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tv   Local 5 News at Five  ABC  December 14, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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well it rained all weekend and it didn't really let up at all today. and we're seeing the effects of this strange december weather. stephanie: closed over due to flood you can see a including parkway, street, east border street and a section of hartford ave. even the clive parts under water. jack/2ram down the roads, christmas plans stephanie: it's caused one holiday tradition here in the metro to come to a complete halt. local 5's claire powell has more. " " this christmas season, water works park is going to be dark. for the first time in 20 years, jolly holly day lights is cancelled. they've cancelled for a few days for blizards, but never for flooding like this." "its no longer rising its flooidng" the swift moving raccoon river has once again taken over
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make a wish history- its shut down jolly holiday lights. "transformer went out, park went dark and power went out and we just had to make that decision" the lighted event that takes around 1400 volunteers and three weeks to set up-- took one soggy weekend to ruin. between the flooding and power outage concerns- jolly holiday has shut down for the season. which is a major hit for "make a wish iowa." "this is our largest fundraiser for make a wish, we're lookking at aaround 200k of an impact to the org" the event would've paid for about 40 out of the 190 wishes this year-- thats why now they're relying on donations. because even without the lighted parade- the show for the kids, must go on. "all the challenges that we've seen from volunteers and staff, compares nothing to what our wish kids go thorugh on a daily basis. we love what we do and we'll keep doing it. and we'll keep raising money on the state" says they may lose but donations are still mail, calls or online. are iowa dot com. from powell local 5 news stephanie/1shot if you still have your tickets to
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if you still have your tickets to jolly holiday and didnt get to use them-- make a wish said they'll honor them next year when they reopen. and if you're seeing flood waters in your neck of the woods -- we'd love to see your photos! make sure to post them at we are iowa dot com. just click on the share it tab! jack: moving to new details now out of ames -- where a teenager is dead after a hit and run. jack/ots police are now identifying the victim as 18 year old emmalee jacobs -- an iowa state student from urbana. it happened early this morning -- around 7 -- on lincoln way and ash avenue in ames. police say jacobs was found lying in the road by an i- s-u officer. she was taken to a hospital, where she later died. right now -- police are looking for more infomation about what happened. if you have any
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your screen. jack: through a home in minburn -- with inside. jack: it happened around 10-30 this morning in the 700 block of laurel. a few crews were battle the blaze. called for emergency crews says the homeowner was asleep in the home when the fire started. no one was hurt, how the fire started. investigators say the home is probably a total loss. stephanie/ram over 76-hundred it's a new record and it's held by our iowa's own governor -- terry branstad. and tonight, an event is being held to celebrate. stephanie: local 5's amanda krenz is out live at the fairgrounds where the event is gearing up. amanda? amanda/live (sat) here at the iowa state fairgrounds, this is nothing short of a monumental event honoring governor terry branstad. we can take a look at what an impressive is is to become the nation's governor in history. he first took
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an election. his record is 19-0 elections for ever tried for. to achieve this mileston he clinton of new served seven three-year terms starting in 1777. today marks governor branstad's 7,642nd day in office. where it all started. "tucked away in north central iowa, there's a room inside of the forest city mansion museum... the governor terry e. branstad room. carol whiteis 24:42 thesee are all of his personal things from his first three terms. carol whiteis is a tour guide at the mansion, she leads people, young and old, through the room that dispalys some collections from the country's longest serving governor. 26:36 he was born here, went to school here. carol, who calls the govenor by his first name, says terry's interest in politics started back in a junior high civics class. he was inspired by one of his teachers. her personal favorite items that are on
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says the kids that come through enjoy governor branstad's elephant collection. 23:03 i try to stress upon them, he went to school here. he graduated here and look what he became, he became the governor, if you work hard you can become something really big too. governor branstad enjoys having some of his history showcased here, everything from photos from his first trip to china.. to some of the gear he wore when he was in the military. as branstad's tenure as iowa governor now makes record-setting history, the historians in charge of this room hope more and more people come by to visit it, so they can see for themselves some of the peices and experience the same sense of dignity they feel for their hometown boy, turned governor. 26:30 a lot of pride, proud of him. " amanda/live (sat) the event this
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iowa politics... to give you an idea of who will be tonight... congressman leanard boswell, speakint tonight... former congressman leanard boswell, senators chuck grassley and joni ernst, governor scott walker from wisconsin is here, and that's just to name a few. tonight at six, the governor's book. his biography is out and raising money for a special cause. we'll have that story tonight. live in des moines, amanda krenz, local 5 news, we are iowa. stephanie: amanda thanks. and head to our website to see some neat archive video of branstad through the years. we'll also be live streaming on we are iowa dot com. now -- as preparations were underway for branstad's big event, progress iowa met on the capitol steps to talk about what they call branstad's broken promises. "he and his lt. governor have made promises and broken promises and nearly failed to deliver on any of the goals they've set on behalf
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" progress iowa had a nearly 10- foot tall billboard promoting a new website -- aimed at showing what they say branstad and lieutenantgover nor reynold's haven't kept their word on. jack: it was a busy day at the polk county courthouse today. jack/lam new court appearances were set for a man accused of murdering two people in the metro a few weeks ago. michael wanchanic is charged with two counts of first degree murder in the deaths of bryon howard and heather belieu. it happened earlier this month. the couple was found shot to death in their bed at a home they shared with wanchanic. today -- wanchanic's next court appearance was set. he'll be arraigned on january 13th. jack: meanwhile -- a school bus driver accused in assaulting a student on his school bus gets a trial date. you might remember robert scarbrough from this video. he's charged with assault and child endangerment for the incident
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posted bond -- and will be in pretrial january 15th -- with a jury trial set for february 5th. stephanie/1shot with the latest star wars movie set to hit theaters later this week -- fans aren't the only one showing their excitment. the iowa d-o-t is using star-wars themed signs for their message mondays -- like these. they asked for suggestions for messages related to the movie premier, and said they couldn't just pick one. you'll be able to little signs here in iowa, in utah, arizona and colorado. . stephanie/2shot time for a quick break. -- coming up on local 5 news at five... it was a windy, drizzly day. but when will it start to dry out? james is in with a look at your forecast. jack: but next... ever wonder what goes into the debates for presidential candidates? we'll give you a peek behind the scenes. stephanie: and... straight ahead on local 5 news at 5... thugs thieves and killers. that's what president obama had to say about isis today.
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talk terror. "you're watching local jack miller, stephanie angleson, we are iowa's most accurate
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presidential debate of 2015, and preparations are under way. this is time-lapse video of the c- n-n debate stage being built in las vegas. two debates will take place tuesday night. you can see the amount of work it takes to get it all set up. jack: here's your first look at the stage for tuesday's debate. there are nine podiums for the prime-time debate-- as for the first round debate...mike huckabee, rick santorum, lindsay graham and george pataki will face off. stephanie/2ram now - there's a lot that goes in to each debate. a lot that you at home won't typically get to see. cnn's dana bash, wolf blitzer, anderson cooper and john
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"no closed captioning available " stephanie: you can tune in
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the first debate starts at 5 -- with the prime-time debate set to kick off at 7:30. jack/2ram and there are new poll numbers ahead of the debate -- putting donald
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cruz neck and neck in iowa. the new quinnipiac poll shows trump has 28-percent support. senator cruz is in a very close second with 27- percent. senator marco rubio is in third with 14-percent. stephanie: meteorologist james peterson joins us now.. james ((ad lib weather toss)) "now, we are iowa's most accurate forecast with
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weatherrate the independent weather experts " james: since saturday, many places have seen at least 2 to 3 inches of rain, but a few reports have come in with totals as high as 6 to 7 inches! the rain has ended this afternoon and we will see a cold and breezy night as lows fall into the low 30s. tuesday looks mostly cloudy with dry and breezy conditions with highs back in the mid 40s. there is a chance we'll see a wintry mix to a few snow showers in northwest iowa tuesday night into wednesday morning. the remainder of the week is looking dry but cold with highs in the low 30s going into friday. next week we warm up a bit again back towards the 40s, but as of now it's looking like we won't see that white christmas. james/wxhang (adlib) jack:/ stephanie:
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jack: coming up on thugs, thieves that's what the isis leaders. hear his latest plan of action. stephanie: and don't forget -- we want to hear from you if you have a story you want us to look into. email us at: news at we are iowa dot com. newsroom: 1- 800-858-5555. we're on facebook "we news" are iowa 5 news" if you see news break... let us know. you're watching
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5 news at look at your national headlines now. the fight against terror organization isis. president obama says efforts continue to move forward with urgency. jack: the president says the u.s.-led coalition is hitting the terror group, quote, "harder than ever." he made the comments from the pentagon today, where he met with his national security council. " (president obama) "more people are seeing isil for the thugs and the thieves and the killers that they are. we've seen instances of isil fighters defecting, others who have tried to escape have been executed, and isil's reign of brutality and extortion continues to repel local populations and help fuel the refugee crisis." as we squeeze it's heart, we'll make it harder for isil to pump it's terror and propoganda to the rest of the world."" jack: mr. obama admits progress is slow-going
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terrorists in iraq and syria. his rare pentagon visit is meant to show how serious his administration is about the isis strategy. stephanie/bam a heartbreaking anniversary in america. today is the third anniversary of the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown connecticut. twenty children and six adults were killed. the shooter was 20-year-old adam lanza. he shot his own mother before attacking the school. lanza turned his gun on himself as police closed in. stephanie/2bam time for another quick break... meteorologist james peterson will be back with
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see a cold and breezy night as lows fall into the low 30s. tuesday looks mostly cloudy with dry and breezy conditions with highs back in the mid 40s. there is a chance we'll see a wintry mix to a few snow showers in northwest iowa tuesday night into wednesday morning. the remainder of the week is looking dry but cold with highs in the low 30s going into friday. next week we warm up a bit again back towards the 40s, but as of now it's looking like we won't see that white christmas. stephanie: thank you for spending your time with us tonight. jack: we are working hard on another great newscast for 6pm. we're proud to say we are iowa... have a great night. " "
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