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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  January 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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on the gun control debate head on. the commander-in-chief explains his executive actions. plus we'll explain why domestic violence reforms are coming. helping cinderella get to the ball. house of fairy godmothers helping young women get into a ball gown fit for a princess. >> unusual happenings in the atlantic may be a tropical system. we'll take a look at that plus a look at your weekend forecast. that's all coming up. abc news at 11, it starts right now. live from main and gervais, abc columbia news at 11. a businessman well known in an upstate county is murdered inside are -- inside his home. tonight investigators are searching for the man who killed jesse campbell and a motive. courtney francisco spoke to
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>> deputies work to unravel the mystery surrounding the murder, searching for signs of a break-in or anyone targeting the owner. i contacted a close friend who lives out of town like the rest of campbell's family. >> this is mind blowing that something like this happened to such a great guy. he's a huge part of the community in charlotte. he's been in charlotte forever. he's touched countless lives. >> campbell's greenhouse has been in dilworth for at least 30 years. deputies say the 64-year-old was supposed to meet a friend here wednesday but never showed. >> i'm really still in shock. >> george works next door, saw him three days ago. >> he just stopped by to say heheo and just joked around a little bit like normal and said, okay, jesse, see you on monday. >> when campbell didn't show up to work wednesday, a friend called deputies to check his home. they found him shot inside. >> it's just a sad day.
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>> deputies say they haven't been called to this home before, and police reports show only one flower theft at his greenhouse three years ago. >> it just -- it makes no sense. >> deputies want to know the last time someone saw campbell to determine how long he's been dead. family and friends wait for a motive. >> it won't bring closure, but it will bring justice. >> in charlotte, courtney francisco, abc columbia news. >> there were six murders in york county last year, the most well known being the london couple killed by gang members at their lake wylie home. investigators now say that's not connected to campbell's murder. shaw a a force base has released the name of one of its airmen who was killed in a motorcycle crash. officials say air force staff sergeant dallas pauls died outside the base's sumter gate on u.s. highway 76. he joined the air force back in 2006 and arrived at shaw back in 2015. his original hometown was not identified.
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investigating a fatal pedestrian accident. it happened yesterday in the 500 block of gibson road.the collision killed ellie jerome mcleod junior of lexington. police are asking anyone with information on this case to please call crime stoppers at 1-88-crime-sc. a pair of suspected thieves in richland county are trapped after the homeowners unexpectedly return home. richland county deputies say the duo walked out of a home on crestview avenue. when they did, they had allegedly just finished robbing only to find their getaway car blocked in by the family who lived there. investigators say the suspects jumped in their car and ran the family's car three times before firing a gun at them. no one was hurt. the two managed to get away. after two years, an arrest is made in a murder investigation. december 26th, back in 2014, investigators say 33-year-old ryan padgett shot and killed tyrone richardson and mark cox at their home on archer avenue
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friends of the victim found the bodies when they showed up to drop off their christmas gifts. >> a long time south carolina lawmaker is being remembered as one of the last great statesmen. senator billy o'dell died this morning at his home in greenwood county of apparent complications related to a heart condition. he was 77. o'dell represented greenwood anderson and abbeville counties for more than 25 years in the senate. he was set to meet with members of the delegation this morning. fellow lawmakers learned of his death after they grew concerned and called to check on him. governor hayley issued the following statement saying for more than 25 years senator billy o'dell worked tirelessly for the people of his district and the state, and we are forever grateful for his service. michael and i ask that you lift up senator o'dell's wife gale and his family, friends and constituents during this difficult time.
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place. let's talk weather now. a bit warmer than the last couple of nights. >> so should we expect a warm morning maybe tomorrow morning? i know john farley can tell us a little bit about that. >> yeah, certainly warmer than what we had out there this morning. the other factor we're going to throw in there is a little more fog. we'll start you with the temperatures. here you go. generally speak, not bad. 50 degrees. compare that to a couple nights ago when we were down to freezing. in some cases, 20 degrees warmer now than we were two nights ago. let's get a look at what's going on in terms of visibility. bishopville down to three miles. the rest of us are still 10-ish so that's no problem. the fog is starting to settle in tonight. by the time you get going on the commute, expect it to be pretty thick in some spots. again, give yourself some extra time. the usual suspects is where we'll see the fog, especially near the rivers where there is a lot of moisture around. foggy on the morning commute. by the time we get to the middle
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i guess what i'd refer to, reluctant sunshine. we'll get a little sun tomorrow afternoon, not a whole lot. there could be a little drizzle it won't last. by the time we get to the afternoon, we're pushing 60. we're also going to warm some more, but there is more substantial rain in the weekend forecast. we'll go over which day that is. also, a weird thing happening out in the atlantic, possibly something tropical in early january. we'll go over that as well. governor nikki haley says progress is being made in south carolina's fight against domestic violence. >> the governor says she has signed an executive order giving the state's domestic violence task force more time to continue finding ways to fight the problem. here is abc's columbia's jennifer ready with ann update. >> this is going too good to stop, and we are not going to stop now. >> governor nikki haley is taking executive action to change the way south carolina handles domestic violence cases. >> if we really are going to
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have to deal with domestic violence, then we need to have the culture in the way we communicate it. these people are not victims. they are survivors. >> according to the governor, 42% of violent crimes in the state involve domestic violence. to address it, the governor plans to include roughly $19 million in her executive budget. >> by putting this 19 million in, we're going to decrease the caseload. we're going to add to the prosecutors, and we're going to immediately go after the violent crime that we think is important. >> in addition, the governor is ordering state agency toss provide risk assessment screenings and is asking them to develop human resource policies for domestic violence. >> we will train the hr staff in their agencies as well as supervisors how to handle that situation and make sure that emplplees are aware of these policies, aware off the services and know that they have a trusted confidante, someone who can help them at their agencies and place of employment. >> for domestic violence
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>> the executive orders that she signed around her cabinet agencies are also very, very important because they will heighten awareness, they will heighten training and really help us find ways to assist those people who need our help. >> jennifer ready, abc columbia news. south carolina's top court getting its first new leader in a decade costapleicones is but he says worn in. he turns 72, meaning he will only be able to fill the position for a year, but he says it's not going to prevent him from continuing the work of his predecessor. >> well, we'll continue the electronic filing initiatives as a rollout schedule for e filing, which has frankly already begun and now being enrolled in the entire third circuit. >> the more we can make court records available in a format
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what is filed and read what is filed, the more open the courts become and the more transparent they become. >> and pleicones replaces jane toll who retired last year. republican presidential candidate donald trump will visit winthrop coliseum in rockhill tomorrow. trump has a 9 point lead among g.o.p. voters in the latest winthrop poll. november 6th, winthrop will host a nationally televised form with all three democratic presidential candidates. days after president obama announced executive actions, the president took his pitch on the road. >> sitting before supporters and critics, the president participated in a town hall meeting at george mason university and argued his reasoning for the increased restrictions. >> those restrictions include expanding background checks for gun buyers and narrowing the so-called gun show loophole that leaves most small and private
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formal sales records. karen kifa in fairfax, virginia, with the latest. >> the way it is described is that we're trying to take away everybody's guns. our position is consistently mischaracterized. >> the president says he never owned a gun and has little experience with firearms, but says his policies and positions manufacturers. >> i've been now president for over 7 years, and gun sales don't seem to have suffered during that time. >> if anything, actually you've helped. >> they've gone up. i've been very good for gun manufacturers. >> the president argued the country would be safer if the government was more involved with the buying and selling of guns, but the same day he took his message on the road, a cnn cnnorc poll found a majority supports the measures obama outlined this week but less than
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work. well, organizers with the okra strut have released details. the annual event draws thousands from across the midlands and the state who love the slimy veg. >> south carolina's first family welcome add new member to -- welcomed a new member to the family over the holiday weekend. meet bentley. governor hayley posted this picture on social media. bentley is a labradoodle. >> i hand to be on inside -- instagram yesterday, and what a cute dog. >> i saw that as well. very cute. the hayley's will be on the road for the big game, i would imagine, on monday. >> absolutely. >> clemson grad. popular motorized scooters blamed for unexpected fire
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>> but you will still see the hoover board being used around campus. plus it's a chance for every girl to get to experience prom. we'll let you know all about it when we come back. from main and gervais, this is abc columbia news with ben hoover, barnes -- alicia barnes, weather with tom farley and sports with tim hill.
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11. they were among the most popular and sought-after presents over christma they were among the most popular and sought-after presents for christmas, but now the hoofer boards -- hoover boards are being forbidden at universities across the country. usc is the latest. they announced they are banning hoover boards in its 26 residence halls and considering banning them from the campus entirely. the school cited the possibility of collisions and batteries starting fires as reasons for the ban. ever wondered what happens to all those ground-up christmas trees? you get mulch and lots of it. keep the midlands beautiful is giving away free mulch this saturday. that give-away will begin at 8:30 in the morning and last
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mulch. if you're interested, stop by 7 oaks park on leisure lane or the south carolina state farmers market on charleston highway in west columbia. just in time for the weekend, south carolina's cuisine is taking center stage. today. for nearly two weeks, food lovers have a chance to sample new restaurants or visit old favorites in a very good value. restaurant week runs until the 17th of this month, and we have a full list of all the participating restaurants on our website at abc dressing to the 9's. prom night may be glamorous but also costly for many girls in high school, and the biggest expense is typically the dress. the young lawyers division of the south carolina bar is sponsoring its annual cinderella project. they say it's a chance to ease the financial burden on families all the while young women can receive a free prom dress. >> this project is very important, because not only does
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to obtain a free prom dress that everyone can feel like cinderella on their prom night. >> they're also accepting donations of shoes and accessories, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, all of those little pieces that make the dress pop and come together. >> earlier, we visited this drop-off location on barnwell street in columbia. there are at least a dozen other dropoffs in the midlands. if you'd like to donate a gently used prom dress, visit the south carolina bar's website listed there on your screen, right there. a boutique a also planned for saturday, february 27th at brick land baptist church -- brooklyn baptist church from 8 in the morning until the afternoon. i would imagine prom dresses are only worn once. >> yes. i give away a lot. we emcee a lot of events. 12 to 15 times a year buying an
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them away so you can build the fortune for somebody else. $700 million, that's how much you could win if you pick the right five numbers and the powerball in saturday's drawing. it's the highest jackpot ever and it could even be bigger if people keep buying tickets. last night's drawing was the 18th without a winner. your odds of winning the jackpot are one in 292 million. if you ask a guy like john farley who knows science and math, those aren't very good odds. would i be correct? >> right. very bad odds. >> getting the thumbs up from farley. coming up next, john farley with the 7-day.
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keep it close. welcome back. tonight we are going to start with something very unusual. we'll go out into the atlantic and show you what could become a tropical system. now, this thing is clearly a low out here. by the way, that's bermuda right there. this thing spinning out there is a storm, and the hurricane center is saying that it could take on tropical characteristics, meaning it could become a named storm. it's not likely but it's possible, and the general trajectory of this thing is going to be near bermuda, although it won't cause too much in the way of problems here, near bermuda and then head out into the atlantic. they're saying conditions are more favorable as you get farther out there. weird. we'll keep you posted. remember, this is thehe middle of winter. you don't usually see anything tropical this time of year. let's come back and talk about our weather. you see this good swath of moisture working its way through southern alabama, florida panhandle, and generally headed our way, but it's losing its punch, so this thing is going to arrive tomorrow morning and into the middle part of the day. by that time, there won't be a
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so what's going to happen for us? let's give you a peek at the forecast for tomorrow morning. what we're going to see here is plenty of fog in the morning, and as that storm gets closer, as i say, there's not going to be much left. fog around. maybe a shower or two, probably in the form of drizzle. nothing too significant on your commute. fog will be the biggest issue. then as we go through the day, what you'll see is that the temperatures, or rather, the cloud cover is going to be breaking up a little bit. so maybe a little bit of sunshine tomorrow afternoon, not a lot. that said, the temperatures will be reasonably warm still, well into the 50s. now, in terms of the rain, there's still more in the offering. it's going to take until saturday night. watch the time here. here we are, 6 o'clock saturday night. that's when the wave of rain will come through. saturday evening into overnight saturday, and that will do it. by the time we get to sunday, things will be much brighter, windy as well, but brighter. so let's go with tonight. here you go. temperatures slowly dropping to the low 40s, turning foggy. for tomorrow, plenty of fog to
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again, temperatures recovering. maybe a shower or two in the form of drizzle, right around the low 60s or so in the warmest spots. here is now a look ahead to saturday in case you have plans to take the kids out of the playground. here you go. maybe some late day showers. so the first three quarters of the day, you should be okay, but by late in the day, be ready for some showers. now, here is a look ahead to the extended forecast, and as you see, tomorrow, foggy. saturday, there's the rain, and then the wind. then you ask for a little something in there in terms of wind. i got it. didn't get it moving for you, but it does say windy nonetheless. that's for your sunday. next week, here you go. he asked for that at six. there you go. next week, cool and clear. over to you two. >> nothing quite gets the message across for wind more than the word wind indeed. >> it's in there. >> very clear. we got it. thanks, john. coming up, just a few days away from the national championship. hear from dabo and nick saban on the match-up. also usc women's basketball in action tonight on the road.
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highlights next in sports. sports on abc columbia is presented by nissan of orangeburg, doing business the easy way. we want to be the best, so let's go play the best team out there and see if we can get it done. >> oh, they've got the best team all right. dabo swinney and clemson ready i'm mike gillespie. not only do -- are the tigers most arguably the biggest challenge, in that battle, they had the battle with practice time this week until today. they announced today they will lift the rules on practice time and players missing class. clemson classes start this week. alabama was not under that rule
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either way really doesn't concern dabo swinney. >> we're student athletes. i mean, you don't just a whole university calendar because of a football game. that's crazy. it's just college. this is -- this university is a lot bigger than this football team. >> let's talk actual football now. the last time an acc team not named florida state that won the national title, clemson in 1981. the tigers' 34 year drought between titles was the longest by a school besides auburn and georgia in the poll era. but dabo saying earlier in thehe week there is no school he'd rather face to win that title than his alma mater alabama. >> if i could just script it, you know, if you could say, hey, you're going to get a chance to play in the national championship game at some point. who do you want it to be against? i would pick alabama. again, forhe same reasons, because they're the best. they've been the best. they've earned that. if we're good enough to get it
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if we're not, then we'll go back to work. >> over in tuscaloosa, the tidepracticing this week ahead of the national championship game. bama looking forward to its 11th national championship and its rich college football history. that's the most in the poll era. nick saban also looking for his fifth national championship and fourth at alabama. but saban knows no. 5 will be a little bit difficult against the tigers. >> clemson has an outstanding team, certainly going to be a tremendous challenge for us. i think they're quarterback, did deshaun watson, is certainly one of the best football players in the country, no doubt. dabo has done an outstanding job there, i think, and the team plays with great competitive character and is certainly going to be a great challenge for our team. >> so if you remember the last time clemson beat alabama, you have lived a very long time. that was about 40,000 days ago. teddy roosevelt was president. oklahoma, new mexico, arizona,
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states, and clemson was just 12 years old. one of nick saban's former assistant will muschamp trying to build an alabama-like program here. linebacker skai moore announcing today he will return for his senior year. he announced that decision on his instagram page with the hashtag big safety, implying maybe he'll play at the safety position next season. talking basketball, the second ranked carolina women on the road at vandy tonight. past two trips to nashville have been a five point game or less. scary moment for the gamecocks. two time player of the year, tiffany mitchell, goes down baseline. she comes back in and finishes in the ninth strong. third quarter, passed down to alaina coates. she puts it in. fourth quarter, three-point game. carolina wins 71-61 gamecocks 14
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that's will do it for sports. more news coming up after the break. abc columbia is on the radio. listen to alicia barnes for
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103.9. okay. tonight is warm. tomorrow morning, we will see some fog. be aware of that on your commute and through the day. maybe a little drizzle in the morning, that should do. it by afternoon, a little sunshine, not a lot, but again 58 degrees, not bad. saturday, that's when we'll see some decent rain. that will be saturday evening, saturday night. the wind will come in and blow all of that out of here for sunday. sunday looks just fine. next week, cool. even in the upper 20s by the time we get to tuesday morning, but it looks like it will be dry from sunday through thursday of next week. >> it will be really good for the walk for life race for life saturday morning. it will be really good for the walkers.
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