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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  December 7, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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brother-in-law, his last image trying to visit his sister and brand new niece. >> we're having a girl. everyone is reallyexcited. >> then paula on facing h alleged attacker. >> i was unprepared for how scared i would be. >> also, kim and kanye's new boy. the holy baby name. anddancing's max engaged. >> were you surprised? >> yes. >> plus, tv's super nanny saving families but did show destroy her personal life? >> you love what do and you love the man that you're with. >> and hans solo and princess leia 40 years later. >> i was compared to jab >> what she tells us about being pressured to lose weight and is she going after me. >> let's go no chance. >> now in ourth season, this is "entertainment tonight." we have new details on kim and kanye's boichlt a surprise engagement and does selena have a b new pop star boyfriend? >> we beg a story shrouded in mystery.
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the clues, well, they're baffling. >> kristen didn't publicly acknowledge her brother's morning. the story is out now and hopefully not too la >> where has the dog search been? where has the aerial search been? days. why? >> a fa source tells "e.t." kristen is distraught and working with authorities to find her brother michael. today she instagrammed this childhood photo with him writing we remain hopeful. michael appeared with kristen on her show. she went on to work on "dancing with the stars" where she competed against nancy grace. >> she and i got to be very good friends during "dancing with the stars." her was very, very supportive of her during that. >> so what happened to michael? here's the time "e.t." has learned that on november 23rd, the same day cyst baby girl, michael was arrested for maki criminal
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threatening to kill or seriously injure someone. four days later on november 27th, his unoccupied hon civic was discovered in rural utah the car was still running and air bag deployed. >> we know that sometime an air bag deploys and they can actually harm driver. >> the temperatures on the night of the incident were in the mid to low 20s. very, very hostileconditions. >> then a clue about 100 miles south. he had been seen earlier in the day at 3:30 a.m. wearing a blue baseball cap and buying gas. >> the clerks at the gas station fine. >> it's been a tough week. >> yesterday, december 6th, her husband quarterback jake cut letter shrug off a reporter's question about thecase. >> it's been hard to get in the game mindset with stuff going on
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>> no, we stay focused. >> i know her heart is torn in two between searching for her brother and taki of her newborn baby. >> and we will continue to follow this story and bring you all of the latest developments. just go to our website. right now, we have an important update on "ncis"star. we were with her last night where she spoke for the first time about coming face-to-face in court with the man she claims threatened to kill her. >> terrifying. it actually i was unprepared for how scared would be. in that moment when i saw him, i may as well have been alone on that sidewalk again. that's the way itworked. >> pauley so traumatized after her alleged attack b a homeless man last month. the actress who is huge homeless advocate says there is irony in it. >> i'm not person that gets homelessarrested. i'm the ones that feeds and gives them clothes. but we have a huge problem here.
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alive that i have a part in. this i think -- i don't want it to happen to an i do feel it was supposed to happen to me so we can maybe work for a p change. >> it was another event for change that trevor project supporting the lgbt community that got the ncis star back out on the red carpet for the first time since the alleged atta >> and nothing is going to keep me away from the trevor project. we're saving kids' lives. >> doing so much great work. her alleged attacker arraigned on december 16th. >> "e. will be there. let's move on now. their love li and we were with the ladies of the talk today in new york. they'll be there all we so we asked them to weigh in. congratulations! look at that ring! >> yes. >> really? >> yes. >> you at least the first
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exquisite. do something really big. >> he got down on one knee in fron1500 fans and designed the ring hims props to max who called peta the perfect fit. as far as the wedding,well, it seems like he's going to be totally hands off. >> have you the date? >> i have nothing with that. she wants. >> she's been working with him for a long time. she sees the good, bad, ugly. she knows what she's marrying. and if he got on bended knee and proposed to her, i think going to last. >> and here's news. we're talking about coast to coast. boy. at first everyone weighed in on their pick for aname. >> they have so many choices. true west. go west. >> what about kanye jr.? >> finally the couple announced the name on app, saint west.
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also interesting to note that reggie bush used to play for the new orleans saints. >> how is baby? everything good? >> manufacture the kardashians descended on the hospital to see the new addition. scott even came with kout fli kourtney. >> now let me give you an inside look at kim's report the $6,000 a day birthing suite at cedar sinai hospital. it is three bedroom, two bathroom bathroom, flat screen tv a perfect black, red, white color scheme. zbh and how is this for a hollywood love t justin bieber, one direction's nile horn and the girl in the middle middle, selena gomez. she just posted this way sexy video to her facebook page two days after the bieber posted this 2012 throwback photo of him with selena. it was hours after reports surfaced that selena was kissing nile at a birthday bash.
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the party and they were definitely kissinging. actually tried to hide their makeout in a private booth behind the d.j. table. selena and nile were close all nightlong. he had his arm around her. they left together through the back door. >> have as much fun as you can. >> this is al very interesting. when i sat down with nile over a month aireland, he told me he was single but maybe not now. >> we'll bewatching. i wonder if they and justin were watching the grammy nominations this morning. out of the three of them, justin got one, michelle turner is here breaking it down. >> justin's nomination was for best dancer for "where are you now." selena, she does appear in taylor swift's bad blood video which got a nod. we're blaekreaking down taylor's big day and the big surprises. >> how about this? taylor is the only artist to have nominations in the big
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of the year. >> it is a state of the art song. if you put it in a time capsule, it will be the album that sums up the sounds of 2014-2015. bad bloo >> also nominated, "badblood." it's so good thanks to the today kendrick lamar. >> it's not surprising to see him get nominations. what is surprisi to see him get 11. >> i just got back london. >> here's a shock. >> the reaction to a first nomination, including song of the year for "see you again." >> i found out when i landed that we got three nominations! whoo! >> aahh! >> josh grobin posted his shot on facebook and bieber sa grammy time boys. we weren't surprised at three for thinking out loud and cheering. he was. his tweet, wan expecting the grammy nod. thank you.
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>> 15 time win area leasha keys broke the news on cbs this morning revealing a surprise that chris stapleton will be up for album of the year on grammy night, february 15th on cbs. i'm trying to >> listen to this rihanna is nominated but there's a first for 21 time grammy winner paul mccartney. he nominated with kanye west. for two rap awar >> oh, yeah. and so many of you have been reaching out to us asking why adelle isn't nominated. well, pretty simple. the music came out toolate. the cutoff date was september 30th. the am bumlbum is number one for the second week in arow. you know adelle will be all over the grammys next year. she can perform this year. no one would complain. >> i see her cleaning up next grammys. >> i think --yeah. you're right on that one. >> safe bet.
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coming up, chris hensworth shirtless shirtless. and another hot man, you are talking channing tatum. >> yeah. channing telling us all ab sophia and joe after their wedding. >> they're so beautiful. they're so kid like together. >> yeah. you. we also have a peek at thero us) aouerwh y bino peen hri ls,t n on. >>r.obn:'mr.ana bs a ie eneang paedin a 2soi' alysryg t w arg dsndewecoly lpg u ar aouerheinu aras e we a mt noti vis r e arg imir. . nd hsowi uce u unghe tos.ndhel treo lpoun uroueyo arg tt.
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co itoelng hr d lko . nd tay bindi irwin showed her
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tt!tv'hk! %4@-1[d tt0w!tv'hkhk! el@-;\tt0w!tv'hk! eded@-=^l tt0w!tv'hk% )8h-] 0 tt0w!tv'hk% kzh-@ol tt0w!tv'hk% n-h-5&@ tt0w!tv'hk% 0ph-+ax tt0w!tv'hk% s"h-;38 tt0w!tv'hk% ueh-8qh tt0w!tv'hk% 7hh-$s< come on, i wasn't to party. >> channing tatum and jenna celebra her birthday in epic fashion this weekend. >> absolutely. before that party got started, i got to talk to mr. tatum about his wife, baby how can he be tasteful. >> can you sum up who you are in three words? >> dangerous. danger. >> hateful. >> hateful. danger. >> channing's role as hateful person is a closely guarded secret. >> we have to talk about the what goes on? what do you do? >> we do onsies every year, the baby, jen and i are al in the same onsie. love them. they are dope. >> chang and jenna take their celebrations seriously. like her 35th birthday party on saturday with the insane guest list. adam and biati, ashton and mila
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we know they can bust amove, but can they lipsynch? >> you're going to do lip sink battle. that show is -- i'm dakted to it. >> i'm happ i got out and i'm still married. our marriage is fine. we went re hard. but not trying to like go so -- which i think it ended up being good. but we definitely went for the jugular. >> no doubt the couple hit the dance floor a few we ago when his "magic mike" co-star said i do to sophia. >> they're so beautiful and kid like together. it was a beautiful event. joe is likebatman. i'm so happy he found sophia. >> lots of love. now the tatums who celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary next july. >> up next, we're talking to "snanny." she's going on tour with her fiance. did they nearly b up? >> the production manager on the show. >> then we sit down with the "star wars" cast nearly 40 years la kafr carrie, and harrison.
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two broken legs, dislocated both ankles. >> that is ahead. but right now, take a look at the making victoria secret fashion show. we see it was exclusively behind the scenes of the show that is airing tomorrow with 47 angels getting glam after weeks of prep. >> haven't had a cheesebu a month. i'm really excited having a french toast bagel for breakfast tomorrow. i planned my whole day of food
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i decided to get my ans solo action figure signed by him myself. he was like oh, boy. all right. i'll sign your action figure, kid. this is weird. >> even john couldn't help but they have more from the new cast tomorrow. he got the signature from hans solo. check what i got f princess leia. >> no chance. >> a kiss from the p it was just like the movies >> this is before she was kissing her dog gary. the interview got a little out of hand. this princess is now a general
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>> how is the leadership. the salary, although i could drive ar a tank, which you know, could be interesting. it sounds nelly. oh, princess? but, you no one would say >> that's right. >> and not get in trouble. >> are you sure you're up for this? >> carrie is interesting trouble with the promotions, harrison is having trouble with the set, mainly a blast door that slammed down and crushed him. >> any gesture to the right. it hit me with such force and it flung my left leg up. i broke both bones in my and then i was pinned to ground. i'm good. >> what are your bones made of. >> he interviewed mark hamil a the trailer.
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>> we're going back. >> both mark and carrie lost weight for their roles and reported 85 pounds between them. but carrie told me she was the one who insifrted she slim down. >> oh, they're saying they're forcing me. no one forces me to loseweight. i force them force me. >> you did? >> how did go? >> made me lose weight. i'd look stupid if i didn't lose weight. how did the relationship changed sieve sip willing rivalry. that means you are an idiot. and christmas must be weird around our house. >> he can put a kink in that relationship an rumors on line that luke has gone over to the dark side. you will have to wait and see. it's just before he was honored
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>> they were also honored. cbs preparation president and leslie munez made it a with his wife julie. this is what makes cbs great and the artists we are honoring tonight. >> they will air on the 29th on cbs. >> also on tv, the super nanny is back. joe frost is taking her child rearing lessons on the sed)ip r(t&h*hp &hc& and only kevin frasier hitched ride. >> for tv purpose, i like to say i make fact ualt, not reality. these are real facts. families of real, you know, family issues. >>enough. no. you can wait tomorrow. that's enough. >> there are times where you will kick the cameras out, aren't there? >> yes. >> the cam sometimes have to go. the mikz havees have to go down. >> waunt to talk about sacrifice. she spent more than a decade
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help with the hard stuff. but wh don't know is that her job almost broke up he relationship with her fiance. >> you love what you do but you lot of man that you're and you'll, you know, you feel constantly tor because you love both. you know? his produc manager on the show. so they get to with us. >> yes. it almost didn't >> well, the idea of it not working wasn't an option for m or darren. you have to live by what you preach as well. >> joe is now preaching to parents across the country. she is taking this bus and going city to city in her new network series joe frost, nanny on tour. she has hidden cameras so she can watch everything go down. >> you need to rid of your attitude. get overhere! >> this is where i work from. instestdadst of the big tvscreen,
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through with submissions. help me, joe, this is what going on. >> i got a tour of the cramped quarters. it gets the job done. >> is it time for to take a pause and maybe work through and maybe have a child, you and darren? >> i'm ready, yes. so this doesn't stop the work that i do. and i will be a working mother. pregnant. >> i'm waiting for that call. give out advice. i want to when the time comes if she'll be able to play by her own rules. >> it's best to follow your advice, for sure. >> here we go, our birthdays, which young pop started november a heavy metal justin bieber, carver simpson.
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and just because. meet the ladies vying for ben higen's heart.
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risk of going back on. >> the season also includes twins, a cowgirl and chicken enthusiast. yes, that's how the show listed occupation. but no one over the age of 30, wow! say what? >> they se guy as a massive catch. >> plus, harrison says ben will be vulnerable. watch our interview at welcome back to the show, everyone. in tonight' birthdays, which young pop star started off in a heavy metal band? >> i'm in group called dead end. and it was a bunch of dead ends. it was horrible. but, it was a good experience. >> that is aaron c who is 28 today. >> all right.
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two-time the gratuitous candy. check out john stamos posing bottomless and that is chris hensworth skate boarding topless. i thi need to see that again. >> i think i need to get to the gym. >> that was fun. thank you. >> easy we'll be with them tonight at the premier.
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