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tv   Local 5 News at Six  ABC  January 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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news at year, new you. we talk to iowans about their new years resolutions. nikki then.... a way for abuse victims to feel safe in their homes.... kicks off statewide. nikki but first, the winter floods continue to our south.... how other midwest states are dealing with the destruction. " local 5 news at 6 in hd starts now. we are iowa" nikki: good evening. welcome to local 5 news, i'm nikki davidson. tonight, flooding continues in the midwest. the record floods are finally receding in some areas, but just beginning in others. abc's indra petersons is in missouri with more. "danger is swiftly moving down river? sot - bob miller / resident "it's mind boggling." as historic floods in missouri sweep away homes and businesses? nats - "?house crashing into overpass?" sot - matt kraichely / homeowner "you never expect to see your house float away." the mississippi river is still surging. some parts of the st. louis area remain under 16 feet of water? but in other areas - the water is receding -
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left behind. some luckier than others. sot - grant young/young's restaurant and ice creamery "had some customers come by and offer help too. and that really gives you that hope that there is some real humanity that's still left out there." local churches are now serving as relief centers. sot - chris greenhagen / pastor, central baptist church of eureka "we'll come out and help with some of the houses and the relief effort as well." but all that water is now moving south - the illinois governor toured flooded areas - declaring a state of emergency - and deploying national guard troops. sot - governor bruce rauner / (r) illinois "the levees are mostly holding well in cape girardeau, missouri - bridges, roads and homes are already submerged. now, the race is on to save so many others? volunteers filling sandbags? doing whatever they can to help. governor jay nixon touring the area today. sot - gov. jay nixon / (d) missouri "??" a critical mission to save homes and lives. indra petersons, abc news, cape girardeau, missouri. nikki:
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will surpass the records set back in 19-93 and are expected to hit 50 feet tomorrow. all this water will keep going south - officials in mississippi and louisiana are keeping a close eye on what happens. nikki: iowa isn't dealing with much flooding now, but that wasn't the case just weeks ago. meteorologist bre sullivan is with me now. and bre, december flooding is not a normal thing for iowa or the midwest. bre adlibs about flooding adlibs about flooding we'll have more coming up in your full
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nikki: thanks bre. nikki: new details in the death investigation of des moines teen sam kemp. nikki: kemp was missing for nearly a week last month, after a party in granger. police and a dive team recovered from his body from a pond. tonight, the results from his autopsy are out. the state medical examiner says he drowned. there were traces of alcohol and marijuana in his system. there was no evidence of trauma or injury. the polk county sheriff's office is still investigating. nikki: and new details in the shooting of a des moines teen. it happened at a home in the 13- hundred block of east 14th street. initial reports say people in the home found a 15- year-old boy suffering from a gunshot wound to the chest on
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in reality -- police say evidence shows the shooting happened inside the home. after witnesses were interviewed, a 15-year-old boy was taken into custody for a felony charge of reckless use of a firearm. the injured teen remains hospitalized and is expected to survive. nikki: an airplane flipped over near the newton airport just before 10 this morning. according to police ......a cessena one seventy two was attempting to land when the pilot lost control and went off the left side of the runway... it then hit a snow bank, causing the plane to flip over... emergency services were dispatched on a report that the pilot was stuck inside the plane... when they arrived they found the pilot, micheal bates of ne-vade-a had gotten himself out... and had no injuries. nikki: a new state program aimed at protecting abuse survivors is now in effect. nikki: the new safe at home program went into affect on the first of year. it not only will protect domestic and sexual abuse survivors, it also protects those who have been victims of trafficking and stalking. the program
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substitute address for the survivors to use on public documents like their drivers license, utility bills, and even voter registration. mail sent to the substitute address gets forwareded by the secretary of states office to the confidential address. a shelter manager in eastern iowa says the program... makes it more difficult for an abuser to find a victim "home is supposed to be your refuge, and so you need to feel like you have a safety net there and you have some comfort, and you have the ability to relax." nikki: iowa is one of 33 states with a program like this. coming up tonight at 10, hear from domestic abuse survivors in iowa and what they think about the program. nikki: martin o'malley kicks off a new campaign sweep through iowa in your local election headquarters tonight. nikki: o'malley made his first of three stops in iowa today at the west des moines public library. the crowd that packed into the reading room was standing room only. o'malley didn't play his guitar, but he urged the guests to sign up to caucus for him on february first.
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took questions control, isis and claiming the nomination. "now that christmas people are entering that decision envelope and making up their minds we are seeing in our own organization a lot more people commiting to cacus for o'malley i'm excited i'm encouraged " nikki: coming up tonight at 10...we'll have more on o'malley's bid for the white house...and how another candidate is making up ground in the polls. we'll have the latest on the ballots in some of the caucus states. nikki: coming up on local 5 news at six... we're taking a look back at iowa's football season... and the highlights from the rose bowl... nikki:'s a new year. many people make promises to change themselves for the better. find out what iowans in the metro say their 20-16 resolutions are. nikki: have a story you think we should cover? email us at: news at we are iowa dot com. or call us in the newsroom: 1- 800-858-5555. we're on facebook "we are iowa local 5
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and twitter "we are iowa 5 news" we'll be right back. you're watching local 5 news at 6 " you're watching
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nikki/ots: it's something we so often promise ourselves that we're going to do every year's resolutions. local 5's jacob peklo caught up with some central iowans today to see what they're planning to do. jacob: nikki, sometimes these elaborate resolutions just don't end up paying off. they start off innocently enough, but often come february, they're finished. i headed over to valley junction, and the key theme....starting small. jacob peklo, reporting/off camera: "when you hear a new year's resolution, what kind of goes through your head?" shawn morgan, newton resident: "empty promises to yourself, i guess." lauren king, ankeny resident: "i make them every year, and then,
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kind of forget about them. this year, i really don't have any. i just want to have a good year, like i did last year." tascha rogers, des moines resident: "i've got enough with the kids (laughs) to deal with than to honestly just make sure that their lives are better than last year, instead of setting unlofty goals that i'll never reach." nana smith, des moines resident: "i would like to quit the e-cigarette. i'm very hooked on the e-cigarette, but it is good." nana smith, des moines resident: "when i'm around somebody that's got one, i'll want it. because when i quit smoking, i saw somebody with a cigarette and i wanted to go grab it, but i didn't (laughs)." jacob peklo, reporting/off camera: "so, you just kind of want to make sure that you have a little less structured routine, is that kind of it?" carol dennis, norwalk resident: "i'm going to have less structure, there's no meetings, no time to follow. so, yeah, that's mine for this year." shawn morgan, newton resident: "everybody in the world has the i'm going to get fit this year resolution. i've done that one before, but i started that one before christmas too." lorri cooper, norwalk resident:"i have the same resolution that i've had for the last 25 years, and that's what everyone else has, and that's to lose weight. so, you know how that goes." jacob/2ram: nikki, i made a bit
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myself. i'm trying to cut back on my caffeine intake to one can of soda per day. we'll see if that happens. nikki: (nikki adlibs about her resolutions) nikki: central iowans looking to have more fun in 20-16 filled the iowa events center today. monster jam returned to des moines this weekend. this afternoon's show was sold out, and the arena had to open up some extra seats for the overflow crowd. those who stopped by got to see some old favorites like grave digger, and some new ones like scooby doo, show off their skills behind families say the excitement of destruction is something they can all get on
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"i've never been to one so we're doing it together for our first time but he loves everything mechainical trucks lots of loud noises so i think he's going to get a real good kick out of it " nikki: if you still want to see the show, there's another one coming up at 7-30 tonight. nikki/2wxhang meteorologist bre sullivan is here now... james: i'll have your forecast next "now, we are iowa's most accurate forecast certified by
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will be mostly clear overnight tonight allowing temperatures to plunge into the teens with wind chills in the single digits across the state. clouds will work back into iowa tomorrow making for mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies and the winds will remain from the northwest at 8 to 12 mph. highs tomorrow will not be as warm topping out in the 20s in central iowa. monday means back to work, back to school, and temperatures back into the 20s again. the sunshine and light winds on monday will help make it not seem so bad! by midweek our temperatures will be back in the 30s with many places getting above freezing, including the metro. precipitation chances start going up towards the end of the work week with the best chance looking to be friday with a wintry mix moving in and continuing through the first part of the weekend. nikki/2ram hawkeye fans
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that tough rose bowl loss... jordan: it's gonna take a while for the pain to subside, but it doesn't take away from the season that was... coming up on local 5 sports, jon schaeffer will recap the rose bowl as the hawkeyes finish up a season to remember...
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thorns that can give you a nice prick. iowa was pricked quite a few times in the rose bowl friday, falling to stanford 45-16. still, it doesn't take away from just how good of a season the hawks had. jon schaeffer has more from pasadena "yesterday-- christian mccaffrey showed the country why making him runner up in the heisman voting may have been a huge mistake. mccaffrey shattered the rose bowl all purpose yards record with 368 and he is the first player to rush for 100 yards and receive for 100 yards in the grand daddy of them all. christian mccaffrey/ stanford so. running back :25-:33 "you talk to so many great players and they always play with a chip on their shoulder no matter if they have a reason to or not. i'm someone who believes in having motivation at all times win or lose individual awards. i play for my teammates, i play for god, and my family." david shaw/ stanford head coach :34-:42" i think he was the best player in america before this game so i just think it's icing on the cake for us." the hawkeyes also tipped their cap to mccaffrey. this was not the way this iowa senior class had hoped to go out-- winning 12 straight before losing back to back games. still-- it's been a memorable
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coach ferentz. " these guys are the main reason we made history this year." jordan lomax/ iowa sr. defensive back 1:01-1:10 "it was a very great year for us the togetherness and the maturity in this group and the commradory and to be able to play under coach ferentz and the rest of this coaching staff has just been a huge honor." austin blythe/ iowa sr. center 1:11-1:18 "it's been an unbelievable year especially with the group of guys we got everybody working to a common goal, working together. nobody standing off on the side doing their own stuff. just playing for these fans and this university and for a coach like coach ferentz is second to none." jordan canzeri/ iowa sr. running back 1:37- 1:42 "just going to remember the great memories that we had we made history at iowa. we're proud of that. we just hope that we left the jerseys in better places and that the younger guys and the guys coming back for next year surpass and do even more than we did last year." the hawkeyes return a solid chunk of players-- including c.j. beathard, jozy jewell, and leshun daniels. desmond king is still undecided. reporting from southern california. jon schaeffer"
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switching to hoops, the iowa hawkeyes are coming off a huge upset of #1 michigan state, the first time iowa has ever beaten a top ranked team at home... now they hit the road for another tough battle taking on #14 purdue these two have split their last two meetings... 1st half, jared uthoff, like other 1st halves this season, starts out hot. the spin move up and in for two! then later on , uthoff buries the three as iowa takes the 13-11 lead. but purdue goes on tear. dakota mathias for three. from almost the same spot, kendall stephens nails the triple. then on the other side, it's stephens again for three! then it's ryan cline joining in on the long ball...part of a 16-0 boilermaker run! purdue finishes the half on a 26-7 run, they led it
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and just tipping off at the top of the hour, #11 iowa state visiting #3 oklahoma... right now in the first half... we'll have higlights tonight at 10 jordan: the iowa state women tipped off their big 12 schedule with a big 84-79 road win over k-state on wednesday, the cyclones 7th straight win... today they take on an ok-state team coming off an upset win over #4 baylor! isu has lost 4 straight to the cowgirls... cyclones trail most of the game, but they lead it in the 4th... bridget carleton, no but seanna johnson with the putback. 36-33 cyclones. osu pulls within 2 on this 3 by roddricka patton. but check out the hustle by bryanna fernstrom, handles the pass, gets the bucket and the foul! isu goes up 44-40. depite shooting 12-53 from the floor...isu goes 22-25 from the
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they win their 8th in a row! 49-42 jordan/2shot nikki: we'll be right back... you're watching local five news at six. bree weather adlib: skies will be mostly clear
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allowingtemperatures to plunge into the teens with wind chills in the single digits across the state. clouds will work back into iowa tomorrow making for mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies and the winds will remain from the northwest at 8 to 12 mph. highs tomorrow will not be as warm topping out in the 20s in central iowa. monday means back to work, back to school, and temperatures back into the 20s again. the sunshine and light winds on monday will help make it not seem so bad! by midweek our temperatures will be back in the 30s with many places getting above freezing, including the metro. precipitation chances start going up towards the end of the work week with the best chance looking to be friday with a wintry mix moving in and continuing through the first part of the weekend. nikki/3shot thank you for spending your time with us
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iowa dot com for more news, weather and sports.
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