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tv   Local News at Ten  ABC  January 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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would cut through the state. now iowa is the deciding vote on whether or not the project gets
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james/wx wall weather adlib: " local 5 news at 10 in hd starts now. we are iowa" stephanie/2ram it comes down to iowa. ours is the last state to make a decision on the bakken pipeline...and tonight it " local 5 news at 10 in hd starts now. we are
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stephanie/2ram it comes down to iowa. ours is the last state to make a decision on the bakken pipeline...and tonight it remains a state divided. good evening. i'm stephanie angleson. jack/2ram and i'm jack miller. the future of the bakken pipeline is with the iowa utilities board. this after north and south dakota both approved the project for their states. and in just a couple of weeks, board members are expected to break their silence about what they learned from public hearings in november and december. jack: local 5's jacob peklo is in the digital media center with more in tonight's big story. jacob? jacob: so far, the iowa utilities board has given no indication of which way it is leaning. the public comment period leaning. the public comment period is over, and they're getting
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supporters of the project and opponents are now trying to create a lasting final impression. natural sound of chanting: "we don't want your pipeline here!" the passion still burns strong in the message this group has been trying to get across for more than a year. natural sound of chanting: "no bakken!" protesters filled the state capitol rotunda, voicing their displeasure with the process of the bakken pipeline project. jess mazour, iowa cci organizer: "we're strong people here in iowa and iowa landowners and iowa farmers have said that we don't want this pipeline and that means we're going to do everything we can to stop it. if we can stand alone, we're going to stand alone until we stop it." parcels of farmland in mahaska county that the pipeline would cut through. since she got the first felt uneasy. ottumwa resident: "it doesn't get any easier. i don't feel any assurance that things might go our way." but on the edges of this line of protesters...another group is backing ryan hollinrake, apprenticeship trainer coordinator: "it's a lot from the real conversations about the benefits that the dakota access pipeline will have for iowa, iowa infrastructure." the fall hearings
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environmentalists against each other. jess mazour, iowa cci organizer: "i know that there is a way that we can create good jobs that are green jobs, like wind and solar. we don't need to rely just on big oil to create good jobs in iowa." while patience is running thin for some, others say the board should take all the time it needs. pam alexander, ottumwa resident: "i hope they will see that it's not just a current issue, but it's a future issue and that they'll weigh all their options and turn it down." chad carter, vice president for engineering union: "i do want them to take their time, to make sure they're making the right decision for iowa." jacob: illinois, north and south dakota have already signed off on plans that would allow the pipeline to run through their states. jacob: the next public meetings in iowa are february 8, 9, 10 and 11, stay with local 5 for the latest. jack: thanks jacob.
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contacted local 5 about the pipeline project, giving us your opinions. keeping our promise to listen to you, here are some of our viewer comments. lee hayden opposes the state taking land from people. he says they should use public land and "allow them to run down the median of the highways that are government owned. as part of the fee, they can help maintain the highways." tami smalley is also opposed to the pipeline saying "the jobs that will come with the pipeline will come for a short time. the pipeline and the threat to the environment will be there forever." jack: want to know your thoughts on the pipeline. are you for or against it here in iowa? what would you like to see the utilities board do? let us know, we may use your comments on-air. you can post you thoughts on facebook and twitter..... or send us an email or give us a call . the contact information is on your screen. stephanie: new tonight... text messages are shedding new light on death of isu freshman emmalee jacobs. stephanie:
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campus on december 14, 2015. tonight police tell us the man they arrested this week, was her that morning. 23 year old for leaving the scene of an accident and traffic device. but a criminal complaint released today, shows he texted saying he felt hours he was involved. and in a face-to- with a friend, he was the one who hit and killed jacobs. however, clague failed to ever come forward. warrant and arrested him wednesday morning. for pleas from the he knew he was in the tmorning, didnt come forward to our frustrating for us and stephanie: clague has bonded out of jail. he could face up to five years in prison. the friend he confided in will not be facing any charges at this point. jack: a high speed chase winds up in someone's garage in
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noon, an s-u-v was stopped douglas for a violation. off, leading cops on a chase up to 100 miles per hour. the s-u-v ended up crashing into townhome on meredith drive. one person was inside the townhome at the time, but wasn't hurt. the suv driver, 23 year old conor forrest, and passenger, 24 year old kody murray, were taken to the polk county jail. stephanie: dr. ben carson is back on the campaign trail tonight in your local election headquarters.... stephanie: he suspeneded all his campaign and wednesday volunteers died in a car crash. 25-year-old braden joplin of texas was here dr.carson... the campaign bus was full of volunteers when it hit a slick spot on i-80 near atlantic. after the van spun out of control... a truck t-boned it. today, the republican presidential opened up about joplin's death. "..he worked so hard, died we have a video of beaver trying to get
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stephanie: carson will hold a prayer rally in sioux city saturday dedicated to braden. jack: 30 million americans are bracing for another "snow- mageddon" as a blizzard watch is in effect for much of the east coast. up to two-feet of snow could fall in some areas. seven states have already declared a state of emergency. if you're planning to travel to the east coast this weekend, you should reconsider. more than 3,000 flights have already been canceled for friday and saturday ahead of the expected storm. jack: the search for 12 missing u-s marines has been
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the marine corps is declaring them dead after a week of searching. two helicopters disappeared on january 14th. rescue crews covered more than 40 thousand miles of ocean -- about the size of florida. jack: and a former police officer convicted of raping and sexually victimizing women while on his beat in a low- income oklahoma city neighborhood will spend the rest of his life in prison. daniel holtzclaw was convicted on 18 counts of sex crimes today. a jury convicted him of raping and sexually assaulting more than a dozen women. he's been sentenced to 263 years in prison. stephanie: education funding tops the list of statehouse matters here in iowa... stephanie: and there's already a lot of finger-pointing going on. the republican- lead house is proposing a 2 percent funding increase for next year. democrats say that increase shows that republicans have not heard concerns of iowa school districts. "gronstal 18:07 i think that's what's happened
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regarding funding for local schools. upmeyer 31:01 nothing could be further from the truth we spent the interim meeting with superintendents, school boards, educators, importance of doing it on time getting it to them quickly." stephanie: meanwhile, a new report shows iowa schools are in good shape. the state board of education released it's annual "condition of education" report for 20-15. enrollment is up, teacher salaries are up and iowa's high school graduation rate is at 90.5 percent, that's one of the country's highest jack: to the courtroom now, where an ottumwa mother faces a new the death of her child. december, kashenna tucker utah and transfered back to iowa for the 20-14 death of three year old wysdom evans.
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at the time. facing child charges. she pled not guily earlier this month. her arraignment is february 15th. jack: the man accused of killing two people and hiding their bodies will be in court jerry dillinger was arrested december. they found the body of loretta dillinger in a pond in rural lorimor. and another body in his thayer home. local 5 will be in the union county courthouse tomorrow morning. look for the latest developments in this case tomorrow. stephanie: still to come on local 5 news at 10... it's the olympics of apartment maintenance... what it takes to be the best handy man in iowa. jack: then-- one group here in iowa wants 10 thousand latinos to get out and caucus come february first. see how they plan to make it happen. james: ((ad lib weather toss)) take sot tomorrow on good morning iowa... it's friday, so local five heads to the movies, with a new comedy featuring robert de niro hitting theaters. and sam has a look at your forecast ((:04 wx ad-lib)) that's tomorrow on
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"your watching local 5 news at 10 in hd with jack miller, stephanie angleson, we are
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sports with sports director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 10. we are iowa." james: weather adlib: james stephanie: jack: jack:
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indianola girls basketball team is on fire this season. coming up in sports, how this team turned themselves around after a tough loss that happened last year. stephanie: next.... you call them when you need something fixed. tonight a competition to see who is the best maintenance worker in the state...
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we're just 10 days away from the iowa caucuses and
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sure they knows how it all works. stephanie: and one minority group is looking to make history. for the first time ever in a presidental iowa caucus... the league of united latin american citizens, or lulac, is caucus training in des moines. the goal is to get over ten- thousand registered latino voters to participate. volunteers have been going door-to-door to reach out to the latino community to encourage people prepare...and vote. joe enriquez henry, national vice president for lulac of the midwest region, "if you've gone to a caucus before, this time be prepared, you're going to see many young latinos participate in the caucus process. discussing the issues that are important: jobs, health care, education, and the need for comprehensive immigration reform. " stephanie: both republicans and democrats attended tonight's meeting. it was urged to the voters to get to the caucus early on february first. jack: takin' home the gold. the best maintenance workers in iowa gathered in the metro for the olympics of their trade. racing against the clock, competitors have to install water heaters, faucets and ice
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photographer ryan davidson takes us behind the maintenance magic. the greater iowa apartment association is partnering with hg supply and several other sponsors to bring our industry maintence technitions here tonight to compete in a competion that gives them an opportunity to show off their skills what it actually revolves around is the typical actvities they do on an everyday basis in their jobs so doing everything from fixing ice makers to replacing water heaters replacing smoke dectors so we're just using this to showcase the maintince people in the area and actually just giving them their night and their time to stand in the spotlight networking is a big thing for us we never really get to get out in the field and see any of our o oer comapnies or competitors so just seeing what they can do and how fast they do things and how they do things is a big plus it's exciting to see these guys in here in action doing it this quick because we can take it back to the properties and remind them how fast they are at taking care of the resident issues jack: best of luck to
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and the hawkeyes just keep rolling through their big ten schedule jon: yeah-- they haven't lost a conference game yet this season coming up on local 5 sports they were at rutgers-- the hung around-- pull away in the end. " now, local 5 sports
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jon: if i told you coming into the season-- iowa would be perfct in big ten play with two wins over michigan state you would have laughed me out of your tv set. well surprise-- that's what they've done. the hawkeyes shooting for win number six at rutgers tonight. and we start very early-- peter jok on the break away jam-- just a sign of things to come folks trust me. then the open look completely unguarded-- this might as well have been a shoot around for jok tonight-- buries the trey. iowa up 8. more jok-- from the wing-- no doubt about it another open look-- he had 11 of the teams first 13 points. but rutgers hanging around omari grier cuts and lays it in one
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anthony clemmons sparks a solid run with the triple from the corner. iowa back up 3. up six peter jok elevates and rocks the rim with the two handed slam-- he is t'd up for hanging on the rim but jok a big night. second half jarrod uthoff feeling the rythm and the ryme-- it's three pointer time-- nothing but twine 8 point lead. how about another-- uthoff finds the bottom of the bucket for three more he had 20 points. peter jok though the best showing of them all 29 points that's a career high iowa wins 90 to 76 jon: when you look across the landscape of 5a girls basketball. the surprise to start the season may be indianola. they've admittedly struggled years past against ranked teams but this year-- that's been a totally different story. this season the indianola girls basketball team is on a roll. ask this team and it's no secret they're using last year's 4a quarterfinal loss to western dubuque as fuel this season. "obviously the loss was really tough losing at state is hard. i think we were all really proud our goal last year was to make it to the state tournament and now we know we can. our goal is not only to get to state this year but win a game you
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just get there we want to go a little further. " indianola made the move to 5a this season-- which doesn't mean much for their regular season schedule because they've been in the ciml-- but this year they'll have played a couple of their regional opponents. "i defintely think that when we're in this highest class we're playing the toughest teams and i think that if we want to win it we want to win it against the toughest teams." indians haven't had any shortage of wins this season. they sit with a perfect 14-0 record so far. they're ranked 2nd in 5a and getting more of the spotlight.. "everybody is kind of taking notice now but i don't think there's any undo pressure on the girls. i think we try to go out and win each game. and hopefully they can keep winning all of their games. "all of the teams are kind of gearing towards us and they're making their defenses so they can stop us and definitely a big target on our back." "we need to go out and play with confidence and play like we are 14-0 but we do need to be aware that every team is coming out to get us." the attention starts for most teams in trying to slow down sophomore grace berg. who averages over 17 points a game-- good enough to be a
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"my role has stepped up and i'm more of a leader than last year." and this indianola team that is out to this unbeaten start would love nothing more than to finish with the school's first ever girls state basketball title. "one of the biggest accomplishments i think for the school, for the community for the team. for our coaches." "it'd be huge, it'd be good for the program and just really overall exciting. "it'd be huge, i mean we'd love that. that's always the goal." (nats team/ beat roosevelt) indianola hosts roosevelt friday night at 6:15. jon: southeast polk has moved to 13-0 in dual matches. they're ranked number one and showing why they will make a great push for another team dual title come february. tonight they host 12th ranked waukee. start out the night at138 with zach barnes of sep taking on parker clay from waukee. barnes with a
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thento finishes things off with a pin scoring the first points for southeast polk. up to 145 southeast polk's gunner jorgenson vs waukee's brock parker. jorgenson eventually pin parker scoring the second pin of the night for the rams putting them up 12-0 jumping to the 160 class grant brown from waukee facing off against thad breitsprecker from southeast polk. brown showing his strength by getting the first takedown in the first period. brown would strike again later in the matchup targeting the leg-- scoring yet another takedown. brown would win this one by decision. rams take the duel though-- 47 to 24. jon/3shot we'll be right back... you're watching local five news at 10. james: weather adlib: put
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minimal or no accumulation expected. parts of nw iowa could see a little accumulation by morning. friday is looking like a mostly cloudy day but it should be a couple degrees colder following a weak cold front that will pass overnight tonight. saturday is going to be a bit warmer with highs back in the lower 30s and the sun should be shining by morning! sunday is going to be even better than that with highs in the mid 30s but not as much sunshine. the next big snow chance will happen likely on monday with
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