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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 5, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am CST

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ooh ooh ooh ooh this is "nighine." >> tonight, how social media turned into a gateway to danger for a 13-year-old girl. >> i think that's why she started going to facebook. someone to give her attention and make her feel loved. >> new details from prosecutors tonight about the killing of a virgia middle school student
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killer on an app used by millions of american kids. plus -- there's a star man >> the biggest game of the year for advertisers. on my cell phone >> they're paying a fortune to grab your attention for 30 seconds during the super bowl. >> just wait till you see our caucus. >> thehite and gold dress that caused a civil war -- >> the mystery inside the taco box. >> really? >> tonight the strategy behind a $5 million super bowl ad. but first the "nightline 5." >> let's give these dayquil liquid gels and go. >> these liquid gels are new, mousse mucinex fast max, max strength and fights mucous. let's end this. >> your baby's chubby hand latches onto your fingers so hard it's like she's saying i love you.
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seconds. good evening. thank you for joining us. tonight we begin with the shocking crime that landed two virginia tech students behind bars. accused of kidnapping and murdering a 13-year-old girl. now we're learning new details about how they allegedly planned their horrifying step by step plot to end the girl's life with chilling detachment. abc's eva pilgrim takes us inside the case. >> i never had one of my friends die. >> reporter: she was the sweet virginia middle schooler found murdered. tonight the details of nice lovell's short life and gruesome death coming into focus along with new concerns about the
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>> she seems like she was a nice girl. any understanding of w why they belf made fun of her? >> just from her scars. just because it's middle school. >> reporter: nicole faced child. >> at the age of 10 months old, colie received a liver trsplant and fought for her life. >> reporter: the scars were fading, she was older, making connections on social media. >> that's why she started going to facebook. someone to give her attention, make her feel loved. >> reporter: making that awkward transition from childhood to youngadulthood and her friend says she was meeting men online. >> i found out she was dating a guy that was over the age of 18. you could tell he was way too old. >> reporter: shortly after, she says, another mysterious januaryman. january 27th, nicole climbed out her bedroom window carrying only her phone and a minion blanket. >> i have had it to right here
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little girl is somehow responsible forll of this. what does she know about flirtation and dating and sex? ththe girl was lured out holding on, clutching o to her binky, her minion blanket. >> reporter: the police say she snuck away to meet this man and why wouldn't she haverust him? david eisenhower was a track star, good-looking, successful. >> i realize in the moment that i am doing things that other people wish they could be doing. >> reporter: he'd been on television. >> yet i still have goals for myself because there are peoe who are better than me. and i will personally not stop until i reach my peak performance. >> reporter: nicole never came back. soon almost 1,000 volunteers were searching and authorities scoured for leads until they were able to track the l last meages from nicole's phone leading them to eisenhower. >> the investigation led us to 18-year-old david e. eisenhower, a virginia tech student.
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custody authorities soon locate nicole's body, 80 miles away in north carolina. it's about two miles from a home owned by his extended family. >> i'm sure that it's something nicole's family would like to know, why did she have to end up here, left in this condition, discarded in the manner she was? >> reporter: the investigation leading authorities to identify and arrest what they say is an accomplice, a friend and another student from virginia tech, natalie keepers, charged with helping eisenhower dispose of the body in these woods. >> i'm assuming that it was probably done after dark and they may have thought they were further away from the road than they actually are. because there's no lighting out here. >> reporter: prosecutors allege keepers also helped eisenhower plan the gruesome murder, plotting for weeks, they say scouting locations, a and even buying tools. when police showed up to talk to keepers, prosecutors say she immediately tried to warn eisenhower, texting him "police." it was then she allegedly told
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killed noik ankle and put her body in his lexus, keepers allegedly saying she was excited to be a part of something secretive and special. >> thas really a stunning comment. there is a great deal of callousness about that. she and eisenhower discussed how the murder would be committed, cutting this little girl's throat, as though they're talking about an object. >> reporter: retired fbi profiler dr. mary ellen o'toole saying this is a complicated case with multiple motives spelling disaster. >> there's synergy that came together that made this a very lethal pair. >> a very preliminary determination of the cause of death is stabbing. >> reporter: for nicole's mother, it's too much to bear. >> her favorite color was blue. nicole was a very loveable person. nicole touched many people throughout her short life. i can't do that part.
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wait for the results of an autopsy they have concluded that nicole was using a messaging app called kick to communicate with eisenhower, raising questions about possibly dangerous encounters. >> i'm willing to say kick is a devil for young children. it's like a freebility to text. anything you want. parents can't see the phone numbers that are coming in and out. >> reporter: experts say many of these anonymous apps are popular with teens and predators. >> you can sign up as anybody you want too be. it really becomes a pririvate hunting preserve for some of these pedophiles. >> reporter: here's how kik works. download the appp for free, add any name and any photo, send messages, photos, and videos, and you don't even need texting service. >> parents sometimes take away these data plans thinking that, well, the child has abused it. but they only need a wi-fi signal to be ageble to communicate. >> reporter: abc reached out to kik who told us kik cooperated with the fbi for their
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with law enforcement to combat child predators anywhere in the world, even upon provision o of a court order or emergency situatns like this one. sorted by geographic location, by school, by age. how do you keep your family safe? >> the first thing parents need to do is set ground rules. secondly, know the technology, know how the parental controls work. third, they need to talk to their kids, have ongoing conversations about safety, so that kid when itt comes time makes that safe and smart decision. >> reporter: and it's not just kik. there are many other ap kids can use to hide things from their pares. blogger liz gambener showed david wright how easy it is to hi incriminating otos. >> when you open it up and i type in my password and hit the percentage sign it's a hidden photo album. >> reporter: sending photos as easy as point and click.
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as snapchat, kik, yik yak, whis per, making sharing large mbers of files fastnd easy. >> kids will always be savvier than mom and dad, one step ahead of us, that's the nature of the game. >> reporter: nicole's friend carrie said she tried to tell an adult months ago after she noticed nicole was communicating with an older man. >> i went to the officer at my school. and wrote down his name on a piece of paper and handed it to him. >> reporter: the blacksburg police department denying she alerted the offic about eisenhower saying, had a student or even nicole herself reached out to him in advance of her disappearance about anything that could cause concern, he would have act the on it through the propriatee channeledschannels. >> did you make this up? >> no. i ththink if he would have done something he could have seen the guys on her facook and he could have stopped all of this. >> reporter: nicole's family fing into court wearing blue
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it's the nfl's biggest game of the year but it's also the highest-rated show on television, making the super bowl the perfect marriage of sports and media.
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generate, get this, $377 million in advertising revenue. and while the stakes are high for the teams on the field, they may be even higher for the teams and the ad agencies across america. abc's nick watt takes us inside some of the nation's most creative minds. >> reporter: sunday night there's one battle on the field -- >> caught for the touchdown! >> reporter: men in tight pants, hard helmets. off the field in commercial breaksks there'snother just as intense. >> america has seen the light! >> and there's a butt in front of it! >> this behind the scenes battle is between women, men in beards and buns, working from industrial space, doodling. "madman" was then. this is the greatest advertising opportunity since the invention of cereal. >> reporter: this is now.
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weapon from amusing it girl -- >> it's not too big. like you could handle it. you used to call me on my cell phone >> reporter: to canadian rappers. >> these changes don't ruin the song at all. >> reporter: recently deceased rock stars. star man reporter: athletes. >> you're holding it upside down. >> really? >> reporter: ugly aliens. and septuagenarian celebrities with socks on their hands. >> there are those who expect more. >> reporter: every slot costs roughly $4.8 million for the air time alone. it's up 75% in just the pa 10 years. why? because over 110 million will watch sunday night. the highest-rated show on television. >> youe talking about an audience that is larger than any other audience out there. >> reporter: and then the bragging rights. >> i've never been a professional athlete but i know
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profesonal marketer. raising to be on the biggest game of the year. >> repter: the way doritos does it, competition, a $1 million prize for the best amateur submissions which they air sunday night. here are two of the three finalists. me and the dog the stars in this one. >> the schtick is dogs like doritos too? >> exactly, everybody likes doritos. >> competing with huge ads created by mega companies, we don't have all that access, so we've got 30 seconds to make people relate and maim peek laugh and remember it. >> relate, laugh, remember. >> yeah. >> reporter: for the ad-obsessed, youtube offers their ad blitz channel where fans can watch and vote on their favori commercials. >> what is up, guys? >> reporter: videos from social stars like millennial ava gutowski part of the draw. >> it's about theconcept. no matter if you're putting a
11:54 pm
little blog camera, people are going to go to whahatever they want to watch. >> reporter: the big dogs also leverage social media, leaking teasers, trailers, sometimes the actual commercials, online ahead of time. it now the norm. >> when it comes to game day, if you've seen this commercial already you're going to say, wait a minute, everybody, stop, put your beers down, check this out. >> reporter: this is the david and goliath agency in l.a. >> doors will open to reveal the new optima -- >> reporter: we'll call them team kia. thr walken kia spot is already racking up hits s on youtube. >> what is that? >> the new kia optima. >> reporter: in manhattan, team bud light airing their offering early online. >> so far, so good. on track i would say. >> america has seen the light! >> and there a butt in front of it! >> reporter: now to deutsche in l.a.
11:55 pm
this gem for volkswagen. and set a trend. >> why put it out there before, why not keep it for the super bowl? >> we thought, if there's that much thrustirst and hunger for this content, just give it to them, just lean into it. so that blew up huge. then the next year, everybody was doing that. >> reporter: but this year they are team taco bell. and taking a different tack. >> the toppings would stay in better if we flipped it. >> it's become standard now for brands to drop their ads early. everything's out of the bag sometimes a week, two weeks before, you know, the spot even comes out.t. but this year taco bell and i think a lot of advertisers this year have chosen to hold back. i don't think as many people are showing everybody what they've done before super bowl sunday. >> you're holding it upside down. >> really? >> reporter: there are teasers. james harden really does not
11:56 pm
>> taco bell won't talk about the product they're launchi until sunday. they won't show the commercial until sunday. everything's a mystery. >> i mean, how top secret can a taco bell product be? >> you can preorder the product, 700 people as of this morning preordered something they don't know w what it is. >> that's genius advertising. you're sling something to people they don't know what it is. >> you don't know what it is but you already want to eat it. preorder now. >> do you know what it is? >> no idea. >> what can they do to a taco? >> reporter: who wins this and arguably the bigger battle sunday night? social media reaction, and the looks on friends' faces. >> looking around the room seeing people -- >> yeah, yeah. >> if they're actually -- >> hey, nice, you d did pretty good, that's great, brad. >> that's not good. >> not good, that's the fake one. then there's, "that was good!" that's the one i'm looking for. >> i've got something for you, knowledge. anywhere you want it. >> reporter: i'm no stranger to
11:57 pm
we made this for "nightline" a year or two ago. long story as to why. anyway. to get an idea how this multi-million dollar creative process begins, a challenge. >> i'm a very difficult client. we have a tv show called "nightline." you need to think of a super bowl commercial for our tv show. ideas, come on. you're all crazy people, throw them out. >> "nightline"e" is bter than any other show? >> we are better at topical news but funny. >> do you want to tug at the heart strings? >> no, i don't want any schmaltzy stuff. i want belly laughs. like smutty bell -- laughs. >> if you guys were the first to create an icon outside -- nontradititional ic, like maybe a talking cat. >> reporter: stay with me. >> do you have an enemy? >> james corden. >> seth meyers and james corden.
11:58 pm
>> fall asleep to us instead. >> reporter: is they nowhere near as inspiring as christopher walken with a sock. here's why. >> as much as we'd probably love to come up with areat super bowl commercial for you for "nightline" right at the table today -- >> it would take eight, nine months. >> reporter: the goal of every agency is and forever has been to upstage this. the commercial thattarted all is super bowl commercial battle back in 1984. apple. can anyone trump it this year? >> we shall prevail! >> reporter: schumer perhaps? >> that's why we're forming the bud light party. >> reporter: walken? >> pizzazz! >> war hawk, this is good! don't know really what it is! >> reporter: or whater it i in that taco box. i'm nick watt for "nightlin in los angeles. next, counting down to the battle for the granite state. we'll have a preview of tomorrow
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finally tonight, the race for new hampshire and the stakes couldn't be higher in the republican contest. donald trump will be front and center for their final debate moderated by our own david muir and martha raddatz. giving us a sneak pee tonight. >> hey, good evening. the excitement is mounting here at st. anselm college in
12:02 am
our abc news crew is putting the stage. top three candidates - donald trump, t cruz, marco rubio -- will be taking center stage here tomorrow n night and if there's one thing we can count on it's some heated exchanges. all the candidates are gunning for momentum. just ahead of the crucial new hampshir primary on tuesday. everybody wants to make their mark, survive this debate, and move foforwar but it may be the last chance for some. >> thank you, martha. martha a david muir will moderate that debate tomorrow night at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central time, right here on abc. it was former president george h.w. bush who said, if anyone tells you america's best days are behind her, they're looking the wrong way. thank you for watching abc news. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow. as always we're online on our "nightline" facebook page and
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have a good weekend. "the insider," counting down the biggest stories tracking today. the beyonce/coldplay controversy before their halftime performance. is their this new music video -- >> this indulges in exotic imimaginary. >> why did queen bee fire home run manager? >> beyonce is managing herself. and our superbowl coverage continues with the stars rating their favorite halftime shows. >> they were pretty good. and the reclusive rob
12:04 am
video blac chyna. some insider bonus that requires some respect. our correspondent t.j. jackson sits down with the musician legend for an exclusive health update. >> you put the whole world in a scare when we heard about your health crisis. hollywood from the inside it's "the insider" together with yahoo. >> only we are with 18-time grammy winner arfranklin. she hardly ever does interviews. but first, let's kick things off with the number one story tracking hot in hollywood. queen bee cleans out. beyonce firing her entire management team. but why? was it a business or something personal? all this drama right before her super bowl 50 halftime show with coldplay and now she's also part of the fallout from the band's new music video.
12:05 am
so let's dive deep inside the beyonce/cold play controversy. >> reporter: accusations of cultural appropriation and stereotyping. demands for apology. >> we aren't actually playing thatsong, because it only just out, it wouldn't be quite right. >> reporter: just days before their joint super bowl's. as coldpl music video continues to offend. beyonce in a ssari garnered comments like this. why does the whiteman not it. >> very few music videos are meant to be ral life. >> our insider ed for joe levy has watched the videos that now
12:06 am
he's not surprised by the heated debate. >> when you portray just the most exotic aspect o country, you're leaving yourself wide open to the charge cultural appropriation, but it depends who you ask. >> it h gotten sup port on other side of the debate. it's not offensive to appreciate and share culture. culture should also be inclusive. >> i'm quite sure they care about this culture and i'm quite sure th wanted to celebrate it, bu there are some people who don't think that's happening. >> the firestormal comes as queen bee makes these headlines, "beyonce shakes up her management team." she fired her entire management team replacing with new staff who could a take her career to an even higher level.
12:07 am
i taking control, she's got a great team. you know, most of home runer team work with me al. most of her teal is my tam. >> i was with her father and ex-manager just last y discussing his 23 controversial years of managing his daughter. now beyonce cou removing the last remaining imprint of dad. >> there must have been a st on the family when you went from management to dad. >> it's a transition, there's always challenges, it's never 100% smooth. but everyone got through it. >> she's running a business, she's a superpower. why would she change who's working for her? because she thinks she can more powerful. >> beyonce is indestructible.
12:08 am
destiny's child surpr reunion at super bowl 47. this year is became airs live o cbs. and keltie joining us now from san francisco, where she is going to be on the at halftime. i a know you're excited and i'm so jealous. >> reporter: oh, guys, i cannot wait, the gets crazy before, during and after the halftime show. let's take a l back as the starsreveal their all-time favorite super bowl halftime performances. >> reporter: what's your favorite halftime show. >> you give me three, pick my favorite out those. >> beyonce, prince. >> jt going all pc, but other celebs had strong opinions. >> bruno mars was real legood. >> whoeve performed at super
12:09 am
>> that would be the boss. >> you can always count on performances to be very cordial. >> it's kind of missy elliott. because she's the flyiest chick on the planet. >> gloria estefan. gloria holds the reco for performing on super bowl center stage the most, but her favorite? >> i was actually in the audience and when prince did the halftime show and he's singing purple rain, it literally downpours. he performed through the entir thing soaking wet. and it was such a powerful image. >> chris marti take notes. >> i messed up, let's start again. >> even when things go wrong like prince's purple rain, you can still m into the
12:10 am
>> my daughter sa sweetest thing yesterday, how are you feeling about the super bowl? i'm feeling a little bit nervous. he said she said, dad, the worst thing that will happen is that you'll be turned into a meme. >> my favorite of all time some from last year's less there's a little bit of les stark in all of us, right? now to t third story we're tracking tonight. the elusive and reclusive rob kardashian who's slowly taking his relationship with blac chyna public. then there's this. >> that's blac china calling out rob. and seems his new girlfriend
12:11 am
>> rob, do you know what collard greens is? >> no. >> i make collard greens. let's move on to what's got everybody buzzi about the weekend. >>debby, louie, i got cuba gooding sounding off. revealing that tom may have had a little bit of work done. that's what's trending on yahoo! celebrity. >> cruise, he always lacks so youthful, do we think he has had a work done. >> absolutely. >> the people o.j. star cuba jr. is getting big buzz about secrets about his former jerry maguire co-star. >> you are the man. you are the man. ready?
12:12 am
on "watch what happens live" this peaculiar movement. >> maurice white, the founder of earth, wind and fire lost his battle with parkinson's disease last wednesday in los angeles. >> and the remarkable reacti is still pouring in from all over the we >> that was just six months ago when we were wit surviving members of the group. on his facebook page, phillip bailey wrote, nothing can prepare you for losing one of the most significant people in your life. and on twitter, may watch over maurice white. the distinct voice made eart wind and fire one of the greatest bands all teem,
12:13 am
million albums worldwide. rihanna trending for her music news. she will take the stage perform when the show airs live in just ten days on cbs. she posted a teaser on her twitter page. >> i c cannot wait to see if rere performs, that is going to be epic. i mean the outfit alo and speaking of the grammys, coming up -- >> tell me some about my uncle michael. >> aretha franklin shares her most memorable michael jackson moment with his nephew t.j. plus i'm packing on the pda with eva longoria but has she set the date?
12:14 am
>> that's next. . this is jennifer lawrence in people. this is jennifer photo bombing. proving while we all love the
12:15 am
about phil? >> it's my hair. >> it's our valentine's week in the kitchen with yo favorite couples. dr. phil and robin jillian julian and heidi. starting monday on "the insider." let's get to miss eva longoria, she's going to be spending her valentine's as the engaged woman. but what about the other parts of her life? >> there was lov chogcolates to go around. you can't sit around and talk about love and not get details. a very romantic man, he's very thoughtful. >> so it will be a very romantic wedding? >> we might elope. >> so we're guessing it won't be a good to do. >> we f like husband and wife already. >> what do you do for
12:16 am
>> we have couple's war. >> couples war? >> we invite five of our friends who are couple. we do like newlywed games, wine tastings, everything's with wine. >> yeah, we want people to break up. >> of course just about anything can be made b with a chocolate peace off >> i actually like to try this one. oh, are there nuts onit? i like chocolate with a tx chur. >> it just got very sw yes. >> eva's definitely a sweetheart. the lady of telenovella lini up with chocolate. >> people think that valentine's day is a day to just show your romantic partner. but there's many others.
12:17 am
but you'll alwa be my special valentine. >> i thought i was your special valentine. >> plenty to go around. >> isphil collins son interested in the rocket man? >> he's more interested in upto funk. >> and aretha frank listen shares some -- but what did t.j. of soul?
12:18 am
>> that a' next. "today's" yahoo! celebrity
12:19 am
demi moore and da that is elton john shocking london commuters with a a surprise subway performance. can you imagine is?? and afterwards he donated the piano to the station. there's no signs elton john is slowing down at work or at home. the rocketman gushing the to matt lauer from inside his beverly hills mansion about his son, 3-year-old and5-year-old zachary. >> does zachary know who d is?
12:20 am
line by drake. they sing my songs, they rocketman and benny and the jets. >> the boyerss' god mot influences. >> they're our primary concern. they're the things that come first and foremost. we're both disciplinaryians but only in the right state of min >> this one is really upbeat. i'm really happy for that. >> he is a music legend, but it's nice to see, above all, he'll really just a dad. now on to another musical icon. aretha franklin, our special correspondent t.j. jackson is joining us from detroit right now, where he just sat down with
12:21 am
>> that's right, aretha has be a friend of the family for a long timal. now the grammy winner is opening up to me her life, her health and her future. >> do you ever think you would be singing in church to coming all the way to being the queen of sou >> actually no. >> how does winning a grammy impact as you an artist? >> it's one thrilling moment. one really thrilling moment, when they call your name and have won, oh, my god. it's thrillin >> where do you have all these awards. >> i have a cab ithe. i have a beautiful display cabinet and there' lighting. i light it in the evening sometimes and just light them up. >> rolling stone magazine calls
12:22 am
singer of all time. she sold over million r worldwide and at december's kennedy center honors for carol king, she brought the theater to tears. >> how did that make you feel? >> oh, my god, nightsthat, put it in the three of a 50-what, 50-year career. >> what was it about that night? >> it was the fact that carol was having such a great time. the president was having just a great time. that night something else. >> with 112 charted singles on the bill >> uh-huh. >> from "a naturalwoman," to "respect" and every other amaze amazing hit, did you know that every time you went into the studio to do a cut that it would
12:23 am
>> no, you never really know, you can never be sure until people have heard it. >> this visit in detroit was like a family reunion for tj, when his dad, tito those young jacksons were growing up, aretha and her kids were neighbors. >> tell me something about my uncle michael that even i wouldn't know? >> probably when e took him out to magic mountain with my sons and her and and janet used to come out and go swimming when their just this high. >> when i came into the room, my cousin was p your song. say a little prayer for you >> i said how do you know about this song? he said my daddy used to always pl she plays it every morning. >> wow.
12:24 am
know. >> okay, our tur surprising fact, aretha hasn't flown since the '8 0s. that's about to end. >> this will be my first flight in 32 years. chicago is a short distance, and if i wasn't happy with the flight, i could almost walk home. >> how are you doing heal wise? >> i'm doing very well. fabulously well. the old folks say, i'm stepping rating along. >> you realize you put the whole world in a scare wh we heard about your health crisis. so i'm happy you're doing well. >> thank you, thank you so much. >> she is the true queen of soul. and on monday, my grammy continues with the latin icon who has grammy wins to her
12:25 am
i get on feet with gloria estefan. >> everyone gets on monday on "insider," we break down super 50's biggest commercials. what we skrirviral. and our grammy winners soar ss ss sere are yous -- series continues. and it's valentine's week in the kitchen with dr. phil and robin. >> last favorite thing about phil? >> that's monday on "the insider."
12:26 am
here's what we're working on for monday. >> we break down super bowl50's biggest commercials. what went viral. then how grammy legend sere are yous continues gloria estefan. >> i'm not that >> her surprising connection with the jackson family as she looks back on her life and her career. >> is there anything you regret? >> "the insider" together with >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for cize, brought to you by beachbody. this is the end of exercise. >> get ready to cize it up. [ beat drops ] [ people cheering ] are you ready to dance? 5, 6, 7, 8! >> on my way in i'ma take it >> stop exercising, people.
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welcome to cize. >> announcer: cize is the all-new dance workout program that's gonna make losing weight fun and easy. >> to me, it's not even exercise because i don't want to stop. >> announcer: it's simple -- dance, have fun, and get awesome results. >> it's just like one big party turns on. it's so empowering. >> i spent many years of torturous exercises. cize, 45 pounds down easy. >> it's just fun. i think that that's the key, is that it doesn't feel like work. >> exercise is something you have to do. cize is something you'll want to do. you won't believe what 30 days of cize will do for you. >> i feel the love >> it doesn't matter how old you are, how much weight you have to lose. it's the first program for everyone. >> announcer: shaun choreographs six routines, and breaks them down so you can go at your own pace while still getting an awesome workout. >> i'ma break it down for you step by step. every movement in cize, you've done before. >> he relates everything to everyday life, like putting a sock on. >> you go to put a pair of socks on.
12:28 am
sock on, sock on, swing, and clap. boom. >> shaun t. dance results, like, you can't get anything better than that. >> you're gonna be so focused on learning the choreography, before you know it, you'll be drenched in sweat. >> after each and every cize routine, i was drenched. >> literally sweat my butt off every single day, but it just didn't feel like work because it was so enjoyable. >> i feel the love >> with cize, it's like a celebration. you don't realize that it's a workout. >> this is the end of exercise. but trust and believe, you will lose the weight. >> i push the couch aside, i crank up the volume, and i just dance. >> cize is it. you dance. you get results. >> being 52 and losing 62 pounds is shocking for me. i did not think i would lose this much weight dancing. >> everything i'd done in the past didn't work. cize didn't feel like exercise at all. i'm in my living room just having a dance party. >> where i am now, i've lost 74 pounds, and i'm definitely gonna keep cizing it up. >> it's time to start dancing.
12:29 am
this is the end of exercise. >> i'm feeling the love >> announcer: so keep watching to see why millions of people are saying goodbye to exercise and hello to losing weight the fun way with cize. >> i'm not going back to exercising the way that i used to. >> i finally found a program that i can do in my house, and it showed results. >> cize is an addiction. >> announcer: and also learn how you can try cize in your home risk-free for 30 days. >> once somebody does cize, they're gonna want to keep doing it. i don't want to stop. it's so much fun. i'm addicted to cize. >> stop exercising and start dancing. welcome to cize. >> time to make you sweat time to clap [ shatters ] >> when i first heard about cize, i needed to do something new and get my mind off of the weight loss, because it was so consuming that i couldn't even focus on anything else. and so this was my saving grace. >> are y'all ready? let's get it! >> ready to cize it up? >> whoo! >> i just wanted to get all the movements perfect.
12:30 am
weight, is because i wasn't focused on losing weight. oh, god. [ gasps ] i've always been on the obese side of the scale. i lost 40 pounds in 90 days and completely transformed my body. if it wasn't for cize, i definitely just would've been still looking at the tv screen, thinking, "man i wish that could be me." and i've never danced before in my life. there's nobody else i would rather learn from than shaun, because he looks so amazing. but then you realize he's gonna teach you to look the exact same way. >> well, ladies and gentlemen, the man who is gonna make dancing accessible to millions of people, shaun t.! [ cheers and applause ] >> what was amazing about developing cize is that i walk into this program already believing everyone can dance. >> not being a dancer, i'm like, "i'm not gonna be able to do that." and then i'm smiling at the end 'cause i was able to do that. >> i was a little intimidated, but the way shaun breaks things down, by the end of the workout, i am totally doing it. it really is for everyone. all ages, all shapes, all sizes, all levels of dance and non-dance. >> you might be sitting there,
12:31 am
dance like this," or, "i've been sitting on this couch for so long." cize is that something that you can do. you're not being judged. you're having a good time. like, it's easy because you're gonna love it. >> i've learned six dances. the way that the movements are broken down is not that they're dance moves but that they're daily activities. >> i shoot the ball. i shoot the ball. basketball. boom. all you're doing is walking. i always say if you can walk, you can dance. >> he would start with just the footwork. then he would add the arms. >> i'ma add some arms. take your arms up when you move this way. >> and then he would add some, like, flavor to it. >> and you can even lift that back leg a little bit as you move. >> you know, you're at home. dance like nobody's watching, 'cause nobody is watching. >> right. drink. again. >> it truly is the end of exercise for people as they know it. >> if i can dance and sweat and work out at the same time, especially while i'm at home -- that's the best part. >> over the past 30 days, i ended up losing 21 pounds. i didn't even know i had 21 pounds to lose, but it just, like, kept melting off, and i
12:32 am
>> i have a weight-loss goal. 10 to 15 pounds? i lost 30 pounds and 20 inches cizing it up. who does not want to work out and actually lose weight and actually have fun? my daughter would even cize it up with me. i feel like a sexy mom. >> i'm hoping to lose about 20 pounds. i never considered that 36 pounds would be what i lost. i push the couch aside, i push the coffee table aside, i crank up the volume, and i just dance. >> get ready to cize it up. 5, 6! come on! and when you cize it up, that music comes on, you have to be, like, "i'm the [bleep]" like, "i'm the star right now." >> it feels like that's showtime. all eyes are on me. and magic happens in the living room. >> your living room is your stage, and you have to dance for your life. >> i'm out of breath. >> then at the end, he cizes it up, and he puts on the song. and i'm just like, "that's it! whoo!" i'm just going off. i lose myself in the music. >> when people talk about cize,
12:33 am
i learned this routine." and the last thing they talk about is how much weight they lost. >> cize it up! >> that just happened. >> when i first started cize, i didn't believe in it. i've been a big kid my entire life. when i lost 19 pounds over 30 days just from dancing every morning, that was beyond my thoughts. >> i've always struggled with my weight, and then i found cize. with cize, it felt like a reward. i did not do one push-up. this ince. i think, for me, the results were better because i was having fun. >> there are people out there who are overweight, and they're looking for that one thing that they can do to get them started. with rachel specifically, this is something that started her journey. >> i have been overweight my entire life. when you're overweight, people see you differently. they don't see the person that's on the inside. what appealed to me about the cize program is that i could exercise and dance at the same time. because, you know, working out and getting a gym membership, it's expensive. so, i'm excited to just work out
12:34 am
has always held me back.
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