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tv   Local News at Ten  ABC  January 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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and we'll show you why every candidate still thinks they have a chance to win. local 5 news at 10 starts in 30 seconds.
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5 news at 105 news at 10 in hd .we are iowa's most accurate weather team and we start with your forecast first." brad/wx wall weather adlib: we started a nice little thaw today across much of iowa with the metro reaching 40 degrees! and it looks like we can keep this mild weather going the rest of the week. skies will become mostly clear tonight behind a rather weak cold front. this front will change our winds to a more northwesterly direction into thursday, but our temperatures will really not go down because this air is fairly mild. " local 5 news at 10 in hd starts now. we are
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jack/2ram tonight, the debate of whether kids should be allowed to play contact football heats up. good evening. i'm i'm jack miller. stephanie/2ram and i'm stephanie angleson. the discussion comes after new details in the death of this man, tyler sash. in september, the former central iowa football star was found dead in his home. he had accidentally mixed two types of pain killers. jack: last night, doctors confirmed tyler sash had advanced traumatic injury to his brain after years of hits on the gridiron. and now, the question is, will the news of this condition in a local star affect the game for kids in iowa? jack: local 5's jacob peklo has more in tonight's big story. jacob? jacob there's been a lot of talk about chronic traumatic encephalopathy and head injuries in the
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have brought to light how serious the problem is at the professional level. experts we've talked to say the game as currently constructed will have to change, otherwise we might see the end of football as we know it. ryan westerkamp is gearing up for another spring flag football season. natural sound of flags dropping down he says interest in the game around the metro has stayed steady over the years. ryan westerkamp, sports and youth director at ymca: "there's some of those that like flag football better, and then there's some other ones who want to play tackle football. it's kind of a parents' choice, what they feel is safe and what's best for their child." westerkamp says the goal is to ensure that the kids get a proper foundation first. ryan westerkamp, sports and youth director at ymca: "if a kid can't do a basic pass route without a helmet and pads, how much harder will that be for a kid to do that with the pads and helmet on?" but after a former nfl player---and former iowa hawkeye star---tyler sash died at 27 years old.... with stage 2 c-t-e, he says some parents could reconsider the tackle game. ryan westerkamp, sports and youth director at ymca: "i think the leagues in des moines do a good job keeping the kids as safe as they can. so, i think kids are looking more into it and i think that there's more information out there that they can find." doctor mary russell has been studying c-t-e for several years, and says avoiding
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guarantee of future health. dr. mary russell, mercy medical center: "that doesn't necessarily mean that would prohibit you from getting c-t-e because even hits where you're not getting any concussion can contribute to some of the cumulative effects." russell says kids may take the advice of some medical experts who say they should start playing tackle later. dr. mary russell, mercy medical center: "kind of the natural progression, especially when they're younger is to try and avoid any type of head injury or kind of concussion." russell says more people are coming to be checked for head injuries, but it hasn't hit epidemic proportions yet. though she believes the sash revelation could be a wakeup call. dr. mary russell, mercy medical center: "certainly with him being from iowa hits close to home and no one is immune from it that plays in any kind of contact sport." jacob doctor russell says the cases we've seen in the
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of the iceberg. more studies will likely be done as players like wes welker and troy polamalu, who had several concussions throughout their careers retire. medical teams at this time are still looking into tests that can be done on players who are still alive. in the studio, jacob peklo, local 5 news, we are iowa. jack a recent study by the department of veterans affairs and boston university found that ... 87 of 91 former n-f-l players tested positive for cte. the study also found that 131 of 165 who played the game at the high school level or above, suffered from some level of the same brain disease. jack: we want to know what you think about this issue. should we restrict contact football for certain age groups? let us know, we may use your comments on-air. you can post you thoughts on twitter and facebook. or send us an email or give us a call . we'd love to hear what you think! the contact information is on your screen. stephanie: keeping an eye on education now-- stephanie: the waiting game has officially
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hoping to find out how much money they'll get next year. at the statehouse - lawmakers started with a 4 percent increase, then it changed to 2 percent - that wasn't agreed upon either. so where is the funding bill now? it will go to a special conference committee. that's where it was stuck for much of the session last year, before legislators made a final decision. this year, lawmakers have said it's their top priority and they'll decide on it as soon as possible. stephanie: to the statehouse now, where a controversial bill is being brought up this session. stephanie: the new legislation called the death with dignity act. the act would give those suffereing from terminal illness the choice of euthenasia or assisted suicide. lawmakers who will introduce bill held a news conference today. and iowans suffering from terminal illness shared their stories. christine 15:21 i don't want to suffer a slow and painful death, i want this bill passed before it's my time. my family and friends want this bill to be passed. john 19:48 i believe it is a basic human right to choose not only how we live, but also how we die. stephanie:
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legislation will likely spark some debate. an attempt was made last year to pass similar legislation, but it didn't have enough support. when asked about opposition, representative brian meyer - who introduced the bill - said it religious we'll be sure to through the jack: in downtown des moines for the iowa caucuses. jack: it all began at capital square downtown today. all media coverage will be headquartered there as the numbers roll in on monday. the latest polls show a tight race for both parties. jack: the latest quinnipiac poll shows bernie sanders again edging out hillary clinton by a couple of points. martin o'mally is way back. donald trump and ted cruz are in a virtual dead heat with 31 and 29 percent. marco rubio is third with 13 percent. both the democrat and republican quinnipiac polls
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much the same results for the last couple of months. but those in charge of the polls say it doesn't mean these will be the results on caucus night. "peter brown :56 if someone says they're with you but might change their mind in 4-5 days are they really with you? that makes organziing and getting to the polls difficult. jack: poll numbers are not stopping volunteers and are not stopping volunteers and staffers from working hard to get people out to vote come monday. stephanie: once the monday. stephanie: once the presumed front runner, jeb bush, is now registering 4 percent in the polls. jeb hasn't spent much time in iowa lately, but his campaign says they still plan on doing well caucus night. "i think our expectations are to do very very well to have a strong showing here it's the first step in the process and we feel that iowa understands that we need to elect a commander in chief someone that can fix the mess thats been left in washington dc
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that jeb bush is the best qualifed indvidual to do that job " stephanie: the winner of the iowa caucuses back in the winner of the iowa caucuses back in 2008 is running again this year... but not doing as well either. we're talking about mike huckabee. jack: we sat down with hucakbee to see how he plans to improve his numbers, and why this year is different than any other. "theres an anger in the voters this year that is stunning very palpable and one of the things im having to say to the voters is i get the anger but dont be angry at me ive never governed in washington but i have governed i have defeated the clinton machine and ive stood up for the voters who have stood on those factory floors all day." stephanie: also at the bottom of the pack...former hewlet packard ceo carly fiorina. but she says she is enjoying this final push and urges voters to look beyond poll numbers. i actucally think it's a great week i'm having a lot of fun because i don't care what the media says i know what
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people who still haven't made up their minds and when they leave an event with me i'm their canidate so we're going to suprise in iowa jack: you'll see carly fiorina in the undercard debate tomorrow night. fox news is hosting the last debate before the iowa caucuses at the iowa events center. the main stage will feature all of these men except for one. donald trump announced yesterday he's hosting his own event that night. jack: after a fallout with fox news and debate moderator megyn kelly...trump announced he'll be holding a campaign event that will benefit veterans. the event is set for 9 p.m. at drake university. stephanie: hopefully trump can keep protestors away from this event. last night, a man was arrested after he threw two tomatoes at the real estate mougul. 28-year-old andrew alemao is charged with disorderly conduct. secret service and university police escorted him out of the event. alemao faces a
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some jail time. jack: coming up on local 5 news at 10... will some iowa athletes get in trouble for showing support for this republican candidate? stephanie: then--forget your debit card but need cash? one bank is looking to revolutionize your a-t-m experience. brad: ((ad lib weather toss)) take sot tomorrow on good morning iowa... without their frontrunner, what will the stage for the last republican debate before the iowa caucuses look like... we'll have a preview before they take the stage in des moines... and sam has a look at your forecast ((:04 wx ad-lib)) that's tomorrow on the all-new good morning iowa! "your watching local 5 news at 10 in hd with
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forecast with chief meteorologist brad edwards and local 5 sports with sports director jon schaeffer. this is local 5 news at 10. we are iowa." brad: weather adlib: we started a nice little thaw today across much of iowa with the metro reaching 40 degrees! and it looks like we can keep this mild weather going the rest of the week. skies will become mostly clear tonight behind a rather weak cold
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more northwesterly direction into thursday, but our temperatures will really not go down because this air is fairly mild. we should have a mix of sun and clouds again thursday with highs in the upper 30s to lower 40s. it will be breezy the next few days with southerly winds returning on friday and saturday which will mean warmer temps! highs friday and saturday should reach the mid to upper 40s for most areas in central iowa with some 50s possible in sw iowa! it will be dry through saturday, but we could see some light rain or snow showers sunday morning with a system passing through iowa.
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on a big winter storm that will be developing monday into tuesday next week. right now, it looks like the worst of the storm will hit tuesday with heavy snowfall, strong winds and cold temperatures to follow. yep, an old fashioned snow storm to start off february! we will keep a close eye on this one for sure! brad stephanie:
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basketball 5 for the first time in 25 years. the question is, can they stay there? stephanie: next...after months of playing non-stop, folks near the niagra falls won't have to listen to the university of iowa fight song. "your watching local 5 news in hd. home of
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stephanie: welcome back...looking at comsumer maters tonight... stephanie: good news for people looking to borrow this month. the federal reserve decided to leave interest rates where they are. last month, the fed raised rates for the first time in nearly a decade. they do plan to raise rates at least four times this year. stephanie: forget your debit card while you're at the atm? says you can withdrawal.just phone. it says one of the perks to the new machines is a function that allows customers to take money out of their account by tapping their phones to the a- t-m. stephanie: and a big merger in television today. our parent company... nexstar broadcasting is now the owner of media general. the local tv station group says the deal is worth 4 point 6 billion dollars. nexstar will now own 171 stations in 100 markets across the u-s. the new name of the company will be nexstar media group, it will be the largest
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affiliates. jack: tonight, after six long months, the haunting refrain of the iowa hawkeyes fight song has finally been silenced in one vacant niagara falls, new york, building. " nat pop iowa fight song" stephanie: since last year, businesses on the same street have been tormented from 3-11p.m. each night have been tormented from 3-11p.m. each night with the university of iowa fight song. "the gentleman who owns the building. tried to contact. no one knows why it was happening. we've never been able to figure out. it was pretty annoying. or what the been able to figure out. it was pretty annoying. or what the purpose is. " jack: the building is
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named "smokin" joe anderson. his assistant told local media that anderson turning it off. clear why it hours a day for more than six vacant business. a nearby wine bar owner says the song irritated customers of all the businesses in that area, even business a reviews online. jack: the reason the song was playing may remain a mystery. local 5 sports director jon schaeffer here now and we're talking a little cyclone's womens hoops jon: yeah jack trying
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they face off with the tcu horned frogs in a need to win game. a need to win game.
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are iowa s jon: the iowa state womens basketball team has struggled these last three games. in this skid they've lost two-- tight games-- before being blown out by baylor. tonight a chance to bounce back against the horned frogs at hilton. we jump in second quarter isu up one-- jadda buckley stretching it to three with the fallaway jay--
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one-- then she buries a triple iowa state looking okay to start. from the corner now-- iowa state making threes look easy-- emily durr nothing but net... but tcu puts together a nice run toree thompson drives the lane and lays it in-- tcu up four. then 2 seconds left before half-- jada butts dropping the trey-- as the buzzer sounds tcu up 10 at the break. isu playing catch up from there on out bridget carlton rains the triple-- she had 23 points on the night then blaskowsky hits never able to they lose their game this one to tcu 72-62. hawkeyes find themselves sitting in the ap top 5 for the first time in over 25 years. to stay there-- they'll have to get a win on the road at 8th ranked maryland tomorrow night. winning on the road is no easy feat in the big ten let alone against a top ten opponent. " you're going to have to make adjustments typically. we saw that at purdue. you gotta go out and make adjustments throughout the course of the game. it's one thing for the coach to make one, it's another for the players to execute that the way they did. they were able to do it in a lot of ways because they've been
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it takes poise under pressure. every big 10 place gets loud and you gotta be able to control yourself and control what you do on the court. the size of the court is still the same, the ball is still the same. it's all about controlling your emotions and finding a way to win. every road game in the big 10 is very tough, no matter what opponent it is. whether they're the 4th seed or 14th seed. you have to stay confident. when the crowd gets into it, the building is shaking you gotta keep a level head. jon: iowa and maryland tip off at 6pm tomorrow night on espn. the university of iowa is responding after some of its athletes have been playing a part in presidential candidate events. members of the hawkeye football team came up on stage for the trump event, even giving him a jersey. local 5's mark carlson has more. " take pkg]pkg [take sot duration:0:10]sot donald trump (r) presidential candidate
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better, where is my football team, get over here football team."> [take sot duration:0:04]sot [anchor:mark]mark [readrate:15] iowa city (00:14 - 00:00) at times tuesday night's donald trump rally in the iowa field house looked more like a hawkeye pep rally. one member of the team even showing off a trump jersey. [take sot]sot peter pekar hawkeye tight end (00:25 - 00:00) [take sot]sot [anchor:mark]mark [readrate:15] trump also got members of the wrestling team on stage -- [take sot duration:0:08]sot [anchor:mark]mark [readrate:15] earlier in the day hawkeye basketball star jarrod uthoff was also spotted at a carly fiorina event near the u-i campus, where he posed for pictures with the candidate before her speech. all the political activity involving student athletes and presidential candidates quickly raised questions about whether any ncaa rules violations had taken place. wednesday u-i athletic director gary barta said he was confident
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in a statement barta said in part, quote: [take: fullscreen]fullscr een "university of iowa student-athletes are encouraged to participate in the political process as individuals. however, like any endorsement by a student or faculty member, their participation should not be considered representative of the entire team or university." [anchor:mark]mark [readrate:15] barta went on to say the jersey given to trump was not an official jersey. in iowa city, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news. trt 1:38 oc... stnd" jon/3shot we'll be right're watching local 5 news at 10. brad:
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much of iowa with the metro reaching 40 degrees! and it looks like we can keep this mild weather going the rest of the week. skies will become mostly clear tonight behind a rather weak cold front. this front will change our winds to a more northwesterly direction into thursday, but our temperatures will really not go down because this air is fairly mild. we should
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