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tv   ABC5 News at 10  ABC  January 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CST

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home of the nba fifinals."you're watching local 5 news at 10 in hd .we are iowa's most accurate weather team and we start with your forecast first." bree/wxwall: weather adlib: put script here in green the clouds will hold steady overnight and the skies will remain dry. central iowa will stay locked under the clouds through the day tomorrow as well with light southerly winds and melting temperatures just above that freezing mark. it might finally be the day to take down those leftover
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nikki also coming up on local five news at 10... a bus full of iowans gets stranded in the east-coast snowstorm. see how they are making it home. nikki the iowa caucus is just more than a week away and local businesses are cashing in on the main event nikki and the stops for next summer's ragbrai are announced. hear where each stop is for the cyclists " local 5 news at 10 in hd starts now. we are iowa" nikki/lam: good evening. welcome to local 5 news i'm nikki davidson. glad you're with us tonight. nikki/lam a group of central iowa students stranded for nearly 24 hours in charter buses stuck on the pennsylvania turnpike are finally making their way home tonight... they got swept into the massive snowstorm as they made their way home from anti-abortion rally in washington d.c. the way they kept busy on the side of the interstate this
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it's tonight's big story. hour 13 of being stranded... still 0 mph per hour it's not your typical busstop.... the pennsylania turnpike was the long way home for 100 iowa students... they were with the group iowans for life... just coming back from the march for life in washington d.c. 1:05:15 we did cut the trip short as soon as the snow started friday, we went right on the bus. the group left early... but their buses came to a halt friday night after there was an accident in front of them... that stop... turned into a long wait..... almost an entire day in the same place on the road. 1:04:30 overall a lot of people have it a lot worse than we do, just hanging in there. a dowling catholic teacher told us 27 students from the high school were in the group... with enough food and water to go around... they were in good spirits... and did something out of the oridnary this afternoon. (nat) 5:42:17 the kids built an
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mass in about a foot of snow! they say heat was never a the busses were holding about 220 gallons of gas... and only using up about a gallon and half per hour while idling. and finally just about an hour ago... big news... the buses finally started moving. (cheering) nikki: now the iowans nikki: now the iowans for life group did tell me that three schools had cancelled the trip beforehand due to weather concerns. they also say the students that did go are glad they didn't miss the chance to be part of march for life. we know their busses are moving... but how do things look for everyone else on the east coast? we are going to send it over to meterologist bree sullivan for the answers.
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nikki: theres already thousands of car crashes due to the snow with several deaths. abc's kayla barguirina has the latest from the target of the storm... "no hype here? the blizzard of 2016 hitting hard? nats new york city nearly doubling its expected snow totals? officials forced to
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commuter rails? even some of the city's subway system - frozen. sot - mayor bill de blasio / (d) new york city "if you have taken your car out for any reason, turn around and go home right now." in west virginia - white out conditions - nearly obscuring this convoy of plows. in arlington, virginia - snow buried police cruisers? the national guard sending in soldiers to help. travel by air - crippled? no planes going in or out of new york, washington or philadelphia. instead, equipment lined up to clear the runways. nats people in the d-c and virginia area - expecting three feet or more of accumulation. sot - brian pittack / homeowner "a few feet's okay. but once you pass 24 and they're calling for 36 or 40, you start wondering how much your roof can hold."
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the snow?. from long island to queens, new york? to the jersey shore? front yards - and entire neighborhoods overrun with icy ocean water. still - new jersey governor chris christie reassuring his state - things are under control. sot - gov. chris christie / (r) new jersey "this is my 17th snow emergency in 6 years? but it's not misery for everyone? these deer enjoyed the empty streets of washington dc?. and giant panda "tian tian" frolicked at the national zoo? while a few brave parents, helped their kids enjoy this historic blizzard. karla barguiarena oncam close: officials here in new york confirming at least three people died from shoveling snow. they are asking everyone to be extra cautious... especially considering more snow is expected to fall - at least until midnight. karla barguiarena, abc news, new york. " nikki/ots: despite the cold weather here, it didn't stop one man from taking in the outdoors. an inmate housed at the newton correctional release center has escaped... edward shorter is serving a twenty year sentence for possession of controlled susbstances... he turned up missing during a routine count. shorter is a 28 year old african american with tattoos on his
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neck. anyone with information about shorters whereabouts should call 911. nikki: with less than ten days until the iowa caucus, candidates have made central iowa a second home nikki: today, one republican candidate got a big endorsement. television personality glenn beck announced that he will be backing senator ted cruz. beck made the announcement today in ankeny. beck has never endorsed a presidental candidate before... cruz says he's glad to have beck on board becuase the two both believe in religous fundamentals. nikki: there's a lot of work to do and the candidates can't do it alone. one volunteer of ted cruz has taken their job to the next level. the texas native has been with team cruz since his first senate race. maggie wright is such a huge fan, her car is wrapped in cruz signs. 22:40:23 "people are walmart say are you ted cruz's parents and i say no but its like hes our adopted son, we love him." " 21:53:08 "he is the most consistent conservative and he's a chrsitan first and he loves our country and he's spent his adult life fighting for
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the constitution."" nikki: the cruz campaign has set up show in the old aib dorms calling them "camp cruz." hundreds of volunteers have come through in the last few months. nikki: despite his strong presence in iowa, the des moines register chose to endorse senator marco rubio instead the paper made their announcement earlier today. on the democratic side they are supporting hillary clinton, nikki: rubio was in ames today, telling voters what he would do on his first day of presidency. "after i take the oath i'm going straight to the oval office. i'm going to find a pen, i'm sure he left one around, along with a phone. then i am going to repeal every letter of barack obama's unconstitutional executive orders." nikki: up next on the campaign trail, rubio plans to visit cedar rapids and waterloo. nikki: meanwhile, clinton has someone else
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in the metro. cecile richards, the president of planned parenthood, says she's backing clinton because of her promise to keep planned parenthood open. the iowa native says this election could be a deciding factor in the future of women's health and health care. nikki: clinton has another celebrity hitting the campaign trail in iowa for her tomorrow, look for the latest in your local election headquarters here on local 5 nikki/lam: well how does ninety-degree temps and biking one of iowa's blacktops sound right about now? tonight, the stops for 20-16 ragbrai were announced here in des moines. jacob in lam local 5's jacob peklo was downtown des moines tonight for the big announcement and joins us now live from downtown des moines with more. jacob? jacob: jacob: jacob: nikki:
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ragbrai 2016 starts july 23 and ends the 30th. nikki: coming up on local 5 news at ten. hear how local businesses are looking to cash in on the caucus nikki: and... the iowa state men look to avoid a trap game at tcu.
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highlights later in sports. james: and i'll have your forecast next.
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"now, we are iowa's most accurate forecast. certified by weatherrate the independent weather experts " bree/wxwall: weather adlib: put script here in green
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the skies will remain dry. central iowa will stay locked under the clouds through the day tomorrow as well with light southerly winds and melting temperatures just above that freezing mark. it might finally be the day to take down those leftover christmas decorations outside! there won't be any relief from the clouds sunday night, but temperatures will remain mild under the blanket in the upper 20s. the overcast skies will finally give way to precipitation by monday as highs top out in the low-to-mid 30s. central iowa will likely see the precipitation fall as freezing drizzle before it changes over to snow. low snow accumulations are expected. western iowa could see 1" to 2", the metro currently looks to stay under an inch, and snow amounts continue to lessen to the east where the precip looks to fall mainly as rain.
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nikki: but first. see how local businesses are getting in on the caucus action. that's coming up next here on
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"your watching local 5 news in hd. home of " nikki we're less than ten days away from caucus night. and while candidates are racing through the state, pushing for votes, local businesses are capitalizing on the increased exposure. local 5's jacob peklo has more on how local businesses are enjoying the extra attention. nats (covered) taylor frame, raygun director of stores & inventory: "this has been a really big one, because there's been so many candidates both democratic and republican, so we're kind of taking advantage of both sides. there's a lot of crazy ones, so that makes it more fun." we're less than ten days away from the
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shop one year ago, it was already capitalizing o othe political attention. lucy fey, des moines resident: "iowans get pretty excited about it. i think it's great for the economy, i think it's great for the city of des moines and we're very proud to be one of the firsts." store director taylor frame says compared to just a year ago, the store has seen an uptick in business. taylor frame, raygun director of stores & inventory: "they come down to get food and they stop in the store. they see it take pictures and people just love it, and we love having them in the store." it's not just the pies grabbing the attention at gusto pizza company. natural sound: "clinton requested to make her pizza in her own oven. yeah, that's not allowed." a radio ad imagines what the different candidates would say if they were in charge of creating their own pie. casey morgan, marketing director for gusto pizza company: "we said that if bernie sanders created his own divine pie, he would take a slice and give a slice away to everyone. he would take a slice and give slices away as well (laughs)." zombie burger has also been creating its
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karen davis, general manager of zombie burger: "we were still getting our feet under us. we were a bit taken aback when we first opened by the volume that we experienced right out of the gate, so we didn't have a lot of time to prepare for the first caucuses." all of these methods are creating buzz, and building up traffic in the stores. casey morgan, marketing director for gusto pizza company: "we've gotten some really good feedback on it, and we hope to not offend anyone, and we hope that everyone understands that it was kind of a spoofy take." in des moines, jacob peklo, local 5 news. we are iowa. nikki the businesses we spoke to say that this time around, the market for political stuff is much stronger, since there's no clear cut number one candidate for either party. nikki/2ram a week ago, fans were worried. now it looks like iowa state is on a roll.. jordan 3 wins in a row, jordan 3 wins in a row, now all eyes turn to big monday at home versus kansas!! coming up on local 5 sports, highlights from the cyclones road win over tcu. we'll be right back...
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" now, local 5 sports with jordan furbee. we are iowa sports" "last year we went and lost to tech thinking ahead. we need to go and win at tcu, we don't have time for any upsets or getting pushed back. we know it'll be a tough game, but we need to go down there and get a win." jordan: that was jameel mckay after monday's win over #1 oklahoma... a win that got isu back to .500 in the big 12 ahead of another big monday match up with kansas at home on monday.. but as showtime mentioned, first the clones had to get past a road game against tcu, which gave the jayhawks everything they could handle last week. horned frogs just 1-5 in big 12 play... 1st half, clones down 4-0. georges niang on the drive. lays it in with the right hand and gets the foul! then it's jameel mckay with the reverse slam!! horned frogs though jump out in front with a pair of threes. first from chauncey collins, then from michael williams. tcu up as much as 6.
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monte morris comes up with the steal, and the score. cyclones up 21- 19! then isu starts droppin bombs from three! niang to matt thomas good. thomas had 15 on the day. then it's deonte burton with the triple! he had 10. lead is up to 8. now from morris, he had a game high 18. then with time winding down, abdel nader beats the buzzer! isu up 37-28 at the break. and that's about as close as tcu would get. burton finishes off the game with a slam. isu wins its 3rd straight, 73-60... scores from the valley. uni drops its 4th straight, 76-67 to illinois state. . and drake falls in their 8th straight game, 68-63 to loyola. that's now 13 losses in the last 14 games for the bulldogs. jordan: after winning 9 of 10, the iowa state women got a week long break. apparently that wasn't a good
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cyclones fell in back to back overtime games on the road to kansas and texas tech... things didn't get easier today, hosting #4 baylor... bears up 9-5 early. but the cyclones answer back. kidd blaskowsky in the corner nails the three ball. isu down one. then it's seanna johnson with the runn high off the glass. she had a game high 22. cyclones now with the lead. more isu, jadda buckley with the great pass down to madison baier. clones go up 12- 9. but baylor responds. kristy wallace drills the triple, to tie it at 12. then it's kadijiah cave, she finished with a team high 18 off the bench. baylor took the lead and never looked back. they roll past isu, 77-61. jordan: in just more than a month, 40 girls basketball teams will descend on the well for the state tournament... today two teams battled in what could be a preview... #11 valley and #14 iowa city west doing battle on the big stage... 3rd quarter, tigers down 6. but they start to rally.
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maytag with the spin move and in for two.
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