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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  January 24, 2016 7:00am-8:00am CST

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truck for 13 1/2 hours. one of the largest stormin history. d.c., socked in. the plowing, nonstop. this morning, the jersey shore. icebergs floating in the street. through town. the heavy snow caving in roofs. buildings and barns collapsed. the misery factor so high this morning, as some struggle to dig out. others, ready to dive in. >> oh, my gosh. i was not tempted to do that yesterday, not even slightly. but she was and she looked good doing it. >> she's braver than all of us at this table >> absolutely. good morning, everyone. we're coming to you from a
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literally shut down after one of the biggest snowfalls ever. >> and newew york byo means the only target of this blizzard. this is a live look at the flooded jersey shore. rememb, this is just three yearafter superstorm sandy. more troubles for that region. and we want you to check out this video -- dump trucks ready to pitcin and clean up all that snow, ready to move in. washington, d.c., along with philadelphia as well, all paralyzed this morning. >> look at this. this is time-lapsed imagagery out of virginia. this gives you a sense of how fast andurious the snowfall was on saturday. it was coming down in some places at two inches an hour. >>nd it looks benign. bu it wasn't necessarily so benign. we can't forget that the storm while beautiful and awe-e-inspirin it was also very dangerous. at least 16 dead across 8 states from this system and more than 80,000 customers are without power from the carolinas all of the way to n york.
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havoc as well. more than 11,0 flights canceled since friday. >> we'll have full-team coverage this morning of the blizzard 2016. we kick it off with rob in new york city. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula. this was a generational storm, one that you will tell your kids and your grandkids. it's multifaceted. and the breadth this, across the states, you were impacted. but new york city bearing the brunt. this morning, a deadly winter storm for the record books. e city that never sleeps, loing like a frozen tundra. >> i was at a loss. i mean, i was in complete panic mode. >> reporter: new y york city caught right in the bull's-eye of a blizzard of epic proportions. the nation's largest city, burying it underneath 26 inches of snow. falling at a rate of 4 inches per hour. violenent winds king for whiteout conditions.
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sliding. >> travel is now banned. unless it is truly an emergency, you should not be on the roads. >> reporter: a citywide ban on travel crippling new yorkers for nearly 17 hours. the roads although empty nearly impassable. police cars, even ambulances, no match for this monster storm. >> i thought i shoul do what i could to get it out. >> reporr: the governor even getting out of his car to help a stranded motorist on the highway. buses are shut down, subways only operating in the areas below ground. >> lay low, certainly don't travel if you don't neeeedto. there's lot of cleanup to do. >> reporter: manhattan enlisting a convoy of nearly 1800 snowplows to help dig this city out. >> just give us time.
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prettyty good joof that. we're at cornerstone of the upper west side. the roadways at least are starting to clear out. we broke a record for the 24-hour snow total in a storm. but for a storm total we're .1 away, dan, from an all-time record. just an incredibly amount of snow falling here in new y york. quite honestly, much more than we forecast. let's say that we nailed the forecast down south and d.c. but in this area, new york city, this one overachieved, to say the least. dan. >> the atmosphere can always surprise us, no question about that. the roads are remarkably clear given the amount of snow we received. rob, great job out there. we'll come back to you in just a minute. we do want to move on now to the nation's capital. the blblizzard bsting the beltway, roadways and major monuments covered. dangerous snow, so deep in washington, even fire trucks and ambulances needed help. and abc's david kerley joining us right now. david, good morning to you.
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this is digout day. look at this army of trucks here in washington, d.c., to head out in the next couple of minus to do battle oncegain with those roads. historic feet of snow to move and remove. overnight, the plows didn't stop working as the snowfall cameme to an end. the great digout welunder way. the highways, the side streets -- this was one for the record books. >> think of it as a hurricane but with snow and cold weather. >> reporter: an historic storm. in washington, more than 17 inches according to the weather service, making it the fourth largest storm in history. in baltimore, a new all-time record, more than 29 inches. and now, the chore of clearing all that snow. reopening cities. here on capitol hill, you can see that the trucks are already coming. in fact, they're lining up, filled with snow and then the loaders are taking all this snow and moving it over here,
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which will be snow mountains. because there's so much to remove. crews that spent saturday clearing sidewalks. you already shoveled this sidewalk four timemes? >> around ten times. >> reporter: ten times? >> yeah. >> reporter: will clear them again today. he met with the emergency crews working around the clock, they expect to be removing snow well into the week. the governor telling residents to give those crews a chance. >> this is the critical part, it's going to be a lot of snow and people are going to feel, i have to get outside. but don't go out in your cars. >> reporter: buildings buckled under the weight of thsnow. a barn in maryland. last night in downington, pennsylvania, a 64-foot hole as five feet of snow collapses through the roof. along with all the work on highways, airports are scrambling to clear runways and
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flights not expected to return to washington until tomorrow. the washington airportshut down today. up and down the east coast, a similar story, as they try to bring the planes back and tse trucks,f course, have to clr the roads to the airports. already for tomorrow, 600 fights have been canceled. it's going to takee a couple of days to get all of these systems running again, paula. >> they have done already a great job. >>and people on the jersey shore, fearing a repeat of hurricane sandy. suffered a one-two-three punch. the blizzard, snow, powerful winds and surging sea water left entire towns flooded. our teamoverage continues with abc'slinzie janis. who's in ocean city for us this rning. hi, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, paula, the misery is not over yet for e jersey shore, here incean city, where rushing floodwaters were several feet deep, carrying those icebergs down thetreet. and you can see the water has
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but high tide is on its way. their goingo rise again very quickly. this morning, the jersey shore bracing for another round of flooding. out at sea, the massive nor'easter ripping up waves more than 25 feet high. our new york station, wabc, was there as the storm's high tide rushed in, submerging entire communities in up 8 feet of wawater. >> lot of wires, lot of obstacles along the highway. >> reporter: the town hardest hit by superstorm sandy in 2012, bearing the brunt once again. chunks of ice floating down this street in ocean city. seawatersauses coastal highways. stranding hundreds of residents who had to wait for emergency crews to evacuate them. it's low tide. look at the water just coming in to this home, and when we show
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the water was waist high, it just carried that picnic table into the center of the street. this car in atlantic city, almost completely submerged and this plow trying to tackle this snow, stuck in the floodwaters. winds gusting up to 72 miles per hour, downing power lines,s, leaving more than 60,000 homes and businesses across new jersey in the dark. this empty ferris wheel spinning by the wind's power allow. -- alone. thisas been the worst storm to hit the jersey shore since superstorm sandy. for most areas it wasn't near as bad. but to the south, in cape may, new jersey, th had record tide levels, over 9 feet, that was worst than sandy. the current coming in, the high tide coming in once again. dan. >> sandy w was such disaster for thatat area. we're thinking of them this morning. we want to move to the third
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this morning, philadelphia, blanketed under 22 inches of snow. c's eva pilgrim is live on the road. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, the clock is ticking for hundreds of drivers who have been stranded along the pennsylvania turnpike.e. i just w want you think about this for a minute, being stuck here along the interstate, for two nights in the dangerous, freezing cold, emergency responders are hopeful today's improved conditions will help get traffic moving. dangerous roads leaving drivers this morning, stranded. >> this is horrible. we have been stuck in the truck for 13 1/2 hours. reporter: 500 vehicles waking up for the second morning still stuck on a western pennsylvaa highway. 86 m miles of the pennsylvania turnpike closed. this bus, now a makeshift home to duquesne university men's basketball team,m, strande since friday, heading home from a game ageorge mason. >> it's been up to 16 hours
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we'll be moving again. >> reporter: in thmeantime, travelers getting out of their cars gathering together for a catholic mass. >> reporter: this group of high schoolers trying to get back to kentucky after visiting d.c. for the march for life, knowing the storms were coming they left early hoping to beat the blizzard. but then we got stopped last night at around 7:30 and now we're stuck. >> reporter: they have been sitting here for morthan 30 hours. the state police, national guard and local firefighterworking urgently trying to get these drivers on the move. >> we haven't had any food since yesterday. >> reporter: in philadelphia, snow-covered roads made a busy road for roadside assistance teams. cars crashing into each other, even flipping over mostly deserted roads.
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trying to clear the way. >> one after another truck stuck. it's just nonstop. >> reporter: now, any time you head out on the roads during the winter, it's always a great idea to make sure you have some sort of an emergency kit -- a blanket, sleeping bags, plenty of water, snacks really come in handy, something to clean your car off th, a flashlight and st in case -- a shovel, in case you need to dig your car out. this will make having to wait for help so much easier. dan and paula. >> eva, thank you. ron adds he also travels with a st. bernard in his truck. >> yeah. >> which helps how with the snow? >> with a little bit of food. >> okay. thanks, again, eva. we should point out that there's a lighter side to this blizzard.
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are you ready? >> ready. >> swimmers, take your mark. >> go. >> oh, wow. >> oh, my god. >> cold. >> surprise. >> runs in the house. were any of you tempted to go outside at all? >> absolutely not. >> look at this. we got these two guys who actually do it, too. i agree with you, ron. they not only dive, but they swim. >> ron, do you want to race me? >> no. >> that's the west virginia university swimmining and ding team right there. look at that form, it's perfect. >> they did it twice. >> i know. >> my favorite moment of the show yesterday when we tossed to ron outside. we asked ron, how are you doing?
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out to rob marciano, the questionon right n is, when will all this stuff melt? rob, what can you tell us? >> yeah, the answer to that question is easy -- in the spring. hopefully, we'll get a little bit of m melting. you can see my breath the temperature is in the lower 20s. you got to climb over these big banks that these snowplows he piled up. all right, let's broaden this out and show you where the jackpots were, so to speak, where the biggest snow totals were. down to the south, where we thought they'd be. shepardstown, west virginia, 40 inches. can you believe that? in less than two days. round hill, virginia, 36.3 inches. somerset, pennsylvania, 35.5. all right, we got the low still close enough to where we'll see
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at least in the morning, it will start to taper off in the afternoon. still some blowing and drifting this morning, just know that. wind chills will be brutal. we'll start to warm things up tuesday and wednesday. if you have some sunshine where you are, enjoy it. and yeyes,e got a high tide happening right now. so, still some residual coastal
7:16 am
right after a snowstorm. it's the day or two after that, when things get a little bit nasty. take it easy if you're shoveling. we'll get through this together. dan and paula, back over to you. >> it looks like our city's finest could use some help getting their vehicles out behind you, rob. if you want to do that. are you up for that? >> yeah, okay. that guy's going for a jog in this stuff. talk about overachieving. amazing. >> all right, rob, we'll check in with you in a little bit. something not nearly as predictable as the weather, politics. just when the thought the presidential race couldn't get any more bizarre -- surprise. another billionaire michael bloomberg is taking steps toward throwing his name in the ring all of this while donald trump finds a controversial way to boast about
7:17 am
political angles this morning. hi, cecilia. >> reporter: paula, what is going on? it's warmer here in iowa than where you were guys are. you mentioned michael bloomberg, people close to him are telling us he has until march to decide to jump into this race. donald trump, he starts his morning by going to church. just how loyal are donald trump's supporters? >> i could stand in the midd of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? it's like incredible. >> reporter: this morning, the gop front-runner under fire for yet another controversial comment. >> i no intention of shooting anybody in this campaign. >> if you shot somebody you probably would be convicted of first-degree felony and sent to prison. >> reporter: he may not be the
7:18 am
long. abc news confirmed that former new york city mayor michael bloomberg is contemplating mounting a third-party run. >> he would be, i thk, take a lot of votes away from hillary. >> reporter: hillary clinton raking in a coveted endorsement from the des moines register and in a blow to the gop front-runners, thenfluential paper endorsed marco rubio. ted cruz collecting a big endorsement of his own, conservative media personality glenn beck. >> his word is his bond. >> reporter: this morning, it's a younger cruz's personality on full display in this new clip posted on youtube. the lanky teenager talking about his life goals, seems to know exactly what he wants. >> take over the world, worldd domination. rich, powerful -- that s sort of >> reporter: just a little world dominaon. here it is, this is that coveted "des moines register" endorsement right there on the front page -- rubio and clinton.
7:19 am
paper. she said yesterday she was happy to have it. >> she'll take it. all right, cecilia vega, we appreciate it. for more o on a of this, let's go to washington and abc's martha raddatz. martha, good morning. first thing, congratulate you on behalf of my comrades other on the weekd desk. you haveve been nad as the co-host of abc's "this week" as your friend and colleague of 15 years, bravo. >> well, thank you. thanks to all of you. i'm very proud and very honored to be a part of that show. >> excellent. so, let's put you to the test then. let me ask you about bloomberg, he has flirted with a presidential run before. how likely do you think he'll jump in? what are t major variables here? >> the billionaire mayor needs two things -- if the republicans
7:20 am
cruz and the democrats nominate democratic socialist bernie sanders or a very wounded hillary clinton dogggged by sa e-mails and questions about her honesty, then bloomberg may jump in, dan. >> given that no independent has ever won, he several liberal positions on likike gun corol, what are his chances of winning if he jumps in? >> it's an uphill battle. given bloomberg's wall street ties, it's hard to see who he steals more votes from. but bloomberg would run as a bipartisan problem solver, according to aides. while there's no historical precedent, what does history know about 2016? everything about this race has been atypical, to say the least, dan. >> yeah, and he's got resources. he said he's willing to spend $1 billion reportedly. he does have that going for him. all right, martha, you passed. yodid a rereally goojob of that.
7:21 am
morning. with just a week until the iowa caucuses, she'll be going one-on-one with democratic candidate bernie sanders and republican hopeful jeb bush. >> you passed as well. >> i did? >> yep, flying colors. >> we'll keep you. >> the jury is still out. coming up on "good morning america" -- a dangerous prison break. accused of violent crimes, they're on the run. the all-out search to find them. plus, digging deep, the netflix show dominating the national conversation. my trip to the crime scene. ood morning america" is brought to you by the hotel search. hotel. trivago. the hotel search.
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all right, it's hometown
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today, we're recognizing our birmingham, alabama, affiliate. wbma, channel -- >> someone is pandering. >> i picked clemson, i guaranteed clemson would beat alabama won, of course. this is my punishment. this city, about 50 miles east of birmingham, is now famous for its nascar speedway. >> tuscaloosa? >> talladega! >> talladega, correct. >> "talladega nights" is one of my favorite. >> hall of fame nba basketball played baseball for the birmingham barons, minor affiliate of the white sox.
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>> michael jordan. welcome back to "good morning america" on a big and busy sunday morning. the massive cleanup happening right now, up and down the east coast. we're taking a live look right now at all of the heavy machinery needed to get rid of all of this snow. parts of washington, d.c., slammed with more than 30 incheses. e work to remove all that snow is already under way in preparation for the busy workweek. also h hit hard e jersey shore, a dangerous mix of snow,
7:29 am
surge flooded streets with ice and frigid ocean water. it was a one-two-three punch. the ar battered during the blizzard. in some of the same spots that are still recovering from supersrm sandy thimorning. tens of thousands of people in the storm's path are without power. >> high misery factor for a lot of people this morning. we'll be covering the storm throughout this half-hour. also coming up -- so many people obsessed with the case from the new netflix show "making a murderer," steven avery the convicted killer at the center of the show. he sent a letter from prison to a reporter and what happened. what he told her coming up. but first, digging out from the mountains of snow. >> progress is being made, but there's still a whole lot of work to do. lot of people are worried about getting to work tomorrow. let's get to indra petersons tenafly, new jersey, with more. we were kind of able to get to workrk today, t barely.
7:30 am
does not bring snow. newark, new jersey, saw possibly a record of 28 inches of snow. you'll be seeing mounds like this all across new york and new jersey. sure, december was warm. now it's like a winter wonderland out here. that's great for a weekend. but now, people need to get back to work. this is the concern, 2 feet of snowow across e area. here's the good news, look outside, it's gorgeous today. city officials said this is the hope they need. they're very hopeful, they'll be able to clear the railroads. but the airports, all three major airports with over 2 feet of snowfall on the ground. 11,000 cancellations in the last three days, , possiblynother 600 tomorrow. you're going to feel those compounding delays across the entire country for some time.
7:31 am
news, this is a historic system that cruised across jersey, new york, d.c., lo at the roads they look good. work on monday, i don't think it's going to work. yesterday or today. >> today would have been the day. >> we had our window of opportunity and we blew it. >> indra, thank you. let's geit back out to rob now for another look of the forecast. hey, rob. >> dan, one of the strategies is walk on the streets. the travel ban has been lifted. not much melting today. but teeratures are going to stay around the freezing mark. here is your recovery forecast as the low begins to move out to sea. winds this morning, then winds will die down. temperatures not really recovery all that much. right around the freezing mark.
7:32 am
way down the deep south. hard freeze warnings for florida. look at the numbers this morning. 48 degrees in miami. i mean that is cold in south beach. they got their ugg boats on, parka and even a fur cap. sunshine expected for the central part of the country. we got another clipper developing, this one a weak on and a warm one, it will bring in me warmer air, some melting monday into tuesday. temperatures getting up into the lower 40s. we got some mountain snow happening right nonow acrosshe west. that's a quick check on your is brought to you by voya financial. sun is coming up. you're going to need your
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this snow is cold, not the best snowball making. for ron claiborne. not good for that. >> i suspect he'll try anyway. rob, thank you. great work this morning. go get warm. we appreciate it. we'll switch gears now and talk about the hunt this morning for three inmates, all of them accused of violent crimes, on the run. >> they escaped from the orange county jail in california. we have more from los angeles on how they managed to break out. lauren lyster has more. >> reporter: this morning, a manhunt is under way for three violent criminals who escaped from an orange county jail. >> this was clearly a well-thought-of escape. >> reporter: they're searching for these three men. hossein nayeri, jonathan tieu according to jail officials, the trio disappeared from ththeir
7:34 am
unsecured portion of this roof, ppelling down, escaping on foot. all three's escapees are awaiting trial for violent crimes. nayeri charged with torture. 20-yeaear-old jothan tieu charged with murder. and duong charged with attempted murder. all pleading not guilty. the men were last seen within their holding cell 5:00 friday morning. only noticed missing 16 hours later. shortly after a 8:00 p.m. disturbance in the group's large holding cell, which may have been conneed to the inmates' escape. >> if anyone is to see them, we'd ask that you call 911 immediately. >> reporter: authorities are still hunting down any clues that could lead themem to the escaped prisoners. the fbi is also offering an reward up to $20,000. >> lauren, thank you.
7:35 am
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welcome back, everyone. if you're stuck inside on this snowy weekend, you may be binge-watching the popular and controversial new netflix documentary, "making a murderer." dan, i'm trying to catch up with you. i just finished episode 3. >> for the first time since the documentary came out, the man at the center of the casese, the convicted murderer steven avery, he's speaking out. this morning, we're going to tell you what he's saying and what i saw when i went to wisconsin to take a look at this station. in a new letter to our abc station in milwaukeeee, steven avery writes, the real killer is still out there. who is he's stalking now? much of the three-page letter is a response to an interview that avery's ex-girlfriend gave to hln, in which she turns on the man she once defended. >> wt do you want people to know?
7:39 am
>> what a monster he is and he's not innocent. >> we the jury find the defendant guilty. >> reporter: avery was convicted in 2007 of killing 25-year-old teresa halbach. the documentary raises questions about whether avery may have been framed by local officials who he was suing at the time because they had put him in prison for 18 years for a rape he didn't commit. he was letter exonerated by dna evidence. we're at the avery family salvage yard -- i recently went to wisconsin to investigate ththe case. i met the former prosecutor who sent avery to prison, ken kratz, who says he's now being bombarded by online threats. >> just examples upon examples bullying. >> reporter: i also met avery's former defense attorney, whose
7:40 am
do you still believe that the department or members of department framed steven avery? >> i'm still lt wiwith real reasons to suspect that. >> reporter: one of the local sheriff's deputies, who strang accused oplanting evidence, recently spoke out for the first time since the documentary. quote, you know all these allegations ainst myself and our agency are totally false. be careful what you wish for, if steven avery is ever freed, he may just become your neighbor. i also had a chance to sit down with the two womenho made "making a murderer." they tell me prison officials haven't allowed him to see the series. they also said they're recording more conversations with him for a possible sequel. >> and he hasn't been able to speak to anyone outside the prison. >> only to family friends and to these filmmakers. he has very limited
7:41 am
attention of america. >> dan abrams, our legal analyst, said, aleast not so o.j. has so many americans been talked about. coming up on "good morning america" -- all eyes on totom ady and peyton manning today. that's straight ahead in our weekend download. where ron and i are going head to head. and with fever, aches, and chills, mom knows it needs a big solution: an antiviral. don't kid around with the flu, call your doctor within the first 48 hours of symptoms and ask about prescription tamiflu. attack the flu virus at its source with tamiflu, an antiviral that helps stop it from spreading in the body. tamiflu in liquid form is fda approved to treat the flu in people two weeks of age and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reactio
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it's "weekend download" time. championship sunday, football fans counting down to an epic battle between two definitely hall of famer quarterbacks, w england patriots' t brady and denver broncos see peyton
7:44 am
the winner moves on to super bowl 50, two weeks from today. paula, your choice, who do you like? >> i know that tom brady, the patriots are the favorites. three-point favorites. >> in denver, no less. >> in denver. i'm going to say, there was an e-mail tom brady sent about peyton manning. that manning was, quote, in his final chapter of his career. he's going to use that as motivation. thgame is in denver. brady may have four rings. i think manning is going to get his second. >> paula, four words. tom brady greatest quarterback ever. bill belichick, one of the greatest coaches. got to go with new england. >> you just deflated this conversation. i'm going to leave. "pop news" is next with sara haines with her fofootball pks. don't forget, arizona is also playing the carolina panthers in the other game today. sara. >> that wasn't four words.
7:45 am
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healthy shape. this you can do. ladies and gentlemen, true story -- just two seconds ago, sara was taking a phone call from her mom. she's like, mom, i got to go. i got to do "pop news." >> no, mom, i have to go. this one i is dedicad to to your mom. this one is dedicated to saendy haines. tina fey reprised her sarah palin impression. she absolutely nailed it. as she mocked the endorsement speech the former presidential candidate gave earlier this week of donald trump. throwing in a little dr. seuss. >> what's the big deal? take a chill pill. but we're mad. we have been had and we're not so glad, quote the lorax.
7:50 am
stone. >> wt i love about these characacters on nl," they get them so accurate, when you watch the political figures, you start to see the snl characters. >> put her next to sarah palin, i would have a hard time identifying the real sarah palin. >> that's my politics. and the super bowl is just two weeks away and now we're getting a taste of those high-priced coercials. amy schumer and seth rogen, slip into their shapewear to play members of a bud light commercial. in this teaser spot. >> get the elbows. middle of your back. >> there is no middle. >> you know it's going to get even better from here. they look like perfect little candidates. we'll have to see what happens next. those commercials, i know paula
tv-commercial tv-commercial
7:51 am
i'm there purely for the commercials and the halftime show. i'm not going to ask you - -- what's the super bowl? >> i mean, "downton abbey" is on that night. so, it's hard. >> don't you love the commercials? >> yes, there are some very clever ones. >> i love everything about the super bowl. >> me, too, actually. i love the super bowl. >> i especially love the food. >> yes. >> the parties. and the big, bad blizzard wawasn't stoing a bride-to-be from making that trip to the altar, she held her dress up from the ground. followed by dozens of clearly friends and family. because of travel ban, she had to take the subway in her dress. i'm glad she wasn't draggg it because those subways are a little dirty. and ashley is no stranger to storm. she was born in a snowstorm. she tied the knot with casey in
7:52 am
after the ceremony, they walked d down a blustery nenew york cy avenue to the reception. congratulations to that intrepid couple. if you start out like that, it's only goi to get easier from here. >> they'll remember this s so much more. >> they'y'll weath the storm of marriage. >> paula faris said it here first. on the object of snow, this guy, tian tian, the giant panda is really in his element. having the time of his life. he's an adult le, but he's acting like a little kid. he doesn't have travel ban. so, he can enjoy it. >> as he should. >> he should. >> he's adorable. so is sara. thank you for watching this morning. goodorning, america. max and the coach here with you.
7:53 am
his name is tyronne lue. saturd night, o abc,c, h coaching debut and it did not go well. he would say, after the game, his team needs to get in better shape. early on, lebron james couldn't hit anything. 4 of 12 in the first half. he finished 11 for 27. cleveland missed their final 16 shots in the first quarter. that's how this night would go. kevin love off. pau gasol was on. 25 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists. did more from gasol, the bulls -- making a statement in cleveland. they win by 13. number seven maryland versus number 11 michigan state. the spartans have lost three straight, wearg lime green they were slinging.
7:54 am
it gets tighter later in the game. but valentine, and one. valentine, 19 points, 14 rebounds, 8 assists. michigan state ends that drought. >> that does it for us. a couple of big football games on sunday. >> there might be a couple that does it for us. fofor max, i the coach.
7:55 am
enjoy your championship sunday. >> announcer: starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos -- chaos at crcrunch time. justst one week to iowa and a fractured gop taking aim at its front-runners. >> donald trump is getting really rattled. >> i would stand in the middle of 5th anue and shoot somebody and not lose any voters, okay? >> we're on the ground in iowa
7:56 am
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