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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  January 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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of rallies is closer than ever before. >> temperatures are plummeting. how cold it will get? "a.b.c. news" at 11 starts right now.'s back to january weather for the midlands. good evening. for a.b.c. i'm alicia barnes. i'm ben hoover. we are taking a look at the coldest temperatures of the season. feeling the coldest temperatures. >> very, very cold outside. >> john farley has the latest on the bitter cold. >> down below freezing. 30. and many of us will be 8-10 degrees cooler than this. so, let's give you a look at the specifics, and it will be a cold one. how about mid-20's.
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and pretty cold out there tonight. so you still have time to protect your plants. so, if you want to have anything sensitive on the patio bring it in. >> tomorrow morning bundle the kids up. mid-20s again that's columbia. there won't be much in the way of wind tomorrow morning but that's cold. not a cloud in sighting all day but a pretty crisp day. 46 for a high. now, this is the first cold air that we have seen in awhile. we'll talk about how long it lasts and the there's also some rain in the 7 day. >> thank you. out of charleston county a sheriff's spokesperson, that slager, charge we would murder, has posted bond and has been released from custody. >> he walked out of jail at around 7 3-bg tonight.
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a judge ordered jury selection will begin on to come when 31st. he's shown on cellphone video firing at times at scott as he ran from a vehicle violation. >> the family says they're disappointed. >> in columbia your drivers take you past it. a four acre lot that sat empty for decades. >> tomorrow's council meeting could determine its fate and not everyone is on the sage page. grace is live, grace. what's the issue here. >> the developer first came forward with a brooklyn development last spring. they want to fill this empty lot with shops, and restaurants, and, everything is a go except
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amendment regarding the number of apartments allowed and that number has some long time residents very concerned. >> in her 33 years all spent in west columbia, jennifer has watched weeds growing in the empty lot. >> i just want them to get it right. >> the city has checked off almost every item, in inking a deal to bring the torier on the site. >> it happened so fast. and nobody knows what is happening. >> that's exciting. i'm excited. >> i'm scared to death that it's not going to be done right and it's going to going to be a mess. >> she has been to a hands full of meetings but she's not convinced that everyone has done their homework. >> we are questioning things about thofe traffic and surrounding streets and the number of units and those
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we want it to be developed just as much as everyone els does. >> the mayor says it will be done right. >> we only have one chance to do it and we want to do it right. >> a company holds the plans to brooklyn, with housing, shops and restaurants and parking. >> this is the prime jewel of west columbia. you enter from the bridge this is what you see. >> there's a 2.7 million sale price on the line. at the council meeting, he said they'll amend the amendments made raiaing maximum number to 2035. >> we need make some changes. >> but david says they're failing to see the bigger picture when it comes to parking preexisting river walk users and the new traffic that will come.
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something to happen after all these years. but, what their proposing, will interest. >> but he says in the short-term it will bring tax and business license revenues. and in the long-term. >> if this project goes it's going to be a catalyst for growth all around it. >> the development company did not return phonecalls to give a statement or information. the meeting is tomorrow at 6:00. council will be vogt on the amendments. if it is successful, the next step a development agreement and once that is signed. construction can start. all right, hospital officials alerted authorities with a shooting, after a man was brought in.
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each other in the 2400 block of pelican drive. one man suffered a gunshot. and he was driven by an aquite tent who is being questioned by police. if you have any information about what happened in this case, call crimestoppers. >> developing tonight president barak obama will announce his executive actions to combat gun violence tomorrow. he talked about his plan during a meeting with attorney general. it would expand mandatory background checks and provide more funding for mental health treatment and fbi's and a.f.f. >> the republicans have blasted this attempt. now more. >> president barak obama taking aim at gun violence in america.
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to move forward on our unfinished businesses. that's true for one piece of business, our epidemic of gun violence. meeting monday with loretta lynch about appropriate actions he can take to reduce gun violence and fighting the need for stricter background checks. >> we are told that it might not have stopped it. so we shouldn't do anything. we know we can't stop every act of violence. but if what if he why tried to stop one. >> but some republicans, share a different view. it is as diversion. >> what he is proposing is of no consequence it's a diversion from the tragedy people not receiving proper mental-health services and diversion from the global warming. >> he says the government needs to reform mental health services
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nation's borders. >> we need to make sure that we keep out of this country and secure our boarders terrorists wholtd becoming in under the guys of refugees. they are coming to this country as we have seen in san bernardino for the intent of killing american ann families. >> we have a consumer alert. homes and businesses along the 29 and 3600 blocks of lee park roads should continue to boil their water. a line was relocatedded. visit our website. >> it's been three months since the rain started to come down. all that water led to the,000 year flood here and we know so many of you are still dealing
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victims in, the 24 counties covered by the declaration have until midnight to apply for federal aid. and returning disaster loan applications. homeowners and renters may borough up to 40,000 to repair or replace items. q.businesses may borough up to $2 million. >> if you like how gas price els ends, triple-a says the price at the pump will stay relatively low. an average price between 2.25. and less demand could push it lower, another ten cents in coming weeks. >> this next story is about a very special kitten and his will to live. meet smufer, the first thing that you notice is that someone
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well, this ache week old kitten was dropped off at a shelter on christmas eve. staff gave him that name, and those wet's his if you are. well, those are punk sure wounds and some are deep. for someone's amusement, this kittn was used as a chew toy for their dog. >> he has a very good prognosis to be a normal cat. he's very sweet and very again till and loves attention. he's relatively strong considering what he has been through. >> just so sad. he will have surgery next week to repair his wounds. and here's some more good news he has made friends with another kitten and they'll be placed in foster care together. >> that is just sick that somebody would do that. i have never heard of that.
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>> we hope for a full recovery. >> well, a diverse community has helped foster a diverse restaurant scene to match. >> a major push to get you out to dine this january. plus adele is saying goodbye to
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cap. south carolina's cuisine will be on display over the next couple of wee >> let's talk about food. south carolina's food will be on display. >> thank you. >> can i get you anything else? >> a mouth watering meal is something restaurant goers expect.
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food favorites there's more than meets the eye. >> teaching and coaching those recipes and preparing them in volume, being consistent with that. brick oven pizza faces the same challenge most restaurants experience. >> a surge in sales at the holiday season and a dip in sales. >> people do things over certain seasons. january, known. s to go outside. >> for a boost in business, is participating in the restaurant week. >> it helps boost our sales and it provides a great value to the customer and generally it's investigator business. >> but restaurant week doesn't
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it's a chance to support the local economy. >> they advertise it statewide and people participate in it. it's a big event. >> it is just one on a long list of locations participating. for that full list go to our website. >> well with the new year hopefully comes a new chance or new motivation to save a life. the american red cross and a.b.c. will team up and ask you to donate blood. >> donating in the winter months is important as blood donations sag during the holiday season. with each . of blood saving up to 3 lives. it's a worthy way to kick off the new year. >> our community comprise,e, 80%. we need 500 people each day to
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order to meet the demands. >> if you would like to join us in giving the gift of new life head to plex indoor sports, january 5, 7-7. >> we'll be there from 3:30 to 5:30. >> the numbers are in, in case there was any doubt it is now official. adele's album is the biggest seller. 25 closed out the year with nearly 7-and-a-half million copies sold. and her album was just released on november 20th. so it sold all those copies in six weeks. the british singer started her -- it will start in february and the north american leg begins in july. something tells me it is going to be sold-out. >> move over taylor swift.
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>> i'm t ted of that song, though. >> i am. >> officially tired of that song. >> hello. >> yes.
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on your frigid forecast alabama clemson and coming up, >> it's going to be 20 and it's gone. we'll see some warm rain in the forecast. this is what we call the windchill temperature. it's the air temperature and then as the wind blows by it.
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still will have enough wind to make it feel like 25. 31 in lexington. it's a cold night, the winds will die down and the temperatures will get down colder than these numbers here. big pocket of cold air. this thing is setting in from really the center part of canada. and this is going to stay in place for a couple days for us. and then the warmer air will sneak back in. so, let's give you a look at the temperatures in blue. these are 30's and 20s, at midnight tonight. and then forward what you'll see the blue continues to settle on down overnight and into tomorrow morning. pushing out over the coast. now, what will happen through the day we don't recover. 4:00 still plenty of blue meaning we're only doing about mid-40's. tomorrow night we're back at it
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but watch what happens as we go do wednesday afternoon. you notice more green and especially in the middle part of the country. but before we get there we have some cold to contend with. the temperatures, in columbia clear skies and wind temperature down to 25. the cold spots well down into the low 20's. so just be aware of that. you have time to take care of your plants and pets. there we go tomorrow some of the warm spots, 46 and 47. that's all she does. as we go through the middle part of the week. wednesday we're closer to 50, and thursday we jump upper 50's. and the rain arrives, friday and then break saturday and rain sunday. temperatures back above average which has been the case for most of this winter. >> thanks. coming up, clemson and alabama
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same rules leading up to next week's championship.
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last few seasons recruit two sets of ncaa rules, one championship.hi, i'm tim hill. >> two teams, two sets of rules and one championship. the spring semester starts, wrenders, and, 120 hours, and that doesn't apply to alabama. and it doesn't start until next week. lawson will be ready to go one week from tonight. he missed most of the orange bowl and he says the junior has
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and, he leads in tackles. clemson mourning the loss of red parker who passed away today at the age of 82. he coached the tigers, to 1983-86. and he coached the citadel and the high school. and he retired just last m. >> one of will muschamps might be with a current carolina player. he has talked to sky moore and the linebacker is considering coming back for his senior season. riley ridley announced has not committed to carolina football. the younger brother of calvin ridley says he needs more time.
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ward now heading west, a deal in the works to go to fresno state. and he was demoted to co-defensive coordinator avenue u.s.c. dropped to the bottom in defense. over s.e.c. news, knight trarns fearing to texas a&m. a graduate transfer will be eligible to play. murray announced he's trac fearing to oklahoma and smu and south carolina, only undefeated basketball. the sooners looked like they are headed to double-overtime. frank martin and the gamecocks moving up, two spots. that's the highest ranking since 1998. >> the gamecocks start s.e.c. play tomorrow at auburn. no problem doing it away from columbia.
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nine at home and nine on the road. would you rather start at home and on the road. i don't care but if you ask me to choose i would rather play my nine home-games with my student's campus. soso, it doesn't bother me. >> game cock transfer, gill he plays for virginia. and, he is one of the best players in the country offensive-rebound, and frank martin appreciates and buzz williams didn't appreciate the call. virginia tech just 2 a.c.c. wins, off to a 2-0 start now for the first time in four years the hokies beat virginia. orangeburg bryce johnson a career night for north carolina, against florida statete seminoles coming off a loss to clemson.
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both career highs, 39 points. they win.
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right now. >> there you go. coldest night so far this season. temperatures in the mid-20's. some of the colder spots, low 20's. and the wind will be dying down. if you are up early you will have to 3u9 on the warmest stuff you have. >> wow! >> tomorrows the sleeping day. >> tomorrow is the blood drive. 7-7. we'll be out there -- >> i'll be there at 2:30. >> we definitely want you to
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gift of life. >> tim will be on the radio. shameless plug. [laughter] >> yes, youill. >> thanks for joining us. thank you for making us your choice. >> we'll back here. we hope to see you at the center tomorrow. have a great nightght -- jennifer lopez, the bachelor, ben higgins. and music from tori kelly.
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