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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  November 25, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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>> on "entertainment tonight." did it! coming. >> bindi's rivals speak out. and is the 17-year-old now fielding big hollywood offers. >> i'm excited to see what's in my future. >> then mirand crying, nights drinking whisk is she dating now after blake. she s out, so does gavin with a different >> plus adele today after breakingrecords. >> also, why kathie lee and her family just revealed frank was suffering from brain disease. >> plus, a gift to you. >>parton's new movie. we're first on the with the girl playing a young dolly. >> "entertainment tonight." >> 35 years of "e.t." on the biggest movie sets. >> i'm the driver. >> our '90 throwback goes way back.
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>> now, in our 35th season, this "entertainment tonight." congratulations bindi irwin. she has mirrorball trophy to take back to the croc pond or will she stay right here in hollywood? >> i got to ask bin plans right after she was crowned. nearly 14 million people watched thefinale. let me tell you bindi had a lot to do with that. she started the show as a relative unknown from australia, but now she's america's sweetheart. >> you did it! >> she's the champ. we got the mirrorball. >> bindi hit new york after stopping by gma and "the view," she posed for pictures and watched as one overzealous fan had be taken away by security. it's been a wild 24 hours. >> winners and new champions
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of "dancing with the stars" are bindi and derek. >> i'm so excited. i honestly can't believe that i'm here. i m this girl from australia who walked the wild life. >> she truly put her heart and soul in every secon you can look at her poor little feet and tell that she did just that. >> and no dance experience. just wrestling alligators. >> ju wrestling alligators. >> runner-up nick cart performed a salsa/tango fusio and he felt bad about his second place. >> i always re thinking i was always second best. >> when we showed him his first "e.t." interview it reminded him of coming insecond. >> there's a little chip on my shoulder still from then in the back of mmind. now i'm finally in another competition and i think it would be nice to first place. i felt like everybody >> nick was a good sport saying bindi kbutt.
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happy and loving. extremely proud of eachother. >> let me tell you, being in the ballroom tonig seeing the way bindi and derek were looking at each other, they were definitely zone. no question they're going to take home that mirrorball. you get home, you walk through the door, you're holding your mirror mirrorball, where does it go in your house? >> we were talking about this and derek had a good idea. >> i think it should go in the zoo in the meddle of the crocodile like chamber. in the mi the -- what do you call it? >> it's a croc pond. >> how have the offers been from hollywood sth. >> you know, there's a f dif things that i'd love to be a part of. i'm really excited to see what's on the horizon. >> not a direct answer because she has so many opti >> i believe that. also sad news right now about kathie lee's late husband frank gifford. his family revealed today that what they feared was true, frank's brain had been injured from his years of playing football.
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suffer from the brain disease cte. the family hadgifford's brain studied after his death in hopes of contributing to the advancement of medical research concerning the link betwe football and traumatic brain injury. it's a subject of the new movie "concussion" starring will smith. gifford's family released a statement earlier today saying, quote, while frank passed a from natural causes this past august at the age of 84, suspicions that he was suffering from the debilitating effects of head trau were confirmed. >> our thoughts are certainly with kathie lee and her children, as always. more news now, miranda lambert has kept pretty quiet about her divorce from blake shelton until now, that is. only we are taking you ins her candid new interview where she admits she has her good and her bad ones. >> hey, i'm miranda lambert. welcome to my cosmo cover shoot. >> looking confident and happy posing for cosmo, miranda confesses the magazine has
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taught her a thing or two. >> you learn a lot about being a woman, about sex, that's a good thing. >> b the first time the country star opens up about end of her four-year marriage to blake. she's still figuring out where to go and what happened. adding, marriage is a tough business and we gave it our best college try. what happened is still a mystery. the couple's quickie divorce was barely a deal before blake moved on to a new romance. b miranda isn't ready to date yet. she says she's not in head space and getting married again isn't even on her radar. sh does give her ex props and says, quote, i had a great relationship with an amazing man. i know what loveis. i will never take that for granted. miranda wasn't asked about her thoughts on blake's relationship with goowengwen. gavin was seen with a different
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but miranda has been laying low and says there's one place she's at her best. >> i felt the sexiest when i was in my element which is playing music. >> for future plans she reveals she just wants to live a full life and so of that might mean nights o porch crying, drinking whiskey and going, man, this suction right now. >> >> i got to love miranda for keeping it real. miranda posted this shot today showing three bottles and a basket of cheetos with a note from her momsaying, welcome home. thanksgiving means the big parade in new york. that's where kevin is. and you are getting ready to work it, my f >> nancy, as you can see, i have got a spot. this is the platform where we'll be hosting the parade coverage for cbs. a lot of stars will pass by here including mariah carey. but first new video amy schumer because it doesn't look like she's really in the h spirit.
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we were thinking about hashtashing this sad face. the image amy a little incognito in her giant shades and parka waiting for the subway. was she feeling left out because she w included in besty's night out. as much as we all were awaiting that getaway of jamie, and the real girls supersquad, we know amy pretty darn confident enough to not feel bad at all. but let's getraincheck on that girls night part two because maybe something like will happen. hello how are you >> yes, adele killed it on "fallon" performing "hello" with just kindergarten instruments. >> what about the moment she picked up the green flip phone as a send-up to her video.
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now that's just one of the reasons why adele is winning right she just crushed insync's 15-year record. the only one >> how did she do it? be working that powerful voice on "today," here's some reasons a 20 seconds, fake chin, fake nose, iipersonatin herself. that snl performance and the audio audio. and she's also comfortable in her own skin. >> you make all your own clothes. you're a black belt in judo. you cook really well. >> the most grounding thing, which i'm sure any parent will love. >> later adele was on the streets of new york city signing autographs for her fans. the big story for here in the city, the final preparations for the parade. and you know, usually the streets of manhattan are packed with folks here to see the thanksgiving day parade. and the message th year from police chief bill bratton is don't be afraid, be aware.
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presence, plus this year the will be plainclothes officers in the crowd specially trained dogs who can sniff the air for explosives and 200 newly t heavily armed critical response officers. one of the stars who will be in the parade. we saw her heading to rehearsals looking all mariah in the $46,000 faux fur coat by stella ccartney. it doesn't compare to the bling she got from billionaire boyfriend. >> this old thing? this is a gift my new beau got fme. >> now another big storyline here. justin bieber was se perform but dropped out for personal reasons. he looked like he was in good spirits yesterday playing around on an electric scooter in hollywood. there is no replacement for justin, but nancy, it will not dampen our spirits as we get ready for this parade. excited. >> i believe you, kevin. get
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>> i didn't get that at first. >> antonio sabato jr. takes us inside a mansion that is under construction. >> there are bedrooms. >> 14 bathrooms. >> that's ahead.
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don't just binge on food
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go tott2watz'@>4 bt@qv?x tt2watz'@>4 "a"a@qf3< tt2watz'@>4 bm@qm80 tt4watz'@>4 " dztq g[< tttt4watz'@>" entq 7_\ tt4watz'@>4 " gzt& .x$ tt4watz'@>4 " hnt& >vh tt4watz'@>4 " iztq t?0 tt4watz'@>4 jntq fop tt4watz'@>4 " lzt& ^", welcome back, everybody. you know a mansion is spectacular w makes your jaw drop before it's even finished being built. that's exactly what happened when a real horsewife of orange county heather gave a tour to antonio sabato, jr. >> hi, heather. >> hi. >> thank you for having us in your wonderful home. >> oh, welcome. >> wow. >> w to the future site of some orange county catfights.
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parties at her 20,000-square-foot mansion in the, oc which still under construction. >> how many bathrooms? >> there are bathrooms. >> why do you need so many bathrooms? >> look, the key to successful marriage is bathrooms. >> bu things take time when you have a beauty an underground garage, an infinity pool and an 18-seat m theater. >> i'm going to come and watch the super bowl here. >> is that cool? >> wait, will it be ready by then? >> no, sorry. >> next year. heather and her husband terry have been together 16 years and have kids who will be hanging out here. >> this honestly, is the star of the house. >> look at the v this is really unbelievable. >> this is what we could accomplish in our old house that we did get to accomplish here, which is the kitchen family room. you can really understand the depths of this room, i think it's about 90 fe >> oh, wow. now all the women in the united states and the rest of the world wa know about your closet.
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>> basically i've had lights put in every corner of the >> showcase your style. >> i want everything lit up. all my accessories gohere. >> heather is gearing up for a party here inmarch. so antonio made sure to ask. >> are we allowed to come back for the reveal? >> you better come back for the reveal and bring all your family and them, too. >> see you in thspring. >> take care. i have to go. i have a lot of work to do. >> going to be one spectacular house. coming up our way back wednesday with the making of the biggest movies of the '90s. hollywood exes that w when they were just hooking up. angie and johnny lee miller, courtney and david. then dolly parton's life story comes to tv. we're on the set with rick schroder and the little girl playing her.
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my coat of many colors
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my coat of many colors that my mama made for me >> that's the sothat dolly parton has called her favorite, "coat of many colors." easy to understand why, how her mom took care of the family during a difficult time. >> that story's been turned into a tv movie now. we're on the set with young girl who is playing little dolly. we had to speak with dolly herself about everything that she had to overcome. 8-yea olivia allen lynn was hand picked by dolly. set in 1955 tennessee, they were poor but surrounded by love and faith. >> i love my coat! >> i think my childhood made me everything i am today. i wouldn't take nothing from my people, i wouldn't take nothing for being brought up in the grea mountains. i've never been ashamed of my people no matter how poor and dirty we might have been. i always loved being from where i'm from. i go wandering once again
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very alike because they're both sassy, but they're both very sweet. >> sugarland's jennifer nettles is her mom a rick schroder is her father who struggles with his beliefs after her miscarriage. >> everything's changed. >> he didn't read or write, a tobacco farmer. he loved hisfamily, all 12 kids. >> something dark had tried to steal our joy. >> dol narrates and is an executive producer on the film that shows the strength she got from her country roots. >> this made me what am. it's that spiritualbase, that family, love of family. just the simple life, feeling part of natu my coat of many colors made for me >> fans will recognize the talented girl who plays young dolly, olivia is on "the young & the restless." celebrity crush? zac efron.
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>> not surprised by that. back in the '90s all the girls fell in love with leonardo dicaprio. as we start our 35th season we're looking back at that amazing decade on the screen. "e.t." was on set for all the biggest movies. >> keanu reeves. beautiful and talented. >> this is it. >> i don't know what i'm doin i don't. >> one wonderful thing about the '90s, those big stars who weren't that big yet not afra to let their guard down with us. >> i think it's kind of cool, actually. >> we're going to be on "entertainment tonight." >> tom hanks and rob reiner got their groove on during our "sleepless in seattle" visit. "e.t." >> we're about to knock off a few people upstairs. i'm serious. >> here's a set se john travolta who mayed a hit man in"pulp fiction" didn't know a lot about guns.
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>> you did that with your finger. >> i know. >> you let "entertainment tonight" film you not knowing what you're doing with a gun? >> john did know how to dance, however. never can tell >> ooh, yeah. now we're getting it. >> fake pylon. >> one guy who did know his gear was will smith in "men in black." >> this intergalactic space monthlecular air dispersement hair dryer. >> i'm jennife lopez. >> here's another set surprise, jennifer pl the late pop star selena didn't actually sing in the movie. >> i'm not a singer. i dancer. i'd be singing and the mike would be over here. yeah, oh. the mike. >> i'm the bus driver. >> and sandra didn't drive the bus. a stunt dri did. >> we have a guy sitting on top.
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>> "speed" was a movie that bullock a star. >> i just know that i'm working and the films aren't bombing. >> the film that made jim carrey a star was "aceventura." >> electric emery board. got to have one. >> but three years later on screen courteney was a big star signing autographs on the set. "friends" had been the air for two seasons. >> couldn't be further from -- >> what do you do in between >> if david arquette'sworking, then we don't have to do anything. he met making "scream." >> she's stunning to look at. >> angelina jolie met her future husband johnny lee miller on the set their film "hackers." they would marry two years later. >> when we went to the set of "there's something about mary" cameron diaz had already been
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dating co-star matt dillon for two years. >> matt and enjoy each other, i don't think there's any pressures that i put on him o he puts on me for that sort of, you know, that next >> unfortunately, that next step was breaking up, which they did shortly after film wrapped. >> i like this place, a everything's really inexpensive. which i like the most. >> it was mexico city that 21-year-old leonardo dicaprio was raving about while shooting the romeo juliet wedding. his co-star claire danes. >> as for the case leo, wedding bells weren't a big must. >> for me to get married now would take a lot. marriage wouldn't be in even my realm. >> i like the honesty. >> how good they are at predicting the truth. and some things never change, right? >> our "entertainment tonight" birthdays. which star told us she's nothing like her ditzy on-screen character.
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silverston kardashian need an emergency c-section? >> life is at stake. >> she reveals her scary pregnancy complications and she's trying to keep her baby boy safe. plus carrie und shares an adorable video with little isaac. and more baby news, the duggars post a rare photo of josh duggars' daughter. find out how the family has stayed in touch with josh while he's in treatment. travel consideration provided by -- welcome back to the show, everybody.
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like her ditzy on-screen character? >> everybo thinks you play a bimbo, that's what i'm like. no. >> that's christina applegate who turns 44 today. >> i didn't say it out loud, but that's what i was thinking. i pr before we go, a special shoutout to all the men and women of the military who protect our country. we welcome a few of them to "e.t.'s" thanksgiving pot luck as part of project hollywood cares which delivers entertainment to u.s. military everywhere. >> so good to have them
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bye-bye. [ crow caws ] -- captions by vitac --
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