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tv   ABC5 News at 530  ABC  December 13, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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nikki also coming up on local five news at 5:30, a man walks into a walmart... pointing a weapon at customers what investigators know about him now... and how they got the situation under control.. nikki then, it's a battle for the top spot, iowa loves cruz but the nation still puts trump on top. we've got the latest on their poltical battle in your local election headquarters tonight. nikki but first, police have arrested a man for the death of a union county woman, and made another shocking discovery. "local 5 news at 5:30 in hd starts now. we are iowa " nikki: new details tonight in the case of a body found in a farm pond earlier this month. good evening. welcome to local 5 news, i'm nikki davidson. glad you're with us... nikki: in tonight's big story....police arrest a man for the death of a union county woman. nikki: on december second, a hunter found the body of loretta dillenger in a farm pond near the union-
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friday, iowa dci investigators searched two homes in the small town of thayer in connection to the death. one home was the last known address of the 37-year-old. nikki: inside the other home, police found skeletal remains. investigators are still unsure who's remains those are. following that discovery, police arrested this man...jerry dillinger. he's lorretta's ex-brother-in-aw. union county officers arrested him during a routine traffic stop last night. he's charged with two counts of first degree murder, one for lorretta...and one for the skeletal reamins. " we had to use some eqeqpment and the use of a dog team to help us locate where the skeletal remains were located. the remains have been transported to the state medical examiners office in ankeny for identification and forensic examination " nikki: local 5's jacob peklo is down in thayer right now. tonight at 10 hear from residents who y this incident is shocking to say the least.
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grass of a fort dodge street has become a suspicious death investigation... this morning police got a call that someone noticed a white man lying between two 8th street... ems responded... and the man was pronounced dead on scene... the manner of death is being ruled suspicious... an conducted in the coming days... the identity of the man is not being released at this time. nikki: fort dodge police are searching for a man that's considered armed and dangerous after a shooting inside a bar... a fight had occured inside bar early this morning just before 2 a.m... thats when 23 year old jordan micheal foy pulled out a gun multiple shots. no one was struck by a bullet... but several charges will be filed against foy for the incident felony count of intimidation with well as reckless use of a firearm and possession of a weapon. police have not ask anyone who whereabouts to contact them.
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a fugitive from kansas might be in iowa tonight. u-s marshals are asking iowans to keep an eye out for 20 year old bryan bridges. bridges and a group allegedly broke into a kansas home on october 9th and ended up killing the homeowners when they unexpectedly came home. bridges is believed to have pulled the trigger. bridges has ties to iowa, mexico, and colorado, though no one's clear where he's headed. if you have any information, call the u-s marshals office at the number on your screen. nikki: turning to national headlines now... nikki: police shot and killed a heavily armed man at a pennsylvania walmart saturday night. now state police have identified the gunman. they say andrew todd entered the store with two weapons and started pointing a gun at customers. armed officers surrounded the building... demanding todd put the gun down... when they say he didn't, they fired at todd... hitting him in the chest. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. no one else was hit inside the walmart. investigators are still looking for answers about why this happened in the first place... "this was an isolated incident. as we go forward to determine
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interview people that will come about, but we don't believe there is any threat to the public whatsoever." " nikki: shoppers at that walmart store who witnessed the shooting said they're going to be extra cautious doing any holiday shopping... there were about 100 people in the store at the time of the incident. nikki: and topping world headlines...a massive fire at a russian psychiatric hospital.. nikki: at least 23 people are dead and another 23 injured after a fire broke out at the hohoital in southwest russia. a hospital employee says there were about 140 disabled people in the hospital, including 50 who were bed-bound. at least 51 people were rescued unharmed. so far, the cause of the fire is unknown. nikki: coming up on local 5 news at 5:30... jolly holiday lights... not so bright this year we'll explain whats dampened their popular display... nikki: and.... it's been a campaign bromance.... but not anymore... why donald trump now has his sights on
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competitiors... nikki: have a story you think we should cover? email us at: news at we are iowa dot com. or call us in the newsroom: 1- 800-858-5555. we're on facebook "we are iowa local 5 news" and twter "we are iowa 5 news" if you see news break... let us know. we'll be right back. you're watching local 5 news at 5:30.
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5 news at 5:30 in hd. we are iowa" nikki: the gloves may be coming off in the campaign bromance between donald trump and senator ted cruz. in your local election headquarters tonight, the national g-o-p frontrunner appears to be losisi ground in recent polls - and now, he's taking aim at the man picking up those crucial points. abc's mary bruce has the latest
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donald trump is taking aim at his new chief rival. (cnn) natsot - donald trump / (r) presidential candidate "i would say i have far better judgment than ted." the real-estate mogul appearing on two political talk shows today? criticizing senator ted cruz. (fox news sunday) natsot - donald trump / (r) presidential candidate "i don't think he's qualified to be president. the comments come as the texas senator is trumping trump in iowa. (gfx) cruz now with a ten point lead in one poll - up to 31-percent to trump's 21. but trump was quick to blast the new numbers - tweeting overnight "don't trust des moines register poll" - saying it's biased. the other big story inside the numbers - the fall of dr. ben carson... now down at 13 percent. (abc's this week) sot - ben carson / (r) presidential candidate "well, you know, poll
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he appeared on abc's this week with george stephanopolous? and doubled down on his threat to leave the republican party - if party leaders tried to manipulate the nominaton process using what he calls "back room deals." (abc's this week) sot - ben carson / (r) presidential candidate "if that is the case, then you know, i'm out of here." ========== on the democratic side - hillary clinton is getting some help from the president - t-v's president fitzgerald grant sot - tony goldwyn / actor, "scandal" "she has the most experience and has the right ideas to take the country where i believe it needs to go." actor tony goldwyn, from the hit abc show "scandal" - campaigning for the frontrunner. natsot - sen. bernie sanders / (d) presidential candidate "does that seem right to anybody? no!" her rival bernie sanders one of the few candidates out on the trail today? making at least four stops in iowa. critical campaigning with just seven weeks until the iowa caucuses - and just two days until the next g-o-p debate. mary bruce, abc news, washington. nikki: so far, cruz seems unwilling to criticize trump publically - tweeting earlier this weekend - "sorry to disappoint -- @realdonaldtru mp is terrific. hashtag "deal with it." nikki: meanwhile, here's your first look at the stage for tuesday's final republican presidential primary debate of 2015. there are nine podiums for the prime-time
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donald trump is front and center, flanked by his newest, closest rival ted cruz and also ben carson. also on main stage, marco rubio and jeb bush, john kasich, chris christie, carly fiorina and rand paul. as for the first round debate...mike huckabee, rick santorum, lindsay graham and george pataki will face off. that starts at six p-m tuesday on c-n-n. nikki: and taking a look at elections around the world. nikki: at least six womehave been elected to public office in saudi arabia, according to preliminary results published in state media on sunday. saturday's historic elections for councils marked the first time women in the country were allowed to vote and to run for office. nikki: and voting is underway in france. depending upon how those ballots are cast...a far-right -- anti- immigration party --could win control of a french region for the first time. it's not clear how this would play into the syrian refugee crisis at this time. nikki: lots of rain around the metro after last nights storms. that storm caused big problems fro a popular holiday
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organizers announced this afternoon that jolly holiday lights out at water works has to close for the season.... park was closed down last night, but power outages kept the lights off again today. they say the light display must now close for the rest of the season due to high rainfall and the city's projections that the rivers will crest above flood stage this week... nikki: and the closures don't stop there. walnut creek is at 6 feet tonight, and projected to get as high as 10 and a half feet later tonight. because of the creek, the clive greenbelt park and trail are closed. stay with local 5 for more closures and for when these areas are back open. nikki/2shot and james, this all would have been worse if it had been snow right? james: i'll have your forecast coming up. "now, we are iowa's most accurate forecast with
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with snow totals between a half to two inches possible. rain showers will be ending monday by midday in central iowa and clouds with very windy conditions will stick around for the afternoon. expect to see wind gusts of 30mph. highs monday will top out in the 30s and 40s. thirties for highs return to
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through the rest of the work week with few chances of any welcome back december.
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we love to see your weather
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your weather photos! your weather photos! if you capture any good pictures make sure to post them at we are iowa dot com. just click on the share it tab! nikki: christmas is just 12 days away. that means you've got 11 days to finish your holiday shopping. " " nikki: local 5's stephanie angleson was out spreading some holiday cheer today. earlier this afternoon she was at merle hay mall wrapping gifts for holiday shoppers. all the proceeds go to the puppy jake foundation... "our money that we get that is donated goes to the millitary veterens and providing the dogs to help them live their regular lives "
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the gift wrapping station will be open at merle hay mall next weekend, too. they're open from 11am to 9pm friday, 10-8 on saturday and 11- 7pm on sunday. nikki/three shot jon joins us now-- and the jon the cyclone women are on a roll jon: that's right nikki they took down iowa-- now they've got arkansas pine bluff. coming up on local 5 sports the freshman made a big impact today for the cyclones-- we'll show you who was dropping threes when we come back. " now, local 5 sports
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are iowa sports" jon: welcome back. the iowa state
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so far. they topped number 23 iowa take on arkansas pine bluff riding sterak. have three non- games left before they get into their big 12 schedule- so it's tune things up. up to hilton coliseum we go- a few points in quarter-- but bridgette from beyond the all. how about from she puts the cyclones up 3. now seanna johnson getting it on the wing-- drives the lane-- and banks it in isu up 4. we go back to carlton-- from the other corner-- no doubt about it. she wasn't done another three for the cyclone freshman stretching the lead to 16. carlton with a team high 22 points in today's game. third quarter-- meredith burkhall with a midrange jumper-- knocks it down cyclones up 17. staying in the third frame-- claire rickets gets it down low-- nice reverse lay in and isu continues to stretch their lead. now in transition-- johnson going
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and lays it in . bry fernstrom just inside the arc-- the lefty knocks down a long two-- she finished with 8 points on the day. cyclones get the win 70 to 41-- bill fennelly applauding the effort by his freshmen today. "bridget played great. i thought all of our freshman played well. the freshman haven't figured out that like the older kids you can just show up today and they still think every game is big and every game is important and i need to play hard game is big and every game is important and i need to play hard every game this is pretty cool for them. the older kids are like eh i don't really care when's my post game and this will be easy. but we got 40 points of our 70 from our freshman jon: now let's check the iowa state men's basketball score as they are also taking on arkansas pine bluff in a women's and mens double header in ames. iowa state leads at half time 39 to 30. jon: we've only got a few weeks left of the nfl season-- and chiefs fans are hoping to stay in the playoff race as a wild card contender. today they take on division foe
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chargers in a sloppy and rainy kansas city. chargers taking on the chiefs at arrowhead... 2nd quarter... and 4 from the 44... alex smith (chiefs) throws to albert wilson (chiefs) across the middle wilson (chiefs) way into the endzone for the touchdown score: chiefs lead 7-0 4th quarter.. chargers trail 10-3 4th quarter.. chargers trail 10-3 4th quarter.. chargers trail 10-3 2nd and 10 from the 42... phillip rivers (chargers) throws deep to malcom floyd (chargers) floyd drops the pass! take another look... the ball bounces off floyd's hands... he had a clear path to the endzone! later in the 4th... 3rd and 14... phillip rivers (chargers) throws deep to malcom floyd (chargers).. great catch! take another look... great catch by floyd in traffic :40 seconds remaining 4th and 10... phillip rivers (chargers) completes to vincent brown (chargers) for the first down later in the drive... :02 remaining in
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chargers (chargers) throws to danny (chargers) in woodhead can't make the play great defense dee ford (chiefs) score: chiefs win 10-3 jon: nikki: we'll be right five news at 5:30 james:
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parts of western iowa could see a changeover to snow with snow totals between a half to two inches possible. rain showers will be ending monday by midday in central iowa and clouds with very windy conditions will stick around for the afternoon. expect to see wind gusts of 30mph. highs monday will top out in the 30s and 40s. thirties for highs return to central iowa by mid- week and linger through the rest of the work week with few chances of any precipitation falling. welcome back december. nikki/3shot thank you for spending your time with us tonight. log onto our website, we are iowa dot com for more news, weather and sports.
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