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tv   Local 5 News at Five  ABC  November 11, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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in the woodward area. winterset was hit pretty hard as well. thanks to all our viewers for sharing their photos with us this afternoon, and continue to send them in. jack/3 wx center touchdown of a tornado was reported a few miles west of winterset, and more damage in the town was reported around the town. jack: local 5's nikki davidson is live in winterset with an update of what happened there this afternoon, nikki? nikki: adlib on damage in winterset stephanie/ 3wxcenter thanks nikki. stay tuned to
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winterset as they come in. brad:3wxcenter adlib adlib sam:/ wxwall ( adlib) brad: and now we've got some pictures of this afternoon's storm from
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sam:/ wxwall ( adlib) brad: and now we've got some
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storm from viewers. jack/ 3wxcenter the threat of
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had some crews working severe weather had some crews working overtime -- in order to get warning information out and keep everyone safe. that includes the national weather service which says getting this kind of activity in november, actually makes them work harder to put the warnings out there. " " (scanner) in a month they might typically be forecasting for the first snowfall.. it's something a little different today... a flashback to conditions we usually see in the spring... 9:17:06 threat of tornados, winds, large hail and that potential means all hands on deck.
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9:20:43 we've got many more people than normal today montioring the weather to be sure we can handle the increased workload... part of that increased workload is getting the message out there for people who aren't expecting to have to take cover this time of year. 9:18:38 some tend to think we're in fall, november veterans day, severe weather isn't much of a threat, but we have had tornados in iowa almost every month of the year. they've got employees dedicated to answering phones, getting information from observation sites, checking the radar for small nuances that can make a big impact on this severe weather threat... even one person assigned to keeping people updated on social media. they say today is one of those days information can save lives, because this storm is moving fast. 9:17:16 tthe storm is moving fast, faster than normal. 9:17:21 as fast as a vehicle on the interstate... so as such people have a lot less time to seek shelter, they need to know in advance where to go if severe weather threatens. jack: it looks like we're not the
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severe weather today. several counties in northwest kansas are under a blizzard warning as a fast moving storm came through the state. this is the scene from this morning in sherman county in northwest kansas. the national weather service warned that some major roads could shut down because of the snow. kansas is expecting up to five inches of snow in some areas. several school districts canceled classes because of the storm. stephanie: we have an update in the shooting in pomeroy that happened yesterday. stephanie:: the calhoun sheriff's office has released the name of the victim. he is dale currie potter from north dakota. the iowa d-c-i was called to a home on second street in pomeroy on tuesday.. there they found potter shot to death. no arrest has been made, but investigators say they don't believe the public is in danger. they plan to release more details after an autopsy is complete. stay tuned to local 5 as we follow this story. stephanie: a three year old girl is ok after falling out of a window this morning in the metro. it happened in the 37-hundred
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block of twana drive around 10 this morning. the toddler was reading when she fell out of the window. she was taken to the hospital as a precaution. no injuries were reported. jack/ots veterans visiting local hy-vees got a special treat this morning. the grocery chain honored veterans with free breakfasts as part of its "homefront" initiative. the program also asks customers to round up their grocery purchase to the next dollar at the checkout. donations will be made to three organizations that support vets and their families. stephanie: it wasn't just hy-vee employees honoring veterans across the metro today. studebaker elementary school students also paid tribute to those who served with a special assembly this morning. one of the veterans honored had a great granddaughter at the elementary school, and the event was an opportunity for him to refelct on his time serving the country. "when i went out of te harbor in san francisco in, probably, august of 43, i just figured, well...probably be te last time i'll see tis country. but, i was wrong, thank
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goodness." stephanie: parents and family members were also invited to honor the veterans. find out more veterans day events going on in the metro by going to our website: we are iowa dot com. jack: and if you want to hear more special veterans day stories, tune in after our newscast tonight. we're showing "our veterans' voices," looking into first-hand accounts of several iowa veterans and their experiences. it was all shot at the iowa gold star military museum. stephanie/2shot coming up on local 5 news at five... jack: what was jeb bush doing this morning at hy- vee? jack: and did marco rubio do in front of a davenport crowd after his strong performance in last night's debate? "you're watching local
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meteorologist brad edwards. this is local 5 news at 5, we are iowa." stephanie: a few presidential candidates spent their veterans day meeting with iowans. stephanie/ots local veterans also got served breakfast and
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cofee someone a little differently this morning. gop presidential candidate jeb bush visited with vets at the johnston hy-vee earlier today, pouring their coffee and honoring their service. bush had three stops in central iowa today following his debate performance in milwaukee. many political experts said bush's fellow florida candidate, marco rubio, won last night's debate. stephanie: though he wasn't declared last night's winner, jeb bush picked up an endorsement from a former presidential candidate and veteran. bob dole will now serve as bush's national veterans chair for his campaign. dole ran against bush's father, george h.w. bush in 1980 and 1988, and in 1996 he finally won the republican nomination, but lost to president bill clinton in the general election. . jack: jeb bush wasn't the only presidential candidate in iowa today. marco rubio made a stop in davenport to speak with eastern iowans. he was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd following what's being regarded as a strong debate performance in milwaukee last night. rubio was also happy to see a new iowa- hawkeye-themed campaign sign in the crowd.
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" thank you. thank you very much. i love those signs. rubiowa? show em that sign. rubiowa. you guys are great. r- u-b-i-o-w-a." jack: rubio left davenport for another veterans day event in south carolina later tonight. stephanie: chief meteorologist brad edwards joins us now.. brad ((ad lib weather toss)) "now, we are iowa's most accurate
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experts" brad: weather adlib: put script here in green (adlib) jack:/ stephanie: thanks, brad! stephanie: todays severe weather is a
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todays severe
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todays severe weather is a bitter reminder for many small towns that were in the path of a tornado exactly ten years ago tomorrow. "loss, theres heartbreak that suffered the loss, certain personal items you cant replace. what comes out is the sense of pride of rebuilding. thats a testimate to the community we live in" " stephanie: multiple tornadoes- including this one in woodward- touched down in iowa november 12th of 2005. the damage changed peoples livliehoods and cost the state millions of dollars to recover. coming up at 10, we'll show you how woodward was ruined in a tornado... but built back with
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stephanie: we love to see your weather photos! if you capture any good pictures make sure to post them at we are iowa dot com. just click on the share it tab! jack: coming up on local 5 news at five, we'll show you why soccer players won't be able to do this anymore in the u-s. stephanie: and next.... meat lovers listen up. there's another study out that could upset you. "you're watching local
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the u-s soccer league is banning young players from using their head in the game. the change is part of a settlement from a lawsuit involving a young player who suffered a concussion after heading the ball. patrice walsh has more. " abby wambach is famous for scoring goals using her head. but now young players under 11--will have to focus on their footwork on the field "it's really going to be sad to see goals are scored from it defensive plays made using your head." jake schindler played for the lancers and now plays for the
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syracuse silver knights. after thousands of head balls, jake says he's never had a concussion. "we are concussion crazy." "i think there are ways to help our players be safe without taking out an integral part of the game." he says more head injuries are caused by collisions than heading the ball. "it's player to player contact, it's aggressive play." doctor christine blonski is a sports medicine physician for rochester regional health - she specializes in concussions. blonski says we have gone from too laid back to overprotective when it comes to kids, sports and concussions. "before we used to think he just got his bell rung he'll be fine no big deal now we're completely on the other side every kid that got his bell rung is it a concussion or is it not." dr. blonski says there is a link between repeated blows to the head and cognitive
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but no evidence that heading a soccer ball causes concussions. "not every headache is a concussion not every blow to the head causes concussion." she doesn't think this new rule will be a game changer. "there's some question at age 11 and under or ten and under how much development of heading the ball do you need." but schindler says young players need to practice to learn the safe way to use their head in the game. "you always want to keep your eye on the ball you want to make sure you're striking the ball don't let the ball strike you." stephanie: two weeks ago, the world health organization declared processed meat a carcinogen. now a new study links grilled and barbequed meat to kidney cancer.
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researchers looks at diets and genetic information of kidney-cancer patients, then compared them with healthy men and women. they found the kidney cancer patients ate more meat, especially meat cooked over an open flame, which experts say can create carcinogens. researchers aren't saying stop eating meat all together, but eat it in moderation, and don't burn it. brad/wxhang weather adlib: put
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tonight, the major storm hitting right now.
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blizzard conditions and tornado
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