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tv   Local News at Ten  ABC  December 1, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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5 news at 10 in hd .we are iowa's most accurate weather team and we start with your forecast first." brad/wx wall weather adlib: it sure felt and looked like winter out there today, and not much will change for us tonight. look for mainly cloudy skies overnight with a few snow showers or flurries possible. the winds will be west to northwest and pretty chilly with our temps dropping into the 20s for most areas before sunrise. wednesday will be mostly cloudy most of the day, but we might see a few rays of sunshine from time to time- especially in western iowa in the afternoon. it will stay cold and breezy, but mainly dry as our latest system moves away. " local 5 news at 10 in
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iowa and we start with breaking news" stephanie:: we start with breaking news tonight -- a police standoff happening now on highway 141 in dallas county. jack: and it could be tied to the double homicide discovered in des moines yesterday. here's the location -- on highway 141 between woodward and perry. the man believed to be inside the car tonight is michael wanchanic. he's the person of interest in the double homicide that was discovered yesterday. two people were found dead in the house -- 26 year old byron howard and 31 year old heather belieu. kattey: local 5's kattey ortiz is live ( or on the phone ) right now near the area of that stand-off with the latest on what's happening, kattey? jack local 5 news sat
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today with the brother of the woman who died in the des moines double homicide. heather belieu's brother ryan told us he met michael wanchanic, the person of interest, last week. he says wanchanic came to the same
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happened. ryan told us wanchanic seemed quiet and didn't stay long. stephanie: arrived to the home on center found both bryon howard belieu dead inside. not released how they died, or a motive as to why. police also removed two inside. confirmed all four of her currently family and are ok. ryan belieu, heathers brother, explained his sister had been for years and the two just had a baby in march. today, while flipping through family photos, no one can understand what happened or why. "cause anybody that did knows that they got the chanec to know her, she was a blessing. she was a really special person and she'd do anything for anybody she could" " stephanie: according to the polk county
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a john wanchanic owns this house. we're unsure of the relation to the current person of interest -- michael wanchanic. jack: meanwhile, a lot of people came out tonight to remember the victims. a candleight vigil was held tonight on the center street bridge. i just love that they got so much love and support out here it just doesnt make any sense to leave two babies like that without any parents jack: this case is still under investigation. these are the 18th and 19th homicides of the year in des moines. that's up from just 12 all of last year. there were only 5 in 2010. and as we just reported, iowa state patrol is still in a standoff with the man they believe is the person of interest in this case. we'll keep you updated as this situation unfolds during this newscast. stephanie: a city clerk accused of mail fraud and arson was in court today... stephanie: she's accused of burning down city hall to cover years of fraud. now we know when former
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dillinger will go to trial. dillinger plead not guilty at her arraingment today. she'd now due in court february 1st. dillinger faces federal charges that she used city funds for personal use and then burned down the city hall the night before state auditors were set to investigate. dillinger served as city clerk in casey for 30 years. she has admitted to misusing city funds and apologized. she is free on bond until her trial. stephanie: the investigation goes on after shots were fired last night on the east side of des moines. a drive-by shooting was reported in the 1300 block of east 14th street. there were bullet holes a home there. so far, there are no arrests. stephanie: tonight we are one month until the state rolls out it's new medicaid plan. as it stands right now, 4 out-of-state companies will be taking it over, but there are some major concerns. . the medicaid change means big changes for child serve. it's an agency that helps children with special health care needs. they help 3- thousand families every
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percent of the families use medicaid to help pay for services. many parents are asking questions, and child serve is doing the best they can to answer them. lloyd 20:54:56 everybody wants to know what's happening, some of those questions we don't know what the answers are going to be yet. three major concerns with the change from medicaid include that january 1 implementation date... also, an administrative law judge's recommendation to throw out one of the state's managed care contracts - welcare. out of 40- thousand health care providers, the department of human services has not released how many of them have signed contracts with the new companies. jack: trending now, who's this year's big ten coach of the year? jack: you got it -- kirk ferentz wins big ten coach of the year honors, sweeping both the coaches and media vote. it's his 4th coach of the year honor in his 17 years as head coach at iowa. now -- focusing on saturday.
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on michigan state for the big 10 championship in indianapolis. later in sports, see what the hawks have to do to win. stephanie: after more than 23 years of military service, iowa senator joni ernst is officially retired from the army national guard. ernst, who achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel, said earlier this year she would be transitioning out of the service citing her new responsibilities as a u-s senator and her desire to spend time with her family. jack: coming up... "you didn't know that you were going that fast today? " stephanie: a marriage proposal that involves the police? just trust us... this is a feel good story you don't want to miss. stephanie: then--big changes for drivers west of the metro. we'll give you a primer on navigating the new grand prairie parkway interchange. brad: ((ad lib weather toss)) take sot "your watching local 5
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"your watching local 5
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forecast with chief meteorologist brad
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director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 10. we are iowa." "anyone you want to say hi too? hi " stephanie: future forecaster is back here on local 5. tonight, brad was joined by nyxon deras. he's 10 and goes to moulton elementary. if you have a child that wants to help deliver central iowa's most accurate forecast, visit our website...that's we are iowa dot com. stephanie: jack: brad brad: weather adlib: it sure felt and looked like winter out there today, and not much will change for us
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mainly cloudy skies overnight with a few snow showers or flurries possible. the winds will be west to northwest and pretty chilly with our temps dropping into the 20s for most areas before sunrise. wednesday will be mostly cloudy most of the day, but we might see a few rays of sunshine from time to time- especially in western iowa in the afternoon. it will stay cold and breezy, but mainly dry as our latest system moves away. clearing skies will mean even colder temperatures wednesday night with lows in the 10s for many locations. a nice warm-up will begin thursday with lots of sunshine and southwesterly winds pushing our temps into the 40s. but the fun doesn't stop there! friday should be even warmer with highs in the upper 40s to the lower 50s with mostly sunny skies! there will be some clouds coming in saturday pm, but i still think we can get another mild day in the 50s. even next week is looking pretty mild for us now with highs
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50s and very little precipitation expected in the next 10 days! brad stephanie: jack: jack: okay -- ladies,
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boring marriage proposals. and there are creative marriage proposals. we can agree on that, right? well, we have a really creative one that happened thanksgiving day in johnston. it was such a crazy idea -- the cops even had to get involved. nats - cop asking for id jeff schulte is really in trouble this time. he's pulled over by johnston police for the second time in a year. except this time, you're looking at a set-up. this police body cam video captures a very clever plan between jeff and johnston police. nats - more interaction between jeff and officer a year ago at thanksgiving time it was for real. jeff was actually ticketed for speeding right in front of his girlfriend's parent's house when he was going to meet them for
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first time. her whole family saw it. jeff was embarrassed. so a year later, when jeff decided to propose to jenna, he figured johnston p.d. might do him a favor. sb jeff "wanted to do something crazy." "a lot of timing involved, i was nervous." he and officer matt chiles, the same guy who gave him the real ticket a year earlier, worked it all out. nats - you were doing 46 in a 35 a bogus speeding violation. jeff was even pretend handcuffed behind his car. and jenna was finally asked to get out of the car too. nats from cop -- would you get out and check this merchandise to see if it's stolen. he has a theft warrant. the look on jenna's face proves she has no idea what's going on, and the next few moments are priceless. nats - will you marry me? her reaction up until they hug sb - it took my emotions
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long time and it was a welcome break from the difficult work of real policing for officer matt chiles. sb -- just a nice break to be able to do something fun like this. jack: just like last year, jenna's jack: just like last year, jenna's family saw the whole thing again.
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gathered in the garage, on purpose this time, watching the engagement happen. jeff and jenna are getting married in july, here in iowa. congratulation s! coming up on local 5 news at ten, jack: it may just be the funkiest highway interchange you've ever seen. but it's up and running in waukee, and we'll take you there. stephanie: then in sports-- the stakes couldn't be much higher, unless it was the national championship game. we'll get you set for saturday's hawkeye match- up with michigan state. "your watching local 5
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jack: drivers beware-- there's something new to navigate in the metro today. the new interstate exit off i-80 at grand prairie parkway is officially open. but this interchange is something we've
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before. stephanie: it's called a diverging diamond interchange. here's a simulated overhead look. it seems confusing until you drive it. the biggest change is you don't have to cross oncoming traffic to get onto the interstate. engineers say it's a much safer way to manage traffic. the one drawback is that if you accidentally get off at this intersection and want to get back on the interstate, you have to get off on the local road and turn around. stephanie: the new interchange opened at noon today. developers say it will relieve traffic onb amjor roads like jordan creek parkway, university and hickman. work began two years ago, and cost 50 million dollars. here's what drivers are saying. luke miller driver "i was just testing it. so i came south to get on and head east. that was pretty easy. i mean, there's two stoplights, but it's pretty smooth." stephanie: the new interchange is also part of a much bigger development project... called "kettlestone" that's being built along grand
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in waukee. jack: football still dominating the headlines, but iowa state off to another good headlines, but iowa state off to another good start! jordan: things going according to plan for steve prohm and clones, tonight a sneaky test... the bison from ndsu were in town tonight, see if isu could hold off the upset, coming up next. " now, local 5 sports
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are iowa sport jordan/bam: fresh off their emerald coast classic championship, the 5-0 iowa state cyclones return home to the friendly confines of hilton coliseum where they are an astounding 62-4 since the start of the 20-11 season. but the clones had to watch out for those pesky bison... isu hosting north dakota state, new football coach matt campbell taking in hilton magic. right off the bat, georges niang finds jameel mckay who slams it home for the clones. next time down, it's monte morris finding naz mitrou-long who cashes in the three ball. later on scary moment here, niang hits his knee with one of the bison players, he was down and hilton went silent. but he'd walk it off and return later on.
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bison cash in the triple to go up 30-27! but isu closes the half on a 9-0 run. the steal by mitrou-long, he takes it in for two of his 11. then monte morris finds abdel nader for three, nader finished with a game high 21. and then it's mckay bookending the half with a dunk! he had 15 and a career high 19 boards. all 5 starters score in double figures. isu tames the bison, 84-64. jordan/bam: just one day after his introductory press conference, matt campbell is wasting no time trying to turn isu around... many will say it can't happen, isu coaches have tried and failed in the past... but turnarounds can happen! tcu had four 10 win seasons in history before gary patterson, they've had 10 since 2001. baylor was 18-102 in its first 15 seasons of big 12 play, since art briles took over, they're 64-36 with 3 ten win seasons, a 4th looming and 2 big 12 titles. so when people ask why iowa
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relishes the challenge! "you see what some of the great coaches in this conference have done. bill snyder has done a great job obviously at kansas state. it's been done. and again it's about having the foundation around you to get this thing done and we've got a great foundation around this program. so to me, that's the great challenge, i love a challenge, i love to build and that's why i knew this was the right place for matt campbell." jordan/bam: iowa will hit the field in indy saturday with the big ten coach of the year. kirk ferentz swept both the coaches and media vote. now ferentz and the boys have to gear up for their toughest opponent of the year... alex giamio has more from iowa city. "(alex giaimo) the goal from day one for the hawkeyes has been winning a big ten championship. now they'll get their chance on saturday against michigan state in indianapolis. two teams that pretty much match up dead even on paper. (kirk ferentz) in a lot of people's eyes we weren't supposed to be here right now so
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and cheek because it is important to us. it's not like we are out there just winging it. uh, we are probably the team that's not supposed to be there so you know, what the heck, let's go cut it loose and see what happens. (giaimo) ferentz will take his chances against a team with striking similarities to his own. both averaging about 33 points per game and dead even in turnover ratio. (henry kreiger-coble) top to bottom they are super experienced and the guys they have out there. i mean they are big guys, i mean they look like an nfl d-line, they are just huge, atheltic, and explosive guys, so that's what makes them good. (austin blythe) yea they've got a lot of good athletes up front and they work to finish plays and we got to get after them to, you know, kind of neutralize that. (giaimo) ferentz and his hawkeyes know that it's not a matter of stopping the spartans but more a matter of containing them. (cj beathard) it's hard to play a perfect game but we are going to have to play well and execute. we can't make many mistakes you know they are a good team but i think we are a good team, as well. (kirk ferentz) they are going to make plays. they are going to make plays offensively, defensively, special teams. and how we respond to those things really is going to dictate the success that we have or not. (alex giaimo) this will be iowa's first big ten championship appearance. kickoff at indianapolias will be at 7:17. in iowa city with your hawkeye
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sports we are iowa. jordan/fullscreen the penultimate college football playoff rankings are out... top 5 stays the same. clemson, alabama, oklahoma and iowa round out the top 4. michigan state stays 5th ohio state is up to 6. stanford, notre dame,fsu and unc round out the top 10. saturday's b1g championship game is set for 7:17. that game can be seen on fox. and don't forget we have you covered for the big ten championship all this week. myself and alex giaimo will be in indianpolis starting on thursday for coverage of the game. friday we'll be bringing you a special 30 minute big ten championship preview, hosted by jon schaeffer and jeff woody, with reports from indy. jon/3shot (wrap sports) stephanie: jack: we'll be right
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watching localbreaking news. stephanie: we're still waiting on a press conference to start in dallas county as to why parts of highway 141 are closed off, and it's possible connection to the latest metro double homicide. look for the latest on we are iowa dot com and good morning
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