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tv   ABC Columbia News at 6  ABC  January 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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found he never did. >> they were looking into everybody in the political arena around the penny sales tax. he was on city council. they did a search of his name and it popped up that he hadn't filed for two years. >> attorneys for newman say although the charges arose from the investigation into the penny tax program, they are completely unrelated. >> i think the bottom line here is that he's not involved in the penny sales tax investigation. he pled straight up to two counts of failure to file taxes. and what is telling is there's no plea agreement. if he was involved in some conspiracy that they were still investigating, there would have been a plea agreement that would have provided for him to cooperate. >> meanwhile, rich land county councilman calvin washington is facing three counts of willful failure to file a tax return for three consecutive years. in a statement, richland county council chairman torre rush says the matter is being dealt with by authorities and if there's any required action by richland
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to call a meeting and act accordingly. we reached out to calvin washington's attorney for comment but have yet to hear back. as for newman, the judge sentenced him to two years probation if he pays back his taxes, his probation can be terminated at that point. >> thank you so much. as those two county council members face their own tax issues, the department of revenue's investigation into richland county's penny tax program continues. >> with the latest on that investigation, here's abc columbia's beth rousseau. >> representatives with the department of revenue say they don't have any further word into the investigation of rich land county's penny tax program. regardless, one county council member says that immediate action is necessary so he's stepping up. rebuilding confidence in the penny tax program is a top priority for councilman seth rose following a troubling report from the d.o.r.. >> i can't think of anything more important than installing
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sure any wrongs are righted going forward. >> according to a letter from the department director rick reames thoseserongs include instances of corruption, fraud and illegal activity found during a d.o.r. review of the program. >> immediately, i knew that changes needed to take place. >> changes that he's translated into three motions, the most important of which would give added power to the citizens oversight committee. allowing the chairman to be an ex-officio member of the county council committee. >> one, they'd have a vote at the committee level and two, that would allow them to be present. >> his plans include reimbursement of penny tax dollars spent on an effort aimed at engaging small businesses. >> although this is a noble cause, the county needs to fund this small local business enterprise out of our general fund and not paying proceeds. >> additionally, rose is calling
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to approve companies selected for carrying out penny projects. >> they're not the only fixs that will have to take place with county council but they're three major steps in the right direction. >> rose's meeksotions will appear on the council's january 12th agenda when they will be referred for the appropriate committee for vetting. beth roessau, columbia news. >> president barack obama unveiled measures to tighten gun control and the measures include expanding background checks on firearm sales. the president calls his proposals "commonsense safety measures." but gun lobbyists and some republicans say obama wants to make buying guns nearly impossible. president obama responded by saying that the u.s. needs a sense of urgency on the issue of gun violence. >> contrary to the claims of what some gun rights opponents
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the first step in some slippppy slope to mask confiscation. contrary to claims of some presidential candidates, apparently before this meeting, this is not a plot to take away everybody's guns. you pass a background check, you purchase a firearm. >> in addition to expanding and bolstering the background check system, the administration is also expected to provide more funding for mental health treatment. f.b.i. staff and the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosive agents. we just got here because we were out at the plex. you were giving blood. and give blood. >> yes. >> i have small veins. that's the reason why i can't give. >> you told me that before, actually and it's coco out there. brisk! >> i think it's turned over from chilly to cold already tonight. brisk? >> brisk. because when you walk and you feel the cold and you do that,
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>> we're not the experts. >> no, we're not. john farley here. >> you two are the word smiths, though, i'll tell you that. no question there, no matter how you slice it, it's cold. check this out. we have a 33 showing up already here in sumter. 34 in camden and winsboro. we just passed 6:00 at night so we're going to dive. columbia. by 11:00, we're down to 29. for tonight? some of us into the low 20's especially as the wind dies off. the air out there is very, very dry. when the wind dies off on a night like tonight, any heat that is next to the ground easily escapes into space. very, very cold one for us. tomorrow morning, bundle the kids up headed to the bus. freezing. i will tell you this is the last of the cold nights you'll see as go through the day tomorrow. time. by afternoon, we're closing in on 50. we're climbing out of this.
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>> thanks. clemson tigers are one game'r away from becoming the national champs of college football. >> this is exciting. abc columbia's tim hill has more on dabo sweeney's mindset heading into the biggest game in clemson football history. >> he says when he took the tigers head coaching job seven years ago, he knew clemson would get to the national championship game. he didn't know when. and you have to figure if dabo could have dreamed up who clemson would play in the title game, it would have been his alma mater. the tigers making it a perfect 14-0 this season after their orange bowl domination against oklahoma last thursday. now, sweeney & company get a chance against nick saban and alabama. sweeney won a national championship as a walk on tide player in 1992. he says beating bama on monday will not be easy. >> watched the tape and you go oh, boy. this is a great football team we're getting ready to play. it will be a lot of fun.
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for all of them, i have a few that are conflicted. i found out where i stand with some of them but it's a great matchup and the two best things. that's the way it worked out and i think it's special. >> sweeney says clemson has a case. the 1981 national championship while alabama has a family of them. 10 titles total. mike gillespie reporting from clemson and a former u.s.c. athletics director out of a job today later in sports. >> all right. thank you so much, tim hill. literally, you were rolling up your sleeves today giving the gift of life. >> in fact, i'm still putting my cuff links back on. coming up, you have time to take part in the annual blood drive.
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abc columbia news at 6:00 continues. today abc columbia news is partnering with the american red >> today, abc columbia news was proud to partner with the american red cross in our annual new year's blood drive. and i have the t-shirt to prove it. >> look at that! >> yes. wow! >> i guess they only give you a t-shirt if you give blood. >> that's right. but your husband jacob came along and gave blood. >> you guys are officially blood brothers. >> yes. we were on the gurney. >> yes. >> he was on the gurney right across from me. >> yeah.
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plex where folks are literally rolling up their sleeves to donate. dave, there's still time to head out there, right? >> exactly right, alicia and i'm glad to see ben made it back safely and soundly out there and we appreciate him coming out and everybody who has come out so far today to donate blood. i'm with crystal overmeyer from the american red cross. we're coming down to the 45 minutes here to 7:00. if you can't get out here tonight, how can you continue to donate? >> come visit us at another blood drive. we have blood drives every day across the city and at our location on bowl street. check us out at or call to make your appointment. >> you can sign up for the blood correct? >> that's right. and on our app. down download the blood donor app and track your donations as well. >> we want to thank our i heart media sponsors and their radio station, six radio stations there. our abc columbia crew that came out and john and alicia and ben for being out here also and
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plus the nice folks who have donated lots of food, marco's pizza, jersey mikes, who else? >> hu-hot and, of course, our host here, we appreciate all the things they do. >> we couldn't do it without the nice people here at plex. that's what it's all about. we really couldn't do it, crystal, without you. the audience. the viewer who takes time to come out and donate blood. right after the holidays, we find us a very critical time to replenish our blood supply in the midlands. crystal said if you can't make it out today to our blood drive here at the plex, you can go on and look up upcoming blood drives here in our community. wherever it be in the midlands of south carolina. we serve how many hospitals? >> 50 hospitals here in south carolina. we need 500 donors each day to come forward to make a difference. >> we've made a little bit of a difference today. that's what's important. you've made a little bit of a difference today and we appreciate you doing that. crystal, thank you, again, good to see you. >> very good to be here. >> we want to thank you once again, ben and alicia, we're
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here although the red cross is still here until 7:00 tonight. >> that's right. and i don't know if you were able to meet her but actually met somebody who was a recipient of getting blood and she had a blood transfusion a couple of years ago. she was there to be able to give today. it was neat to be able to hear her story. >> very cool.
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forecast. >> pretty cold day out there. some cases low 20's. but this is the last of it. it will be a little warmer tomorrow and then by the end of
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and some rain. so let's get a look at the temperatures and see if they've changed. not much. 33 sumter. 34 manning. you see the temperatures are very low right now. only people hanging on here at 40's right here in columbia. low 40's. but that isn't going to last. notice, too, the air is coming out of the northeast. that's this big pocket of air that's worked its way down through canada. it's cool, cold and it's dry. and so the temperatures tonight are going to go down pretty far as i say, we'll get to specifics in a second but some of us down to the low 20's. now, this only lasts through tonight, though, watch what happens. here we are at midnight tonight. plenty of blue around. these are 20's here. as we go through the day tomorrow, notice or tomorrow morning, notice it's cold. but watch when we get into tomorrow afternoon, here we are at 8:00. we'll get you through into the afternoon and what you'll see is that the temperatures climb appreciably. we're well into the 40's and low 50's especially south of us. watch what happens tomorrow night. you'll notice it's nowhere near as cold. we're talking 30's but no 20's
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rather, thursday look at this. we have yellow on the map. you're talking low 60's in southern alabama. southern georgia. for us, we'll be in the mid to upper 50's at times. so definitely things will be changing as we go forward. but again, tonight, look at this. we're down to the mid 20's in columbia. some spots, as i say, low 20's. here's a look at tomorrow's forecast and you'll see it's not as cold as today. today, mid 40's at best. but tomorrow, upper 40's, even a few low 50's and that will do it. plenty of sunshine, by the way, through the day. 4 here's the extended outlook. as you see, by the time we get to late thursday and friday, we have rain in the forecast and we're into the 60's. we stay there for the weekend and the next batch of rain is sunday and next week it dries out for a couple of days. in terms of the real cold weather, it's gone off of this seven day forecast. all right, over to you. thanks. a report from clemson football now less than one week away from championship. >> plus, a surprising move in
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eric hyman is out of a job. deshaun >> for us to be the best ever, we got to beat the best. >> sounding a little bit like rick flare there, huh? i'm tim hill. clemson meeting with the media today in tiger town. our mike gillespie filed this report. >> the week has finally come. we're six days away from the clemson and alabama national championship game in glendale, arizona. the tigers leaving death valley for arizona on friday morning. clemson and alabama facing off for the first time in p pt season history as the number one and number two teams in the country and the tigers would like nothing more than to dethrone the king of college football. >> this is what it's all about. they represent the best and there's really no way you can argue with that. >> for dabo sweeney, building a college football program like alabama has been a dream since day one at clemson. >> seven years ago, that was my goal and i said that then. we're going to win a national
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>> and that championship could come on monday night against the alabama crimson tide. the model of success for college football progrgrs everywhere. >> we hope to become a team like alabama that can -- that can compete in that top 10 consistently because again, if you're in that mix, you got a chance every year. >> for us to be the best ever, we got to beat the best and last couple of years, nick saban and alabama has, you know, been the best. been, you know, pretty much the standard of college football. they earned that right. they have that respect. and you know, we respect them, too. >> but completely earning the respect of alabama and the college football world starts with winning another title on monday night. >> we got a lonely trophy sitting down there in that case. they got a family of trophies in tuscaloosa. >> and of course, with sweeney being from the state of alabama, many of his friends and family members are fans of the crimson tide. but sweeney saying today, if
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know which team to root for. in clemson, mike gillespie, abc columbia sports. >> the ultimate test there. action tonight. the tigers coming off their first acc win of the season and home opener saturday against florida ste. former standout jordan roper leading the way for the tigers in that one with 23 points off seven three-pointers tonight, clemson heading up north taking on syracuse. gamecock basketball tipping off sec play tonight at 7:00 over at auburn. last year, frank martin and usc coming up just short on the playing the tigers, other auburn tigers taking that game by three. this t te around, auburn coming into tonight with a 7-5 record. u.s.c. one of two undefeated men's teams left in the country after oklahoma lost last night. both the carolina men and women off to 13-0 starts. martin proud to be part of the
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history. >> it's pretty neat, you know, a lot of people sat there and said you can't do that at south carolina.. no one cares there. basketball is awful. you can't recruit there. promise she heard the same thing when she got here. >> and the man who hired both dawn staley and frank martin out of a job today. texas a&m announcing eric hyman stepping down as the aggies athletics director. hyman left u.s.c. for texas a&m back in 2012 and a lot of turmoil around texas a&m recently, guys, two quarterbacks have transferred out of there, offensive coordinator is gone and today their atlet i cans director so interesting time in well. >> a lot of folks remember eric. >> and his wife. yes, good people. we wish them wellll up next, john farley has one last look at the seven day forecast.
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columbia news at 6:00. >> cold out now in columbia. we'll get down to the mid 20's. some places low 20's. very cold night for us tonight. plants. if you took them in last night. forecast. temperatures. what i wanted to show you on the
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last of it by the time we get into tomorrow afternoon, it will be a little warmer and by the time we get into the end of the week, we're back in the 60's. there's some rain there, too. >> all right. thanks so much. and about half-hour left in the
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