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tv   Local 5 News at Five  ABC  December 11, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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(adlib) stephanie: (adlib/toss back to jack) jack: we'll check back in with you in a little bit to talk about the impact these donations we'll check back in with you in a little bit to talk we'll check back in with you in a little bit to talk
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about the impact with have on the folks who rely on d-marc. jack/cam story. jack/cam now our big story. a woman charged with vehicular on bond. deanna gliem, the woman killing two men on hubbell before released from jail after posting bond yesterday. police say gliem had been she hit and killed driver richard hummell along with his friend and passenger, randall sonnenburg. tonight sonnenburg's family says there's no way deanna gliem should walk free after killing two people. local 5's claire powell has the details. claire: jack, these criminal complaints show on the night of the accident, gliem was going 73 in a 35 mile per hour zone... had two bottles of tequila in her car... and a blood alcohol level of .123 she posted a portion of her 250 thousand dollar bond
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yesterday and today, is free. but the family of randy sonnenburg says with all of that evidence against her, gliem shouldnt be able to walk out and spend the holidays with her family. "he was a father,grandfather and friend. he was a great guy, hes buried and shes walkign. thats the biggest frustration" t when tamara cox and her family got the news that deanna gliem- the woman who killed her uncle and uncles best friend in a high speed crash- was free, anger set in. "she gets to be out walking free for the holidays and killed two people" m police say randy sonnenburg was riding with his best friend rick hummel when gliem crashed into them. gliem walked away with minor injuries. both men died at the scene. " tahts the only good thing is that they were together, the only good thing" both "he got along with everybody, he was full of life, even after his stroke he was full of life" randys brother darwin says rick was just like family. the three have known each other since they were five years old. "its been a life long friendship with him, my kids call him uncle rick" now, instead of the two best friends
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making memories during the holidays, they are buried next to each other, because gliems decision to drink and drive. "she took it upon herself ot drink and drive then took their lives, it was a choice she made- at excessive speed-nonethelss" m the sonnenburgs say theyre sick gliem gets to be happy for the holidays while theirs will never be the same. but also added they'll be there for every court appearance, hoping justice is served for their families sake. "she took his life, she outta spend her life behind bars. plain and simple, eye for an eye" claire: we stopped by gliems house for commment but didnt get a response. gliems next appearance in court is set for january 6th at 8:30 at the polk county courthouse. reporting live
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claire powell are iowa jack: the man who home and beat a to death with a guilty on all counts. jack: 19 year old ngot makuey (nor muh-koy') was found guilty of first degree murder. into the des rupert madison and his wife in attacked both of madison's wife had serious survived. the hospital. defense attorney tried to use the insanity defense during the trial, but the jury didn't buy it. and neither did the judge. "i find that the defendent did not prove the defense of insanity. as a result of that, mr. makuey, you'll be judged guilty on count 1 of murder in the first degree. " jack/cam makuey showed little emotion as the verdict was read this afternoon. his next time in front of the judge will be january 4th for sentencing. he faces life in prison. jack/cam cyclones and hawkeyes continue to weigh in on last night's nailbiter of a game.
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it's not only isu's victory that's got every one talking, but also what happened after the final buzzer. jack/ots a local newspaper reporter was caught up in the chaos after the buzzer, and lucas casey has more in the digital media center. "that's right, just as the cyclones won the game in the final seconds, fans rushed the court to celebrate victory, as you see here. unfortunately, the des moines register's well-known cyclone reporter, randy peterson, seemingly got caught up in the storm of people. look here and you'll see randy take a spill. university staff and security rushed to his aid, but peterson did end up with a compound fracture in one of his legs. the register reported peterson had a successful late night surgery to repair the break. and peterson, gave us all a one-word update after the incident, "ouch." peterson tweeted again this morning, with an clarification, 'just to be clear, i was not trampled by the crowd, i locked legs with someone, i think. now, the video is unclear if storming the court is directly responsible for peterson's injury, but it started a back and forth on social media
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basketball - a known anti-court-stormer tweeted "a reporters leg was severely broken in the court storm at iowa state last night. one and for all, let's end this.' reid forgrave, offered the other side, he tweeted, my man randy pete breks his leg, defends court storming - which peterson did today - he's right. now we want to knwo what you think. respond to our poll on twitter, in light of the cy-hawk game should fans storm the court. so far sixty-five percent have said yes, and thirty-five percent have said no." jack: the big 12 conference released a the big 12 conference
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statement today after reviewing last night's post-game celebration. the conference has rules about keeping players, coaches and officials safe. the big 12 says isu handled last night's celebration correctly. jack/cam we'll take another look now at our can food drive at fareway. stephanie is out at the food drive with more, stephanie? stephanie: (adlib interview w/ reverend sarai schnucker rice executive director at dmarc) jack/cam again, it's not
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work tonight. stop by the fareway on 86th and meredith and give back to your community. jack: coming up next...
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donald trump is back in iowa, but there's a local group that's not happy about this appearance. "you're watching local 5 news at 5 in hd with jack miller, stephanie
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iowa's most accurate forecast with chief
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meteorologist brad edwards. this is local 5 news at 5, we are iowa." jack: donald trump is rounding out one of his most media-frenzied weeks with a rally here in des moines. jack/ots trump's event at the varied industries building in just over an hour comes on the heels of a similar rally held in new hampshire thursday night. no nat there, trump was endorsed by a local police unions, and told the crowd of hundreds that he stands by his proposal put out earlier this week to ban all muslims from entering the u-s. trump has continued to receive criticism from both sides on his plan, but he says doesn't mind the attention. " when i talk about what i said the other day -- all of a sudden i'm watching the shows this morning and tonight -- 'oh you know trump has a point; the
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working" -- this woman came in on a marriage visa and was radicalized. the visa system -- another show talking about something else not working -- we've got to get down to the problem. " jack/cam trump is hosting a rally at the state fairgrounds tonight - his first appearance in the metro in weeks. but not every iowan is thrilled to see the republican front runner. local 5's jacob peklo is live at a protest outside the fairgrounds where some caucus goers are protesting trump's economic policies. jacob? jacob: that's right, jack. donald trump hasn't been in central iowa in nearly a month, when he stopped in fort dodge. but he hasn't stayed out of the news. he has questioned the
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intelligence of iowa voters...and yet there are hundreds of people here showing their support for him. recently, he's stopped on the other sides of the state in spencer and davenport. tonight, he's continuing to make his push for the republican nomination for president, while also making clear he's not afraid to run as an independent candidate. jacob: those against trump are already setting up a protest that'll take place this evening. it includes local workers who are concerned that trump's plans only help the wealthy. reporting live at the state fairgrounds, jacob peklo, local five news. we are iowa. jack: thanks, jacob. we'll check back in with you live at the rally before trump walks in. jack chief meteorologist brad edwards joins us now.. james: ((ad lib weather toss)) "now, we are iowa's most accurate forecast with
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meteorologist james peterson. certified by weatherrate the ((ad lib weather toss))
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forecast with fairly mild temperatures for this fall into the low 40s. mostly cloudy with highs in the 50s. we are rain moving in from the afternoon but especially through the evening. sunday is going to be a very wet day with near constant rain falling all day with those showers
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morning. rain totals will be fairly high across central iowa with many places capable of reaching 2 inches by monday when the rain has passed. next week will start warm with highs in the 40s for the first couple days, but after that we return to average as temps fall back into the 30s. have a great evening! james/wxhang (adlib) jack: thanks, james we'll be right
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back into the 30s. have a great evening! james/wxhang (adlib) jack: thanks, james we'll be right
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let's check back in with stephanie, who's still live at the fareway grocery store on 86th and meredith in urbandale. stephanie, how is it looking out there now? stephanie: thanks jack! (set scene, how many cans,
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people, etc) stephanie: (adlib that you'll be back with another interview at 6 and remind people to come donate canned food) jack: thanks, stephanie. stephanie: (adlib that you'll be back with another interview at 6 and remind people to come donate canned food) jack: thanks, stephanie. jack:/cam time for another quick break... chief meteorologist james peterson will be back with chief meteorologist chief meteorologist chief meteorologist james peterson will be back with one last look at our forecast. james/wxhang weather adlib: put script here in green for your much
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fairly mild temperatures for this time of year as lows fall into the low 40s. saturday is going to be mostly cloudy with highs in the 50s. we are going to start to see rain moving in from the south saturday afternoon but especially through
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breaking news tonight. donald trump about to speak. and the eye-opening new numbers tonighgh wh americans now think of his proposed ban on muslims in america.
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and the fire at a mosque,
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