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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  November 13, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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horrifying night in paris. police have confirmed four attacks, one at the stad de france. and the french president in attendance. suicide bombers outside the stadium. you can hear it as the game was going on. two more attacks in central paris, and at restaurants in the area. gunmen reported, killing several on the scene. and the most horrifying attack at the bataclan concert hall. several hundred held hostage, and at least 100 reported being found deadinside. and two attackers have been killed. i wa to go to louise dewase,, on the scene. what's happening?
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>> reporter: i'm in front of the concert venue, the operation is ov. and firefighterers are walking up ladders, and people walking down the ladders as well. about 100 police forces in front of the concert venue tonight. we're asked to move away, and keep a safe distance from the concert venue, as people are being evacuated now. >> earlier,r, theayor of paris had been on the scene, now the french president and prime minister are also there? >> reporter: yes, we've heard they were both on the scene tonight to bring their support to this tragedy that's unfolding tonight. >> the french president has declared a state of emergency, and has closedd the borders.
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about the scene a the bataan, an american heavy metal band was playing. >> they're called the eagles of death metal. we're told they saw incredible carnage, a situation that the police moveded in, and they decided to try to minimize the death toll. >> and unconfirmed reports that the gunmen had been moving through the crowd, shootg people one by one. >> these are soft targets, restaurants, a concert hall, outside a stadium. we don't know if it's an al qaeda attack, or isis attack, but it's well-planned, sophisticated, and well-coordinated. >> and martha raddatztz jns us. the president, when he came out,
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earlier today, and saying we were standing with our earliest ally ally. >> well, we had isis-inspired people in the "charlie hebdo" attack. so, i think all eyes are on whether or not isis is involved. perhaps it's an al qaeda offsfshoot, o some group we've never heard of but if this is in fact isis, this is a huge escalation of what they're capable of moving, moving beyond the borders of syria and iraq. and we have sususpicions that isis is behind the russian airliner, and this would be major, major escations with isis.
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isis in syria and iraq. the u.s. says this is ogress but it's very hard to stop these kinds of attacks. if these are isis sympathizers or recruits, it's a big problem for law enforcemen >> and we see the scenes in paris, t this coming on the heels of the strike against jihadi john yesterday. >> and this has suchn indication of being so well-planned, it's unlikely i has been triggered by that alone. and over the summer, messages beginning in july of bringing slaughter to the streets of paris. >> and mt olsen, we know two of the attackers have been killed at the bataclan, but others may be on the loose.
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and borders are closed in france. tell us what this ans, and what the counterterrorism authorities in france will be doing. >> well, whwhat's happening in france, the united kingdom, and certainly in the united ates, they're talking to each other, scouring the databases for threats or warnings, and making sure that that information is being shared immediately with the french counterterrorism officials and law enforcement. so that the indiduals still at large could be apprehended. >> and some sports facilities here at a higher state of alert. what else will occur to try to
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>> well, new york city, at a higher state o alert. but this is the kind of attack, as horrific as it is, it is very difficult to stop. it uses relatively available weapons, and soft targets. this is a kind of scenario that gives counterterrorism officials the greatest concern. very difficult to stop an attack like this. >> and pierre thomas, he's told you so many times over the past years, this is his greatest fearar. he believes isis is the greatest threat. >> yes, it k keeps him up at night. and officials have been particularly concerned about isis. in the lt two years, the fbi has arrested at least 70 americans trying to affiliate themselves with isis.
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special command center, in communication with french authorities. and even though there's no specific threat identified, they're c concerned about the potential for copycats. and the social media campaign of isis, saying kill, kill, kill, wherever you are. >> and the hostage situation now over. but i want to go to brad garrett, former hoste negotiator for the fbi. >> if they only have two shooters, it tells you what devastation one or two shooters can do. my guess is, they knew roughly where they were. it's like, we've got to stop th. they're justoing up and down the aisles shooting people.
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let's take them out. and looks like they did that in fairly short orde which would suggest a fairly low number of attackers. >> and french president hollande has cancelled his trip to the g-20. and president obama said he had not yet spoken with him, but he will continue with his trip? >> that's right, it will go ahead as planned. he had intended to meet in turkey with the g-20 to talk about the battle against isis. that meeting will go forward, we're told. but now without president hollande. you can see in the president's demeanor, a real somber, this is a clear setback, just at a time when he thought that he h been making progress.
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the united states and their allies, making progress against isis. the milita finally making progress in iraqaq taking out jihadi john, the most visible leder ofisis. but this, again, the president was very clear, we don't know who was behind this attack. the real fear,, this is isis once agaiain, reaching beyond the borders of syria. >> and world leaders, including president obama, scheduled to convene in paris later this month for a climate change conference. >> 120 heads of state, more than 120 heads of state scheduled to convene in paris for this large conference on climate change. the president's plan is to be in pas for two nights, attending that conference. of course now, with the borders
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shut down, state of emergency, many questions about that conference. >> and american airlines are monitoring the situation. the airport is currently open, but they're holding remaing departures to paris so they can get additional information. and pierre thomas, the attack in egypt, greater concerns about air travel and gaps in the tsa system? >> absolutely. officials had been focused on airports because they know it's a concern. and police saying they are going to step up security, and in new york city and d.c. so, right now, law enforcement in the united stateses i at a
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high alert, preparing for any potential copycats here. >> and what does that mean for the streets of new york, washington, d.c., baltimore? >> well, in washington, d.c., heavily-armed law enforcement throughout the city, in front of the embassies. at key sporting events. so many sports events in the united states over the weekend, law enforcement officials have to think about extra security throughout the weekend. >> and bri ross, we've just learned that three terrorists are conrmed killed. that's likely to go up. >> if they got them all. clearly more than three people involved in attacks on four different locatition. and the concern, did some get away? or were they suicideattackers,
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>> and so far, we haven't seen any group claim sporntresponsibility for this? >> there have been some claims but not from the usual groups. a number of groups saying we're taking responsibility. that's not clear yet. >> and what do we know about any kind of chatter before this attack? >>ver the summer months, there wawas a lot of talk aut bringing slaughter to the streets of france, primarily from isis followers. and in some cases, isis leaders said, don't come to syria, don't come to iraq. stay where you e, you can do more damage where you are. >> and once they leave tse countries, are they on their own? >> once they get to syria, they're funnel into a machine. at home, they're somewhat on
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their own. in this case, it appears to be very well-planned and coordinated. somebody put this all together, coordinating four different automatic weapons. >> and i want to go back to louise dewase, cafes nearby have been turned into hospitals. >> reporter: that's correct. and i can see less than 100, about 50 people inside the cafe, some with blood on their shirts. they all look very preoccupyied, probably calling their relatives. and the french president was just behind a few minutes ago, talking with police forces. so, that's the situation right now in paparis. near the venue where the attack
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happened. >> and i want to show a picture you took a short while ago, showing the phalanx of police on the streets. >> reporter: correct. we can see firefighters evacuating down the ladders to a safe space a few blocks away. >> i want to go back to brad garrett. and the french government releasing 1,500 additional soldiers,here could be my more terrorists on the loose. and after the "charlie hebdo" attacks,here were still terrorists on the loose, ready to kill again. >> that's right. and the real key is identying the dead hostage takers/terrorists they have. you want to look at the network. who else is out there? who have they talked to on the
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the key is obviously locating and positioning troops, law enforcement, et cetera, based on where they may be. and the key is to identify the link. and that's what they're going in paris as we speak. >> and i want to go to ben, in the stadium where the french president was when they heard the bombs go off. set the scene, ben. >> reporter: i'm still outside the stadium, and i saw forensic investigators combing the floors for clues, for evidence. right next to the -- some kind of a resestaurant like mcdonald's in the u.s. the area was cordoned off, but
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pictures, trying to figure out exactly what happened. and there's still heavy police presence, several hours after the game i was attending. supposed to be a very happy night for the french. >> when did y you know when this was happening? you heard the explosion, but for a while, the game went on. >> reporter: well, it was a very bizarre situation. we're told after the game by the head of the french soccer federation, on purpose, they didn't make people concernrned there had been an explosi outse, in order to avoid a panic. so, it was business as usual inside the stadium itself. but outside the stadium,
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we heard sirens, police sirens, maybe for the rescue opations. it's not unusual to hear fireworks d during a exciting soccer game, but this was different. two loud explosions, right outside t large stadium. >> and in the concert hall, the bataclan, the eagles of death metal band, i'm on the phone with michael, the brother of a band member. you were able to speak to him, he's okay? >> i was, he's doing fine now. >> what was he able to tell you about what happened? >>e said they were mid-set, playing maybe six son in, heard the gunfire, couldn't see because of lights. and quickly, all hit the deck on the stage.
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stage, backstage, and took you have off running. >> they knew right away it was gunmen? >> by the time they put two and two together, they could understand it was multiple machinee gunfire. >> do you have any sense of how many people were inside? >> i believe 1,500 was the capacity. >> 1,500? >> correct. >> and does your brother have any idea,ow many others were able to get out? >> he does not. they were probably one of the first groups of people to be able to exit, being that they were on a stage with very cessible exit doors right behind them. they could go down and get out.
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they left very quickly. did he have any sense of how many gunmen there might have been? >> no, we didn't get that far. > and what else was he able to tell you about what happened? >> that's about it. he had, you know, seen, heard the machine gunfire. seen, heard screaming, yelling, and, and just took off. >> and you may not know the offense answer, but when they go a place like paris, would they have largely an american or french audience? >> largely french. i'm sure there's a couple of american tourists that would be in town for an event and see it. but i believe it's mostly french. >> okay, well, thank you for
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we're glad your brother and his band mates are okay. back to brian ross, when you hear about 1,500 people in a concert hall, an american band, francois hollande at the game. so much planning. >> and invesgators are looking at who had the ability to pull together seven or eight or more terrorists, with guns and grenades and explosive devices. this was thought out. anand whether the big game bebetween france and germany or the concert was the trigger, but clearly, they picked their spots very well. and think about, how many concerts are in this country? >> they all can be protected. >> and martha, this campaign
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than a year. the united states has stepped up air attacks. you have seen the military, kurds joining it. the president approving 50 special operations on the ground in syria. >> and that was one of the concerns in afghanistan, that isis was srting to spread in places in afghanistan as well. we don't know if they take the name of isis, just support isis, if they're al qaeda offshoots. but theigger problem, really, right now, is the kind of attack we're seeing tonight. again, we don't know whether isis is involved. but it has all the earmarks of something isis might do. and you have to think about how
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involved, from the reports we've heard, a couple of gunmen, five or six gunmen? i think you could put this kind of attack together fairly quickly, because we're talking about soft targets. the kinds of targets law enforcement fears so much, because in fact, they're pretty easy targets. that's why they're called soft targets. so, if they can get the apons, some explosives, and you can learn how to do it online or anywhere else, they can probably carry this out fairly easily. >> and i want to go back to pierre thomas. i lot of american officials have been wondering why this doesn't happen more often? >> officials have been worrying about this so-called nightmare
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d all the investigagations a year, 70 arrests in the last two years aleenonealone. time and time again, people plotting to do attacks at home. and i'm struck by a conversation i had at a panel in chicago with a senior police official. and i'm struck that they had dozens and dozens of people they had to worry about in paris. he had the look in the eye of a person living under the daily stress of it all. and you could see what he was so worried about. >> and john kerry calling it a vile, heinous attack..
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jihadists celebrating. >> celebrating they re able to paralyze a great city like paris. >> we want to go to france. where the french president hollande is speaking. [ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking foreign language ] >> president francois hollande. i couldn't hear everything he was saying, but talking about the horrificc emotions the french
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and brian, you had more? >> well, 1,700 french citizens or residents of france considered to be on the isis track. 1,700, 470 in syria, the rest in france. considered to be on an isis track. >> and i want to go back to paris. charlotte brejo was nearby? >> that's right, i was eating with a friend of mine. it was after 9:00 p.m., and all of a sudden, there was really loud gunshots, and bullets coming through the window. and all the diners quickly fell to the floor. and we were lyingn the floor while numerous gunshots were fired, and shards of glass coming fromhe windows.
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holding on to her, and i said, are you okay? and the next woman said, is she breathing breathing. when i lifted my head, i could see a pool of blood, she had been shot in the chest, i think, and was fatally wounded. >> oh, my goodness. that must have been so horrifying. >> yes. >> how long did the shots continue for? >> i would say under a minute,, but itelt like a long time. sounded like they'd reloadeded their gun, then another round of shots. but it was, yes, somewhere in the region, i would say of 30 to 40 gunshots. but i don't know. >> andnd could you tell how many shooters there were? >> i would guess more than one. but i don't know, and i didn't see the shooters. i was just tryingo keep my head down.
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other fatalities or juries? >> when i could look up and see what was happening, i saw there were some people covered in blood, maybe three or four more fatalities. and my friend and myself, we ran out, we saw a man holding his girlfriend, she had been shot in the stomach, she was bleeding, and also fatally wounded. so, yeah, quite bloody and tragedy. >> you're in a safe place now. what else can you tell us about the scene in paris tonigh how it feels? >> like a never ending horror movie. first of all, it felt like it wasn't real when it happened. you don't think it would ever happen to you. so, initially, i coul't process it.
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when i heard reports about the hostage situation and t the bataclan, it f felt exactly like during the time of "charlie hebdo," like this nightmare being inflicted. and all i can say is, people were brave, and people are praying for each other. that's all the good i can say about it. >> terror and trauma twice, in just ten momonths. thank you very much for sharing that testimony tonight. and brian ross, befor we go, president obama said he would offer whatever help he can to e people o of france. >> absolutely. they will go through all the data tory to figure out who is responsible.
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been killed in paris tonight according to authorityiesauthorities, and three trorirists killed. the theater siege is over, and the french prime minister and president are on the scene. and they're standing unifyied. we will have a special edition of "20/2 hey, dad. hey, eve. hey, look. cammy is still here. hey, mr. baxter. how was work? obviously not too badd if youe getting home now, unless you went to work at, like, midnight. then it'd be really bad -- or at least reallyly long. you didn't go to work at midnight, did you?


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