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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  December 11, 2015 10:35pm-11:37pm CST

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jorge garcia-- taylor lautner-- rob schneider-- and luke wilson-- plus it's mash-up monday with music from fall out boyz ii men with cleto and the cletones. and now, as scheduled, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everyone. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. i hope you're still on speaking terms with your families. happy belated thanksgiving. i did a lot of cooking on thanksgiving weekend, i did a
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not only did i eat the whole thanksgiving dinner with the turkey and sweet potatoes and pie, i had a deep dish pizza for lunch to top things off. according to the calorie control council, which is a thing, the calories and fat the average american consumes on thanksgiving day is equal to 15 dairy queen hot fudge sundaes which i guess is supposed to sce us or put it in perspective or something for me the message is, next year i'm eating 15 dairy queen sundaes for thanksgiving. the typical thanksgiving meal adds up to abo 4,500 calories which i have to say really means nothing to me. when i hear something like this, all think is i wonder how fast does that turn into fat on my body? does it take a day? does it take a week? does it happen right away? if i were to sit at a table and eat 10,000 calalories, wch i have many times, i once ate 75 chicken mcnuggets for lunch with a large order of fries.
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how quickly does it get -- when i get up will i have three pounds of fat added to my body immediately or does it gradually kind of pump its way -- do we have any doctors in the audience? are you a doctor? what kind of doctor are you? >> ear, nose and throat. >> jimmy: you know about this stuff? >> sort of. >> jimmy: the roat is where the food is going. >> in here, yeah. >> jimmy: how long does it take, do you have any idea? >> i don't know. i might have missed that day in med school. >> jimmy: you may have missed that day. shouldn't we know that? you should definitely know this. anyway, what'd you do for thanksgiving guillermo? did you have -- guillermo eats chicken on thanksgigiving, i n't know why i find hilarious. did you have chicken again? >> gllermo: and tamales. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: anyway, we eat a lotot turkeon thanksgiving. and apparently the turkeys have
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>> for the past four days you've stuffed yourselves with our sisters, our brothers, our fathers, our mothers. and now that you're too fat to run, we are going to chase you. attack you. and eat you. you [ bleep ]ed with the wrong bird. >> paid for by tofurkey, the stuff your weird cousin brings. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm thankful for many things including the guests on our show tonight. from the new movie "the ridiculous six," adam sandler, terry crews, rob schneider, luke wilson. each man is talented in ridiculous in his own way. also tonight, mashup monday with two bands being smooshed into
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boyz ii men to bring you fall out boyz ii men. they will make love do you like you want them to. not only is it mashup monday it's cyber monday. today's the day on which your boss will prend to be annoyed you're online shopping on mpany time but she's in her office buying napkin rings and boots for 40% off. i love cyber monday. i camped out in front of my computer all night last night. this morning i opened my laptop, punched my i.t. guy in the fac just for the hell of it. black friday? in stores? yes? black friday seems to be losing steam. in-store sales were reportedly down this year. according to the national retail federation, more people shopped online this weekend than in stores. which makes sense. shopping is much easier to do online.
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way. and although it seems like it would be, black friday isn't an exclusively american phenomenon. this is video shot inside a store black friday in brazil. welcome. you see why you have to advertise? just because in-store shopping is waning does not mn that bargain hunters didn't show up. they did, in force. here are some of the best worst moments from black friday 2015.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's the meaning of christmas rit there. not only did the major department stores have big sales this weekend, here in california some medical marijuana dispensaries did too. they called it green friday. that is all you need to know about prescriptions for medical marijuana. they don't have 20% off sales for abillify. for pot they do. pot is very popular here. we sent a team to hemp-con, a cannabis f festival ld not far away from us in san bernardino, we st them there to test general knowledge in a special hemp-con edition of "pot quiz." >> can you name the two houses of congress? >> like republicans and democrats?
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>> red and green. >> can you name five people currently running for president? >> okay. so -- there would be -- of course hillary. there would -- oh, no. >> can you name five strains of marijuana? >> oh, yeah. i could list -- okay. oji, bubba kos, blue dream, sour g, delta, [ bleep ], there's napoli, humboldt -- i already said humboldt og -- > you've erachieved on this question, that's fine. name three amendments of the constitution. >> no. >> name three states that have legalizezed marijua. >> oregon, washington, alaska. >> can you name ron paulul's son? >> ron paul? ryan paul -- paul ryan. wait. ron paul's son -- paul rand. no. wait. ron paul -- does he have a son? i can't remember. >> who said the quote, give me
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>> give me liberty or give me death was -- that was -- george washington? >> and who said smoke we eat every day? >> that was the late great nate dogg. >> what's in the center of an atom? >> a molecule. >> what is at the center of a twinkie? >> cream filling. >> can you explain checks and balances? >> checks and balances? like -- how they work? i don't -- i don't know internal stuff like that, honestly. >> can you explain hydroponics? >> of course i could. i mean, what do you want to know? >> everything. >> hydroponics is plants growing in water, rock pool, whatever type of nonsoil medium you want. depends on -- you have deep water culture, you have ebb and flow, all kinds of different stuff. >> what is newton's first law of motion?
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newtons? i got the motion over there. >>hat is a fig newton? >> fig newton is a great, great intervention -- it was a great invention, invented by sir isaac newton. they put figs inside of a cookie. it's perfect with milk. >> who said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself? >> um -- uh -- i don't know. isaac newtwton. >> who said, no woman, no cry? >> bob marley. >> are you doing okay? >> no. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it will be fine. we have to take a break. when we come back, kobe bryant, charlie brown, donald trump, and i'll show you what happened when i took my daughter to see santa claus this weekend. it went poorly. we'll be right back.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi there, welcome back. the cast of "the ridiculous 6" and mashup music monday, fall out boyz ii men. big news in l.a. from the world of basketball. you've heard by now the great laker kobe bryant announced yesterday he will retire at the end of the season. whereas the rest of the lakers retired last month, i think. kobe retired via poem, whichch is unusual for an athlete. most athletes retire with a haiku. kobe said this season is all he has left to give, his body knows it's time to say good-bye, his plplan is too out like michael jordan, by growing a hitler
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commercials. i wish him well. hey, while we're on the subject of sports farewells, this is pretty great. this is luke tuner, seor running back at rice university, saturday he played probably his last game. he got very emotional, choked up talking about it at the ess conference. >> this university has given me an opportunity that -- i'll never get to -- compare anything else. the best academics that i could ask for, the best people in the world -- mexperience here has been the best. that's all i can say. >> jimmy: very sweet, right? but when the camera lines out you can see that almost no one is there. [ laughter ]
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>> jmy: there's no one there. there's four people there. he was crying because his parents didn't show up. speaking of crying. so we took my 16-month-old daughter to get a picture with santa claus yesterday. itit was a wle thing. we coordinated time to meet with my cousins and their children. ten cousins were going to be in this big family photo. we waited more than an hour in a line. and to get this photo, which may be the best photo ever taken of our family. you see some of the kids are okay with it. my brother is on the right side with his crying daughter. on the floor, i don't know if you see on the bottom corner, that's my cousin sal's son harrison, he threw his body to the ground in protest of santa claus. and in the middle therin front of the peace sign is my daughter screaming her head off. all week long we've been asking her, what does santa say? she says, ho ho ho, very cute. i tried to put her on santa's
10:51 pm
it was no no no is what it was. a lot of kids are terrified of santa and rightly so. you should be scared of a guy with a long beard who sits around at the mall all day, it's human nature. but if you have a great photo of your child losing his or her mind around saa claus and you want so share with it world post to it twitter or instagram #seasonsscreamings. there's two s's in the middle. we'll share our favorites and find it this way. crying kids on halloween we'd all right? so get to work. don't make your kids cry though. let them be terrified naturally. did you take your son benji to santa? week. >> jimmy: he screamed last year. >> guillermo: he cried a a lot. >> jimmy: do you think he's going to cry this year? >> guillermo: yeah. i think so. >> jimmy: you do? >> guillermo: yeah.
10:52 pm
>> guillermo: 5 i think. >> jimmy: did he eat chicken on thanksgiving or just you? >> guillermo: just me. >> jimmy: when you eat a chicken on thanksgiving do you carve it like it's a little turkey? >> guillermo: yeah. we cut it. >> jimmy: do you carve it? >> guillermo: no. >> jimmy: no, okay. onone more tng. speaking of holiday traditions, earlier tonight on abc the 50th anniversary of a charlie brown christmas, the original special was first broadcast in 1965. it's a classic. it's probably the greatest christmas special of all-timime. in fact, we asked a person who knows a lot about the greatest things of all-time. we asked him -- what is the greatest christmas special of all-time? here's what he said. >> it's "peanuts." the cost of the wall is peanuts. we're talking about peanuts. it's goi to be peanuts. peanuts. that's peanuts. that's peanuts. peanuts. that's peanuts. peanuts, peanuts, peanuts. peanuts, peanuts, peanuts,
10:53 pm
glorified billionaires, it's peanuts. it's peanuts! >> jimmy: all right, it's official. [ cheers and applause ] tonight on the show it's mashup monday with at all out boyz ii men. be right back with the cast of "the ridiculous 6" so stick around! [ cheers and applause ] dependable. and at net10 wireless, we let you tweet, text, talk and surf... on those amazing nationwide networks... without getting locked into a pricey phone contract. america's best 4g lte networksks for a l less. that's wireless your way. unlimited talk, text and data for just $40 a month. and now android smartphones start at just $19.99, bring your own phone.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello again. tonight our final mash-up monday of the month. this will be a good one. fall out boy and boyz ii men are here to form "fall out boyz ii men." the songng they'vehosen to play is "motown philly" which always makes me hungry for some reason. tomorrow night we have a very special show for world aids day. we have a star-studded shopathon to benefit "red." the evening will include
10:57 pm
scarlett johansson, the killers, snoop dogg, olivia wilde. and last but certainly least -- matt damon may appear on the show, time permitting. [ cheers and applause ] it's a demma for me, i feel like since it's a charity show i should let him on. on the other hand, the hell with him, right? our guests tonight are the most unusual and unlikely cast of movie star siblings s ever to put on horses. they play the brothers stockburn in a new comedy western premiering on netflix decemb 11th. please welcome adam m sandler, terry crews, jorge garcia, taylor lautner, rob schneider and luke wilson.
10:58 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> whoa! yeah! >> jimmy: you know what, i feel like one direction has come back. how's everybody? you guys doing all right? everything good? >> good. >> one direction at 50? >> we're starting strong, man! >> that was all for taylor. >> don't worry, don't worry. >> jimmy: looking business-like and spiffy. you've done a lot of growing up since i saw you last time. >> he's got a nice suit. >> jimmy: he looks nice. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> jimmy: terryyou look nic too. you've embraced the cowboy. >> i'm little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll. that's what i do, man. i went out there and i fell in love with the whole western
10:59 pm
i got the belt buckle. [ cheers and applause ] i got the boots. i went all-out, man. i was shopping eve weekend. and i fell in love with horses. i fell in love, man. >> jimmy: in a sexual way? >> no. a little bit. it's very sensual. it's a very sensual thing. >> the only real love, i had a burro, which adam's always so nice to give me such wonderful props. i'm covered in mud, i get an animal i have to hump for month the movie. the burro loved taylor, swear to god. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: taylor is so attractive it's not limited to the human race. [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah you would be like doing a scene, i would clear out, you'd see the burro licking taylor hand. i'm like, come on, come on. he would stay in the scene,
11:00 pm
>> jimmy: taylor, are you extra salty? why do you think that is? >> i don't know what it was. we would be in the middle of takes and this burro would be licking me. >> liking under his neck. >> it was all nuzzling. like, okay. look at that. >> actually, because i was in the editing room i heard what the burro said. we slowed it down. the burro said "keep me away from r rob schneer!" >> jimmy: you have your premiere for the movie. the movie's premiering on netflix. is that confusing people? >> yes. >> jimmy: it is? >> i don't know. >> jimmy: especially a western, it's a big western. it's really a western. >> looks awesome. frank karachi shot the movie, it looks fantastic. it is a beautiful movie. it's a real western. but it's a funny m movie. we wanted toto make its cool as we could make it. >> jimmy: it is very funny. it is a very funny movie. you ver know with a western what you're going to get.
11:01 pm
>> yeah, yeah, yeah, yea >> we really did become real brothers on the set. you didn't want to be the brother that wasn't there because it would be like, hey, is terry working out too much? schneider, what's he doing with his hair? >> j jimmy: tey, do you work out? >> you know, a little bit. you know. it's still here. [ cheers and applause ] it's still here! i tell you, we got to see -- >> jimmy: you have the most magical tits i've ever seen. >> i know. what can i say. [ cheers and applause ] >> we were all together in this pond. and these tadpoles that were like -- they were this big. >> you were the only one naked by the way. >> i went naked, all-in. i'd go out. that's h how i rol >> jimmy: why were the tadpoles so big? >> this guy had gotten us together in the morning and said, we've got it heated to 70, and we've checked that there's no bacteria, all you're going to finind in the is this. he scoops out this huge tadpole.
11:02 pm
>> we're all kind of silent. adam was like, what the hell is that? we're all like, no, no! like having juvenile delinquents at the museum of natural history. a bunch of grown men. >> jimmy: i wouldn't like that at all. tadpoles aren't really even an animal yet. >> because it was a movie they were nice enough to heat -- it's adamam sandler movie. they were nice enough to heat the pool up. in winter. and confuse all the tadpoles. >> jimmy: why were thehey in the pool in the first place? >> it was a pond. we were in a pond. >> jimmy: they heated a pond? >> you know. >> i made a phone call. >> jimmy: how do you heat a pond? >> we wanted to do it at the hotel pool. >> yeah. >> we really felt like we were roughing it. >> jimmy: did you live together or a anything ring? >> we should have. no, we were with each other all the time. we'd sleep in different places. but we'd set the alarms early and say where we're meeting for breakfast. >> jimmy: yohad breakfast
11:03 pm
>> jimmy: no. we would find o out what am's chef was making. what did adam's chef make? what kinof omelette did he get today? all egg whites? interesting. >> jimmy: it's fun, adam is such a relaxed person in general. do you treat adam like he's the boss on the set of a movie like this? >> no. mr. sandler is nice enough to let us call him mr. sandler. >> mr. sandler, is that okay? mr. sandler? >> you did find adam was the only guy that rob would listen to. you could tell, rob, we're waitg for you. he'd give me a glare. we'd be like, sandler! he's walking over. it's like a hierarchy there. >> jimmy: as you mentioned you guys play brothers which is funny just to start with. >> yes. >> jimmy: all half-brothers? >> we are half, nick nolte's our
11:04 pm
[ laughter ] very promiscuous around the west. he had a lot of different partners. and he gets kidnapped. they're going to kill him. then i find out about this and on my voyage to save him i meet new half-brothers. so we go together. we try to save dad. [ cheers and applause ] >> cute story. >> jimmy: this is not based on a true story. >> wait a minute, we had -- wewe weren't even 100% sure we could understand nick nolte. we all developed a nice impression of nick nolte. you can go first. >> i'm a huge nolte fan. so it was fun to ask him questions. i was asking him about north dallas 40, 48 hours. he was like, yeah, we were swinging it prty hard. >> i liked when he was talking, he'd have to start talking, then he'd start -- well, well,
11:05 pm
know, anyway, what are we doing now? >> real, that's real. >> jimmy: is he crazy or does he just appear to be crazy? >> no, solid. >> amazing. >> jimmy: did you know he wasn't crazy before y hired him? >> he's like a real actor's actor. >> exactly. >> more actor more than you reize. you'd think he's just a tough dude who's great in movies, a man's man. he's a very well read, smart guy. >> absolutely. >> jimmy: sounds a little bit scared, you all seem a little >> we were. >> a little bit, a little bit. >> he's great in the movie, he's funny as hell, he worked his butt off. >> jimmy: he is funny in the movie. >> he was there to cut our confidence in half. you think you're good actor then you have a scene with nolte. oh. >> we had this one long scene that took a couple of days to shoot. and nick was so great in it. a couple of times i missed my cue because i was watching him. >> oh, yeah. >> like, hey, i've got nolte
11:06 pm
>> oh my god, he really did d stare at his face. >> like i was at the movies in dallasas. >> we had some legends. harvey keitel on the set. >> jimmy: we'll talk about that. there's some fantastic -- maybe the best cameo ever, at least in this dade, i think. we'll tell you what that is when we come back. "ridiculous 6" is the name of the movie. [ cheers and applause ] if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me...
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do your brothers have any special skills that could help us out here tonight? >> like what? >> like tommy's good with knifes. little pete's got a bonus nipple. i got a burro. herm is good at strangling. >> i can hold my breath for six x mites. >> i can play the piano with my [ bleep ]. >> you're ununstoppablthere. >> jimmy: the ridiculous 6, it premieres december 11th on netfx. not in the movies, on netflix. >> that was pretty good there. >> jimmy: i hope you got a free netflix subscription or something out of this. >> i don't think so. netflix has been very nice to me. i was in florida for thanksgiving. and i told my mother the movie's coming out in about two weeks. and it was complete panic. >> jimmy: why? >> does not know how to get netflix. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. >> and my brother literally has been training her.
11:12 pm
i don't know how to do this, or call waiting! >> jimmy: the shape may have sailed on that one. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: what are you going to do? >>e'reoing to fly her out, let her watch maybe an hour and a half of f the moviin my house, then fly her right back home. time to go, mama. >> jimmy: you guys are talking about some of the cameos in the movie. >> yes. >> jimmy: so you have steve buscemi in the film. >> fantastic. >> jimmy: he is fantastic. >> always. >> jimmy: you have hary keitel as mentioned. >> yes. >> jimmy: that's more than just a cameo. >> blake shelton. >> jimmy: blake shelton is in the movie. >> very funny guy. >> dan patrick. >> jimmy: dan patrick who adam always puts in movies. >> yes. >> jimmy: you go, what the hell is dan patrick doing here? >> he's a great actor, playing lincoln, he blows away daniel day lewis. >> jimmy: did he go method on that? >> yeah, the whole time. >> jimmy: and perhaps most
11:13 pm
you got vanilla ice playing mark twain. >> of course. what's so unusual about that? >> jimmy: you're right, you're right. >> yeah. >> jimmy: whose idea was that? >> we were just -- we knew we wanted someone that you wouldn't expect. >> jimmy: you found him. >> exactly. called up the ice man and told him about the job. and mr. twain. and of course he said, who dat? >> i'll play samuel clemens but i ain't playing mark twain! >> yeah, vanilla ice is fantastic. actually, he put -- he looks so ch like him when he has the stuff on. it's crazy. >> jimmy: i always thought that even back in the early '90s i always said, that guy reminds me of mark twain. >> exactly. >> jimmy: rob, you play a
11:14 pm
[ speaking spanish ] >> it was a terrific cinematographer that i work with ony tv show "real rob." >> jimmy: when's that come out anyway? >> tonight at midnight. the guy with the lowest voice of anybody, two octaves lower than nick nolte, talking like this i couldn't believe it. i said, that would be a voice that would be interesting and hurt mvoice the rest of my life. and then adam had a particular way of looking at this character. more like sergio leone. introspective kind of thing. which is different than the other goofy characters i've played in my career. >> jimmy: you put some serious thought into this. >> it was over eight minutes of thought into this character. >> jimmy: jorge, your character, i think you grunt. i think chewbacca has more lines in "star wars" in english than you. you're grunting pretty much -- >> of course. yeah, in fact, later when we looped it i had to kind of learn what i grunted then so i could
11:15 pm
the dialogue. yeah. >> the best part was adam giving you notes on the grunting. >> yeah, i got to get some notes on the song. yeah we got this part, maybe row a little bit more of -- [ gibberish ] >> jimmy taylor, you play a very simple person. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and a very funny character. what was going on with your teeth in that? >> i had a chipped tth, yeah. my character's little pete. he's not the brightest. though. >> wait, i'm going to check it. we got an mvp, we call him mvp. this man. we a all know out going all-out for comedy. i have never seen anybody go as far as taylor lautner. >> jimmy: what did he do? >> first of all, there was one scene where he's hanging. they shot it for two days. and i remember, oh, they did a good job with the makeup to make the skin like it's coming off. it was the skin coming off! >> it was really skin. he was hanging for two days.
11:16 pm
that's unnecessary. >> it felt right. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> all of us are sayinthe nicest, most polite, you gentleman i've ever had the pleasure of working with, taylor lautner. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> mvp, mvp, mvp! >> jimmy: itit sounds ke you guys did something terrible to taylor on set, now you're making up for it in some way. > is thiskay? >> yeah. >> is it possible, jimmy, that a lot of ourornings we would start by asking taylor to do a flip. can he do a flip for the audience? [ cheers and applause ] >> do it! he can do all of it! watch it. >> jimmy: please don't get hurt though. [ cheers and applause ] >> okay, get out of his way. >> get out of the way! [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, what's up!
11:17 pm
>> mvp, mvp!p! mvp, mvp! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you know why he can do that, he's like part wolf. >> yeah. >> that's right, yeah. >> hd do that after he was dragged by a hse, get and up do one of those. >> jimmy: the horses, were you all comfortable with the horses? >> no. >> no. >> jimmy: who was the most -- >> let me just say, adam's stunt doub was incredibly good. >> jimmy: you had a horse riding stunt double? >> it's awkward when you run into the guy who doubles you on a horse. they're always like cooler-looking than you. in better shap mine was cody. i'd be like, that guy's dressed just like me. yeah that's cody, he's doubling you. hey, cody. >> jimmy: i'm the one who's not masculine enough to do the thing you're going to do. >> yeah. no, we did a beautiful shot.
11:18 pm
feet up,ky's beautiful. the camera's giant. cranes coming up. the guy who shot "dances with wolves," terrific cinematographer. >> beautiful. >> jimmy: wow. >> yeah. we're doing the shot. all six of us or five of us are riding horses, i'm riding a donkey. the five guys look great and i am the midget donkey running by. that was good, can we do it again? adam says, no! i almost fell on my ass! >> jimmy: we got a little something -- yeah, we do. bring the animal out. >> yeah! [ cheers and applause ] >> look at her! >> that's a beautiful horsrse. >> jimmy: it is a beautiful horse. i can't help but notice you're wearing boots. i thought it might be fun if you taught us when we come back how to mount a horse.
11:19 pm
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[ cheers and applause ] >> j jimmy: alright. we're back. we've got a horse, we've got the cast of "ridiculous 6." so rob, you were the best rider in the group? >> for sure. for sure. >> well -- >> don't be modest.
11:22 pm
donkey. >> they got great at it, i was not good at it. >> jimmy: now's your chance to redeem yourself. >> what am i going to do? >> jimmy: what i was hoping you would do is like the lone ranger, kind of bound up onto the horse. >> go on! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: no stunt doubles. >> i swear to good, a quick story, this is so dumb. so i was taking lessons. i took literally like 25 lessons. and i couldn't get on the horse. i'd watch these guys get on the horse, how do they do that? so cool. so you grab the e horn. you put your foot in the stirrup. i swear to god i didn't know to push up with my leg. i was just tying to pull myself up. and i was like going, arrgh! how do they pull themselves up? then i just pushed down. oh. oh, yeah. total idiot.
11:23 pm
let see you do it. >> all right! [ cheers and applause ] >> i got you, baby! come on, now! [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, how e you? >> h are you? >> good to see you. >> awesome, baby. >> jimmy: that was very well done. do you know how to get down? can you walk around and make the horse walk around? >> go ahead. >> jimmy: can you walk around the desk? >> yeah! >> jimmy: a natural. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: wow, look at that. what a nice shot we have of the horse now. >> get him out of here. >> jimmy: taylor, can you do a
11:24 pm
>> i can do it off of the horse. >> jimmy: all right. >> do it! >> jimmy: the movie is very funny. you're headed to the premiere. thank you for stopping by. seems like you have a lot of fun doing this. i hope the "ridiculous 7" or "6 iior whatever. >> jimmy: the whole gang is right here. i n't say everyone's name because we do not have time for it. "ridiculous 6" on netflix, december 11th. be right back with fall out boyz ii men! [ cheers and applause ]
11:25 pm
presented by samsung. >> dicky: the "jimmy kimimmel live" concert series is presented by samsung. >> jimmy: thanks to the cast of "the ridiculous 6." apologies to matt damon, we ran out ofime. "nightline" is next but first here to wrap up this month's monday mash-up series with the song "motownphilly" fall out boyz ii men! everybody let's get up let's have a good time verybody check it out y'all if you don't know now you know what's the name of the group boyz ii men what's the name of the group boyz ii men everybody it's boyz ii men abc the east coast family never skipped a beat coolin' on south street everybody it's
11:26 pm
friends and all all the philly steaks you can eat could have been it really happenr do dreams just fade away then we started singing and they said it sounded smooth so we started a group and here we are kicking it just for you oh motownphilly back again boyz ii men going off everybody having a good ti out there tonight? not too much and not too hard and not too soft boyz ii men boyz ii men boys 2 men we're going to break this down, let's go da da, daaa da da da da, daaa da da motownphilly
11:27 pm
swing da da, daaa da da da da, daaa d da da da da, daaa da da da da, daaa da da motownphilly doing a little east coast swing boyz ii men going off not too hard and not too soft okay everybody one last time can i get an oh yeah, say ll yeah. boys 2 men
11:28 pm
[ cheers and applause ] this is "nightline." >> tonight, this little girl is meeting her father face-to-face for the very first time. an emotional day giving these kids a rare chance to be with their dads behind bars.
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