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tv   ABC5 News at 530  ABC  November 8, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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good night. turned the tv down and then i didn't hear anything and then i just went to bed." neighbors say it's a pattern that's developed since the building turned into a nightclub about a year ago. diann weinman, neighbor: "i think they need to close it down. / diann weinman, neighbor: "they're coming from other parts of the city. it's bumper to bumper traffic, starting about 11 o'clock. that's not comfortable." throughout the day sunday, police conducted interviews with people who were at the nightclub and processed evidence. sgt. brandon bracelin, polk county sheriff's department: "we still have to investigate the incident, determine what led up to it, and determine if there was anything that could have been done differently."
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smith wasn't the only one who had been shot. three other people checked into local hospitals that evening with gunshot wounds, and police are still working to determine a suspect from the mass of people. sgt. brandon bracelin, polk county sheriff's department: "i think the main thing that makes this case difficult is that there were a number of people there at the scene, however very few witnesses come forward and were able to describe what they've seen." jacob/live police are looking for the public's help to figure out what may have happened outside of the club. they say, no matter how small your bit of information is, it could be key in helping them solve this homicide case. reporting live in des moines, jacob peklo local 5 news we are iowa. nikki: police are investigating two other homicides in the metro over the weekend. in waukee-- police were called to the 500 block of southeast carefree lane around 1:30 saturday morning. that's where officers found a man with multiple gun shots wounds. 41-year-old gino risola was taken to a local hospital where he later died
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later, police arrested 42-year old brendan mcguinness in the afternoon and charged him with first degree murder. nikki: multiple law enforcement agencies assisted in the search for mcguinness... he was arrested on the east side of des moines when a passerby found him on a sidewalk with a minor head injury... not knowing who he was officers responded to assist and recognized mcguinness. he was arrested without inicident... friends of the suspect and victim can't understand why this happened... "they had a little quarrel that they were kind of working through from an incident that happened a couple months again, but nothing that would lead to murder." nikki: mcguinness is held in the dallas county jail. this is waukee's first homicide in nearly 40 years. nikki: in des moines, a teenager was arrested and charged in a different murder. it happened around 10:30 friday night near the intersection of 13th street and jefferson avenue in des moines. when police arrive, they found the body of a 28 year old man with a gunshot wound. nikki: police later identified the
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victim as jose lopez of des moines. after spending all day investigating, they arrested 17 year old josue socop and charged him with first degree murder. they say there was a dispute between the two that led up to shooting and say the crime was an isolated incident. theres not some trend of violence that will touch the entire community, its obvious there's some kind of interpersonal relationship that for whatever reason at the moment goes horribly bad. nikki: this case is the 14th homicide in des moines in 2015... nikki/ots local organizations and churches are teaming up to make a stand against hunger. hundreds of people gathered from different backgrounds for the "vote to end hunger rally" at grand view university. that's where they learned how to engage presidential candidates to make hunger a priority issue. the event featured several speakers including church leaders, the iowa food bank association, elected state officials, and more.
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"here in the united states i think the most important thing is to give people a living wage so many people are at food shelters because they're working poor they're not getting wages sufficent enough to provide for the basic necessities of life " nikki: the event also had training on how to attend the iowa caucus. nikki: comic book and sci-fi fans from across the country gathered right here in des moines. the new mid-west comic con took place inside the iowa events center. it's designed to be one of the largest family- friendly comic book conventions in the country. several vendors, creators and illustrators, and even celebrity guests were on hand.... organizers say proceeds from the convention will stay local and help the community grow. nikki: coming up on local 5 news at 5:30... it's a busy day on the campaign trail as trump capitalizes on his latest tv gig... while ben carson straightens out stories about his
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nikki: and....a strange light came from the sky around l-a. we'll expain what
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"you're watching local 5 news at 5:30 in hd. we are iowa" nikki/lam: comedy and controversy collide on the campaign trail this weekend. as the donald headlines saturday night live, republican rival ben carson is trying to put discrepancies about his past - behind him. abc's mary bruce has more. live from new york? (from snl / karl tw pkg) natsot - "donald trump!" the republican presidential frontrunner took center stage on saturday night live - to applause - nats - "?dump trump?" and protests. but this morning - trump got back to the issues while talking to abc's this week with george stephanopolous.
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(this week) sot - donald trump / (r) presidential candidate "we're going to have to do something about isis and we're going to have to do something about what's going on over there." he also took on his chief rival dr. ben carson - and allegations that stories about carson's past don't add up. (this week) sot - donald trump / (r) presidential candidate "you know, it's a very strange situation. 5505 / tvu 6 @ 10.52 natsot - ben carson / (r) presidential candidate "estado 51!" carson spent his sunday at a rally in puerto rico - throwing his support behind making the u-s protectorate into a state. the candidate appeared as his usual, mellow self?
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a far cry from his frustrated and fiesty display on friday. natsot "wait - don't lie!" the latest questions raised by "the wall street journal" center on a story from carson's 1990 autobiography. the neurosurgeon says there was a hoax test on his "perceptions 301" class - and everyone walked out but him. according to carson, the student paper even took a photo. the "wall street journal" reported that yale says there was no such class by that name - and no such picture exists. sot - ben carson / (r) presidential candidate "what was written in the book about it being 301 i don't know why it was done that way. i dictated it into a tape recorder. the writer wrote it out the way he thought it should be." today - carson took to facebook? showing this article from the "yale daily news" - which talks about a hoax test for a class called psychology 10? it does not mention carson by name. he also posted this syllabus for a class called "perception" - but it's from 2002 - not 1970. despite his explanations - more questions remain. natsot - ben carson / (r) presidential candidate "the burden of proof is not going to be on me to corroborate everything that i've ever talked about in life mary bruce, abc news, washington. nikki: police in columbia, south carolina are mourning the loss of an officer who died in the line of duty last night. officials say 37- year-old officer stacy case died from injuries sustained in a crash while responding to a service call. a university of south carolina police department vehicle was also involved in the crash and both drivers were hospitalized. officer case was pronounced dead a short time later. the condition of the other driver is unknown. nikki: a massive sinkhole in mississippi swallowed as many as fifteen cars last night. officials say the sinkhole opened
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new i-hop. the hole is about 50-feet wide and 600-feet long. there are no reports of anyone being injured. investigators were scheduled to start working today to figure out why the sinkhole opened up. nikki: a strange light over the los angeles area captured the attention and the imagination of a lot of people. authorities including the coast guard say they received several calls from l-a residents asking about a suspicious light emitting from the night sky. many took to social media with their theories. unfortunately the coast guard says the light was not from outer space or a unique phenomenon. they say the light was a naval test fire off the coast at point mugu. nikki/2shot we are iowa's most accurate weather team... meteorologist james peterson is here now... james: i'll have your forecast coming
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most accurate forecast with meteorologist james peterson certified by weatherrate the independent weather experts" james/wx wall our mild november weather is going to continue for a few more days! we will keep the clear skies and breezy conditions into this evening, with another chilly start
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behind breezy southerly winds, temps will jump back up into the lower 60's tomorrow. clouds will begin to filter in during the day tuesday, ahead of our next rain maker moving in wednesday. this could be a good soaker through out the day and evening. cooler temps move in behind the rain and we
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hard freeze here in the metro on saturday morning! long range temps level off to about average. nikki/three shot
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and that's really all the hawks need to do, just keep winning! coming up on local 5 sports, we take a look back on iowa's road win over the hoosiers
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and had plenty of questions... but the black and gold have defied the odds and now are just 3 wins away from history! it wasn't the prettiest of games, but iowa moved to 9-0 for just the 2nd time in school history with the 35-27 win over indiana on saturday. another historical mark from yesterday's game came from defensive back desmond king. king picked up his nation leading 8th interception of the season! that ties the all-time single season mark set by lou king, no relation, back in 1981...and nile kinnick all the way back in 1939! at this rate they may have to rename kinnick stadium if king keeps this up! the hawkeyes now return home for their final two games of the season at kinnick, saturday they host minnesota at night, the following week purdue and then the heroes game against nebraska in lincoln on black friday. the schedule is still very favorable, but the last time iowa started out 9-0, they lost 2 straight, so focus will be key. the last time iowa had an unbeaten and untied season, 1922 the second of two straight
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7-0 seasons! we'll hear more at 10... jordan/fullscreen the latest ap top 25 is out, which is kind of useless now with the college football rankings, but iowa moves up two spots to #8. clemson takes over as the new #1. ohio state is 2, bama 3, baylor 4 and oklahoma state is up 7 spots to #5! meanwhile things were not so good for iowa state. the cyclones took an early 3-0 lead, before oklahoma reeled off 21 unanswered. the one bright spot was cole netton, the junior kicker knocked in 3 field goals including a career high 51 yarder to make it 21-9 at halftime. but after that, the sooners took off and never looked back romping isu 52-16. iowa state returns to ames this weekend for the home finale against an oklahoma state team coming off that huge upset of tcu. kickoff is set for 2:30. vikings hosting the rams... the veteran and the rookie! 1st quarter,
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adrian peterson gets the vikings on the board to make it 7-0. rams would respond later on, todd gurley powers it in. stl up 15-10 at the break. 2nd half, now 18-15 vikes...scary moment. teddy bridgewater scrambles goes to slide, but teddy bridgewater scrambles goes to slide, but takes a huge hit and he was shaken up! he'd leave the game and not return... but the vikings would win it for teddy... in overtime tied at 18, blair walsh knocks in the game winning 40 yarder. vikings move to 6-2 with the 21-18 win! packers taking on the undefeated panthers... carolina up 3-0 early, but gb takes the lead. aaron rodgers finds richard rogers for the score. 7-3. panthers retake the lead in the 2nd quarter, cam newton runs it in for the touchdown. 10-7. carolina would hit the jets from there. newton to greg olsen! 17-7. pack having all kinds of trouble. eddie lacy, what a bust he's been
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this year. fumbles the ball and carolina recovers. and from there this one was all panthers. newton to corey brown for 39 yards and the score. pack made it closer than it looked, but carolina is 8-0 with the 37-29 win. wild looking to snap a 3-game skid taking on lake erie. first period, a minute and a half in, the shot by jared knight is blocked, the rebound is stopped, but zach palmquist, third time's the charm! wild up 1-0! 3 and a half minutes later, check out the hustle by kellan lain, right as the penalty kill is ending, he takes this one in unassisted and lights the lamp to make it 2-0! and crash's beard coming in nicely for no- shave november monsters would score 3 unanswered from there. they hand the wild their 4th loss in a row, 3-2 the final/ jordan/2shot nikki: we'll be right back... you're watching local
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behind breezy southerly winds, temps will jump back up into the lower 60's tomorrow. clouds will begin to filter in during the day tuesday, ahead of our next rain maker moving in wednesday. this could be a good soaker through out the day and evening. cooler temps move in behind the rain and we could see our first hard freeze here in
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mornin k pepepepeek at tonight's "afv." we know you're gonna love it. woman: she does look like she's going fast. all: ooh! [ cats yowl ] welcome to "america's funniest home videos."
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