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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 16, 2015 7:00am-9:00am CST

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>> good morning, america. the republicans face off in las vegas. and the gloves come off. >> am i talking or are you talking, jeb. >> i'm talking right now. >> you can go back. >> donald trump doubles down on his muslim ban. >> we're not talking about religion. we're talking about security. >> the toughest shot yet from jeb. >> donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. he's a chaos candidate and would be a chaos president. >> the stakes never higher in the race for president. >> everywhere in america is a target for these terrorists. >> we have complete coverage from the showdown on the strip and bill o'reilly joins live with his take. >> thapassenger jet rolling off the runway overnight into a ditch. the nose and side of the plane damaged. ambulances racing to the scene. passengers evacuating down the emergency slide. eight people rushed to the hospital and the faa is investigating right now. shutut down. the anonymous threat of bombings
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close all of its schools causing chaos stranding 650,000 kids. the clues this morning, why investigators knew it was a hoax and the war of words as other cities say it was a huge ovoverreacti. dropping the mic. >> what? oh, that's the robber. >> the local reporter who helped crack the case and catch a bank robber. >> ah, this is live tv, folks. >> how he got much more than just the story. and something like that, good morning, america. the main event lighting up the strip in las vegas last night. 1400 people packing the venetian hotel and casino last night. donald trump said it felt more like the academy award. >> likes having the gold around. he took tough hits from jeb bush, the most lively performance yet fromovernor bush, thbig question, did it
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did anything change? you saw ted cruz and marco rubio go at it, as well, and we're going to talk about this with bill o'reilly who is standing by with his analysis. there he is right there. we'll begin, though, with abc's cecilia vega. she is in las vegas for all the action. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning to you. i'm still outside the venetian low tell. all eyes inside that hall last night on donald trump, the focus was on national security, but donald trumpmp says head the best debate so far. the gloves were off almost as soon as the opening bell rang. >> run for president. you're a tough guy, jeb. >> we need to have a leader that is -- >> real tough. >> you'll never be president of the united states by insulting your way to the presidency. >> i'm at 42 and you're at 3. >> doesn't matter. >> reporter: it was donald trump versus jeb bush on how to fight isis. >> with jeb's attitude we will never be great again. that i can tell you. >> reporter: and on that proposal that's controversial to ban muslims. >> donald trump is great at the one-liners but he's a chaos
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president. >> jeb doesn't really believe i'm unhinged. he said that very simplyly because he has failed in this campaign. it's been a total disaster. nobody cares. >> reporter: there was donald trump versus rand paul. >>s donald trump a serus candidate? >> the reason i ask this -- >> reporter: but the biggest grudge match at all. >> he has a wonderful temper. >> reporter: trump versus the texas senator infringing on his s front-runner standings in the poll never happenened. instead, it was ted cruz versus marco rubio, both vying to be the party's alternative to the brash billionaire in the lead. >> does ted cruz rule out ever legalizing people in this country illegally now. >> senator cruz. >> i have never supported legalization. >> do you rule it out? >> i have never suppord legalization and i don't intend to. >> because you know -- >> reporter: some like dr. ben carson struggling to break out of the pack. >> but the fact of the matter is, look and see what i've done. and that speaks volumes about
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over. >> mr. trump, did jeb bush have it out for you tonight? >> no, he has to do what he has to do. i fully understand. he's having a hard time and he wants to get his numbers up. >> reporter: well, jeb bush thoughhe had a good night too. this is the final, this was the final republican debate of 2015 and i can tell you there have been a lot of questions about whether trump might stage an independent ruif he does not win this nomination. he said unequivocally last night he will not do that, robin, he says he's totally committed to the republican party. >> we'll talk about that. thank you, cecilia. matthew dowd, a senior adviser to president george w. bush and worked on campaigns for both parties is here. so, the front-runner, how did he do? >>onald trump didn't damage himself at all. this is the last debate before christmas and donald trump will go into christmas holidays into the new year as the dominant front-runner. the interesting thing, like yes, virginia, there is a santa claus, yes, gop, donald trump
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>> and you say that even more so now because of what trump said, we heard cecilia as she said at the end of her r reportingow he's saying, i'm not going to run as an independent. you read something into that. >> i thought it was a big tell at the end oit. up to this time he's been leaning in i may or may not. he sees himself in the dominant place and sesees himse as the winner of the gop nomination process. that's why he's saying that. >> ted cruz has been makinsome inroads and gaining some ground. how did he do? >> i thought he did fine. he had momentum coming in. he didn't do anything to push it forward so i think in that way he fell short of whe he kneed to go in this. i think herobably wins iowa but the problem for ted cruz is where does he win after r iowa? >> so did anybody in your estimation break out? >> i thought the two breakout people were marco rubio, he's always good at these debate, probably won every single debate in the course of this and chris christie did some good contrasting to everybody else on stage. the problem is, can anybody take a place of donald trump in the course of this race and i think that's the question we don't know.
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by january. >> i think it's going to go from a football team to a baseball team to a basketball team in january which isrobably five or six people on stage. >> i knew you would give one of those analogies. george. >> let's hear from bill o'reilly right now from fox news so the author of the number one "the new york times" best-seller, "killing reagan." welcome back. we heard matthew dowd right there. he didn't see anything that would take trump off the top right now. do you agree? >> i don't think trump really changed his status. you like him before the debate you'll like him after. you don't, same thing. i think ted cruz helped himself a little bit because he becomes the conservativelternative to trump. so if you're not a policy person, and you're conservative you would go with cruz. >> but he and rubio really went at it on national security. you think cruz got the better of that exchange. >> i don't know. you got to understand the folks are going on emotion this year and that's what it's all about and people should understand
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trump has blown the system up. he's blown it up and now it's all about emotion, so once you get into this s micro pocy business i think most folks tune out. >> the big questioion peoplere asking does it stay about emotion as the votes actually come? >> it does, it does until you get to the first voting. iowa, new hampshire. i think it'll carry into that. because that's what trump is running on. that's his whole campaign, emotion. he feels your pain and the country is angry. >> jeb bush had his toughest attack yet on donald trump last night. chaos candidate. did he draw blood? >> no, because you could just read it in bush's face. how is this possibly happening? how can i, a candidate who knows and has run a state for eight years be losing to a donald trump, who speaks in generalities. but what jeb bush has never understood is this is a different time. americans are furious on both sides, but primarily on the right and if you don't feel that anger, if you don't feel it you're going to lose.
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the next feweeks in the polls you think he gets out before the votes. >> look, it's a matter of money. he has a lot of money. he can stay in you got super tuesday. i don't think he'll get out before that. >> benarson has been falling. >> carson didn't't help hielf last night and it all started on my show when we had this big foreign policy debate and he didn't really know about the terrorism and the components thereof. once that had gone out he started to descend and cruz picked up most of his support. >> almost all of his votes. >> yes. >> in iowa especially so look, taking a step back with a lot of emotion and anger against washington, can donald trump actually get the nomination. >> sure, he could. sure, he could. he's -- look, the folks are going to vote and the votes count. now, the republican establishment don't want him and they don't like him but as i
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that debate last night, nobody really won or lost, t's toooo many people on the stage but how can you come up agnst a trump who goes, hey, i got 42, you got 3, you're an i idiot. how can you debate that? how, how? >> and i think his pledge again last night to stay as a republican, not to run as an inindependengot to be a sign of confiden that he thinks he can get the nomination. >> look, trump doesn't want to alienate all republicans, but i'll tell you what, the guy is formidable and in this age of anger, people got -- you can't say, oh, he's not going to get it. he could very well get it. >> if he starts s to win wl there be a brokered convention. >> i don't know anything about that that's your job. broker convention. all i know people will vote on emotion this year. almost like what reagan did with carter. it's almost exactly the same. carter s screwed tngs up so badly and americans were so angry in 1980 that they voted out of etion.
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and, you know, history might repeat itself. >> bill o'reilly, thanks for coming in this morning. next debate democrats will be there on saturday night. martha raddatz and david muir will moderate that and you'll see it right here on abc at 8:00 eastern. robin. >> all right, geor, we appreciate bill o'reilly being in the studio with us this morning. now to that scary moment on that southwest jet in nashville e rolling off the runway and into a ditch after a rough landing. this comes as millions of americans are gearing up, of course, for hoday travel. abc's alex perez is in nashville with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that plane has been moved. you can see it's still on the tarmac. passengers say they knew something went terribly wrong just seconds aft landing. ovnight, a frightening moment for 133 passengers aboard this boeing 737. >> terrifying to feeit bounce up and down. >> reporter: from houston bound for nashville making a rough landing at nashville international airport at 5:20 p.m. just as passengers thought they were safe, the plane rolling off the runway into a
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emergency crews and bulances immediately called to the scene and panicked passengers tryingng to grab bags from the overhead bins before evacuating down the jetliner's emergency chute. >> they made sure there was no fire, explosion or anything and made s sure everne was able to get off quickly. >> reporter: eight passengers rushed to the hospital and later released with minor injuries. both the nose of the plane and its side suffering damage. and the faa is still working to pinpoint what exactly triggered all this including the possibility that the plane blew a tire or was having problems with its landing gear. george. >> okay, alex, thanks. we turn to that terror threat that shut down schools in l.a. yesterday causing chaos for hundreds of thousands of families. new york got a similar threat decided to ignore it and that ignited a war of words between the two big cities. abc'matt gutman is in los angeles with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george.
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l.a. deciding to close all of its 1500 plus schools. now, in that e-mail threat was direct reference to the san bernardino attack, new york city getting virtually the same e-mail but deciding immediately it was a hoax. now, l.a. is standing by its decision, one that cost it nearly $30 million and a lot of criticism. that threat warning of a swarm of jadists descending on los angeles schools came in an e-mail to an l.a. school board member at 5:00 a.m. tuesday. what followed, a swift decision, 90 minutes later to close every one of the city's schools. >> we have suffered far too many school shootings in america to ignore these kind of threats. >> reporter: the cost an estimated $2million, about 650,000 students shut out. >> the superintendent has directed all schools to be closed today, tuesday, december 15th, to ensure the safety of all students. >> reporter: parents left scrambling. >> had to take the day off work, yes. >> reporter: were your employers
7:13 am
>> hopefully. >> reporter: new york city officials received almost the exact same e-mail threat, but decided to keep schools open. new york's police commissioner blasting l.a.'s decision. >> to disrupt the daily schedules of 500,000 schoolchildren, their parents based on an anonymous e-mail, i think, it was a significant overreaction. >> reporter: the first tip-off for new york police was that the alleged threat seemed remarkably similar to the plot line of the tv series "homand." >> the instigator of the threat may be a "homeland" fan watching "homeland" episodes that it mirrors a lot of recent episodes. >> repter: the police sent to new york read in part "something big is going down. not only are there bombs, but there are nerve gas agents set to go off at a specific time during lunch hour." >> it was so generic, so
7:14 am
school systems simultaneously. >> reporter: and had a conspicuous typo, me and my 138 comrades will die tomorrow in the name of allah with lowercase "a" in a new york version. >> incredible to think any jihadist would not spell allah with a capital "a." >> reporter: now all schools are scheduled to re-open here this morning. but because so many people were rattled there will be uniformed officers at schools like this and crisis counselors. now, tt hoax, a very real felony, whoever perpetrated it could face up to 20 years in prison. george. >> they should get it. okay, matt, thanks very much. to amy with the other top stories. that deadly crash of a medical helicopter in phoenix. that's right. medical hecopter has crashed in rugged terrain east of phoenix killing two people and injuring a third. the chopper similar to this one was carrying a paramedic and nurse. no word yet on what caused the crash bulast week four people
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crashed in california. overseas a shift in u.s. policy towards syria. while meeting with russian president vladimir putin, john kerry says the u.s. agrees with russia and bashar al assad can stay in power if that's what the syrian people want. the obama administration previously insisted assad step downwn immedialy. in washingngton housspeaker paul ryan has announced an agreement on a $1 trillion spending bill to avoid a government shutdown. it would extend a series of business tax breaks and would also extend health benefits for 9/11 first responders and that deal would lift the 40-year ban on oil exports. well, a suspected bank robber in minnesota was not expecting this. he returned to the crime scene but didn't realize the local news station was broadcasting live. he was approaching the bank just as the reporter began his live shot, take a look. >> tyler just 24 hours ago this bank in -- >> that guy right there. >> what?
7:16 am
>> oh, that's the robber. this is live tv, folks. that's the robber just went by. according to the bank employoyee, so i got to go here and ca 911. i'll talk to you later. >> and guess what, he did just that. he called 911. the man was arrested a short time later as police respoponded but you can just see his brain -- should i go back to my script or react here as a human being and he decided to be a human being and ditch -- >> he had that smile saying this is the best thing that ever happened to me.. >> right, , he knew. >> he did know, thanks, amy. to your money right now for the first time in nearly a decade the federal reserve expected to raise interest rates. fed chair janet yellen wl lilikely annnce a 0.25% hike that could have an impact on your mortgage to credit cards. lara with our experts. >> joined by "shark tank's" barbara corcoran and kevin o'leary. this is the first hike since 2006.
7:17 am
our viewers? >> what the immediate effect will be on the housing market will certainly help it because it will kick people off the fence who have been procrastinating and jump into the market and it will really boost prices immediately. >> so you like it for real estate but could mean some problems for credit card rates. kevin, what's your take on this? >> no, she's wrong. real estate will go flat. >> i knew you were going to say that. >> real estate goes down. that's h it wos. you know, the thing is, it's good news. the reason the fed is raising ras, the economy is heating up. that's always good news, more jobs. it just gets better for america. using, nah, barbara is wrong. >> oh, yeah, all right, we'll see. money on that. >> we will look forward to this exchange. i want to ask about it being good news. a lot of viewers are concerned. stay tuned with us in our xt half hour, the sharks will be back to answer your quesestions about what this means for your bottom line. robin and george, of course, they're disagreeing.
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nancy. ginger, you have this big snowstorm around denver. >> denver had it yesterday. parts of colorado up to two feet of snow and look what it looked like at the denver airport. you can see why hundreds of flights were canceled. now it has cleared out of there and moved up through the northern plains like north dakota and minnesota but i wanted to shock you here. look at the temperatures. the windchills by saturday morning it feels like 6 in
7:19 am
feels like 21 in new york city. >> as much as i may have shocked you withhe cold, don't worry. we get mild again next week. white christmas not looking so great. >> don't look sad about that. we're okay. >> thank you, ginger. coming up on "a" that successful business woman accused of stabbing a stranger. now in custody. what police are saying is a motive as her friends speak out. two giant movies battling for the galaxy and the box office. can "star wars" overtake "avatar's" record. the battle between the jedi and the blue guys. which will be the biggest movie
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...and save up to 30% at kay... ...the number-one jewelry store in america. sabrina: elias: a quick check of traffic this morning... this is i-235 at m- l-k... [current conditions] ... elias: good morning i'm elias johnson... it's 7:24. elias: ames police still pieceing together what happened to emmalee jacobs, who died after a hit and run monday morning. the intersection where the i-s-u freshman was hit by a car has become a memorial. intvestigators have narrowed down the time to between 7:04 and 7:05 am and say based on her injuries, the
7:25 am
feel the impact. sabrina: a car versus pedestrian accident leaves a man dead in des moines last night. police say around 5-30 tuesday evening, a man crossing hubbell avenue was hit and then pronounced dead on the scene. authorities are still trying to determine what the man was doing or where he was heading as the accident remains under investigation. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/ weather adlib: sabrina:
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rock 'n' roll. >> make it a good onone,goose. >> it's a big morning for "top gun." soaring into the library of congress joining the national film registry nearly -- 30 years? oh, it also joins the ranks of can weit this next one? okay, it's also joining the ranks of -- >> there we go. >> who you gonna call "ghostbusters" also joining the list. >> cannot wait for the next one toto come ou it's coming up this year. also reaction to that republican debaten las ves. donald trump front and center took a lot of hits from jeb bush as the candidates addressed everything from trump's proposed musl ban to immigrion, the final republican debate of the year and "the wall street journal" reporting that chipotle is pulling back on local gredients and will now handle tomatoes, cilantro and lettuce in a ctral kitchen where they will be tested and shipped to restaurants in an effort to
7:27 am
these guys got to see the movie last night. reviews are in on "star wars." >> if you don't want to know abouthe movie, don't read the review there is a chance it could take er the box office, everybody, with a huge -- i said huge new record. >> i don't think there's a chance -- i think it's a guarantee. it is so good. i can't -- i mean i can'tay enough. you laughed. you cried. >> you're a junkie. >> i have watched all the "star wars." >> action. >> lots of action and girl power. it's great. >> everything she said. >> so it's like a taylor swift video. >> better. >> but better. >> in outer space. meanwhile, lara is under the sea with the sharks, barbara corcoran and kevin o'leary here to answer big financial questions about the rate hike coming this afternoon. we begin with that successful financial adviser with an mba who allegedly stabbed a complete stranger in a drugstore. she has been caught and charged
7:28 am
are still searching for answers. abc's mara schiavocampo is here with the latest on this bizarre story. good morning, mara. reporter: good morning, bizarre indeed. this is someone with no apparent violent htory who professional cocontacts s had, quote, great interpersonalal skills. now poce are thanking the public for their help in catching her. this mornin an unusual suspect in custody capturing the petite 40-year-old financial adviser accused of violently stabbing a complete stranger. >> she stabbed by a small kitchen knife and the woman walkss out of the store. >> reporter: after four days on the run toronto officials say a tip finally led t them t rohinie bisesar, a successful professional with an mba who allegedly plunged a knife into a woman friday at an underground drugstore located in toronto's subway sysystem. described as violent and daerous, monday police released this surveillance image
7:29 am
after what they describe as a random unprovoked attack. >> we can find no correlation between the two. is is a random act of violence. and that is why it's so disturbing. >> reporter: overnight police interviewing bisesar trying to piece together a motive. >> there's only two people thahat know maybe why thihis happened. one of them lies in grave condition in hospital. the other has just been arrested by the toronto police. >> reporter: but friends say the alleged attack is completely out of character. >> she's very well educated. she has noo crimina record. it's out of the blue. >> reporter: this morning bisesar is charged with attempted murder, aggravated asassault a carrying a concealed weapon. now, in cana if the victim were to succumb to her injuries within the next year bisesar's charges could be upgraded to murd. she makes her first court appearance this morning and we heard that officer say the victim w in grave condion. that's canada's version of critical condition so we're certainly hoping for the best.
7:30 am
>> it certainly is, mara. >> we turn to the story of one ohio family suing theirir school district after the tragic death of their 13-year-old daughter. she killed herself after merciless bullying and her family blames the school for doing little to stop it. linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: the famil of 13-year-old emilyie olsen says she took herer own life. >> they called her names and tried to trip her. >> i want to know the truth. to me the truth has no agenda. it is what it is. and my daughter deserves that. >> reporter: now one year after her death, they're filing a federal lawsuit accusing the fairfield ohio school district of knowing that olsen seen here in her yearbook photo was bullied and did very little to stop it. in the lawsuit her parents say that before her death they were dismsed when they reached out to the school on several occasions for hehelp. also citing numerous examples of bullying claiming one sixth grader handed emilie a razor and
7:31 am
the lsuit also describes derogatory restroom graffiti about the teen they say was shown to the school but wasn't removed until the day after she died. >> can we talk with you. >> not on camera. >> reporter: fairfield city schools tells abc news the district will be defending the litigati and will be providing appropriate responses in the course of the litigation. a school resource officer reviewed this surveillance video from inside emilie's school the day she took herife and said he saw nothing out of the ordinary. but according to a police report, in an interview with her parents, emilie had been suffering from depression, had a history of cutting her arms and legs and her father suspected she had regularly beenn consuming alcohol. less than two weeks before her death in a facebook exchange with a friend, emilie wrote, i'm a freak and i'm tired of it i've made up my mind, i wanna die. for "good morningng america linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> such a sad story. let's talk to dan abrams about this right now. there's going to be a lot of factl questions at the heart
7:32 am
>> maybe most importantly did the school district know about it and did they as the plaintiffs allege here literally put her back into classes with the bullies that they'd reported about. so that's a critical question. a clear law in ohio, anti-bullyin law that requires school districts to take action. the superintendent actually wrote a letter to the school community saying, that he didn't think bullying had to do with it so there's going to be key factual disputes. >> that's ohio law, but the twist is this is a feder lawsuit. >> so she is saying that the reason she was bullied was based on her race, national origin, sexual preferences, she's saying these were the reasons she was bullied and that's why they're filing this in federal court so there's going to be an anti-discrimination question here, as well. tough questions to answer. >> okay, dan abrams, thanks very much. >> we'll all be watching that dan. coming up next many talking about that possible interest rate hike expected today. we're tackling your questions
7:33 am
isn't that right, ra. >> that is right, "shark tank" stars barbara and kevin will tell you what to expect about everything from credit card rates to mortgage rate what you need to know about t this possible hike coming up. to the couple who set aside the whole day to sell their old car and buy a new one... oops. nana's got the kids til 9... but it's only 2. guess you'll just have to see a movie... ...then get some dinner.
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back now with that big headline a about yr money, the federal reserve expected to hike interest rates this afternoon. "shark tank's" barbara corcoran, kevin o'leary, back now answering your questions about how it could impact your family's budget and we want to get right to the first viewer question. >> you got it. >> my name is sally murphy. i would like to know, i have a an a.r.m. with my mortgage. how soon do you think need to lock that in? >> you know, sally, it costs money to lock in a mortgage rate. usually sometimes zero but morore often 1%. so you have to compa what that's going to cost you to the forecast that interest rates will go up about 1% in the next year. tippic lick you should jump
7:38 am
>> what do you say about these adjustable rates? >> he disagrees. >> i think adjustable r rates are very, very dangerous because people have gotten used to the fact that interest rates have been perpetuly low for ten years. now that's changing. better to lock in, pay the 75 or 1% barbara is talking about and go to sleep at night knowing the cost of your mortgage won't change if the fed hikes again early next year. i just like peace of mind. that's what it's all about. >> you think that's worth money. >> yes, absolutely. >> all right. let's get to ourur nt viewer question. take a look. >> i recently got a new car and i was wondering if the interest rate goes up, what will happen to my loan? > ladies, first. >> you don't have to worry the least bit about your car loan because it's a fixed rate for a fixed period of time. so, just forget about it. you got the car loan, enjoy the ride. >> kevin, this is also credit card, right.
7:39 am
entire portfolio. things you owe money to. mortgage rates will go up as the fed raises rates. credit card costs will go up. any variable cost debt, not everybody has a fixed rate auto loan so they'll pay more. i think the key is here now that you know the world is changing, lock down your costs. fix everything and go to bed at night feeling that you've got control of your financial life and, by the way, start paying off those credit cards by not buying that expensive coffee. don't buy that bagel in a store. don't buy those shoes. don't buy that other dress. pay off the mortgage. pay off the credit cards. pay off the loans. time to bring debt wn. >> very good advice. very sound advice, barbara, i see you're nodding. i can't believe -- >> i have to agree with him. the only thing he should be worried about is his marriage. it doesn't look so good and -- >> barbara. >> i have to throw something at you to make you upset. >> we have had s so many viewers concerned about this potential hi.
7:40 am
just real quick. >> doesn't pay to get scared. figure out what the interest rate is now. what it might be and get over it. >> okay. >> kevin, i'm sorry. we've run out off time. we adore you, thank you, barbara, we thank you. george and robin, w we send it back to you. >> good advice, lock dowown tho costs right there. coming up here who will rule the galaxy, "star wars" aims for "avatar's" record. big battle of the blockbusters is next. you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, beep! this way! wre'd they go? they went that way! that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked! beep, beep, beep!
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all right, welcome back, everybody. you can tell from the music it's about "star wars." the wait is almost over. so will the force awaken, be the biggest box office hit ever. abc's nick watt has that. >> reporter: positive premiere and $100 million in advanced ticket sales are prompting some pretty prodigious predictions. >> "star wars" has the potential to surpass "avatar." but what that requires is repeat viewing and what we saw with both "avatar" and "titanic" people kept going back to the theater multie times after they saw it. >> nothing will stand in our way. >> reporter: "avatar" is still theighest grossing movie of
7:45 am
but "the force awakens," some say, might be theirst to top the mytythical $3 billion benchmark. jedis versus the blue guys. >> this is our land. >> reporter: "avatar" released december 18th, 2009. "the force awakens" also december 18, six years later. both take place not on our planet. both have rabid fan, some people actually speak navi. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: jedi is now case si religion >> did you think the first "star wars" film was going to be a flop. >> yeah, everybody did. >> why? >> the studio hated it. i had no idea that it worked. >> reporter: now here we are episode 7. >> chewy, we're home. >> the wall street analysts say if it doesnsn't gss 1.5 bibillion it will be a disappointment. the question is itgoing to leapfrog 2 billion and even
7:46 am
make it the highest grossing film of all time. >> reporter: just wait for 2017 "after tar 2" is slated for a release an so is "star wars" episode 8. head-to-head. for abc news, nick watt, los angeles. >> this side of the couch -- >> without enoughing anything away, ginger speaks fluent wookie. [ wookie noises ] >> presales are high but not all tickets are sold out for the opening of "star wars." you could possibly get in. >> let's go. coming up holiday cooking brought to you by las vegas.
7:47 am
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that same storm that stopped in denver with more than half a foot of snow did this in fargo. you're seeing all that snow move north and east i want to track it for you. behind that it will be way colder.
7:50 am
all that weather brought to you "good morning america" is brought to you by alka seltzer plus day cold &'s 7:56. elias: we are learning
7:51 am
two people whose bodies were found in rural union county. the criminal complaints accuse jerry dillinger of shooting and killing loretta dillinger and the other person in september. their bodies were not found until earlier this month. friends say loretta and jerry had an abusive relationship, and she may have been seeing someone new when the shooting happened. elias: the public is invited to comment on a permit needed for the proposed bakken pipeline. iowa's department of natural resources will hold a meeting this evening on a permit to allow the pipeline to cross water and land under the jurisdiction of the department. the meeting begins at 5 p-m in the wallace state office building. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/ weather adlib: sabrina:
7:52 am
good morning i'm elias johnson...
7:53 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and a new babattle over football this morning. the high school coach suspended for leading his players in prayer now suing his school district for religious discrimination. we're going to hear from that coach and why he's going on the offense right now. a devastating new verdict for kelly rutherford. in her bitter custody battle, a judge ruled she can't bring her kids back to the u.s. but she says this morning she's not done fighting. most wonderful time of the year and becky worley got your holiday buyer's guide to one of the most wanted gifts this season. a cashmere sweater for everyone on your list. when to save and when to splurge. to be of good cheer never been in love before get ready to laugh. will ferrell is here live taking over "gma." buckle up because you never know what he might do or say as we say --
7:54 am
on the outside >> there he is right there, will ferrell. so glad to have him here this morning. the movie "daddy's home" is so terrific. so f funny andlways great to have him there. >> you see him and you start laughing and smiling. >> so true. >> good times ahead. i got this great gift for my birthday and it's a hot holiday coloring books for adults. it's a way of really relaxing. it's therapeutic. millions of copies are flylying off the shelves. could going back to your favorite childhood pastime be the perfect way to unwind? >> coloring books? adult coloring boo. coloring in the lines of -- >> oh, yeah. >> -- pictures, pictures. >> america, i'm trying.
7:55 am
childhood. color, play and watch this movie. "star wars" is amazing. we're hearing from the first major female villain in the galaxy, one-on-one with her coming up on "gma." >> lot coming up this hour. first, let's go to amy with the morning rundown. >> good morning, eryone. and the big story this morning, the fight against isis, defense secretary ash cart has just arrived in iraq on an unannounced visit to meet with military leaders and discuss ways to push more pressure on the terror group. carter is also meeting with iraqi leaders. he's expected to discuss america's willingness to send attack helicopters and more troops to the fight. > and some breaking news from europe. police in austria have arrested two men with possible links to last month's terror attacks in paris. the two were arrested in what police are calling a migrant shelter in salzburg. officials say the men recently came from the middle east.
7:56 am
proposed ban o on muslimentering the united states. jeb and trump clashed several time. bush accusing trump of being a, quote, chaos candidate who would be a chaos president. trump firing back saying bush's campaign has already failed. also attacking each other were ted cruz and marco rubio. they sharply disagreed on surveillance and immigration and analysts say rubio and cruz gave strong performances along with chchris chriie, but they say trump is likely to hold on to his dominating front-runner status. a progmming note, trump will be jimmy kimmel's sole guest tonight right here on abc. and now to texas where authorities are searching for the teenager who made national headlines for using the so-called affluenza defense in a drunk driving trial. abc's reena ninan has that story. >> reporter: abc affiliate wfaa reports that an arrest warrant has been issued for ethan couch, the teen w who receid probation for killing four people in a drunk driving crash in 2013.
7:57 am
16-year-old was too spoiled to go to prison in the notorious case known as affluenza. >> affluenza. >> too rich for jail. >> the lawyer told judge jane boyd he was so rich he didn't know right from wrong. >> reporter: according to wfaa coucmissed a check-in with his probation officer earlier this month. court officers searched for the teen n but have not been able to find him or his mother. his father claims he doesn't know where either are. the teen reportedly livealone in this 4,000-square-foot house with a pool and a wet bar. two years o couch piled friends into his father's pickup and plowed into a disabled car. >> there's four or five kids laying in ditches and street. >> are you with the accident right now? >> oh, lord, oh, y yes, thers another child in the ditch. oh, my god >> reporter: four dead, 11 injured. couch pleaded guilty to four counts of intoxication manslaughter and was sentenced to ten years pbation and rehab. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to reena for that.
7:58 am
at what we googled in 2015. one blog crunched the data and picked out one search that fascinated people in each state this year. notably in iowa, people searched for the bachelorette. more than people in any other state. in west virginia people were especially interested in the movie "magic mike xxl," and more than anywhere else, people in georgia wanted to know about that whip dance and finally more in wisconsin searched what does bae mean. i have to admit i had to ask when my my child said she's my bae. do you guys know what it is? >> only from my y girls bumeans a lot of different things. >> before anything else is what i was told by my -- >> what did u think? >> it'going to be used in a lot of different ways. >> not just about like your -- hey, you're my bae. isn't it also like best friend or is it -- >> i just find this whwhole conversation fascinating. >> we got to find michael but he's in west virginia right now. >> hey, i got to say thank you to west virginia. i'll be there soon.
7:59 am
what's ahead on n the "gmaorning menu," actress kelly rutherford is getting -- got a devastating ruling in the custody battle for her kids. what's next for the star. and the high school football coach suspended for praying on the field. nohe's going on the offense taking on the school district. plus we' got your ultimate christmas buyer's guide. how you can get cashmere sweaters without paying top dollar. all that is coming up live on "gma" here in times square. me and the elves are hanging out. when it's your job to protect the world's greatest nation, it's your responsibility to solve the world's greatesthallenges. this is why we search for the best and brightest why we train for every eventuality on land and water, in the air, space and even cyberspace. we operate in a complex world with one simple mission.
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8:03 am
sign up at welcome back to "gma." right n we're going to get t latest on that devastating defeat for kelly rutherford in that bitter r ody battle. a judge ruled she can only visit her kids in monaco or france. but rutherford is not done fighting. >> lots of lot, kelly. >> thank you. >> reporter: kelly rutherford has been banned from bringing her kids home to the united states. it's a crushing blow in her highly publicized six-year globe-spanning custody battle for her two children with ex-husband daniel giersch who's lived with their children in monaco and france
8:04 am
according to court documents, a that the, quote, habitual residence of the minor children is fixed at the residence of giersch while rutherford can visit her children exclusively in france and monaco. >> no words at this moment. >> reporter: in august a new york judge ruled the children be return eded to her father after ruththerford disobeyed a monaco court order to send them back to europe as partf a custody agreement. we spoke to her just days after. >> this was the first five weeks i've had with my kids straight in six years. >> reporter: rutherford and her lawyer maintained that the children were only supposed to liveve in euro temporarily while their father worked to acquire a current visa. >> for three years he did nothing. he violated his agreement. no american court seems to give a damn. >> rutherford and her attorneys say c courts in both california and new york where she lived with the children have relinquished jurisisdictiono courts in monaco, and dan abrams is back right now. you've been following this case for years. is this it? >> she's going to appeal in
8:05 am
don't blame monaco on this. this is really california's fault. 2011, 2012, 2013 they said we'll send them to monaco temporarily because his visa was revoked. we want him to have access to the kids. they say, don't worry. we're retaining jurisdiction here. we're going to put all sorts of rules and regulations about what's going to happen. he will have to try to get a visa to come back here and then it's all goi to happen back in the united states. a couple years later they go back to california. kelly rutherford says he's not following the rules and d yosaid you had jurisdiction. california court says, you know what, kids don't live here anymore. you don't live here anymore. the father doesn't live here anymore so -- >> that was perfectly predictable. >> california courtsts set thi up, so, so the bottom line is don't blame monaco because for monaco's perspective, the kids had been living there for two or three years. >> but did anything she did make it worse for her? >> well, yeah, there's no question that the monaco court is using against her the fact that the last time the kids came to the united states, she e announced that she wasn't going to send them back. why? because she said, look, if the
8:06 am
jurisdiction and the california court doesn't have jurisdiction, i'm going to keep the kids here. a new york court immediately hauled her into court and showed up with the kids nearby and she sent the kids back. this is the whole claim she kidnapped the kids. she made an announcement that she was reluctant to send the kids bac a court says send the kids back. she sends the kids back and now it seems they may never be able to come back until they are adults. >> and the children are so much older now. they know what's going on. >> absolutely and that fundamentally changes things in cases like this. >> thanks, dan. another big story we've been following about to play out in court. that high school football coach suspended for praying on the field after games. he's going on the offense filing a didiscriminaon complaint against the school district and speaking out this morning. juju chang is here with that. good morning, juju. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you know, it's the case of the praying football coach who would take a knee in silent prayer after games now sparking a
8:07 am
who say he repeatedly deed school policy and those who believe, as he does, that it's a violation of his constitutional rights, both freedom of speech and freedom of religioion. this morning, a postgame ritual -- >> amen. >> amen. >> amen! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: turning into a legal battle. high school football coach joe kennedy filing a complaint against bremerton school district for religious discrimination after he was suspended for leading players in prayer. >> i had to hide and no one could see me and it's just not right. >> reporter: the tradition starting in 2008. >> it started out with just three guys and it just started growing from there. >> reporter: but the prayers coming under fire in october. the district telling kennedy he had to stop saying, talks with students may not include religious expression, including prayer. and that to do so would viate the law. still, kennedy stood his ground. >> it's just giving thanks. >> reporter: refusing to give up the meetings on the 50 yarline claiming he had every right to practice his faith and never
8:08 am
>> when he decid that that was -- enough was enough he's got to stand up somewhere, they said, well, then now you're suspended. that's pretty ridiculous. >> reporter: now kennedy is out of a job. his lawyer, mike berry from the liberty institute, filing a complaint with the equal employment opportunity commission saying the district violated his religious rights but the school district telling abc news overnight it received no official notificationon of any mplaint. now, the school does say even when they do receive the coach's complaint they can't comment on discrimination cases, but an eeoc complaint is reportedly seen as a last step on the way to a full-blown lawsuit against the school. >> and, again, you pointed out in the piece and there's a good point here, he didn't force the players to pray but there is this thought, okay, the coach does something, you're going to fall into line but he di't force them. he didn't force them to dot. >> well, look, he's allowed to pray, right. he's allowed to do whatever h so chooses. the question is, is he as part of a
8:09 am
just encouraging, almost pressuring the kids to engage in what is defined as prayer? and that's going to be the legal question. >> okay. >> let's go outside to amy. >> all right, guys. it is time now for our ultimate christmas buyer's guide. all week long we've been taking a look at some of ththe hottes gifts from headphones to adult onesies and, beck circumstance you've been our gal throughout i it all. cashmere sweaters. they're often thought of as too expensive, soow can uyou get them for almost ten times less than what you're thinking? abc's becky worley has the answer. >> yes. cashmere. doesn't it just make you purr? >> it does. >> it's one of the mt searched gift items on google, and it's really something that screams out luxury, doesn't it? inexpensive cashmere is a reality. on the flip side there are also insanely expensive sweaters, some over a thousand dollars. so, if you give the budget item will anyone know what you really
8:10 am
one of the top gifts of this holiday season and the sales, wow. $79 at bloomingdals. 59 at macy's and $49 at uniqlo but deite the lower prices, it's increasingly confusing to buy. why? well, this cashmere turtleneck cost $69. this nearly identical one, $640. and this, again, white cashmere turtleneck, $1230. what? is it that much better? to help me unravel this mystery, i head to the fashion institute of technology. >> well, cashmere is a type of wool that comes from a very specific goat called the cashmere goat found in mongolia and northern china. >> reporter: prices for raw cashmere have gone down 12% this year alone, but textile manufacturers pay more for grade "a" cashmere. it's just soer. >> cashmere can go from anywhere from $50 a pound down to $40 a pound. >> reporter: so, here's a titip.
8:11 am
cashmere, it will never tell you the grade, and that's where buying on description is tricky. tip two, feel before you buy. and tip three, shawn says more weight usually means higher quality, yet anoer reason to feel it, so a little test. we had a producer go out and buy three different sweaters at three different price points. neither you nor i know which sweater is which, so we're going to play a little guessing game, okay. this one is definitely scratchier. >> this garment feels the heaviest out of all of the garments. >> i honestly can't tell the difference between these two. >> reporter: in the end we both get it wrong. shawn's not surprised. he says you pay for brand and design. so there are plenty of budgeget cashmere options that will still feel like luxury gift. okay, with the big reveal here, we have those same three sweaters. now, i'm going to have you try to test by feel
8:12 am
$795. i mean -- >> i was feeling these during the piece that aired so -- these are my guesses. >> all right. why do you tnk that? >> because i thoughtt was very soft, and i thought this design right here, i just -- if i bought it in the color, i thought it looked more like an $800. >> you beat our professor at the fashion institute of technology and me. this is our $79 sweater, which i think is incredibly lux and rich. >> this one is like thinner and sleeker and so i thought it was maybe more expensive. >> oh, interesting. yeah, it is thinner. a lot like -- >> i've shopped for cashmere. >> you picked it up. you really saw that design element. it's the design that gives it away, isn't it? >> what about wearability like durality. what, does the quality decrease over time if you pay less? >> this sweater i bought three years ago almost to the day for $59. >> oh, my goodness. >> i've worn it a ton. >>ave you had to cut the pilling off?
8:13 am
and tear. >> i found holes in my expensive ones too so that's good to know. and ththis lookseautiful and feels great. this is a tough one. >> my question, is that $650 more in value than this? >> yeah, i think we all know the swer to that. all right, becky. what do you think, ginger? >> i'm impressed with your knowledge, of your cashmere knowledge. i don't think i'd do as well. we have to say hello to sue and jim and we have to check we d it, sue and jim. welcome to "gma." and if you're anyone heading to the pacific northwest, you know you've been hit with storm after storm. the southern -- just north of memedford ishere that was from. look at all those waings and adadvisoriesn place. well, hello. with this rain and snow cocoming
8:14 am
in some of the higher >> oh, what a crowd out here. lara, let's get some "pop." >> thank you, ginger. it is time for "pop news" and big news this morning if you are a fan of a great movie "the first wives club." is reporting that the stars of that azing awesome cult classic, goldie hawn, bette midler and diane keaton are back. they'll team up for a new netflix feature. it's called "diva nation," which alone sounds perfect. >> that's pretty great in it is. >> inn it the ladies will star as members of a once famous singing group forced to reunite 30 years after a very contentious breakup.
8:15 am
it has been n 20 yearsince these three made "the first wives club." no word on a release date for "diva nation," but netflix is very serious about feature films. they've also got one in the works reteam inging robert rford and jane fonda. >> ooh. >> those ladies, i have to say, they ruled my childhood. i looked up to them in every way and i just love seeing them together still and going strong. >> i'll be watchining. >> i agree. yeah. >> i agree. >> that ending, that ending was so great. >> yeah. >> they come down the street. >> yes, yes. >> owned it. >> also in "pop news" this morning, if you're a fan of white pants suits, popcorn and large glasses of red wine, we have the perfect setting for you to live out your olivia pope dreams. kerry washington's l.a. home is on the market for $2.6 million. there it is.s. nothing scandalous about this elegant french country style estate that includes a four-bed four-bedroom main house,
8:16 am
views of the hollywood sign. kerry bought it pre-pope in 2010 just before "scandal" went into production. not surprisingly already there is an accepted offer but the realtor says, please, we are still accepting backupups. git. i read the article. i burst out laughing. of course, you are. so, i thought that was fun. kerry, you he magnificent taste. >> she thanks you for that. >> i know. i know. backup offers galore. a thrilling announcement this morning for music fans about the king of pop. we can reveal that michael jackson has s just madhistory once again posthumously. his album "thriller" has gone platinum 30 times now. that is a record. it has never been accomplished before. when it came out in 1982 it went to number one in nearly every country in the world. it won a record-setting eight grammys, and it has not slow down since, 100 million albums sold and counting. "thriller's" continued success has ensured michael remains the biggest selling artist of all time. go, robin. >> i had that album.
8:17 am
>> how can you not move when you hear the beat? how can you not move? >> just a jiggle. >> i see the shoulders. >> "beat it." >> i got it. >> thank you. and finally, everybody, while we're here jamming out to michael jackson we wanted to show you a dog who could drop it like it's hot. check it out. >> check out this guy's rhythm. just a good vibration that's rl. a sensation no talking. just grooving this morning, george. >> that's great. >> that's some good vibration. >> tongue wagging like that. >> real hip action. >> doing his thing. that's "pop news," everybody. >> that was fun. and you're going to be back with will ferrell in our next half hour. that's right. >> and we're ting out one of the year's hottest trends, coloring books for adus. okay, i switched it around.
8:18 am
>> i like adult coloring books. >> no, coloring books for adults. someone tweeted me and said i should say it that way.
8:19 am
love this gift. elias: ames police still pieceing together what happened to emmalee jacobs, who died after a hit and run monday morning. the intersection where the i-s-u freshman was hit by a car has become a memorial. intvestigators have narrowed down the time to between 7:04 and 7:05 am and say based on her injuries, the driver had to feel the impact. driver had to feel the impact. sabrina: a car versus pedestrian accident leaves a man dead in des moines last night. police say around 5-30 tuesday evening, a man crossing hubbell avenue was hit and then pronounced dead on the scene. authorities are still trying to determine what the man was doing or where he was heading as the accident remains under investigation. sabrina: elias: well let's get a quick check of the weather with meterologist sam schreier. sam/
8:20 am
okay, okay, we've shown you ugly sweaters before. >> holy smokes. >> you've seen robin light up the room literally. and even a mistletoe drone but tomorrow on "gma," just how ugly will things get? the ugly sweaters contest is on tomorrow on "good morning amamerica." >> i know you're ready for this tomorrow. >> no telling what you're going to do tomorrow. >> tomorrow is the big day. wait till you see it. >> uh-huh. oh, achoo. i don't knowow if i cabe here tomorrow. >> oh, no. >> i have a little bit of a cold. >> get a good night's rest. also take a look at our audience right now, hard at work. their colored pencils turning out books for coloring books for adults. one of the hottest trends of 2015, and there's some science behind this. how they could help you finally relax, and i love it because i went up to some of them, and they hadn't done it before and they're just mesmerized.
8:21 am
>> i'm mesmerized just watching them color. you can see the effects. >> there is a little science behind it. >> programming note for you. a brand-new edition of mean tweets premieres tonight on "jimmy kimmel live." it's a lot of laughs, of cose, at 11:35 p.m. eastern right here on abc. >> oh, boy. >> my favorite. >> they are pretty funny. >> i remember when you did it. >> that was fun. >> we all have that. >> trump is going to read a couple. >> he's the whole hour, isn't he? >> no! >> let's's go insi to lara. >> thank you, guys. i'm so happy to be here with our facing off with mark wahlberg in a funny new movie called "daddy's home." will is the ultimate nice guy stepdad just trying so hard to be just perfect for his kids and character rolls back into town the perfect dad. take a look. >> good night my little one. good night my little - >> i almost forgot my famous good night back scratches.
8:22 am
so relaxing. good night, sweetie bear. >> hey, who wants 20 bucks. >> me! >> what? >> this is wrong on so many levels. >> yeah, it is. dusty is a horrible person. yeahah. >> it's the ultimate one-upsmanship. >> yeah, i mean th's kind of where the fun ensues with the movie. you know, i play the stepdad to mark's kids, and i'm the world's greatest dad, and he comes back into the picture, and i think it's a good thing for our family and, you know, to show that i'm not threatened by his presence and he, of course -- >> very modern concept. >> very modern concept. >> blended family. perfect, right? >> it's a hoible decision. horrible. absolutely horrible. >> on so many levels. and it actually gets quite physical. >> yeah, there's -- i'm stuck in drywall at some point. i am shocked by -- in power lines riding a skateboard and i'm brought back to life by mark. >> that was nice of him to bring you back to life. >> that was nice. that was nice. yeah, it's -- a lot of great
8:23 am
movie. >> and it's neat because reading i it, it didn't surprise me to read that there was a thought about you playing mark's aracter. that it could have gone either way. >> i could have -- i could have played the dusty role, but i didn't want mark to feel intimidated. >> right. >> and because he has self-image, you know, his ego is ry -- >> fragile. >> -- very fragile, so i thought i'd take the more conservative role. >> all right. yeah, just let him shine. you're just a giver. >> you know. >> thank you because you threatened me and said you will only answer in one-word answers. you're just emoting. >> oh, m my god. yes, yes, absolutely. >> i can't thank you enough. you and mark worked together before. wass this just a silly fun reunion? >> yeah, we worked five years ago. we d a film called "the other guys" and had ch a great time and really hit it off well. and it was just a matter of time before we teamed up --
8:24 am
something to do. >> ectly, and, you know, mark is -- while he does a lot of drama, he's so gifted as a comedian and we approach things the same way. we like to play it straight and no matter how heightened the circumances are and let the comedy kind of come through that way. >> let it happen and a different approach is billy eichner, "billy on the treat." >> "billy on the street," yes. >> you recently threw on your onesie, obviously and hit the streets with him to torture new yorkers with christmas trivia. >> and shot on a 98-degree day in the middle of july, so that little onesie i'm wearing is just filled with sweat. >> oh. >> yeah. >> wow. >> yeah. >> but, yeah, we ran through the streets ofew york shocking people, which if you've ever seen his show, that's kind of his whole m.o. with these crazy questions. >> it's fantastic, and i love that you are asking people or he's asking people
8:25 am
>> right. >> "scrooged" or "elf." >> and i'm standing right there. >>ou're standing right there. >> "scrooged." >> most -- nine out of ten saiaid "scrooged" even with me standing there. >> but you know "elf" is in our hearts. >> "elf" is -- it's surprising how, you know, each year it just gets higher and higher on people's lists, and i wouldn't have predicted that. you know, running around the streets of new york dressed an elf, i thought this could be my last movie. this could be my last movie easily. >> this cod really be it. >> and it went the other way, so i feel so fortunate and i'm so glad that's become part of the, you know, lexicon. >> so big that you now have a fan in new york on the lower east side who has created a bar for you. >> very -- >> called stay classy. >> very strange. yes, there is -- >> a real bar. >> a will ferrell themed bar. my motother kay o's here in the studio, she's been there. mom, you went there, right? >> i wondewhich drink she had. we actually have a copy o of t drivenlgs menu. >> do you remember what drink you had, mom?
8:26 am
pomegranate. >> was it called the smelly pirate hooker? >> oh, no. >> no, okay. >> well -- >> i know that's one of the drinks. >> i really like the son of a nutcracker, which is t fireball, rum chata, nutella and eggnog. >> we're going streaking. >> "old school" reference obviously. >> help me, tom cruise. did we just become best friends? >> oh, there's mom. mom, do you remember which movie you drank from, which themed movie? >> i don't remember. >> well, that's probably b because it was a good drink. well, mom must be very proud, i'm gladou guys are having a little time together. >> yeah, it's been very nice. >> will you be heading to the lower east side? >> we're going there right after this, yeah. >> it's 5:00 somewhere. >> i think t they're on. >> hey, listen, congrats on everything. please give your wife my love. >> i sure will. >> and you're hanging out. >> i'm hangi out. going to do some coloring. >> all right.
8:27 am
>> of course. >> yeah, yeah. everybody, meantime, please put this on your list. "daddy's home" is so funny, and it opens on christmas day. wee going to head back outside toinger and friends. >> and we love having will ferrell here. we are so glad that he's with us this morning, and we're celebrating "elf" that movie with these guys standiding behin i'm kind of like santa, ho, ho, ho. i've got the belly for it. we can play it. you can see will wearing an outfit like these few very handsome men tonight when "elf" airs on abc family at 6:00, 5:00 central as part of its 25 days of christmas holiday movie festival. let's check the weather real quick. georgia, it's been warm but look at this picture, strawberries ripening. yes, it's a little off, but some back to reality coming this weekend. ba to the southwest, they've already been seeing december-like weather. ooh, it's been chilly.
8:28 am
mexi >> all that weather brought to you by progressive. amy. >> all right, ginger, thanks so much. well, "star wars: the force awakens" has been praised for some of its casting decisions including its rong female lead, but there is also a powerful woman on the dark side, and juju chang sat down with gwendoline christie. >> reporter: in "game of thrones" she's the fierce woman warrior, brienne of tarth. but in "star wars: the force awakens," gwendoline christie is captain phasma, a rarere female villain in the evil empipire. >> what's it like channeling your dark side? >> it was really exciting for me to have a change and to investigate a totally different psychological format. >> i know that the character captain phasma was originally a male. >> i found this out recently,
8:29 am
and i'm particularly enthusiastic that there is a female character like captain phasma who we relate to as a character primarily rather than the way that she looks. >> let's talk about brienne. for a moment, the idea that lile girls can see a female knight in shining armor really sasays sometng. >> i think it's time and it's great to see them in stories that we can all watch. >> reporter: she fell in love with "ar wars" as a kid, but it's the 6'3" grown woman who actively campaigned for the role. there's a lot of speculation, like, oh, she wears her marv the whole time. we barely get to see her face. >> i c tell you that captain phasma is the captain of the stormtroopers. she is a member of the first order d part of the dark side. >> it's very scary coming from you. >> it's frightening, isn't it? you're just going to have to watch the film, and i'm going to say, it's wortrth the wa.
8:30 am
in this business. >> have i just teased you, juju?u? >> i believe you have. i believe you have. >> reporter: for "good morning americ" juju chang, abc news, new york. >> worth the wait, indeed. "star wars: the force awakens" hits theaters friday. anand comingp next here on "gma," why coloring books for
8:31 am
8:32 am
impressed. we have someme buddingrtists out here. all of these people are taking part in one of the top trends of 2015, coloring for grown-ups. coloring books for adults flying off ththe shelveby the millions this holiday season as more and more people rediscover the joy of coloring as you see inside the lines. take a look. at first glance you see a group of women meeting for drinks and laughs. a typical after-work gathering but they aren't just meeting for fellowship, they came to color. >> hi, everybody. welcome to the moms in business coloring party. >> reporter: katherine mchenry owns a chicago toy store and hosts a weekly byob party for moms who own business. the main attraction, an unlikely adult treasure, coloring books.
8:33 am
positive experience i was getting through coloring, and slowly one by one they were buying it. >> reporter: n, these coloring books are different and more complex than the traditional books for kids, but the effects are similar. >> i mean we all colored when we were little. it's a cathartic experience, it's relaxing. >> reporter: the popularity is staggering. sells more than 5,000 different types from stress mamanagemento nature, even "harry potter." among the most popular, "secret garden," which has sold more than 6 million copies worldwide. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> reporter: at the sacramento police department, themergency dispatchers feel thehe pressur from start to finish. >> it gets pretty hectctic. >> it can go from just being absolutely quiet to being mass chaos in seconds. >> reporter: they spend the day supporting others, but their lifeline, coloring in the lines. >> it definitely calms me down and it gives me something else to focus on. >> reporter: and this holiday
8:34 am
pencil and paper. >> it's something unexpected. it's something new, and i think it's a great gift. >> oh, my gosh. over here? over here, over here, over here. will ferrell has got a coloring party going on here,e, and loo who's coloring with us, will. and he knows he's going to keep it clean because his mom kay is here. also psychiatrist dr. janet ylor, and the reason that we're doing this -- you see how quiet they got. i've never seen them so quiet. >> ty're focused. >> there is something behind it. what is ? >> it's the activity. when you bring your attention to something it not only simulates the mind and the brain lights up but it can also inducuce relax response, hence, the quietness and the focus which is what we need in this busy world. it's the focus. >> can you keep it down? >> was he always like this as a kid? was he always like this as a child? >> but the point is,ou know, when you're stressed you can find activities and going to it mindfully and sometimes quietly helps. >> and there is something
8:35 am
is really stimulated by this. >> it is and that part is right here. the hypothalamus adrenal access which is a lon wordut basically that's where stress enters the brain and that's what can induce a relaxatition respoe. it's intentitional andhows that we have control over our actions and behaviors and intentionally we know when we need a break and coloring, repetitive activities are a great way to do that. >> even if it's competitive coloring with six people? the key is not competition. >> it's being there. >> in the moment. >> it's not about mastering the skill. when you knit or garden or something like that -- >> it's not about performance, it's about process. >> yeah, amy. >> and bringing your attention -- >> wait a minute. >> for all you competitive people down there. >> but i mean you guys are really into this? >> yes. >> i love it. i love it. >> i would do this. can i bring this to the hospital to try to do during labor? would that work?
8:36 am
is this something that you would say, hey, whnot? give it a shot. >> i mean, you know, people say is it therapy? but it's therapeutic and, again, it's about knowing what you need to do and finding those activities, whether it's going for a walk, it's mindful breathing, it's drumming. it helps, and it has a scific aspect of the brain that it correlates too. >> okay, would you like -- pencils down. would you like to show your work to america? would you like to show -- >> not really. i didn't really get that far. >> can i show george's? >> go ahead, show. >> i'm not sure, janet, if you can give us an analysis. >> what are you saying, doctor? i only give analysis when i'm getting paid for it, so, no, i can't do that. but it's wonderful, george. very cative. >> now at the end, amy. >> have some flowers. >> that's nice. >> i stuck with the one line. >> now, is there something about if you go outside the lines? >> i stayed inside the lines. >> it's about you just enjoying it, having fun. [ laughter ] >> and relaxing. >> i'm just joking. that's a joke.
8:37 am
that's a joke. >> not relaxed at all. >> no. >> all right. >> your mom is really focused in. thank you, will. thank yo everyone.
8:38 am
coming up -- who's hungry? i'm hungry. i don't know about you guys. how about we g get some eat ideas for the perfect holiday meal from my buddy, emeril. we are joined now by our great friend, emeril, in a segment sponsored by las vegas with the holiday season upon us. you're here to share some of your favorite recipes and how to cook for the holidays, but before we get to that, you're a spokesperson for las vegas. tell me about vegas at new year's and also the uncorked event. >> well, you know what, there's always something going on in vegas. you talk about the venetian
8:39 am
event. new year's eve there in las vas is insane. there's so much to do. there's shopping, eating, there's every restaurant you can possibly think of. great shopping, and then the tenth anniversary of v vegas uncorked is coming up, which is going to be a huge cebration, i promise you that. >> and that's this spring. >> that's the spring. >> before we get there, we have to get through the holidays. >> this year when you think about celebration and new year's eve for me, i think about like really amazing food, particularly these like little petite filet mignons. let's get started. >> let's do it. >> so, in a saucepan, what we'ldo is start and make the red wiwine sauceshallots and garlic and a little bit of herbs. i'm using fresh rosemary. once this sort of cooks, we'll just add some red wine and let it reduce. it's going to evaporate and concentrate in flavor and that's what we have right here. see, once we have the
8:40 am
>> it's almost chutney-like. >> now we'll adjust a little bit. this is a reduced beef stock, demi-glace is another name for it, our filets. got to season them. >> one of my favorite steaks i'i've ever d in vegas. >> salt, pepper, then you got to have a little bit of my essence. i said this the other day. >> essence. >> i said this the other day to you, essence, what? maybe -- >> now i know. >> maybe that was the baby? that was the baby. the baby's got a lot to learn. >> pan sauteing that and basically, ginger, for me, 125 degrees internal temperature is a good medium rare. okay, so that's basically what we have right here. medium rare then what we'll do. we take a slice of the maitre d' hotel butter on top. that red wine sauce that we e reduduced ght top of that. >> special. >> and then to go with it, in celebration of new year's eve, green beans almondine,
8:41 am
cheese. >> don't leave me alone. thank you so much for being here. you can find all the recipes on our website, on yahoo! and see you in vegas for new year's eve. >> bam! holiday cooking brought to yoby las vegas.
8:42 am
only one will ferrell is a grgreat guy, isn't he? >> he is. really nice. >> check out a special on the
8:43 am
>> that's coming up tonight. and, you know,w, if we g unruly, just give us a coloring book. calms us right down. thanks for watching. have a great wednesday, everybody. thanks for watching. have a great wednesday, everybody. elias: good morning i'm elias johnson... it's 8:56. elias: we are learning more about the two people whose bodies were found in rural union county. the criminal complaints accuse jerry dillinger of shooting and killing loretta dillinger and the other person in september. their bodies were not found until earlier this month. friends say loretta and jerry had an
8:44 am
relationship, and she may have been seeing someone new when the shooting happened. elias: the public is invited to comment on a permit needed for the proposed bakken pipeline. iowa's department of natural resources will hold a meeting this evening on a permit to allow the pipeline to cross water and land under the jurisdiction of the department. the meeting begins at 5 p-m in the wallace state office building. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/ weather adlib:
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