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tv   Local 5 News at Five  ABC  December 7, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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entire block of homes in that town right now. that's after a bomb threat was made on a home at 820 first avenue west. as of now, the evacuation is as a precaution. we'll keep you posted as we learn more. jack thanks for tuning in. i'm jack miller. stephanie and i'm stephanie angleson. stephanie: the department security is planning to roll the national system. jack: the move comes after president obama delivered an oval office address to reassure americans the us is safe in the bernardino terror attack. details are story. battling the evolving here in the us. "i believe that we need to do a better job of informing the public at seeing, removing some the global terrorism secretary jeh johnson an update to the system. never been activated credible threat. 4 years ago, it criticized color coded
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security secretary: we've moved to a new phase in the global involves, not just attacks from overseas, but terrorist inspired attacks here on the homeland president obama's primetime oval office address. the president vowed to protect the us (president obama) the threat from we will overcome it. republican presidential attacked...calling the president's speech more partisan talk as he pushed for tighter gun control measures and cautioned americans not to single out muslims. ted cruz on the campaign trail today. ted cruz, presidential candidate: pres. obama's address to the country was profoundly disappointingwe don't need a president who goes on national television, and lectures the american people like a school marm jack: as for the terrorism alert system, homeland security says it's expecting to announce an update in the coming days.
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iowa senator joni ernst is critical of president oval office address. she said "last obama spoke to reassure himself of his efforts, reassure putting forward strategy to destroy isis and those radicalized by them." gravely missed opportunity. jack: meanwhile, we're also getting a new look at the couple behind the san bernardino massacre. this photo of syed farook and tashfeen malik shows them arriving in chicago's o'hare airport as newlyweds last year. f-b-i agents say the two had been "radicalized for quite some time." it was also back to work today for county employees in san but the workers at the targeted job for at least jack: the national conversation has also turned conversation protect shooting situations. doesn't support branstad says he doesn't support arming iowa the national to how to protect yourself in mass situations. branstad says he doesn't support arming iowa
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guns to protect schools. "i'm satisfied with the laws we have in iowa. i'm not advocating any changes and i don't want to divide people on a partisan basis on an issue that people have real strong convictions on." jack: iowa schools are currently gun-free zones, by iowa law. mr. branstad told us today he thinks the policy should stay that way. stephanie: today in court-- stephanie: a man accused of losing control of his car, killing his passenger, appeared before a judge, where there was a change in charges. this is troy mure... who was originally charged with vehicular homicide and o- w-i for a deadly des moines crash last month. today the o-w-i charges were dropped. the judge says it's because the conclusive blood tests for drugs weren't back yet-- so they may be re- filed once they have that information. stephanie the 24 year old slammed his car into a power pole, killing 22 year old scality boyd. faimly members told us that mure claimed
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gun was chasing car before the crash. police are still investigating that claim jack: a man killed during a home weekend is now identified. 31-year-old williams of earlham was by two people who lived at this home on east 14th street, around 2 a-m saturday. police say williams broke and he was chest. 18 year old live there, police they knew williams. williams has a that includes charges of domestic abuse county from last year. prosecutors haven't decided who killed him charged with but they're still homicide. it's des moines' 20th this year. jack: we're also staying on top of a bizarre investigation in union county. a 37 year old woman was found dead in a farm pond. her name is loretta dillinger. a hunter found her body last week.
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done, but the final results won't be back for another 6 to 8 weeks. state agents are calling the death "suspicious." stephanie: the woodward granger school district is mourning the loss of a student today. 17 year old drew jacobson collapsed during basketball practice last week. he passed away at mercy hospital in des moines this morning from heart failure. his family says he was suffering from acute congestive heart failure and that's what led to the fall. he was a big-time athlete, and especially loved football. stephanie: funeral arrangements haven't been set yet... but the mayor of woodward has set up a go fund me account for drew's dad russ, who is a single father. it's raised more than 16,000 dollars so far. we'll show you how else the community is coming together to help this family, tonight at 10. stephanie/2shot an unexpected diagnosis coming up on local 5 news at five... " (annette turner/ mother) you just think i'm going to lose my baby, this is my child, this is my baby. (annette turner/ mother) there is always the why, why us, when is it enough?" stephanie: why this story of a child with cancer is so shocking.
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but next... start saving your dollars now if you want to see the hawkeyes play live in the rose bowl. we'll show you what it could
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edwards. this is local 5 news at 5, we are iowa." "we haven't been to the rose bowl now for 25 years, so, it'd be great to go. i'm sure a lot of people will find some money under their mattress and find a plane ticket out there." stephanie: money under the mattresses-- that's what it might take. but the most die-hard iowa fans will make it happen. jack: after losing in the big ten championship to michigan state and missing out on a playoff spot, the hawkeyes were matched up against pac-12 champion stanford in the rose bowl. it's iowa's first trip to pasadena since 1991. jack: it's the school's 6th rose bowl appearance. iowa is 2-3 all- time in the rose bowl, with its last win coming in 1959. it'll also mark the third time
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coached in the rose bowl, though his first as a head coach. the two games where he was an assistant coach, in the 1980s, iowa lost. jack: it's fun for hawks fans to witness history. but it's definitely going to cost you. stephanie: local five's lucas casey shows us just how much, from the digital media center. "i don't know about you, but since sunday afternoon, my social media feeds have been blowing up with my hawkeye fan friends making plans to head to the rose bowl in pasadena, california. i wouldn't be surprised turned to shock by now, shock because of the price it's going to and back. let's take a look, i went to travelocity this afternoon to look at some prices for round trip airfare. this is des moines to lax and round trip tickets, for game returning the 1145 dolloars - that's the lowest price could find today. next, you fly out, you have to have a place to stay. all of the five-star hotel rooms are already booked around the rose bowl, a few budget options left. you're going to
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between 200 and 400 dollars a night depending on how close you want to stay to the rose bowl and how easily you want to be able to get to and from the game. but now the big ticket item, the ticket itself. the university of iowa has a ticket allotment, but those will go to season ticket holders and big donors first, the rest of us have to go out on the open market. i'm looking at stub hub here, the minimum price i could find today - 600 dollars and that's upper deck. if you want to get a little closer to the action, you're looking at 1750, and this first section of the bowl, minimum starting price, 2500 dollars as of today. in summary, about 12000 for airfare, at least 1000 dollars based on 200 or 300 a night for a hotel, 800 plus for a ticket, you're looking at at least 3,000 dollars per person to head out to the rose bowl and return, but i'm guessing that's a price most hawk fans are willing to pay. in the digital media
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jack: we want to know -- are you planning to travel with the hawks? you can connect with us on facebook and twitter. and please send us photos when you make the trip! stephanie: chief meteorologist brad edwards joins us now.. brad ((ad lib weather toss))
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forecast with chief meteorologist brad edwards. certified by weatherrate the independent weather experts" jack: the pacific northwest hit
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today... scene on (snow-qualmy) pass in washington. today-- as the snow came down. days ago, icy forced this same road, i-90, to be closed twice in one afternoon. jack: chief meteorologist joins us now iowa's most forecast. brad? brad: (adlib) brad: (adlib) brad: weather adlib
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very mild week of december weather? the average highs this time of year are in the mid 30s, but we are looking at mostly mid 50s! we had some fog this morning, but today turned out pretty nice with highs in the low 50s. there will be a few clouds rolling in tonight, but fog should not be a
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temperatures will stay above freezing for the metro each night this week, but some refreezing could occur in more northern locations. tuesday will have a lot of clouds in the sky with maybe a few sprinkles or light showers possible later in the afternoon or early evening. the sun returns wednesday and thursday with temps in
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thursday as a strong system travels through mn, but again no good rain chances are expected here with this system. this weekend will start a cool down for us with some clouds likely. we will have a slight chance for some rain showers, but most of the rain will fall over se iowa this weekend. temperatures will be cooling back into the 30s and 40s this weekend and heading into next week. brad/wxhang (adlib) jack:/ stephanie:
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jack: coming up on local 5 news at five... why would an eight year mastectomy? the unusual health challenges faced by her family.
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stephanie: in health matters today... stephanie: a shocking diagnosis for a 3rd grader from utah. today, she'll undergo a mastectomy. chrissy turner is eight years old, and was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of breast cancer two weeks ago. reporter heidi hatch sat down with this brave young girl. (chrissy turner/ cancer patient) i was scared. 8 year old chrissy found a lump on the right side of her chest in october- it wasn't going away but she was afraid to talk to their
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myself to tell them. (annette turner/ heart drops. her mom annette had rare form a cervical cancer in 2000. her dad is still fighting his own battle. (troy turner/ father) non-hodgkin's stage 3. chrissy's dad troy armpit. (troy turner/ father) i gone in earlier, but i nothing. and that's why when chrissy said she had a lump they wasted no time. (annette turner/ mother) listen to them, don't take anything lightly. chrissy's doctors had good news at first... but it was short-lived. (annette turner/ mother) 99.9% of all tumors in children are benign so there is that ok, we'll just get it out, all will be well. and then the phone
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the diagnosed: a slow-moving and very mother) you just think i'm going to lose my (troy turner/ father) as hard as it was to it, it was 100 times harder to tell her that she had it. mother) there is always the why, why us, when is it enough? chrissy is ready to take on this one in a favorite dragon. cancer patient) he is unique. a rarity just like chrissy's cancer. (chrissy turner/ cancer patient) the doctor said i would have to stay overnight for a few days. chrissy will need some rest, and that's why she's getting ready nats her christmas wish list is short. (chrissy turner/ cancer patient) knowing the surgery is over and that i will heal and get back to my normal self. stephanie: chrissy's cancer has a high rate of recurrence, so after the surgery, doctors will be checking with her at least every three months. the huntsman cancer institute in utah will also study the genetics of her family to see if any of their cancers are related. jack: some good health news for
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president announced that he is now cancer-free. mr. carter says his most recent m-r-i brain scan didn't show any signs of the original cancer spots or any new ones. the 91-year-old will continue to get regular 3- week treatments carter first revealed the good news to his sunday school class in georgia, four months after telling them that cancer had spread to his brain. jack: local 5 news has a way for you to help right here at home this holiday season. stephanie: we hope you'll help us "can hunger." stephanie: on friday, december 11th.. come to the fareway store on 86th and meredith from 8 am until close at 9pm. we'll be collecting all food donations. they will go directly to the food bank of iowa to help our neediest right here in central iowa for christmas and well into 2016. we are iowa and we give back to the community. jack: we have some great weather news here in the middle of december. chief meteorologist brad edwards will be back with
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"23:14:03 i've heard from every person i've talked to, they're going to happen to infividuals when around." jack: out, and still, so many remain. iowans on medicaid are frustrated and confused. tonight we'll concerns in state care system. brad/wxhang are you ready for a december weather? the average highs this time of year are in the
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looking at mostly mid 50s! we had some fog this morning, but today turned out pretty nice with highs in the low 50s. there will be a few clouds rolling in tonight, but fog should not be a problem like it was last night. stephanie: thank you for spending your time with us tonight. jack: we are working hard on another great newscast for 6pm.
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