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tv   Local 5 News at Five  ABC  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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correspondent amanda krenz sat down with the governor today to clear some things up. she's here now with tonight's big story. amanda/bam here's the basic idea of what branstad wants to do... extend a one cent sales tax that currently helps schools with infastructure needs... and scrape some revenue off the top to help improve the state's water quality. he calls it a win win, but says there's wrong information out there, that's causing confusion. what people are hearing because of what happened last seession with is taking away funding, (((branstad makes a 6:06 it would give us additional funding for provide funding for without raising taxes. branstad says he came up with the idea of using some of the improve water quality
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iowa's ag economy. no other states are doing anything like it. 8:15 it's not only a concern to farmers that own the land, it's a concern to iowa business and the entire state. the fight for this new plan will now begin as the governor prepares to to introduce it to the legislature. 9:52 we're hopeful as people learn about what this would really do, we could get support, convince legislature, address school infastructure, water quality and do it without raising taxes." amanda/bam i can tell you from talking to the governor today, this is a piece of legislation he is very proud of and will likely talk about in his condition of the state address on tuesday. the start of the session is on monday. live in the studio,
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we are iowa. stephanie/1shot: in other legislative news, eople are learning more about medicaid tonight in des moines. it's meant to help medicaid members get familiar enrolling in a new program. it starts goes until 7 tonight at the polk county river place. people who are transitioning to the state's new privately managed system are encouraged to come. d-h-s staff will be there to answer questions. jack: new at five, a man tries to pick up a high school girl waiting at the bus stop this morning. jack/1shot: the polk county sheriff's office is looking into this child enticement case from earlier today. it happened on the 700 block of avenue around 7-30 in the morning. girl was waiting for her school bus when a driver came by and asked her if she needed a ride. after the girl refused, the car turned back around and drove toward the girl ran next door to her aunt's house. also an update earlier - a girl missing in newton has been found. late last night,
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charlene brown was found at a rest area near victor, iowa. she was reported missing on christmas eve. she was believed to be traveling with her mother, misty shaver, and her mother's boyfriend -- kevin carlton. there was a protective order preventing her mother from having contact with charlene at the time she disappeared. shaver and carlton were arrested last night. carlton has been charged with child stealing, and charlene's mother is being held as a material witness. charges are pending. stephanie/ots: 45 iowa national guard troops are returning from their mission to help flood victims in missouri. the gaurd deployed the troops last month to help provide water purification and other services in affected missouri towns. the state of missouri asked for help after a treatment plant was contaminated by flooding late last month. the plant served about 65- hundred customers. jack/lam: congressman been diagnosed according to a facebook message to his friends and supporters. latham says his doctors have started a
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confident he can beat the disease. latham served two decades as a house. he did not seek re-election in 2014. 17 miners in upstate new after spending 10 hours trapped in a salt mine. jack/lam: they were trapped nearly ground. gonzalez has more on their rescue and why they're being called "inspiring." " -- the sounds - of relief - after nearly ten hours of anxiously waiting.... 17 miners - trapped nearly 900 feet below ground in upstate new york are all now safe - on solid ground. sot- miners displayed excellent self-disciplined, control and not panicked.. the men their shift at the deepest salt mine in the country- near ithaca at around 10 last night when the elevator they were in - somehow malfunctioned- 80 sot- i just never could happen here the miners- huddling as rescuers rushed to
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man power needed to backfill out in lansing on a rope rescue. using this crane to lower a basket below ground...lifting several workers at a time -to the surface. sot "we practice mine evacs regularly every year so that practice is coming into play today" despite being shaken, exhausted- and freezing - the miners waited there at the scene... nat cheering until the last of their coworkers were finally - brought to safety. presser 9:05:26 their spirits are tremendous? i'm .. i don't know.. i am inspired by them tag- we're told all of the miners are in good health. a state investigation is underway now to figure out what caused the elevator to malfunction. mg abc news ny" stephanie/1shot: you many not need to cut back
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salt as much as you once thought, according to new dietary guidelines announced by the obama administration today. the guidelines back off on salt restrictions, but still warn that americans consume too much of it. the bigger concern is sugar - the new advice says to limit sugar to 10 percent of your daily caloric intake. and for the first time ever-coffee regulations are in the mix. u-s-d-a says three to 5 cups a day are ok. stephanie/2shot coming up on local 5 news at five... we break down what the new jackpot is expected to be night - after no one won the big prize on wedensday. jack: but next... donald trump is causing quite gets ready for a big rally in for being sanders' stomping grounds. "you're watching local 5 news at 5 in hd with
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angleson, we are iowa's most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist brad edwards. this is local 5 news at 5, we are iowa." stephanie: a group of iowa caucus goers followed republican ted cruz today to call out his economic policies.
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they were outside cruz's second event today in webster city to protest his economic policy plan that they say serves corporations and ceos, not the middle class. the group says cruz wants to eliminate corporate taxes and repeal the affordable care act, without a new plan to address income inequality or wage gaps facing families across iowa. cruz has also been the center of an attack from iowa ethanol producers while on his bus trip in iowa. they're upset with the candidate's plan to eliminate subsidies by 20-22. stephanie/ram: let's now go out to local 5's josh haskell, who is live in goldfield on ted cruz's last stop of the day. josh, how is cruz doing on these last few days on the campaign trail? josh: (adlib on cruz campaiging in iowa, what his stops have been like, if protesters are disrupting the events, and what cruz has said on the campaign trail about trump's birther remarks)
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" all across this country, millions of men and women rose up and became the reagan revolution. clapping..." josh: (tosses back to and became the reagan revolution. clapping..." josh: (tosses back to anchors) jack/lam: donald trump is wondering out
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donald trump is wondering out loud if ted cruz is really eligibile to run for president. now... he's not the only one. senator john mccain and constitutional scholars are now involved. " cruz's citizenship. today, more questions about ted cruz's legal right to run for president...the texas senator...born in canada to an american mother. sot ted cruz " as a legal matter the question is straightforward and settled law that the child of a us citizen born abroad is a natural born citizen." the man raising the concerns...his fellow republican donald trump. he told cnn cruz should go to court. sot donald trump "ted, he should ask for a declaratory judgment because that would clear it all up. i'm doing this for the good of ted." cruz on the stump in iowa called it all...noise. sot ted cruz my focus is on addressing the real challenges and issues facing the american people cruz has pointed to 2008 presidential contender john mccain who was born in panama. but mccain told the chris merrill show he was delivered on a us base. and as for cruz: sot john mccain audio i think there is a question. i'm not a
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think it's worth looking into abc news did ask the constitutional legal scholars who say it appears cruz is in the clear but the issue is still unresolved. sot josh earnestwhite house press secretary it would be quite ironic if after seven or eight years of drama around the president's birth certificate, if republican primary voters were to choose senator cruz as their nominee " jack/lam: cruz renounced his canadian citizenship 18 months ago. this morning, donald trump tweeted that was a wise move by cruz. stephanie/1shot: in more news on trump, the gop front runner is hosting a rally in burlington, vermont, and is raising some eye brows. burlington is one of vermont's most liberal cities, and trump is projected to turn out thousands tonight. the venue for the rally is also just feet away from democratic candidate bernie sanders' campaign office. a deli down the street is selling
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consisting of a bologna sandwich - it's going for 20- dollars-and 16- cents. the first man in line said he got there at 4-30 this morning to be guaranteed a seat at the rally. " well surprisingly enough, what brought me down here was the police chief saying that if you have a ticket, don't expect to get in. really. i mean 6 thousand 500 people said they would come, there's only 1400 seats, so so i was challegend, and i was up to the challenge." stephanie: trump's rally begins in less than an hour. he's set to be back in iowa on saturday, with a rally in ottumwa. stephanie: chief meteorologist james peterson joins us now.. james ((ad lib weather toss)) ((ad lib weather toss))
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weatherrate the independent weather experts " jack: chief meteorologist brad edwards joins us now with central iowa's most accurate forecast. brad? james: (adlib) james: (adlib) james: weather adlib: put script here in green tonight we'll see continued light scattered rain showers and fog with
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time. friday is going to be wet again with turning into a scattered mix of rain and snow by the afternoon when our the north. friday night we'll probably see our wintry mix turning into temperatures begin a very harsh slide into
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sunday. less than 1" of snow is expected around central iowa. sunday is the coldest day of the forecast with a low near 3 and a high barely around 10 degrees. next week we'll stay cold in the beginning with warmer air returning by next thursday. have a great night and
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james/wxhang (adlib) jack:/ stephanie: thanks, brad! we'll be right
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you didn't win the lottery last night. the good news? no one did either, and you have another 2 days to buy lottery tickets for the next drawing. the projected saturday jackpot is at 700 million dollars, the largest ever in north america. the iowa lottery says 80 percent of people let the computer pick their numbers.... and in turn... 80 percent of winners had the computer pick their number.
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(((( jack and stephanie react to story)))) stephanie: coming up at 6... 2014 hog producers battled the deadly p-e-d virus. in 2015, the poultry population was hit with bird flu.. now researchers and farmers are looking ahead to 2016. we'll show you one virus they're keeping their eyes on, why producers should report it immediately and what they say they'll have to do to keep up with the changing markets. jack: time for another quick break... chief meteorologist james peterson will be back with one last look at our forecast. jack: here in iowa, we
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cow at the state fair. but did you know that pennsylvanians have something similar? here's the 1- thousand pound butter scultpure unveiled at the show. 100th the show. make it. james/wxhang weather adlib: put script here in green continued light lows staying above freezing the whole time. friday is going to be wet again with morning showers
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and snow by the afternoon when our
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breaking news tonight. donald trump's new attack. the scathing video about hillary and bill clinton. the massive lines at this hour for block, hoping to see trump.
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