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tv   ABC Columbia News at Noon  ABC  January 5, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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accused of failing to file a tax return for 2012 and 2013. >> he turned himself into the south carolina department of revenue investigators to answer to those charges. scdor officials claim that newman did not report his more than $200,000 income in a timely manner. newman is set to appear in court this afternoon. one of newman's attorneys, pete strom says it was an oversight and newman intends to pay. richland county councilman calvin washington faces similar but unrelated charges. washington was arrested this morning for failing to report his more than $400,000 income. washington is being held at the alvin glenn detention center pending a bond hearing. the national action network held a news conference this morning to address the release of ex-north charleston police officer michael slagger. he's charged with murder in the shooting of an unarmed motorist. sheriff's spokesperson confirming that slager posted bond and has been released from
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he'll remain under house arrest until his trial. they ordered jury selection to begin. he is shown on cell phone video firing eight times as walter scott ran from a traffic stop last april. scott's family says they're disappointed with the judge's decision. back here at home now, gun violence has richland county deputies searching for suspects in a weekend shooting. authorities say a motorist spotted a motorcycle crash early sunday morning at long green parkway at churchland drive. the crash victim adrian silva has been shot in the upper body. richland county coroner says silva died from those gunshot. if you know anything that can help authorities, you're asked to call crimestoppers at 1-888-crime-sc. >> another shooting sent a different man to a hospital with a gunshot wound happening overnight. richland county deputies say two groups were firing shots at each other yesterday afternoon in the 2400 block of pelican drive. one man suffered a gunshot wound to the upper body.
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richland hospital by an acquaintance. again, if you have any information that can help in the case, call crimestoppers. we'll switch gears and talk about the weather a little bit. sun may be shining. guess what? the wind is blowing as well. >> fortunately, our friend is back again. anothehecool start to the day. we're not out of the woods just yet. let's turn things over to meteorologist jonathan kennedy with the first forecast. the sun behind us is teasing us a little bit. it's windy and a little cooler out there today. >> that's right. sunshine again and one of those days that you're sitting at your desk, it looks like a great day and it is a nice sunny day. lots of blue skies. not a lot o o warmth t t go around. sunshine hasn't been an issue the last couple of days and our cold air has been obviously the biggest change in the forecast of late. we are going to see more sun in the afternoon. likely seeing temperatures end up well below normal for where we should be this time of year. right now we're at 39 degrees downtown.
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that's the most common temperature. and winds are at 37 degrees right now and the wind is blowing. that's going to make it feel colder. it's cold enough. winds out of the north at 10 to 15 miles per hour. that's going to make it colder. feels pretty much below freezing across the board and it looks like another cold night coming our way this evening. details coming up in the full forecast. >> all right, jonathan. let's talk politics now and president barack obama making moves to tackle what he's calling an epidemic of gun violence here in america. >> that's right. president just wrapped up an emotional announcement of his executive actions to combat gun violence. obama did speak about this plan during a meeting with the attorney general loretta lynch just yesterday. the actions hope to expand mandatory background checks for some private sales and would provide more funding for mental health treatment, f.b.i. staff and a.t.f. agents. >> opponents of the initiative
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vowing to challenge the president's authority. republican congressman joe wilson calls the president's plan a diversion. saying that instead, the government needs to reform mental health service and focus on securing the nation's borders in order to reduce gun violence. >> with what the president is proposing is of no consequences, it's a diversion of the tragedy that we have of people not receiving proper health services and it's a diversion from the global war on terrorism. >> wilson cites incidents like the san bernadino attacks as cause to secure the nation's borders. even before the president's official announcement, republicans in congress and on the campaign trail have blasted the actions and some gun rights advocates are already threatening to challenge them in court. >> have to see how that pans out. it's the end of an era. joe riley is saying farewell. mayor who has served the charleston city longer than
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history is giving a short farewell address tonight. rally is completing 40 years in office. he'll give the message of appreciation to residents that will be streamed live. riley is credited with leading charleston through an urban renewal that's made the city one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. riley has also faced the city after hurricane hugo and more than 25 years ago most recently being the face following the charleston church shooting. and today's council meeting in west columbia could determine the fate of a four acre lot that's been sitting empty for decades. >> this is exciting. columbia developer came forward last spring with the brooklyn development. they want to fill the lot with shops, restaurants and apartments. long time residents say they're excited about that development but they are concerned over the number of apartments being allowed. >> the public is starving for something to happen there after
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proposing will not be in the public's best interest. >> residents are questioning the traffic surrounding streets and size of the buildings that come with that development. despite residents' concerns, west columbia mayor bill horton says the project will bring tax and business license revenues in the long term. >> if this project goes, it's going to be a catalyst for exponential growth all around it. >> the development company did not return phone calls to abc columbia to give a statement. at tonight's meeting, officials will vote on raising the maximum number of residential units from 200 to 235. if they're successful in getting enough yes votes, next step is a development agreement. once that's signed, they could start construction. >> things may be cooling down outside. inside on the hardwood, things are starting to heat up. >> in time for gamecock basketball to start the sec schedule. tim hill has that and a lot more
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>> frank barton and the gamecocks put their perfect 13-0 record on the line tonight at auburn. michael correra and company coming up a little bit short on their last trip to the plains losing by three points last season. this year, though, martin hopes to get off to a good start and he doesn't mind starting conference play on the road. >> if you asked me to choose, i'd rather play my nine home games with our students on campus so it doesn't bother me one bit whatsoever. >> and neither does going into the game as one of just two undefeated teams in the country. s.m.u. and south carolina now the only two undefeated teams. last night, oklahoma despite 46 points from buddy hield going down to kansas in the first top ranked matchup that goes to multiple overtimes in more than 40 years. kansas, 109, oklahoma 106 in triple o.t. i'm tim hill. that's the abc columbia sports minute to win it.
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off to a good start. >> thank you, tim. palmetto state is moving on up. >> that's right. new list of south carolina has made its way on to and what it's
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main and gervais. >> welcome back. south carolina is climbing the lifestyle ladder. >> palmetto state is ranked number two on the list of top
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according to the annual national movers study. last year, it shows more people were moving into the palmetto state than out of it. some other hot spots include oregon, north carolina and vermont. way to go. >> yeah. >> new study suggesting school lunches are passing the grade. according to a new study led by the university of washington, the plan to make school lunches healthier is working. the study looked at more than 7,000 middle and high schoolers in washington state before and after new meal standards went into effect. that was in 2012. the rules count calories per meal and require at least one serving of fruits or vegetables. researchers found that students are now getting more vitamins and minerals in their meals and that school meal participation did not change. a new york chik-filet is not faring as well. they were set to reopen today but the atlanta based company is opting to keep it closed until they say they're confident
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all areas. the violations include flies and potential food contamination. >> keeping an eye on that. if you'd rather prepare your meals at home, perhaps, then a new fridge may be able to help you do more than just chill your goods. check out this smart refrigerator. this is pretty cool. this four-door fridge is the latest from samsung. the family hub includes a two foot touch screen. you don't have to worry about letting the cold out. it's equipped with internet connected cameras that let you know what's inside without having to open the doors. the concept fridge doesn't have a price tag just yet but you can compare it to the samsung already selling with a model that has an eight inch wi-fi connected l.c.d. panel and that one will set you back about $3600. >> i'm guessing next it will drive us to work and do our laundry maybe? >> it needs to do something. clean itself out or something. >> don't need to spend a dime to feel the chill outside of your front door. >> it's free. old man winter making his presence known this afternoon. your full forecast is next with jonathan kennedy.
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gervais. >> welcome back to abc columbia news at 12:30. a beautiful start to your tuesday afternoon. if you don't mind the cold weather, that is, we're seeing lots of sunshine and blue skies but lots of blue on our map here.
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for us as of right now. everybody between 37 and 39. but as you can see, nobody in the 40's just yet. take us a little while to get to the 40's. we saw temperatures for many locations in the low 20's this morning. most of us were able to cool off at least somewhere in the 20's. but we saw saluta down to 21 or 22. they're up to 37 right now. not too far behind. a very cold start and still a cold afternoon setting up for us as of right now. winds have been persistent out of the north. and that's not only pouring more cold air in from the north where the colder air is residing but making it feel colder. we have that extra bite with the wind chill factor going and then temperatures feel actually much colder than it actually is. it feels cold but the wind chill right now is 32 in downtown. 31 in saluta. we saw many areas with wind chills in the teens. a couple of spots in the 20's. camden feels like 29. so very chilly start to your tuesday afternoon. we'll see lots of sun. that will help us a little bit.
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of an uphill battle for us throughout much of the day to see temperatures warmer than the mid 40's. high pressure to our north. this is bringing that northerly flee flow. that's pulling it down into the southeastern states and especially for us here. but that's also bringing dry conditions. so you have sinking motion with high pressure systems so typically they bring very fair weather which is what we're seeing. blue skies and hardly a cloud in the sky right now. all of the disturbances are on the west coast and in towards the rockies. snow systems, new mexico seeing more snow. lubbock and amarillo, those areas seeing more snow as well. unsettled winter for them. for us, our first dose of it. everywhere east of the mississippi, nice and dry this afternoon. we'll stick with the dry weather for you today as we see what the models are putting out for us. we're still looking at the cloud cover off the coast. still seeing a few snow showers out towards the tidewater of virginia. actually getting some chesapeake bay lake effect kind of snow going. kind of very interesting setup there because it is so cold, and that slightly warmer water
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nothing in the way of p pcip for us today or tomorrow. we do pull in the rain chances a little bit thursday night into friday. and then it should be a much warmer forecast. the rain comes back and we see the temperatures return as well. highs in the 60's before the time we get to the upcoming weekend. >> we're going to bounce back. >> that's all i needed to hear. no snow. >> if you missed out on giving the perfect holiday gift this season, we have the perfect idea. guess what? it won't cost you a thing. maybe a little time.
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giving next. >> today, abc columbia news is partnering with the american red cross in our annual new year's blood drive. >> that's right. our dave aiken is live at the plex where folks are rolling up their sleeves to donate. busy day out there? what can you tell us about people who are helping out? >> welcome back live at the plex. richland northeast, village of sand hill. dave aiken here from the american red cross, annual blood drive along with i heart media and the great radio partners, part of the partnership with us and wboc and we are here at the plex looking for you. where are you? why don't you come out here sometime between now and 7:00, we really need your help from the american red cross, our blood supply right after the holidays is really, really low. we need to replenish that supply right now and you can help us do that. all you have to do is come by the plex. we have special thank yous. you register when you come in to give blood and we'll have drawings. one of the major drawings
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be for vince gill tickets. thanks to wcof radio. it's the reece holbrooke win anyway foundation. and reece, of course, is chad holbrooke's son who suffered from cancer in childhood. and we not only have tickets, four tickets to give away. we have two baseball bats. one autographed by scott wingo and by jackie bradley jr. and other one autographed by chad holbrooke. plus a baseball authenticated from the 2011 college world series won by the university of south carolina. this is a whole big prize package to register for and to be given away tonight. we have d.v.d. from great disney programming to give away from abc columbia. we have wheel of fortune and jeopardy t-shirts and hu-ha mongolian grill has given us giftcards to give away to everyone that comes in to register. all you have to do is come in and register and give blood.
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cross south carolina chapter and it's a great volunteer job to have. i have served as chairman in years past. welcome, beth, to the he chapter is all about. >> well, volunteerism is crucial in american red cross. over 90% of the staff for red cross are volunteers. so when our floods occurred and we had our disaster action teams out there, the majority of those people were volunteers. the red cross could not do what it does without the volunteer force that it has. so we're constantly looking and needing volunteers to help our mission. >> now, there's a volunteer board. leadership board of the red cross for the chapter. and also, you need volunteers. how can someone volunteer if they're interested in finding out more? >> if they're interested in volunteering, they can come down and visit us at our chapter on
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line at carolina. and it talks about volunteering. >> talks about volunteers on that stuff. that's really good. we were talking earlier with rebecca, our c.e.o. for the red cross here in south carolina about the disasters that have occurred here in our area and the fact that we also not only help in our area but now missouri and all the areas in the midwest that have flooding situations. >> exactly. quite a few of the volunteers that were helping us flew in from all over the country and so -- >> we're doing the same thing. >> exactly. we're returning what the good services that volunteers did to us, we are returning those services back. >> that's what the american red cross is all about, folks, not only the volunteerism, the helping but also the giving of blood. that's why we're here. visit us here at the village the sand hill, the plex. you cannot miss us. folks are waiting to collect your blood. we'd love to have you here and register for the great giveaways that we have. we're live at the plex, back to you. >> that's right, dave. thank you so much.
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day once again. they're at the plex. village at sand hill and be out there until 7:00 p.m. tonight. one last look at the seven day
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12:30. >> time just flies by. you've been watching abc columbia news at 12:30. >> that's what they say happens
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we'll be back here at 6:00. >> what are you doing this afternoon? after lunch, head down to the plex and maybe take an hour's worth of time like shopping. and give some blood. won't you please? it's very simple. one person giving blood will help three people. that's how easy it is, folks. that's how easy it is. one pint will help three people if you give blood. that's what we want you to do today. visit us here at the plex until 7:00 tonight and take some time to give blood. back with the red cross here and we have some people we would like to thank who are helping us here today, crystal? >> yeah, we couldn't do what we do without our community partners so jersey mikes donated sandwiches. marcos pizza is here for donors that come by. hu-hot with giftcards as well and, of course, the support of all of our friends at abc as well as i heart media in columbia. we are happy to be spreading the word about blood donation and reminding folks they can make a new year's resolution to give blood.
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of the lines that i read about and something special right after the holidays is now giving blood. you need to think about this because what happens is there's not a lot of activity during the holidays itself. and we talk about blood drives and blood drives, didn't have a lot of blood drives. now we have an opportunity the first week of the new year to start helping us out and in five seconds it's really important to do that. which means it's time for a new you. we've got an hour of delicious dishes that are all 500 calories or less. michael's putting a spicy twist on a family favorite that will fill you up, without weighing you down. then carla's teaming up with fitness gurus chris and heidi powell, and they've got a dish that will help you get fit, one mouthwatering bite at a time. plus, new mom of two, our very own daphne oz is back. it's time to get your skinny
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"the chew."
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