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tv   Local 5 News at Six  ABC  December 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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stephanie: local 5's claire powell has more on that story now. " " "in a detailed four page letter to the warren co baord of supervisors, a fifth judicial district judge calls the warren county courthouse naseauting and neglected. saying inside those walls are asbestos, fire hazards... all thigns that make this courthouse plain uninhabitable" its no secret, inside the warren county courthouse problems are piling... possible mold, unhealthy water issues, lack of basic maintenance. "i dont think it was shocking to get the letter but it was something the other should take more in the december second letter, chief judge arthur gamble of the fifth judicial nauseating smells caused from sewer gas during his visit.. supervisor crystal first hand. ""its not safe, its gross, no ventilation to outside windows"
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these are in court rooms and bathrooms all from rotting plumbing "point you can only maintain it so far, an older building." not to mention, no security at entryways, asbestos, a mice infestation this fall and a dryer fire in the jail on november 7th. the long list has mcintyre realizing the consequences. "neglected continually, judge gamble could make that determination his employees arentin a safe environment" to completely renovate would cost an estimated 2.3 million dollars, to build new-- much more. and abrupt closure is a worst case scenario. "money is most important to me speaks loudly that we can't sit on our lorels and expect this to go away" "the judge says all of these have to be taken care of whether a new courthouse is built in the future or not. the next supervisors meeting is next tuesday, the judge has also been invited. from warren county claire powell local 5 news we are iowa" stephanie: the judge added, if approved by voters in a bond referendum, a
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to complete. no word if judge gamble will be attending tuesdays meeting. stephanie: just into our newsroom, new at 6 now. stephanie: an ottumwa woman has been arrested in connection with the murder of a three year old child. kashenna tucker, who is 31 years old, was charged today with the death of a child under her care: wysdom evans. the investigation was launched in january of 2014, nearly two years ago, after the child died. tucker lived in ottumwa when the murder happened but was arrested in utah and will be extradited back to iowa. jack: in des moines last night-- a round of shots were fired outside of a home on the 900 block of kenyon avenue in des moines. according to police, lashawnda gatewood, fired the shots after a fight over a man. they say she shot at two people from inside her own vehicle. no one was hit. tonight she faces charges of intimidation with a weapon and going armed with intent. jack: the altoona police department is asking for your help... in identifying a man and woman about a theft.
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the two were seen driving a tan or silver colored chrysler concorde. if you know anything, call the altoona police department at 515-967-5132. and to please reference the case number 15- 2299. jack: there was a small plane crash in council bluffs today. the pottawattamie county sheriff said the plane took off about noon , when it turned back, crashing along i-29 and landing in the median . one passenger died inside the plane. witnesses say the plane clipped a power line. it's not clear yet what brought down that plane. . stephanie: in your local election headquarters. stephanie: republican presidential candidate marco rubio had a town hall in west des moines today, where he spoke about critical issues facing iowa's veterans and military families, voicing his support of more flexible and convenient veteran health care. "who does the benefit belong too? does the benefit belong to the government or does the benefit belong to the veteran? if the
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veteran. then the veteran should be able to take the benefit anywhere they want and recieve care timely and effectivly stephanie: this town hall was an extension concerned veterans for "defend and reform" policy series. jack: and a reminder. a for choosing which out-of- state medicaid you would like to sign up with. tomorrow-- child serve is informational johnston, regarding to the four managed care organizations. the meeting will be at the child serve center 4:15 pm tomorrow in johnston. and on december 15 at 4:00 pm there'll be a meeting at the child serve center in ames if you can't make it to either meeting, or if you would like more information, visit the medicaid modernization website their on your screen. jack: if you enroll in coverage under the affordable care act, the deadline to either enroll or change plans for january 1 coverage is december 15.
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begin february 1, 2016, the deadline is january 15, 2016. any enrollments or changes made between january 16 and january 31 will take effect march 1, 2016. the final deadline for open enrollment is january 31. if you don't enroll by then, you will not be able to enroll in health insurance under the affordable care act for 2016. but you can apply any time for medicaid or chip, the children's health insurance program. stephanie/1shot: the price tag for the new convention center hotel in downtown des moines is still 3 million dollars over budget, even as crews began their demolition today. the 330-room hilton will be built on the southwest side of the iowa events center at park street and fifth avenue. it's projected to open march 2018. the final budget will be approved in january. there have been several other new hotels built in the last few years-- so are the people behind it worried about too many
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" you know, they're being built because there is a demand and that's great for us and that'll help us attract more events." jack: and here's the kind of event city leaders hope to see more of. starting tomorrow at wells fargo arena-- call it the "march madness final four" of volleyball. four of the top division one ncaa volleyball teams will compete in regionals, with their final game broadcast saturday night on e-s-p-n-u. the matches in des moines are friday and saturday -- each team with their sights set on the championships in omaha. it's expected to bring thousands of people to des moines this weekend. "you know we don't know exact economic numbers - the impact numbers for this event as we're just getting started with the event, but it shows our community support and ncaa takes that seriously when they look to where they're going for their future sites. " jack: it's definitely a big event for des moines. if you're planning on attending and cheering on a team, we'd love to see your photos! you can connect with us on facebook and twitter.
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this week, iowa state students camped out for days in line just to make sure they got tickets to the big cy- hawk game, tipping off very soon. students were standing out in the cold. and isu police officers even brought them dunkin donuts while they waited in line. and local 5 sports director jon schaeffer is there as we speak... looks like the crowd is ready! local 5 sports director jon schaeefer joins us now live from the hilton coliseum in ames. jon/livetvu1: coming up in sports-- it's the cy-hawk game. i'm up here in ames getting ready-- fans filing in-- and tip off is under a half hour away. we'll preview the game later in the show. jack: but next. how a johnston hair salon is "going green" with its extra hair. "your watching local 5 news at 6 in hd with jack miller, stephanie
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iowa's most iowa's most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist brad edwards, and local 5 sports with sports director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 6. we are iowa." stephanie: welcome back-- who knew you could recycle hair? we found that out today... while covering a quite unique hair salon in johnston. it's called delire ... on windsor parkway. and the owners recycle everything that comes through their doors. they are the first salon in iowa to do this. they've partnered with green circle salons, which helped divert nearly 400,000 pounds of waste away from landfills just last year. "i think it's something we've been trying to do in our homes so its nice to bring it in to our business and we're hoping other salons
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too. " stephanie: so where does the hair go? they ship it off to a company that makes oil booms to soak up oil spills. the numbers are pretty staggering... total in the u.s. and canada, salons send about is 63,000 pounds of hair each day straight into the garbage! jack: if you're looking for a way to lend a helping hand this holiday season -- local 5 news has a way for you to help right here in the metro. stephanie: we hope you'll help us "can hunger." tomorrow, come to the fareway store on 86th and meredith from 8 am until 9 pm. we'll be collecting all food donations to help our neediest right here in central iowa for christmas and well into 2016. and tomorrow we will also be live broadcasting from the fareway all day, so tune in for that. we are iowa and we give back to the community. stephanie/wxcdl: jack/wxcdl chief meteorologist brad edwards is here now... jameswxcdl ( here now... jameswxcdl ( local 5 weather is
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james: ( local 5 weather is coming up next. overnight temps are going to stay fairly mild tonight, with a low down near 40 degrees. friday is still going to be very nice and warm with highs in the upper 50s, despite seeing more passing clouds throughout the day. the weekend is looking cooler with
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experts " james: welcome back. i'm local 5 chief meteorologist james peterson. james: let's take a look at we are iowa's most accurate forecast. james/wxwall: weather adlib: overnight temps are going to stay fairly mild tonight, with a low down near 40 degrees. friday is still going to be very nice
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the upper 50s, despite seeing more passing clouds throughout the day. the weekend is looking cooler with highs in the 40s and plenty of showers, especially on saturday evening and sunday into monday. next week is going to start off mild with highs in the mid 40s, but by the end of the week a more winter-like feel should return as lows fall into the 30s. snow looks pretty limited through the extended forecast. james:/2wx: that's all for my forecast. check out for the latest in weather . stephanie/2wx:
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stephanie: snap a cool weather photo? post it to we are snap a cool weather photo? post it to we are
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weather photo? post it to we are iowa dot com. just click on the share it tab! jack/1shot: sports director jon schaeffer is up in ames getting ready for tonight's cy- hawk game. jon live that's right jack coming up in sports we'll hear from both teams about what they expect the environment to be like tonight. "now, local 5 sports
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we're live from outside of hilton coliseum. tip off just minutes away inside. iowa presents a challenge to the cyclones in that they can score from just about anywhere. steve prohm talked about what that does to his team-- and also what this
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" it makes you a tougher scout in hey we're going to take this guy away. or you know everybody says take your top two guys away well can woodbury clemmons gesell well can they beat you then. i just think it puts a tougher strain on your defense that defensively thursday night we're going to have to have our best game." "they're a great team, they do a lot of great things. they run the heck out of their motion offense they really have a rhyme or reason for everything that they do and everything is precise. i feel like with us we're sort of like free flowing.," "rivalries are great. and one thing that makes up great rivalries is that the programs have to be relevant and i think both programs are very very relevant. fran does a great job down there. obviously the last couple of years fred has done a great job here." "i've already told him it's going to be nothing like you've seen with
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a real passionate group and then there's going to be their little section of hawkeye fans behind their bench trying to get their crew rallied up. it's just going to be a super intense environment and honestly brings back memories of when we played them last time in hilton jon: as for the hawkeyes. they fell in ugly fashion last season on their home court. tonight they're trying to pull of the upset in hostile territory. the hawkeyes know that hilton magic is just another factor to battle through. alex giaimo has more. to get to play in environments like that. it's a fun place to play. (giaimo) the hawkeyes are geared up for the hilton coliseum madness and it isn't anything they haven't seen before. (mike gesell) we have experience in that gym we have experience in hostile environments, tough road arenas, we know what it's going to be like, we know what to expect. it's nothing that's going to catch us by surprise that way. (adam woodburry) yea we played in a lot of loud environments
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the year. michigan state is a loud arena, indiana, you know places like that i've pllayed in my career. so iowa state is no different they've got a lot of fan support. so it will be a little bit different but nothing we haven't faced before. (giaimo) iowa is a heavy underdog but they aren't getting rattled from the hype of this in-state rivalry game. just looking at it like another chance to build the resume, it's another chance to play in a hostile road environment. " as i said just from tip off as the number 4 cyclones take on unranked iowa. there won't be an empty seat in hilton tonight. look for highlights and reaction tonight at 10 right here on local 5 . for now let's send it back to the studio-- jon schaeffer local 5 sports we are iowa. stephanie: miss a story? don't forget to
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don't forget to visit local 5 on the web. we are iowa dot com is your home for the latest in news, weather, and sports. jack: contact us with any news tips or story ideas, we want to hear from you. send local 5 news your news tips. email us at: news at we are iowa dot com. or call us in the newsroom: 1- 800-858-5555. we're on facebook "we are iowa local 5 news" and twitter "we are iowa 5 news" if you see news break... let us know. we are iowa and we want to cover the stories that are important to you. jack/wxhang: now one last check of your weather, with chief meteorologist brad edwards. james: overnight temps are going to stay fairly mild tonight, with a low down near 40 degrees. friday is still going to be very nice and warm with highs in the upper 50s, despite seeing more passing clouds throughout the day. the weekend is looking cooler with highs in the 40s and plenty of showers, especially on saturday evening and sunday
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mild with highs in the mid 40s, but by the end of the week a more winter-like feel
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amy versus bffj- amy, how are you? >> fired up. >> amy versus bff j-law. we're talking to today's golden globe nominees. >> on the set with all best and the first timers. >> it's what's coming up right now.
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