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tv   Local 5 News at Five  ABC  December 21, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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field got smaller. (("campaigning nats")) candidates crisscross new hampshire with the primary 50 days away. but one candidate isn't stumping. --lindsey graham announcing his exit on social media. ((sot - graham: i am suspending my campaign but never my commitment?)) the news traveled fast-christie learning about it from reporters at an event in hollis, new hampshire. ((sot - christie: i have great respect for sen. graham, he's a great man and a great american)) marco rubio in rochester-already looking for an endorsement. ((sot - rubio: we'd love to have their support. it's probably premature to ask for that. he just got out of the race today so let's give him some time to get through the holidays)) rubio, christie, and ted cruz are running tight in new hampshire polls for the second place spot. one-time frontrunner ben carson is now in the single digits. ((carson: i am realistic to understand that that's the reason my poll numbers have taken a dip because people think that i'm a nice guy)) the democratic and republican frontrunners-donald trump and hillary clinton--are feuding after this clinton claim during saturday's abc debate: ((sot - clinton: he is becoming isis's best recruiter. they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists.)) the clinton campaign
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video. the white house and terror experts say there is no hard evidence isis is using videos of trump to recruit. trump told matt lauer in a phone show he wants an apology. ((trump sot i will demand an apology from hillary, okay. you will demand an apology from hillary. she should apologize.)) jack: no word if hillary clinton will apologize. we're also learning that there were not a lot of eyes on that democratic debate. preliminary ratings for the abc-hosted debate on saturday make it the lowest rated primary debate thus far. low ratings are playing into criticism of the democratic national committee. some candidates are questioning why they would choose to host a debate on the saturday before christmas. however, even the lowest primary debate numbers from the 2016 presidential campaign are far
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debate ratings 2012 campaigns. jack: and fox news channel announced today that it will host another republican presidential primary debate next month in iowa. the two-hour held january 28th at the iowa events center in the last republican debate before the february 1st iowa caucuses. jack/lam: graham out today -- who's next? one of the frequent guests political show "this week in on local five has some predictions. pat rynard is behind the liberal blog "iowa startling line." and in a recent post, he ranked who's most likely to drop out if they have a poor showing in the iowa caucuses. here is rynard's top 5. rick santorum. mike huckabee. martin o'malley. rand paul. and carly fiorina . jack: you can expect depth coverage weekly sunday
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"this week in iowa." this sunday-- we'll get you caught up on everything important that's happened in 2015. it's our politics year in review show, 9 a-m on sunday here on local five. jack: new at five. jack/ots: governor branstad has his sights set on cyber-hackers! today he announced an executive order to set up a state cyber-security strategy and update iowa's emergency response plan, he wants to better deal with the consequences of an attack on the state's infrastructure. director of homeland security and emergency management mark schouten "like floods, tornadoes, and winter storms, it's important that we be prepared to respond to a significant cyber attack should one occur" the update to the state's emergency reponse plan will be part of a broader iowa cyber security strategy as requested by the governor in his executive order." governor branstad also formed a state cyber working group last
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expand on the work that was being done at the national level. that group is made up of state agencies and federal and private partners. jack/2lam: now -- a big loss for a small- town. the head football coach at madrid, randy hinkel, died over the weekend. sports director jon schaeffer joins us now with more on this sad news. jon: randy hinkel was at the helm in madrid for nearly 30 years. he led his teams to 25 of the last 26 state playoffs. but it's not his winning record that's being remembered most today. ""30 years ive seen him take boys make them into men, better citizens, fathers and husbands jon: you could also feel the love for coach hinkel
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game day" live reporting on friday mornings during football season. there were even some randy hinkel "fat-heads" in the crowd. there's no doubt about it -- the man was loved. jon/2lam jack-- we'll bring you more on the life and legacy of this beloved coach, and take a look back at his career, tonight at six. jack: jon, thanks. jack: news now from the ankeny school district -- they're investigating a hazing incident at ankeny centennial high school. it apparently involved 11 students. in a statement today, the district says it's committed to the safety of all students. it says, quote: "when concerns or issues regarding student conduct arise, ankeny schools administrators investigate reports and then follow policy set by the board of education, based on the circumstances." the district isn't commenting on any disciplinary action against the students involved. jack/ots: the u-s postal service is a wild place today. it's expecting to deliver more than 30 million packages. today is the busiest delivery day of the year.
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postmaster general says they've seen a 15 percent growth in package volume from last year. the postal service expects to handle more than 15 billion total pieces of mail and packages just during the holiday season. and if you're feeling like a procrastinator today, at least know you're in good company. in the final countdown to christmas, the majority of americans, 75 percent, say they haven't finished shopping. nearly half say they're waiting until christmas eve. while last minute shoppers may not have time they do have this extremely retailers. mark ellwood, author bargain fever 14;34;05;36 the sales this year are looking better than ever. while online sales are up nearly 14 percent from last year, sales inside physical stores are down almost six percent, making this final push crucial to retailers' bottom lines.
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so tell us -- are you waiting to finish up your shopping or did you get done early? you can connect with us on facebook and twitter. send us an email to: "news at we are iowa dot com" or call us in the newsroom: 1- 800-858-5555. jack: if you were out shopping this weekend, you know, the malls were busy! but it wasn't just for christmas shopping. all the details on star wars mania, ahead. but next... a woman accused of running her car right through the busy vegas strip, on purpose! now the big question-- why? "you're watching local 5 news at 5 in hd with jack miller, stephanie
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meteorologist brad edwards. this is local 5 news at 5, we are iowa." "it was mayhem and it looked very intentional."" jack: intentional."" jack: one person killed, dozens more injured, as a driver mows down people on the las vegas strip. jack/lam the driver who police say swerved into a large crowd
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facing a murder charge. and police say the woman behind the wheel... had her toddler with her. abc's brandi hitt has the latest. nats -- (fire siren) a terrifying hit and run... on the busy las vegas strip. sot -- (no name given) sot -- antonio nasser, witness police say 24 year old lakeisha holloway veered onto the side walk... up to three times sunday night... accelerating into the crowd just outside the paris hotel and casino. sot -- sheriff joe lombardo, las vegas metropolitan police dept. 32 year old jessica valenzuela -- a wife and mother of three from arizona was killed. this go-fund-page -- set up for her family. at least 35 others were also injured... while holloway's three year old child sat inside the swerving car. several witnesses tried running along side the stop it. sot -- (no name given) police caught up to the driver moments later. sot -- dispatch: "do we have this driver in custody? that's affirmative. she's in custody." investigators don't
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of terrorism... but admit they know very little about holloway... or a possible motive sot -- sheriff joe lombardo, las vegas metropolitan police dept. the toddler in the vehicle was unharmed... and is now in protective custody. sot -- anthony hemel, las vegas tourist ((on camera tag)) investigators don't believe alcohol was involved... but they're testing whether holloway was under the influence of drugs. she's now facing at least one count of murder... and possibly several counts of attempted murder. brandi hitt -- abc news -- los angeles. jack2shot: chief meteorologist brad edwards joins us now.. brad ((ad lib weather
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weatherrate the independent weather experts" jack: the first day of winter in the northern hemisphere -- also known as the winter solstice -- begins late tonight in the u- s. which means today is the shortest day of the year for sunlight. and it will be followed by the longest night. it is the moment when the northern hemisphere is tilted farthest from the sun. jack: and even though it's the first day of winter... much of the country has experienced unusually warm
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for december. that's on the warmest autumn chief joins us now ... we can blame el nino, right? brad: (adlib) brad: (adlib) brad: today is the first official day of winter, which means that longest night of the officially winter, it is really not going to feel much like winter this week. tonight will be cool and dry with decreasing clouds late tonight. we should start out with some sunshine tuesday but then clouds will make for a partly sunny afternoon. with some sunshine and southerly winds returning, we will be able to get our temps back into the 40s in the afternoon. tuesday
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wednesday. another system will be coming out of the sw and bringing us a good chance for rain. the will fall again over about a half of an inch is expected. thursday going to have a slight chance for some snow! right now, it looks like sw iowa will have the best chance to get an inch or two, but this is not a large weather system by any means. it might be just enough to give some locations a white christmas! either way it will be cloudier and colder thursday for most locations. by christmas day we are looking at milder conditions as another strong weather system approaches.
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40s with rain showers and into the evening. the clouds are likely to stick around all through the weekend possible, but some return to iowa next monday. (adlib) jack:/ stephanie:
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jack: strong with moviegoers. how many new star wars movie? numbers ahead. crowned miss only for a few we'll explain, ahead.
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jack: as expected, "star wars: the force awakens" had a blockbuster opening weekend. jack/ots: it smashed box office records, taking in more than 238-million dollars. abc's elizabeth hur has the details. " "wsstarwarsrecordmo npkg2 with moviegoers.. star awakens.. shattering all kinds of records in its opening weekend.. ((sot)) "it felt like the original trilogy all over again!" ((nat)) "woohoo!" in los angeles.. movie theaters kept adding shows to keep up with the demand.. meaning plenty of tickets were available.. but fans still waited in lines.. ((sot)) michael beaudry, burbank, ca "why wait in line? it's star wars! why not?" in new york.. this audience even got a surprise visit from the star john boyega.. as seen in this video posted on instagram.. ((nat)) john boyega instagram: "i just wanted to pop in, i was in the neighborhood laughter this star wars movie was hailed as the most anticipated prequel.. ever.. and fandango is even reporting.. a new record.. most ticket sales on their site --
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night.. nats: it's true. all of it. so who watched? 58% male. 71% adults and.. nats: the force is strong in my family 20% families.. ((sot)) "it was amazing." ((sot)) "it redeemed the prequels entirely, thank god!" ((sot)) "i have spent almost the last 20 hours watching the last 6 movies and after all that i was not prepared for it liz tag: and just in case you're wondering.. the last record set for the domestic box office opening weekend.. was just earlier this year by jurassic world.. earning more than 208 million dollars. eh, abc news, ny. jack/1shot: there's a new miss universe
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but she is not the one originally announced. the pageant's host steve harvey wound up crowning the wrong winner... then had to give a shocking and awkward apology. (nats: steve harvey/miss universe host) "columbia! (cheers)" (nats: steve harvey/miss universe host) "i have to apologize. the first runner up is colombia. miss universe 2015 is philippines!" (nats: steve harvey/miss universe host) "this is exactly what's on the card. i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card." miss universe 2015 host, steve harvey, misread his cue cards and naming the wrong contestant as the winner. the two women, awkwardly stood at the end of the stage - paralyzed by the snafu. miss columbia
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stripped of her crown. stunned viewers watched as miss universe 2014 placed it on the head of winner miss philippines. then, the show abruptly cut to credits. jack:
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tonight will be our longest night of the year. even though it is officially winter, it is really not going to feel much like winter this week. tonight will be cool and dry with decreasing clouds late tonight. we
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but then clouds will make for a partly sunny afternoon. with some sunshine and southerly winds returning, we will be able to get our temps back into the 40s in the afternoon. stephanie: thank you for spending your time with us tonight. jack: we are working hard on another great newscast for 6pm. watch for we're proud to say we are iowa... have a great
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