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tv   Local 5 News at Five  ABC  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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trump is about to take the stage at the high school. but some parents have said political visits shouldn't be a reason to let kids out early. local five's chief political reporter amanda krenz has the story from marshalltown. "amanda intro: 11:08 the high school and middle school gymnasiums are public venues, there is an hourly rate schedule but it doesn't mean parents are happy their kids were dismissed early. two school buildings in marshalltown are hosting presidential candidates. donald trump at the high school and hillary clinton at the middle school. 2:41 our buildings are public properties, we allow them access to that. not really our decision to reject any candidate or say you can't come here. andrew potter says when the district realized how much chaos and set up there would be at each school leading up to the candidate's speeches, they decided to let all students out at 1 p.m. tamara deubel 16:57 cancel appointments to pick up my nephew, had to rearrange to have somebody watch them so i could come get my nephew. denise william 17:40 picking up my grandaughter. the early dismissal meant families had to shuffle their schedules - and some weren't convinced it was for the best reason. denise 18:01 my personal opinion - i don't think they
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parents have been voicing their concerns to the school district. andrew 3:45 understandably people are upset when you're missing instructional time for a political vent. we thought safety was a prioritiy in this event. hindsight, they would back their visits to amanda 11:39 another concerns, they expect donald trump to attract a lot of people, thsi is the only time he's been to marshalltown. reporting in marshalltown, amandsa krenz, local 5 news, we are iowa." stephanie: and let's take a live look at and let's take a live look at trump's rally in marshalltown. trump supporters began lining up for the event more than an hour before. the rally should be starting any minute inside the school's gym. jack: it's a very close race between donald trump and ted cruz, leaving much of the field far behind. that's according
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university poll. local 5's sabrina now with more on those sabrina? sabrina/bam: race... cruz on top, and rubio trailing behind in third.. so let's take a look at the numbers. this is a poll of caucus goers was released donald trump is coming in with 31 percent of support... senator ted cruz with 29 percent. senator marco rubio has 13 percent, no other candidate above 7 percent. that's all pretty much the same since the last quinnipiac poll. one change, however, is that rand paul is now in the top 6 and chris christie is not. sabrina/bam: on the other side of the ticket, democrat bernie sanders is capitalizaing on his ground game in iowa and says it will help him win the caucuses on monday night. sanders spoke to the media earlier this morning... i was there and asked him how he plans to win iowa, given that his support is so concentrated in areas where there are a lot of young people--specifica lly students not caucusing in
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towns. it doesn't matter if 10 or 10- thousand voters show up to a precinct, there are still only a certain number of delegates per location to be had. "i have been to many small towns in the state of iowa and your point is well taken, we understand that. we have some fairly sophisticated people who understand the caucus process in iowa, and we understand if we get all of our votes in certain communities it is not going to do for us what has to be done, so we're working hard all over the state of iowa and i think that work will pay off. " sabrina: sanders leads clinton in the latest iowa sanders leads clinton in the latest iowa democratic poll, and quinnipiac university is set to release its democratic caucus goer results tomorrow morning. they are neck and neck.. and it's going to be a tight race monday. reporting live for your local election headquarters, i'm sabrina ahmed.. local 5 news. we are iowa. stephanie: new at 5 two people have been charged with murder in a 10 year cold case
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stephanie: state and local police announced today that they've arrested 28 year old christopher yenger and zachary dye with two counts of murder. both men are linked to a house fire in wapello county that killed two men in 2006. officials say new information from recent interviews points to a fight at the house, and that the fire was started intentionally by yenger and dye. the two victims killed in the fire were 20 year old nathan messer and 22 year old seth anderson. stephanie: and we have new details on the death of a local architect found over the weekend. kirk blunck was found dead inside the building at 500 east locust in downtown des moines around 4 in the afternoon sunday. blunck is a well-known architect, and has work in the east village. he was 62 years old. the case remains under investigation. jack: the democrats are outlining their budget for the state of iowa -- and it's lower than the governor's. jack: democratic leaders in the senate released their ideas for the state budget. it calls for a lower amount than the state's spending limit. here are the
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democrats want a budget of 7.398 billion dollars, that's 4.7 million dollars under the state's 99 percent expenditure limit. democrats say they want to expand iowa's middle class with this budget.... while maintaining fiscal responsibility. by putting out their budget so early, senate democrats are hoping to avoid gridlock at the statehouse over numbers, which has frequently happened in the past. stephanie: we're getting more details on a frightening situation this morning at the naval medical center in san diego. stephanie: people who work there were moved to a shelter because of a possible active shooter no one was reported injured, and a naval official says they found no evidence of a shooter. schools also went into lockdown after the first report. the building where the shooter was believed to be has a gym and barracks inside. officials on the base say they are investigating. " i'd like to emphasize that we take all reports like this very seriously. we do a lot of training to help people recognize what they're supposed to the in the event of an active shooter. obviously there's been numerous events that have occurred
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around the world so we take this all very very seriously" stephanie local police and naval base officials started searching the hospital immediately with a k-9 unit after reports came in, but did not come up with anything. the hospital can treat about 250- thousand san diego residents. jack: more than six million bottles of water are now being sent to students hit by the flint water crisis. the bottles donated by walmart, coke, pepsi and nestle will provide flint's 10- thousand students with clean water throughout 2016. flint gained national attention after its tap water was found to be contaminated with toxic levels of lead. state and federal officials have struggled to provide clean water for the people of flint. stephanie/2shot coming up on local 5 news at five... digging out from feet of snow, and it will be a while before it's life as normal on the east coast. jack: but next... what you need to know about the latest virus infecting
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america -- and if it'll end up in the u.s. "you're watching local 5 news at 5 in hd with jack miller, stephanie angleson, we are
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forecast with chief
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edwards. this is local 5 news at 5, we are iowa." jack: health officials are now taking drastic measures to stop the spread of the mosquito- borne zika virus. in el salvador, women are urged to avoid getting pregnant for two years because of the disease. and the c-d-c just came out with guidelines for testing infants in the u.s. abc's elizabeth hur has the latest . "a new warning from the world health organization.. the zika virus.. linked to birth defects in babies and paralysis in adults.. could spread to almost all countries in the americas.. ((sot)) margaret chan, director general of the world health organization: "the explosive spread of zika virus to new geographical areas, with little population immunity, is another cause for concern." ((sot)) dr besser "now, take a look at this map. that mosquito is found in every country in the western hemisphere except for canada and chile." ((nat)) from brazil gov youtube clip with more than a million people
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been hit especially hard. in an effort to show how they're aggressively responding, the brazilian government posted this video on youtube showing workers spraying and fighting mosquitos carrying the virus. according to the c-d- c.. so far.. only a handful of cases have been identified in the u-s. ((sot)) dr besser "they say we're going to see small outbreaks due to people coming back from countries who are infected." the virus isn't known to spread from person to person.. and the symptoms for most people... fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes... are mild and pass without incident. but the virus could cause life-threatening brain damage in unborn babies?so u-s officials are urging expecting moms to stay away from countries where there are infections. ((sot)) dr besser "if you're pregnant the cdc says don't go. for other people if you go, use repellant to reduce the chances you'll get bit." elizabeth tag: there is no vaccine or drugs to prevent or treat the infection.. so if you think you have any of the symptoms, for now, all you can do is ask your doctor to be
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jack: again, here are some quick facts to know about the zika virus. it's in the same family as the deadly yellow fever virus and west nile virus. the zika virus is spread through mosquitoes, and has been found in 20 countries. and here's the worst part -- there's no treatment for the disease. so avoiding those areas is the only way to make sure you don't get it. researchers 8are working on a vaccine. stephanie: 80 million americans continue digging their way out of this weekend's monster storm. after three days of a virtual standstill, cities along the east coast struggle to resume their normal routines. federal offices in washington are still closed, and schools in d-c, baltimore and philadelphia canceled classes for the second day. new york city got back up and running much faster, but commuter trains
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pile up on sidewalks. " edward olson, new york city commuter "everybody pretty much has shoveled their walk. just at the cross walks are a little bumpy. but you (have got to) be careful. even if it's shoveled, you know." stephanie: residents in southern new jersey are cleaning up the mess from flooding caused by the storm. while the cleanup continues, officials are urging residents to use caution. more than a dozen people died from shoveling snow from the blizzard. stephanie: chief meteorologist brad edwards joins us now.. brad ((ad lib weather
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"now, we are iowa's most accurate forecast with chief
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weatherrate the independent weather experts" jack: chief meteorologist brad edwards joins us now with central iowa's most accurate forecast. brad? brad: (adlib) brad: (adlib) brad: weather adlib: put script here in green today was just one of those typical cold, gray winter days that most of us just tolerate. well, the good news is that we will not have to take much more of this type of weather because a warm-up is coming along with some sunshine! tonight will be mostly cloudy to partly cloudy in some areas. those nw winds will be calming down and turning more to the west at 5-10 mph. temps will fall back into the 10s unless the
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all night which would help hold up temps a bit. with any luck, we will see some sunshine wednesday and the rest of the week. the more sunshine we can get, the warmer it will be. however, the sw winds alone will help to warm us up wednesday and again friday. by friday and saturday, we should be basking in some sunshine and temps the 40s for highs. cooler weather will return next week along with a good chance for rain changing to snow. right now, it looks like the heaviest snow will be falling tuesday, but it could start up on monday- caucus night! so, we will be watching this system closely! brad/wxhang (adlib) jack:/ stephanie:
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are iowa" jack/2shot now the fun side of the presidential campaign. democrat bernie sanders has some unusual support in iowa. famous ice cream maker
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is touring western iowa today, and he stopped by the local 5 studios to tell us about something different he's doing to support bernie sanders. "you open up the lid, and what you see is this huge disk of chocolate, solid chocolate. and below it is just plain mint ice cream. and the huge disk on top represents the huge majority of the wealth, that's gone to the one top percent since the end of the recession. below it is the rest of us. and the way you eat it, is you take a big soup spoon and you whack it, you whack it really hard into a bunch of little chuncks. make it into a lot of little pieces and then you wait for the ice cream to soften up a little and you mix it around and there you have it. " jack: cohen opened ben and jerry's first ice cream shop in sanders'
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vermont back in the 1970s. cohen was in iowa this summer giving out free ben and jerrys ice cream. the co-founder says he believes in sanders and his optimistic message for americans. stephanie: jack: (reax to "bernie's yearning", ben and jerrys ice cream with bernie theme, does it sound good, will it bring in the younger generation, etc) stephanie generation, etc) stephanie time for another quick break... chief meteorologist brad edwards will be back with
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traffic was stalled on a new york freeway tuesday... because a mother was busy giving birth and the nypd was helping her deliver! the n-y-p-d tweeted out this picture of the new new yorker. her name is nicola wong. police say she was delivered along f-d-r drive near the united nations headquarters. the infant was taken to weill cornell medical center brad/wxhang weather adlib: put script here in green today was just one of those typical cold, gray winter days that most of us just tolerate. well, the good news is that we will not have to take much more of this type of weather because a warm-up is coming along with some sunshine! tonight will be mostly cloudy to partly cloudy in some areas. those nw winds
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the west at 5-10 mph. temps will fall back into the 10s unless the clouds stay over us all night which would help hold up temps a bit. with any luck, we will see some sunshine wednesday and the rest of the week. the more sunshine we can get, the warmer it will be. however, the sw winds alone will help to warm us up wednesday and again friday. by friday and
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