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tv   Local 5 News at Six  ABC  December 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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plans does he still have in store for the state? jack/2shot: good evening and welcome to local 5 news, home of we are iowa dot com. i'm jack miller. stephanie/2shot: and i'm stephanie angleson. stephanie: our big story tonight... governor branstad is making history at the state fairgrounds. local 5 chief political reporter amanda krenz is live at the celebration... amanda-- amanda/livesat: governor branstad is making history... and selling a new book. this is his new biography, called iowa's record setting governor: the terry branstad story." the money from the book sales will go to the governor branstad iowa history fund which will help fund efforts that promote and preserve the state's history. there's one special historical spot in iowa that's close to the governor's heart... where pieces of his history are on display. take a look at a fresh- faced governor terry branstad, in his mid thirties, ready to lead the state of iowa. this room inside of the mansion museum in forest city, iowa is a place where the public can see a collection of memorabilia from branstad's first three
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sense of pride. i know the roots he had. the love he had for the state of iowa and our country. governor branstad was born in forest city, and grew up in the area. riley lewis was friends the governor who he calls by his first name. 33:24 terry always had trouble with charlie horses when it got cold he'd get pulled out of game with charlie horses but he'd get right back in and have it. riley is the president of the winnebego county historical society. when he walks into the branstad room, out of all the memorbilia - he always takes note of the duffy cartoons. he says they're a sign of the times,and portray what the mood was
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this room has become a treasure to north central iowa, one they'd like to share with anyone who's interested in learning more about the longest serving governor in u.s. history. 34:56 it's a place we want people to reflect and children to learn that even though we're a small town of 4200, the governor of the state of iowa came from here. riley says he's not only proud of this room and what it showcases and teaches. he's proud of the man he calls his friend, governor branstad. 36:9 he could be sitting in an easy chair retired, but he decided iowa was where he wanted to put his efforts in, we all back him on that. amanda/livesat: this event will likely go well into the evening, there are a number of high profile speakers who will be
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we'll have a wrap up up the event tonight at ten. live at the iowa state fairgrounds, amanda krenz, local 5 news, we are iowa. (local 4 news, abc9 news) stephanie: this is a monumental event honoring governor terry branstad. here's what it took to become the nation's longest serving governor in history. he first took office in 1982 at the age of 36. he's never lost an election. his record is 19- and-0 when it comes to elections for any office he's ever run for. to achieve this recognition, he passed george clinton of new york, clinton served seven three-year terms starting in 1777. and finally, today marks governor branstad's 7,642nd day in office. stephanie: and for more archive video of and information on our longest- serving governor, be sure to check out our website. that's we are iowa dot com. jack:
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morning near the iowa state apparently hit by a car. young woman as 18 year old urbana resident and isu freshman emmalee jacobs. she was taken to the hospital this morning, but died injuries. police are still incident as a possible hit and run. ames police are anyone with them or story county crime the information is there on your screen. and earlier today, isu president steven leath released a statement offering his condolences to emmlee's family and loved ones. jack: meanwhile, fort dodge police are investigating the cause of a suspicious death. just before 8 a.m. sunday morning police got a call about man lying on the ground between two houses on north 8th street. ems responded... and the man was pronounced dead on scene. it's being ruled suspicious. an autospy will be done in the coming days. the identity of the man is not being released yet. jack: and a suspicious
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county as well into the dallas department welfare 63. man dead inside. no arrests have been made, and the investigation is on-going. an autopsy will start tomorrow. stephanie: in your local election headquarters now-- stephanie/ram: big news here in iowa for the republican presidential candidates. with only a little under two months left until caucus night sen. ted cruz is now neck and neck with business mogul donald trump. in a new quinnipiac poll out today, with republican iowa caucus- goers . trump is polling at 28 percent cruz is not too far behind at 27 percent with rubio in third with 14 percent. jack: for the first time in its 20 year history, jolly holiday lights is cancelled. the heavy rain and flooding in water works park has forced make a wish iowa to cancel the beloved christmas tradition for the rest of the season. the light show takes around 14-hundred volunteers and three weeks to set up. make a wish says
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may cost them more than 200 thousand dollars in donations that makes possible about 40 children's wishes. "" all the challenges that we've seen from volunteers and staff, compares nothing to what our wish kids go thorugh on a daily basis. we love what we do and we'll keep doing it. and we'll keep raising money on behalf of make a wish iowa and kids across the state " " jack: no worries, jolly holiday lights will be back next year. and donations are still being accepted by call, mail or online at iowa wish dot org. jack: on top of cancelling jolly holiday lights, the flooding is closing roads like george flagg parkway and many others. the rising waters also took over the clive greenbelt trail, targeting stores along swanson boulevard and making it difficult for drivers to get around. local 5's claire powell has more on that story. "as the flood waters continue to rise, business owners were holding their breath, but one business was prepared in more ways than one" "to be like this here it has to be alot of rain"
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"you know the rains been going on for days, both sides this spot. you'd think the signs would stop drivers "its been rising all morning and with enough cars getting stuck, teh city said we'll close off both ends" the road closed "we're a dive shop yet, we're closed off due to excessive water" are employees at matt leyden's dive shop, where inside, it's surprsingly...dry "snokels masks fins, tanks,air you name it we haev it here" all day, these divers - who're used to being sumberged- have watched drivers of cars do it instead. "little cars start to surf board, and some people go really fast, then slow down to hit the water and it floods their engine-- we're insdie saying keep going! " because no water has unless its from their they say the more they watch - the more they think "maybe its not the men that need the suits after all, "out of anyone youre worse than we'll haev claire powell local 5 news we are iowa. jack:
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we want to know if you've experienced any flooding and where. let us know, we comments on-air. you can post you thoughts on facebook and twitter. or send us an email or give us a call . we'd love to hear what you think! the contact information is on your screen. stephanie: coming up on local 5 news at six... they ship billions of packages a year. we'll tell you why today is a special day for the united state's postal service. "your watching local 5 news at 6 in hd with jack miller, stephanie
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forecast with chief meteorologist brad edwards, and local 5 sports with sports director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 6. we are iowa." stephanie: today is the busiest day of the year for the u-s postal service.. here's a quick look at some deadlines to keep in mind... tomorrow, that's the 15th, is the last day to send packages across the u-s cheaply. and anything after the 19th will have to go priority mail. this year, the usps expects to deliver more than 15 billion pieces of mail, a 10.5 percent increase over last year. jack: with christmas coming up next week, communities are getting into the giving spirit. jack: "we will serve over 400 kids through our christmas distrubution very very generous and to be hand made on top of it you just can't get things like that
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this is part of a donation drive in waukee that's run by waukee christian services the program allows families to sign up for one food box and one gift box. and these hand crafted toys are donated by the waukee wood workers association. stephanie/wxcdl: jack/wxcdl local 5 meteorologist james peterson is here now... james:wxcdl ( local 5 weather is coming up next. workers association. stephanie/wxcdl: jack/wxcdl local 5 meteorologist james peterson is here now... james:wxcdl ( local 5 weather is coming up next. james:wxcdl ( local 5 weather is
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james: let's take a look at we are iowa's most accurate forecast. james/wxwall: weather adlib: since saturday, many places have seen at least 2 to 3 inches of rain, but a few reports have come in with totals as high as 6 to 7 inches! the rain has ended this afternoon and we will
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the low 30s. tuesday looks mostly cloudy with dry and breezy conditions with highs back in the mid 40s. there is a chance we'll see a wintry mix to a few snow showers in northwest iowa tuesday night into wednesday morning. the remainder of the week is looking dry but cold with highs in the low 30s going into friday. next week we warm up a bit again back towards the 40s, but as of now it's looking like we won't see that white christmas. james/2wx: that's all for my forecast. check out for the latest in weather
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thanks james.
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snap a cool weather photo? post it to we are weather photo? post it to we are just click on the share it tab! jack/2bam: i'm here with
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and jon fans get the good news or bad news about rose bowl tickets today jon/2bam: yeah jack at least the ones given to the university of iowa. least the ones given to the university of iowa. coming up on local 5 sports we'll break down the costs and just how many fans put in
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welcome back. today is the day-- iowa fans hoping to get tickets through the university of iowa found out today whether or not they'd get a seat at the rose bowl on january first. there were nearly 55,0000 ticket requests for just 22,000 tickets that were available through the university ranging in price from 150 dollars up to 185. this is the first trip to the rose bowl since 1991 for the
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dream season. it's no secret iowa fans travel well. with so many people requesting ticketsthere are sure to be some broken hearts. we caught up with one fan in iowa city who got the good news today that he'd be inside the rose bowl for the new years day game. but wonders how they determine who got the best tickets. "(ethan diehl) my parents had season tickets for like 35 years and i read on k- hawk that point cut off for tickets is 31 and you get three points for each season so my parents had 105 points so they easily made the cut off for getting tickets to the game but they didn't get the best tickets to the game. so for me i kind of wonder like what does it take to get the best tickets. i mean they turned away 32,000 ticket applications. " jon: here's a quick look at what you'll be spending if you didn't get tickets through the lottery. the cheapest ticket i saw on stubhub was 400 dollars as you
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expensive was at 5 thousand 55 dollars and some odd cents. one thousand dollars from des moines to lax with dates flying 28th, and back on the 2nd of climb as high as 17 hundred or more and i'll bet they only go up from here. jon/bam: finals week for iowa state. that means players will be focused on their tests-- but they still have the big weekend. today iowa state addressed the importance of finals first and gearing up for their game against uni second. "obviously finals week so biggest focus today we're off today we'll get back on the floor tomorrow just with some individual shooting groups then we'll start getting ready for northern iowa wednesday thursday and friday but glad to be 9-0 going into finals week and now we just gotta take care of business academically. " "i was thinking about skipping all my finals but maybe i should go take them obviously we've done this before and you just gotta have your priorities straight i mean there's always still time to get into the gym really we've had our
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we get great support around here so i'm not too worried about it." "it aint no big adjustment for me or george his fourth year my third year it was overwhelming my freshman year i didn't really know how to handle it but now i got it down pact and we should be good and stay sharp on the court also. jon: and a look at your big four classic schedule. iowa plays drake classic schedule. iowa plays drake at 3:30 saturday afternoon at wells fargo arena. then northern iowa and iowa state tip off at 6pm that game will air on espnu. iowa state dropped a spot to number 5 in the ap poll today-- they stay at number 2 in the coaches poll jon/sx3s stephanie/sx3s jack/sx3s we'll be right back... you're watching local
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check of your meteorologist james peterson. james: weather adlib: since saturday, many places have seen at least 2 to 3 inches of rain, but a few reports have come in with totals as high as 6 to 7 inches! the rain has ended this
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night as lows fall into the low 30s. tuesday looks mostly cloudy tonight. jack/4shothang: is bieber dating kourtney
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>> taylor swift with her >> is this kardashian dating bieber? >> plus, lady gaga and her fiance get confronted by haters. now. >> on "entertainment toni >> why protesters swarmed her as we sit down with gaga's proud fiance. >> she just got nominated for a
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