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tv   Local News at Ten  ABC  January 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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your forecast first." brad/wx wall weather adlib: we reached the 40s today in much of southern iowa, but it looks like th 50s will be coming in for
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been this month... this year! as for tonight, we will have a mild night, but there will still be some refreezing in spots, so walk carefully on sidewalks and parking lots. skies will be clear to partly cloudy with a gentle and mild sw breeze all night. we should have mostly sunny skies thursday along with those sw winds of 10-17 mph that will push our temps into the 50s in sw iowa, get your powerball tickets out, the winning numbers were just announced. see if you're taking home the biggest lottery jackpot in history. stephanie: plus...iowa lawmakers are stepping into the eminent domain debate. why they're keeping an extra eye on the iowa utilities board. jack: but first, tragedy strikes a waukee family. now they want to help make sure what happened to their son doesn't happen to anyone else. " local 5 news at 10 in hd starts now. we are iowa" stephanie/2shot good evening. i'm stephanie angleson. jack/2shot and i'm jack miller.
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after their son, a star student- athlete took his own life. the family of drew lienemann went public today, to try to bring awareness to the fact that even kids who seem perfectly fine can wind up in this same situation. jack: local 5's jacob peklo is here now with more. jacob? jacob the family says there were no obvious signs that anything was wrong with drew. they say he was always quiet, but also very well- liked. and now his family wants to make sure that others don't have to live with this type of pain. the parents of drew lienemann had a very important message to share wednesday afternoon. wanda lienemann, drew's mother: "we do not want to glamorize what has happened at all, just knowing drew and all that he could have provided over his lifetime, it would have been incredible." drew lienemann's death has left many in the waukee community in shock. dan lienemann, drew's father: "we will never understand the impulsive decision that led to drew's death." wanda lienemann, drew's mother: "we think it was a decision that was kind of made right then and there.
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thought out, from the pieces that we've been able to put together." but doctors, like sasha khosravi, say that there are many more teenagers, fighting a very real battle every day to feel wanted. and that's because their brains haven't fully developed... to be able to fully think things through. khosravi says if you see any signs of irritability or agression, or any abnormal changes in sleep or eating habits, that those can be cries for help. dr. sasha khosravi, director of behavioral health: "i'd always kind of i guess be more aggressive, if you have a friend that's struggling, let their parents know or let someone else know." now, drew and wanda lienemann are focusing on their son's life and legacy... including how he used to have lunch with a special needs student every day and how he helped talk another student out committing suicide. dan lienemann, drew's father: "drew excelled at everything he put his mind to." doctors say people often ignore telltale signs of depression, because of the negative stigma that's often attached to mental health issues. dr. sasha khosravi, director of behavioral health: "it's something that's very concerning, following the aftermath of such a tragedy is to have people in place, counselors, people
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jacob: drew lienemann signed up to be an organ donor when he turned sixteen years old. drew's father says security at the hospital had a hard time keeping up with all the visitors to see drew over the weekend, with more than 300 people stopping by. live in the studio, jacob peklo, local five news. we are iowa. jack: the highest suicide rates are for people who are 85 and older. but the third highest rates are forthose between 15 and 24. stephanie: new tonight at ten.... nearly an entire city's police force is quitting.. stephanie: four of the six part time officers at the melcher dallas police department handed in letters of resignation at the monday night city council meeting. they say scheduling conflicts led to the sudden resignations. tonight, the city held a special meeting to brainstorm what to do next. "the police chief was sitting there the mayor and the
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hours because we're a new council the next thing he got up and said i resign and we never had a chance to say wheres the car he went out that door. " stephanie: right now, the marion county sheriff's office is watching over the city. and it will stay that way, as the city council decided tonight, to let the sheriff's office control the situation. jack: 1.5 billion dollars... it seems like more money than you would ever let yourself dream of. but lots of people are dreaming big tonight, hoping they have the lucky six numbers in tonight's powerball drawing. here are the winning numbers. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, and 10 the odds of winning the
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powerball are jackpot in powerball are about 1 in 292 million. but the lottery sats about 86 percent of the number combinations are taken tonight, which means there's a very good chance someone has those six numbers on their ticket. jack: the drawing for this jackpot has created a mad frenzy across the nation. but buying a lottery ticket isn't on the list of things to do for everyone. for some, the lottery is a reminder of a gambling addiction, something that can be difficult to overcome . especially when buying powerball tickets has been everywhere you turn over the past week. "if you want to go out and spend 2 dollars on a powerball ticket great it's fun you know why wouldn't you do it the big part is knowing it is just a chance it's a very slim chance but you do it for fun ans you always have that big dream of what you would potentially do with that money jack:
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problem or know does, we want to pass along this number 1-800-bets off. stephanie: the des moines water work's lawsuit against these four counties is being moved from the district court to the iowa supreme court. water works officials in sac, calhoun, and buena vista counties failed to manage nitrate levels from farm runoff.... causing nitrate levels in the raccoon and des moines rivers to skyrocket. the district court judge said today that first of it's kind case, that all parties should get the highest authority to rule on the case. stephanie: the government oversight committee is watching the developments of two proposed energy lines. the bakken oil pipeline and and overhead transmition line called the rock island clean line that would take energy from iowa and transfer it to illinois and farther east. the top concern of many legislators is property rights of iowa land- owners. "21:42 it affects 1500 farmers in iowa and it's a decision that affets 10,000 acres of iowa farmland. it's a huge decision that has bipartisan interest."
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it's up to the iowa utilities board to make a decision on both projects. they are reviewing evidience and public input, but have not given a timeline for when they will approve or disapprove of the projects. jack: news from the courtroom tonight. jack/ots: a mistrial is declared in the trial of joe lopez in polk county. the judge stopped the trial today because of comments made by a witness. the 25-year-old lopez faces first degree murder and child endangerment charges. he was arrested in december 2014 after ... 20 month old ruby alvarez died at blank children's hospital. the toddler had a skull fracture and broken ribs. it was comments from ruby's mom on the stand today that caused the mis- trial, which means a new trial will have to be scheduled. stephanie: a burglary in ankeny is getting some special attention on social media ... not because the crooks got away with a lot of money.... but something else they took that holds a special value for an
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iraq war veteran matt stolze is in the middle of moving across states to indiana for his job. his family had left a few things in their townhouse to pick up, but before they could do that.... it was broken into and someone took off with several items. stolze says among the missing items is a leather vest that he wears as part of the american legion riders to charity events... " it's important to me personally, the patches on the vest are from my uniform when i served. i've worn it every single time i've ever rode my bike " stephanie: stolze is just asking for the vest to be returned, no questions asked to the polk city american legion post. if you have any information about this crime... you can also contact ankeny police. jack: a billion dollar merger could mean big business here in iowa. in december, dow chemical and dupont/pioneer announced they'd be merging. the ag giant will finalize the merger by late this year. they plan to separate into
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specific agricultural needs. however they havent decided where those companies will be located. the city of johnston is hoping dupont/pioneer's headquarters will be considered. the city is working with state officials, hoping to be the top choice. "we hope their decison is this is where they want their headquarters to be. we're ready to show them why that should be their decision." jack: dow-dupont isn't releasing which cities are in mind for company headquarters. those decisions will come within the next two years. stephanie: coming up on local 5 news at 10... an international incident avoided, as ten u-s sailors are released from iranian prison. jack: then-- the iowa men looking to take down the spartans one more time. how they're preparing for tomorrow's big game later in sports. stephanie: and...the viral car-cicle is finally free from the grasps of lake eerie, we'll show you what they had to do to thaw it out.. brad: ((ad lib weather toss)) take sot tomorrow on good
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furry friend? well a new app could change the way pet owners are reunited with their four-legged companions... and sam has a look at your forecast ((:04 wx ad-lib)) that's tomorrow on the all-new good morning iowa! "your watching local 5 news at 10 in hd with jack miller, stephanie angleson, we are
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"your watching local 5 news at 10 in hd with jack miller, stephanie angleson, we are iowa's most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist brad edwards and local 5 sports with sports director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 10. we are iowa." jack: alright, we showed you this car monday night. it's in new york state, and it's finally free. crews chipped off and melted enough of the ice off the car that it was able to be towed. the car was parked at a restaurant which sits right along the lake erie. lake-effect snow and some very low temperatures froze the car in place for days.
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most iowans are forgetting the frigid temps this forgetting the frigid temps this weekend. but not this fort dodge citizen. a kind police offi cer stopped to help them after their wheelchair battery died. officer winninger found them a warm place where they could recharge. stephanie: jack: brad brad: weather adlib: we reached the 40s today in much of southern iowa, but it looks like th 50s will be coming in for thursday! this will be the warmest it has been this month... this year! as for tonight, we will have a mild night, but there will still be some
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sidewalks and parking lots. skies will be clear to partly cloudy with a gentle and mild sw breeze all night. we should have mostly sunny skies thursday along with those sw winds of 10-17 mph that will push our temps into the 50s in sw iowa, but we might get close in the metro with
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at mid 40s in much of central iowa. stephanie: jack: stephanie:
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up next....days before the iran deal is settled, a group of u-s sailors is arrested. tonight how an international
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"your watching local 5
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jack: an international incident- avoided. 10 u.s. sailors held by iran were released today and are back at a u.s. facity in bahrain. one of the sailors' two boats broke down yesterday and drifted into iranian waters. dramatic images of the moment the revolutionary guard forces captured the sailors were aired on iranian national television. today, secretary of state john kerry said the situation would have likely ended very differently just a few years ago. "also want to thank the iranian authorities for their cooperation and quick response. these are always situations which, as everybody here knows, have an ability if not properly guided to get out of control. jack:
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swift release comes just few days before iran is expected to meet the terms of last summer's nuclear deal with world powers. the deal gives iran significant relief from economic sanctions. jack: a deadly avalanche strikes skiiers in the french alps today -- including a group of schoolkids. it happened very near in the popular isere region. two french students were killed - along with a ukranian skiier. killed - along with a ukranian skiier. killed - along with a ukranian skiier. stephanie: to the campaign trail now, where one candidate says the president is just like donald trump. stephanie: during a stop in urbandale today, republican candidate jeb bush says president obama is a divider, just like his competitor donald trump. we need a president that will try to find common ground with people and forge consensus, and stand on principle but never as the first impulse, divide us. the front
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nomination has this same tendency. he does." stephanie: jeb will be one of seven republican candidates on the main stage of the next debate....tomorr ow night in south carolina. rand paul and carly fiorina were bumped down to the early debate. they did not poll high enough in the five most recentsurveys. rand paul has said he will likely skip it though. jack: jon, the northern iowa panthers looking to get back on track with a win on the road tonight. jon: yeah jack-- it's been such an up and down season for u-n-i coming up on local 5 sports would they have enough in the arsenal to take down indiana state on the road. " now, local 5 sports
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welcome back the northern iowa panthers have managed upsets over a previously number one ranked team and number five ranked team. yet they can't seem to get on a roll in the missour valley. at 2-2 to start the conference schedule the panthers head to terre haute to face indiana state. we head to the land of sycamores. and uni actually getting out to a pretty good start to the night. clint carlson hitting from downtown-- the panthers shooting 40
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indiana state responds brenton scott taking it into traffic draws the foul and gets the bucket. but uni still managed to be up by 7 at halftime. but then indiana state goes to work-- and they start hitting like crazy. matt van scyoc with a three here in the second half. devonte brown following suit he buries the triple. then it's scott again the trey finds the bottom of the bucket. the sycamore hit 5 three pointers in a row. in the second half. they'd recapture the lead and run away with it. uni would push back but they still fall short moving to 2-3 in conference play with a 74 to 60 loss to indiana state. jon: and in women's basketball the iowa hawkeyes top wisconsin on the road 57 to 57 ally disterhoft leading the hawkeyes with 18 points and five rebounds. very low scoring game-- but still a win for iowa. jon: now tomorrow night is a big one for the 16th ranked iowa hawkeye mens basketball team. it's round two against michigan state-- the team
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open big 10 play. as alex giaimo tells us-- a road win thursday night will be much more difficult to come by for the boys in black and gold. "(fran mccafferey) the bottom line is you go on the road, play one of the best teams in the country, you have to execute, you have to defend, you have to rebound, you can't turn it over. (giaimo) iowa is challenged by facing the same team twice in two weeks. (jarrod uthoff) both teams know eachother i mean we're in the big ten there's no secrets. michigan state knows iowa and iowa knows michigan state. it's who can execute the game plan and who can be the tougher team really. (giaimo) the hawks beat the spartans in december but they were missing their best player denzel valentine. (mike gesell) denzel is the type of player that just makes everyone around him better and he's a big part of their offense when he is playing and as a player you want to go against the best players every single night so it's going to be a good matchup for us we are going to have a lot of different guys on him. (giaimo) and one more test the hawkeyes are going to have to do it on the road. (anthony clemmons) you know know it's tough to play there. the crowd is always into it. they feed off their fans and they're just a tough team in general i mean after
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teams beat them. (giaimo) the senior guard out of lansing, michigan knows how hard it is to beat sparty on the road. something iowa hasn't done in 23 years. (anthony clemmons) i mean there's probably a lot of teams that haven't won up there in that long. but to be able to win there that's special. " iowa and michigan state tip off at 6pm tomorrow night on espn. tip off at 6pm tomorrow night on espn. the hawkeyes are the only team to beat the spartans this season. they'll look for the regular season sweep thursday night. jon: and the mid season wooden award top 25 players were announced today. iowa state's georges niang getting the nod for iowa state. he's averaging 19.9 points and 6.7 rebounds and senior forward jarrod uthoff for the hawkeyes making the list as well he's the big ten leading scorer right now aveaging over 18 points per game. jon: and today the ncaa announced football conferences no longer need 12 teams minumum to hold a conference championship game. they just have to have a round
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schedule. meaning iowa state and the big 12 could have a conference championship if the league chooses. nothing has been announced yet, but it has been a target for critics since the big 12 dropped to just 10 teams. jon/3shot (wrap sports) stephanie: jack: we'll be right back... you're watching local five news at 10. jack:
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lottery announcing that they have a winning ticket. jack: the california lottery tweeted out that a ticket with these numbers was sold in chino hills. if nobody else wins the owner or owners of that ticket could take home a cash prize of 930 million dollars. brad: weather adlib: we reached the 40s
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