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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 4, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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passenger jet that broke apart in the sky. new intelligence suggests it might have been a bomb. and athat hour, britain going even further. suspending flights to that region. new images of the smong wreckage and what injuries to passengers in the back of the plane could reveal. and was isis inlved? also breaking, flights halted at an airport here in amica. shots fired, not f from the runway. the police standoff. families told to stay inde. the attack on a college campus. the suspect targeting students and faculty. we're on the scene tonight. the stunning reveal. the officer and father who radioed for help, found shot and killed, the massive manhunt. but tonight, we learn it was all part of an elaborate plan. and, they thought she might never walk on her own. until she met george. tonight, they're both america strong. good evening. and we begin tonight with that midair catastrophe.
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this evening, british intelligence authorities are now saying it was more likely a bomb an mechanical failure. britain even taking action, halting some flights to egypt. of course, that russian passenger jet breakg apart in air, killing all 224 people o on board. there are new aimimages tonight, moments after the crash. isis has claimed responsibility before, and did so again today. u.s. officials tonight saying preliminary information including intercepts suggests that a bomb may have brought down the plane. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross leading us off. >> reporter: counterterrorism officials tonight say new intelligence makes them believe it was more likely that a bomb, not a mechanical issue, brought down the russian jet liner. >> we have concluded that there is a significant possibility that that crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft. >> reporter: officials in egypt tonight say investigators are
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looking for evidence that passengers in the back of the plane may have had injururies fro an explosion, including shrapnel in their bodies, as an indication where a bomb might have been hidden. alex marquardt of abc news is in cairiro. >> reporter: egyptian officials have been quick to hit back on any talk of terrorism. the foreign minister calling it premature and catastrophic for egyptian tourism. the analysis of the black boxes has begun here, but the cockpit voice recorder was damaged. and investigators say a lotot mor work is needed. >> reporter: within hours of the group, an ice sis-connected group said it was responsible. a claim initially disputed by u.s. officials. but now the group has become the prime suspect, and today, it posted a second claim of responsibility. the russian flight left saturday from the sharm el sheikh airport in egypt, where today, all flights two and from britain were suspended after british officials told abc news they found extremely lax security there. terror groups operating in
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the regionave been working extremely hard to develop explosives that can be smuggled onto an airplane undetected. >> reporter: as u.s. and british officials have common straited, small amount of explosives can cause catastrophic damage to an airplane. >> in milliseconds, the aircraft would basically break apart. >> reporter: even before the 9/11 attacks, passenger planes had long been and remain a prime target of teterrorists a bomb brought down pan am flight 103 in 1988, killing 270 people. and al qaeda has since tried unsuccessfully with bombs hidden in underwear, a shoe and printer cartridges. for the u.s. tonight, the concern is whether terrorists have now developed a new explosive that cannot be detected by standard screening procedures. and officials tonight are consideringg whether extra security measures are needed for u.s. flights heading in and out of that regiondavid. >> and brian, you heard what we said at the top, that u.s. officials say preliminary information suggests a bomb might have been the cause.
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working with the british authorities tonight. >> reporter: absolutely. it seems to be leaning in that direction at this point. >> all right, brian ross, thank you. meantime back here at home, flights halted foror aime at an american airport in sandiego. a full ground stop for a time, after a frightening standoff on the ground not far from the airport. an active shooter. [ gunfir] >> gunshots ringing out in that community. s.w.a.t. teams sprinting to the scene. the gunman with a high powered rifle. and late word now, he is in custody at this hour. the standoff, though, lasting for hours. abc's nick watt is in san diego. [ guire ] >> reporter: police officers taking cover. asas gunshotring out, a whole neighborhood, including two schools, on lockdown. a shooter armed with a high-powered rifle, holed up in that buidling. 9:12 a.m. there was a 911 call, a port of domestic violence here at
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2445 brant street. >> shots fired! code 1111, barricaded suspect, apartment 610. >> rounds came out from a room or a bathroom in the apartment, through a door. nearly hitting the officer. so, we're talking within inches of hitting the officer. >> more rounds going off. we're going to need some shields or something so we can get out of here safery. >> reporter: a woman who was in thee apartme with the shooter is out and safe. tom right next store. darnell de palma stuck with her dog, filming the scene from a balcony. 10:15 a.m., the faa ordered a full ground stop at san diego international airport. the shooter is hunkered down less than a mile from the approach end of runway 27. tear gas fired into the apartment. an hour later, five hours after this stananandoff began, police report suspect in custody.
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titan colbert. shots fired, near misses, but no injuries reported. airport's back open, but it will be a few hours before local resints are allowed back into their homes. david? >> all right, nick watt on the scene for us. thank you, nick. and to another frightening scene tonight. the fbi now investigating an attack on a university of californiacampus. 20 mines of horror. that campus on lockdown, after a student wielding a nine-inch knife began targeting fellow students and faculty, too. victims were medevaced to hospitals. four people were stabbed. officers taking the suspect down. abc's matt gutman is on the sce for us. >> reporter: the assailant began slashing just before classes started. >> there's a shooting, stabbing at uc-her said, so, they're all enoute there at this time. >> they could see this person running through the campus, through the windows. >> reporter: it was right before 8:00 a.m. the school tweeting this alert. the stabbing spree class and office building. the suspect reportedly spilling outside, continuing to attack
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people. police swarming, chasing the assailant, finally confronting him on a nearby overpass. >> apparently they do have the suspect, possibly cuffed and detained at the bridge, but that's not been confird. >> reporter: police had actually shot the assailant, who died on the scene. sours tell abc news the assailant was a student at the school. in alltwo students, a faculty member and a construction were wounded. his father says his son helped slow the attacker down. >> he got stabbed, but he was able to kick the guy in the head, which got him away. >> reporter: david, this is a small school, but now the investigationas gone national. multiple federal agencies, we've learned, are now involved in trying to untangle the motive behind this attack. now, because most of the campus is still a crime scene, the school will be closed again tomorrow. david? >> matt gutman with us tonight. thank you, matt. a stunning twist in a story that made national adlines and had an ente community fearful
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and on lockdown for a time. after a manhunt and a mystery that lasted for weeks. it was all about a veteran cop in illinois, a father of four, nicknamed g.i. joe by his fellow cops, found shot dead. that all-out search costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. but tonight, bombshell revelation. authorities say it was a carefully staged suicide. abc's alex perez tonight. >> reporter: the manhunt, massive. choppers in the air, police going door to door, hunting for three men they believed killed lieutenant charles joseph gliniewic st. it began the morning of september 1st. he says he's pursuing three suspicious individuals. >> 10-4. did you need a second unit?? >>0-4. go ahead and start somebody. >> reporter: minutes later, police discover him dead, >> send everybody you possibly can. officer is down. >> reporter: the community is shaken. he was nicknamed g.i. joe, a
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husband and father of four. >> joe was my best friend, my rld, my hero. >> reporter: hundreds of officers from all across the country attend his funeral. and it wasn't until october 1st, ononeonth after the lieutenant was found dead here at the scene that authorities revealed he was killed with his own gun, but they were still investigating the case primarily as a homicide. >> goomorning. >> reporter: today, investigators revealed it wasn't murder at all. that the lieutenant staged his own suicide. even shooting himself twice. once under his bulletproof vest. they say he was about toe exposed as a thief for stealing thousands of dollars from the youth progr run by the police department, spending it on mortgage payments, personal trips,ym memberships and even adult websites. >> gliniewicz committed the ultimate betrayal to the citizens he served and the entire law enforcement community. >> reporter: and david, police reportedly spent more than $300,000 on that manhunt and investigation. tonight, the family of the lieutenant calls this another day of deep sorrow. david?
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>> alex perez with us tonight. thank you, alex. and now to the race for 2016 tonight, starting with donald trump on the ground in new hampshire today. officially filing for the primary there. bubut havin to answer for this controversial retweet. taking aim at jeb bush with an image of a sombrero and a swastika. just days from hosting "saturday night live" now, there are calls tonight for trump to be pulled from his hosting duties. abc's tom llamas on the trail. >> reporter: in new hampshire today, donald trump is still the best show in town. >> feeeels like historyic day. >> reporter: smiling as he officially files to be on the primary ballot. >> well, this may be a very, very important signature or maybe not so important. >> reporter: but b behind t scenes, his campaign dealing with a pr might mare after trump retweeted this tweet. adios jeb, aka jose. the tweet included these images, the bush family next to a swastika and jeb in a mariachi outfit.
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twitter skills. >> i do my own tweets, 90%. >> reporter: his campan says the retweet has now been deleted. tonight, groups protesting outside the "saturday night live" studios. trump hosts this week, and in this promo, takes aim at the man who's become his toughest competition. >> mr. trump can only speak for four seconds in this promo. >> so let me just say this. ben carson is a complete and total loser. >> reporter: carson saying he won't watch him, and that hosting "snl" is not for him. >> i think the presidency is a very serious thing and i don't like making light of it like that. >> reporter: david, trump and carson will meet again next week at the nextt rublican debate. and tomorrow, we'll find out who else will be on theain stage. new pomes show governor chris christie and mike huckabee mayay not make the cut. david? >> tom llamas with us again tonight. thank you, tom. and now to the new national poll showing jeb bush at a new low and what he's now doing about it. among the steps, hiring a coach.
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and that coach's advice? be yourself. tonight, our own jon thavrnthanathan karl, one-on-one with jeb bush, asking, why did you have to pay someone to tell you that? here's jon's exclusive. >> rorter: jeb bush is the hitting the road in new hampshire. you're going to be logging a lot of miles on this thing? is that the idea? >> yeah, i hope so. >> reporter: today, we got on board the "jeb can fix it" bus. he's hoping it will also fix his struggling campaign. when you look at where you are, i mean, new poll -- >> end's not near. >> reporter: a new poll out this morning, 4%. did you ever think you'd be -- >> i don't even care. it's not relevant. >> reporter: how do you get this thing back on track? >> just keep having a dialogue with people that are going to decide who the next president is going to be. we can't just have another loud voice, or another person from one side of the capitol to move to the other side without any proven record of experience. and i can tell my story in a positive way, which is, that's in my comfort zone. >> reporter: bush says he's patient, and committed to turning his campaign around. is there any scenario that you would drop out of this race before iowa? >> no. no. >> reporter: no way?
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>> no way. no how. >> reporter: he recently hired a media consultant to help him do a better job on the debate stage, where he's stggled. what is he tellingng you? >> he is telling me to be me. telling me to own what i believe. >> reporter: you need a consultant to tell you that? >> yeah, it's amazeingamazing, huh? probably not. probably not. >> reporter: i showed him a document from his own campaign, attacking his old friend, senator marco rubio as a, quote, risky bet. bush didn't even want to see it. >> i haven't seen it, i'm not going to see it. i'm focused -- >> reporter: i have it right here. >> oh,great. >> reporter: but this is your top campaign people. >> they were come piling stuffeople come piling stuff. >> reporter: tonight, bush is promising there will be no personal attacks on rubio coming from him. david, there's no question jeb bush appears more energized than he has for awhile. his back is against the wall and he knows he needs to fight to save his campaign. >> jon karl live in new hampshire for us tonight. jon, thank you.
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we turn now to that e. coli scare involveing chipotle. tonight, the number of cases now growing. at least 41 now across orego and washington state. this ening, investigators still scrambling to find the source of the outbreak. the leading theory, a microorganism found on fresh vegetableses like tomatoes and lettuce. meantime, we turn to the outstage tonight over what some say are those menacing phone calls you get, some during the dinner hour. debt collectors calling you and it turns out, they can call your family members, too. so, what did congress do about it today? if anything? abc's mary bruce on capitol hill with some of the stunning audio. >> i am the guy that is going to end your life. >> reporter: scare tactics t geget people to pay up. >> why don't you just go jump in front of a train? >> reporter: debt collectors continue to hound and harass. it's called predator debt collecting, and it's illegal. today, the federal trade
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commission announcing a major crackdown. at the same time, congress now giving federal debt collectors a a pass, allowing them to once again start making those annoying robobocalls, en to your ce phone. in a little noticed amendment slipped into the new budget bill. something some senators are trying to stop. >> congress is rolling i back, simply to nickel and dimee fafrmers, students,, taxpayers with harassing calls. >> reporter: so, what to doo if you receive one of those nasty calls? report it. even if you owe debt. remember, if it's a threatening call, it's illegal. david? >> our congressional correspondent mary bruce tonight. mary, thank you. up next here, the heartbreak for two families tonight. two separate states. and the two mysteries on the football field. why are some young athletes dying so young? the 9-year-old boy who collapsed after sprints, without being hit, no tace on the field. and this high school star, hospitalized after scoring a touchdown. no warning signs. now he's in the hospital tonight.
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next tonight, two new mysteries on the school football fiel the high school senior from kakansas, n brain dead after scoring a touchdown, not after a hit on the field. while in ohio, a 9-year-old boy collapsing while running at practice, never taking a hit the,iter. here's abc's claytyton sande. >> reporter: 9-year-old wyatt barber from ohio, running sprints with his team during football practice monday. later, mysteriously collapsing. coaches tried cpr, but despite no sign of a hit or tackle, number 56, just a third grader, did not make it. he's the eighth young player to die following seven high school player deaths just this season. >> he was a gift from god.
5:49 pm
kansas high school football star luke schemm, a healthy senior, scored a touchdown and was tackled. heas flown to this denver hospital, but is now brain dead. with about 1.3 million kids playingigh school or youth football, the american academy of pediaiatrics is now out with new safety recommendations, calling on coaches and officials to adopt a zero tolerance for head-first hits and for leagues to offer more games without tackling. and david, 9-year-old wyatt's death is still a mystery. we don't know, for example, if he had any pre-existining conditions. here in denver, luke's family and doctors are desperate to understand how a seemingly ordinary tackle turned out so bad. david? >> clayton sandell with us tonight. clayton, thank you. when we comeack here, the new and important health warng about a type of seafood. and perhaps america's favorite girl scout cookies, the thin mints, some of you will debate that. but this year, h much they will cost? and it got our attention in some
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to receive tanzeum free for 12 months. make every week a tanzeum week. to the index. the new health warning tonight about crab meat. caught on the west coast from oregon to santa barbara may contain dangerous levels of toxins that can cause seizure, even worse. we have much more on our bsite for you. ou may pay more for thin mints this year. some troops raising the price of all of their cookies from $4 a box to $5 in some parts of the country. the first price hike in eight years. and serena williams, already a but of a super hero on the cour posting this image now as supergirl, revealing she chased down a man who stole her smartphone, saying those sprints on the tennis court really came in handy. when we come back here night, look at this. the little girl who could barely walk until she met george.
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i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost . finally, the little girl and her really great dane. meet bella and george. bella is 11, in the fifth grade, 43 pounds. george, a great dane, 131 pounds. >> he acts smaller than he actually. >> reporter: bella wasiagnosed with a syndrome when she was just 2 1/2. that rare genetic disease that attacks the bones. there is no cure. before gege, bella couldn't
5:58 pm
she relied on crutches or a wheelchair. but this year, that all changed. because bella met george. the connection, immediate. since getting george, bella has put away her crutches. he helps her get from class to class onn herown. >> how you doing, bell? >> good! >> reporter: she gets to her desk and he gets some sleep. >> when i had crutches, i couldn't walk at all. but now i can. >> repter: then it's off to gym. as he guides her through those gym doors. >> oh, he helps me walk. i lean on him like a crutch. >> reporter: sledding last winter. and every night, it's bedtime together before they do it all again."you're watching local 5 news at 6 in hd. we are iowa's most accurate weather team and we start with your forecast first." brad/wx wall weather adlib: it has been one of the warmest starts to november we have on records for iowa, and it will continue for one more day! we had a lot of clouds around today in central iowa which kept us in the 60s, but some areas in western and eastern iowa did reach the 70s. everyone will be mild tonight thanks to some clouds and fairly strong southerly winds of 10-20 mph. temps will only fall into the mid and upper 50s by thursday
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morning. it will be another mostly cloudy day thursday with a few showers possible, but many areas will stay dry. highs will reach the mid to upper 60s with south winds of 15-30 mph and gusting higher. a cold front will spark some thunderstorms for central iowa between 5 and 9 pm thursday evening and will also usher in some much cooler air. we will be back to seasonal averages on friday with highs only the mid 50s. the weekend will be cool, but sunny and dry- good leaf raking weather! next week is also looking closer to average but mainly dry until the end of the week. "local 5 news at 6 in hd starts now. we are iowa" "it's hard to heal, and now we've had to file this lawsuit in order to pursue justice and that's going to keep the wounds open and make it even harder to heal" jack: the family of a man who was shot by des moines police is now suing the city. jack/2shot: good evening and welcome to local 5 news, home of we are iowa dot com. i'm jack miller. stephanie/2shot: and i'm stephanie angleson. stephanie: des moines police officer vanessa miller was cleared of any wrong-ing by both a grand jury and the police chief for shooting and killing bolinjer in a car chase. family is filing a federal wrongful death lawsuit against the city. stephanie: we first reported this story back in june... bolinger was shot and killed by officer miller from her car after he led
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police on a car chase in east des


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