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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  December 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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american airlines. clemson won the national championship back in 1981, down 7-3, the dabo sweeney got all over him in the final game. the fake-punt to perfection. clemson needed a play for the watson-rushing touchdown. down 17-16 in the break. in the third-quarter, all
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this gives clemson a comfortable lead and they never looked back from there. >> and the touchdown in the fourth, absolute domination, 37-17. the tigers are maded to the national championship game. we're headed to miami to check in with mike. >> back in miami, running back wayne, you guys are heading to the national championship. >> if feels surreal. it's a dream come true and being on this stage, i had butterflies and just on the stage that i was o. >> so looking forward to glendale, who would you rather face. alabama and michigan state. >> bring them both. >> leggett said alabama. >> and that too. >> thank you, so an absolutely huge night for clemson on their way to the national championship.
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best of 2015. >> good evening and welcome to a.b.c. columwe a news. >> the midlands and south carolina made national headlines numerous times. over the next 30 minutes we'll recap the stories, that we brought you throughout the year that started in our own backyard and reached audiences across the globe. >> one was the thousand year flood, and tragedy at the white house, a year remember right here in the midlands. >> let's begin with the day, forever. october 4, the historic rain brought columbia with so many roads closed and residents homes destroyed.
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traffic accidents and 104 flooded roads. q.we haven't seen this level of rain in the low country in 1,000 years. >> delivering breaking news early october 4th. devastating flooding. we have crews out on the scene. i'm here just off the ferry road, and ruby tuesdays these parking lots are underwater. i'm here at an apartment complex, it has overtbload into the park, lot. the national weather service issuing flash flood emergencies. >> we went door-to-door and we were all up and down in a boat. hollering people to come out their porch and we took 25 children, dogs and cats and took
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>> here at home, the creek rose to 17 feet before the river gauge stopped reporting. this is ground zero for the situation, here in columwe a. we have personnel here. we have called national guard. ground. >> the emergency management asked residents to stay you and the not to the move or drive through barricades. >> the water is high, in all my years i have never seen the water that high. >> a dam, collapsed. more than 140 rescues were made. >> here it is. and within 4-6 hours it all came back to us. with all the water came a heavy breach. time is of the essence b-200 workers are trying to sink a
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here's video from before when the sunset, the break is allowing water to run back into the river. it was into the issue when the river was rager and now the canal is at risk of getting too low. he says the crews will be hard at work while your sleeping. >> we're working very hard to make sure the dam is built tonight. by tomorrow morning we anticipate it to be complete let me. are you worried. it's touch and go. >> do you plan on leaving. we'll stand our ground as long as we can. >> now 211 state roads and 43 bridges were closed a. curfew nut place beginning at 6 in the evening. all residents were advised of boiling water. the water is going. people are starting to go back to their homes.
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the food, the help and volunteers, this is great. >> in the military you leave no man behind, the same idea applied on the day of the flood. boy did it ever. we all looked out for each other. but what played on the waters of lake katherine the rain started before dawn and nobody could predict what the rest of the day would bring. >> i just looked at him and said you're being a worry worth it will be okay. >> it doesn't help her catch the breath when she sees what the flood did to her home. being through here through the flood i'm not at all surprised that it's as damaged as it is. >> only two hours, after waking up, the scene out front on old neck road took t t families
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water was rising on all four side sphwhres it was just surreal. >> within the hour, changed drastically. >> and then we realized that the water was rising up in the house. not just in what she could see. sounds she'll never shake. >> my daughter who was sitting in my bed and it was up against the wall which is on that side the house just looked at me and said what is that? >> it was like a low rumble like earthquake. the chimney sheeferld off of the house which was right behind where she was. that's when my husband and said we have to get out. we will die. so i reached up and hugged my daughter and i said, we will not let anything happen to you. >> her words to her daughter were much different than what she was telling herself.
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make it. >> either die in their house. she was convince that day they tried. they got a paddle board and her husband pushing from behind. water was to here. they set out this the way hoping to make it to a big water debris was everywhere. in what she thought were her families final moments all she heard was help. those had jumped into boats to choke their neighbors. >> we didn't realize how big of a deal it was. >> no. i had no idea what was going on over here. halfway across the lake and i could see the water over here just rushing just nik in tor rents around these houses. >> this father of four admits he had his doubts their boat was
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between them and the cries for help were big. he didn't hesitate. he just begunked, and that boat pulled up, in my backyard and that's god's boat. >> it was best feeling in the world because i looked down and said you all are going to be all right. >> god add armada, crisscrossing lake katherine, all packed with neighbors to help. >> so we would see somebody and you got them. do you have them. >> in a flood that saturated hundreds nobody drowned in their home that morning a. morning so many lost almost everything. >> everyday you get something that's a little bit more real, but everyday i have to say, but good far outweighs the dad. >> sometimes it takes a flood
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himself. >> let's not forget the effects of the flood they will feel well into 2016. >> coming up nine people, studying their faith murdered inside their church. >> it was a crime showed the world what it means to be south carolina strong.
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on the 2015 at year in review >> welcome back. you're watching our 2015 year in review.
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welcome with open arms into the a.m. e. church for bible study. >> what happened next sparked horror and sadness, and always spirit of forgiveness and unity. >> jennifer report fred charleston and here's how she recalls the event which changed south carolina like nothing before or since. >> tragedy on the night of june 17th, a white male opened fire ononn historic black church. >> active shooter. multiple people down. >> nine church members shot and killed. >> they were in church. >> six women and three men, including pastor and state sen nan ever nat tor pinckney. >> we woke up and the expharyt soul of south carolina was broken. >> within hours they identified
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ruling oning a confederate flag. calling the attack a hate crime. >> the only reason someone could walk into church and shoot people praying is out of hate. the only reason. >> it is the most today's tardily act that one can imagine. >> he went into the church sat in the bible study for about an hour and then started shooting. he was arrested the next day, nearly 300 miles away. he was stopped because a citizen alerted law enforcement to a suspicious activity, and they went out and they knew once they arrived it was the individual that we were looking for. he faces state and federal charges including nine counts of murder, the state is seek the death penalty. >> this was ultimate crime and
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the ultimate punishment. >> i have no problem with the death penalty. you do something like this to nine families you will pay the price. but many expressed forgiveness, relying their nate to give them strength. >> i know everything and all the things families are going through, god will bring us through. >> >> in the days to follow each of the nine victims laid to rest. >> president barak obama delivered a powerful and emotional eulogy at the funeral of the senator. >> will. [cheers] . >> blinded by hatred the alleged killer did not see the grace
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and that bible study group. a grace seen in the community. >> we have this show love. there's too much hate in the world. we have to show love. >> a community of love that will always remember the e manual nine. >> [cheers] . >> >> jennifer ready, "a.b.c. news" >> all in one year. one year. >> gone through a lot. >> just watching these stories
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recalling what has happened. >> that particular story was not over yet. the shootings had another effect. he was not counting on the removal of the confederate battle flag from our state house. >> it led to a decision decades in the making.
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review >> in the 1960s was placed atop the house. it was filled with passionate debate whether it belonged there. but the tragedy in charles ton served as the data throift remove the flag.
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much to so many. >> the confederate flag to some an important part of history. >> it's an emblem of honor. of hatred. you think about white men doing terrible things to american citizens. >> lying on state house grounds for more than five decades. >> not as much as that flag is trying to honor my ancestors. when your heritage is nothing but hatred what else can the flag represent. >> the deaths re-ignited the discussion. >> it's time to move the flag from the capital grounds. [cheers] . >> thousands flocked to the capital. some demanding its removal and
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>> on the dome. >> bring it down! >> the senate and the house agreed to take up the removal and a clean bill quickly passed through the senate. >> it hit at stand still in the house sparking high emotion. i cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful such as take a symbol of hate off these grounds on friday. >> and heated debate late into the night. a memorial without a flag is not the same. >> a clean bill was passed. the governor waited no time giving her seal of approval. with that i am proud to say
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[cheers] . >> less than 24 hours later family members of the emmanuel nine joined the governor, on the steps. thousands packed the grounds to witness it. >> take it down! [cheers] . >> >> it was it such a moving moment to see that flag come down. >> but not everyone at the state house was celebrating t. may not represent everybody that lives in south carolina but it represents history.
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history at its new home at the museum. >> that's our job is to preserve and present military history. >> some feel it is the appropriate place for the flag. >> it was part of american history. >> while others ever others have lingering doubts. >> it will be it should fly. >> but members on both sides recognize the significance in the racially turbulent problems. >> steve spurrier was out spoken to his opposition at the state house. this year the head ball-coach decided to hang the visor up at good.
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mid-season. >> welcome back, 2015 sought end of an era for gamecocks football. he decided to retire. he took carolina, to hides and
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halfway through the season. >> now the end after hall of fame career. they were ready to bounce-back from a disappointing 7-62014 season. >> we got good team and i want them to know it.t. don't listen to our e emies. >> the s.e.c.'s first 70-year-old coach off to an 0-4 start making it 8-9 losses in a conference he once dominated. >> they're a big strong team and we're not that. >> good luck >>. >> he made this postgame handshake his last, resigning. >> i think i was the best coach for this job, 11 years ago but not today. >> that cycle finishes at the
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i didn't want to announce and say i'm leaving at the end of the year that. doesn't work for people. i would ab sideshow. last time here and there. the attention should be -- it should be on the players. me removing myself immediately i thought would get over with and the attention go back to the players on the team. >> that has brought upp criticism using the qt word. >> well that's a word that comes in there some. if i thought staying wouldld have helped our team i would have stayed. i thought i needed to get out. >> in comes wilil muschamp, the most recent florida coach taking over. >> there's only one coach spurrier. so, i'm going to be will muschamp. >> they hoped the new name translates into old coach
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>> you spell must charm with a m. m.-u.s.c. champ. >> is that an omen or what. >> up next, we look back, more
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stay with us. >> we were fraud add eric joining our 12:30 newscast and we are very excited that he
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and your family add healthy and happy 2015 and we look forward to bringing you to bring you more news in the coming here. >> thanks to us.
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