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tv   Local News at Ten  ABC  December 10, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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tonight the rivalry continues with men's basketball. we have the highlights. local 5 news starts in 30 seconds. "you're watching local 5 news at 10 in hd .we are iowa's most accurate weather team and we start with your forecast first." james/wx wall weather adlib: put script here in green overnight temps are going to stay fairly mild tonight, with a low down near 40 degrees. friday is still going to be very nice and warm with highs in the upper 50s, despite seeing more passing clouds throughout the day. the weekend is looking cooler with highs in the 40s and
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into monday. next week is going to start off mid 40s, but by the end winter-like feel should return as lows looks pretty limited forecast. " local 5 news at 10 in iowa" stephanie: good evening. i'm stephanie angleson. jack: and i'm jack miller. tonight-- the hawks and the cyclones sqaure off on the court. the iowa corn cy-hawk series continued tonight in hilton coliseum with men's basketball. stephanie: we've got highlights coming up later in sports, but before the big game we asked fans in the metro who they thought would come out on top tonight. "i think iowa state is going to pull it out but i think they'll keep letting iowa back into the game its going to be close at the end definatlly the hawkeyes they're underrated they've
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this season i think they can take them iowa state is going to win they have a really good team they have niang they're gonna dominate so far the games going well iowa's shooting making some mistakes play more as a team probably to beat iowa " jack: so far this year, the hawks lead the series this year 10-4. they won in soccer, volleyball, football, academics and wrestling. iowa state took both men's and women's cross country. stephanie: there are only 5 more match-ups and 10 more points up for grabs--inculding tonight's men's basketball game in ames. it was a close game all night, but in the final seconds of the game.... "bar fans react to win" stephanie: the cyclones manage to pull ahead, by just a point though. fans at the kegstand tonight belting sweet caroline in celebration. coming up later in sports, local 5 sports director jon schaeffer joines us from ames with a recap of
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and coaches on both sides of the jack: want to know thoughghof tonight's game. jack: may use your you can post you thoughts on twitter and facebook. or send us an email or give us a call . we'd love to hear what you think! the contact information is on your screen. stephanie/1shot a transformative education bill passed through the senate and made it to the president's desk today. president obama signed the "every student succeeds" act that overhauls the "no child left behind" education initiative put into law under the bush administration. the measure puts more control back in to the states, and takes away the heavy focus on testing stephanie: the new law is the every student succeeds act, or essa. the president's signature on this new law means the federal government will give control back to the states and individual school districts to make sure their education system is working. the director of the school administrators of iowa says districts around the state will be excited to break away from the cycle of too- much-testing. 20:34 i think we're going to take the tenants of
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doesn't mean we test them to death." horn says the biggest change classrooms will notice under the new law is that tests will be used how they're meant to be used, to determine a child's progress and potential. overall it's a better measure of accountability and student achievment. tonight, senator chuck grassley applauds the legislation. the bill returns much control of how best to teach children to states and local school districts stephanie: obama's new every student succeeds act will officially start in july of 2017. jack: a woman is arrested in the death of an ottumwa three year old as we take a look around iowa tonight. jack: kashenna tucker, who's 31 years old, was charged today with the death of
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care. was wysdom the investigation started in early 2014, nearly two years ago, after the child died. kashenna tucker lived in ottumwa when the murder happened but utah and will be to iowa. stephanie/ram: where a clarke home is dealing skin problem. it came after expressed another possible ailment. after a doctor's recommendation, some residents' clothing and furniture into isolation until monday. local five's jacob peklo has more from osceola. jon kraft has been staying at southern hills specialty care facility in osceola for about nine months now. but for the past two months, kraft has been feeling very uncomfortable. jon kraft, resident: "i feel like i want to move out of that room and get into a clean room, where i don't do that no more." kraft has psoriasis on his arm, but until recently, he felt the itch he was dealing with something far worse. jon kraft, resident: "one day, i went to take a shower, and man i
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kraft called local 5 thinking the facility had bed bugs or mites, but staff say he's one of a handful of guests dealing with a skin condition. jason bridie, southern hills spokesman: "we addressed this early on with medical attention and even medical providers weren't sure what we were dealing with initially." they say kraft saw a dermatologist twice to diagnose him--but the exact ailment is still unknown. some thought the skin issue was scabies, a redness that would be treated with antibiotics. dermatologists recommended isolating the clothing and other objects people had touched for at least 48 hours. they said the microbes that were on those materials would die, if there was no host for them to attach onto. jason bridie, southern hills spokesman: "it was such that we wanted to address it and make sure that we didn't allow it to fester or allow it to build throughout the building." bridie says he's glad that residents are bringing up issues like that, to help them improve their services moving forward. jason bridie, southern hills spokesman: "we do encourage people if they do have an issue to bring it to our attention and we'll do our darndest to
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that we can." jon kraft, resident: "i just hope that we get over this, you know what i mean, because it's been hard on a lot of people around here." in osceola, jacob peklo, local 5 news. we are iowa. stephanie/1shot staff members say residents should have all of their belongings back by monday. jack: conditions at the courthouse, and now a district judge is threatening to shut it down. in a letter last week, judge arthur gamble sited asbestos, sewer gas smell, a mice infestation, severe leaks and more throughout the court house. the county board of supervisors says renovating would cost 2.3 million dollars, and rebuilding would cost more. tonight, they're working to resolve as many of the issues as quickly as they can but know shutting down could happen. " neglected continually, judge gamble could make that determination his employees arentin a safe environment""
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the judge and supervisors in warren county are working on a date to meet to go over resolving the issues. in order to build a new courthouse, a bond referendum would have to be approved. stephanie: san bernadino look at national headlines. stephanie: wife--tashfeen malik-- not only tried to destroy but encrypted well. who provided the killer couple with the rifles used in the attack reportedly told authorities that he and farook planned an attack in 2012, but got cold feet. today, officials are still trying to determine if others were involved in last week's massacre.. the memories of which still haunt first responders. ryan starling, san barnardino firefighter it was horrific. i remember cries and moans...the smell of gunpowder. stephanie: the f-b-i says farook and his wife, tashfeen malik, discussed terrorism online two years ago, before they were engaged.
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checking whether the two were a cyber match made specifically for terror. jack: the terror attack is still fueling the campaign trail. republican frontrunner donald trump plans to ban all muslims from entering the u-s if elected. tonight, we're learning he's cancelled a trip to the middle east. trump was scheduled to meet with israli president benjamin netanyahu, who has criticized the plan. but trump cancelled the trip. trump says he's not backing down from his ideas, and says many of his supports actually like his plan. "we have a big problem. as you know i have many friends that are muslims-phenomenal people-they are so happy at what i'm doing. i was called by three people today very big., they said you are doing a tremendous service. " jack: iowans can hear from trump tomorrow night. he's holding a rally at the state fairgrounds at 6:30. the event is free and open to the public. we'll have coverage of that event tomorrow night on local 5 news
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stephanie: coming up on local 5 news at 10...plans to watch an iowa energy game? find out why you'llrun into extra security. jon: (jon adlibs tease about cy-hawk game) jack: and... lights and festive fun fill valley junction. we stop by the final night for "jingle in the junction." james: ((ad lib weather toss)) tomorrow on good morning iowa... it's friday, time to head to the movies.. this week, we take a look at a big adventure on the high seas.. based on true events, the story even became the isnpiration for a classic novel. plus... a look at your forecast ((:04 wx ad-lib)) that's tomorrow on the all-new good morning iowa!
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angleson, we are forecast with chief meteorologist brad edwards and local 5 sports with sports director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 10. we are iowa."
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tonight was the last night for jingle in the junction. more than 150 thousand lights shine through the historic valley junction district for the holiday events. santa and mrs. claus were out, there were free horse-drawn trolley rides and even a petting zoo. stephanie: jack: brad james: weather adlib: put script here in green
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going to stay fairly mild tonight, with a low down near 40 degrees. friday is still going to be very nice and warm with highs in the upper 50s, despite seeing more passing clouds throughout the day. the weekend is looking cooler with highs in the 40s and plenty of showers, especially on saturday
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is going to start off mild with highs in the mid 40s, but by the end of the week a more winter-like feel should return as lows fall into the 30s. snow looks pretty limited through the extended forecast. brad
10:15 pm " stephanie: you'll notice security if you go to an iowa
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basketball game at wells fargo arena. the nba development league is making changes to its security policies at venues where its teams play. that means wells fargo also has to alter its security. " ""we have not done it for every event. now, we'll be doing it for all energy games and i just think, you know, it's a sign of the times. you know, some of the threats out there...we'll take a hard look at how the wanding goes with the energy and, you know, we may or may not institute that for other events moving forward." stephanie: visitors will be wanded when they come into wells fargo arena. this friday's game will be the first with the new protocals. stephanie another change at the iowa events center...demoliti on has begun for the new covention the 330-room built on the southwest side events center at park street and fifth avenue. it's still 3 million dollars over budget. it's projected to open march 2018. stephanie: hotel is being big events like the n-c-double-a tournament. the regional games are being held here in des moines this
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bring thousands of people to des moines this weekend. "you know we don't know exact economic numbers - the impact numbers for this event as we're just getting started with the event, but it shows our community support and ncaa takes that seriously when they look to where they're going for their future sites. " stephanie: it's definitely a big event for des moines. if you're planning on attending and cheering on a team, we'd love to see your photos! you can connect with us on facebook and twitter. jack/bam another big event happening in the sports world tonight. the big cy-hawk basketball game up in ames tonight. but before the game even started isu students were camping out to watch it all happen. for days students were standing out in the cold waiting to get a ticket. isu police officers even brought them dunkin' donuts while they waited in line. jack: the cyclones pulled off a last minute win tonight. local 5 sports director jon schaeefer joins us now live from hilton coliseum in ames. and jon, what a crazy finish tonight.
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jon: welcome back--
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entire first half tonight-- but iowa state comes out victorious. let's check out the action.... jon: herky and cy both rooting their teams on trying to will them to the win tonight. first half was all about jared uthoff. he pulls up from way downtown he knocks down the three 9-6. uthoff again spotting up from beyond the arc-- how bout another he says-- uthoff lights out in the first half 14-6. mike gesell adds another triple-- why not-- count it iowa up 11 early and isu fans wondering where their offense is. it'd come off the bench-- matt thomas three ball-- buries it and he was the spark the cyclones needed
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now just a 6 point game how uthoff-- he hits from beyond the but isu at least wake up the crowd-- morris home but still a 16 point game-- woodbury goes inside the big man muscles up a shot for a pair. slam-- he finished the first half with 30 points he was a man on fire in that first half-- only to cool off in the second half... but isu not going quietly into the break-- naz mitrou long's layup no good-- jameel with the put back jam.... that hilton magic board and in for 3. it was 49-35 at half iowa leading. second half-- the beast comes alive-- cyclone's waking up georges niang the twirly bird floater--why not a pair there. now the fast break outlet pass by mckay up to morris-- monte morris get up kid-- the two handed rim rattler and this crowd is blowing the roof off of hilton. but mike gesell keeping this one distanced by a half dozen or so-- gets the kick off the back board and it's in 1 minute left-- 6 point game matt thomas now doing some more-- three from the corner-- good thomas with 19 off the bench tonight. after some mismanaged in bounds passes
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else monte morris is clutch-- how bout it-- the floater-- good with 8 seconds left-- iowa with one last chance-- uthoff for three--- no good and iowa wins by one-- they trailed by 20 at one point and the students storm the court the final 83-82 iowa state wins it. jon: it was a heart breaker for iowa who had it was a heart breaker for iowa who had iowa state up against the ropes. the cyclones with a character win-- that senior leadership was huge. here's what the coaches and players had to say. clock didn't hit triple zeroes. there's still time on the clock, and as long as there's time on the clock, we always have a chance situations before, like scrimmage we're in the exact same situation. we always got belief as long as there's time on the clock." stev prohm, iowa state head coach: "you know that's just the play that, you know, we've been running it for years. it's just the, i don't want to say money play, but get the ball to the point guard matt thomas, iowa state guard: "i mean, honestly, i just had a different feel coming read that article about a couple hours before the game and that brought back a lot of memories and
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work so hard, and i just went out there game." jameel mckay, iowa state forward: "i mean, yeah, last year, oklahoma was really loud. tonight, it just means so much more. this is a rivalry game and it means so much to the people of iowa, from the alumni to the media, it just means so much, and you just want to win for them." head coach: "i don't differently, that i could tell. we weren't as efficient opportunities which is going to improve their efficiency offensively. they're at their best in transition, like i said, off your long shot, long rebounds, your turnovers, deflections whatever. they got went in to jared, they got in to pete." steve prohm, iowa state head coach: "i just tell the guys to stay the course, stay the course. i tell the guys all the time, just stay the course, stay the course, stay the course and we're going to be fine. and monte made a big time shot.")>> jon:
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james/wxhang weather adlib: put script here in green overnight temps are james/wxhang weather adlib: put
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y fairly mild tonight, with a low down near 40 degrees. friday is still the upper 50s, despite clouds throughout looking cooler with plenty of showers, evening and sunday into monday. next week is going to start off mild with highs in the mid 40s, but by the end of the week a more winter-like feel should return as lows fall into the 30s. snow looks pretty limited through the extended forecast. stephanie: jack: thank you for spending your time with us
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