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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  December 18, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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>> there is always a scrooge at christmas. >> scenes outrageous new role. >> my husband is a dent >> congratulations. >> now our 35th season, there is "entertainment tonight." hi, everybody. thank you for joining us. >> we have a lot of news for you. let's get to it. here is tonight's top stories. >> glak andblake and gwen'christmas. she is busy shopping at a country and western store in l.a. blake, if you're watching, spoiler alert. gwen apparently bought a pair of western boots, five pairs of pants and five flannel shirts. definitely blake's style. >> we're told that gwen was in the store for just under an hour and she told an employee t she was there christmas shopping for her family. an eyewitness there told us s is very polite and wished everyone a happy holiday. >> what do you have bland? >> i'm going to be with my and my parents and we are go to make lasagne and make it big.
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>> no mention of blake to elvis but we know where he was with gwdad, dennis. the weather outside is frightful >> at the l.a. home of gwen's parents, blake is loading packages into his car, swoun big he needs dennis' help. >> could be for gwen. could be for tkids. >> an eyewitness tells us that blake and gwen's dad seem to really relaxed and comfortable around one another. they sat outside a chatted for 45 minutes. style >> last year gwen was spending the holidays with gavin and the kids. blake was with miranda and so this blake and gwen's first christmas together must mean they're the real deal. >> a lot of people thought this relationship would end with "the voice." spending the holidays together, it's getting serious. >> now the latest on a legal story we've been following. madonna comes to defense of her ex-husband penn.
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ed him of domestic abuse, mado standing by him in court documents. in this sworn legal statement, she put rumors to rest that sean abusd her during their marriage saying, sean has never struck me. he tie , tied me up or physically assault me and any reports of the contrary are outrageous, ma reckless and false. she came forward because of that legal battle between sean and lee daniels that stems from a daniels interview with the hollywood re daniels compared pane to empire star terrance howard. >> kind of hot in here. >> sean's been in audience during ma done yaes rebel heart tour and they seem to revive a friendship. both penn and daniels have filed legal papers in the case. daniels claims his comments were an opinion protected by the first amendmen the attorney michael crowley who is not representing either party thinks penn could now have the upper hand. >> in a defamation suit, truth is the ultimate defense.
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that declaration of madonna that if the facts are not correct, sean penn wins. then a jury has to make the decision how much is that worth? >> now happier couples news. here is christie brinkley wearing a john mellenca t-shirt. the two are going strong but the twist, she wore it at her ex-us about billy joel's show in madison garden. her jumbotron reaction, christy is still a super fan. and now our courtney cox and mathy per matthew perry a new couple for real? we really wanted chandler and monica to come true. they reportedly visited each other since split from rocky fiance. that led to wild rumors of a connection. >> you're the person i was supposed to spend my life with. >> a source to both tells "e.t." it's not true. >> now let's get to another big
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our news desk is working on the latest details. kris jenner fires her security staff. and a report claims jenner couldn't get a reasonable explanation for the security failure that left kris face-to-face with an intruder in her home office tuesday. the team stationed around the property is the family's last line defend fence between themselves and obsessed fans. stepping up, kris' son-in-law can yachlt he reassigned his cone security detail to the jenner household until kim can hire a new team. they've been staying at the home since kim had saint on dec 5th. yesterday we spotted paparazzi helicopter flying over the jenner home. the family is used to this type of attention but a close friend of the family told us the intruder has eve shaken. meantime, it's back to business for kris and we got our first look at kim since having the baby in a live stream video last night.
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the christmas tree and posted a picture of kourtney andkim. fx re-created her bedroom for the story the people versus o.j. simpson where this disturbing scene takes place. >> give gun. >> if you want to learn more about the story go, to our website, >> jenni lawrence went for solid black eleganc at joy. her date was david russell and she hung with him even though he made her sing in the movie. >> i really hate singing. i know i feel like he is torturing me. he didn't care that he was torturing me. >> she earned a golden globe nomination didn't make the cut at the palm springs international fil festival which kicks off awards season. once again, the one and only mary hart is hosting the ceremony. it will be her 13th time. >> they can't do it without her. she is s unbelievably fabulous. >> lots of stars expected and a
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here's a preview. >> what is your reaction to the early award season buzz about this performance? >> i don't know anything about it. >> it's happening. >> johnny should know it's happening about it time he's honored for "black mask." kudos in palm springs are precursor to oscar glory. >> just getting started. >> of course, mary will be exclusively backstage at the event sponsored by big horn and past honoree matthew mcconaughey and sean penn went on to oscars their year. brad pitt and bradley cooper got nominated. chairman's awa recipient matt damon for "the martian." he's not wrapping his h around any oscar buzz just yet. >> there are five of those nominations for 500mo and so if you are tying your hopes to that, then you're -- you're setting yourself up for disappointing year. >> you will understand this one
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>> cate blanchett win the best actress honor for "carol"? cate just wants the bu go away. >> if it will drive an audience to go see it. woody merrill will get the spotlight she better pick out her oscar dress. julia roberts and j.k. simmons all got nominated the year they were honored. simmons winning that fabled statue et. >> there is nothing you really think that much about, especially this early. we just want people to see this film and, you know if, that talk helps people go see film, that's great. >> rising star alicia vika is also in the oscar conversation this year. not that she is list ebbing. >> any kind of buzz that i've heard about this film makes me just, you know, i pinch myself
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for her performance as the mom, she is a breakthrough actress in palm springs joining the likes of jennifer hudson who wents on to win an oscar heryear. but for brie, it's nice to invited to the dance. >> to hit the point where not only am i working with them but i've become respected them. it completely, i mean tshgsz, it's completely changed my life. >> michael fastbender for steve jobs and our recipients of the international star award and tom mccarthy is getting the sunny bono visionary award. scenes from mariah carey's new christmas movie and "a christmas story," the cast, 32 years later.
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i'm here on hollywood bld boulevard where the divorce truly awoken. they'll have the biggest weekend ever taking in$220 million. breaking the record set by "jurassic world." >> we're home. >> thursday night's screening in the u.s. brought in an estimated
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record of $43.5 set about it final "harry potter" film in 2011. of course, the force behin the force is the fans. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg even posted this image of his 3 week old daughter max a jedi. but keep in mind about 70 of the audienc "star wars" is male so we predict that tina fey fine. the mini project, i spoke with them. >> you're lucky i'm free. >> well, that's the good news. >> sister comes o today. and the only movie coming out today. there is no other opening. >> well, that's not exactly true is it? >> i'm a huge "star wars" fan. this is america and we can see two movies in oneweekend. i like amy's love interest it's weird having amy fight over me. so embarrassing.
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>> up grading to windows 10 holiday season. and we're teaming up with microsoft to help. >> we use a lot of microsoft stuff on the mindy project. so i'm very familiar with this. >> and looks like i got a favorite new feature or could we say friend? >> hey, sing me a christmas song. up on the house top >> that's adele. >> hey, tell me a joke. >> i wonder why the baseball was getting bigger, then it hit me. >> i'll see new >> is that so? >> we're fine. we'refine. we have h. a big argument early this morning. also has neighbors coming out on may 20th next year. he posted this shot with zach efron. >> the making of mariah carey's christmas movie. new scenes, new co-star secre >> they were like, mariah carey is directing it. what?
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little stars of "a christmas story," ralphy at 44, his little brother, it wasn't the most fable of sets. >> and see who owns the house and that leg lamp now. >> that is straight ahead. >> if you want classics -- >> here's johnny! >> carson's tonight is coming back to tv. every soup sfar guestuperstar guests. this is the first time the episodes will air since he
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mariah carey is deep in the holiday spirit siveng agonging alongside santa. she wrapped up her run of "all i want for christmas is you" christmas series. >> she got cameron masterson on the set. it is airing thisweekend. we have all the new scenes courtesy of the director. >> when we start by saying that is how y make an entrance, ladies and gentlemen. that's how mariah carey rolls. am i right? >> it's for christma come on. >> mariah and n. santa's sleigh greeting fans and me on the set of "a christmas melody" where she plays a mean girl.
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tenth anniversary present. >> are you wanting me to getuess how many carats? >> her other drob jobjob is director. >> hollywood needs more female directors. how a handling the duel responsibility? >> it's a lot to handle the duel responsibility. it's not easy. >> just have fun. okay? [ applause ] >> she remembers getting call to star in the movie. >> do you want to do this movie? i'm like, yeah, what is it? it's a christmas movie. i love hallmark and they were like, mariah carey is directing it. what? happy birthday to me. >> how you would describe her directing style? >> she's a very relaxed director. she definitely knows what she wants. that is a great point of view. but she really lets you and just do your own thing. >> the singer who has become synonymous with christmas because of this song -- baby, all i want for christmas is you
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broadway star take on her 2010 hit "oh, in the movie. she is singing "oh, santa song to you. >> but it's a new version of my song. >> a new version. but she's got to be -- how nervous was she? >> i don't think she nervous. she's a professional. so as soon as you leave north pole >> what? >> now mariah will be singing after the movie. it is mariah carey's merriest christmas special wli got to catch up with the cast. this is a reunion here. >> hands down all i want for christmas. that is one of favorite songs. all i want for christmas is you
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she reall values the special time with her kids during the holidays. she told us that one of her favorite traditions is going for a sleigh ride in aspen. and look at. this rock and monroe also havvng christmas fun with dad nick cannon. so sweet. trimming the tree and making holiday drinks. >> you'll shoot your eye out, kid. >> oh, my god, i s my eye out. >> ho, ho, ho. >> no! >> ever what happened to ral after giving us the soap eating, shoot your eye out christmas movie scenes? check him out now at 44. peter billingsly is a hollywood producer. his biggest film, maybe you heard of it, "iron man." that's him, bald, making a little cameo.
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you have to deep your on straight and do the work. >> come on, cry! aahhh! >> something had happene a fuse blew. >> but what about the other kids in the beloved 1983 film? hat. bullied. i went to eight different schools before junior high. i had red hair. >> yeah. >> i had few beatings. >> zach is now 45 and lives in l.a >> i am still in the film industry. i'm now producing, directing, editing and writing. there's a film out right now i did called "don'tblink" that i produced. >> daddy is going to gillkill ralphy. >> and remember ralphy's little brother, randy, who could not put his arms down in that ridiculous snow we found him. he is now a puppetier and living in ohio. >> so there's a scene where randy gets thrown down the slide.
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and you're thinking, wow. he is really good. i'm like, no, i was just really scared. wasn't the most stable of sets. it w lot. >> christmas came early he re-created that freak out moment wonder how? well, the slide really exists in castle noel where the was made in cleveland. and the actual home that was used in the movie was bought off of ebay by this guy for $150,000. he turned it into a museum. all the rooms, the vintage cars, t hideous leg lamp, even a genuine r rider b gun. >> i would have no problem giving anyone a bb gun forr christmas. >> all fun and games unti someone gets shot in the eye. >> and in our birthdays, which oceans 11 star appeared on several episodes of "dallas" early in his career? was it george clooney, brad
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the answer is coming up next. is bnanlt. the way she announced her baby to be is getting big backlash and kenldal jenner admits her first kiss was with a famous actor's khloe kardashian poses nude. but n for work photos you got to see. it's all on welcome back to the show. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays, which"oceans 11" star appeared on several episodes of "dallas"? that is brad
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>> you figured out that one. yeah. >> all right. one of the hottest celebrity restaurant chains across the world is stk. the one here in l.a. across town to the sweet neighborhood of westwood. but chef robert liberato is still cooking up all favorite star dishes. >> check it out. take care. >> kevin ha had skirt steak filet. johnny depp, tuna tartar salad. staying healthy and oprah had one of my favorite things, jumbo lump crab salad. >> selena gomez dropped by and sam smith in new york and the stars are heading to westwood.
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