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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  December 7, 2015 10:35pm-11:37pm CST

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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, the cast of "the featuring director quentin tararantino. samuel l. jackson. kurt russell. jennifer jason leigh. walton goggins. tim roth. bruce dern. and channing tatum. plus,music from rick ross featuring chris brown. with cleto and the cletones. and now, if you haven't heard, here's jimmy kimmel!
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>> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. very kind. have you had a good weekend? i was -- i went to big y, montana this weekend. i went fly fishing in the snow. i'll tell you something, there's a ren why people don't typically go fishing in the snow is because when you fall in the river, which i of course did, water's very cold. my man ornaments are just now coming out of hiding. i noticed somethinghen i was up there. sign. now you've seen this i've seen this sign probably a hundred times in 40 different plac.
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jokey the bear is shirtless and wearing jeans. not only is he wearing jeans, they're cuffed jeans. like it's his grinder profile picture or something. also his belt has his name on i and his hat has his name on it. which the even donald d trump wouldn't go that far. you realize at some point an artist presented this to the forest service and they sasaid, yeah, sure, bear, cuffed jeans, looks great, let's go wh it. bears and clothes. smoky with no shirt and jeans. winnie the pooh with shirt but no pants at all. and fotszy and yogi bear, all they were is a hat and tie. guillermo, you're the clost thing we have to a cartoon bear, can you make any sense out of th? >> guillermo: sure. no, maybe tomorrow. >> jimmy: maybe tomorrow guy geeuillermo had a busy weekend. >> iglesias kicked things off
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boulevard featuring helium balloons along with floats and special celebrity appearances. >> guillermo: to the people, thank you, everybody! love you guys! i'm having a lot of fun! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: so personality, guillermo rodriguez. you did show personality. were you really having a lot of fun? >> guillermo: yeah, everybody was very nice in mcallen, texas. >> jimmy: i lovoved that pastel butttton button-down you were wearing. wear that for the eter parade next time. >> guillermo: sure, whatever you say. >> jimmy: happy second night of hanukkah to those who are celebrating it. hanukkah is the jewh holiday paced on the song by adam sandler. we have a special show with quentin tarantino and the cast of "the hateful eight." we also wanted to celebrate hanukkah so we made something that combines the movie with the
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this, "the hateful eight menorah." [ cheers and applause ] >> jmy: all the main characters from the movie are represented in candle form, and guillermo guillermo, would you do us the honor of lighting the second candle? >>uillermo: sure. >>immy: happy hanukkah, everybody! >> jimmy: so tonight quentin tarantino and the stars of "the hateful eight" are here. they have some interesting merchandise for this movie. all you hear about is the "star wars" toys. but this might be the biggest holiday seller of them all. this is the hateful eight ball. with a quentin tarantino style spin. i'll ask it.
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will guillermo and i be friends forever? >> fo sho! you best believe that, [ bleep ] ! >> jimmy: good, right? willll i ever n the lottery? >> bitch, what this stop wasting my time with dumb-ass questions. >> jimmy: i'm sorry. i have one more. will donald trump be our next president? >> ha! if that mother [ bleep ] becomes president, i'm moving my black ass to south africa! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: give him a run for his money. the latest national poll of republican voters has donald trump leading his nearest competitor by 20 points. the donald trump show made a stop in raleigh, north carolina, where even he seems to be confounded by some of the members of his support group. >> i would like to ask one question. do you think the refugees that are comoming here, trying to come
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and all over europe, do you think they're going to become priests and become celibate? if not, what is going to h happen to the women in the world tha the countries they're going to? >> that's aperate wild question, say that one more time. what do you mean? >> do you ink the refugees, those young, strong refugees that are trying to get into america are going to remain celibate? who are they going to -- >> i don't want to get into that question. okay, give me another. give me another question. >> jimmy: i dig what she's trying to say, she wants to have sex with a refugee. right? am i off othat? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: so today donald trump called for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. you know, i'm sorry to think donald trump is sick of running
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he's trying to say crazy things to get himself thrown out. but the crazier the things he says, the more people seem to like him. it's like the movie "thehe producers." this campaign iss his springtime for hitler is what' going on here. meanwhile, in other reality show news, congratulations to kim kardashian and her yusband kanye west on saturday, kim gave birth to her second child, a boy, the baby weighed 8 pounds, 1 ounce, llowers. kim was carrying in a breech position, the baby w upside down. doctors were able -- this is so interesting what they did. so that's the baby that's supposed to be the other way. they inserted a tiny cell phone at the base of the amniotic sac and the baby turned upside down to grab it and take a selfie. and e baby's great. by the way, kim revealed the baby's name today. this is what she tweeted. these emojis represent kanye,
10:43 pm
saint. they named their kid saint west, yes. even applele paltrow and blue ivy carter are like, oh, come on. i think they've figured out the pattern. what they do is pick half a christmas name. north, as in north pole. saint, as in saint nick. if they have another one, by my calculations, the child will be named gingerbread. to herald the arrival of saint west we asked people what they thought of kim and kanye's new baby's name but the names we ked them about we made up. you'll see i in tonight's new celebrity baby edition o of "lie witness news." >> tell us your name. >> kristin. >> kristin, everybody's talking about it, what was yr reaction when you heard kim and kanye named their new baby boy kia sorento west? >> classic kanye, awesome. >> what do you like? >> it's different, who else would come up with a name like
10:44 pm
body but kanye. >> y've been talking about it? >> seen a lot of things on instagram, memes making fun of it, yeah. >> what was your reaction when you heard kim and kanye named their baby fivo goes west? >> i didn't care, i've never been a big fan of them. >> you've heard about it? >> yeah. >> people are talking about it? >> yeah. >> what are they saying? >> you hear on it the news. everybody's talking about -- >> fivo goes west? >> yes. >> it's an american tale. >> exactly. >>im and kanye named their baby keurig kardashian west. >> it's wild, keurig has become a household name for our coffee products, now being a child's name, they can do whatever they want. >> people talk about it? >> people talk about it all over facebook. i heard about it on facebook. all over instagram. it's trending worldwide. >> what was your reaction when you heard kim and kanye named
10:45 pm
in the west? >> hilarious. hysterical. couldn't stopp laughing. >> people have been talking about it? >> yeah. heard about it on the way here, actually. >> anything you'd likto say to fastest gun in the west? >> good luck in school, i suppose. >> say hi to grom admit for me. >> hi, grommit. >> what was your reaction when you heard kim and kanye named their new kaeb -- [ gibberish ] >> not surpred at all. >> why is that? >> i wldn't put it past them. >> have people been talking about that? >> everybody. >> whereabouts? >> social media, friends, people in the streets. >> you wouldn't lie to me, would you? >> no, never. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we have to take a break. when we comeack from that break, channing tatum goes head to little head with a kitten.
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>> jimmy: sti to come quentin tarantino and cast of "the hateful ght." music from rick ross and chris brown. first major major league baseball news, the miami mlins announced that they've hired barry bonds to be their hitting coach. at long last. after all the steroid drama, barry bonds is back in baseball. assuming the marlins can find a helmet that will fit his now giant head. barry bonds holds the record for the most career home runs and game. did say asterisks?
10:51 pm
ithould be. asterisks. so congratulations to him. i think barry and the marlins will supplement each other very nicely. this is what barry bonds should be coaching. this comes from the international weightlifting world championships in houston. it aired on espn2 this weekend. this is a weight lifter from georgia. the country, not the state. to gave it all and then some. >> come on, come on! >> oh, yeah. he had a funny look on his face. >> well, you can see that the funny look was the fact that he wasn't getting enough air. he passed out. >> look, he's back for his third attempt. >> a lot of heart. another strong pull. he looks like he's not all
10:52 pm
now. [ laughter ] channi tatum is one of the stars of "the hateful eight." channing could not be here in person tonight but he wanted to be part of the show. all right, relax. anyway, we came up with a weird idea. i won't say it needs no introduction. all i wil say is it wouldn't make any more sense if it had one. >> you're such a piece of [ bleep ]. >> dude. you eat out your own [ bleep ] every single day. all day long. hey, kitten. you smell like garbage and fish, bro.
10:53 pm
this is exactly yoyou. you know what sucks about you? you don't have thumbs, dude. that sucks for you. i got thumbs. they're right where my middle fingers are. look, dude. you [ bleep ] in a box. you're a pussy. i've looked and where's your [ bleep ]? no [ bleep ]. where's your [ bleep ]? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, channing. eveven when he's hateful he's loveable. "the hateful eight" opens christmas day, one of the most-anticipated flips of the year. a new quentin tarantino movie is always a big deal. we asked our pal yehya to review it for us. he reviews only the biggest of the big, a passionate film lover. here he is, yehya talking about
10:54 pm
>> action! hihi, it's me, yehya. i talk about the new movie, the movie -- a cowboy -- the snow. "cowboy in the snow." the cowboy in arizona before, desert. now we do the cowboy and the snow, maybe do it in alaska now. and the guy, the tommy lee jones, i got picture with him. his own tommy maybe the movie "snake in a plane." and say take this [ bleep ] snake out of the plane! and you do the movie with john travolta and the hair. and curse, he good actor, he make a lot of movie, he make "close one eye" his director
10:55 pm
marker corsezy, georgia lucas, steven spielberg, he'll do the movie, the gun, the floor, the guguno the gun. quentin tarantino also do the lady dress with the saw, kelly something. "kill for ever." the movie with george clooney. for the body, for the people. you know. and -- i don't know his name. h8. follow. is good movie. i don't see the movie, i see little clip. i love to meet. good movie. go watch the movie and good luck! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank u, yehya. tonight we have music from rick ross and chris brown. the cast of "the hateful eight" is here. and we'll be right b back with
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>> jimmy: hi, there. tonight, from the new major motion picture "the hateful eight." jennifer jason leigh, tim roth, kurt russell, bruce dern andnd muel l. jackson are here. then, this is his new album. it's called "black market." rick ross featuring g chris brn from the samsung outdoor stage. tomorrow night, the great
10:59 pm
from "veep," tony hale, and we'll have music from kool and the gang. and later this week, wanda sykes, calista flockhart, formula one racer lewis hamilton, chef adam perry lang, and music from band of merrymakers and run the jewels. please join us for those guests. without our first guest, people wouldn't be able to take samurai swords on planes, hitler never would have been shot in a movie theater and john travolta would be doing "welcome back kotter" reunions on netflix right now. he's a two-time oscar winning writer and directowhose new movie "the hateful eight" splatters onto screens in 70mm on christmas day, then please welcome quentin tarantino. [ [ cheers a applause ]
11:00 pm
thank you for coming. >> thank you. >> jimmy: i really enjoyed the movie. it tables a long time for these movies to come out but they're really worth it. i thought it really came out great. >> i got a k kick out of the fact of like you guys had your own jimmy kimmel screening. >> jimmy: we did. >> i heard that you kind of hooted and hollered it up and everything. you went out of the movie like, okay, i felt like i i kind of got punched in the face, i don't know if i like it or not. >> jimmy: had to think about it for a while. now the big 70 millimeter premiere is christmas day. i went to see "django unchained" the day after christmas three years ago. with my parents. they went to see "les mis," i went to see "django." was it your intention to release the film on christmas or is that just a coincidence? >> it ended up being a little bit of a coincidence. as far as when we got -- by the time we got finished with it a everything that seemed the best
11:01 pm
because this is actually my third movie to open on christmas. >> jimmy: you're a very chstmassy kind of -- >> i am. "jackie brown" opened on christmas, "jang goe unchained" opened on christmas, the link is there's black people and thus a great christmas movie. >> jimmy: i'm ignorantt whe it comes to things like 70 millimeter film, i don't know why that means, why is that a special thing and why did you want to do that? >> it' interesting. to me there was this aspect of world war i, some people like the digital film making out there. i'm not such a man of it. and i like shooting on film. and i even like showing it on film whenever thas possible. and so i thought, well, if i'm going to shoot on film, let me shoot in 70 millimeter. i think that would be a good way too it. also there was some kind of aspect of -- which is kind of strange, when you think about
11:02 pm
movie is. but to give it a real big presentation. the way like the movies like "ben hur" and stuff in the '60s were given. one of the things that's neat about that, i think, is the fact that as time has gone on, it just seems like you go to the movies and you get a little bit less and a little bit less. the last 20 years. i think the last 30 years. there used to be a thing you'd big thing. >> jimmy: right. >> it was a big show. you'd go and now it's kind of fallen into almost like, you're renting a chair for two hours. then you leave. so the idea here was to give everyone a big show. show. called the road show. >> it's called the road show, that was a big thing they used to do in the '60s. you'd have a big, big movie. and before it came out you'd have a road show. you had advce tickets, people would get dressed up to go to
11:03 pm
or going to the ballet or something. you'd get a program. the movie w would hav an overture at the beginning like a broadway show. it would have an intermission in the middle of it. you got this fancy program. that was what you did. usually the movie was a little bit longer than the general release version. then they would -- that would be a big deal. that would play for a few weeks. then they would rease it to a theater or drive-in near you, shorter without the pomp and circumstance. >> jimmy: are you the only guy who does this? >> no one has done this for a long time, all right? after this comes out maybe we'll understand why peoeople don'do it anymore, all right? but i think it's really cool. and i think it's just really neat. especially for my fans who like my stuff. i think it's a bit of a present for them. >> jimmy: you almost pugged pulled the plug on this movie before you started making it. explain what happened there. >> what happened was i'd written the first draft of the script. and then it got -- i gave to it
11:04 pm
friends. somehow it got leaked in the industry. and so all of a sudden some agents had gotten and were talking. all of a sudden a website put a script online so anybody could read it. and i reacted really badly to it. the reason i reacted bay, because normally when i write a script, it's usually k kind of like this big long novel that i start at the beginning and end at the end. but in this movie i decided to write it in a way that i have never had before. so it was me experimenting with a new way of writing. i wanted to write three drafts of the script. go through it three different times, tell the story three different times. movie. >> jimmy: right. >> and so i did the first draft. and it was completely ununfinished there was an d. and was a end but it wasn't the end. there was all kinds of elements. say, you know, the lincoln letter was brought up once at
11:05 pm
now as you see the movie it's carried through. it becomes quite important in the movie. but i wasn't quite ready to do that in the first draft. so it was a rl almost a gentler way of writing. even the whole idea of telling the story three different times was a new idea for me. so to have it exposed in that firs version like that was really terrible. >> jimmy: you had three suspects as far as i understand it, correct me if i'm wrong. sam jackson, tim roth, michael madsen. when we come back we're going to bring these guys out here. we're going to get to the bottom of this. >> do we hav the maury povich lie detector thing? >> jimmy: we do, all set up. quentin tarantino here "the hateful eight" premieres christmas day, we'll be right back! other wireless carriers make families share data. some way to say happy holidays. switch to t-mobile now and get up to 4 lines with up to 6gb each.
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one of them, maybe even two of them, is here to see who goes free. >> you sure you ain't just being paranoid? >> best bet is this duplicitous fellow and hisooler customers daisy here, he won't have the leather patience it takes to just sit here. he can't handle it. he'll stop waiting. try and create his opportunity. and thas when mr. jumpy reveals himself.
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>> what i got to say? about john reese raven? he's absolutely right. >> jimmy: that is "the hateful eight." it's been said that haters are going to hate, hate, hate, and our next guests prove it. from "the hateful eight," please welcome samuel l. jackson, kurt russell, jennifer jason leigh, walton goggins, tim roth, michael madsen and bruce dern. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: first things first.
11:12 pm
script? was it you, michael? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you kind of got blamed. i know it wasn't sam. sam doesn't leak anything. >> i didn't have it. >> jimmy: we don't even know what his middle name is. >> i was on an elevator in italy, okay, i had left a day after i got the damn thing. and i was with my manager. ande was looking at his cell phone. he goes, oh my god! michael, the worst thing in the world! and i said, what, what, what happened? he goes, someone leaked the script, quentin's script! thing! what is it? well, he read it to me and it said, i only gave the script to three people and bruce, michael, tim. i know for sure it w wasn't ti >> jimmy: bruce? >> i'm like, what the -- >> jimmy: did you know about this? were you aware that you were ing implicated in this? >> i don't hear good, what'd you
11:13 pm
>> that's what he told me! >> that's right. >> called him on the phone from the lobby of the hotel. and i go, quentin. you reali the way you phrased that. you know? can you please make some public announcement that it wasn't me, man? >> jimmy: i don't r recall h making a public announcement. >> he starts laughing. 's laughing like that. >> literally, he tells the story about his son, his son, calls him up after he hears and it he's like, dad! really, dad, why? why, dad, why? >> why did you do this, why did you betray quentin, i can't believe you betrayed quentin. what in the name of god? >> jimmy: bruce did not leak the script. tim, did you leak the script? >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: i think it was you.u. >> 100%, 100%. >> you knew it was tim when i said, i know tim didn't doo it. any mystery, that lets you know who exactly did it. >> jimmy: inteteresting.
11:14 pm
sam, you've workewith quentin more than anybody here. >> really? >> jimmy: yeah that's correct. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: you probably can't go anywhere without people quoting these classic lines from these movies to you, i'd imamagine. >> only tiananmen square. only place i've been where nobody asked me if i knew what a quarter pounder with cheese was. the only place. >> jimmy: the only place? >> only place. >> jimmy: was there any particularly notable situation where somebody came up to you and quoted one of these lines from these movies? >> the best is i was backstage at a michael jackson benefit. it was like two days before 9/11. i wasntroducing whitney houston and usher somewhere. somebody came up behind me a they started doing the ezekiel spspeech. and i'm going, [ bleep ], another one? so i turn around and it's marlon brando. it's like, oh my god! marlon brando. and he did the whole speech. it was jaw-dropping.
11:15 pm
>> awesome. we became friends, he gave me his phone number, he's like, call me. i call that number and somebodyy would answer, it would be like, kenny's restaurant. is mr. brando there? holdon. and they go away for three minutes and he comes back on the phone. >> jimmy: he was hanging around in a restaurant? >> i think that was the way he had his housekeeper answer the phone. >> jimmy: i see. kurt, you and jennifer are handcuffed together for -- well, it's a long three-hour movie and you guys are handcuffed together. in a lot of places you'd be legally mamarried. did that bring you closer together or drive you apart? >> we were handcuffed toach other for five months. >> jimmy: five mons? >> yeah. shooting the movie. i came home and goldie said, how's the stockholm syndrome coming along? funny you should say that. we don't talk very much. jennifer and i realized we
11:16 pm
we talked to everybody else. then we said, yeah, kind of -- >> kick it in. >> kick it in a little bit. what are you thinking? at that point we just started talking about daisy and john and the sort of life that t they were having tether and we started finding things that he had written many, man months rlier for us to kind of get this thing going. >> jimmy: jennifer, you sing and play guitar in the movie. did you know -- was that something you knew that you were going to be required to do? >> it wasn't in the script. >> no. >> jimmy: was that intentional? in rehearsal. >> jimmy: i see, okay. >> yeah, so he just -- there's nothing digital withh quentin, nothing. i went to where he was staying in telluride and he said, i need you to do a hair and makeup test. i want you to listen to this. he took out a record, put on it the turntable what do you think? i said, it's beautiful. he said, i'd love you to sing
11:17 pm
and play guitar. do you play guitar? and i said, nono. and he said, well, i think you can. i know y as an actress, i know when you commit to something you willearn and it we'll get you a teacher. >> she worked hard at it. i'd go by every day where she had her dressing room to where i was. and every single time i walked by. >> i feel sorry for you. we'd be there like 2:00 in the morning and i'd walk by jennifer's bungalow, still going on. wow, homegirl still hehere? >> jimmy: we're going to take a brk. don't worry,e're going to talk to you guys also. we'll get everybody. "the hateful eight" right after this, be right back! our research shows that people really like how with directv you could put tvs anywhere and not see cable wires and boxes in every room. why can't we get people to just say cables, schmables?
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no offensive, cowboy fella, just getting your attention. >> yeah, well.
11:23 pm
>> what's you writing, friend? >> only thing i'm qualified to write. what's that? >> my hiflife story. >> you're writingour life story? >> you bet i a >> am i in it? >> you just entered. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: quentin tantino and "the hateful eight." >> you made michael very happy. >> believe it, baby. >> jimmy: tim, you -- really one of your firstobs in america was working with quentin in "reservoir dogs." how did you guys find each other? [ cheers and applause ] well, tim as far as i was concerned was an arthouse film superstar. he had done the robert altman movie "vince and theo" where he played vincent van gogh. i thought that was fantastic. when i hrd he wanted to get
11:24 pm
wow, great, let's get together. the interesting thing was all the actors that came in reading for "reservoir dogs," they wanted to be mr. blond, they wanted to be mr. paint, they wanted to be those guys. i got used to that. i figured that was where he was coming from. then h goes, i kind of like orange. that was a different thing. >> it was a different thing. i liked the idea of being an english actor, pretending to be american,, pretenng to bee a robber, who was actually a cop. i thought it was a very complicated scenario. and i kind of enjoyed that. >> jimmy: you're almost a real cowboy now. >> yeah, yeah, i'm -- i am, you know? i actually -- a friend of mine, when i got to do this movie, he said, oh my god, you're in a quentin tarantino western. i said, yeah. he said, so how cool is your horse? you got a cool horse, right? i said, well, i don't have a horse.
11:25 pm
tell m meou got a cool hat. well, i have a cool hat but i don't get to wear it that often. what about your gun, do you have a really cool fun? and i said, no. he said, what kind of [ bleep ] western are you in? and d i said,,'m in a quentin tarantino western. >> jimmy: bruce, you worked with a lot of great directors. where does quentin, sitting right here where does heank amongst t those pple with whomoff worked? >> i've always thought tha to date i've worked for six stretching geniuses. and without puttitinghem in order, let start with him, otherwise i'll get my horse whipped. but let's put him first. mr. kazan. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: who else is on the list? >> mr. kazan, mr. hitchcock, douglas trumbo, francis coppola,
11:26 pm
ejaculated. yeah, to hear your name alongside hitchcock. >> that's pretty good, that's pretty cool. i'll take that. >> jimmy: well, the movie is very, very entertaining. another classic. one more thing from you. and of course i could talk to each one of you individually for three hours about this stuff. you said you're only going to make ten movies in your career, this is number eight. are you really only going to make two more movies after this one? >> well -- that's the idea. that's the idea. one of the things about it, though, where i'm coming from -- i actually think lot of directors -- i don't think it's that much of a tragedy. it probably took me eight years to do that so we'll see how everyone feels in eight years. a lot of directors talk about, i want to do this thing, that thing, i have te to do this that. i think they have far ls time than they think they do. so i'm not gng to think that i have four movies or six movies
11:27 pm
around to doing. if i only think i have two movies? well, that keeps it at the tip of the spear if you know what i mean. that means those ones better be good. and i better mean everything about them. and i aually like that kind of focus. >> jimmy: you better have all of these people, your stable. >> these are the tarantino superstars! >> jimmy: "the hateful eight" opens on christmamas d and everywhere january 8thth. thank you, be right back with rick ross and chris brown! >> dicky: the "j"jimmy kiml
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presented by samsung. >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by samsung. >> jimmy: thanes to quentin tarantino and cast of "the hateful eight." apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time for him. "nightline" is next, but first, his album is called "black market." here with the songs "sorryand "back to sleep," with a little help from chris brown,
11:29 pm
hands up come on she's just perfect in every kinda way but i don't think i can hand her pain so messed up and i'm too busy just running my game umm girl after girl mistake after mistake i tried to change but they always around pulling me down in bed gave you my word but they were just broken promises i fl like -- i know i a't --
11:30 pm
won't turn back the clock baby i took advantage 'cse i knew you wouldn't believe it so i used you i'm sorry eh oh oh but sorry don't make it right i know we at the crib she t her legs wrapped around waist conversatin' that's on my face like a thug i just wanna -- that's like everyday temporary separations confessing my mistakes she packed her bags and left me home and i'm still hurt get new -- but she can't me that it's real first a lot of lies apologize the thirst real when she hear this thinking to herself damn this verse real rehab out in vegas that bathing suit murdered the set sent the bottles to her table then made love on a jet temporary thrills all these women you think i toss my feeling genuine disregard what you
11:31 pm
i been a boss before i recorded meek's song mil in cash h on the gm they trending meech home in the d my g he throwing that peace stone every picture that you post leave comments on each one i tried to change but ththey alwayaround pulling me down in bed gave you my word but they were just brokenromises broken condoms lipstick marks and unprotected sex i feel like -- i know i ain't -- sorry i know it's late i know it's latete and baby i can't focus focus i just flew in until the day i'm hoping that you notice did you notice
11:32 pm
oh wondering if the same old understanding stands i know you got work pretty early i'll be around 'bout three-thirty usually you done by one so baby when i wake you up just let me ride sex you back to sleep girl don't say a word no don't you talk bay just hold on tight to me girl sex you back to sleep girl
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