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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  November 12, 2015 10:35pm-11:37pm CST

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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live"! >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live!" the kids from "black-ish." "this week in unnecessary and music from future. with cleto and the cletones. and now, having said all that, here's's jimmy kmel! [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank yoyou. you're embarrassing me. hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks for -- wow, you guys are excited tonight.
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tonight. we had an extra-big night on abc tonight. our usualshondaland lineup joined the force with star wars, a new "star wars: the force awakens" aired tonight on abc. which might be the first time people sped through the show to get to the commercial. you might be asking yourself, why would they debut new "star wars" footage in the middle of an abc block targeted primarily at women? their plan is to target both the key demographics of women ages 18 to 49, and men who have never had sex with a woman between the and they've done it. this is tonight's abc "star [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmymy: gladhehey gotaway from the cgi. what happens in the new movie, theorce awakens after getting
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hoveverboard. the world doping -- you know the world anti-doping agency, you probably heard about this, this week they released a skating report impmplicating russian athletes and their government for what they call widespread use of prugerformance-enhancing drugugs durin the olympics. one of russia's female tracknd field stars threw a pe vault with her penis. is that what one of those? anyway. in some report, among other things the report says members of the russian secret service intimidated workers at a drug testing hab to cover up positive test results, they impersonated lab engineers during the winter olympics in sochi, the lab destroyed more than 1,400 samples. russian president vladimir putin is demanding a thorough investigation. he wants to know everything he already knows about the doping, when he already knew it, and he wants the names of all the officials who told him about it
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before it happened. this is very serious. if true these allegations could lead to russia being banned from the mmer olylympics inio next year. imagine if russia -- it means on so much to them, this would be like makin ryan seacrest stay home on new year's eve. here's something from a russian auto show that to me is good enough to forgive them for whatever kind of drugs they took. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's what happens when you don't give your uber driver a tip. over there. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i'd like one of those. yesterday as you know was
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veterans day. and obviously there's a lot of excellent coverage of this important holiday, veterans day. one media outlet stood above them all and this week's award for "excellence in reporting" goes to tristn hardy from kytx-tv in tyler, texas. >> this has been an eventful day for veterans in east texas who want to continue recognizing them by showcasing wt you had to say about our veterans using our special hash tag. tristain hardy has been following what viewers h to say. >> today we want to recognize our veterans. men and women in service. we created #thank you for your -- [ bleep ]. okay. >> we apologize for that. >> jimmy: no apology necessary at all. [ cheers and applause ] that's probably the best thing i' seen on the local news this year. the bow tie really sold it. tomorrow's a big day.
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one direction and justin bieber are both releasing new albums tomorrow, which has tween girls all over the world asking, what's an album? you u kn, walmart annouounced today this black friday they're diagnose away with their highly sought after and fought over door buste deals. instead they're going to put all their deals in stores and online at once to try to limit the crazy rush. i guess this is a good thing. but i feel like as a society we might need these door buster deals. one night a year we get out all our aggression by savagely beating our fellow shoppers. lilike the movie"the purge" if you saw that. now walmart's taking the fun out of it. just becse we trampled a few of their elderly greeters. so the walmart door buster deals ar no more but walmart will be open at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving this year as will most of the major retailers. and let's be honest, the truth ise don't really want too sp
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we jusust want an excuse to get immediately after the pie. [ cheers and applause ] that's the true meaning of black iday eve. the past couple of weeks we've been premiering long-lost episodes of a teen drama series produced many years ago by shonda rhimes, creator of the show "scandal" among others. they only shot four episodes then abc shelved the project. since it has a lot of the same actors that are on "scandal" now it's a precursor to that show. we wanted to share it with you, the never before seen episode 3 of "scandal high." >> previously on "scandal high." >> high five. >> pop quiz. >> who did this? >> it wasn't me! >> clean that out. >> get out! good day to you >> on two, three!
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>> it's still election season at scandal high. and scandals have eliminated tann and crystal from the running. hunter ulysses whitman thought he was the only answer for president but this test was about to become multiple choice. >> hey! >> hey. >> hey! >> hey. >> yo, yo, yo! you can't run as a teaeam. >> attention, students. just to clarify, you are allowed to run for student council president as a team, team, team, team! ah! >> hey. >> whatever. >> hey. >> hey. >> while some students were getting into the race, others were getting racy. >> courtney, please come to the front of the class and draa
10:43 pm
[ laughter ] >> are you still homosexual now? >> more than ever. >> as election dayrew near, hunter ulysses whitman was growing anxious. nosif and jenica had high hopes -- maybe too high. >> hey >> hey. >> hey. you've been doing drugs. >> hey! >> you've been doing harder drugs. you are hereby expelled effective immediately.
10:44 pm
>> "hey" is for horses and in this race there's only one stallion left. >> lol. no one's running against me. >> not so fast. >> now no one's running against me. >> next time on "scandal high." >> are you going to try to have me expelled too? >> is that a guilty face? >> i'm pregnant! >> the votes have been counted and -- [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, wow. that's a series finale, "scandal high" next thursday. we're going to take a break. a couple of things. facebook has another new feature that's going to weird you out. "this week in unnecessary censorship" too. stick around, we'll be right back.
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>> jimmy: welcome back to our show. julia roberts, all the kids from "black-ish" and music from future is on the way. first big shopping news. kim kardashian, are you familr with her work? [ laughter ] kim kardashian is planning to release a holiday edition of her book of selfies. she put out a book in may called "selfish," a collection of photographs she took of herself. and now she's putting it out again for christmas. she said the difference between the first book and the holiday version is, and this is a quote, shouldn't, "there's a new picture on the cover and there might be a few more photos inside." there might will be might be a
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why not? at this pot she's just screwing with us, right? it's the same book, but with a different photo on the cover. basically she's just changing her profile picture. and somebody's going to buy it. if your office is having a secret santa gift exchange you'll probably get this. because there's nothing like gathering the family around the tree to look at seles of a kardashian. it's christmas with a "k." hey, while we're on the subject of selfies and that sort of thing, facebook is testing another new feature. this oneecognizes the faces of your facebook friends, which is amazing considering the fact that you probably don't recognize the face of your frnds. it's called photo magic. apparently that namame tested better than consumer master computer flure mode. photo magic recognizes your facebook friends' faces so you
10:49 pm
before you've uploaded it to facebook. facebook assur us this will not be used to invade our privacy, our information will not -- i love whenever facebook introduces a new t thing they have to convince us it's not creepy. if photo magic works the next new automated feature they're planning to roll out is something cled magic you. >> facebook's automatic tagng makes posting pictures faster and easier than other. >> tess, nice. >> we're not stopping there. facebook magic you u uses an advanced algorithm that studies your old post to create new statuses for you automatically. and a facebook you personality profiler creates new opinions you didn't even knowou had. >> where did that come from? how do i bleat thisdelete. >> you can't, you said it. >> i do say that. >> you thought it. >> don't worry about it, babe >> who are you? what are you doing here? >> i'm greg. we're dating.
10:50 pm
relationship. >> what is this? i didn't take any of these photos. >> you don't have to. facebook you utilizes your >> oh, cooool! okay, this is wrong. i didn't agree to any of this. >> of course you did. didn't read. >> i want it to stop. >> sorry, facebook you is a total life replacement. it does your job and hangs out with your friends so you can focus on what's really important, going on facebook. >> come on, babe, let's take pictures of brunch. >> my favorite. >> hey, somebody help me! i don't like it. >> facebook magic you. you won't like it, you'll "like" it. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we have a magical show planned for you tonight. julia roberts is here. [ cheers and applause ]
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a very big name. but also a common name too. if you go on facebook there are a lot of julia roberts out there. this is fun. let's bring up the wall of america. all thes women, all the women on the screen are named julia roberts. [ cheers and applause ] imagine that this is something that cops up a lot in their lives. so when julia comes out here, it's a ten julia roberts night tonight. before we say hello to the julias, it's thursday night which means it's timime to bleep and blur the big tv moments of whether they need it or not, "this week in unnecessary censorship." >> a new app isetting attention on social media because it promises to help you find someone to actually [ bleep ]. >> why aren't men bleep ]ing during the month of november? >> it's no [ bleep ] november. >> an nfl player accused of
10:52 pm
>> he could face felony charges because [ bleep ]ing a police dog is a felony in the third degree. >> the koch brothers are some of the biggest [ bleep ] you can fi. >> i have no problem both [ bleep ]. >> you want to work out that thanksgiving meal with. [ cheers andpplause ] >> thank you very much you [ bleep ]. >> the secret to relieving knee arthritis pain may have been discovered in a rooster's [ bleep ]. >> donald rumsfeld could teach us all something aut how to handle a [ bleep ]. >> i don't know what the [ bleep ]'s going to ppen. >> can you take to us a [ blee] truck? >> a [ bleep ] truck? you're serious? i told you you canan literally go anywhere in time and space and you want to go to a [ bleep ] truck? >> [ bleep ] truck! [ bleep ] truck [ bleep ] truck [ bleep ] truck! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: still to come, music from future, the kids from "black-ish" are here. be right back with julia roberts
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and julia roberts and julia roberts and so on. [ cheers and applause ] one, two, three, four can i have a little more? five, six, seven, eight, ne, ten i love you sail the ship chop the tree skip the rope look at me all together now
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i wish dad was here to see this. he is. the beam family has a long history of doing things their own way. they age every drop of jim beam twice as long as the law requires. so, four long years from now... i'll be back for this one.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tonight on the show fr "black-ish" which airs wednesday nights on abc, all the kids yara, marcus, marai, and miles are with us. right now they are enjoying shirley hemphills in the green room. then, a talented man from atlanta, g his latest album is called
10:56 pm
"ds2," future from the samsung outdoor r stage. next week we have a powerful line-up that includes liam hemsworth, josh hutcherson, joseph gordon-levitt, tracee ellis ross, "science bob" pflugfelder and amber hurd, melissa mccarthy. with music from walk the moon, jewel will join forces with kool and the gang to perform as jewel and the gang i in our ma-up monday series, and one week from toninight, we e closing down hollywood boulevard for one direction. if you'd like to be here in person for that, go to for all l the information. they are free. you'll get all the information right there. let the tween screaming begin! enty-five years ago our first guest shot the movie "pretty woman" just a few blocks from our theater and, to this day, wealthy men still pick up prostitutes and marry them on n this very stretch of street. her new movie is a
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please welcome julia roberts. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how's life? >> good. it's very good to see you, thank you for coming back. [ cheers and applause ] >> i don't get out very much so i appreciate it, thank you. >> jimmy: you don't get that on a movie set. i guess it's unprofessional for the crew to stand up and cheer. >> or carpool or the market, people don't behave hike that. >> jimmy: do you carpool? >> how do your kids get to school? >> jimmy: my servants take them to school.
10:58 pm
wednesday to take my kids to school? >>immy: your big premiere of the film last night. >> yes. >> jimmy: was that the first time you'd seen it with a group of people? >> yes, it is. >> how did it go? >> it seemed to go well. >> jimmy: seemed to go well. >> no one left. >> jimmy: i enjoyed the movie, it very intense. yeah. about it. >> you really can't. i mean, honestly, , there's reason to do a press tour because i can't say anything. >> jimmy: you can't say anything. evenike the little thing i was thinking of saying -- >> don't say it. >> jimmy: i've decided not to say. >> you shouldn't say it. >> jimmy:t would potentially put something into somebody's head >> or everybody could do this. and we could talk. but that might be boring. >> jimmy: yeah. i understand that. i think people would totally understand that. >> i'm not trying to be discouraging. >> jimmy: no, nono, no. >> i haven't come here tonight to tell you not to see this movie. >> jimmy: no, no. that would be a weird move. >> can you imagine?
10:59 pm
>> someone went on a press tour and said, this is not the one to see. >> jimmy: typically, they'll just whisper that to me during a commercial break is usually howw it goes. this is good one to see. let me ask you, the first time yo started -- [ laughter ] the first time you became recognizable in pupublic, do you remember the first person who approached you? do you remember that moment? >> well, i do remember going to -- i rember going to visit my mom in georgia. and my mom and my younger sister and i went out to a movie. in a m mall where i once worked across from the movie theater serving scks and frozen yogurt. delightfully. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and going to see a movie. and after the movie going to the bathroom.
11:00 pm
this doesn't sound like a great story suddenly. >> jimmy: is that the end of it? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: if so, yeah it's not great. was nice. the story. >> hold on. not finished. >> not finished, okay. >> i was in the bathroom. and a voice suddenly said, girl in stall number one, were you in "mystic pizza "? and a pen and a piece of paper went like this. >> jimmy: really? and what did you do? >> i said, uh-huh! my hands are busy! >> jimmy: make that out to? >> maybe in a minute! >> jimmy: well, that's a little weird. we have a little special something. i know it's not a surprise to you. >> it's not. becae i have a monitor in my room. >> jimmy: and because -- >> i heard this was 10,000 julias here.
11:01 pm
>> jimmy:: there a a lot of -- not just julias. there are julia roboberts here. >> it's an epidemic. >> jimmy: people who have lived their whole lives hearing about you probably every single day. and now they're here to -- i don't know exactly -- >> i feel bad. why do i feel bad? > jimmy don't know but you come back. julia roberts is here. "secret in their eyes" is the
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am. dysfunction hotline, how can i direct your call? not at all, have a good day. >> that a buy, give them hell. >> you armor ron, you know that? >> you keep throwing thatt term around but i'm not sure you know what it actually means. it's a medical term, did you know that? >> is that right? >> it means someone with an iq between 50 and 69. an imba sill is iq between 49 and 20. an idiot -- i think that's the word you're looking for -- someone who scores below a 19. >> what do you call someone who's dumber than that? >> lieutenant. >> jimmy: that is "secret in their eyes." quite a cast. nicole kidman, who is not in that clip. that was easily the lightest moment of the whole movie. >> that was it. >> jimmy: literally the only thing we could show. >> dee nris is the comic
11:06 pm
relief, he's fantastic. michael kelly, who is the nicest person.. maybe like in th top three nicest people? >> jimmy: don't say what you're going to say, it's going to ruin something from the movie. >> okay. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. let's just sit quietly. >> mhael ankle hikelly's in the film. >> jimimmy: i'mere to protect you. have you met another jewell julia roberts before? >> i did one time. this is a different thing. i'm a little bit -- a little worried about tonight's julia papalooza. >> jimmy: you are, why? >> i did one time. it's never -- have you ever thout like, oh, there's someone else named jimmy kimmel the world. >> jimmy: i've met a few. >> you have? >> jimmy: my dad's one of them. >> just killed that conversation. >> jimmy: but there's a guy who makes wine. there aren't't a lot of them. but t there are -- they are out there. yeah. >> well, i guess i am self-centered. never occurred to me that anybody else wouould be ned
11:07 pm
i didn't think that no one would be, i just never thought about it. >> never occurred to you. >> until a girl came up to me, i just want to say hi, my name is julilia robes. and i s like, what? that is incredible! >>immy: did you check her i.d. to make sure? >> she looked honest and truthful. >> jimmy: she did. well, as all -- >> all julia roberts are. i said, how is that for you? she goes, i can always get a dinner reservation. [ laughter ] but people aren't always happy when i show up. >> jimmy: well, that makes sense, yeah. all right, let's look at the screen here. we've got nine julia roberts. hello, julia roberts! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow, all right. let's start in the center there. from -- julia from lake havasu in arizona, heheo. >> hi, jimmy. hi, julia. i'm so happy to see you.u.
11:08 pm
i want to thank you for being a nice person. because all of my stories are really great when i go to make a reservation. we were gng town to palm springs and paul springs is someplace you probably go to. so i made a rereservatio and i get there. and i say hi, i'm julia roberts checking in. and the girl went, oh. so disappointed. but i have to tell you my room was awesome. it was the best room ever. >> jimmy: that's nice. >> so cool. it was awesome. >> yay! >> jimmy: a little disappointment but all right, let's check with julia in toronto. hello, julia. >> hello. >> hi, julia. >>immy: here she is. >> i had an amazing opportunity to spend eht weeks in an ashram in india. >> jimmy: wow. >> while i was there learning how to teach yoga -- >> was i there? >> no, no. >> what did they call you?
11:09 pm
love." [ laughter ] >> what a beautiful life. >> jimmy: did you mind that? >> not at all. >> jimmy: okay, good. >> not at all. i sucked it all in. amazing experience. >> okay, julia roberts by nature are good sports. >> j jimmy: ve positive. >> good sports. >> jimmy: let's go to knoxville, tennessee. hello, julia roberts. >> hi! >> i think i looked like that two days ago. >> jimmy: that same hair? >> the earrings and the whole thing. >> jimmy: do people think maybe you're related to jua? >> if they were cousins and we had the same name. >> jimmy: yeah. >> like my wholeife people have always told me, oh, you lo so much like julia roberts. >> and you go -- >> such a great compliment. because i always thought they
11:10 pm
just said that because of my name. then i recently ran into this person that was a stranger and they told me i looked like you. and i just was like, oh my gosh, this is crazy. >> i am her. >> jimmy: i am you, yeah. >> i'm like, that's me, that's real me! >>immy: there you go, julia. let's go -- onene more, aumont, texas. another julia roberts. i don't want to be presumpous. but you were julia roberts first, correct? >> yes. i'm the oldest. >> you'rehe oldest julia roberts. >> jimmy: so what happened to you when people started reacting to your name as julia roberts? >> right, right. every time i pull my credit card out or my debit card out, i get a lot of attention from the clerk.
11:11 pm
>> jimmy: really? >> they even aske to verify who i am by using my driver's license. >> and i'm kind of in love with yo but i'm going to pause for a miminute and say, if only the man that stole my llet, the 57-year-old man who was buying a number of things with my credit card, no one seemed to question him. interesting. i'm finding this very interesting. what do you do when they say, can you verify? >> i can pull my driver's license. >> or say, i'll call richard gere and he will tell you. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> i should have done that. >> jimmy: by the waway, this julia i'm told, this is her birthday today, happy birthday. >> happy birthday! >> thank you. thank you very much. it is my birthday. >> jimmy: all right, thank you
11:12 pm
all youulia roberts, thank you so much for coming on board tonight. the movie is "sececretn their eyes." it opens in theaters one week from tomorrow. julia roberts, everybody. be right back with the kids from "black-ish." karl, don't you have friends coming over? yeah, so? it stinks in here. you've got to wash this whole room are you kidding? wash it? let's wash it with febreze. fofor all ththings you can't wash, use... ...febreze fabric refresher hey mrs. webber inhales hey, it smells nice in here and try pluggable febreze... continuously eliminate odors for... ...up to 45 days of freshness pluggable febreze and fabric refresher... ...[inhale + exhale mnemonic]...
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>> jimmy: we are back. music from future still to come. our next guests play kids on tv and are kids in real life. their show is called "black-ish." watch it wednesday nights here on abc. pleasese welcomeyara shahidi, marcus scribner, miles brown, and marsai martin. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thahanks f coming. it's great to have you here. you all look great. you're all dressed up.. do you pick out your clothes yourself or do you have people now to pick these things out for you?
11:17 pm
>> well, i think we all have people. >> jmy: you have people now. >> it's a combo for me. because this is my denim shirt and it's my favorite denim shirt. >> jimmy: yet the s skirt was given to you by people? >> yes. >> jimmy: i see. >> very nice people. >> jimmy: all kids have people, it's just usually their parents that pick this stuff out for them. >> yeah. >> jimmy: what are your ages? start here. >> 12. >> 11 years old. >> i'm 10. >> 15. >> 15. >> jimmy: so you guys, i know you're not reall brothers and sisters in real life. but do they pick on you like older broththers and sisters do in real life? >> yes. >> jimmy: they do? >> yeah. >> jimmy: what do they do? what do you guys do to them? >> something that hapappened recently was we were in hair and makeup trailer and a jazz song came out. we decided to say this was beyonce's old music before she discovered her sound. marsai being a beyonce fan was frustrated because she knew it
11:18 pm
wasn't beyonce but we stuck to it. it became a very heated debate. >> man, i was like so serious about that. >> jimmy: you were? >> i w like, ha, guys, really funny. ease stop it. >> she's such a fan, she says, she's a professional beyonce fan. >> jimmy: a professional. are you getting paid to be a beyonce fan now? >> i hope so. >> jimmy: have you met beyonce? >> no, that's the problem. >> jimmy: that is the problem. who's the most famouperson you've met as a result of being on this show? >> let see. hm. the president. >> jimmy: that's pretty good. yeah. where'd you meet the president? >> in t white house. >> jimmy: wewell, okaythere you go. miles, how about you? >> well, my favorite -- my favorite celebrity or athlete is lebron. i'm either debating president
11:19 pm
it's crazy to debate those two. >> jimmy: you're more excited to meet lebron james, right? >> yeah. he's my man. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what did he say to you? >> so during the espys, during the commercial break, i just went like ten rows down and i saw him sitting down. he's super tall. but when he's sitting down it doesn't look like he's tall. it looksike he's kneeling. i camep to him and i guess he knew me. he gave me a hand thing. i was ke, oh my god! i almost started cryi. favorite people. >> jimmy: really? >> so o i was telling him, i love you! i love you. and he was like, i watch the show all the time with my family and stuff. >> jimmy: that's nice. how about you? >> i have to note, miles ner cries when he sees me and i'm personally offended.
11:20 pm
>> jimmy: he didn't cry when he saw me tonight either. >> for me, i met angela basset a couple of times, the first time at the image awards. then i see her again at the emmys, she's like how are you? it was like a moment in which i melted. cause i was like, she's casually giving me a hug. and there's like a little elf in my brain, oh my gosh, she's approaching, she's approaching, this is amazing, her arms are out, aahh! >> jimmy: this is a tough act to follow here. >> yeah. i mean, we've got the president, angegela basset, lebron james. i've seen leonardo dicaprio before. i'm telling you guys, i sat across the room from leonardo dicaprio. i felt his aura. probably the most famous person i've ever met personally was dr. dre. >> jimmy: that's a goodod one. >> yeah, dr. dre, y'all.
11:21 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: do you guys know who dr. dre is? >> yes. >> yes. >> jimmy: what's your favorite dr. dre song? >> you know that compton album "for the love of money"? [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah, yeah! >> i love that song. and of course i listen to the clean version. >> jimmy: oh, there's a clean version, okay. >> don't worry, everybody. >> it's really the beat. >> jimmy: are the adults on the show, do they watch their language around you guys? >> no. >> jimmy: no? have you learned words that you maybe shouldn't know from them? >> well -- i know those wor that they're sayi. >> jimmy: you've heard the words already, yeah. so they just treat you like you're just regular members of the cast? >> yeah. i mean, they make sure they say nothing too crazy around us. >> jimmy:hat crazy things they'll say in front of you guys?
11:22 pm
>> our favorite is, every time we had to school anthony says school's for suckers in the loudest voice possible. >> jimmy: school is for suckers. that's true, kids, school is for suckers. >> it's kind of weird. because like yesterday, since it was a holiday, we didn't have to dodo school. so he was like, today you're not a sucker because you're not doing school. >> basically anthony has taught us to notducate ourselves. >> jimmy: that's good. as long as you can read a script you're fine. >> yeah, exactly. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it's great to have you guys here. the show is terrific. congratulations. the show is "black-ish." "black-ish" airs wednesdays at 9:30pm here on abc. and we shall return with music from future. [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live
11:23 pm
samsung. >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is present by samsun >> jimmy: i'd like to thank julia roberts, the kids from "blackck-ish." apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time for him.
11:24 pm
his album m is called "ds 2." here with the songs "blow a bag" and "where ya at," future! i blow a bag today i don't do nothing fugaze i blowed a bag today walk in the mall and go crazy i blow a bag today hop out the whip on em baby i blow a bag today hop a whip on em baby i blow a bag today i blow a bag t today i blow a bag today try to avoid me some crazy i blow a bag today i blow a bag today i blow a bag today i don't do nothingugaze i had a bag today i brought a bag today i had to graduate had to graduate
11:25 pm
i had to change my money you're changing me the fame will change a i know i came for property i got my name for property i know for sure for sure if my granddad was living i know he'd be proud of me i know for sure for sure if snoot was liviving he'd be proud of me inow for sure for sure if fonzo was livin i know he never would've doubted me i know for sure for sure i live with these dummies just check out my clarity gotta just check out his clarity i guess i feel like a parachute i pull out right here and embarrass you i saw t that crac on my album only the strongest survive i'm just enjoying my life i blow a bag today i don't do nothing fugaze i blowed a bag today why didn't my mind go crazy i blow a bag today how about a whip on em maybe i blow a bag today i put a whip on 'em maybe i blow a bag today i blow a bag today i blow a bag today try to avoid me some crazy i blow a bag today i blow a bag today i blow a bag today i don't do nothing fugaze i ran it home where thsame get their money and stay with the same i knew that money could change they don't look
11:26 pm
at you like you're the same i just hope i can remain humble how bout i go to the jurg where i did it say that i did it selling dope from that apartment i did it i'm bout to cut out some that i know that ain't with running with they wanna see they gettin' the they describe i know real is hard to come across i know either way it goes sonny gon' be there i know either way it goes papa gon' be there even when a was broke scooter was always there i be pouring out this forty ththought weeren't gon' be here i told you it comes with time we have to preserve i knew it come with time when we all be here i blow a bag tay i don't do nothing fugaze i blowed a bag today why didn't my mind go crazy i blow a bag today how about a whip on em maybe i blow a bag today i put a whip on em maybe i blow a bag today
11:27 pm
where your was at dog when -- wasn't feed me where your was at dog when -- didn't need me where your was at dog when -- tried to run off where your was at dog you made me pull where your was at dog you went and switched sides where your was at dog when -- spread lies on you where your was at dog when the bodies come slide where your wast dog when i was servi pileses where your was at dog when -- wasn't feeding where your was at dog when didn't eat where your was at dogg wh -- tried to run off where your was at dog you made me pull this gun out where yo
11:28 pm
was at dog was at dog when -- wasn't feeding where your was at dog when didn't eat where your was at dog when -- tried to run off where your was at dog when i was in the pyrex where your was at dog where your was at dog where your at we keep that dog this is "nightline." >> tonight, breaking news. the masked terrorist known as jihadi john believed to have been killed by a u.s. drone
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