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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  February 4, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm CST

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las vegas tribute. her emotional speech and the story behind the gold cast she made of her husband's hand. >> every night celine would touch it and hold it. also coldplay's super bowl press conference. kevin asked the first questi what chris martin's kids with gwyneth think of coldplay's beyonce, brittany, diana ross in a he could? >> our behind the scenes exclusive. >> star cameos, outrageous transformation. >> leached and pulled and injected. >> now for thursday february 4, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." police swarm taylor swift's neighborhood, a man said to be screaming outside of her door and then cuffed and taken away in a squad car.
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taylor has been in fear. she's had an accused stalker, people have tried get into her house and now less than two there is no concern for her safely. >> an eyewitness tells "e.t" the incident started outside taylor swift's home near here in bel air when a man was aggressively yelling for her to come out. what happened next, pretty dramatic, police were called and within minutes a dozen officers arrived outside her ho the man who has not been identifies was wearing a camo jacket and was handcuffed. around 4:00 p.m. yesterday, he was briefly taken into custody. now it is important to note that he was not charged with a crime and police tell us he was transported to a nearby hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. still taylor's rep is taking this seriously telling "e.t," quote, this is why it's
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the publish the addresses or recent real estate transactions of celebrities. >> i think that's not really fair, because nowadays, it is so easy to get this information. >> taylor swift was snapped outside an l.a. gym today. aroid avoiding the paparazzi. she's had three trespassing arrests from her property. and an overzealous fan who sent her 735 twitter messages. wrong rhonda saunders is a former da. >> there are people now who are selling star maps on sunset boulevard on the internet, it's so simple to find out where someone is living. >> and it's such a double-edged sword, specifically i th taylor because she is so open with her fans and yet she needs that wall of protection for her safety. we're going to see taylor on february 15 at the grammy
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>> and i was with grammy winner celine dion last night choking back tears she returned to ca palace as she paid there tribute to her late husband rene angelil. and i loved you >> right now i'm not quite sure how strong i feel. renee, he protected me from day one to, for the rest of my life, i am pretty sure of that. >> during the almost three-hour ceremony, celine held her son's hand, she laughed at stories, cried during david foster's emotional tribute. 18 minutes she shar personal side of the man she
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>> this was the greatest gift, dream, to treat everyone with respect, and so much love. >> so emotional. yet this is the image that stands out. celine, ray charles, and celine's brother holding the bronze cast of her husband's hand. before performances rene would be backstage and she would hold his hand before she went on stage. when renee got too sick, celine had a gold cast mold of his hand placed on a gold pedestal. >> the hand is symbo because his hand guarded her, his hand guided her and that hand will watch over her for the years to come. even the fingerprints are exactly his. >> robin leach was one of the night's speakers. with we sat on monday and bloc whole evening out and then they took it to her yesterday and they ran it by her and she tweaked some
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that you have on the two photographs, that was his choice. >> and that was this take away, pointing out that it's not about the beginning, the end of life, it's about the dash, the journey in the middle. >> it matters not how much we own, the house, thecars, the cash, what matters is h we live and love and how we spend our dash. >> he loved life so have much and life loved him. renee, i lov so much. good night. >> although celine questioned her own strength, she did us that she'll be back to perform on the 23rd. i want to show you something i brought back from the tribute, these are playing cards with renee's signature on them. it was given to friends and family as their ticket into the
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you see on the back it's got a picture of rene. renee loved playing cards, so this was just another nice personal touch. >> we are just three days away from super bowl 50 and kevin frazier has been all over the action leading up to the b game and today he got the first question in at the big c press conference and a lot of excitement? >> the excitement really building in san francisco, chris martin and his band have a lot of big things planned for their show, including beyonce, i was curious about two people in particular, chris's kids with gwyneth paltrow, are they excited about dad's halftime performance? ap and poses, where will they watching it from and do they get how big this is? >> i hope they do. what else is on that day? will they be there with you? >> i hop i have to get tickets, though. my son designed my shoes. i asked him a few months ago, please could you make me some super bowl shows, he made two
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other one is for the super bowl. so,yeah, they have been lovely about the whole thing. >> the band faced media from all over the world and they know that the exposure they're going to get during the pepsi super bowl 50 what halftime show could be a game changer for their career. >> everybody who does this show knows it's the biggest honor, the biggest privilege and they put their life and soul into it . >> don't expect them to play their new song that beyonce appears in. >> we're not actually playing that song, because it only just came out. >> so i don't think it would be quite right. >> saturday on cbs, kevin pre-game show with melissa stark. the show will be followed which is known as the oscars of football. patriots star rob ronkoskie
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i had a chance to hang out with bronc lounging not in this guy's vocabulary. >> what's the experience like for you being here not playing in the super bowl? >> it's always a better experience playing, do a couple of appearances, just a blast. >> the one guy you want to go out to the parties with is this man right here? >> oh, you mean like this grump? look out channing, big man is gunning for you. >> okay, rob is also in san francisco where he helped spread the word about the multiple ways you can pay for all that super bowl 50 swag at places like the nfl shop. and they wanted us to tell you all about it. >> just use the card, real quick, just use it right off my phone to get whatever i need to get. i know you wear a helmet a lot of the time so i figured i would
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would know when you roll up. >> oh, man, all right, i appreciate that. >> i want to show you what happened after they turned off the camera. there's a trampoline in the visa lounge and cameron jumped right on it. >> coming up, more super bowl hype as we flash back to the best halftime shows ever. >> then new photos of katie perry and orlando bloom out together. does this proof they're a couple?
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to be single stars.
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this morning at presidenttt2wlr=[hk po j# /ml tt2wlr=[hk p!!*n _m$ tt2wlr=[hk p4!j# )[p tt2wlr=[hk px#*&`:.u$ tt2wlr=[hk pt#j'`::u@ tt2wlr=[hk pt#j)`:15$ tt2wlr=[hk pp#j*`:&.8 tt2wlr=[hk pp#j,`:gtx tt2wlr=[hk pl#*.`:n]t tt2wlr=[hk pl#*0`:uk< is this finally proof that katie perry and orlando bloom really are a couple? we have the shots of them together at a b party and we were told that they were holding hands and he was opening the the door for her and maki sure she was okay at all times. there was a lot of dating talk last night. and carly steel found out these girls really do just love to have fun. >> i think i like being single little bit too much. >> it's ladies night here in new york city. just the way we like it.
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lays and rebel, she was just playing cupid for carly. >> i think you could get lucky, i'll talk to him again if you want. i'm a really good wing woman. >> leslie was more than candid with her the last time we saw her. >> it made me sound like the worst mother ever. >> she has like the cutest body and i, you know, tell her t she should -- it came out wrong, that's not what i meant. but i kind of did. >> the comedy movie which opens just in time for valentine's day stars dakota johnson who also had the best date ever. >> so happy they'r here, it's so special. can we can see this film? it's nothing thoughtnaughty? >> you have your best blue steele look?
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we're in a competitive situation right now and want to come out on top. will it be the girls or it will be the 50-year-old male mod i don't know and i wish you ben. >> 50-year-old male model? i think twisting that knife just a little bit there. still ahead tonight, we're with those guys behind the scenes of zoo lander 2. nearly unrecognizable? >> then, jamescordon's parents, their son is hosting the super bowl postgame show, but how much do they know about football? >> the night for me is wh went into the locker rooms at the end. >> and the evolution of to the halftime show. before these big acts.
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that's next. that is stiller, owen wilson today at their london premier. these guys have been all o the world doing crazy things to promote their movie. ben hit the streets of paris. look at ben and owen posing. >> a it's not only about ben a
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kristen wig and pin nellbig hair, lips, he is unrecognizable as a fashion mogul. >> so much of it is the face and the nails. she has a lot of claw jess ch it seems like christian is going full donnell la. >> one of these fashion women who one of these empires and has a craze siz leach and pull and tan. >> director ben also brought 21 cameos including the beast. but the biggest way to slay the first zoo lander. >> ans will ferrell's hubby and of course blue steel >> i watched the first movie again just to t to make sure i was doing it right.
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>> i just want to say this out loud, i was a model back in the day and i think i did steel even before him. the premier is tuesday in new york and we'll sit down with the cast this and we'll have that for you week. a big one for ja gordon, he's pulling out the stops for his new show. hovering the big game for him. how cute is that? and we got the scoop, talking to both generations o cordons. >> what do you make of american football? >> i just don't understand it. we to watch one i and the nicest bit for me was when it went into the locker room at the end. >> who could we send as a representative and we thought, well, let's send two people that
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>> okay , to be the coolest ever. and mom mar is totally no frills. >> they didn't send you with a big glam team or anything like that. >> this is the inth time that we appeared on krbls no makeup. >> malcolm and glen al with a very special car pool karaoke guest. >> come on. >> come on. >> it might be on of my favorite. because you could do two hours and you would still be playing hits. >> and james also told us to look out for an appearance by chris i can not wait to coldplay's halftime show, but there's been so amazing performances throughout the years and has been right there on the field with the stars. so we went back through our vault to relive the greatest moments in our super bowl flash back.
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great crowd. my hand's still shaking. amazing america. >> best feeling in the world. >> how was it? >> great, loved it. >> just every big star has become a part of this big game's history. >> but incredibly, for first 24 years, the halftime show was mainly marching bands and to the review up with cecil. in 1988 it was the rockettes, then other networks started to counter program the biggame. >> we realized we wanted to engage a bigger audience, we needed to engage bigger artist >> it was michael jackson in '93. one of our favorite shows was in 2001, britney spears took the stage along with her t
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>> diana ross headlined in '96, her most memorable moment was her exit, helicopter scooped her up and flew away. when miami hosted the stevie wonder and gloria estefan hosted the halftime show. getting the stage set is an amazing undertaking. we were in '94 the crew had only five minutes to for clint black, tanya tucker and the judds. starting in '05, the nfl went classicrock. >> are you rooting for the patriots on sunday? >> the nfl went back to contemporary acts in 2011 with the black-eyedpeas. >> this time it was in front of
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>> the audience for the halftime show. >> and over 110 million tuned in for beyonce. >> it's good to know that the hard work paid off for the biggest show in america. >> and katie perry layear. amazingly these artists receive no appearance fee to perform. last yea katie perry spiked 92%. and m elliott had an amazing bump of almost 1,000%. >> it was amassing. blessed, very blessed. >> we remember michael jackson's legendary halftime show in 1993, bu did you know this? this was actually the first time in super bowl history that the ratings went up during halftime. in our "entertainment
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the answer is next., mariah carey is happily engage but will she have ki we have the property. >> and blake s says he does not want to win a glammy this year. find out to the heart melting why.
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breaking celebri in tonight's "e.t" birthdays, who was the who was on airplane that was clint could she look any cuter? we'll see you tomorrow,
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