaking banking laws in hush money scandal. well, it's election day in one of the major items t be decided in san francisisco is the future of the so-called sharing
3:55 am
economy. specifically proposition f would cap short-term housing rentals like those down through airbnb, limit 75 days a year and the hoving company would have to pull the listing. airbnb spent millions to oppose the campaign.. election day 015 san francisco voters decide on proposition f. >> and in the meantime, in ohio voters there will decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana. it would join coloradodo, oregon and washington if approved as states where pot is legal. today's rerendum would authorize ten facilities to grow marijuana. in the meantime, in colorado voters will decide what the state should do with $66 million from marijuana tax revenues. still ahead, the deals and discounts for natnal sandwich day. who knew? >> concerns growing, a possible outbreak one state dealing with at least ten cases of a raree fever. wheree did it comefrom. the uber driver under attack.
3:56 am
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this was a s spectac scene in bangkok, thailand caught by a dashboard camera. that meteor blazing over the city, believed to be the second one flying over the thai capital in two months. not your normal drive needless to say. well, volkswagen is accused of cheating on diesel emissions tests for a second time. the epa claims vw installed software to rig tests on 10,000 new luxury vehicles sold in the u.s. they include audi and porsche models with sick cylinder diesel engines. those cars didn't have that
3:59 am
software but it has emitted 11 million vehicles did cheat emission tests. the maker of the wildly popular mobile game candy crush saga is being sold for nearly $6 billion. the deal with king digital entertainment will strengthen the portfolio of activision blizzard blizzard. >> googl hopes to be using drones to deliver packages to customers' doorsteps in two years according to leader of goog's project wing as it's called. amazon and alibaba are also experimentsing with drone delivery. national sandwich day. those buying a sandwich and drink will get another free sub and at ashby's the classic roast beef sandwich will cost you 99 cents. you'll take me out to lunch. >> 99 cents, that is about right for me.
4:00 am
back, ejected. high school football player claiming he was penalized for praying. plus, crack the window
4:01 am
a fiery scene at the edge of los angeles overnight, flames
4:02 am
yard in duarte, california. at least 30 vikes caught fire fueled by upholstery, tires and leftover gasoline. multiple crews responded to the emergency with half a dozen fire trucks. now for a look at morning road condition, winter driving conditions could make trouble in the sierra and rockies. rain in the southeast could cause slippery conditions. if you're flying airport delays possible in salt lake city. well, this morning getting new informationbout the person seen beating his uber driver. the passenger is benjamin golden whoho usedo be a top marketing executive with taco be in southern california. the company has fired him encouraging him to get professional help. the 32-year-old golden faces assault and public drunkenness. the uber driver says he mounted that camera in his car because of past issues with passengers. health officls in hawaii say there are ten confirmed cases of dengue fever. it is likely being spread by
4:03 am
mosquitoes that have been infected by a traveler who had the virus. officials say both tourists and residents have been affected but they will not say in which communities. tourists are advised to bring mosquito repellant. does listing caloriess on fast food restaurant menus encourage healthier eating? well, a new study says no, they don't. researchers track customers over five years here in new york and they found no change in the nutritional content in higher calorie counts in the items purchased. food for thought since obamacare requires calorie listings nationwide by the end of 2016. arizona high school football player is hoping to be reinststated in der to play in his team's important up many coming game. pedro thus his ors into the air after scoring last friday his touchdown helped his team to a playoff spot for the first time in more than 20 years. the player says he did it to thank god but the refs didn't see it that way. >> i couldn't believe it. i was thinking to my what i
4:04 am
could have done wrong. i thank god for all the power that he's ven me tolay the game and i just give the glory to him. >> banda received his second ununsportsmaike conduct penalty of the game and banned from that game. he's appealing it in hopes of being able to play. speaking of football, it's a big day for -- sorry, it's baseball, kansas city royals, baseball, kansas city royals, we're talking about the world series champs back home and they will be honored with a parade and rally. getting excited for the super bowl. >> the lombardi trophy arriving. >> come on. >> local schools knew so many would be out they closed for the day 200,000 expected to attend. as for last night's sports here's the guys from espn. he's stan. traces trace trace on the jib.
4:05 am
>> w very manyvember. >> colts and panthers on monday night. the colts came all the way back to tie the game sent into overtime where we pick it up. tied at 26. andrew luck looking for coby fleener. passion deflected. intercepted by luke kuechly who is always around the football. always. panthers take over in coals territory. following panthers drive, graham gano sloppy field with all the rain in charlotte, 53 yards away, gano nails it. panthers, 29-26. they get to 7-0 for the first time in francse hhistory. 76er fans gave that man a standing ovation by the end of the ball game against the cavaliers because lebn james would reach 25,000 career points. whoo, within one on that feed from matthew dellavedova. and then in the next cavs
4:06 am
he had 22 points, 11 assists, 9 rebounds, sixth active. with25,000 points. and cleveland wins the ball game, 107-100. >> philly is a good basketball town. >> yeah, it's smart, man. >> they know a great play when they see it. that's all we got, back to you. up next in "the pulse," everyone's favorite halloween bit, jimmy kimmel's candy prank. it's back. and a mets fan, too early with this tattoo. >> come on. this is claira. to prove to you that aleve ishe better choice for her she's agreed to give it up. that's today? we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. after the deliveries, i was ok. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. all these stops to take more pills can be a pain.
4:07 am
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i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it, i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger, that it s important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth. pronamel is definitely helping me to lead the life that i want to live. hey there. time to check "the pulse" starting with out many rage with
4:09 am
kids across the community thanks to jimmy kimmel. >> he challenged parents to tell their kids they ate all their halloween candy and capture the hilarious reaction on camera. >> oh, you're kidding me. you're kidding me, dad? >> i'mf i see no candy, you are in big trouble, young lady. >> i ate it. >> did you eat the cookies? >> i ate all of it. daddy too. >> i don't want to see you ever again and go get a job. >> it really never gets old. even though it hurts my heart to see these kids upset, this year kimmel received a record response, more than a thousand parents submitting their videos. last year's edition has been viewed 36 million times on
4:10 am
youtube so i'm guessing even though he's a new dad he's still going to keep doing this segment. >> who will pay for these kids' future therapy bills. having trouble staying sharp on the job. our excuse is not enough sleep. if you keep normal hours bad air quality could be to blame. >> this according to a new harvard study. those who work in well ventilated green buildings show better cognitive function than workers in a typical office. >> green offices have lower indoor air pollution and carbon dioxide levels on days when study participants worked in green offices they scored 61% higher on cognitive tests. we need to take down the roof, put in some plants. >> yeah. it will be tough t to do in new york. next up, our buddyentley suffice to say he's a big boy. he lives in pennsylvania. >> he is five years old, 38 inches tall and weighs 228 pods. they say bentley eats about 30 pounds of dog food a week.
4:11 am
his favorite trick is getting his own ice directly from the icemaker. >> bentley's owners have appli to get him into the guinness book of world records as the world's tallest living dog. they'll find out by the end of the year. if he made it. >> good ck. >> if he had a tinder profile it would have sounded just like that. finally, we already mentioned today's world s series victory parade in kansas city. that means the tattoo that you see here is, well, it's a problem. >> a mets fan named josh davis was eager crowning his tm world champs 2015, we cannly wonder what he was thinking watching his team go down to the royals sunday night on extra innings. >> he admitted getting it was risky but obviously he went for it anyway. that 5 can probably be changed to a 6. don't you think? >> you know, they could have a shot next year. >> good luck. >> they could change at. >> and save his tattoo. more news after this. (under loud music) this is the place.
4:12 am
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to be calledoff, kabc'seo stlworth has the rest of the story. >> reporter: the venture county rescue missision feeds men, women and children each year. on any given day or night the homeless partake of a meal here inside of the dining hall. come saturday night 150 of the homeless will not be eating at the mission and the dining hall. they will be here partaking in an elegant meal. why? a father paid thousands for his child's wedding party to dine at the hotel but the wedding has been called off. given there was no refund the father decided to donate the wonderful meal and beautiful venue for the homeless to enjoy. >> have you ever had that happen before. >> never. this is a first for us and called us. we talked to them on friday and then they said we want to provide up to 150ourmet meals at the embassy suites in mandalay bay. >> reporter: the mission is
4:14 am
scrambling to ensure transportatation for clients like duncan. he is a gulf war veteran and plans to put on his best attire forhe elelegant night out. >> we eat really good here, but we don't get a chance to be able to go out and do something like that so for this gentleman to even think about that i think is outstanding. i think everybody -- i like don't even know who he is but thank you very much. >> repororter: theather has made it clear he would rather remain anonymous. the folks at the mission cannot ank him enough. >> he expressed it this way or tipping it or paying it forward. a lot of these people will never have an opportunity to eat a restaurant. so he got -- he stopped a minute when sne and i were talking to him on the phone and seemed to get choked up. >> we help a lot of people. this he help a lot. i want to say thank you for giving back to us. >> they deserve that. the second time we've reported on a story like this in california very nice.
4:15 am
somethve a great tuesday. making news in america this morning, debate debacle, the gop candidates in disarray over their demands. the president now taking jabs. >> they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. >> the republican effort for debate reform crumbling. liven washington with details. severe weather from coast to coast, rain and snow in the west being blamed for a massive mile one and flooding rains on the move in the east. we're tracking it all. quality concerns. the air in yr workplace and its negative impact on your health. jimmy kimmel back with his
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