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tv   Local 5 News at Five  ABC  January 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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spent a lot of time in iowa. they haven't shown impressive finishes in any of the polls, but both of them say the polls don't matter. they shared with us what they think will help them to a good finish on caucus night. rand paul 4:38 our goal is to get 10 thousand students out. we have organized on college campuses, this is the first time iowa students will be in school during the caucuses and that's a big deal. we're also intending on getting 10-thousand independents to join us. mike huckabee 28:10 i'm doing 150 events in iowa in january, the reason i'm working that hard, i learned don't take anything for granted and we know most people in iowa don't know who they're going to vote for until just before the caucuses. amanda tag - both of these candidates just marked off some big milestones in iowa. rand paul named his 1000th precinct captain and mike huckabee just finished his 99 county tour of iowa. amanda krenz, local 5 news, we are iowa. " stephanie/1shot:
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with those candidates and others on sunday morning. watch this week in iowa at 9 a-m. jack/1shot: if you want to book a room in a des moines hotel leading up to the iowa caucuses, it could be tough. we checked several hotel booking sites, and found that only one downtown hotel still has rooms avaialable the week leading up to february 1st. some hotels jacked up prices nearly 4 time the normal rate. you'll have better luck looking outside the des moines city limits -- in cities like grimes, indianola, and ankeny. stephanie: and the fbi has released a statement in terms of security concerns on caucus night. they say, quote, there are not credible threats time-related to this event. and they'll continue to work with local and state agencies to ensure the public is safet on february 1st. jack: an overnight chase ends in a wreck near altoona. jack/lam: a 15 year old girl is expected to face charges for leading state patrol officers on a high speed chase overnight. it happened on i-80 near altoona. the girl was reported as a
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runaway, and she led troopers on a chase through 3 cities that reached to speeds of 100 miles per hour. the chase ended when the girl intentionally pulled over and crashed. she's expected to be ok, and charges are also expected to be filed. stephanie/1shot: two creston students have be charged for making a threat in an online chat group earlier this week. the three teens charged with first-degree allegedly they would bring a gun to the creston high school. and creston the threat is not dangerous to students. the investigation is ongoing. jack/ots: a former department of natural resources employee is getting nearly a million dollars in a case settled with the agency. a polk county jury found that the d-n-r discriminated against former employee john vetter in 2013 after he was injured on the job. vetter said he was able to work after the injury, but the d-n-r put him on an involuntary medical leave, and then ultimately fired him. jack/ots the d-n-r officials must also train exisiting and future employees on
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discrimination. stephanie: in national headlines- the jobs market remains positive into the new year. stephanie/1shot: 2015 was a strong year for the the u-s job market. american employers added more than two and a half million jobs. 292-thousand of those jobs were added in december. it was the second best year for jobs gains since 19-99. americans saw their paychecks go up as well. wages grew 2.5 percent in december. it matched the gains in october-- which were the best in six years. stephanie/ram: in less than a week, the president will give his last state of the union address. senator joni ernst was chosen to deliver the republican response last year, and this year she's giving out advice to south carolina governor nikki haley, who will deliver the gop response on tuesday. "just be calm, relax and deliver a great speech and i think she's going to do a great job. " stephanie: ernst is on a leg of her 99-county tour this weekend across iowa. she spoke in ames
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stephanie/ram and senator chuck grassley is in the news - this time for his comments on former secretary of state hillary clinton's emails while at the state department. grassley isn't happy with the way the department handles freedom of information requests to recover clinton's emails. grassley says in part that quote there are systemic failures at the agency...from actually searching for responsive emails...and extensive fulfill a request. jack/lam: as expected, president obama vetoed legislation that would have repealed the affordable care act and cut federal funding for planned parenthood. it's one of many repeal measures pushed by republican lawmakers since 2010, when obama signed the health care program into law. the bill goes back to the republican-led congress, which does not have the votes right now to override the veto. they need a two-thirds majority to do that. jack: terrorists are using social media to recruit attackers -- we know that. so now -- apple,
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scheduled to meet with federal policy makers to figure out a plan to address the issue. google, microsoft, and linked-in will also be in on the meetings. the leaders will talk about how to identify recruitment methods and make it harder for terrorists to carry out attacks. stephanie/2shot coming up on local 5 news at five... the numbers to the largest jacpot in american history will be drawn tomorrow night. and the nation is going nuts. jack: but next... there could be one only two democrats standing on the next debate stage. see what's happening with the new eligibility rules. "you're watching local 5 news at 5 in hd with
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meteorologist brad edwards. this is local 5 news at 5, we are iowa." jack: it was a wild night at a donald trump rally in vermont. jack: frontrunner was met with his campaign event. meanwhile, maine's a chris christie supporter, has ignited a firestorm with remarks that are being called a abc's kenneth
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washington. "today it's on to south carolina for donald trump but overnight, a volatile welcome in the liberal backyard of bernie sanders. nat "get em out of here! take em out" the gop frontrunner...interru pted, drowned out and screamed at by demonstrators in burlington, vermont. nat "get em outta here! don't give him his coat. keep his coat. hundreds of people cheered on the billionaire while those protestors got the boot...many of them supporters of sanders. the vermont senator and trump couldn't be any more different on policy but their campaigns are both drawing big crowds. sot - matthew dowd bernie sanders and donald trump are fishing from a similar pond. which is independent voters who are working class whites . bernie sanders was quick to point out a recent quinnipiac university poll has him beating trump in a hypothetical general election match up...51 to 38 percent. sanders was on the phone with political group democracy for america while trump was in his home state. sot - sanders i would love love love to run against donald trump. it would be a dream
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political controversy brewing involving chris christie and his supporter, maine governor paul lepage who said this about drug traffickers in his state. sot - gov. lepage: "these are guys by the name d-money, smoothie, shifty.""incidentally, half the time they impregnate a young, white girl before they leave." " jack/1shot: and n-b-c news is receiving some negative feedback after the network put out eligibility rules for the next democratic presidential debate. to qualify. candidates have to reach an average of 5 percent either nationally or in any of the early states in the 5 most recent polls this could pose a challenge for martin o'malley, who hovers around 3 to 4 percent. the debate is sunday, january 17th. stephanie:/ram: in more news on the democrats - bernie sanders is making more distinctions between himself and front- runner hillary clinton while on the campaign trail. today in iowa, he
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leave. " she has talked in vague and general terms about the need for paid family and medical leave. she has not described how she has how she will pay for it and she is not supportive of the major piece of legislation introduced by senator gillibrand and congresswoman rosa delauro apparently she believes that a dollar sixty one a week payroll tax on the average worker is too high a price for three months of paid family and medical leave. i strongly disagree with that." stephanie: sanders will be joined by his wife, jane, while campaigning in iowa this weekend. it's the first time his wife has hosted a few of her own events in the caucus state. stephanie: chief meteorologist james peterson joins us now... james ((ad lib weather toss))
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forecast with meteorologist james peterson. certified by
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independent weather experts " jack: here in the metro today, fog and clouds might have made your morning commute a little slow-going. you can see here visibility on i-235 was not too bad, but downtown, even the capitol building was a little hard to spot. thankfully most of that fog will be out of the metro tonight - but then we have to worry about the cold this weekend. down to the negatives! james is here to tell us what to expect.
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jack: chief meteorologist brad edwards joins us now with central iowa's most accurate forecast. brad? brad: (adlib) james: (adlib) james/wxwall weather adlib: put script here in green tonight the winds will really pick up out of the north and temperatures will be falling fast. saturday is going to start with some isolated morning light snow, and windy and very cold. wind
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saturday will be in the low teens, but that night the coldest air of the year will arrive and we will see deep sub zero wind chill values. sunday will be dry and cold with the wind backing off slightly during the day but the highs will struggle to climb above the single digits. next week is still
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with highs in the 20s and teens to start the week, but we try and bring back some 30s by thursday and friday. james/wxhang (adlib) jack:/
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"you're watching local 5 news at 5 in hd. we are iowa"
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the largest in u-s history -- estimated at more than 800- million dollars! and that potential pay-out is leading to long lines for tickets. but your odds of winning -- also went up recently. abc's brandi hitt reports from los angeles. "nats -- "right there...
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sweeping the nation... sot -- jose hernandez, playing powerball jack: and if you won the powerball,
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you can connect with us on facebook and twitter. send us an email to: "news at we are iowa dot com" or call us in the newsroom: 1- 800-858-5555 we'd love to hear what you think about this story or any other. stephanie/2shot: central iowans have powerball jackpot fever! ""pay off all my bills and help my family members out" from hot rods to charitable gifts, coming up at 6, we'll show you what hopeful iowans say they'd do with the 800 million dollars. and a financial advisor tells us all the "do's and don'ts" of winning the jackpot. jack/2shot: time for another quick break... chief meteorologist chief meteorologist brad edwards will be back with one last look at our forecast. james/wxhang weather adlib: put
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light snow, and windy and very cold. wind chills during the day saturday will be in the low teens, but that night the coldest air of the year will arrive and we will see deep sub zero wind chill values. sunday will be dry and cold with the wind backing off slightly during the day but the highs will struggle to climb above the single digits. next week is still looking pretty cold with highs in the 20s and teens to start the
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breaking news tonight. the video just released themerican police officer ambushed. the man taking aim and shooting right into the car. authorities say he pledged allegiance to isis. also breaking tonight, the bloody shootout. el chapo captured. how they got him.
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