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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 8, 2015 7:00am-8:00am CST

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hardy's reaction and wt cowboyowner jerry jones is saying this morning. judge gunn down. ambushed in front of her texas home. authorities hunting for clues in this mystery, was she targeted because of her j job? >> defendant charged with felony crimes, sending people to death row, not everybody's happy with that. >> the w warning f her co-workers on the bench. and, the shocker in the sky. the flaming object lighting up the night. >> that was just one of the weirdest this i've ever seen. >> socl media blowing up, calling it a ufo. an invasion. newsrooms flooded with calls. this morning, the real reason behind all of the frenzy. hey, good morning, let's take another look at that alleged ufo over southern california. what was this thing? believe it or not, sara haines of all people,
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is going to solve e mystery. coming up, haines-y doing a little sleuthing. >> i just want to know if it has anything to do with the new "star wars" movie? hoabout that? but we're going to start here with the collision of comedy and the campaign trail. donald trump gueuest-hosti "saturday night live" overnight. there were protesters in the streets but it didn't seem to bother the presidential candidate. we'll lk to george stephanopoulos in just a moment. but first, let's go to abc's tom llamas who's covering the campaign trail for us this morning. >> reporter: paula, good morning. so much anticipation going into last night. trump reminded us within seconds of taking in the stage, he's brilliant, he's handsome and rich. but clearly, he can laugh at himself. he danced like drake there was a bounty by a latino group for an audience member to call him a racist on stage, that actually happened, but not like everyone expected. overnight, donald trump taking center stage. >> donald, you're the most amazing guy. you're brilliant. you're handsome.
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you have everything going, the world is waiting for you to be president. so, why are you hostining "saturday night live"? why? and the answer is, i really have nothing better to do. >> reporter: the gop presidential hopeful hosting "saturday night live" for the second time. his last appearance in 2004. >> nobody's bigger than me. nobody's better than me. i'm a ratings machine. >> reporter:his time, trump whose known to joke on the campaign trail, bringing politics to late night. making fun of himsf, even pretending to live-tweet a sketch aiming his trademark insults like loserss to cast members. while a preview of his policies
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>> you know what, i don't have to get specific, with me, it just works. it's magic. >> reporter: his dance moves weren't an instant hitit. you used toto call men the cell phone >> reporter: outside, protests over the gop front-runner protesting gig. one organization offering $5,000 to any audience who would shout out criticism at trump. >> trump is a racist! >> reporter: guest larry david taking them up on it. >> what are you doing, larry? >> i heard if i yelled that, they'll give me $5,000. [ applause ] >> as a businessman, i can fully respect that. >> reporr: deport racism later tweeting, larry david wins the $5,000 bount joke or not, it was true. trump won't get too much time to enjoy the laughs, it's back to business today. on the campaign trail tomorrow.
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and the big debate on tuesday. so, no word on ratings. we all know they're going to be huge. >> he'll take center stage again tuesday. the next republican debate. >> a huge debate, so many story lines with trump, carson, and rubio, must-watch tv. >> thank you, tom, i can watch him dancing like drake on repeat. for more on this, let's bring in abc's george stephanopoos who's going to be hosting "t"this weeklater this morning. trump, did he hurt himself or help himself? > hurt hielf? no, i don't think so. what's helped him is all publicity is good publicit i don't see how this is likely to hurt him. now the question is, whether it's going to help him? hard to know. >> one of the things that he might do, take a swipe at his chief val ben carson, who's facing mounting questions and criticism about how he's
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he fought back in a pretty feisty in newsconference the other day. >> unwith of the things that ben carson has said,, he put o out a tweet that he's raised about $3.5 million since these questions were raised by the press. he's goi straight at the press, that cnbc debate a couple of weeks ago. it's a question of whether t those stories stand up to further scrutiny. and whether they reveal a pattern of dishonesty or simply exaggerations that are being trumd up by thehe press, a as carson argues. that does remain to be seen. but both trump and carson and marco rubio are starting to rise as well, they're in this stage now where they're going to get much more scrutiny. marco rubio releasing more of his credit card records from his time in florida. >> george, thank you. remind everybody, george has a big show this morning, he'll be talking to donald trump one-on-one as well as democratic presidential
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candidate bernie sanders. that's coming up on "this week" later this morning on abc. george, thanks again. >> thanks, dan. now w to the iestigation into the tragic shooting death of a 6-year-old autistic boy. two cops arrested and charged with murder. they allegedly opened fire, pursuing an suv with his father who wasas criticay injured. abc's phillip mena has the latest from the scene in marksville, louisiana. >> reporter: paula, good morning. this is the jail where those two accused officers used to bring those they arrested. this morning, those officers find themselves behind bars. this morning, so many questions remain behind the shooting death of 6-year-old jeremy mardis. >>s we have interviewe witnesses we have obtaed forensic evidence. we did countless intervie. we have taken body camera footage. >> reporter: that body cam footage the center of the investigation, yet to be
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ose countless interviews didn't include two of the four responding deputy marshals, who according to police refused to cooperate. local deputy marshals norris greenhouse and derrick stafford still in custody this morning. each arrested on attempted second degremurder. according to louisiana newspaper theed a row kate and abc affiliate station, both officers accused of excessive force while on duty. as to the other two responding officers, charges as of yet, but that could change. what led to the chase in the tragic shooting is unknown. pursuing the suv to serve a warrant is seemingly unfounded. >> we're not aware of any warrant at t this poinand what exaly transpired why they were encountering that vehicle. >> reporter: family and friends lookoking and ping for answers. this morning, ris remains
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hospitalized in critical condition. meanwhile, his son's funeral will be held tomorrow. in mississippi. dan. >> phillip, thank you. new developments this morning in a domestic violence scandal for the nfl and it involves america's team, the dallas cowboys. it involves these pictures of the badly beaten ex-girlfriend of grereg hardy. hardy who's going to suit up today, or at least to set to do, weighed in overnight, and abc's tony reali is here with the story. >> reporter: good morning, dan. when the dallas cowboys take on the philadelphia eagles tonight in texas, sunday night football, defensive end greg hardy will be on the field. after photos from alleged domestic case surfaced from 18 months ago, fans asking, how could that happen? this morning, dallas cowboys are defending star player greg hardy
7:09 am in a statement, team owner jerry jones saying hardy deserved a second chance. and will suit up foris fourth game since returning from suspension, despite the leaked images from the 2014 incident. the case dismissed in court after holder didn't testify. cowboys owner jerry jones choosing to sign hardy to the team despite the controversy. >> because the nfl is what it is, and because jerry jones and owners like him enable guys like greg hardy, we're going to see situations like this over and over again. >> reporter: in a statement, jones said the team didn't have access to the photos but they were aware of the serious nature of this incident when they elected to sign hardy. >> lot of men and women and sports fans need to say, why is this man playing in the nfl? >> reporter: the nfl acknowledged that the league office had seen the photos and referred back to its
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initial statement saying hardy was in violation of the personal conduct policy. nfl fans are now left with a dilemma, how to root for america's team? >> i just don't understand how anybody would root one s second for the dallas cowboys as long as jerry jones is in charge of this footbl team and signing greg hardy as a free agent. >> reporter: overnight, greg hardy posting his first comments on twier since the photos emerged, expressing his regret in the past. and he's dedicated to be the best teammate he can be. the league has spent time distancing it from the ray rice scandal. >> some questioning the league's priorities. >> aolutely. it's a morale quandary. tom brady suspended four games for air pressure in footlls but he never missed those games, and greg hardy suspended four games for this. >> interesting point. tony, thank you. we want to move to the latest on the russian plane
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onboard. investigators have revealed that a sudden noise was heard in the last second of the black box recordings. we want to bring in retired colonel steve ganyard in washington. good morning, steve. thanks for joining us.s. >> good morning, paula. >> steve, we just mentioned that investigators mentioned there was a brief noise on the black box. what could that noise be? >> is it a bomb or where the airplane is physically coming apart? the investigators have a couple of ways to do this. there are three microphones, one er the pilot, over the co-pilot and over the ceiling. investigators will do that, time of arrival and direction of arrival. they'll be able to pinpoint within a couple of feet of where the plane came apart. the other thing they're going to look at is, what kind of sound is it? the sound that came from a bomb. they have library of sounds. there's milliseconds they'll be able to look at the amplitude. all sort of ways they could get
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at this. we should have heard it by now, they'll get to it eventually. >> investigators haven't ruled out anything, including a bomb, are there other physical evidence to support that theory y of a bomb onboard? >> one of the ways to do that find a bomb is to look for the residue, every bomb has a signature, a chemical signature that will be left on whatever blows up, the chemical forensi evidence, if it was a bomb. >> all of the eyes on the world are on this investigation. everyby wants a definitive answer. steve, thank you for joining us. more news overnight, we kick it over to ron. who's leading with a train derailment. >> federal investigators on the scene in the wisconsin after a freight train goes off the rails, spilling ethanol into the mississippi river. take a look at this. a total of 32 derailing saturday morning in the town of alma, several of the cars went
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into the river. others landing on their side. five tanker cars leaking ethanol into that river, the mississippi river. the railway company says they are trying to contain the ethanol spill. officials say there is no danger to the public. and a fight involving several -- to missouri, two dozen black football players say they will boycott the team over what they say the college's esident's inadequate response to sever racial incidents on that campus. about 30 players say they won't participate in practice until the missouri president resigns. the team members announcing the strikeke on socl media saturday night. the players standing together. miou's next game is this coming saturday against byu. now to that fight involving several female middle school students. it took a wild turn, it happened outside of a middle school in houston.
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of the girls, injuring her. the victim's mother set up a go fund me page saying her daughter suffered broken bones. so far, though, the driver of that car hasn't been charged. and the management of several malls across the country say they have heard the outrage over their christmas displays and they're making changes. some customers felthat there was not much christmas spirit when the mall swapped out the trees for glacier-type trees. boycott the malls with the new displays. several malls including those in new york and north carolina say they are listening to their customers and will be adding christmas trees. and take a look at this -- an amazing high-stakes cliff rescue this morning, it happened inin austral. two men slipped, fell, landing on a ledge. they waited there until helicopters arrived. it took several hours to safely
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rescue the two men from that ledge. they are okay. and acoustic guitar that john lennon used to record and write "love me do" and i "i want to hold your hand" has sold at $2.4 million at auction. lennon used the guitar before swapping it with george harrison's. the guitar's whereabouts unknownwn for over 50 years until a california man turned up that guitar last year. and finally, even more proof that there are some jobs tt you need a woman to do. take a look atat this. >> yes. >> an enormous 12-foot gator in sugarland, texas. since police only are authorized to handle creatures 6 feet or under, they had to call in a professional gator wrangler. see there, doing her thing.
7:16 am
900-pound gator under control. >> she's hypnotizing it. >> the gator whispererer a forklift called in to get the gar off the property. it will put in a breeding progra although we may never see that gator again. >> oh, don't say that. >> it's in a breeding program. >> very happ >> better than hanging out a strip mall. >>his is family show, lete remind you. let's get back to those brig lights in the sky over southern california and the social media freakt that ensued. >> some call it an ufo. sara, you have the answer. >> i would like to leave that mystery unsolved. i don't know about you, i often looked at the skies and seen a light or a streak and hoped it was something mysterious. last night, it wasn't just their
7:17 am
imagination but it also want e.t. overnight, this mysterious streak of light across the night sky in southern california, and visible as far away as nevada and izona. >> we looked up and we saw this crazy [ bleep ] ] ufo. what is that? >> we're being invaded. >> reporter: watch as the small white light slowly expands looking to take over the skyline and then, a blue/green tail appears as it continues to travel across the sky. the curious scene causing people to call law enforcement. and flood our l.a. station kabc news with calls, wondering, what could this be? it's like a scene straight out of "the x files." >> ilooks like a regular airplane and then out of nowhere,t just blew up into an enormous bright light. >> reporter: social media exploded, weird object. anyone know at t that was
7:18 am
and videos showing the quizzical reactions as people caught a glimpse of the celestial sight. not so fast, it turns out, the navy was conducting a scheduled missile test. assuring people it was s unarmed. i feel like i ruined it for everyone. how many times have you looked at the sky -- did you have ever look at the sky and think, maybe something's coming to visit? >> never. >> really, i'm the only one? >> i'm with you there, sara. >> thank you, rob. >> that'why i became a meteorologist. >> and that's why he's my favorite. >> plus, i'm very lonely. >> you're saying there's not aliens among us riright now? >> among us, possibly. >> the weather wall is over
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all right, texas, you have been getting it this past 48 hours with a lot of heavy rain, and it's been tough to get around low country there. especially south of i-10. it's wet to begin with. it makes tough go-around. the rain now moving out of louisiana, here's the radar, it's pouring into the florida panhandle. some of this is really heavy, a soggy, soggy morning. and a coastal low across georgia, up along the east coast as well. heavier rains into atlanta, and by tomorrow night, the carolinas getting some heavy rain. flash flood watches have benn posted for coastal pararts of south carolina. mostly for drainage issues, 2 to 4 inches of rainfall. it will come at a pretty good clip. probably some flooding in that part of the world. pacific northwest, and sierra nevadas, snow, they'll take it coming in. generally speaking 3 to 6 inches
7:20 am
frost and freeze advisories this morning across parts of the southern plains. a cool start to your day, in the 20s and 30s in the inner mountain west. it should rebound nicely to a crisp, >> all right, snow fanans, some pictures from out west, another ski resort from yesterday. >> thanks, rob. coming up on "good mororning america" -- a judge is shot
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targeted and if so, why? and a school sexting scandal. authorities say more than 100 teens involved. we'll take a looat the app that hides nude photos. and let's get it over to sara and periscope. >> for all of those people who can't get enough of "good morning america," look who i found. the beautiful mara and tony hanging out. >> i'm showing picture of my baby francesca. >> are they in the makeup room? >> yes. >> as if any of them need it. >> i have a story about the colorado sexting scandal. >> and i have to get home to francesca. >> bye, everybody. we'll be back. "good morning america" brought to you by toys r us, a whole store of awesome. toys r us a whole store of awesome.price at another store, they'll match the price. small child's toy, are you telling me there's more than one optimusus prime?
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okay, hometown trivia time. we're recognizing our providence, rhode island, affiliate. providce has more doughnut shops per capita than any ry on. the biltmore hotel served as inspiration for the bates motel in his know value, which became a movie -- >> psycho. >> speaking of psycho, what rock group -- >> talking heads. >> talki heads, they met at college in providence. this major league team's triple a franchise is located in -- >> the red sox. >> is located in pawtucket. >> what's the name? this is for all the marbles here. you got it!
7:26 am
those. > welcome back to "good morning america." right now, everyone's buzzing about donald trump's late-night hosting gig on snl. the presidential candidate as you can see, showing his funny side, cracking jokes and even dancing like rapper drake, maybe better than drdrake. also happening right now, officials in mississippi trying to figure out what caused this massive sinkhole outside aihop restaurant. swallowing more than a dozen
7:27 am
to pick up your turkey on your next shopping tr, grocery store owners saying the recent bird flu outbreak could cause a turkey shortage potentially, meaning higher prices. or a tofurkey. >> no. please don't ruin it. >> tried to get that word in the newscast this morning. >> you did. just ahead, parents, this is a story you won't want to miss. are your kids using special apps to hide things from you? a high school sexting investigation. >> that's coming up. >>but first, a manhunt in texas for whoever ambushed and shot a prominent judge right outside her home. >> this judge handled many high-profile cases during her career, whether that made her a target. abc's ryan owens joins us now this morning from austin. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, paula.
7:28 am
police do think she was targeted because of her work here at this courthouse behind me. for years, she has sent murderers to prison, even to death row, and this morning, they certainly think someone wanted her dead. austin police are desperate this morning to figure out who shot this well-known, well-respected judge, and why. >> at this point, we don't have a lot of information about the suspect. >> reporter: judge kocurek was shot as she pulled into the driveway of her upscale home in austin friday nig. >> rapid succession. >> reporter: the statesman said she was coming home from high school football games with others in the suv. the paper said that as she pulled up, a bag of a trash, or a garbage had been placed in front of her security gate, as she got to move it, the judge was ambushed. >> we're working through a number of witnesses who will help us track down this person >> reporter: now, in stable condition, authorities say she did not suffer any life-thrtening injuries.
7:29 am
this morng, fellow judges here are being around with, they could next. >> my first obligation was to alert other judges so that they could be safe and take necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families and loved ones. >> reporter: in her long career, judge kocurek has been involved in numerous high-profile cases in texas, including former governor rick perry's indictment in august of last year. >> every year, she has at least a thousand new defendants charged with felony crimes. when you're sending people to death row or to prison, not everybody's happy with that. >> repororter: befe she was a here in austin, arguably an even re dangerous crime, so police here have a very long list of bad guys to sort through who just may have a beef with this judge.
7:30 am
investigation could take some type. let's get it over to rob, another look at the weather. >> look at this. it's a beauty, t that's big sky resort, they opened yesterday. 30 inches to play on there. there's a spectacular day. shaping up to be a good season, at least better than last year. mountain snow, w got some coming in for the cascades, for the sierras and the bitterroot range. a potent pattern setting up. this cold air coming in from the gulf of alaska. bringing some of that snow, getting into the plains, tuesday and wednesday, so, midweek, starting to draw som moisture from the gulf of mexico. this is the setup for potentially some severe storms including tornadoes we get toward wednesday. also, still hurricane season this thingng has a 7 chance of developing into a tropical cyclone here.
7:31 am
some rain across the southeast. >> this weather report is brought to you by wayfair. >> paulala, i thout we had a word with rob talking about snow in happy terms. >> he doesn't listeno us. did you have your ear muffs on? >> earmuffs when you're talking to me. >> make it fun for sara. >> winter is coming. get t onboard. >> thank you, rob. coming up here on "good morning america" -- whats on your child's cellphone? how your teenager may be using an app that looks like a calculator to hide things like
7:32 am
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this morning, a look at a type of secret app said to be at the center of a sexting scandal
7:36 am
>> parents, listen up. the school has suspended a number of students who alllleged used their phones to share photos. some could face some could face serious charges. football players were involved in this, the school had to forfeit its final game of the season. some students used a smart phone app to keep those photos hidden. mara schiavocampo has more. >> reporter: this morning, it's that digital game of cat and mouse with teens trying to stay one step ahead of their parents. this morning, hiding nude photos. a scandal rocking a colorado community, more than 100 underaged students found to be a part of a massive sexting riring. >> there isn't a school in the united states probably at this point that hasn't dealt with the issue of sexting. >> reporter: the kids involved ranging from middle schoolers to vaity high school football
7:37 am
players, exchanging nearly 400 nude photos in total, using a so-called vault app. preventing parents from seeing certain texts and photos. these apps the latest way kids are keeping secrets on their phones. >> it looks like a standard calculator, inin fact its a standard calculator. >> reporter: so, how do these cyber secret keepers work? yahoo! tech editor-in-chief gave us a loo >> you hit the percent sign, you have a photo album, now there are pictures hidden in here that your child didn't want you to see. >> reporter: apps like this becoming so popular, one county district attorney sent out a warning to parents. >> if one child knows about it, many children know about it. >> reporter: and experts say, one way to keep your kids from
7:38 am
without your approval. >> the problem with these apps is, it allows kids to de their cyber lives from their parents and sometimes the things they're hidingan harm them. >> reporter: in colorado that harm could mean felony charges for child pornography. next up for authorities, investigating if underaged kids were coerced into taking part. also facing the challenge of charging any minors. you know, for parents, one of the reasons this could be so scary, we showed a calculalator, it doesn't have to be a calculator. it can hide itself in many different ways. limiting what they can download is important. just paying attention. >> paying attention is the key right the. mara, great advice for us this morning. and coming up "good morning america" -- how to score the best hiday travel deal. when to book and the best days to fly.. alof the information on this one.
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millions of americans will be on the move during the extended thanksgiving week. it's shahaping up be the busiest thanksgiving travel season since 2008, 23.5 million americans are expected to take to the skies. joining us now for holiday trtravel tipfor thanksgiving and beyonds genevieve brown, what is the best time to purchase your ticket to travel? >> the best time would have been around labor d, but right now you have to book immediately. expect to pay 15% more as we get closer to the holiday. we're talking days now. so, it is time right now to book. >> okay, normally, families book their tickets together, is that
7:42 am
>> it's not the cheapest way, because different sections of the plane are priced differently. you may get a cheaper price if you can split the family up. however you want to manage it. by pricing it separately y you may get a better deal. >> a lotot of us live areas where there's large airport or a smaller airport a short distance away. inoston, you can go to manchester, new hampshire, which is the better one to get the better deal? >> boston, large airports are your frid, more competition means lower prices. and that's true all times of t year. >> the big question is, what are the best days to fly during the thanksgiving season? >> thanksgiving day itself is going to be the cheapest, shorter lines, less hustle. sunday or monday depart. and if you can, don't return until the tuesday following the holiday.
7:43 am
monday, you're going buy a lot, right? >> a lot of money. that's a premium. that's when everybody wants to travel. > how abo waiting past tuesday, is that a good idea? >> absolutely. >> thank you very much, genevieve brown, for those travel tips. coming up -- the great debate is a hot dog a sasawich? the answer is on "pop news" with the incomparable sara haines. there she is.incomparable sara haines. there she is. on new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybybe the beer question is, why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light.
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> "good moing america" is brought to you by macy's. where's the band? >> rob's got it. rob's got it. >> she already solved the mystery of the ufo over l.a. now, "pop news." >> people, seriously. the set of the new "bridget jones's" movieie is heatg up. and who better than mcdreamy to do it. grey's anatomy's
7:47 am
the set in london, shower ing showering renee zellweger with kisses, in the scene, sparking rurs of an on-screen love triangle. colilin firth s also spotted. shooting scenes after patrick and renee sharing their kiss. you can expect a lot of drama in "bridget jones with baby" hits theaters. >> your baby is coming in march. >> i'm in pregnancy mode. i was trying to figure out what week she's in. but it's a movie. sometimes, the simpler things aren't so simple. a real generation gap coming at you, when a dad asks their daughter in a hotel room to help him out. >> here, layla, can you -- >> how do you do it? >> what, are you serious? it's a phone. hang it up. >> mom. >> put it down.
7:48 am
>> i feel so o. how does a child not to know how to hang up the phone? can you imagine showing them how to dial on one of the turnstile turnstiles? what are these numbers? >> hang it up. hang it up. >> is that true, ron? after the show. getting enough sleep is always a sensitive topic around here. here's a map highlighting the states that are the most sleep deprived. >> i wouldld have thght new york? >> no, west virginia. that's not a literal. >> by the way -- that's not a state. >> fair enough. >> oh, wow.
7:49 am
>> wesvirginia is has the sleep deprivation rate of 33%. followed by keucky and tennessee at 31.5%. my alarm goes off at 4:00. so, i totally understand what it's like. on the flip side, the lucky people of north dakota are the most well rested. >> i would have guessed that. >> i would have said iowa. i was raise on a lot of sleep. me, too. >> the mididwest. okay, quit e eating thfood before i introduce the food. please. hot dogs. frankfurters. call them what you want. just don't call a hot dog a sandwich. the controversy boiled over this we when some celebrating national sandwich day whether eating a hot dog fits the bill. >> that's ridiculous. >> i know. hot dog is greater than a sandwich. it'sen exclamation of joy. so, eat up, guys, don't call it a sandwich. >> okay. >> it's ke calling ararap a sandwich.
7:50 am
no one does that. >> if you're in chicago, you can call it meal. >> you don't go to the ballpark and say, i can't wait for a sandwich. >> it's cold. >> but it's so good. like pizza. >> we lo dan. thank you for watching. we always appreciaiate havinyou. we want to remind you, george stephanopoulos has a big show coming with donald trump and bernie sanders. thanks again. have a great sunday. good morning, america. max and the ach here with you. busy saturday. big saturday in college football.
7:51 am
this one was all crimson tide. derrick henry, 38 carries, three touchdowns. alabama puts 30 on the board. lsu loses for the first time this season. the number one team in the country is clemson, they hosted 16th-ranked florida state, 10-6 in favor of the seminoles, but second half belonged to the tigers. clemson won the atlantic division in the acc. > the batt of unbeatens in stillwater. it was all oklahoma state. jason rudolph to james washington, right here, he had five catches, 184. and they put up a 49-29. residing in the "i have never seen this before" category.
7:52 am
52-45. did he go? that's the only play. no way. yes, way. all the way for a fifirst down razorbacks still in business. two plays later, allen to drew morgan, touchdown. razorbacks say, we're going to win it, we're going for two. allen keeps it, to the delight of brebielema. >> if you haven't heard what
7:53 am
max, coacach, enjoyour sunday. >> announcer: starting right now on abc's "this week" -- live from new york -- with the gop debate just days away, the donald does "snl." >> why are you hosting "saturday night live"? why? answer the, i really have nothing bette to do. donald trump is here live. front-runner fire storm, ben carson now forced to explain himself.
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