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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  January 22, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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10-year-old daughter via text. >> we're icon carol burnett, her comed favorites of today and what got the 82-year-old to say this -- >> my reaction was i was gob smacked. >> now in our 35thseason, this is "entertainment tonight celine dion's heartbreaking good-bye to her husband of 21 hi, everybody. welcome to "entertainment tonight." celine and her children were grieving at a state funeral for the man she called the love of her life. >> if you want to talk about power of l our cameron masterson was ins basilica. >> thank you, kevin. so many of us loved celine but she has such a special connection with her native canadian province of quebec. i lived here for 14 years. i can tell you, they really are like the royal family here.
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was her prince. >> celine made her entrance holding hands with her 5-year-old twins else in onnelson and eddie. as a recording of her singing in french oak heed through the clutch. celine and her family solemnly walked down the aisle. charles was linked a in arm with her mother. then he laid a pillow on his father's simple closed casket. she placed purple lillies on top, a sy mourning. and renee charles took to the pulpit, very much a man. >> you are a tough act to follow. but with your help, everything is to be fine. dad, i promise you that we're all going to live up to your standards. >> 13 cameras covered all angles of the religious ceremony from
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on the streets. >> yesterday at the wake, celine spent about seven hours accepting condolences from mourners including "e.t.'s" reporter. >> what did you say to her? >> you know what? i wanted to pay my respects for she and renee. i walked up to her and she said, hi. it's nice to see you again. and i told her i admired her for all strength. she said it was day by day but renee would want her to carry on. that's why she was there. renee actually planned the final farewell himself to spare celine grief. his close friends tell us he was a caring husband, father, hir eldest son renee charles is a major comfort to h mother. >> renee charles is a mature young man. he learned so much from his father. he spent so much time with his dad. he has been with renee sop l. much the last 15 years. >> how is celine doing? listen, she was ready for this. i mean, i don't think you can environment are be ready. she spoke openly about this
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so i think mentally she was ready for it. emotionally, i sup never are. >> well, certainly hope today's service brought closure fo celine and her family. the love was present in every corner of t basilica. she must feel comfo knowing how many people loved >> celine and renee certainly made a big impact in vegas, of course. and renee will also be honored with a memorial at the caesar palace coliseum an february 3. now mariah carey and her billionaire boyfriend engaged. >> congratulations. you have that glow. >> last night james pack ardered popped the question. first, the ring. >> that's a great ring, james. >> it's blinding. carats, the same as combined. it is estimated to be worth $7million.
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the australian businessman' fortune is estimated at $3.5 billion. mariah's, not so bad $525 million. next number, months of courtship, about nine. he she hinted abo packered with me in april. >> do you think you'll ever look for love? >> i will never look for love. but if it stumbles upon me. >> the the red carpet debut in september at the "intern". >> it was a lot for h i just automatically pose. i can't help it. >> mariah james have four divorces between them. that's two each. the singer has been pretty open about packer on so media. we counted 8 pics the new fiance on her instagram page. >> i've been living through you and your fabulous photos. you seem like you're in amazing place right now. >> it's fun.
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>> and now let's get to another big headline. >> here are the latest details. >> it's a nasty war of w developing between charlie sheen and his ex denise richards. it started in court documents in which richards claims that has band ond her trust he created for the kids. forced her to pay $15,000 a month rent after kicking her out of a house bought for them, demanding over $1 million towards a new use. fighting for her children. charlie's lawyer, this motion is nothing more than money, money, money. denise's rep, this has nothing to do with her. the money is for her this is about him providing for the children as he agreed to. charlie's lawyer responds and says denise got more than $600,000 a year tax free for ten years and she has another $7 million home paid for.
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denise claims charlie sent them horrific texts over the years such as "tell mom to go eat pork and die." and "have a merry christmas with your loser blank m charlie's lawyer says the texts were to denise and that she makes it almost impossible for charlie to be see his daughters. it a sad contrast to what denise told us a few years ago. >> now that t older, it's nice that things are calm. >> we'll continue to follow this story and bring you the latest developments. >> we're just 16 days from super bowl 50. and there is a big going on. listen, plenty of us tuning in for beyonce and cold play. and now we're getting an exclusiv at how chris martin and cold play are putting it all together. >> cold play's chris martin sweating bullets. after all, hefty super bowl 50 halftime show could be the most significant 12 minutes of his career.
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honor the past and celebrate the present and to the future. don't know how we're going do that. >> this year's land mark anniversary adding just a bit of pressure. >> if we shoot it right, you have the hole stand behind there is a lot to capture. >> is there anything that can you turn the strings and roll, roll, roll up, please. >> we have to really practice. >> of course, we'll be all over the halftime show and everything leading up to super bowl 50 on february 7th. this weekend's championship game decide if the patriots make it to the big game again this year. and one pats player to keep an eye on, devin mccordy. we caught up with his twin brother jason, a tennessee titan and, of momma mccordy. >> i always i think they're people more than they are football players. don't take wrong way. >> talking to momma, two things are clear, she znlts p
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combination jersey and there is always going to be a little sib ling rivalry. >> i can't say i hope you i want him to win. i won't go that far. but i guess he's a favorite twin now because he's doing a little bit more winning. >> i was absolutely disagree with him. >> and get this the twins had to share the spotlight with mom in their game day tradition campaign. >> this campaign was a perfect fit for my family. as a single mom, i my sons shopping at walmart. >> momma tells us walmart wi also be her go to for the big game day party this sunday. >> i look at the prod and i'm like wow, bounty, tide, those are things i used growin up that my mom introduced to me. and now i'm i my own household, i buy them and use them every day. me and dez thought we were going to be the stars. it was actually mom that is star. it is really cool with the reverse the role and see her in that >> listen to this, we're teaming up with p & g to give away two sests super bowl tickets.
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and click super bowl button. >> coming upnext, we're with grammy lifetime achievement in run dmc. >> then we're on the a madoff miniseries with richar dry dreyfus as bernie.
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hear why she won't come to that, my friends, is one of the most influential bands in hip hop history, run dmc and one of the founding members, revron is among the stars getting a lachievement award at the grammys on cbs. but first, he's turning talk show host with gibson. i can't wait for this show. it debuts on own tomorrow and "e.t." was first o the set. looking dapper, brother. >> you pull it together, you know what i'm saying? you swag it out. >> winging it. trying to do our b >> the very merry father of six and the oh, so single dad tyrese are the relationship experts on "it's not it's man". >> there is nothing more attractive than a smart woman.
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one. >> the show is sort of a natural evolution of their "new york times" best seller manology. >> this ain't the show for you. >> stars dropping by and sharing include tyrese's fast and furious co-star vin diesel. >> teeshacampbell. >> amber rose. >> it's the show has an add add agenda it might be web finally gettityrese to settle down. >> of course, i would love to meet my wife one day. she's somewherethere, somewhere. >> strong message to tyrese is pick one. they're begging you. pick one, tyrese. ju they're all screaming at >> right here. >> watch the show. it's going to be good. >> up next, we're talking to carol burnett about her incredible career and the huge
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>> then, the stars of the madoff miniseries on bernie and his wife. >> i don't believe she knew. >> plus, what pauley telling us now about her co-star's exit from "ncis." >> it took him four hours to explain it to me. >> stick around.
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by -- it's no secret, pauley per
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she stopped by today to talk about the secret was keeping on her last visit. >> you're sitting here on stage with me, we're talking, meanwhile, news is breaking that michael weatherly is leaving. >> this is the sound heartbreaking. he was my brother. i love him with all of my it's not my story to tell. it's going to be michael's story to tell when feels like it. >> for now, focus on another story, helping the homeless. you'll recall last november she was was attacked by a homeless man. now she is working to help edd 44,000 home unless los angeles. >> we have money budgeted now. so i have to figure out how allocate the funds. >> by now you know paulie is one favorite people in the entire world. and i spent so much time with her over the and it's been cool to really watch her incredible w and dedication to advancing this cause. >> dirty little dish. turn around.
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>> that is richard dreyfuss playing bernie madoff the miniseries which airs next month. madoff i investment manager serving 150 y in prison for ripping off his clients. we were first on the set. >> i can't take your money because it's just not enough for me to bother with. >> richard is kidding around, but the subject is deadly serious. madoff defrauded thousands of investors out of $65 b in the largest ponzi scheme history. his wife was to the scandal. >> all i do is hire the decorator. it is really complicated. i think they did love each other very, very deeply. i think -- i don't know that she environment really absorbed what happened. i don't believe she knew. >> they call me a fraud? i ran biggest ponzi scheme in history.
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within the biggest ponzi scheme in history. >> the abc miniseries is personal for richard. he has friends who lost their savings tomadoff. >> you know how i look at you? >> no. >> as a guy that doubled my money in sixyears. we talk to victims. none of them were millionaires. they were all secretaries and contractors and, you know, everyone assumes, woww i lost money. must be really rich. they weren't. and they're n >> people give me their money and i make them richer than god. >> how much did you lo >> $50 billion. >> i'm exhausted after one scene. and this goes on and on and on. and always for a minute, that's the kind of actor you always want to work with. >> oh, stop. >> honest. i'm not lying. you know you want more. >> one, two, three. >> terrible. terrible.
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long history. they first worked together theater back in 1971. >> after these years, we were kids when we began. kids. >> yeah. >> we will nonehad none of this. >> we asked blithe if a certain famous family member ever paid a visit to her on the set while she was working and b said, no, because when she is working, she likes to stay focused. in other words, kids, don't bother momma when she is focused. >> kids can be distracting no mat whaert age. >> i hear you. >> the screen actors guild awards are a week from tomorrow. one of the highlights will be whether carol burnett receives the life achievement award. >> my dear friend julie andrews has a term that is british that i never heard before but i learned it fher. my reactioncy was gob smacked. >> a we're pretty gob smacked ourselves when we think of the 60 plus years she's been ents takening us.
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>> two can play at that ga >> i don't think anybody had more fun than we >> but when the television icon she's not interested in ever coming back to a full time series. well, we just will to get carol's take on the state of tv today. >> we just have the network breathing down our necks all the time. you do an hour and 15 minutes with all of the c changes, musical numbers and all that in about two hours. whereas a lot of the shows, it's 22 minutes of show and will take six hours to take. it makes me crazy. it's because you're nitpicking everything and redoing stuff and redoing stuff until there is no sponlt nature left. i couldn't could that. >> in spite of that, the comedy legend who paved the way for many of today's funn ladies, says there are still plenty she admires in the business. >> i love amy and tina and kristen wig, maia rudolph.
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wonderful. i "house of cards" and good dramatic shows, yeah. >> i needed some grass and how i was supposed to know the guy was a nark? >> at 82 she continues to charm audiences with guest appearances like her recent role on "hawaii 50." as prepares to receive her achievementrole, the only thing she has to died is who will play her? >> angelina jolie. i me whoelse? i am still cracking myself up. >> we carol which shows she enjoys watching to day. and she told us "thegrinder." that is a big endorsement. carol burn sunset. >> love. that in our birthdays, which star would have preferred a life without any modern conveneiencesconveniences,
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., life after divorce. >> it's consuming our life. >> plus, is kate goss ling keeping he away from her ex? claims. >> i haven't seen my son in a year and a half. >> how do youco-snarnt. >> we don't. middle. >> and one direction fans in a frenzy after tomlinson welcomes his babe baiby boy. get delivery details on boy. get delivery details on boy. get delivery details on boy. get delivery details on boy. get delivery details on boy. get delivery details on welcome back. in tonight's birthdays, which star would have preferred life without any modern conveni >> i love when there were horses and no engi electricity.
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>> that is lane. she turns 51 today. i gues it. >> we're out of time. here's one more thing we want you to check out before we say good night. >> bye, everybody. >> that is a new video from the soundtrack toed broadway show "finding never land." >> tell me about this video. >> i want to do my own twist it to. my own urban kind of cool twist on never land. >> add a bonus, she gets to dance with her pal maxim. >> are you excited about his engagem next t? >> so huge. they better have me in the wedding. i want to be front row j like, you know. >> can you see the whole video when it debuts after the season
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this sunday on disney channel. oof. i need more java. the shakes give my fashion designs a little extra pizzazz. ooh. a certain je ne sai "quoi-fee." i don't get it. it's worse when you do.
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since you got back from new york, mandy.
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