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tv   Local 5 News at Five  ABC  December 8, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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the school district is cooperating in the investigation. in the meantime, another teacher will take over johnson's classroom duties and assistant coaches will be leading the basketball team. "we take this very seriously obviously. theres professions and careers in our society where theres a little higher expectation of people. our laws reflect that. so we moved pretty quick on this, did a through investigation as possible and came to the conclusion that these charges were appropriate. " jack: there is a varsity girls basketball game against against hoover high school scheduled to start at 6:15 tonight. we will be bringing you more on this story tonight at 10. stephanie: also today in court-- a pleasant hill daycare provider sent away to prison for five years. christina williamson was sentenced today. she ran an in- home center at her home in pleasant hill ... and was arrested back in may after her husband saw video of her abusing the children. today-- police are releasing that video, and we will be playing portions
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it is disturbing, as a warning-- so if you don't want to see it, please turn away. now williamson had reached a plea deal in this case. she pleaded guilty to two counts of child endangerment, in exchange for some other charges being dropped. here is that video. pkg " ":21- ;42 christina williamson walks into the living room carrying a baby. she places a blanket on the floor and sets the baby onto the blanket on its stomach. she then pushes the child's head to the floor and holds it there for about :30 seconds and then gets up and leaves the room. 1:32-1:44 about two minutes later she comes back ,jerks the baby up off the floor and places it back down, once again holding the childs head to the floor. again, williamson leaves the room, 4:15-4:27 but when she comes back about 5 minutes later she walks through the room, pushes the baby's head to the floor using her foot, steps over the child and walks out. she's gone for another minute. 7:24-7:48 when williamson returns, she sits on the floor, straddling the baby with her back to the camera. we don't have a good view of what's happening, and they sit like this for about 5 minutes. then she abruptly pushes the child to
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williamson adjusts the blanket and spreads it out on the floor. she then picks up and slams the baby to the floor face down." stephanie: the entire video covers about a 20 minute time span.... in our opinion, the rest of it was too disturbing to broadcast. however it was used as evidence in williamson's trial. you can see the entire video at and if it's leaving you wondering about the quality of your own childcare-- we wanted to pass along some helpful information. in-home centers with more than six children are required to be registered with the state department of human services. you can check if your center is registered by contacting d-h-s at this number. there is also a hotline to report child abuse-- that number is 1-800-
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to find childcare-- you should ask for references, and you should be suspicious if a childcare provider discourages you from just dropping in. stephanie: to politics now -- and everybody's talking about what donald trump's saying. jack: that's really nothing new. but his recent comments about banning muslims in the u-s are as controversial as anything he's said on the campaign trail. local five's chief political correspondent amanda krenz is here with the latest in your local election headquarters. amanda g-o-p presidential candidate donald trump's recent controversial comments are causing outrage across the world. the billionaire and republican frontrunner is sticking by his call for a ban on muslims travelling to the us. donald the campaign trail tuesday but still the talk...of the world. his proposed ban on muslims entering the us has been met with global condemnation. sot trump a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. congressional leaders on both sides
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presidential candidate. sot harry reid(d) senate minority leader donald trump is standing on the platform of hate sot paul ryan(r) speaker of the house this is not what this party stands for. it is not what this country stands for. house speaker paul ryan said he would still support whoever becomes the gop nominee sparking a strong reaction from the white house. sot josh earnestwhite house press secretary "they should say right now that they would not support donald trump for president. what he said is disqualifying" on the campaign trail, gop rivals called trump's controversial comments divisive, ridiculous and racist. senator ted cruz says he disagrees with trump's plan but refused to pile on. sot sen. ted cruz(r) presidential hopeful i do not believe the world needs my voice added to that chorus of critics. supporters continue to back the billionaire. sot trump supporter i like what he had to say about the muslims, we just have to get control. but this muslim american in new hampshire who once called the republican an icon says he's dumping trump. sot adeel tahirmuslim american "you can't categorize all muslims as being bad. it's just not fair," amanda the chairman of
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national committee disagreed with trump but said in a statement this afternoon quote "we need to aggressively take on radical islamic terrorism." in the studio, amanda krenz, local five news, we are iowa. jack: and there's plenty of local reaction. here's what the interfaith alliance of iowa says about trump's comments. "words have consequences and we as iowans and we as americans need to stand up to that kind of hateful rederick." jack: here's the other question -- is what donald trump is suggesting even constitutional? we checked in with the chair of the constitutional law center at drake law school today. mark kende says trump's proposal calls to mind the 1944 executive order that called for japanese internment camps. "the first reactino is
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provision of the constitution, it would violate freedom of religion. but having said that, our imigration law in this country, the national statutes that govern imigration, are old, some of them, and really poorly drafted." stephanie: all of this discussion is also following the other presidential candidates on the campaign trial today. stephanie: carly fiorina was in the metro today... she said she thinks trump's overreaction is as dangerous as president obama's under reaction to the terrorist attacks in san bernadino. she says obama isn't prepared to do anything, but trump is playing on everyone's worst fears. so what can be done? here's where she suggested we start. "if we have a terrorist on the no-fly list, let's go indict them. let's go round them up and indict them because once you're indicted for a felony, you can't buy a gun. let's try that. i keep hearing about terrorists on watchlist, boy, if we have a known terrorist on a watchlist, why don't we go round them up and question them. let's enforce the laws we have." stephanie:
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people on terror watch lists isn't an idea every republican can get behind. senator marco rubio is one of them-- he explained why to c-n-n's jake tapper. (sen. marco rubio/(r) presidential candidate) "because there are a majority of people on the no fly list are often times people that basically have the same name as somebody else who don't belong on the no fly list. the former senator kennedy -- ted kennedy was on a no fly list. there are journalists on the no fly list. there are others involved in the no fly list that wind up there. these are everyday americans that have nothing to do with terrorism. stephanie: now rubio's concerns are real-- there are hundreds of thousands of people whose names are on government terror watch lists. fewer though who are on the official "no-fly" list. they are two different things. that list was created after 9/11. there have been known to be "false positive" incidents... and there is not a due process procedure to get your name
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stephanie: we want to know your thoughts about this whole debate. what's the right answer in the discussion on security vs. religious liberty? you can connect with us to share your thoughts on facebook and twitter. send us an email to: "news at we are iowa dot com" or call us in the newsroom: 1- 800-858-5555 we'd love to hear what you think about this issue or any other. stephanie/2shot coming up on local 5 news at five... a christmas display that's sure to get a double take. we'll tell you the story behind this nativity scene. jack: but next... could it be a worldwide beer cartel? we'll show you the latest details as big beer companies talk about a merger. stephanie: and... later-- just how much do americans like girl scout cookies? the numbers are in. "you're watching local 5 news at 5 in hd with jack miller, stephanie angleson, we are
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forecast with chief meteorologist brad edwards. this is local 5 news at 5, we are iowa." stephanie: a proposed big merger in the beer world, has loyal fans hopping mad. and an iowa beer industry expert got to travel to washington d-c
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frustration. stephanie: after decades of budweiser, miller -- all three beer to be united. anheuser-busch says it will buy its main rival, s- a-b miller. it's a deal that would create the world's largest beermaker - by far. together, the budweiser and miller include world's forty most popular if they merged they would control close to a third of the world's beer market... something that has smaller brewers worried. so j. wilson, who works for the iowa brewers guild, was asked to testify about it on capitol hill today. 1:24"people with deep pockets ... startling 1:31 stephanie: senator chuck grassley invited mr. wilson to testify at this senate judiciary subcommittee hearing. they're investigating any antitrust issues. it's still a "possible deal", which still needs regulator approval.
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it's a run on rose bowl tickets. tickets released to the public this morning were snatched up within minutes on m. some hawkeye fans even claim they couldn't get tickets 30 seconds after they were released. meanwhile the price for tickets on stubhub swelled to 581 dollars by mid- morning. iowa season ticket holders have until thursday night to sign up for tickets through the university. next week the hawkeyes will distribute their allotment of 22,000 tickets based on a point system. the hawkeyes play stanford in the rose bowl in pasadena, california, on january 1. jack: and another bit of hawkeye news to pass along. university of iowa head football coach kirk ferentz has been named the 2015 woody hayes coach of the year. the announcement was made tuesday by the touchdown club of columbus. the award is voted on by the touchdown club's committees of coaches, sportswriters, and former players. this is the first time kirk ferentz has won the award. stephanie: chief meteorologist brad edwards joins us now..
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((ad lib weather toss)) "now, we are iowa's most accurate
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edwards. certified by weatherrate the independent weather experts" brad: weather adlib: the crazy week of mild weather will be continuing the next three days! we had a lot of clouds around tuesday, but almost no rainfall for central iowa. the clouds will be decreasing tonight leaving us with partly cloudy skies and mild, dry conditions. we have only had two days so far this winter that have stayed below freezing all day, but that could change next week as we could have three more! as for the short term, look for a decent amount of sunshine
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warmer temperatures by afternoon. we should reach the mid 50s in the metro by 3 pm or so. the winds will be picking up a bit wednesday, but really get going on thursday when they will be gusting over 30 mph from the west. this will mean our warmest day with temps in the morning hours in the 50s and the high close to 60 by early afternoon. more clouds are expected friday with a slight chance for some light rain showers late in the day, but heavier rain will be likely saturday evening for mainly se iowa. we will have a chance for rain both late saturday and sunday in central iowa, but the higher threat is for se iowa this weekend. cooler conditions will take over right into next week with temperatures actually going below average by the end of the next week. we might even see a little snow next week! here comes winter folks! brad/wxhang (adlib) jack:/ stephanie: thanks, brad!
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coming up on local 5 news at five... christians and zombies. they don't always see eye to eye. we'll take you to where it's causing some tension this christmas season. "you're watching local
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stephanie: welcome back to what's trending now
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and a very unusual christmas display on a front yard in ohio has a lot of people talking today. jack: check it out-- this is the yard of jasen and amanda dixon, featuring a of jasen and amanda dixon, featuring a demonic baby jesus and some undead wise men. it's the second year they've done this-- and they're defying orders by the city to remove it. the local council have said the display violates zoning laws, and local religious groups have denounced it. but the cincinnati couple is seeking donations to keep the display alive. they set it up originally to promote their annual halloween haunted house. stephanie: you can also file this one under "things you don't see every day. jack: a bottle of wine was found in a very unusual place: an elk's mouth! jack: the elk was seen holding the bottle in its mouth in evergreen, colorado last week. a woman snapped some pictures after
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through a neighbor's recycling bin on the curb. she joked the elk probably chose a red wine "to go with the white snow or to pair with his leafy greens." in case you were wondering, it was an 2008 buoncristiani cabernet sauvignon. it would normally sell for more than a hundred dollars. jack: here's an impressive number for the girl scouts of america. stephanie: they have sold two and a half million boxes of cookies online this year. stephanie: that's landed the organization 10- million dollars in sales. but the news is bittersweet. overall, sales were down a million boxes from the year before. this is the second year scouts have sold cookies on the web. the organization says by 2017, all girl scout councils will use the digital platform. jack: president obama's demand for more gun control has been good news for gun stocks. shares of smith and wesson and sturm, ruger jumped more than five
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companies have seen double-digit stock hikes since last week's mass shooting in san bernardino. mass shootings tend to boost u-s gun sales, particularly when the president talks about addressing gun violence. jack: so is this same trend playing out here in iowa? we look closer at the statistics, new at 6. we'll be right back.
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rainfall for central iowa. the clouds will be decreasing tonight leaving us with partly cloudy skies and mild, dry conditions. we have only had two days so far this winter that
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freezing all day, but that could change next week as we could have three more! as for the short term, look for a decent amount of sunshine wednesday with warmer temperatures by afternoon. stephanie:
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