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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 11, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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billionaire? powerball soaring to incredible new heights. the first ever billion dollar jackpot. so much money. the signs can't keep up. become one of the richest people on the planet? golden globes. hollywood's biggest and >> and the golden globe goes to leonardo dicaprio. >> theig awards. >> jennifer lawrence, "joy." >> the unforgettable moments. >> i want to thank my imaginary friend, rocky balboa, for being the best friend i ever had. >> cookies for everyone tonight. >> please wrap? wait a minute. i've waited 20 years for this. you're going to wait. >> the host roasts and toasts the stars. we're live this morning one on one with the winners backstage. backstage. all the moments you didn't see
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>> good morning, america. we're laughing along with you. good morning, america. what a night at the golden globes. no shortage of big winners there. lara backstage. and with the hollywood royalty. there she is. she's going to have all the incredible moments for us coming up. >> we have a lot to get to. including the cold front moving east. look at the nfl game in minnesota. everyone b bundled uyesterday. one of the coldest games ever. with the fririgid air ving east, ginger is home keeping baby adrianan warm. we have a special guest here to help us out this morning. >> come on o. >> sam champion, welcome back. >> george, good morning. amy, how are you guys? so, what's up? winter's sorry. it's a little late. but it's here for real now. >> my daughter harper was texting, imitating your laugh on thtext. ve excited. >> i know it's loud. i'm sorry. >> welcome home.
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weather coming up. the breaking news. groundbreaking singer david bowie passing away overnight. just days after turning 69. and releasing his final album. so many celebrating his contribution to music. chris connelly starts us off. rebel rebel it's on your dress >> reporter: the man who sang "rebel rebel" was all that. david bowie was a towering figure in contemporary music for decades. all right >> reporter: such hits as "young american" and his first hit, "changes." changes don't want to have to be a richer man >> reporter: bowie employed talent, breathtaking charisma. and multiple personas. born david jones, he would
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round control to major tom >> reporter: he freed rock 'n' roll. from stereotypes of gender unlocking the minds of millions. turn left >> reporter: his sound and unique styles. massively influential on generations of musicians. from mick jagger to duran duran. to madonna and beyond. put on your red shoes and dance the blues s >> by the '80s he was top material thanks to "china girl." my little china girl >> reporter: always suave, and it seemed, one step ahead. joining with queen on "under pressure." pressure pushing down on me >> reporter: his unearthly image made him an ideal leading man. and "the man who fell to earth." david bowie died of cancer late sunday night at the age of 69. he's survived by his wife, the model iman, a son and a daughter.
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artistic true north. a true hero of rock 'n' roll. we could be heroes >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. we could be heroes >> and he touched so many people. the reaction overnight was overwhelming. sherri shepherd wrote, what a wonderful love. you fought hard. rest now. prayers for your dear wife. and sh groban tweeted this. he never seemed to -- of this earth. now he's left it. he bent rules, gender, genres, anand our mis. one of a kind. >> boy, is that so t true. what a renaissance man, as well. >> like chris said, he was always a step ahead. >> fearless. and we all got to bask in his brilliance. hearing those songs just takes you back to all those moments in your life. he was such a -- >> decade after decade after
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his life. we want to switch gears to a diffent kind of celebration. last night in hollywoo the golden globes. honoring the best in television and movies. ricky gervais back hosting and lara was there for all of it. >> repter: good morning to all of you guys. it was a tricky year to predict the winners. that, of course, had the audien on the edge of their seats. ricky gervais did a good job of that himself. he returned for his fourth year as host, aiming straight at hollywood's jugular. >> i want to do this monologue. and then go into hiding. okay. not even sean penn will find me. >> reporter: no one or no toc was offlimits. >> the only person who ben affleck hasn't been unfaithful to. please welcome, matt damon. >> repter: a few of his jokes mang this "seen it all" audience uncomfortable. >> i want to say something nice about mel before he comes out. um, so -- oh, yeah.
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here i go. i would rather have a drink with him in his hotel room tonight than with bill cosby. >> reporter: and all eyes were on jenennifer laence. the 25-year-old earning her third golden globe for "joy," her third under the direction of david d o. russe. >> i want us to be buried next to each other. >> reporter: she may have beaten out amy schumer for the award. the two were this yearar's golde girls. >> as women in hollywood people have a lotf preconceived notions about us. >> they're like, oh, jen and amy, they're so pretty and like, everyone likes them. and -- wants to hang out with them and like, they seem so fun to be around. and like, oh, they should be models. like -- >> i was like, before i see amy, i get an inner laughter. i know i'm about to start laughing so hard. it's like inner helium. almost fee like being in love.
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>> and the golden globe goes to -- sylvester stallone. >> reporter: and sentimental favorite sylvester stallone won for "creed." >> i want to thanknk my imagary friend, rocky balboa, for being the best friend i ever had. >> reporter: playing the same character he was nominated for almost 40 years ago. >> what i used to do for a living but not very well. it happened. this is an extraordinary moment. >> reporter: and leo did not disappoint, taking home top honors for "the revenant." and matt damon moon-walked his way to a "martian" win. jon hamm stole the show. and taraji p. henson won. best actress for a tv drama in "empire." >> cookies for everyone tonight. >> reporter: who all got the cookies? >> lady gaga, angela bassett. leonardo dicaprio, you took the cookie. that is a contract. i will be waiting to hear from
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we'll be working on. >> reporter: you heard it here first. cookie lyons is calling. when cookie calls you pick up. we haven't gotten to the bleep of it all. we're talking about that coming up. the fashion, the fashion, the fashion coming up. coming up later on "gma." >> you look beautiful. >> she sure does. >> thank you, thank you. >> a lot more coming up. >> i was so happy for sylvester stallone. he was here recently. he took pictures with everyone. remember that amy? with the crew and everyone. so much a gentleman. now to the top-secret meeting between sean penn and the world's most notoriousus drug lord. interviewing el chapo while he was in hiding. mexican officials say their communication helped recapture him. matt gutman has the latest. >> reporter: it was a hollywood handshake staged to prove that sean penn met narco king el chapo guzman. the fugive flying penn and actress kate del castillo to a
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hoping the starlet would make a biopic about his life. the druglord rewarding them with this. his first-ever interview dedicating it to -- [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: in a "rolling stone" article published saturday, penn writes that the secret, seven-hour sitdown in october started with a shot of tequila and a compadre hug. from the man in the silk shirt. noting he looked remarkably well groomed for man on the run since his prison escape last july. el chapo agreeing to tell his story to penn via video and messages in the following months. penn writing that the cartel leader acknowledged moving more drugs than anyone in the world.
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unrepetant. >> my dressing room is too small. >> reporter: del castillo setting it up through h secret messages. el chapo agreeing to fly penn on a radar-blocking plane. barring any phones brought in. still. >> the mexican government may have intercecepted the messages sayingfter his capture friday, his communications with actors and producers helped authorities ultimately track him to this safeouse in s home state. as the mexican marines closed in, he nearly got away again. darting g into therainag system. we found the spot he popped out of and something else. looks like an m-4 rifle with a grenade launcherer. this is whate's known for. skirting the law by going through the tunnel, dihes, drainage sewers, anything he can. but he was caught and pos in this hotel room. his soiled undershirt a stark contrast to the fine silk and pressed denim he wore to meet penn. mexico has already begun the
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the u.s. his attorney telling us he's trying to gum up the works. filing six motions to block the extradition. saying his client's human rights are being violated because he's being kept in solitary. robin. >> is sean penn in legal trouble? >> based on what we know now, probably not. to convict him of something like harboring a fugitive, you would need evidence that he helped him. aided him. gave him money. sheltered him. not just to say he met with him. now,w, they mawant to call him as a witness. may want to ask him questions. if el chapo had not been captured yet, there would be a lot more pressure on sean penn and "rolling stone" to answer questions. >> penn admitted he went to great lengths to conceal the interview. dumping his cell phone. people are baffled going, he did nothing, absolutely nothing wrong? >> i think he did something wrong here.
7:12 am
stone" did. journalistically which is to say el cha could vet the story before they published it. i think that is an outrage. as a legal matter, you can't convict someone for just hiding your effort to meet with someone. journalists have interviewed osamama bin lan before. and other examplples like at. journalistically, a problem. legally, probably not. thank you, dan. >> thank you. the race for president now. heating up with the first votes in sight. three weeks from today. the iowa caucuses. hillary clintoand bernie sanders neck and neck there. so are donald trump and ted cruz. jon karl tracking the latest. the clinton/sanders race has been gentle but not anymore. >> reporter: it's a real battle now. bernie sanders is within striking distance of hillary clinton in both iowa and new hampshire. just look at these new polls from "the wa street journal" and nbc. clinton, 48%, sanders 45%. in iowa within the margin of error.
7:13 am
50% to 46%. for clinton. sanders does better against the republicans than clinton. in new hampshire, hillary clinton is statistically tied with trump. trails rubio and cruz. sanders leads republicans. all of them, trump, cruz, rubio. >> the answer to the ad hillary clinton put out saying she's more electable than bernie sanders. jon karl, thanks very much. now to the deep freeeeze moving east this morning. temperatures plunging after dozens of record highs were bren in the east. some areas, it's 30 degrees colder this morning. sam, that's why we put you outside. >> i'm outside. 30 degrees colder right now than yesterday. winter light that we've had on the east coast and the eastern half of the nation, done. take a look at how this cold air shot through ohio. this is marysville. 40-mile-per-hour winds. this little light hit of snow. if you didn't get the snow, you get the temperatures. good morning, new orleans.
7:14 am
atlanta, how you doing? feeling like 15 degrees. this isn't the coldest of the week. we have three shots of these. the next one. a noon wind chill in minneapolis. 25 below. chicicagoland,ow you doing at 0? get ready for this. it's freezing air all the way downnto the deep south. what is the way this goes. we have another shot coming for the weekend. there could be an east coast snowmaker, as well. a lot to talk about. george. >> welcome back, sam. we turn to powerball. jackpot soaring to $1.3 billion. no winner on saturday. the biggest prize ever by miles. and look at this. the signs are actually stuck at $999 million. who knows how high it will go? the sign is stuck. t.j. holmes has the story. >> powerball number. >> reporter: who wants to be a billionaire? >> i have the winning ticket right here. >> reporter: because for the first time ever, you can. instantly.
7:15 am
seen before. >> reporter: a single winner could land in one moment on the "forbes" billionaire's list. beatating out ck dorsey and sheryl sandberg. winning a stash of megacash can be squandered with stunning speed. 70% ofeople who hit it big lose big witithin a feyears. back in 2002, jack whitaker won nearly $35 million. by 2006 lost most of his winnings to thieves, drugs, and gambling. even digging himself into $1.5 million in debt. >> not all money is created equally. the money you earn is treated very differently than the money that you win. >> reporter: but this time, we're talking about a billion dollars. you need to spend more than $700,000 a day to go broke in five years. >> you want this t to be notust sudden wealth. if you want to create lasting wealth, you have to change your mindset.
7:16 am
people are wonderingng, your os do not increase every time it rolls over. the odds increase of there being a winner because there are more numbers out there with the possible combinations. your odds are still 1 in 292 million. >> so one person in america, basically? 1 in 292 million? >> yeah. >> okay. amy, you're starting with a different money story? >> that's right. wall street begins with discouraging news. overnight, stocks took another hit in china. dropping 5%. investors worry china's economy is slowing down and that is hurting oil prices. police in philadelphia received a tip that last week's attack on one of their officers may be just the beginning. edward archer reportedly pledged allegiance to isis when he fired into officer jesse hartnett's car. now police are investigating whether he's part of a larger group who may be targeting officers. there is rising anger in germany where refugees are being blamed for a wave of assaults.
7:17 am
complaints filed and protests against refugees have turned violent. with reports of people attacked the street. in sports, vikings fans endured a temperature of 6 below zero. look at the frozen beard there. one of the coldest games ever with one of the most heartbreaking endings ever. blair walsh missed the 27-yard field goal. me fans calling it the worst day of their lives. some guys, like this one, couldn't move. just standing in shock. another fan fell straight out of his recliner. the dog walked over to make sure he was okay. that's what my husband looked like. we watched the kick live. the kicker saying he should have been able to kick a watermelelon over that goal. sometimes, it's not meant to be. >> many peopople thoug it was a winning field goal. that's why they were taping themselves. then the reaction that we saw. >> ouch. >> doh. ginger is taking care of sweet baby adrian. our baby is back here, sam. >> i texted her this morning.
7:18 am
the cold air is here.
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nation. >> sam said it's like riding a bi. you never forget. coming up, an american artist found dead in italy. a manhunt under wa could she have been a victim of a stalker? one of the worst wipeouts caught on camera. slammed by the 50-foot wave. hekids across the water before ing under. he's speaking out exclusively on "gma." tecfidera is not an injection. it's a pill r relapsing ms that has the power to cut relapses in half. imagine what you could do with fewer relapses. tecfidera may cause serious side effects, such as allergic reactions, pml, which is a rare brain infection
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sabrina: elias: a quick check of traffic this morning... this is i-235 at m- l-k... [current conditions] sabrina:
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it's 7:24 ... elias: the iowa legislature convenesfor the 20-16 session today. state lawmakers will be reviewing iowa's medicaid privatization and planned parenthoold funding, while tackling education initiatives...last year's session went long due to a lack of agreement on school funding. governor branstad plans to introduce a proposal for clean water funding. sabrina: the three major democratic presidential candidates will be in des moines this evening as they take part in a forum designed to focus on issues that affect latinos and african americans. the democrat's brown and black forum will be held at drake university tonight starting at seven.. look for live coverage right here on local five news. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/ weather adlib: sabrina:
7:25 am
>> go ahead. >> i think we all want the answer to this. >> mm-hmm. [ bleep ] [ laughter ] >> i don't know. ask the guy that said it. it wasn't . >> nothing wrong with the tv sets. the censors in overdrive at the golden globes right there. >> oh, oh, oh. >> what are they saying? >> we' going to find that out from lara in just a bit. >> ricky said trademark snark. that was very appropriate. we'll have lara, livin los angeles. she'll have more on that coming
7:26 am
we canannot waitor more from lara. also -- the world remembering david bowie. the rock star famous for his changes to music, fashion, and movies. passing away overnight after a battle with cancer. so many celebrating his legacy this morning. and the ttsburgh steelers advancing in the playoffs after what some were calling -- man, that was a dirty game. wow. with the cincinnati bengals and the packers moving on. walking off washington last night. all four road teams moving on. you were for the underdogs. >> i was. didn't do me any good. the playoff championship. rob and jesse standing by in arizona, getting ready for a big day and night. we begin this first half hour with the murder mystery in italy. an american artist found dead in her apartment. the search is on for her killer. alex marquardt is in florence with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning.
7:27 am
found.d. people leaving flowers and messages of condolence. she was a fixture in the neighborhood. seen out and about with her dog. her death has left many stunned. this morning, an urgent search for the killer believed to have strangled 35-year-old american ashley olsen. olsen, who had done modelling, was found on saturday in the studio artment on the couch in florence's historic center. bruises and scratches on her neck. >> i can't imagine a person who would hurt her. she's a gentle, kind, beautiful, friendly, lovely girl. it's an awful shock. >> reporter: a few days before her murder, oln reportedly had a fight with her italian artist boyfriend. after not hearing from her, he told police he askeded the landlord to let him in and discovered the body. he and severalf olsen's friends have been questioned. bubut no arrts have been made. investigators seized olsen's phone and computer and are looking to see whether a
tv-commercial tv-commercial
7:28 am
apartment can offer clues. >> the key is the circumstances and events around her life at the time she died. >> reporter: the bubbly. florida native arrived in florence in 2012 to join her father to work in art and fashion. by phone, her grandmother told abc news, our lives have changed forever. we lost our precious granddaughter and daughter. she was our loving, smart and precious girl. olsen and her beloved beagle, scout, quickly became known in the neighborhood. >> we have a great community of people. everyone loved her. >> reporter: in recent instagram posts, she suggested she may have had unwanted attention. pictures like these, unclear if she was serious, adding the hashtag stalker. e mystery has people remembering anotheher murdern italy. the case involving amanda knox. the autopsy has noyet been carried out. that will help authorities determine when and how she was killed.
7:29 am
autopsy could take place as soon as this afternoon. >> so tragic. >> sure is. we move on to the arrest of the jewel thief behind a string of robberies in the south. 24-year-old abigail lee kemp facing a judge this morning. accused of stealing millions o dollars worth of jewels. steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: she's accused of making off with more than $4 million worth of jewels from at least six stores across five states. this morning, police are sharing a name to go with that face, seen as clear as day on security cameras. >> i need you to respond to an armed robbery. >> reporter: police arrested 24-year-old abigail lee kemp on >> hello. >> reporter: before the robbers, the only other video she was a waitress, tried her >> she was the life of the party. if abby was there, you were going to have a good time. >> reporter: fbi documents show
7:30 am
alleging during each robbery, the armed woman ordered the store employees to the back of the store, zip-tying their hands. police think that she head help, saying this man allegedly acted as a lookout. invest gafrts say a cell phone registered to kemp pinged towers at the sites of the robberies. while the robberies were in procesess. e records show a maroon car seen in surveillance videos is registered to her family. the fbi says that callers who tipped them off said she was wearing jewelry some believed she couldn't afford. >> how is someone doing this in 2015? >> reporter: she makakes a fir appearance in federal court this morning. >> and our thanks to steve. the excitement building for tonight's college football national championship game. the top two teams in the land facing off. clemson and alabama. let's get a preview of the matchup from jesse palmer. he's on the scene there in glendale, arizona, with some of his closest friends.
7:31 am
what are the keys? >> well, i'll tell you. this is an unbelievable matchup with respect to xs and o os. alabama, all about defense. country. they run the football with derrick henry. i think you have to look out for jake coker. he's done a great job last couple of games not turning the football over. 'll have to continue that trend tonight. clemson, an explosive offense. tons of speed. they can score points so quickly. the defense, i think, very, very phphenomenalthletes on that side of the football. they're led by deshaun watson. quarterback in the entire i can't wait. and os. something to prove because he finished third in the heisman voting? >> he'll be extremely motivated trying to prove 's the best player in the country.
7:32 am
great. he has to make plays running and throwing the football. he's playing against thehe best defense he's seen all year. >> you haven't made your prediction yet. you're going to upset some people behind yo who do you have in the game? >> we did this, you and i did this last year. remember? ohio state and oregon? i got in trouble. who do i like in this game? on one side, you have clemson -- they're the undefeated team. number one in the country. on the other side, alabama, and they're looking for their fourth national championship in seven years. whent's all said and done. i struggled. who i do think's going to win? i'm going -- roll tide. >> oh! he's going to get it from the clemson peop. all right, jesse. we're going to check back. he's a very brave man. very brave. >> i thought he was going to learn a lesson from last year. > much morof the excitement. you can see the game tonight on
7:33 am
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we're back with that epic wipeout. you see one of the world's best surfers swallowed up by a massive wave. this morning, garrett mcnamara is talking about it. abc's gio benitez has the exclusive. >> reporter: watch. a gnarly wipeout in half moon bay. >> oh. >> reporter: that surfer, one of the woworld's be. garretmcnamara, living to talk about it this morning, only on "gma." >> definitely one of the craziest wipeouts i have ever had. >> reporter: watch closely. he falls off his surfboard and hits the water three times. breaking his arm. before being engulfed by that giant wave. >> i hit so hard. it was like a big bright light. >> reporter: he holds the world
7:37 am
78-foot wave, the largest ever surfed. but it was this el nino 5 foot wave that took him down on thursday. >> oh, my god. oh! >> reporter: just look. mcnamara is nowhere to be seen. and panic sets in. watch as rescuers on jetskis race to find him. some are now calling this wipeout one of the worst ever recorded. surgery. the world champ is already >> my life. my passion. it's what i love to do. and, um, i'll never stop surfing. >> reporter: for "good morning america," gio benitez, abcews, new york. >> oh. that video. >> like a stone skipping across the water. glad he'll be okay. we'll be back with lara in los angeles.
7:38 am
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sfx: rocket blasting off (ding) (dong) (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) sfx: (countdown) 3, 2, 1 ing) (ding) (ding)
7:41 am
sam gets a gold star. he was the first one here on set. never happened. >> like always, angie. >> first day of school. on your best behavior. >> or ever. >> tomorrow, he'll be running in. >> yeah, yeah, just like old times. lara is loving this. she's back with hollywood's big night. what we didn't hear. what we didn't hear last night. you have that? >> yes, the first robin, can i say, sam, it is so bleeping good to see you. >> i love you, lara. you look amazing, by the way. gorgeous. >> thank you. you know, two hours of sleep, no problem. i used the bleep for a reason. many people asking, was it the free-flying cocktails, the relaxed atmosphere. because, boy, those bleepers were working overtime this year at what might have been the most foul-mouthed globes ever. it all started when jonah hill,
7:42 am
revenant" went on a tirade. >> keep it together. thank you. >> reporter: the globes on a seven-second tape delay went into complete silence. >> no, no, honey's just -- [ crickets chirping ] >> thank you all for your time. you gave it to the lead actor and the supporting actor sits in the back. >> reporter: turned into curse or be cursed. >> hello, i'm j. law. >> reporter: whether it was amy schumer trying to come up with a nickname. for her and j. law. >> what do people usually call you? >> usually, they just call -- [ crickets chirping ] >> or host ricky gervais. >> this show is way too long. this could be half an hour. [ laughter ] >> reporter: just being ricky. >> can i ask you a question? >> go ahead. >> i think we all want an answer
7:43 am
[ crickets chirping ] [ laughter ] into silence a full nine times. viewers franantically ying to press the unmute button stormed twitter in exasperation. how mucho i have to pay for the uncensored channel? whoer has to censor r the gold globes is icing their hands big-time. if you're wondering what the crickets were. go online. maybe it had something to do with this. champagne were poured last night >> wow. that'll do it. we'll get back to you in a little bit. >> fashion, yep. >> you leading the way, lara spencer. >> lara will take us backstage when she comes back. we'll also have a peek at tonight's "bachelor." >> seeee, that'still is same,
7:44 am
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and off you go, for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats... and off you go. two-thirds of the country wakes up below freezing th morning. take a look at the video from the weekend. this is an ef-2 tornado in south florida. that's the front moving all the way through. there's cold air right behind it. waking up with freeze, frost, watches an warnings in north florida, south georgia. lake city, good morning. 33 degrees. 34 in jacksonville. tallahassee, 33.
7:47 am
by quaker oatmeal."show open " sabrina: good morning i'm sabrina ahmed... it's 7:56 ... elias: saturday's powerball lottery drawing had no winner....meaning wednesday's jackpot has an initial estimate of one point three billion dollars, the largest prize ever offered in north america. the big payout will likely boost sales, and in turn means it could go even higher....the cash payout already pushing above 800-million dollars! sabrina: turning to some developing news this morning....a sunday fire leaves a local firefighter injured. sabrina: west des moines firefighters answered the call to a home on bradford drive around 3-30 yesterday morning... when crews got there the house was engulfed in flames.. the house started to collapse and the firefighter was injured when an exterior wall fell and struck him.. the injured firefighter was
7:48 am
threatening injuries.. neighbors say crews were outside for hours. phil crowley, neighbor: "it really was heartbreaking really to see, oh my gosh, wow it could have been our house. what happened? we don't know what happened i guess at this point. " sabrina: the house is a total loss and the cause of the fire is still being investigated.. look for the latest on the firefighter's condition right here on local five. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/ weather adlib: sabrina: elias: you can always get the top stories on our website... we are iowa dot com....
7:49 am
until we feel all right good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. "gma" is at the golden floebs. oh, what a night for red carpet fashion. bold in gold. taraji sizzling in white. lara has the backstage moments with your favorite stars. from jon hamm. >> do you want to borrow something? >> to a joyous jennifer. only on "gma." facebook's mark zuckerberg posting this picture with baby max.
7:50 am
what you need to know. i'm on top of the world, hey and get ready for reboot camp this week. we're recharging your mind, body, and soul. starting with decluttering your closet, your wallet, and your mind. live longer, healthier, and better starting this morning. and e backstage access you can only get here. lar are behind the scenes at the golden globes. as we say -- >> good morning, america! mwah. ground control to major tom oh, thank y for starting the work week with us. david bowie. space oddity. one of his many, many hits. fashion. and more. you keep hearing these songs, you're like, oh, that's right. oh, gnat's right. >> he's being rememberedll over the world.
7:51 am
a battle with cancer. we'll have more on him ahead. and the latest on the rereaction. >> that's ahead. we have our team all over the place this morning. rob and jesse in arizona. lara in l.a., fresh off her night at the golden globes. what's going on there, lara? >> when it comes to fashion, it was major touchdown last night. but i wan to ask the boys in arizona, are you ready for a touchdown there? go long, boys. did they catch it? was it close? >> get me some chips. >> robin, you ready? >> yeah, bring it on, rob. oh. >> yeah. >> jesse would have brought the heat. not that you didn't, rob. not that you didn't. jesse, because he played in the nfl. we're going to havell more.
7:52 am
lamar odom. he's out of the hoital. we'll have the latest. he's looking good there. that was before. we're glad he's o out now. >> sam, are you watching amy? >> yeah. making the run. are you going to throw the football to amy now? >> you ready? >> i gotta catch my breath. all right. good morning, everyone. the big story this moing. we were just talking about it. the loss of one of the world's most influential music lemds. david bowie has died at the age of 69. i will be king and you you will be queen >> bowie died after an 18-month battle with cancer. his image has been a driving force in pop culture for nearly 50 years now.
7:53 am
him two grammys, an emmy. he turned 69 last friday. the day he released his 28th album. bowie leaves behind his wife and two children. authorities in mexico have begun the process to extradite the drug king known as el chapo to the united states. his secret meeting with actor sean penn helped lead t his recapture. he had flown penn and actress kate del castillo to his hideout. he's being held at the same prizen he broke out of in july. his cell floor made of three layers of metal coated with concrete. > with the iowa caucuses three weeks away, hillary clinton's lead appears to be shrinking. a new poll shows them in a dead heat in iowa. same is true in new hampshire. ah that poll finds sanders would
7:54 am
ection than clinton. superheated rocks dropped into the lava lake signed t the rat. kilauea has erupted continuously since 1983. finally, the most famous playground on the market for a hef-ty price. it sites on five beautifully manicured acres that are zoned for a zoo. "playboy" hopes to get more tn $200 million for the home. there's a catch. the deal includes 89-year-old hugh hefner himself. he gets to live there until he dies >> what? what is that place without hef?
7:55 am
it's a pool house. >> $200 million? whoa. >> a right, amy. now to a photo making a lot of headlines. getting millions of likes. mark zuckerberg posting this picture of his beautiful daughter, max, saying it's time for vaccines. and making it clear that the billionaire and his pediatrician wife think childhood vaccinations are important. this was something to see. had quite an impact. what do you think it says? >> it gives new meaning to the saying, the shot heard round the world. clearly, they're following the recommendations to vaccinate their baby on schedule. if you look here, you see the first round of shots, which usuall occurs at the-month visit. as we said, we need to remember, dr. chance, this beautiful baby's mom is a doctor, she's a pediatrician. clearly, she's practicing what
7:56 am
>> seems just like the baby was born. how do parents go around fingd the schedule to keep? >> well, look, there iss a set schedule. think parents need to ask estions to their child's pediatrician. the pediatricians will answer. they'll counsel, explain, advise. they'll say what's remitted edrecommended and when. i'll say probably the biggest tip i can give, that vaccination record is gold. bring it with you. get cop pois of it. every school and camp your child goes to, basically for life, will need that documentation. >> this is controversial. you know. there are some patientrents who say no, they donon't want to have their children vaccinated. mark and his wife have been on the forefront. >> they have the wealth, the fame, the platform the share
7:57 am
we know they're global philanthropists. interested in global public health. they've given $25 million to cdc to fight ebola. >> you'll be busy on twitter again. >> yes. >> thank you so much. now a rundown with amy. amy? >> hey, here's a look at what's coming up next on the "gma morning menu." we have the hottest golden globe looks and backstage secrets. lara is live in hollywood. and then bachelor crashers. what happens when kevin hart and ice cube crash. and if you can't tell, it's game day here on "gma." we're countingg down l coming
7:58 am
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are you powered by protein? we are. milk has 8 grams to help give you energy to unlsh your potential. start every day with milk's protein and milk life. welcome back to "gma." and they did look so beautiful out there on the red carpet at the golden globes. so did our dear friend, lara spencer. lara? >> thank you, guys. thank you, robin. you're being so nice. i appreciate it. who new little red riding hood and count chocula were so fashion forward. quite a few stars were draped in
8:03 am
a-listers bringing their fashion a-game to the golden globes sunday night and skin was in. best actress winner jennifer lawrence sporting a red hot gown while brie larson glimerred in calvin klein gold. >> it was very liberating to choose this dress. instead of being, i'm the new kid. sighing i'm here. let's have fun. >> reporter: kate hudson getting in on the action. it was all 5b8 plunging neck lines for jamie alexander, olivia wilde, and kirsten dunst. >> reporter: alexande >> reporter: and louisvuitton. >> i iope i can do a little bit of a boogie. >> reporter: no shortage of bold color. cobalt blue. bright orange.
8:04 am
emerald green. >> i med thi myself. it took me ten years. >> reporter: sequins, as predicted, shone brightly. >> it's very sparkly. >> it's high glamour. ultra feminine. >> reporter: the men mixed it up. >> i like the light. >> reporter: rob lowe wore gray. kevin hart, a speci shade of green. >> i'm going to make up. aillligator green. >> reporter: and trains were trending. >> i feel awesome. i feel incredible. >> joininge now is joe z. ed store in chief of yahoo! style. thank u, joe. >>hank you. >> high five.
8:05 am
we chose the same three as best dress. wewe'll letou do that. >> we were mind melding. >> we were. i have to say first up. causing a lot of ruckus was brie larson the. shshe won f "room." she looked so stunning. let's say she got the memo when we said golden globes. she was shimmering. i love the cutouts. let's look at the cutouts on that dress. cutouts has been a main stay of red carpet gowns. i love the choker neckline. this was custom by calvin klein. >> i spent time with her. she said it was heavy. she love that. it felt like armor. it made her feel safe. >> then it did hombre to the boom. >> i was having dress envy. another favorite was -- >> j. law. >> j. law. >> she won.
8:06 am
i think that is an unexpected move for her. a lot of people think you can't wear red on the carpet. she did it brilliantly. gown. but, of course, the chopard collar. a lot of people thought that w part of dress. >> i did. i was looking close. mine is. >> and then, of course, our final pick togethe was miss jennifer lopez. >> i was blown away. every time. >> i agree. i think everybody is always -- and i saw her on the carpet. everyone is so excited to say, at is jennifer lopez going wear? for her to come out with an old hollywood gown. i love the cape let idea. this was custom dress. necklaces. she layered on top, from harry winston. >> everything s right. she doe a smoky eye usually.
8:07 am
and just worke it. >> i agree. everything was old hollywood in the most delicate way. the dress was a complicated dress. she wore it with ease. i love that. >> thank you so much for sharing our top threes. we do have more. don't go anywhere. coming up, very fun backstage moments. the stars, well, they let it all hang out. you'll get a peek coming up, george. >> thank you, lara. created debate here. >> yeah. >> there's nothing yellow. 'tis the season. >> we're going to move to a milestone for lamar odom. he's out of the hospita three monthsfter nearly dying of a drug overdose. juju chang has the latest on his recovery. >> reporter: over the weekend, lamar odom spotted for the first time outside the hospital. the new photos showing the basketball champion out and about. a miraculous turn after his near
8:08 am
october. e sighting coming days after he check gd out of the hospital and into a private rehab facility. >> hs stage at a house converted into a rehab facility. it hasnurses, medical equipment. a doctor is coming and going. >> reporter: a promising sign nearly three months after he was found unconsiders, clinging to life, after a drug-fueled binge at a nevadada brothel. >> they can't get him to wake up. >> reporter: he's making incredible process after his estrged wife revealed doctors told herhey were unsure if he would pulull through. they told me he had four hours. >> when he was first admitted, he could do barely anything. now he can walk whout a walker. he can talk. he can say sentences. >> reporter: his son posting this photo of his father over the holidays. his aunt telling abc news of his miraculous recovery. that he continues to make remarkable strides.
8:09 am
and "bachelor" fans, if you thought lasast week was crazy, wait until you see what's in store tonight. bachelor ben getting help from kevin hart and ice cube. nick watt has the exclusive sneak peek. >> reporter: tonight, bachelor ben is about to be upstage snd we are behind the scenes as kevin hart and ice cube storm in, allegedly to help ben and promote "ride along 2." >> what's wong with you? >> my nerves is bad,d,man. >> reporter: i don't know why you've made two movies with this guy? >> you know, universal pace me a a lot. >> reporter: they must. they must, to put up with that? >> i would have a case. >> we're friends. we're very close. one of my closest friends. in lifefe. >> i haven't called him since we finished the movie. >> you know, and i wanted to ask you about that. >> reporter: okay, kayla is on
8:10 am
>> kevin hart and ice cube. are you kidding me? >> what a way to end a perfect cheap date than at a hot tub. it feels nice to relax and be us. >> it's stressful. like we haven't been alone all day. >> seriously. >> very stupid for him to allow us to join them. >> let's leave this couple to themsees. >> "the bhelor" has been able to attract bigger and bigger more people are sort of coming out of the closet as fans. >> this is your chance to do something special. >> reporter: they're in the backseat. >> you're going to tip my friend? >> can you imagine? >> kevin hart is s so funny. >> and ice cube in the bathtub, the hot tub, right? cool things down a little. "the bachelor" is tonight. right here on abc. what will happen? >> all right. you never know.
8:11 am
west coast a little bit. we've talk about the cold air onn the eastern half of the tion. l.a., are you tired of the rain? everyone is talking about el ninino. the pattern bringing the wet weather to the coast. now, shifted north of l.a. portland, you're in the mix. northern california. to see at.t. earn half of the eastern half of the u.s., it's cold. colder wednesday. another round of cold air for
8:12 am
could be an e >> you can't help but sipg that music. the n nicest music. >> you with sitting in lara's seat for "pop news." do you want to do the honors? tell us two is doing "pop news." >> sam is so nice. filling in for ginger. sam, you know -- i know you said you would help me out and do "pop news" this morning. i have one request. please tell me, your first story has something to do with gravy wrestling? exactly. gravy wrestling. and warm furry underwear. i'm wearing it now. all right. with that started. i don't know if i can do this. from the beverly hills zip code to out of this world. let's talk about "star wars" fans. another disturbance in the force
8:13 am
not only d did"the force awakens" dethrone "avatar" as the biggest domestic movie in history. it broke an international box office record. imagine everybody in china, because they all did. it was the country's highest opening weekend ever in china. add them to the mix. that means at light speed raci, this is the worldwide gross record. titanic, avatar still in the lead worldwide. but this is about to kick it. >> so fast. >> i still haven't seen it. i'm the only one in the country two hasn't. >> oh sfchlt. >> you gotta see it. >> give me a spoiler? give me one? >> no, there's aig on you can't know it. >> with that, you told us about the real tate opportunity. because who doesn't want hugh hefn as a roommate for $200 million. imagine the stories. hugh, tell me another.
8:14 am
here are the people you need to know. we got a lot of phone calls. gary gold and mauriounmansky have it listed at $200 million. if you are looking at t that house, i'm guessing you know their names. what do you give the person who has everything? here's the answer. a zoo license. and that house has one. >> we're going leave that one alone. >> yes, yep. >> ginger was nice enough to give me a phone call and say hey, sam, you mind waking up at a ridiculous hour and fill in for me. soy thought we would give her an ambush skype. careful ginger. hey. good morning. he's gorous. >> oh, thank you. he's making his faces for you this morning. >> aw. >> what time did he wake us up this morning? >> h does everything thr to four hours overnight.
8:15 am
"gma." it's the exact same thing. >> so ginger, you're so incredibly organized. i was going say freaking organized. i can't believe it. i walked into the room, your dressing room rg evething is is so organized. i'm just going to tell you, i'm going mess everything up for the week. that's what i'm going to do. >> lisa and juanita must have cleaned up. is everything going well? >> evything's going okay. i think i have only messed up a few things. people seem to be forgiving. >> you've taught him well, ging. who is on diaper duty most? >> ben still does a lot. we have help. we're all doing it. we're all pitching in. it's a team effort. there are a lot of dirps. >> is he always this good? he's so quiet? >> he just ate. so he's wasted.
8:16 am
>> thank you, ginger. "show open " sabrina: good morning i'm sabrina ahmed... it's 8:27 ... elias: the iowa legislature convenesfor the 20-16 session today. state lawmakers will be reviewing iowa's medicaid privatization and planned parenthoold funding, while tackling education initiatives...last year's session went long due to a lack of agreement on school funding. governor branstad plans to introduce a proposal for clean water funding. sabrina: the three major democratic presidential candidates will be in des moines this evening as they take part in a forum designed to focus on issues that affect latinos and african americans. the democrat's brown and black forum will be held at drake university tonight starting at seven.. look for live coverage right
8:17 am
five news. sabrina: elias: well let's get a quick check of the weather with meterologist sam schreier. sam/ weather adlib: sabrina: elias: you can always get the top
8:18 am
go, goo go big or go home welcome back to the "gma," everyone. fired up for the college football playoff championship tonight. so are rob and jesse. let's look at them go. alabama and clemson getting ready for the big face-off. it's in arizona tonight. and we can hear this school spirit right here. we're going to have a lot more on that. just a little bit. >> come on. i'll do old school cheer.
8:19 am
we got spirit, how about you? i wilill have how they look like what? what? >> huh? >> we do w. >> now back to lara in l.a. all the backstage moments. sly stallone. they all stopped by. >> thank you so much, george. you know thee saying when in rome, well, at the globes, it's like y kind of just have to drink. it's part of the deal. and, this morning on "good morning america," we have coveredd gervais. the bleeps. we have covered the shion. now we want to take you behind the scenes to our own c corner of fun. cutting limes forll my guests. have a little party back here. this is the place to be. trust me. cheers. i don't havecooks. i haveve champagne. >> quick. and then we're in good shape. >> all good? >> camera ready. i w very, very, very surprised. i barely remembered the name of
8:20 am
joke i tried to end on that did not get a laugh. thank you for not taking my suggestion and ending the entire series on chumbawamba. they're not laughing. neither is rocky. neither is lady gaga. neither is jennifer lawrence. >> but look what you have. >> how. good for you. youu can han out with me and amy. >> jump in there. these are gam"good morning america" viewers. the three names are maggie smith, melissa mccarthy. eddie redmayne. >> i think i'm marrying melissasa mccarthy. i'm kissing mag gooe guy smith. >> ryan gososling almost broke his neck to say hi to me. actually, he didn't. ryan, i have a cookie for you.
8:21 am
>> thank you. >> wow. >> ew. i should have done that before i went up there. >> you did great. >> i want to say, um -- oh, wow. i didn't have a better speech. i was shocked. >> i said to my hometown of kentucky. that's how shocked i was. i thought -- kentucky was a city. >> i want you to understand that every person back here has said, i wish i -- i wish i hadn't. >> i would rather forget someons name than to forget that it's a state i was born in. not a city. think thk you to my hometown, kentucky. screw the people who forgot names. i got real problems my hometown was like, yeah, ew. >> i'm just the girl from d.c., the hometown, from the hood. i'll aum over the globe. >> it girl. girl of the moment. >> there's something funny about being, like, you're it right w.
8:22 am
do i give it to someone? does someone give it back to me? >> tell me about the moment having your wife and daughters here? >> it's the ultimate. because you -- you know, you have bygone gloes in the '80s and '70s. last time i was here, it was 1977. i was hit by a tumbleleweed. the kids go, well. you're dad. they don't really know and -- this sort o of brough them the kind of pride and understanding. and then you realize,irls this is what i used to do foa living. >> cheers. >> i like that technique. that's disgusting. good morning, america. yeah. >> s some of my favorite moments, guys. sylvester stallone. so grateful. and massive girl crush on j. law. and i guess because i did that shot of tequila, i've officially been invited to hangut with her and amy schumer.
8:23 am
so i guess that qualifies as the boast moment. >> well, yeah, there's one other. i don't know if you caught it. the jon hamm situation. he is -- slightly attractive. i didn't really notice. he felt the need to take my makeup bag and give me a quick touchup. as you can se i didn't say no. >> you didn't needd blush aer that. >> no blush. >> you were, as always, you have so much fun. you make us feel like we're right there with you. thank you. >> thank you. see you tomorrow. >> hurry back. travel safe. all of you at home can see more highlights on on yahoo!. coming up, time for more otball. rob and jesse are getting the full fan experience out there in arizona. as clemson and alabama gear up for the big game. big time. they're both there now. all rit, what's going on now? >> hey, good morning, robin.
8:24 am
the sun. here in glendale, it will be all business tonight. what i isext to you is what they're playing for. the national championship trophy trophy, presented by dr pepper. you know what it's like as player to prepare for this? >> do. >> being a fan out here. it's a blast. football fever invading glendale, arizona. >> the 10, the a a rks golden, into the end stone, touchdown! >> reporter: the top-ranked clemson tigers. >> and a touchdown! >> reporter: going head to head with number two, alabama's crimson n tide. >> reporter: the band perry kick off a weekend of free festivities. >> my prediction is alabama wince. >> reporter: but first, i need a ridede to j joinhe fun. jeff, take me for a spin? >> su. rolltide.
8:25 am
i do my best to blend in. it's spornt to be impartial. i better put this on. can i have an alabama burger and a clemson burger please. i have to give the burger to clemson. even learning the team's fight song. yammer yellow hammer. >> the winning side. >> this is going to be low tide tomorrow night. >> i'm going to have to split this group up. no violence here tonigh it's a violence-free fan zone. >> t tyingfight tigers, fight tigers. >> you got in more of these left? >> i wish i did, man. >> oh. two. jesse would have done a lot better. the anticipation boiling over even before kickoff. that worked out well. hopefully, you can recycle that. i'm just kidding. i couldn't get rid of this. how about thahat, huh? >> fence-sitting.
8:26 am
two of the greatest fan bases in college football. who do you think will win? >> a lot of orange out there last night. alabama was there, too, as well. they walked around likee a dynasty. like my yankees a decade ago. ripe for maybe an upset. maybe the tide turns tonight? i think clemson is going win this clemson, baby! go tigers! they know how to do it. robin, back to you. >> okay, that evens things out. you're having a great time. thank you. you can watch the national championship between alabama and clson tonight, 8:30 people right here -- oh, right here on espn. we're dropping it like it's hot,t, robin. where are you from? >> fresno, california.
8:27 am
this is what it looked like outside your door. we have a clipper. lidrop snow. watch this thing. look at the totals. chicagoland, you're in for this. not quite to the coast int the northeast. a big look at the national map. >> and all that weather was brought to you by ford. robin? george? amy? >> all right, sam, thank you. coming up, robin's reboot
8:28 am
team of experkt ts helping you tt2w>rxlh po j# o,p tt2w>rxlh p!!*n ?,8 tt2w>rxlh p4!j# i:l tt2w>rxlh px#*&`:n48 tt2w>rxlh pt#j'`:z4\ tt2w>rxlh pt#j)`:qt8 tt2w>rxlh pp#j*`:fo$ tt2w>rxlh pp#j,`:'5d tt2w>rxlh pl#*.`:.rxlh pl#*0`:5* very excited because all week long, we're calling in top experts to help you reboot your mind, body, and soul for 2016. it's part of our reboot camp. first up, thr women who make up a council of declutter. the team with the top tips to get your houses in order. welcome to you all. >> thank you. >> june, you're our declutter expert. it starts with the mind, right?
8:29 am
happen where you realize this clutter is connected to the internal clutter. can i demonstrate. step on the scale. >> what? whatat? whoa okay, i'll step on the scale. >> jour standing there -- you're closet. these are clothes you're not wearing. but, you feel guilty because you okay. and it's weighing you down. >> literally. >> tn the other clothes you got from a loved one. okay. but you feel guilty -- >> but it dpram a loved one. it was a gift. >> but you don't love it. it's not you. it's weighing you down. so you're wearing this guilt. you're carrying this guilt. the closet still contains all these clothes. what i'm saying is just, let it go. >> it's a gift.
8:30 am
give it to someone who will wear it with gratitude. >> what about the office? >> sweep it away. >> this is going to feel good. >> yeah! how do you feel? >> it feels good. >> it's a clear surface.e. it equals a clear mind. what is truly important? now you can move back in with the clarity of purpose. >> okay. but all this can, june, love you. this can be overwhelming for people. one tip you can give. >> just one. just focus on one area. declutter one desk. one item. make a donation. organize your foerlsd. just one app. suddenly, a different pathere you feel empowered. you're moving forward. >> look at this. don't you feel more open when skrou that. can you, june. >> we have that in order. nicole, you're helping with the finances.
8:31 am
>> one thing because budgets and finance is scary. i'm going to make it easy with the three es. i have $100 herere. the essentials get 70% of your overall budget. your housing, transportation. the stuff you need to live on every day. is there 70%. >> in our $1$100 analogy, we have 70 in there. and 15% for the end game. >> retirement. >> what you're saving for in the future. >> vacation? >> yes. finally, 15% into the extras. >> mm. >> whatever is fun for you. i'm not going to tell you now have fun. make sure you include that in your overall budget. >> and the lattes, too the a lot of experts are saying, cut out anything extra. you're sayaying just the opposite.
8:32 am
advocates for the morning latte and the the crew here, you're welcome. >> why is that? >> because you allow yoursf small indulgences so you stay on ac and don't binge later on. if you cut out cold turkey, you feel starved. u splurge on something else later on. a financial diet is likee a food diet. if you allow yourself a little bit, it's okay. >> dr. debbie. you're going to help us psychologically. people are saying, i can't. what do you say? >> a lot of times negative thouts come into our mind. we can't help that the show up. w but we can help what we do with them. a technique called thought-stopping. stop the negative, sthoift a --
8:33 am
when a negative thought comes in, say stop and pop. you'll go into a positive feeling. stop, say it out loud. >> lit never get better. stop. i can't do it, stop. >> you go into a positive feeling. >> you have a 1, 3, 5 rule? >> yes. the first thing is, the first thing to think sabt how did you pay it forward to someone else that day? how did you enhance their life? the last ten mines of the day is so important. you want to wake up the next morning with it clear instead of bogged down from the night before. onone, how d you pay it forward? you'll feel positive. >> number three. >> three. the one three five. number three is three things you were grateful for that day that
8:34 am
the five is -- >> meditatio come over here. it is true. the meditating. five minutes. >> clear your mind. wake up declutered. thank you very much. these steps like this, you have to get started to get ahead. declutter and your key is, get yourinancial house in order. >> and get your mind
8:35 am
>> chang now to party two of our reboot camp. helping you get healthy this morning. and here to -- it's great book. he's the author of happy gut. vincent -- say it for me again? >> pedre. >> nice to have you here doctor. why is it so important to know about this? >> the gut is the s seat of all health. if you heal your gut you can heal your body.
8:36 am
imagine your gut is an internal garden. and this rock wall here is the gut lining itself. you see how all the rox fit nicely together. that's a healthy rock lining. on the other side is your microbiome. the good guys. the e good bacteria. back here, imagine, this is the food that's getting digested and absorbed. you want to absorb the tiny nutrients. imagine you've been on anti-buy yot yotics. pesticides. you getet a leaky gut. the rock wall gets broken up. food pabls and toxrticles and toxins can get through. you feel foggy. >> you just feel off. you have a 28-day program.
8:37 am
what does "c" stand for? >> cleanse. so first, we're talking out the inflammatory foods. we all know sugar i inflammatory. wheat, dairy, corn, soy. we want to eat feed like dark, leafy greens. beyies berries. avenue cad goe. nuts, seeds. grass-fete beef. healthy oil. that will reduce the inflammation and make your gut healthy. >> what is thea" for? >> activate. ifou needed to walk with a cane, you hurt the knee. the cane is assisting your knee. the same way digestive enzymes help your gut get healthier. >> you always see 1 billion units.
8:38 am
restore. cultivating this with prebiotic foodods. you cowl cheikh a cultured food, a coconut water kefir. kimchee, cultured vegetables. >> and "e"? >> for hance. healing the gut ling. aloe. nutrients. this is how you create happy gut. >> 28 days and then reintroduce things. i found out that wheat, i didn't know, that that was an issue i had that i wasn't aware of. take it out has made all the difference in the world. hey, doctoror, thank you very
8:39 am
happy gut is the name of the coming back tomorrrrow, sam? >> yeah. >> we didn't scare you off? >> this has been so much fun. but i'm exhausted.
8:40 am
good morning i'm sabrina ahmed... it's 8:56 ... sabrina: turning to some developing news this morning....a sunday fire leaves a local firefighter injured. sabrina: west des moines firefighters answered the call to a home on bradford drive around 3-30 yesterday morning... when crews got there the house was engulfed in flames.. the house started to collapse and the firefighter was injured when an exterior wall him.. the injured firefighter was transported to non-life threatening injuries.. neighbors say outside for hours. phil crowley, neighbor: "it really was heartbreaking really to see, oh my gosh, wow it could have been our house. what happened? we don't know what happened i guess at this point. " sabrina: the house is a total loss and the cause of the fire is still being investigated.. look for the latest on the firefighter's latest on the firefighter's condition right here on local five. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current
8:41 am
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