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tv   Local 5 News at Five  ABC  November 12, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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krenz. amanda? amanda the reason why we're in boone is because boone county is the halfway point of the proposed pipeline. the room behind me was full of about 500 people, some were here to speak some were here just to listen. a total of 210 speakers spoke to the iowa utilities board today, they took turns, two minutes apeice with a big digital clock nearby... they only had 2 minutes to speak. it was one person for the pipeline, then a person opposed to it all day long. most comments were very passionate, some angry and one guy was even musical. here's a taste. " the vast majority of landowners affected
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project and have given to use the land. corporate power. rick perry. koch brohters. terry branstad. big oil. people and planet loses. there are those that argue that jobs will be created by the pipeline for other temproary and will provide work until the project is complete. i think it's important to take a wider view. a two year project will yield thousands of high paying high skill jobs. pipeline pipeline just say no. dirty oil has got to go. " amanda: in the room full of laborers and environmentalist s there were also a lto of peole who were from other parts fo the contry, not iowans at all. local 5's jacob peklo joins us now with more on why they were here. jacob? jacob: that's right. people came
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here from all over the country. some flew here, others made drives of ten hours or more to get the chance to testify at today's hearing. some people have monetary stakes in this project but the vast doing it for the laborers. "gary speegle spent 8 hours in his car, traveling from tulsa, boone, iowa, for thursday's hearing. gary speegle, tulsa, ok: "every major pipeline that comes through the midwest comes into cushing, and then it travels out speegle says the major asset for oklahoma, and that the work in cushing project can work in iowa. ok: "the misunderstanding is that the pipelines leak. now, granted, 30-40-50 years ago, they had bad pipe. but with the technology that they unheard of. but it's not just oklahoma that's
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from as far away as texas and alaska also testified on thursday in favor of the pipeline. and laborers in the midwest want to make sure that the jobs stay local, instead of sending them far away. megan hardy, bellevue, ne: "a lot of times people could be way down in texas or way out east. they go pretty far." ron kaminsky is part of the laborers' union in omaha, and he wants to make sure that their message, from all over the country, is heard loud and clear by the iowa utilities board. ne: "it's about standing together for good paying jobs, with benefits. this is a company that wants to build this the right way with skilled tradesmen's. tim strange, sullivan, in: "everybody has concerns, they just need to be able to address them with the right answers." jacob: still to come at six, we'll be checking in with workers who could be back on the job if the pipeline proposal is approved. amanda? amanda: (adlib wrap up) jack: we want to
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thoughts on the pipeline. know your thoughts on the pipeline. you can connect with us on facebook and twitter. send us an email to: "news at we are iowa dot com" or call us in the newsroom: 1- 800-858-5555 we'd love to hear what you think about this story or any other. stephanie/2shot there's a lot of damage left behind from yesterday's storms in central iowa.. the national weather service says a handful of tornados touched down in iowa, inlcuding adel, des moines, corning, and melrose. crews were out today surveying the damage, and reports conitnue to come in on where and when tornados hit. here's a shot of
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melrose from yesterday's storms. one man lost nearly everything on his property, and saw his roof, tractors, grain silos, and sheds all torn up from the high winds. jack/2shot governor branstad visited knoxville this afternoon to tour the storm damage in that town, and took pictures along the way. the governor was joined by iowa homeland security and emergency management director mark schouten while visiting the walmart that was hit, as well as a few neighborhoods in the area. many people in knoxville have been cleaning up the damage all day, and will likely continue through the weekend. stephanie/2shot so the tornados we saw yesterday were pretty rare for november. but today is the 10 year anniversary of a tornado outbreak that tore through the towns of woodward and stratford. chief meterologist brad edwards is here now...and brad ...10 years apart... how do the two events stack up against one another? brad: yesterday was a pretty unusual day in the
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day in the weather with 8 tornadoes, but it has happened before! in fact, it was 10 years ago today that iowa was struck with 10 tornadoes with one fatality. yesterday we had 8 tornadoes although the official count may change after the surveys are finished. and thankfully, we only had 1 person injured southwest of knoxville. since 1908, we have only had 30 tornadoes in the month of november, which means two thirds of them came in just two days! yes, this is pretty rare. stephanie: about a death that happened on that happened on halloween night. stephanie/ram have closed the investigation of yesterday. police were southeast yesterday and found a woman
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dead. no foul play is expected, police say. they brought in state criminal agents to assist in the investigation. stephanie family members of haley hols, the woman who was run over by a car on halloween, are still keeping her memory alive. hols' family is organizing a benefit called "all about haley hols" to raise money to pay for some of her funeral costs. the event is on december 11th at 7pm at the main gate bar. hols' death is still under investgation. police say she jumped out of the car she was riding in with her fiance and was run over, though it's not clear if it was by that car or a separate one. jack: the iowa high school football semifinals are underway in cedar rapids, and locaca5 sports director jon schaeffer joins us now to tell us what we can expect over the next few days. jon: thanks jack-- teams are two wins away from hoisting a state championship in all six classes. it started bright and early this morning in 8 man. defending champs newell fonda battled don bosco. glidden ralston took on m-m-c. 3a action should be underway here in under a half hour-- norwalk takes on sargeant bluff-luton.
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then in the late game pella faces off with west delaware. jordan furbee has been up at the uni-dome in cedar falls all day covering the action. we'll bring you 8 man highlights at 6 tonight in local 5 sports. and at 10 we'll have the 3a action-- of course class a and 4a are tomorrow-- the big matchup everyone is watching is dowling and valley... so be sure to stick with local 5 all weekend as we bring you the best coverage of high school sports. but for now let's send it back over to you guys. jack: thanks jon the local 5 sports team will have more tonight at 6 and 10 from these semifinal showdowns. stephanie coming up on local 5 news at five... rand paul is another contender. words for marco rubio. jack: and next... who christie poking campaigning in iowa? "you're watching local jack miller, stephanie
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news at 5, we are iowa." jack: rand paul's newest target? marco rubio. jack/lam his two-day tour earlier today. paul met with veterans, drake students, and folks from
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altoona and winterset, hiting hard on his different defense policies compared to other republicans in the race. and he called out marco rubio's plan for military spending. "i don't think you can be fiscally conservitave if you're liberal with military spending so the fact that marco wants to add a trillion dollars in new military spending a trillion dollars in new tax credit spending its hard to explain how thats a fiscally conservitave notion " jack: paul also met with dozens of veterans and their families yesterday as a local chapter of vets endorsed him for president. he says he'll continue to outline differences between himself and the other candidates as the iowa caucuses get closer. stephanie: rand paul isn't the only candidate in iowa talking about his competitors. chris christie is hosting several events in eastern iowa today, and told a group in cedar rapids what donald trump is like in person. " i respect and am a friend of donald trump for over 13 years. and i've known him for that long.
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guy. and a nice guy. and you know what you see on tv by the way is exactly what you get. people ask all the time what's he really like. that's it, man." christie has spent the last two days in iowa following his performance in the undercard debate in milwaukee on tuesday. he'll be in nevada tomorrow night. stephanie: students at drake university have a unique way to raise questions to presidential candidates this week ahead of this saturday's democractic debate on their campus . party politics, an organization out of texas, brought an eight-foot chalkboard 14 hours to the hubbell dining center on campus. the board has seventy-eight lines for questions, and students have been filling it every hour it has been on display. "so what we asked students at drake to do is finish this phrase: what would you like to see our next president work on. and as you can see it's a display that's very interactive, it's organic. kids kind
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of come up to it and they know exactly what to do with the chalkboard." stephanie: mendoza said party politics is following the candidates around the country and they haven't decided where the chalkboard will be next. stephanie: chief meteorologist brad edwards joins us now.. brad ((ad lib weather toss)) "now, we are iowa's most accurate forecast with chief
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brad: weather adlib: put script here in green i would like to say our weather has calmed down from wednesday,
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but that is really not the case with these wake of our tornado powerful november storm has produced mph in most areas they will drop off a bit they are not going away just yet. skies will be clear tonight and into friday. we will see our temps drop into the 30s in the metro while the wind chills will fall into the 20s by friday morning. friday will bring us nw to w winds of 10-20+ which is just a nice breeze compared to today. highs will be about average for mid november in the low 50s. the good news is that we are going to have a nice little warm-up this weekend! saturday is looking sunny and warmer with
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the clouds will be on increase, but we should still manage to get close to 60 for the high. next week we are looking at more rain and cooler reading, but no tornadoes brad/wxhang (adlib) brad/wxhang (adlib) jack:/ stephanie:
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"you're watching local
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stephanie: more unrest and walk-outs on college campuses today in protest of alleged racial injustice. students say they were
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inspired to speak out after university of missouri president tim wolfe was forced to resign amid allegations he didn't effectively handle racist incidents on campus. abc's elizabeth hur reports. " ((nat)) ithaca -- "chanting"?? more than 9 hundred students walking out of class and marching in ithaca college in new york.. ((nat)) yale -- "we are. we are yale!" and at yale university.. students shutting down streets.. all protesting they say racial injustice on campus. ((sot)) kathleen calderon, yale student organizer: "a lot of institutional changes need to be done in terms of getting more support for ethnic studies, getting more faculty of color on campus." their call for action.. already being answered.. yale announcing they are devoting 50-million dollars to increase faculty diversity.. and the protests at ithaca.. prompting the creation of a new chief diversity officer position. ((nat)): "this is what democracy looks like." the changes coming just days after students.. football players and faculty at the university of missouri rallied
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against the university's mishandling of a string of racial incidents.. ending with the university chancelor along with president tim wolfe resigning.. but the racial tensions turning to fear on campus this week.. with social media pictures showing lecture halls practically empty.. following the arrest of two missouri college students.. who stand accused of posting threats online.. against black students and faculty. ((sot)) moore: "it's just kind of frightening to realize anybody would kind of walk around and try to kill people because of skin color." stephanie: so still a very tense situation at the university of missouri/ as for the students under arrest, one of them, hunter park, was back in court today. jack: students at drake university also recognized the racial tensions going on in missouri with a solidarity demonstration this afternoon. "we must love each other and support each other"
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a group of almost fifty students gathered on campus - chanting in unison - to show support of the protest movement in missouri. they've been using social media to spread their message. "today was really to show support for what's going on at mizzou, just because our university hasn't done anything in an official capacity to acknowledge what's going on. so we as students took it upon ourselves to do that today." jack: students didn't say if they're planning more demonstrations. stephanie time for another quick break... chief brad edwards will be back with one last look at our forecast. brad/wxhang
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breaking news tonight. the secret service officer at the white house under arrest. accused of trying to send inappropriate pictures of himself to a teenage girl. authorities say allegedly trying
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to communicate with a minor
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