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tv   ABC Columbia News at 11  ABC  January 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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two senators, a speaker of the house, and 7 presidential candidates and governor nikki haley in one room today. it was postponed because of the 1,000 year flood but you would never know it. racing to save lives at abc news at 11:00 starts right now. abc columbia news at 11:00. good he evening. thanks for being here. 7 of the party presidential today. first the candidates talked in groups rather than a debate form. the poverty summit was moderated by house speaker paul ryan and tim scott. jeb bush, ben carson, mike huckabee, john kasich and marco rubio took part. speaker ryan says the fight
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in washington but rather in our own backyards. >> it should be a life saving exercise, and that means the government should provide resources, and it can be the supply lines. but it should not be the frontline. that's the front lines. it's the kind of attitude we have to have. florida senator marco rubio took part. 6 different protesters. >> former florida governor jeb bush stopped by to meet with voters for citizens for life rally. >> the college football playoff is right around the corner, and abc columbia is your home. he got the chance to catch up
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>> welcome to our 2016 coverage of the national championship. clemson flying in last night. up early for media day and practice on the field. the tigers getting used to the life in the desert. >> getting be here for the national championship. it's been a blast, never been out here before. >> it's different. we got used to the beach. it's a desert. >> i haven't seen it much, we got here last night late, and from driving, it looks like a cool place, it seems very dry, and very unique houses built around here, and i like it, too, you know what i mean? but more like aztec houses and stuff like that. i like it so far. >> it's great. it's different, and i have never been out here, and the time
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other than that, it's great. when we are on the plane, i'm like hey, look at this stuff. >> it's exciting and seeing a couple mountains and different things like that, it's just different. >> and how close is it to clemson? >> not close at all. >> far different surroundings for tigers for the next few days, but cold front he will see a very familiar focus last week we are staying on the beach. looking at bikinis all over the place. we were the only team to be on the beach. and a weak in miami, and we played pretty good. so we follow that, and this is where we are right now, and this is what we do. >> that's the story so far here out in arizona. we will continue riding the he is came later, and we will have that and much more coming up in
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shooting that officers are investigating a deadly shooting that happened early this morning in downtown columbia. columbia pd says it happened around 3:30 on the 1000 block of lady street. club route 77 on assembly street. 23-year-old rodney francis the third was killed. prim info shows francis was leaving with several other people when someone drove by shooting. officials say at this time it does not appear to be a random act of violence, several witnesses say shots were fired avalanche. this is photos taken from the surveillance video. if you know anything about the case call crime stoppers 1-888 crime sc. >> and a woman was killed in what bliss are calling a
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richland county corps coroner says he died from carbon monoxide poisoning. if you know something call crime stoppers 1-888-crime sc. >> and 16-year-old charged with murder stemming from a fatal shooting. jordan jackson was arrested friday in the shooting death of antoine gargan. it happened at poplar square apartments. he faces prosecution as an adult. sumner said they also arrested deontae perry. if you know something call crime stoppers. >> rain held off until this afternoon. it was a good excuse to stay inside avoiding the weekend errands. michelle, are we through the
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>> we are still in for a few showers here, less than a tenth of an inch. a few sprinkles throughout the other night. if you are looking for a better day, i think sunday is your best bet there. 54, and that's what we ran into today in columbia. average about 55 degrees, and not too far off but kind of cloudy, and light rain showers and drizzle and fog, and actually cloud coverage is going to keep us on the above average side. 53 for columbia, and camden city around 52 degrees, and sumter at 53. beneficiarybishopfield at 53. we have seen rounds of rain showers, and another round start to go inch their way closer, and they will be swinging through the area, but you will notice gradual clearing as you head throughout the day for tomorrow, getting back up to 59 degrees, and we will talk about another
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minutes. gray but clear skies for run or walk. the walk for life race for life hit the pavement. it was rescheduled after being flooded out in october. this race, which celebrated its 25th year in the midlands is all about beating breast cancer. >> we have 452 teams this year, and they make a difference in raising money for this event. >> i think seeing the amount of support for this particular event shows salad dater in the fight against the terrible disease. >> all proceeds go to the pal palmetto breast center. >> powerball jackpot is up to $900 million. the latest happened before 11:00. numbers are 32, 16, 19, 53, 34
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your odds of holding those are 1 and 292 million. wednesday's drawing was the 18th without a winner. good luck. he will shap on could be on u.s. soil tonight. huhs plus a public health
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they look to get back to health. might be on his way to the united states. the mexican el chapo might be on his way to the united states. the mexican attorney general's office announced he will be extradited here. at first mexican officials said extradition could take a while but that has since changed. he's wanted for a number of crimes, including drug trafficking and money laundering and drug runnini. is. protesters in cologne germany today blamed sexual assaults on refugees. they call for stricter laws
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mary moloney reports. >his was the scene in cologne germany. clashing with police, furious with the new year's eve mob sex assaults. they were responding with tear gas and water canons. german authorities charged 31 suspects, including 18 asylum seekers and many of the protesters were angry as well as the influx of my grants to europe. americamerkel spoke out saturday condemning the new year's eve attacks as disgusting criminal acts deserving of a decisive response. >> when offenses are committed, they will have consequences, and this is in the interest of the citizens of germany but in the interest of the state majority
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>> cologne's police chief was fired friday. authorities said they received nearly 400 complaints onew year's eve with 40% being investigated as sex crimes. i'm maryy moloney reporting. convoy of more than a dozen pickup trucks carrying armed men arrived at the national wildlife refuge in oregon today, they said they were there to help with security for the group that occupied the headquarters since january 2nd, and they say they appreciate the support but they want the long guns put away. the toxic water crisis in the michigan city of flint is turning into a costly legal battle. residents now cannot even drink their own tap water. in an attempt to cut costs city officials stopped getting presecreted water from the city of detroit, instead using water from the nearby flint river, and
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river is 19 times more come rosive and the city was not treating it according to federal law. pipes began to i implode leaking into the water. how is weather looking in phoenix for the playoff game?
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next. good saturday evening, everyone, and i think you will be happy with tomorrow because it looks like that's going to be the better of the two days, and we had light rain today, and foggy conditions and cloudy skies, and these are the high temperatures across the area, and got to 50 in winnsboro, and camcamden at 54. 56 in sumter, and actually the clouds helping to kind of act as a blanket here, and temperatures dropping a few more degrees by tomorrow morning, but still it puts us on the above average side for morning low, and 52 for saint matthews, 53 for columbia, and 52 for camden, and still expecting to see some of the clouds and rain showers throughout the evening hours, but also expecting winds to pick up a little bit. the big changes will arrive for
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pressure system and cold front, and ahead of the cold front a lot of the rain showers starting to lift their way across the area. a few rain showers this afternoon, having a little bit of a break there, and just out to the west another line of showers lining up and inching closer and closer towards the area, and expecting the showers to pick up throughout the overnight hours but should end by early tomorrow morning there's the low pressure system, and notice on the backside of that, colder air, and the blue representing the snow showers, and we are not going to tap into any of that but we will continue to see the rain ahead of it once it passes through, temperatures cooler there, and dealing with a little bit of the breezy conditions. as we track our way the next couple of hours, notice they become spotty and widespread. any early morning errands that you are doing, grab the umbrella, and keep it handy for
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by the time the noon hour comes around, plenty of sunshine throughout the afternoon, and that should help to warm us up a little bit. we are talking about a major cool down, and 51 for tonight, and getting up to 59 degrees, and changing over to mostly sunny skies by the afternoon hours, and after the front passes through, 30 degrees from the start of the workday there, and 49 for the high, and the game out there in glendale, arizona, it's going to be 60 during the day, and mid-50s by kick off with plenty of sun sheen and clear skies at night. grace? >> sounds good, michelle. back on the hardwood tonight, looking at win no. 15 in a row. getting close to the 2016 national championship. hear what the tigers had to say.
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sports. just two days away from happy saturday, we are now just two days away from the national sham chap ship between clemson and alabama. you will also find sports director tim hill who joins us
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game. >> welcome back into thehe phoenix convention center, and central for fans to have a little fun. today players and coaches taking their turn with media day, a lot of times, a lot of stuffy answers about schemes and x's and o's, and clemson had a little fun with it. >> this is a cool mic. >> we are here because it's manned sorry we have to sit here for an hour. we are not here just just hanging out. >> tigers getting to work on the practice field in arizona this afternoon. he said he's very confident he will shake off a knee sprain and play monday. intimidated by the tide. >> and you train and keach your team it's not about the other team. it's not about who you play but
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>> we really don't spend a lot of time talking about the opponent. >> we just do our part, our job, whatever the game plan is we execute the game plan and do what we do even with imitations. >> and bring your own, and i give them everything, and food and type ends stipends, and they have got to bring their own goods. the only thing i don't give them is social media. that's the price to pay. that's a small price to pay. >> today the last full day of players commenting to the media, and the coaches will have a press conference tomorrow to wrap up the comments before
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here in arizona. tim allen abc columbia sports. >> thank you, timothy, and let's talk basketball, and carolina one of only two schools left in college basketball with an undefeated record. conference play is kind of where all the fun starts. frfrk martin and carolina hosting vanderbilt, and carolina trying to go 2-0 in the sec for the first time since 2010. doesn't start well. 8-point deficit, largest of all season. sinks the three, and makes it a two-point game. thorn we will knocks down the jumper, and now with 1,000 points in his career. pg knocks down this shot. carolina leading 51-49.
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21 minutes on the floor, and gamecocks win 69-65. here is frank martin on his team and the undefeated season so far. >> they got me in the ride right now that's unreal. they come in every day, and they care, and pay attention and study film. they go out in a game like this, and they are down and their confidence, their courage is never battled. to be where we were two years ago to where we are right now, it's pretty special.
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more coming up after the break. well, enjoy the day of sunshine for the second half of the weekend with temperatures around 59 degrees looking like we are going to see temperatures dive down, highs on monday, only 49, and a cold front moves through by wednesday. >> looks good, michelle. that's it for abc columbia news. thanks for watching. i will see you back here tomorrow night at 11:00, have a beautiful sunday. captioning provided by caption associates, llc starring andy griffith... with ronny howard.
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