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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 8, 2015 7:00am-9:00am CST

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get some colore good morning, america. donald trump's stunning call to ban muslims from entering america. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> his gop rivals call him unhingednd offensiv the white house says the security. donald trump standing by to respond live here this morning. the fbi reveals the terrorist couple were radicalized for more than a year before their deadly attack. the focus now on their friend who bought those high-powed guns and exclusive new details out what happened inside that conference room. we hear firsthand from the suivor saved about i a hero co-worker.
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>> he just put his arm around me and he said, i got you. >> only on "gma" this morning. also this morning, caught on camera. a train smashes into a car at a railroad crossing. how it gottuck and how the driver got out just i in the nick of time. >> would you welcome the eagles of death metal. >> and standing tall. the eagles of death metal soaring on stage in paris last night joining u2 and rocking the city in an emotional and powerful return. people have power people have the power and good morning, america. those comments by donald trump causing such an uproar overnight calling for a complete and total shutdown of muslims entering america shaking up the campaign well. we've been tracking all the reaction all through the ght. >> the gop front-runner joins us live in just a moment t to respond
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this morning. you's be talking to donald trump in a moment. first abc's tom llamas starts us off with the details on what donald trump said and what is being dade about him. good morning. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. trump's plan comes at an interesting point in the campaign. two polls out of iowa show a very different race, one with trump on top. the other with senator cruz in first place. but now with this plan, the headlines only have one name, trump. for those that couldn't believe it or didn't understand, overnight donald trump said it loud and clear. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: trump arguing because of national sesecurity, muslims are no longer welcome in america. >> we have no idea who's coming into your country. we have no idea if they love us or if they hate us. we have no idea if they want to bomb us. >> reporter: and trump promising if elected some muslims in the u.s. will feel the pressure.
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>> yes, we have to look at mosques. we have no choice. we have to see what's happening because something is happening in there, man, there's anger, there's anger. >> reporter: the council onn american-islamic relations calling trump unamerican. >> donald trump sounds more like a leader of a lynch mob tha a great nation like ours. >> reporr: trump's muslim ban also has him finding more enemy enemies than friends within his own party. former vice president dick cheney slamming trump. >> i think this whole notion that somehow we can just say no more muslims, just ban a whole religion, goes against everything we tanan for and believe in. >> reporter: no support for trump from hisis gop rivals. >> he is preying on the fears of the american people. is called rabble-rousing. cruz and jeb bush condemning the plan, rubio calling his statements offensive and outlandish.
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it ridiculous. >> this is the kind of thing people say when they have no experience and don't know what they're talking about. >>eporter: and on the other side hillary clinton also weighing in putting out this tweet last night, this is reprehensible, prejudiced and divisive. donald trump, you don't get it. this makes us less safe. but we should also note david brody who covers politics for the christian broadcasting network predicting trump's pl numbers will go up because of this plan >> we will see and let's talk to mr. trump himself. he joins us on the phone. you've heard that chorus of condemnation not only from hillary clinton but a lot of republicans as well including the chair of the new hampshire republican party, she says it's unrepublican, unconstitutional, unamerican. do you have any second thoughts at all you may have gone too far. >> first of all she's a bush person and she's wants to see bush and bush willrash like no one h ever seen before.
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we've had calls in, thousands and thousands of people. you saw last night we were on a ship. there were thousands of people there. there were thousands of people outside that couldn't get in and, franankly, it was a standing ovation that wouldn't stop. the people and you did polls. people -- interviewed the people th heard my speech last night and they just want to see something happen. >> so no second thoughts -- >> we had the preworld trade center -- a lot forget they tried tolow it up twice. we had so many oth incidents and now the last incident in california, now it turnsns out that $28,000 was deposited this punk's safety account probably given by some people that we are ghting, something has to be done. if you look at what i'm saying -- >> let me stotop you right there. let me stop you. tell us how it's going to work if you indeed are going to get 24 done. unlikelyt could pass congress
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even if it did likely to be found unconstitutional so how will you do this. >> i'm calling very simply for a shutdown of muslims entering the united states and here's a key until our country's representatatives c figure out what is going on. they don't know. >> how would you stop them from entering the united states? >> the other night with a speech that nobody still knows, i tweeted out, is that all there is? he didn't say anything. we have people in this country that want to blow up our country. you know it and so do i. ththe pol have come out and various polls i quoted were 2525% of those polls agreed t that the violence against americans here in the united states is justified. and they're looking at the jihad and they want a global jihad. now, george, we can take it sitting back, you will have many more world trade center, it'll only get worse. you look a paris, you know, i'm not t talng about the horrible carnage that took place, paris
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is no longer the same city. they he areas in p paris whe the police refuse to go to. you go there because it's so dangerous -- >> i understand what you're saying, sir. >> we don't want that for our country, george. >> we have to figure it out. >> tell me how this is going to work. if an american citizen travels overseasas, they're muslim, they cannot come back. >> no, they can come back we're talking about all -- this is not only -- if aerson is a muslim, goes overseas and comes back they can come back. they're a citizen. that's different but we ha to figure things out. we -- look at this case of the bombing and the kiing, the carnage where he had bombs all over his apartment andnd people knew it and they didn't want to call the police. they knew there was a problem because they didn't want to racially profile hi now, i actually don't believe that. i think these people knew what was going on. i think they are using that as an excuse. they didn't want to racially -- did you ever hear of anything so stupid?
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they didn't want to call the police -- >> you keep telling -- profile. look, george, we have problems in this country. we have people that want tolow up ourur buildings, our cities and we have to figure out what's going on. not good. >> you're still not telling -- >> i will tell you this proposal has been met by intelligent people with great popularity. now, george, let me just finish off by saying, it is a period of time, it's until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> well, the question is how would they figure out what wa goingn and how would you know that people are muslims that are coming into the country and it's not on any passport in the world and you have a lotf support, cover of "the philadelphia daily news." new furor over donald trump showing you raising your hand in
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and from t council, are we talking internment camps, the final solution to the muslim question? i feel like i'm back in the the '30s. you're increasingly being compared to hitler. does that give you pause? >> no, because what i'm doing iss no different than fdr. his solution f german, italian, japanese, you ow, many years -- >> you're for internment camps. >> this is a president highly respected by all, he d thehe same thing, if you look at what he was doing, it was far worse, i mean, he was talking about the germans because we're at war. we are now at war. we have a president that doesn't want to say that, but we are now at war. >> i've got to press you on that, sir. you're praising fdr there. i take it you're praising the setting up of internmnment camps for japanese in world war ii. >> no, i'm not. take a look at presidential
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having to do with alien german, ien italian, alien japanese and what they did. you know, they stripped them of their naturalization proceedings. they went through a whole list of things, they couldn't go five miles from their homes. they weren't allowed t use radios, flashlights. i mean, you know, take a look at what fdr did many years ago and he's one of the most highly respected presidents by -- i mean respected by most people. named highways after him. >> you want to bring back positives like that? >> no, i don't want to bring it back, george, at all. i don't like doing it at all. it's a temporary measure until our representatives, many of whom are grossly incompetent, until our representatives can figure out what'soing on. we just had a case where people, many people were killed. we're going to have many more cases like that. we had somebody in this country that shouldn'te here -- she came in. he came in. they were radicalized. they were look at doing
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something miraculously yesterday they found $28,000 just put into his account. just put into his account. he was paid a lot of money just put -- where did tt money come from, george? i'll bet you will be surised to find out where. there are many, many other peoplele like h in this country righ now. >> more than 25% of the world are muslims. aren't you concerned at all you'll make the united states a pariah nation and play right into isis' hands. >> george, if you look at paris, france, if y look at london, if you look at some of these cities where they had open arms, you can't even -- paris is a good example. not only the carnage, take a look at paris, the realaris is a different paris than the city of lights that you read about. they have areas in paris where it is so radicalized and so vicious, i told you, that the police refuse to go there. they will not go there. that's what's going to happen with our country. >> so one more time, n no second thoughts, any muslimoming to
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the united states is banned for now until the united states can figure out how this is going -- how long do you expect this to -- >> i hope it will go quickly. i hope we can figure it out but we have to look at people. we have to use vigilance in our couny or we'll have many more world trade centers and our country will never be the same. we will have many more world trade centers as sure a as you a sitting there our country will never be the same and you just said it, until ourcountry's representatives can figure out what is going on, we have no choice but to do this, george. >> donald trump,p, tnk you for ur time this morning. >> thank you very much >> george, we'll bring in abc's martha raddatz on this, martha, you just heard what donald trump was saying, standing firmly hind what he said about not allowing any muslims t enterr the u.s. how do you feel this will impact the election. >> donald trump has said so many things that people believe are outrageous and think the remarks will do him in and yet his poll numbers have risen but i don't think he's been as strongly
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criticized by nearly all candidates as he has been on these comments but look at last nigh he was cheered by his supporters. he is touching a chord with them and playing into their fears. >> george touched on this with donald trump. you are our chief global affairs correspondent. you travel the world. this is going to have an impact globally, will it not? >> reporter: it is, worldwide reaction from leading muslim organizations around the wld this morning is, frankly, shog and outrage. words like disgraceful, racist are being hurled back at trump. there are also questions about how in the world he could make this happen, as george said, if he were president. would he keep muslims s sports teams out of the country? how about malala yousafzai shot in the face by the taliban who's been fighting for girls' education, or had you about king abdullah from jordan who is fighting isisis, experts will tell
7:14 am
you this plays right into what isis wants, the more muslims feel alienated the more isis feels they can recruit them. the more that america appears to be targeting muslims not just radical muslims, you can be sure isis would put that in their social media campaign, robin. >> all right, maha, we certainly haven't heard the last from this. >> yeah, you have got to believe this is aefining moment in the campaign, r revererberaonsor months but as you say not backing down at all. we turn to the investigation to the husband and wife terrorist, the fbi is grilling the friend and neighbor who bought their high-powered peps and tracking that suspicious activity in the killer's bank account that trump mentioned. >> federal authorities tell abc news they are pursuing leads that could result i charges being brought against other possible accomplices in the attack and examining an unusually large deposit made into farook's bank account in the weeks before the attacks. the fbi says it has surveillance tape of the two killers taking
7:15 am
around the los angeles area. >> that target practice in one occasion was done within days of this event. >> reporter: an instructor at this rank said the fbi seized surveillance tape of syed farook shooting his assault rifle on his own. >> he was here by himself. he came to shohootis . >> reporter: but farook's wife was also well practiced. authorities say the way she fired her weapon at police from the back of this suv showed great proficiency in handling her assault rifle. the fbi says there is no doubt farookok and tashfeen malik had made their plans to attack well in advance. >> we have learned and believe that both subjects were radicalized and have been for quite some time. >> reporter: officials say the most important lead now involves the man they say provided the couple with these two assault rifles. enrique marquez, a former security guard and convert to islam was questioned for much of the day monday by the fbi about the guns and about whether he knew in advance about the
7:16 am
planned attacks. >> our major concern is determining how those firearms, the rifles in particular,, got from marquez to farook and malik. firearms at present are a at the fbi laborator where the fbi i performing forensic examination on them. >> reporter: authorities tell abc news marquez was questioned r much of the day monday and has provided information not previously known to the fbi about farookknd his intentions. marquez's wife is also under scrutiny. a russian emay whose sister married into the farook familyly. bothives appear to have come herender that controversial fiancee visa program. >> what about that deposit. >> the working theory that it may have been used to fund the attack. >> let's go to amy with the morning's other top stories starting with more trouble for the police this chicago. >> another disturbing video from chicago police has been now made public. this one showing officers using a stun gun on a man inside a cell and then dragging him down
7:17 am
he later died from a drug reaction. investigators ruling the officer officers were justified in their actions but the mayor insists the case is not closed. meanwhile, there will be no charges filed in the fatal chicago police shooting of ronald johnson. investigators say he was armed and posed a threat. authorities near san francisco have arrested five suspects accused of pointin blinding green lasers at politician helicopters, one of three incidents was caught on camera here. these men face up to three years in prison. dramatic m moments in orlando when two m turned their car onto the train tracks and then got stuck just as a freight train was approaching. they got out. look at that, with just a few second to spare. police say they believe the car was stolen. and an emotional reunion on stage inaris as bono introduced the eles of death metal. >> is everybody here having a good time? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: iwas their first performance since last month's
7:18 am
attack on the bataclan theatre where they were playing. lead singer jesse hughes led both bands in the song "people have the power" by patti smith and the band is reviewing their tour soon and say they will continue to keep rocking and rolling and it was such a beautiful, power fulful moment when they shared that stage. >> thanks for sharing it, amy. downpours in the northwest there. we see people, whoo, in the thick of it. >> dozs of water rescues. roads closed. portland, oregon, wettest record or wet evidence day on record. so more than three, even five inches of rain in some places. roads were filling up with the water and it'll keep happening. just a series of storms plenty of tropical moisture, that atmospheric river fueling all the storms through the week. let's get your tuesday trivia
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prim >> coming up we have an abc news exclusive, a survivor of that san bernardino attack revealing what happed inside that
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conference room. her emotional story about the man who sacrificed his life to keep her safe. usc's former head football coach suing them after he was fired for drinking. he's saying his disability caused him to be fired.uld there be another way? la vie est belle. la vie est belle, the eau de parfum, lanc me. now at macy's,
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7:24 am
be a bomb. the discovery forced an evacuation of nearby homes in the area, and the state fire marshal's office was called in to assist. the device was rendered safe and authorities took david and jennifer kelso into custody. charges are pending. sabrina: a high school student who collapsed during basketball practice last week has died... sixteen year old drew jacobson was a player at woodward- granger high school. his family asked for thoughts and prayers from the community, but got an outpouring of support, including assistance in paying off medical and funeral expenses. people who knew the teen said he gave 110 percent of his effort to everything in life. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/
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we welcome you back to "gma." donald trump standing firmly behind his plan to ban all muslims from entering the united states. the republican presidential front-t-runner t backing down this morning, igniting a firestorm refusing to tell you, george, how he would enact the plan. republicans, democrats, people all around the world denouncing that plan this morning. >> doubling down but the backlash has probably jusust begun. right now learning more about the terrorist couple radicalized more than a year before that is deadly attack the fbi says. they're tracking unusually large deposit made int the husband's bank account the week before the attack and lebron james signing a lifetime deal with nike. his partnership with them started before he graduated from high sool. neither side saying how much the deal is worth.
7:26 am
you can bet it's a lot. >> it's about money. >> lifetime achievement award. >> we also have a warning for you this morning about those porch thieves who could be targing your christmas packages. t.j. is standing by. he's got new weapons to fight them coming up. >> don't they realize cameras aree everywhere? we'll begin, lara, this half hour in san bernardino. hundre of people attending two calelight vigils last night to remember the 14 people killed in that vicious attack. and for the first time we are hearing chilling firsthand stories from inside that conference room. abc's cecilia vega spoke with some of the survivors. she joins us this morning. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hi, robin, good morning to you. you know, two things strike me about the people that i've been talking to out here. their resiliency determined to find some kind of good in what happened here but their complete betrayal to be attacked by one of their own.
7:27 am
nise peraza alive this morning protected by her friend who uttered these three words -- >> he just put his arm around me and he said, i got you. >> reporter: the 27-year-old environmental health specialist huddling under a table in the conference room with her friend shannon johnson, he did not survive. >> he saved you. >> he did. i don't think he realized it at the time. he even thought a second about it -- he just did it instinctively. they say he didn't just save me, he saved our whole family. >> reporter: in an abc news exclusive peraza recounting the terrifying moments after the shooters entered the room. >> obviously i was very scared. you oy see thesehings in movies. gunpowder smell, i'll never forget it, never. i'm so glad i was sittingith him. >> sheas shot once in the side struggling to say silent during the attack denise hoped the
7:28 am
shooters would think she was dead and move on. >> i remember it being quiet and me just trying to control myy breathing so if they were still in there, they wod think i was dead. >> reporter: she managed to call her husband after the shooters left the room. >> it was devastating. very devastating just like almost lost her in that moment. >> reporter: just one year earlier the staff held an active shooter training in that very room, trudy raymundo and porter shout the 14509shshooting w a drill, it was not. the shooting started before th'd even come inside that room. >> i think i heard at least five or six rounds. >> it was pop,po, pop. >> maybe more. >> reporter: they say syed farook was dressed in all black wearing a ski mask and opened fire. his wife tashfeen malik right there too. >> the shooter stepped into the room and began firing immediatel >> reporter: at least 70 people were in that room on a break from the day long training event. the scene before the shooting a
7:29 am
there s a christmas tree, the shters entering from this door. >> didn't look like he was poting at anybody specific. he was just firing. >> reporter: they say the shooters fired in silence. what went through your mind when you heard that nameme. >> just devastation it could be possibly one of our own. >> it's a complete sense of betrayal. >> reporter: for peraza just thinking about her friend and those three words, i got you, gets her through the pain. >> i i'm sure that there's a lot of other people in the o office like you said who are helping other peopople. and i want to make sure that everyone knows how amazing all of them were, every single one of them. >> reporter: tough to hear. no one who survived out here wants to talk about the word terrorism. they don't even want to say the shooter's name, the name t that denise praz have wants to talk ababout, shannon johnson. she says when she starts her family one day soo robin and george, she already has the name of her first child picked out. >> no doubt.
7:30 am
no doubt, cecilia, thank you. >> every time you hear that it take your breath away. >> it does. we will move on to a former uscc football coach steve kerr season was fired for drinking on the job in october. he is now suing the school and claims he was discriminated against becsef a alcohol problem. >> this is the moment head coach steve sarkisian's struggle became public. >> letet's go. >> reporter: the coach of multiple heisman trophyy winners fired two months after this surfaced now the former coach is firing back. filing in at least $12.6 million wrongful termination lawsuit against the university. saying he suffered fromm alcoholism calling it a disability but claiming usc kicked him to the curb when he sought treatment. sarkisian was terminated for allegedly drinking on the job. his assistant coaches alleging
7:31 am
he was under the influence during this september game. and some saying he appeared intoxicated at an octobeber team practice. initially placed on indefinite leave in october sarkisianired less than 24 hours later without pay. >> it was very clear to me that he is not healthy. >> reporter: sarkisian denies he was ever drunk at work including that booster event where he says he consumed two beers along witith prescription medication for anxiety beforehand. and according to the 33-page lawsuit the coach had beeeen appling with stress from the long hours of coaching and an impending divorce. >> if steve sarkisian can prove that his alcoholism was a serious condition and usc knew about that and failed to accommodate his request for rehabilitation then he has a good chance of winning this lawsuit. >> reporter: the school releasing a statement writing, we are profoundlyy disappoted in how mr. sarkisian has
7:32 am
mischaracterized the facts and we intend toefend these claims vigorously. the embattled coach nowuw saying he's sober and ready to return to coaching. ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> thanks to ryan for that. let's talk to dan abrams. he joins us om l.a. usc says they warned him many times about this alcohol problem. does he have a case. >> this won't be easy. alalcoholisms considered a disairport under the law and an employer is required to provide reasonable accommodation. that doesn't mean they have to accommodate him if he is showing up to work drunk or under the influence and that's going to be the factual and legal question here. i think the only way he wins this case is if he can demonstrate the reason he was fired is because he wanted to get help. he says i wanted to go into an impatient program and it's at that point they fired me but as you point out with those warnings those aren't just
7:33 am
that the university says they havef his drinking on the job. >> okay, dan abrams, thanks very much. we will be watching. coming up as the holidays approach you better watatch out for thieves who could steal your packages right off your front porcrigh there, t.j. >> they sure can but, robin, you want all of your holiday packages to be like these having no chance of being stolen because they'll never see a porch. yes, santa has new helpers thiss year and they might be right around the corner. "gma on the lookout" coming up. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company y says thell onlnly pay three quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three quarters of a car? now if you hadad libertyutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. th liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new ligight.
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back now with "gma" on the lookout and a holiday season alert for you. this is prime time for thiefs to swipe packages right off your doorstep. there's video of it happening. well, now one police department is setting traps to catch these thieves in the act and our t.j. holmes joins us now from a pharmacy for se reason. t.j., please explain why you're at a pharmacy.
7:38 am
lara. no, that's not why i'm here. i'm at a pharmacy because i want to reveal a secret about this pharcy and maybe a pharmacy near you. come on, of course, pharmacy, o course, you see prescriptions, prescriptions up front. but look back here, packages in the back. this is one of thousan of access that u.p.s. has that you can have your packages ship here. they never have to hit the fnt door. they hav pharmacies that will accept your packages for you. these are some of santa's helpers this year. don't get me wrong police are trying to cut down on the thieves, as wellnd police have a few tricks up their thieves. we're with the canran co-chore police. >> they follow aund delivery trucksnd wait for them to leave and steal the precious packages. >> reporter: this crimeme suppressn unit with a high-tech solution.
7:39 am
this contains a tiny gps unit. >> the tracking guise would not be identifiable to the thief. >> reporte officers dressing as delivery men working with local retailers and residents aware that these packages are made to be tracked and if a thief picks it up. >> we pull up the device on our computer screen, as soon as it moves we can determine what direction it's going. >> repeporter: 10% of americans say they've been a victim of package theft. take a look. this brazen couple backed into a delaware driveway and is accused of snatching two packages totaling more than $4,000 before making a getaway and in grover beach, california, thiss m can be seen driving by a house putting the car in revse before a passenger get out and takes two packages right from the front doorstep. >> can you hear me. >> reporter: ourhiladelphia station wpbi leaves a package on a doorstep. they say within hours someone took it. >> we've had a lot of package theft problems. i've had three different incidents. >> reporter: brian hunt from
7:40 am
man on his home surveillance cameras taking two of his packages. hunt posted the video to a neighborhood social media site. next door and he says within hours the man was arrested. the case is still pending. to keep your packages safe what can you do to make sure you don't become the next victim of one of these porch pirates. experts say people should schedule the package to be delivered when you know you'll be home. if you can't be there, have the package delivered to an alternate location like a neighbor's house and require a signature for delivery. yes, those are some o your options, again, u.p.s. has 8,000 of these access points, just the second year they've done this and, again, as they make it very convenient in that it's your dry cleaner's. your grocer your h hardware store, your pharmacy, places that are very convenient. also you can sign up to where they'll just do it automatically. if you're not home they'll just automatically send it to that access point. >> never knew. never knew that.
7:41 am
>> put that package down. thank you so much, t.j. coming up on "gma" take a look at these christmas photos, one of them is fake and it's trending big time so which one is it? coming up next in our "speed feed." don'go anywhere. the whipped cream sea be extra whippy! [ laughing ] together: ahhhhhhhhhhh! yarrrr, it be the twizzler. run! crew member:what does he want? happy holidays! free shipping all season long at
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good morning i'm sabrina ahmed... it's 7:56 ... sabrina: hundreds of iowans crowded inside the state capitol monday to try and find answers to the questions they have about the state's new medicaid program. a growing concern has been the january first deadline, just 24 days away. the federal government still has to give it's approval before any of this can happen. sabrina: new this morning, the iowa d-c-i joins a suspicious death investigation in union county. sabrina the investigation began with the discovery of a decomposed body near the county line with madison county. authorities say a hunter found the body of 37- year-old loretta dillinger in a farm pond off of redwood avenue last week. an autopsy has since been conducted by the state medical examiner. due to the ongoing investigation, the cause and manner of death have not been released at this time. local five will continue to follow this story and bring you any new details as they are made available. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam...
7:50 am
sam/ weather adlib: " nexstar copyright"
7:51 am
good morning, america. it's's 8:00 a. scary home invasion. new 911 tapes just released. a judge pleads for help. >> call the united states marshal. i'm a federal judge. call the marshals. >> undnder attacand running barefoot through the woods to escape. how she saved her husband in the nick of time. vanished. about the brother of reality star kristin cavallari arrested just days before he was reported missing. kristin's emotional words about the search to find him. >> andnd are youeady for a shopping revolution? our exusive look inside the brand-new future of going to the store. it'll save you time, money and make shopping fun. all that and we've got the newest, baddest boy in the
7:52 am
galaxy. adam driver straight out of "star wars." what he says about measuring up to darth vader and hanging out with chewbacca. plus, the bad boy of baking is here helping us go head-to-head in a christmas cupcake showdown. johnny iuzzini live as we say -- >> good morning, america. and good morning, johnny iuzzini, right there all here for our christmas decorating showdown. some great-looking cupcakes right there. and we're going to go head-to-head in just a little bit. >> cupcakes. >> i was going to say, i know there ll be a lot of this and a lot of this. >> i love when we put our crowd on a sugar high. >> like they need it. also this morning, a major breast cancer story that isn't going to stir up a lot of
7:53 am
people agree on and dr. jen ashton for one says this is long explain it all. >> that's quite a teasase ther it. >> yeah. also a big headline about barbie this morning. a huge online sensation, a n new doll, there it is, selling out in minutes on monday. we're going to talk live with the woman who inspid it and inspires so many. >> that is coming up. but now amy ran over to the desk so she's ready for the morning rundown. >> i don't need any sugar, guys. story this morning, the raging political firestorm set off by donald trump, the republican cricized for proposing what he describes as a complete shutdown of muslims entering the u.s. trump expressed no second thoughts about his plan. he did not explain how he would implement it but he did say his plan would be temporary and he says it's enjoying widespread support. >> this proposal has been met by
7:54 am
intelligent peop with great popularity. now, george, let me just finish off by saying, it is a period of time, it's until our country's representatives can figure out >> critics in trump's own party have called him unhinged. a muslim advocacy group compared him to the leader of a lynch mob. so far no comment from the republican national committee. new details about the plplanning bore the san bernardino shooting rampage. a $28,000 deposit was reportedly made to syed farook's bank account two weeks before the attack. investators are trying to figure out if that money was a loan to finance the attack. we also know that farook and his wife were bothadicalized and took target practice at local shooting ranges. agents have questioned enrique marquez, farook's longtime
7:55 am
frie who bought the rifles used in the massacre. a troubling new report finds the number of foreign fighters in syria and iraq has more than doubled in the last 18 months. many coming from russia and western europe. meanwhile, the u.s. government is rethinking the way it warns us of potential terror attacks. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas spoke exclusively with the homeland secretary and has the latest, good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, amy. with this new threat secretary johnson says he's planning changes to the country's's threat wawarning syem. here's what he told us in our abc news exclusive. >> the national threat advisory system, which we went to a couple of years ago, we hahave never used ntas because ntas is based upon as a trigger, a specific credible threat. you're not always going to have a whole lot of specific intelligence warning us. >> reporter: he said he wants a new system where on a more routine basis he shares with the public what threat information he's seeing, for example, what attac on the homeland isis meeting calling for on soal media and said the new system will tell the public what
7:56 am
law enforcement is doing about it and how they want the public to help. amy. >> all right, pierre, thank you so much. turning now to a violent home invasion nenear cinciati, a judge and her husband attacked in their mansion. the judge escaping running into the woods for help and abc's reena ninan has those details. >> indian hill, 911. >> yeah, 911, this is judge dlott. we have a home invion. >> reporter: they are the terrifying pleas of judge susan dlott and her husband attacked in their $8 million home friday night. >> call the united states marshals. i'm a federal judge. call the marshals. >> reporter: the suspects allegedly following the couple home, entering their bedroom and placing guns to their head and the burglary turned violent home invasion. the couple pleading with their attackers. dlott's husband former attorney stan chesley was reportedly thrown dowown the strs. his injuries too severe for him to get far from the housuse. t dlott was able to escape running barefoot through the woods to a neighbor's home calling for help. >> they're in your house right now?
7:57 am
>> yes! >> okay, okay. >> my husband and the dogs are still there. there are three black men with guns and masks in our house. >> reporter: i have an officer on the way out to meet you. wait there for the officer, okay? >> yes, i'm in somebody's house. i'm bleeding. >> reporter: the suspects eventually captured during a traffic stop charged with aggravated robbery and abduction and could face federal charges. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to reena for that. and finally scientific evidence that may help explain why men ally do have a better sense of direction than women. researchers have found that men use a separate part of their brain to navigate and testosterone could be a major factor. listen to this. this is pretty remarkable. when women were given e drop of testosterone under their tongue, their navigation skills improved. >> no one is going to buy th. >> but they say
7:58 am
because of evolution and men were the hunters and so they needed to know where they were gog to bring the food back. now, other research has shown, by the way, that women are much better at finding objects so, you know, kids are like, mom, where is my -- they're not saying, dad, where is my. >> i can hear my wife laughing right now at this. >> i love this row of women visitors here. they're all like crossed, hmm. >> we know how to ask for directions so we still get there. >> i always use waze. let's go to lara. >> yeah, look, i'm not buying it ther at all. but we move on. here's what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." reality star kristin cavallari is speaking out this morning. new details about what happened to her brother just dadays befor he went missing. then a big health headline. the new guidelines this morning for millions of breast cancer survivors. dr. jen ashton is with us live. and a new shopping revolution. the neway target, sephora and more are overhauling how you shop. all that and more coming up from times square.
7:59 am
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from the big gifts that mean a lot, to the little ones that mean everything. get the perfect gift for everyone and share wonder on christmas day. walmart. oh, yeah, things are getting sweet here in times square. we h have john iuzzini from "the great liday baking show." we're going head-to-head in a cupcake challenge. i know who is going to eat a lot. >> that's you and me. >> and you. stay with us. came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time.
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this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holididay salesvent... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 201015 focus d 2016 fusn and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plplus 1,000ollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer. welcome back to "gma." we have new details on that mysterious disappearance of kristin cavallari's brother. it turns out that michael cavallari was arrested just four days before he vanished and jesse palmer has that story. >> that's right.
8:04 am
it wasn't the first time he was in trouble with the law and now his sister finally breaking her silence. for the first time since her older brother's mysterious sappearance, reality tv star kristin cavallari is speaking out taking to instagram with this childhood picture of the siblings on the beach and the caption, i appreciate all the concern, thoughts and prayers. we remain hopeful. the star's 30-year-old brother, michael cavallari, missing for nearly two weeks. and this morning, startling new revelations s about hihistory of run-ins with the law. his latest arrest just four days before he vanished. >> growing up michael was always a troubled kid compared to kristin who is very business iented and levelheaded and drama was always following him. >> reporter: according to this arrest record obtained by abc news, cavallari ended up behind bars for making criminal threats to a woman who alleged he was lingering outside her home with a shotgun. he was released two days later. but all this legal drama taking place while serving three years' probation for a dui in november
8:05 am
last year. >> he couldn't reaeally findis footing. he's tried to produce a few reality shows but they haven't really taken off. >> reporter: the only signs of cavallari so far, this 2014 black honda civic with california plates, ditched near a remote dirt road in utah, the engine left running, air bag deployed, his phone inside. and the electronic trail leading authorities to this convenience store about 100 miles from where his car was discovered. he was last spotted entering the store and pumping gas. kristin cavallari, her husband bears quarterback jay cutler and the rest of their family now hoping for the best. and authorities are cacalling th disappearance suspicious but there's nothing to indicate the vehicle e was justimply abandoned. very disturbing. >> so strange. >> really, really strange. >> so hopeful for them. >> thoughts go out to their family. >> to robin. now to groundbreaking new
8:06 am
cancer survivors. there are more than 3 million of us in the country and the five-year survival rate in the u.s. is w almost 90% but until w there was no comprehensive plan for what to do once treatment ststops and fe goes on. dr. jennifer ashton is here to tell us more about this. you have the biggest smile on your face all morning long. >> that's right. >> tell us why. >> finally something we can all agree on and good news. this is called the breast cancer survivorship care guidelines, it's a massive compilation of work, the country's top experts released by the american cancer society and the american society of clinical oncology so you get a lot of doctors agreeing, that's alway a good thing and it's really about focusing the transition on treating a patient with a disease in this case breast cancer to really taking care of the woman in terms of her health and wellness, i spoke with the first author dr. carolyn runowitz and herself a breast cancer survivor. she said this was a massive
8:07 am
undertaking, long overdue, but it's really one-stop shopping for doctors and then hopefully patients about how to take care of the whole woman. >> what do the guidelines address, jen? >> literally head to toe because we have to remember it is a wholperson approach here so starting at the head, body image, depression, anxiety, there is specific focus on nutrition in women who have survived breast cancer and then we're working our way down the body. heart failure because of the chemotherapeutic agents can lead to problems with the heart. bone issues, sexual health, menopausal symptoms. i mean, this is really patient centered care, a holistic approach, if you will, and it's about treating the whole woman and not just a body part. >> and how about the guidelines for screening post -- >> right. so you're asking about surveillance. >> yeah, because there's always a big debate. i hesitate because there's always a big debate about this. >> this is the 800-pound gorilla in the room and they did make recommendations on that and said for womemen who suived breast cancer they are looking for two things, local recurrence, a return of the breast cancer in
8:08 am
that affected breast or a second breast cancer and they said for most women, just annual mammography, if the woman has had a lumpectomy in that breast or she's had a mastectomy in that breast and not to rtinely order an mri unless a woman is high risk meaning a brca -- >> do you agree with that? >> i do. we have to be careful at throwing a wide net. >> give us the bottom line again -- i know you're proud of your colleagues for doing this because i have to tell you and i'm looking over at amy. we talalk about is all the time. it's kind of like, okay, you're finished, go out there and you're looking around going what do i -- >> you leave the nest and so i'm thrilled for the millions of women that this will have a positive impact on. as you said, i'm very proud of my colleagues for putting this type of work togetether and i think we have to remember that most breascancer research and
8:09 am
the studies that we always report here at abc, they focus on survival or death or mortality because that's the most important thing but we've gotten so much better at treating breast cancer that now we also need to pay attention to quality of life because if you survive breast cancer but you en die of a fractured hip or heart failure or you have a poor quality of life, we haven't succeeded, soo this is going t to brin attention to all those issue. >> that's why we want to be thrivers, not survivors, survivors seem like you're just hanging on. men, i always hear breast cancer affects them as well but they weren't in the study. >> no, and we need to pay more attention to men with breast cancer, absolutely. >> all right. and we're going to -- jen will take all your questions all morning on facebook and twitter. you can tweet her @drjashton. or post your questions on "good morning america's" facebookk page. amy. >> thank you so much for that. i know we have each other to talk but it's so great to have guidelines for women on how to live with a new normal let's move on now to the christmas season, the holiday season. we have a look at the future of shopping online. sales are soaring this holiday season.
8:10 am
rethink the entire shopping experience, and abc's rebecca jarvis is here with that story. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: hey, amy, good morning to you. and they are getting a lot more creative rolling out loads o of new technology to make your in-store experience easier, more entertaining and most importantly to help you get the very best deals. we got a sneak peek at target's newest concept. this morning, a retail revoluti, with foot traffic down and online sales up 14% this holiday, retailers are reimagining the in-store experience. target inviting us in for an exclusive first look at their latest concept. is this the future? let's go shopping. target wononder landa temporary pop-up shop in new york city opening tomorrow. instead of a shopping cart customers walk around with these, rfid enabled keys. technogy that lets you tap what you want to buy and automatically transmits it to a digital shopping cart.
8:11 am
>> i hope when you walk into a target store in the future, it's as inspiring to shop this year, and it can be as easy to shop as simply scanning your token. >> reporter: the new interactive experience also including a giant etch a sketch -- all right, time to shake it out -- interactive video gagames. boom. and a visit with santa. santnta! via satellite at the north pole all meant to keep customers in stor and shopping up a storm. >> we are testing different things all around the country. the more we can make the actual shopping experience fun again, exciting again and easy, thahat's real t the magic >> reporter: target isn't the on retailer reinventing the in-store experience. from ralph lauren and rebecca minkoff adding interactive mirrors to their stores. that's cute. to monitors inside mega makeup chain sephora stores where you can get personal skin care and fragrance recommendations at the touch of a button.
8:12 am
in-store experience. ototherwisise ople wld just shop online. target is trying to up the will come to the stores. >> reporter: 80% of shopping carts online are abandoned before eckout. shop income store means customers are much more likely to complete their purchases. >> rfid technology will definitely take off. retailers will use to this make e shopping experience e more convenient for shoppers. >> reporter: that rfid wirelessly transmit product info. here's the reason all of these are so important to retailers. we as shoppers are a lot more likely to make impulse purchases in-stores than we are online. i'm hearing a lot of retailers are looking at this because not only do we abandon the carts when we're ononline but we also don't do the impulse purchases in store. >> do we buy more regrettable purchases when we're there? >> all right. go shop. >> thank you, rebecca. let's head outside to ginger. >> i make impulse buys on both. let's go to ocean beach, california.
8:13 am
this is just west of san francisco. some big-time surf and this is just the beginning because, remember, we're talking about that storm after storm hitting the west. well, the high surf advisory is on. you could see up to 30 to 36-foot waves all the way up especially northern california up through the early parts of oregon. all right. so look at this. springlike weathther. you guys sticking around for the weekend. if you are, it's going to be nice and warm for this time of
8:14 am
year. >> all right. this is a tv production crew, it in to lara. >> all right, lara, back to you. >> well, thank you. i'm going to catch that toss and begin "pop news" with this. morning, guys. critically acclaimed film director ava duvernay, mattel created a barbie doll in her likeness that sold out in one hour yesterday. all proceeds going to witness and color of change, happy to say ava now joining us live from los angeles. good morning to you. >> good morning. good morning. >> thank you so much for popping in. we want to congratulate you. the reaction on your barbie has been overwhelming. why did you want to team up with mattel on this project? >> i was just a big barbie girl gina and tara and i growing up with my sisters and i, i grew up in compn. my mother, you know, just really encouraged us to expand our imaginations so we had a couple of dolls, none of them looked like me, though and so with the
8:15 am
opportunity to kind of create a doll that had brown skin and natural hair and w was directing her own movie, that was an incredible opportunity. >> i love the chair. >> yeah. >> love it. >> did you have a lot of input into how your barbie looked and what she's wearing and her props? >> yeah, the natural hairstyle was very important to me. i think that's something that should be celebrated. the differences in all of us, so much rhetoric about kind of collapsing who we are, it's about expansion and celebrating everyone and then the chair was my favorite thing because it took me a long time to earn that chair. >> yeah. >> and so i wanted every girl and d boy to he one. >> i love that, ava. you know, barbie was originally created by ruth handler. that was in 1959. she wanted her daughter to play with a toy that enabled h to make her own choices, so 60 years later your doll continuing this message. how doou feel about being a part of this big dream message? >> you know, i mean, everyone should be able to see themselveses and so that's really what my point is in doing this.
8:16 am
storytelling and our imagination is something that should be embraced and widened, expanded and so that's what i'm hoping this does, changes the view of who we think a director can be, changes the view of who we think a barbie should look like. >> absolutely. >> could you run for president, please with your inclusive thinking? >> no, ma'am. no, ma'am. >> and this sounds like the perfect holiday gift if you could get one. i ow you tweeted, ava, you're surprised that t your barsold out. you wrote, #whoa. #bananas. #nuts. so any more be made available? >> i don't think s it was a limited run. it was only supposed to be one doll but it was a short run. a celebration but a good thing. i'm happy about it. >> ava for president. congratulations. thanks for popping in to "pop news." >> thank you. have a good morning. >> thank you. >> oh, man. fantastic message. >> we want more. yeah, it's a really great
8:17 am
message. >> and more of the dolls. >> i know. mattel, i'm sure you will get them. also in "pop news" this morning we have some real estate news. if you've been extra nice maybe santa will give you the keys to a slibt's home. lots of stars on the move including brad and angelina. that is their new orleans mansion built in the 1830s located in the french quarter and has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and a guest house and a major reduction in price, they slashed the price by $850,000. >> so what is now? >> now it's only 5.6 million. >> welell, well. >> and then bruce willis' is also on the market. i will not be able to get to it because we had so much fun talking to ava. >> looks good. >> so there it is. it's expensive. 12.9 million.
8:18 am
we'll be back in a minute.good morning i'm sabrina ahmed... it's 8:27 ... sabrina: for college football teams, there's not much bigger than the rose bowl thanks to its history, pagentry and of course...traditio n... and hawkeye fans disappointed by saturday's big ten loss to michigan state were cheered up sunday afternoon as the hawks were invited to the granddaddy of them all. people sometimes forget, the rose bowl is the bowl all others judge themselves by and is the game that coined the term "bowl game." the hawkeyes will make their first trip to pasadena since 1991... three weeks from friday the 102nd rose bowl game kicks off between iowa and pac 12 champ stanford. things get underway at 4 pm new years day on espn. stanford is an early six and a half point favorite. look for much more here on local five leading up to that big game. sabrina: elias: well let's get a quick check of
8:19 am
the weather with meterologist sam schreier. sam/ weather adlib:
8:20 am
we welcome you back to "gma" on this tuesday morning and we felt it too. a loof excitement for tar wars: the force awakens." just ten days away now. >> nothing will top your moment with carrie fisher. >> maybe the movie itself. >> yes, but we have been counting down to "star wars." it's been so great having all the stars with us. i got to sit down with one of them, the new face of the dark side. in case you hasn't heard the force has awakened here at "good morning america." it is "sr wars" week and with us today is adam driver who plays kylo ren, the new bad guy in the galaxy. hi, how are you? >> good. how are you? >> darth vader, kylo ren, who is a bigger bad guy?
8:21 am
it's hard so say. >> yes, even you have never faced such a test. >> you know, one is very -- more realized than i think. >> a fan? >> he likes his work. >> that's nice. that'sicthat darth vader is his mentor. >> he is, yeah. >> not disturbing at all. >> no, no, no. some people, you know, make wrong decisions in life, i guess. >> right. i ununderstandou finally got to see the film. >> i did, yeah, this past week. >> given your sort of need for secrecy, i want to ask you maybe a little word association. >> okay. >> when you think about the experience of working on the set and i don't even know who you were in scenes with because we weren't allowed to see the movie but being on the same set with carrie fisher -- >> neither do i actually. i'm wearing a helmet so it's like -- like really could have been anybody. >> were you like, i'll get you when i can finind you. >> j.j. was just face this way and hold this s up everynce in a while and we'll be okay.
8:22 am
maybybe. >> oh, darn it. >> maybe it's a potato peeler. everyone's got to eat in space. >> i thought i got you. >> no. >> so being on the same set with the likes of carrie fisher, what comes to mind? >> she is very generous and very funny and puts everyone at ease immemediately, think. >> chewbacca. >> surprisingly emotional. there's like chewbacca hug breaks every time we -- and i hate hugging, like i don't like to hug anybody. but something about seeing him there, everyone -- the costume they had to repair a lot because it kept disintegrating from everyone hugging chewbacca. >> really? >> yeah, it's surpriseing lyly emotioional seei somne that huge and furry. >> warms my heart in a strange way. >> okay. good. >> han solo, the one and only harrison ford. >> very surreal. again, very generorous and i remember one time we were looking at sets, everyone was kind of all around all the time,
8:23 am
even at base camp we're on set and he said, look what we get to do, which for me was very -- you would think that someone who has accomplished so much in his life and career would be less kind of excited maybe. that's like a bad idea that i had going into it but still kind of excited by the process and to be doing it and playing that chararacter is nd of also moving for me. >> how was it juggling both "girls" and "star wars"? you couldn't get two more different projects to be shooting at the same time. >> it was good in that like e actually because i feel like i tend to overthink things so o didn't have any room to think because you're shooting one week and flying and shooting "girls" the nenext week. >> you never got consed, lightsaber on the "girls" set? iiomehow think that would work. >> show up naked on "star wars." why is everybody -- yeah, ironclad.
8:24 am
>> is it true that "girls" is over? >> one more season, yeah, and i think it's done. >> yeah. >> experience been terrific? >> yeah, if they wanted to keep doing it, i would keep doing it. i love working with that group of people, the crew and the cast. >> well, and you do an amazing job on it. love "girls." looking forward to that new season and then also adam driver in "star wars: the force awakens." congratulations. >> thanks. >> can't wait to see it. show me a frame of it. "star wars: the force awakens" flies into theaters on december 18th. we're almost there. >> oh, lara, i am with you. i can't wait to see "girls" and "star wars" but now it is time for "ask zee" alt brought to you by belfor and this one we've got a live question today. this is summer from new jersey. you have a great question for me. >> why has it been so warm laly? >>t has been. east ofhe rockies a lot of us has been. let's talk about the answer. it all has to do with the jet stream. that fast moving tunnel has cut off the cold air. especially east of the rockies
8:25 am
this is you looking at the next eight to ten-day forecast. the probabilities of how much above average it'll be, yeah, it's going to stay that way all the way through 8 to 14 days, so that was a great question, summer. i appreciate you being here but we want to see your question, go "ask zee" was brought to you byelfor. i'm holding on to you, summer. you're not going anywhere. >> thanks, ginger. >> great to have steve carell here on "gma." starring with christian bale, brad pitt and ryan gosling in "the big short." funny and furious take on the worst financial crisis of our lives and steve plays one of the
8:26 am
angriest bankers on wall street. take a look. >> you hate wall street but maybe it's time to quit. >> i love my job. >> you hate your job. >> i love job. >> you're miserable. >> i love my job. i love my job, honey. >> mark. >> cynthia, i'm okay. i really am. hey, hey, hey. my cab. that's my cab. that's my cab. that is my cab. >> steve carell joins us right now. after that scene, you know, you played a banker named steve eisman who is -- he wants to make a lot of money but is on a crusade. >> he sees himself as a hero railing against this enormous corrupt institution. >> what was it like having him >> i'll bet. him. the character's name is mark baum, but it's closely based on the second day i was shootining d they told him, you know,
8:27 am
monitor, you know, sort of let adam mckay, the directotor -- just be a fly on the wall and within minutes he was giving adam notes. he was coming on set and giving me notes but -- >> that's the kind of guy he is. >> he's a very brash guy but he helped -- he's really smart and the notes were good. >> that's the thing about this movie. it was such a creative movie. it brought back for me a lot of memories of that crisis but you guys found ways to break it down in a real accessible way. who would have thought selena gomez could talk to you about collateralized debt obligations. >> right. it's dry. you know, and you read the book which is a really entertaining book but you think, how are they going to break this stuff down so someone like me could actually understand it and does it in an entertaining way. >> it is a scary time. i think it is kind of a horror movie. at the end it leaves you with >> that's the thing. it's got a lot of different elements to it.
8:28 am
a lot of tension, as well. >> we're talking about "star wars," right? >> you got the memo. that is all we talk about on "gma." >> all right. >> bob iger, did you hear that? this is good. it's good. right there. you changed a little bit for the role. >> i did. >> ate some pizza. >> i gained like 25 pounds. >> committed to your character. >> you know what, adam mckay, ththe direct asked me to put on some weight because the character, theuy d dresses well, but doesn't necessarily look good in clothes and always a little bit shlubby and so i ate a lot of deep dish pizza and i showed up the first day and adam said, wow, you're really fat. and i said -- >> nice. >> and i took it -- it was a compliment. it was gat. i think it's the only way that that -- >> i heard you gave it right back to ryan gosling. >> ryan walked out of the trailer the first time in his look, and i said, never look like that again.
8:29 am
don't ever do that. he's such a good-looking guy and it's a bad, bad -- it's a creepy look. >> even though this is 2007/2008 it was a rl '80s banker look. >> i don't know what it is but it works for him. >> and the movie works really well. steve carell, thanks for coming back. >> thank you. >> "the big short" opens in new york and l.a. on friday and nationwide december 23rd. coming up here, we have our
8:30 am
here. it's the most -- grgreen tea? really? oop. >> and we're counting down to christmas with award-winning pastry chef johnny iuzzini, one of the judges of "the great holiday baking show." welcome. you're going to judge "gma's" decorating, but first tell us about the show. >> the show is great. you know, it's the -- in the uk it's the number one rateted show across the boaoard. it beat out world cup. that's how fanatic people are. >> that's pretty huge. >> it's amazing. people get so i into it and have parties baking around the show every single week getting people together. extraordinary. amateur bakers that are not professionally trained and the way 's different from a lot of reality shows, they're competitive kind of with themselves not with each other so no drama. all comforting for each other. >> just like right here. tell us about these. orange almond cupcakes. >>his is from my newest book "sugar rush."
8:31 am
zest. it's always about balance. people always ask like what are some of the things i could do to be successful in the kitchen. first thing, whether it's your recipe or not, read the rerecipe tar to finish. before you do anything, measure out all your ingredients, right, and take all the equipment you'll need for that exercise, take everything out so itit's all aut multitasking. everything you need, you're 90% there. >> all we got there and they got everything they need. you guys ready? amy is already -- >> i'm just -- >> amy is already -- >> you have an exercise to do before that. take this and you're going to o take out the center of each cup many cake. pop the center. in here in theellow bag is a fresh orange curd. >> very moist. >> yeah. >> they are very moist. >> then from that point this is -- youou have an italian meringue if you want. you could do that. >> i'm obsessed with this little hole puncher. >> or keep it plain and then take some of your decorations -- guys, i'll be judging on this so i hope you're taking the time
8:32 am
to -- > are thesupposed to be going? >> no, don't do the clock yet. >> okay. hold on, guys. >> the clock is running, lara. you better get moving. >> no. oh, is it running? >> oh, wait. i didn't hear three, two -- >> i didn't either and i don't even know what we're being judged on. >> what i'm looking for, guys, is i'm looking for a balance. i'm looking foit to pop and say holiday. >> you're looking for it to pop. >> i love how you went for the frosting. >> 15 seconds. >> nine, eight, seven. >> want to feel holiday. i want to feel christmas. where is the love? where is the love? come on, do it, do it. [ buzzer ] >> come on, stop, lara. >> give her a couple seconds. >> hands up. hands up. >> got that one done. >> i mean -- >> i think there's a cheater in our midst. >> whoa. >> i was going to y. >> lara. >> there may or may not be a cheater in our midst. >> this one. >> i got all mine done. >> two cheheaters inhe midst. two cheaters. >> only one. >> all right.
8:33 am
so what i'm looking for, guys, decorating skills. >> you gave me 15 seconds. >> yeah, but i didn't blindfold you. i don't know what happened over here. >> chef, what do you think? >> i think you did great. you're disqualified. coming down here, you're still going. i love the fact -- >> those are the three right there i got done. >> this is -- >> as usual -- >> i just threw everything on them. >>his is beautiful. i like it. i think you just kind of like you said threw everything on it. you put a little thought -- sometimes quality is better than quantity. the win go to ginger. >> yes! >> good job, ginger. >> oh, wow. >> look at the back of that cupcake man. >> she'll treasure that. that was great. thanks a lot. "the great holiday baking show" airs monday -- sorry, ginger. i didn'ttean to interrupt you. >> i said i was going to eat it. >> it airs mondays at 10:00, 9:00 central right here. and you can get johnny's recipes on our website, on yahoo!
8:34 am
coming up next, the kids and superstars getting in the spirit of giving for this holiday
8:35 am
oh, look there. steve carell donating a coat to our ninth annual warm coats and warm hearts drive and we are partnering again with burlington and k.i.d.s. fashion delivers offering gently worn coats to those in need. so far this season weave collected -- are you ready for this -- 38,426 coats. and abc's rachel smith spent time with some kids on a coat collecting mission. i got you on my mind >> reporter: last month superstar ellie goulding helped pick up our season with a sweet treat. >> ellie goulding is with us.
8:36 am
coat iour truck along with kids from a nearby camp, kids helping kids. okay, guys, our truck packed up with warm snuggly coats so time to hit the town. come on. and the fun didn't stop there. we're here! what's up? we made our way to grand windham, a nonprofit in nyc to start spreading the warmth. let's go in on the action. are you typing some cool stuff? >> yeah. >> i got the new one on. >> that there. bam. picture perfect. >> thank you. >> how many kids do you think turned out today? >> about 120 plus kids. >> so far. >> yes. >> so far. >> 120, yes, and counting. >> reporter: some famous faces are giving back, fallout boy, victoria beckham and "glamour's" editor in chief. ev the cast of "how to get away with murder." >> this is bradley heusser.
8:37 am
>> i'm max frost. >> reporter: and some pint-sized "gma" viewers, 8-year-old max frost, 9-year-old bradley heusser and camryn orticelli to give back to their communities because this year -- >> no one should be left out in the cold. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to rachel. and we were so impressed by these kids, we invited them to join us here live in times square. so come on out, camryn, bradley, oh. are you okay? all right. he's down, he's out but hs not down for the count. you got it. you got it. you because you've collected, what, 400 coats? 400 coats. get other kids motivated? with my friends and family. >> so you talk it t up and tl them how you just go out there and do it, 400. could you believe how many you were able to collect altogether?
8:38 am
>> yes. >> all right, so your families, do you want to put them in the bin and add to the total. more in the bin. your families. oh. and isn't this wonderful to see how kids are helping kids? what does that make -- how does it make you feel as a mom when you see children doing this? >> it bringsears to my eyes. >> oh, it's okay. that's really sweet. we need this right now, don't we? >> i'm so proud of him and all of them, yes. >> you see, you made your mommies cry. you see that. thank you, thank you and you know what, burlington so impressed with the thrhr of you, our good friends at burlington, you know what they're going to do? they're going to donate an additional 100 coats for each of you in your communities. 100 each. so that adds to the total, so not just your mommies and your
8:39 am
days and all of us,, everyonis so proud of you. you didn't scratch your knees, right? you're okay? he just shook it right off. who is this? who belongs -- okay, is he all right? do you see how you made your mommy cry? ah. well, thank you all very, very much. and t thankou for coming out in the cold. she's been out since 5 a.m. >> 5:30. >> since 5:30 they'ven been out here and you can go to on yahoo! to learn more about how you can donate a coat to someone i in need and what's so wonderful, all of our friends at burlington, when you make that donation, it stays right there in your beautiful community, so thank, thank you, thank you. let's break the record again
8:40 am
what happens when bruce and the "star wawars" threhit "gma" for the holidays? sing it. tra la la la la la la la >> if you think bruce singing is surprising, you ain't seen nothing yet. this week on abc's "good morning america." "good morning america" is brght to you by ford. we go further so you can. >> i don't know what it ys but they didn't bring out any of the cupcakes thaw guys decorated. >> it's because everybody ate them all. they were so delightful.
8:41 am
so long.good morning i'm sabrina ahmed... it's 8:56 ... sabrina: a bomb threat in newton leads to police taking two people into custody. officers searched a home on first avenue monday afternoon and found a device they think could be a bomb.
8:42 am
the discovery forced an evacuation of nearby homes in the area, and the state fire marshal's office was called in to assist. the device was rendered safe and authorities took david and jennifer kelso into custody. charges are pending. sabrina: a high school student who collapsed during basketball practice last week has died... sixteen year old drew jacobson was a player at woodward- granger high school. his family aed for thoughts and prayers from the community, but got an outpouring of support, including assistance in paying off medical and funeral expenses. people who knew the teen said he gave 110 percent of his effort to everything in life. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/
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