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tv   Local News at Ten  ABC  December 6, 2015 10:00pm-11:00pm CST

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vasquez, what you've done for your daughter -- it's that fight that is gonna drive you to be a great agent. and, simon, when you threw me against a wall, i mean, we were eye to eye, and i saw the soldier inside of you, i saw that pain, and i get it. you know, we've all made mistakes. we all have secrets. but everybody here -- every single one of you -- has earned the right to serve. thank you, special agent booth. you can take your seats. everyone in this room volunteered to put their duty ahead of their conscience. what we do when we follow orders may not always be fair, and it may not always be right. t it is what is asked of us, and it is what we have to live with.
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natalie, the board has decided that you are fit to continue your time here at quantico, given a two-week supervisory probation. you are all dismissed. you can continue vetting the new nats in the morning. [ indistinct conversations ] mr. asher, a moment please? so, you're not undercov, too? no? okay. that's good. i'm just checking, because special agent booth and everything. i am not. are you? look, i'm sorry. i guess we both know that you can be so close to someone and stilhave no idea who they really are. they can smile but be a monster on the inside.
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i wasn't trying to betray you. you thought you were taking care of something i would have never noticed myself. i am taking care of something -- no, you didn't. you made me doubt my sister. and now you're gonna help me get rid of those doubts once and for all. so, is everyone freaking out about the agent in their midst? i did always think it was weird how good you were at everything. [ chuckles ] almost as good as you. so, jump street... [ both laugh ] really think i'm gonna make one hell of an agent? i think these clowns are lucky to have you. [ chuckles ] am i interrupting? just sending ryan off. i owe you. no. maybe one day, i can save your life. hey. hey, hey. you asked me this morning why i hadn't left yet.
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i can see that. this is my real world. i could've kept this undercover thing going for forever. i didn't want to leave you. i've spent a lot of time trying to figure out who the real ryan booth is. what you did back there? i think i saw him. i'll be high above the earth so, what's next? [ chuckles ] um... you go back to your job. los angeles. mm-hmm. i graduate, maybe go to new york. well, that's the best office. we e-mail. we text. oh, like each other's posts, of course. [ laughs ] and mae, just maybe, get really hot for each other when we're in the same city... mm. ...until one of us loses interest and gets married. [ chuckles ] again.
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oh, come on. i think we can do better than that. i hope so. leto of you i've never said "i love you" when i really wanted to. i've never said it at all. i will not let go of you over the course of your time here at quanti, you've proven yourself to be one of the finest trainees we've ever had. and so i am sorry to say that that time is over. because of nimah? she is totally distorting my service i in the i.f. your military service was never a problem for the fbi. your assault of a fellow trainee is. did you or did you not attack ryan booth
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yes. an unreported assault of a fellow trainee is automatic grounds for dismissal. it's beyond even my disction. where was your discretion when you locked me in a bathroom for 24 hours? how do you justify this?s? understanding and respecting the proper use of force lies at the core of everything we do here. if you cannot control your anger, you cannot serve. i'm sorry, simon. this wasn't supposed to happen. after last night's tough loss, there's still reason to celebrate. we'll hear from the hawkeyes as they get ready for the rose bowl. brad: weather ad lib
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speaks native language ] who are you? that's not important. i know who you really are. i'm sorry. my -- my english is not very good. cut the crap. let me in, or i'll tell your sister everything. where's shelby? does she -- i have been watching your every move for months.
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september 9th -- $100,000. october 12th -- $1 million. all funneled through tyrell credit. the con that you're running ends now unless you cut me in on 10%. 5%. [ gasps ] it's a deal. i-i'llll be in tch. [ crying ] i gonna miss you [ gasps ] so it's true. doesn't matter. i live with the choices i've made, come to terms with them. i live with the consequences. simon. you ever feel like people can't really see you? like if you stopped moving, you'd just...fade ay?
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and yet... i do not love you me disappear. because i'm bored no, i was just saying them things when i was feeling a little unsure about myself and i'm sorry, baby that wasn't right then you got me thinknkin' [ sobbing ] yeah, thinkin' of you thinkin' for the last time yeah, the last time now that i know you're really gonna leave me maybe the stars aligned or maybe i've just changemy mind maybe i'm yours i'm yours i'm yours, i'm yours i'm yours, i'm yours i'm yours yes, sir
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thank you for warning me. say something. there's nothing left to say. caleb, i am so sorry. i didn't think t that itould end like this. are yojust gonna ignore me? caleb? what? i didn't choose this, okay? yeah, you did, when you slept with my dad. you did choose this. well, if whatever i had with your dad was on the record, then me ending it is, too. god, i just can't imagine how your mom's gonna feel when she finds out. well, you don't have to worry about that, 'cause she already knows. yeah, i told her, because she's goa get the nomination, and i have to protect her. because that's what you do when you l love somedy. you protect them. liam: hey.
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why? so i can sleep before my sentencing tomorrow? we're back at zero, and i just lost everyone that i trust the most. we'll keep looking. i'll keep looking. you haven't lost everything, alex. yes, i have. simo tailing me yourself now? i sent them home. no one's here. just us. so... you need my help. i need you to believe in me like i believed in you when no one else did. when everyone looked right through you, i saw you, simon. alex --
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and i'm asking you to walalk right ck in. not because it's fair or because you owe me anything or because by tomorrow, i might be in jail for the rest of my life, but we save lives. we can catch this terrorist, simon. but i can't do it alone. i need you. i've always needed you. i need us to go back to what we were at quantico. please. i wish we could. simon -- i wish we could wipe away this whole year -- everything we've done, everything we have lost. i wish we could go back to being the optimistic people who signed up to save the world. but we can't, because we never were those people to begin with.
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[ sniffles ]
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bree/wx wall skies are very slowly clearing from west to east across the state and will continue to do so overnight. temperatures will settle into the 20s in western iowa where skies clear out first and 30s for eastern iowa where clouds will linger into the morning hours. fog will begin to develop late night tonight into early tomorrow morning. once the fog clears, sunshine coupled with a southerly breeze at 5 to 15 mph will take over and warm us back into the 50s in central and southern iowa with northern iowa getting into the 40s. the week ahead looks to be mainly dry with the thermometer sitting well above average in the 50s all week. several days look to be windy, particularly thursday through the end of the week. the pattern looks to switch next weekend as temperatures return closer to the 30s we would expect for december, so get out and enjoy this short break from cold! nikki also coming up on local five news late edition. president obama speaks from the oval office... reassuring americans that the government is doing all it can to stop terror attacks... nikki doing more with less... and what that means for transportation costs and rural school districts nikki after a heartbreaking loss last night... good news for iowa fans today... we'll tell you where the team is headed next... " local 5 news at 10 in hd starts now. we are iowa" nikki: good evening. welcome to
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davidson. glad you're with us tonight. nikki: for only the third time since taking office, president obama addressed the nation from the white house.... this just days after a muslim couple killed fourteen people in california. the president tried to reassure americans the government is doing all it can to find out what happened -- and to prevent another occurence. here's abc's elizabeth hur. " " nats suv chase "we have gunshots." the terror attack in san bernardino is forcing law enforcement officials and the intelligence community to wrestle with possibility of new, unpredictable homegrown terror threats - threats that prompted president obama to give a rare oval office address to a shaken nation. sot president obama " ... i've ordered the departments of state and homeland security to review the visa waiver program under which the female terrorist on san bernardino enetered this country." the president huddled with his top national security advisers on saturday, as the fbi is investigating computer and phone files to figure out if the two shooters reached out to isis or other radicals before
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"we have hundreds of people running down leads all over the world on this / / the fbi also raided the home of enrique marquez, the man believed to have supplied syed farook with two high-powered rifles used in the attack that killed 14- people. sot dorian, neighbor "i woke up to a loudspeaker phone saying residents of 3838 please come out with your hands up." officials been unable to talk to marquez as he's checked himself into a mental hospital shortly after the massacre. but an fbi crime scene reconstruction team is using lasers to retrace every bullet fired in a room that bears horrible memories for survivors. sot regina kuruppu, witness "it was scary. it was really really scary." "i saw two bodies laying on the floor in a puddle of blood." elizabeth hur standup close: "and tonight.. the president's speech comes as fbi agents are fanned across the country and the world.. urgently
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elizabeth hur, abc news, new york." nikki/ots after last night's tough loss, there's still reason to celebrate. for the first time in nearly 25 years, the iowa hawkeyes are heading to the rose bowl! local 5's jon schaeffer joins us live in the studio with more. jon? jon/bam saturday night the hawkeyes lost out on a chance to head to the college football playoff. now a little more than 12 hours they receive the ultimate consolation prize and will head to the granddaddy of them all. the rose bowl. they'll take on pac12 champ stanford new years day out in pasadena california what a roller coaster ride of emotions for hawkeyes and their fans last night doom and gloom now everything is coming up roses. and i'd like to remind hawks fans, this time last year iowa was getting ready for the taxslayer bowl. now new kirk and the new hawks will play on new years day nikki: senator joni ernst got in on the hawkeye excitement... and attempted to show them her support... last night she tweeted out "congratulation s on the win" ..... only problem of
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state in the big 10 championship, about ten minutes later she deleted her tweet and sent out this tweet quote "sorry for staff error. hawkeye football had a great season. extraordinary effort tonight." end quote... you just never know whats going to happen on social media... nikki/ots for years, it's been a topic of conversation across the country...fundin g, or a lack thereof for public schools. the state legislature now has a pair of proposals to look over, which could help districts with some of their funding woes. local five's jacob peklo joins us now with more on the plan. jacob? jacob/3mon nikki, the iowa association of school boards wants state lawmakers to imagine a level playing field for school districts. board members have found there's a huge difference between what some districts are paying, just to get their students in the door. the thought is, if they can reduce those costs, it can mean better scores all across the state. dr. kevin fiene, interstate 35 superintendent: "what i've seen is having to do more with less, bottom line." the iowa association of school boards is working on a five-year plan that would eventually restock the funds for
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its school districts. galen howsare, deputy executive director for iasb: "it only seems fair to iowans that they should have fairness in their funding and then hold people accountable for the results." the proposal is mostly geared toward the rural schools. natural sound of dr. fiene speaking: "to bevington." interstate 35 is one of those, with its student population spread out across several cities. dr. kevin fiene, interstate 35 superintendent: "sometimes people talk about consolidation, and where that really goes off the rails is geographically, we're large enough as it is." jacob peklo, reporting/truro: "about 900 students are enrolled in interstate 35's district. about 75 percent of them take the bus every day. some students live up to 20 miles away from school, so that can mean riding the bus for about an hour every day, sometimes twice a day." dr. kevin fiene, interstate 35 superintendent: "every dollar that we spend on transportation is a dollar that we can't spend directly on the teaching and learning environment." at interstate, it costs these kids more than $660 per year, just for transportation...a number that could be even higher if fewer kids drove themselves. fiene says putting that money back in the general fund could be a big boost to learning in each classroom. dr. kevin fiene,
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superintendent: "we could look to do 3 or 4 more positions, offer more programs. there's just things that we could. it just bothers me that we spend so much on transportation." and as the district works on updating its equipment, and preparing its students for the future, fiene says the hope is they'll have more money to compete. dr. kevin fiene, interstate 35 superintendent: "it's good for kids to raise the bar, and get them college- and career- ready." jacob/3mon there's a second funding proposal from the board that would add about $175 dollars per student in each district. those in the rural districts i spoke with tell me the transportation proposal is far more pressing. live in the studio, jacob peklo, local five news. we are iowa. nikki: new details have been released about a deadly home invasion that happened in des moines this weekend... we now know the names of the people involved... police say 31 year old travis alan williams of earlham died.. it happened after an altercation occured inside a home at 20-20 east 14th street in the early morning hours
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residents inside the home told police that they did not know williams and he had broken into their home.... nikki: police identified 19-year old ali cano and 18- year old whitney campbell of des moines as the residents inside at the time. they told police an altercation then took place between the three... killing williams... police say the teenage girls did not walk away from the incident unharmed. sgt. joseph frentress, des moines police department: "not officially the homeowner, but some people that were living there, they did go to the hospital with the injuries they received from fighting with this individual." nikki: an autopsy will be conducted in the coming days to determine the cause of the williams's death after police conclude their investigation , it will be presented to the county attorney for review. this is the city's 20th homicide this year. nikki a sauna on iowa state campus caught fire this morning... closing down a school gym for a period of time... ames firefighters were called to the isu state gym at 10:20 this morning. flames and smoke could be seen coming from the facility's sauna.
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the flames with extinguishers and completely sauna from the crews were on scene for an extended period of time ventilating the building due to its size. no one was injured and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. nikki: coming up on local 5 news late edition its been 74 years since the attack on pearl harbor... how people are honoring the survivors this weekend. nikki: and.. warmer temperatures made it the perfect decemeber day to go for a little run in costume.. we've got some highlights of the jingle bell run. james: and i'll have your forecast ahead "monday on good morning iowa... a police force turns to the dark side... we'll see how they are taking a unique approach to recruitment it's a video that will make a sith lord proud. and we get a fresh look at the forecast. ((:04 wx ad-lib)) that's tomorrow on
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weatherrate the independent weather experts" bree/wx wall skies are very slowly clearing from west to east across the state and will continue to do so overnight. temperatures will settle into the 20s in western iowa where skies clear out first and 30s for eastern iowa where clouds
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morning hours. fog will begin to develop late night tonight into early tomorrow morning. once the fog clears, sunshine coupled with a southerly breeze at 5 to 15 mph will take over and warm us back into the 50s in central and southern iowa with northern iowa getting into the 40s. the week ahead looks
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sitting well above average in the 50s all week. several days look to be windy, particularly thursday through the end of the week. the pattern looks to switch next weekend as temperatures return closer to the 30s we would expect for december, so get out
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break from cold! nikki: local 5 news has a way for you to help right here at home this holiday season. help right here at home this holiday season. help us can hunger. on friday, december 11th.. come to the fareway store on 86th and meredith from 8 am until close at 9pm. we'll be collecting all food donations. they will go directly to the food bank of iowa to help our neediest right here in central
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well into 2016. we are iowa and we give back to the community. nikki: plus... coming up on local 5 news late edition veterans of pearl harbor in eastern iowa are being remembered this week... we'll introduce you to a local surivivor... nikki: next.... some people are looking to the sky for a unique christmas gift... we'll take a look at why drones are at the top of a lot of people's wish lists...
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nikki/lam tomorrow is pearl harbor remembrance day. governor branstad has ordered flags lowered to half staff. the order applied to all flags on display in the capitol complex, public buildings, and facilities across the state. businesses, schools, and homeowners are also encouraged to fly the flag at half-staff as a sign of respect. this year marks the 74th anniversary of the japanese attack on the naval station in hawaii. nikki/lam today, some veterans of pearl harbor in eastern iowa gathered for a special event. local 5's gretta patrick has their story on what happened december seventh, 19-41 " " sergeant major al taylor is a survivor of the pearl harbor attacks.... and he was the honored guest at milan's pearl harbor observance dinner... al taylor: "i don't deserve it" at the dinner, norman dunlap, from the milan american legion,
10:30 pm
taylor's story. on the day of the attacks, he was working alone at schofield barracks hospital at pearl harbor... when the attacks started, he immediately called in doctors... and dispached ambulances... norman dunlap: "they went down to pearl harbor itself to get people off the ships, and pull people out of the water...and of course while they did this, we were subject to being bombed and strafed every seven seconds for an hour and a half." al taylor: we worked that day, night and the next day and night. major taylor says he transported 19 men that day, and every one of them lived... doesn't deserve all the praise he gets... norman dunlap: we are here today to remember pearl lessons it taught us sneak attack on december 7th, 1941. the event also included a military mess hall favorite--
10:31 pm
commonly known as s- o-s gretta: organizers say that with the exception of one year, this is the seventh time they've held this event, and it's an important way to remember the events at pearl harbor even if only a few people show up. sharon taylor: i only can imagine really what he went through...but it's good that he does this though, and talks about it more so that other people will know and i think that's a good thing. major taylor's wife sharon says even though remembering what happened is emotional... it's important to never forget the price so many paid for america's freedoms... nikki the hawkeyes are bowl bound jordan: yeah nikki rose bowl bound. we'll hear from the team next in
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jon: welcome back-- it was a heartbreaking finish last night for hawkeye nation. iowa lost a last minute score by michigan state knocking them out of the playoff picture. not an easy loss to swallow-- but iowa proved they belong among the best in the conference. "it was an opportunity for us and i believe that we should be proud of how we played today. played a terrific game all four quarters just ran out of time. it came down to the wire. we showed that we're a good team. that we can compete with the top teams in the country so we definitely still proved people wrong but could have been a little bit better if we won this one. everybody else doubted us but we never doubted ourselves we knew we had the ability to go out there and compete and win that was our goal going into this game and we just came up short. we played tough but playing tough doesn't win ball games. we're going to take
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advantage in the next game and move on to it and correct our mistakes. what's the goal for this team now? just win the next game wherever it may be. pasadena. i don't know where else we're projected at but wherever the next bowl game is our goal is to win that and go 13-1. " jon: there was some concern that iowa could get left out of the rose bowl-- but today the committee made the right decision to put them into the 102nd rose bowl-- their first appearance since 1991. that sets them up against pac-12 champs stanford-- and believe it or not-- stanford was the loser in the first ever rose bowl back in 1902. ferentz and the team spoke with media today in iowa city about their upcoming trip to pasadena. " " "(kirk ferentz) it's just great medicine for us because as you might imagine it was a quiet it was amazing getting off that bus just going into the hotel. this game affected everybody certainly but i got that sense in the morning and coming over and coming back to iowa city but uh i'm guessing
10:34 pm
the news today they were all picked their spirits up and that will help us all move forward and that's something we are all going to have to do here this week at some point. (cj beathard) we wanted to win last night we wanted to be in that playoff picture but we played really well and really tough and i'm proud of the guys for playing like that but this is the next best deal you cant get better than that and yea we are happy to be where we are at. (jordan lomax) right it's the rose bowl it doesn't get better than that and we are also playing another high level opponent so it's going to be a great competitive game . (austin blythe) i know guys are excited to go play in a bowl game like this um this one stilll stings but at the same time we are excited to go play a good team in the rose bowl. " .... the last time is the thirteenth time. the rose bowl will be played
10:35 pm
will be played january first in pasadena.. kickoff set for 4:10 central time. iowa proved their worth in the big ten last night-- now i think this will be an even better gauge of where the hawkeyes stack up national. stanford touts a heisman candidate in running back christian mccaffery. a great test for the hawkeyes so we have just over 3 weeks from the rose bowl. and in the fcs northern iowa will be taking on the bison of north dakota state at 11am on saturday. you can catch the game on espn. this is an mvfc rivalry that
10:36 pm
will write another nikki: thanks jon still to come on local 5 news late edition about 150 dressed up in holiday costumes and went for a jog in des moines... we'll explain what it was all about... nikki: and.. people across central iowa are busy finding the perfect tree... we'll take a closer look inside a local stop in this weeks farm to family... nikki: a holiday gift... that can take to the sky... why drones are becoming a popular purchase this season... we'll be right back... you're watching local five news late edition.
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news in hd. home of " nikki: most can agree, decorating can be one of the best parts of christmas... and its' not christmas without a christmas tree! this week, we're bringing you to a local tree farm that's been doing it for more than 25 years local 5's claire powell take's us has more in this weeks farm to family. claire: "i know you may already have your xmas tree picked out and decorated but i had to bring you to one of my favorite childhood places where i got to pick out my tree every year ..." growing up, i was obsessed with harmony christmas tree farm- mainly because of the
10:38 pm
always decorated... and surounded by christmas trees... 25 years later, not much has changed for marvin and jannet bassett- "well we could make lemonade out of lemons you know" year in and year out, the bassets and their family help other families pick the right tree. "he said im here to get your biggest ugliest tree you've got, and he did"- both "there all special, you know, every family that comes out has their own tradition, every family is special to us, and no matter what we're here to help them"- marv but on wednesday- they helped the nodaway valley second graders pick their tree. "theres 60 if we have more than 60 we have more back here" they've been doing it for 15 years. and it's a family tradition they get to look forward to.. "this morning, good, at least its a little bit warmer this morning not much but its getting there" "there's never been a nice warm day for
10:39 pm
out of all of the choices- "the needles on there are square instead of being round" the students choose this tree. " they're happy and we can provide that for them and i think it makes our holiday a little nicer too" throw in wreath making and chowing down on cookies and candy canes and that's not a bad way to spend a school day... "its great, it takes all of us at christmas season" a special way to share the love of christmas.. out on the farm.. "the kids can run through the trees, snow ball fights, it was just fun to watch them, some take forever, some can do it five minutes, it's been a fun business" -jan reporting outside of stuart, claire powell, abc 5 news nikki:
10:40 pm
that claire... well bree, we know it's the christmas season but the temperatures sure haven't felt like it...there's barely any snow on the ground! nikki: meteorologist bree sullivan joins us now with a quick look at the forecast. bree skies are very slowly clearing from west to east across the state and will continue to do so overnight. temperatures will settle into the 20s in western iowa where skies clear out first and 30s for eastern iowa where clouds will linger into the morning hours. fog will begin to develop late night tonight into early tomorrow morning. once the fog clears, sunshine coupled with a
10:41 pm
to 15 mph will take over and warm us back into the 50s in central and southern iowa with northern iowa getting into the 40s. the week ahead looks to be mainly dry with the thermometer sitting well above average in the 50s all week. several days look to be windy, particularly thursday through the end of the week. the pattern looks to switch next weekend as temperatures return closer to the 30s we would expect for december, so get out and enjoy this short break from cold! nikki: the snow may be gone, but the christmas spirit is still alive in downtown des moines. the science center of iowa's jingle bell rock n' run took place this morning. around 150 people dressed up in festive costumes across the streets of downtown for the 5-k. the money raised in today's run goes towards education programs hosted by the science center. "so there are all kinds of great costumes. we have a few santas, a few elves. we also have a christmas tree and we have an angel. lots of cool costumes. it's fun to see peoples creativity." nikki: everyone who
10:42 pm
hot breakfast and a live concert. nikki: its become one of the most popular items during this christmas season ... drones ... the flying gadgets can take stunning photographs from the air... or even shoot perfect video for that holiday memory. but the gift may not be as simple as it sounds... lukas voss brings us more " " nats: drone explaining vo: buying a u-a-s for christmas don't really know what that is? chances are you do know ... and you are considering it as a christmas gift? unmanned aircraft systems ... or more commonly referred to as drones. they are becoming the hottest tech gadget to have. around 700 thousand are expected to sell this christmas season alone. and while some might think they are a recent phenomenon ... they have actually been around since the 1930's. popular now ... because of one simple reason. sot: "it's only been in the last several year that our technology has reall gotten to where to cost is really affordable to the
10:43 pm
have a drone that has a reasonable picture and i can fly it really easily." while easily bought at your favorite retail store. the federal aviation administartion has been facing problems with drones flying where they actualy shouldn't and there is a couple of easy pointers to remember. greenscreen walk: there are up to 900 prosecutions a month for drone users failing to comply with f-a-a regulations. let's look at the things you should'nt be doing. don't fly over 400 feet ... that's when you could affect small aircraft traffic. stay 5 miles away from any airport ... that includes non- manned airfields like martin airfield in south sioux city. avoid big crowds or public spaces ... it's simply a safety concern when flying over things like parades and other public gatherings...and one that is often not considered... if your property is listed on the f-a-a's website as a no fly zone ... which you can register yourself ... then anyone flying over it ...
10:44 pm
trespassing. vo: commercial drone flying has always been regulated. if you flying commercially ... you have to be registered as a commercial pilot, something experts think is simply not doable in private use. nats: explaining and drone flying sot: "everyone recognizes that's not a realistic expectation. there is a big demand for drone pilots and the level of training that airline pilots get is far in excess of what a drone pilot needs." what could be in effect soon ... is the faa's registration guideline for users. a web based system would assign each drone a number. the adress and name would be recorded ... any u-a-s between 55 pounds and half-a- pound would need to be registered. even with these guidelines, there is still a lot of room for interpretation when it comes to the handling unmanned aircraft. sot: "the struggle right now is where do we draw the line. what drones do we care about that potentialy cause some issues and what drones do we not worry about. the reality is that if we try to register all 70000 drones that are predicted to be sold this christmas season ... who is going to be able to keep track of all of that." the f-a-a is pushing for regulations to be in effect in time for the christmas season. and
10:45 pm
their suggestions will create a better understanding for consumers ... experts think there is still a lot of room for improvement. lukas voss local five news, we are iowa. nikki: there isn't any snow on the ground now... but if you can't wait for the white stuff to fly... we've found a solution for you. we'll explain on the weekend buzz coming up... we'll be right back... you're watching local five news late edition. nikki:
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can mean a lot of eating... but this takes things to
10:47 pm
downtown indianapolis was the scene for a possible world record saturday. nikki: the world's top competitive eater joey chestnut reportedly broke his own record and defend his crown in the st. elmo's shrimp cocktail eating contest. he at more than 12 pounds of shrimp in eight minutes. that record still has to be officially verified. joey chestnut has been a competitive eater since 2005 and held the nathan's international hot dog eating contest title for eight years. nikki: and this holiday season... in case
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we did a little local five experiment to make our own snow..... nikki: its called instant decorative snow in a can... theres instructions that tell you to take the powder.... mix it up with some water.... do some stirring.... and surprisingly it actually seemed to work. we have snow that looks pretty real from afar only it doesn't melt... : nikki bree i'll have your
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