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tv   Local 5 News at Six  ABC  January 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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have been part of massive search. floodwaters are making the search more difficult. i spoke with adam's father by phone. the emotions are still too raw to say much. adam leaves behind his wife and two sons. there is a go fund me page to establish a scholarship fund for the boys." stephanie: authorities say they have found adam's boat, dog and some other they have found adam's boat, dog and some other personal items. but not his body. we'll bring you the latest as we get it. jack: in your local election headquarters. jack we're less than a month from the iowa caucuses. iowa voters have a big responsibility, one we can't afford to botch! four years ago-- there was national criticism when
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the wrong winner of the iowa caucuses mitt romney was announced the winner, by 8 votes. but once everything was recounted... rick santorum actually won by more than 30 votes. determined to not let anything go wrong this time, both the republican and democratic parties are turning to some new technology. local five's digital news editor lucas casey shows us. " that's right, in 20-16, iowa democrats and teamed up with app that will be used at caucus night to results. jeff kaufman, chair of the iowa republican party, said it will vastly improve the reporting process. sot jeff kauffman: "it's the latest technology and it's going to allow us to report the results in a more transparent way, and so the media is going to love this, everyday iowans are going to love this, the nation that's waiting to hear our opinions out here in this state are going to like this because of the transparency. it's going to be a more accurate way of reporting and, hopefully, barring an extremely close race, it's going to allow us to announce a winner that night of the iowa caucuses." now even though both parties anticipate the
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accuracy and expediency across all 16-81 iowa voting precincts, kaufman said if the race is close on caucus night the official results will be delayed until after mail-in tallies are verified two days later. of course, in this electronic age, there are also concerns about security of the app and keeping hackers out of the system. we got a sneak peek from microsoft today and they showed us three levels of verification for each precinct. first, users - in this case precinct captians - will have to sign in with a pre- registered phone number, then enter a specific, secret code for their precinct. after that, the user receives a pin via text message on the pre- registered phone and report results to headquarters. in the digital media local 5 news, we are iowa." jack microsoft says
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for the parties, because it's just interested in a more accurate electoral process. stephanie: and as we count down the days to the iowa caucuses...remem ber to stay with local five, your local election headquarters. we'll begin our full coverage later this month leading up to the big day... and on caucus day, we'll have live reports and more. stephanie the iowa g-o-p is getting ready for caucus night! with just a little more than three weeks left until february first, the iowa g-o-p is preparing their packets to find out which candidate iowans like the most. volunteers are hard at work... preparing the packets before they're sent out accross the state.. making it a top to bottom effort.. 00-15 jeff kaufmann, iowa gop chair, "we probably have the most talented group of individuals that we've ever had. they are cutting edge themselves, they are hard working, they are doing this because they are worried and believe in their future " stephanie: packets are hand-delivered to all sixteen- hundred, eighty-one precincts in iowa and volunteers will have logged
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hundred training hours by the time february first rolls around. jack on the democratic side, former president bill clinton has begun his campaign stops for his wife hillary. today, he was in cedar rapids, where he spoke about his support of his wife's campaign, and president obama's executive action on gun control, "what the president proposed is consistant with what 89% of what the gun owners say in recent surveys, nobody should have a gun without a backround check. " jack: former democratic presidential candidate jim webb is thinking about getting back into the presidential race. this time, on an independent ticket. webb has hired sam jones, a former fundraiser for a super pac that was encouraging vice president joe biden to run. stephanie: governor branstad is trying to clear up what he calls "misinformation." he has a new plan to help the state's water quality. local five's chief political correspondent amanda krenz
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to clear things up. she joins us now in the studio with what she learned. amanda/bam: people seemed to get concerned when they heard that branstad has a plan to divert some money from the state's one cent sales tax to help improve water quality. right now, 100 percent of that money goes to school infastructure needs. in my interview with him today he said, his proposal doesn't take anything away from education, in fact in promises schools 20 more years of revenue from the one cent sales tax. the money for water quality will be scraped off the top. "6:01 it would give us additional funding for school infastructure, provide funding ofr water quality and do it without raising taxes. 6:39 schools would love to get all of the growth but theyre getting 21.7 billion. i think that's a pretty good investment and committment." amanda: branstad says he's gotten a lot of support from school superintendents, and various ag leaders around the state for this approach to invest in water quality while
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tax that would also help schools. and he hopes he gets support for the legislature when he introduces his plan this session. lawmakers gavil in for the startof the session on monday. live in the studio, amanda krenz, local five news, we are iowa. stephanie/1shot: there was an officer assault last night at the anamosa state prison. inmate taylor denney assaulted the officer early yesterday evening. securityrestrained denney and placed him in a cell. the officer's face and head were injured.. denney is serving a 15 year sentence for arson in the second degree, escape of a felon , and voluntary absence from des moines county. his sentence began back in 20- 10. . jack/1shot: meanwhile, a possible child enticement case is being investigated here in the metro. it happened early this morning in the 700 block of northeast 46th avenue in des moines. a 16 year-old girl was waiting for her school bus, when an suv drove past. the driver asked the girl if she needed a ride. she said no. but the driver turned around and drove back
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described as a 50's, driving a black suv. the polk county sheriff's office is asking for know anything. to please remind your children to never accept a ride from a stranger. stephanie: up next, after two years of deadly viruses that threatened pigs and poultry, iowa state researchers are another growing virus. news at 6 in hd with angleson, we are iowa's most accurate meteorologist brad
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sports with meteorologist brad edwards, and local 5 sports with sports director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 6. we are iowa." stephanie:
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million pigs here in iowa. last year,the poultry industry took a major hit when the avian flu killed more than 30 million birds. now turning to 2016, iowa state researchers are keeping their eye on another growing virus. stephanie: powell has more. claire/bam: state veteranians say more cases of senecavirus- "a" or seneca valley virus. usually there handful of cases every year. but since july of 2015, there have been nearly 10 cases per week in seven states, including iowa. they don't want producers to panic- but instead are reminding all farmers- pigs, poultry and others- to stay vigilant. in the past forty or fifty years randy hilleman has seen all kinds of pig illnesses. "in the hog business you never know. when teg or prrs any other disease, it goes good then all of the sudden there's something new"
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the uncommon senecavirus-a. the virus rarely causes death and usually heals on its own. but its eery similarity to foreign deadly diseases is what has researchers spooked. "clinical signs are blisters around nose and feet, lameness, those clinical signs look just like foot and mouth disease" generally, state veterinarians only see a handful of cases a year. in 2015 they've seen more than 100. "something changed in the virus that made it more transmisable. we had 100 cases in 6 months, and then none recent weeks." that news- hilleman says- is definitely a good thing. "we dont need that again" the biosecurity put in place since p-e-d-v and avian flu is an everyday necessity on farms across iowa. "you have to get trucks coming in and out, its just a far reaching" he knows if he see's something unusual, state and federal officials need to get invovled.
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relationship with our vet. if we have an issue we call him" the difference between one virus to the next could be industry altering and herd halting. "you hope if theres a vaccine it works, and if there isn't you dont get it." claire/bam: if those symptoms of the senecavirus make an appearance, contact your vet immediately, they'll send tests to state and federal labs. iowa state says they try to return results within 2 to 3 days. as a reminder, senecavirus cannot infect humans and doesnt make pork less safe to eat. reporting live claire powell local 5 news we are iowa stephanie/wxcdl: thanks, claire. jack/wxcdl meteorologist james peterson is here now... james:wxcdl (
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james:wxcdl ( local 5 weather is coming up next. tonight we'll see continued light scattered rain
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meteorologist james peterson. certified by weatherrate the independent weather experts" james/wxc: welcome back. i'm local 5 chief meteorologist brad edwards. james: let's take a look at we are iowa's most accurate forecast. james/wxwall: weather adlib: tonight we'll see continued light scattered rain showers and fog with lows staying above freezing the whole time. friday is going to be wet again with
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scattered mix of rain and snow by the afternoon when our winds switch out of the north. friday night we'll probably see our wintry mix turning into light snow showers as temperatures begin a very harsh slide into deep cold lasting all day saturday into sunday. less than 1" of snow is expected around central iowa. sunday is the coldest day of the forecast with a low near 3 and a high barely around 10 degrees. next week we'll stay cold in the beginning with warmer air returning by next have a great night and stay dry! that's all for my
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the latest in weather . stephanie/2wx: thanks james. jack/2bam: i'm here with the latest in weather . stephanie/2wx: thanks james.
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stephanie/2wx: thanks james. jack/2bam: i'm here with sports director jon schaeffer, and jon iowa state now 1-1 in big 12 play after beating texas tech jon/2bam: yeah jack but it definitely wasn't the prettiest game of the season for the cyclones. coming up on local 5 sports a win is a win and the cyclones have plenty of confidence to carry over into saturday's game against baylor. "now, local 5 sports with jon schaeffer. we are iowa sports"
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jon: welcome back. last night iowa state found a way to win even
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ugly performance. they shot under 40 percent from the field but still managed a win 76 o 69. it was a game that may concern many cyclones fans-- but something to consider-- iowa state lost more often than not over the last few years when they did shoot that poorly. the cyclones were 3-12 over the last three seasons when shooting below 40 percent. it's a sign of toughness for this iowa state team to still come out with the win last night. "there were some when i watched the tape. you know a couple shots missed against the zone that we missed that were just you hope you make the wide open shots or some layups around the rim. you hope you finish and make those and we didn't. and credit texas tech for doing a good job in some of that. but you gotta win ugly sometimes you gotta win on bad shooting nights that happens. " "uhh you know i think it speaks volumes to our character through games you know you've seen this year we're not going to quit we're going to keep pushing and eventually we are going to pull through. i think that's the biggest thing for us if we keep our head down
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keep on pushing uhh good things are going to happen to us." "i think we're always confident. i mean a win is a win in the big 12. we'll always be confident. we um we know we can compete with anybody um in the big 12 as long as we come to play and we know ain't no game in the big 12 gonna be easy." "i think we're really confident right now. uhh you know obviously we didn't play george in the majority of the first half. you know other guys were able to step up for us. and uhh we just gotta take that same mindset into saturday and just play together and find a way to win." iowa state's next big 12 foe-- the baylor bears. baylor is the only team to beat iowa state at hilton coliseum last year. the cyclones are looking for a litte redemption after being swept by the bears last year. tip off set for 2pm from hilton coliseum jon: in the high school ranks of boys basketball-- turnover happens every year. it's something coaches learn to deal with-- and the best know how to adjust year in and year out. for centennial coach bob fantana-- last year's early post season exit is something he's using to push this year's team. centennial and des moines hoover were considered two of the top teams in the ciml-- unfortunately they had to meet in substates and
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that matchup-- but it's fueling this year's team. fontana says they've had to deal with a few key injuries as well as being undersized-- but that isn't stopping them. they've suffered just two losses so far-- and playing the ciml gauntlet of a schedule will continue to get the jaguars ready for the post season. "i think it prepares you very well. you've been through the wars both physical and mental so you know what the task is at hand. then you gotta go out and execute and play to the best of your ability on what you do well. we've had three or four guys score consistently for us we've had great leadership out of our point guard. we've had subs come in and give us quality minutes on both ends of the floor and it's truly been a collective effort and it's been a really fun group to coach. " jack/wxhang: now one last check of your weather, with chief
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weather, with chief meteorologist brad edwards. james: weather adlib: tonight we'll see the people's choice arrest,
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of "the it's around my neck. >> charlie sheen, his new at home interview after revelation. >> and the people's choice awards arrest. what the talk ladies told me backstage after a man stormed
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>> we're like a motley crew. >> no.
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